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hello, so i don’t usually do this but i’ve unfollowed alot of mutuals over the past couple days and i’d like to follow some new people because my dash is completely dead so if your blog is similar to mine and we have the same views and opinions on things like/reblog this if you want and i’ll check out your blog!!

lil’ doodle i did while not studying for what probably is one of this year’s most important test… :)

i took a break from drawing head shots,, to draw a head shot,, of me husband

sooooooooo for some reason i hit 1k followers recently????? wowza!!!! i only started this blog a few months ago so i’d have somewhere to screech into the void about shinee and exo, but i’ve ended up meeting a bunch of incredible, kind, hilarious, beautiful, golden hearted sunflowers. so thank you for laughing with me, crying with me, and welcoming me into the aroha and exo-l and shinee world 💕


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anonymous asked:

Random Chara: Fenris!

Oh my god my not so secret obsession appears.

First Impression: Did he just shove his fist through a man’s chest??? That’s some nice armor… I wonder if he’s a friendl—OH DEAR GOD THAT VOICE.

Impression Now: I really love him. I adore the way he develops over the course of DA2, especially when Hawke befriends him (romance or not). Just watching him go from someone who was mostly hard edges, and for good reason, to someone coming out of his shell and becoming a part of a group, was just so satisfying. I love that, even if it took a long time, he starts to learn that it’s okay to trust, and that he doesn’t have to do everything alone.

Favourite Moment: I always really loved when Fenris comes to comfort Hawke. It just so… honest. He doesn’t know what to say, but he’s there. I really like that he just didn’t want Hawke to have to be alone, even if he had no idea how to actually help.

Idea for a Story: I just love gap-fillers, so maybe something about what he does after the events of DA2. That or him and Hawke just eloping for a few days to spend some time away from the chaos at Kirkwall.

Unpopular Opinion: Hmm… honestly, I like his mistrust. It just feels authentic, given what he’s endured. I didn’t find him broody or annoying, because in his situation, hunted by a magister who has caused him nothing but pain, who wouldn’t be bitter and withdrawn.

Favourite Relationship: Fenris and Hawke. Male or female Hawke, don’t care. Love it all.

Favourite Headcanon: He likes sweet things, mostly fresh fruits, because it was rarely a luxury he was allowed to partake in. However, even though he can, he doesn’t have them often because he doesn’t want to ruin how special they are. So, a bowl of strawberries, or a sliced up peach, or a fresh pear, are ways he marks special occasions.