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Latinx Fentons headcanon + Memory Blank au

I forget who first mentioned the original Latinx!Fentons headcanon, but I just had an idea for an addition.

Paulina’s big meteor shower birthday was her quince, so I thought instead of just asking Danny to invite Phantom to the party, she asked Phantom to be her escort. Danny’s kind of lost interest in her at this point but agrees to be her escort because he knows how monumental this is.

Due to all the time they have to spend together to prepare, Danny (as Phantom) and Paulina actually become real friends, and maybe at some point he even mentions that he remembers the chaos that was involved with his sister’s quince, at which point Paulina realizes he’s Latino. They end up laughing over the fact that Paulina’s got a brother two years younger than her, and they tease each other over their differing perspectives and how Danny understands a lot of Paulina’s brother’s frustrations and how she understands Jazz’s (not that she knows they’re talking about Jazz).

It’s also the first time that Phantom has told anyone outside of Sam and Tucker about his life as a human, and they connect in a way Danny didn’t expect. He doesn’t tell Paulina that he only “died” recently, but he doesn’t exactly dissuade her from thinking he died in the 1940s either. Paulina thinks she’s narrowed it down to the Zoot Suit Riots in ‘43 or fighting in WWII.

At the quince itself, the court’s entrance is absolutely incredible, and Danny and Paulina dance like pros. After the Changing of the Shoes, there’s a slight problem as Paulina’s never worn heels before, but Danny floats a little so she doesn’t trip.

As for Jack and Maddie, they don’t bother Phantom throughout the entire deal- practicing, official rehearsals, the actual quince- they aren’t going to mess up a girl’s quince, especially since they remember how chaotic the preparation for Jazz’s was.

I swear, sonic-for-real-justice is a perfect metaphor for why social justice is necessary. 

Silver tries to cope with emotional stress and closes the ask box?—kicked

Tikal comes out as demigirl?—kicked

If events like these were to happen in a workplace, for example, what does that say about the culture that supports the persecution of people who are just trying to take care of their own emotional health or understand their personal identity?