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Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews announce the Blackhawks’ first pick (29th) in the 2017 NHL Draft (x)

*deep sigh* OK LET’S CLEAR THIS UP

  • You got 1 or 2 OCs? Good for you! They must be incredibly well developed and you must have put a lot of thought into creating them
  • You got 100+ OCs? That’s great! It must take so much work to keep all of their personalities unique and interesting
  • You got some number of OCs in the middle? Guess what? That’s impressive too! Ensemble casts are tricky to do right, but when they are, they’re so much fun to watch
  • There’s no such thing as too many or too few OCs. As long as you feel that it’s appropriate for your story/universe, then it’s the correct number of characters
  • My personal issue isn’t when people brag. I love it when people are proud of their OCs! My problem is when people put down others and act superior for having more or fewer OCs than someone else

So, yeah, TL;DR: create as many or as little OCs as you’d like and don’t make anyone else feel bad about their characters. this has been a PSA

Daily #1,603! Today was overwhelmingly inspiring, and honestly the least alone I’ve felt about being a woman who codes since I first learned how over ten years ago.

With anything, all I can do is what feels right, what feels good and what feels genuine - and hope that you’re up for the ride.
—  Darren Criss in a letter to fans


“Cheating on your “significant” other is beyond being scum of the earth. You’ll leave a person to wonder what the fuck you or their future partners are doing when they don’t answer, when they’re busy, or even just doing something when you’re not around. Constant worrying and being overly jealous to the point of being miserable 24/7 isn’t cute. I’ve pushed so many people away because of slight actions and things that have happened to me in the past. It takes me so much to trust a person and it’s even hard for me to do now.Don’t be scum, if you don’t like a person- do not be with them.If you have intentions to be with another male or female leave your partner or realize what you have before it’s gone.Stop being childish and promiscuous while in a relationship. It’s so fucking hard to find someone who will put their all into you and be there as more than just a partner. Fucking around gets you nowhere.“

I think I’m actually ready to seek medical help for all this mental health shit….