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Korrra is the Best Avatar

People think Korra is the WORST Avatar while I think she is the best and here my reasons why she is 

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1. She is the first ever Avatar who learned and can do metalbending

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2. Probably the first bisexual Avatar 

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3.  She lost her connection from previous Avatars but still manage to get wisdom from her friends

Unlike other Avatars who get their wisdom from her past lives like Aang getting his wisdom/help from Roku. Korra gets her wisdom from her friends like Zuko  

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Even her enemies

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4. She has fought villains that actually want to make a difference, a better world  for everyone but their ideas are out of line while other Avatars (like Aang) have to face tyrants or corrupt spirits 

5. Korra is the one who brought the spirit world and human world together, instead of making them separate. Changing the world greatly in the good way

6.  She suffered from PTSD and Depression for quite some time. she was also physically damaged, rendering her unable to walk

7. She is the one who brought back Airbenders by merging the Human World with the Spirit World, making them to be reborn

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Korra, one of the best Avatar ever in the Avatar series. 

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I, for one, think it’s hilarious that Reigen, a relatively normal guy who breaks some minor laws every day, has a friend group that consists of 3 psychic middle schoolers, an occasionally evil spirit, and an awkward but nice guy he met who worked for an evil cult trying to take over the world. Said guy attacked them with an umbrella. Reigen just rolls with all of this and is somehow in charge most of the time bc hes usually the most mature one in the room. He will protect all of them (except dimple when he’s being a jerk) even if most of his attacks consist of “distract the enemy with fake powers, then run away, throw salt in their eyes, or punch them in the face” his most effective attack strategy apparently is to yell at the bad guys until they feel so bad about themselves that they give up. How has his life become like this. His mom wants him to get a real job.


The Swingin’ Harlem Hellfighters Band,

The Harlem Hellfighters have taken to the spotlight in modern times thanks to the popularity of the video game “Battlefield 1″, where the African American soldiers are featured in the very opening of the game. The US 369th Infantry Regiment was a unit of African American soldiers who served with incredible distinction during World War I. During the war many white American soldiers refused to serve with blacks, and as a result the 369th was assigned to the French Army, the French having little qualms with serving with African Americans, nor did they have a policy of segregation such as the US Army. They were even issued French weapons and wore French helmets while in combat. During their service in World War I the 369th was nicknamed by the French “The Harlem Hellfighters” because of their tenacious fighting spirit.  They never gave ground in combat, not one soldier was ever captured, and they served the longest continuous deployment of any other Allied unit during the war (191 days of continuous combat). Due to their bravery, they were also among the most decorated Allied units, with two Medals of Honor, 171 French Croix de Guerre’s, and numerous Distinguished Service Crosses.

One of the most unique features of the Harlem Hellfighter’s was their band, perhaps the only unit in the entire war to have a ragtime band.  Unlike pretty much all other military bands which played traditional marches and martial music, the Harlem Hellfighter Band played the music they loved and could perform best, mostly American ragtime music and early forms of Jazz.  The Harlem Hellfighter Band was directed by Lt. James Reese Europe, a man who was certainly fit for the job as he was the band leader of the Clef Club Orchestra, a band popular in New York for their ragtime and proto-jazz music.

On April 8th, 1918 French soldiers turned their heads in wonder as The Harlem Hellfighters marched toward the front to the tunes of hot ragtime and Jazz beats. 

No one in Europe had ever heard such music, in fact Jazz was barely even heard in the United States outside of a few communities in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York.  The new music became an instant hit among both French and British soldiers, and before long the Harlem Hellfighters Band was being called to perform for French and British units all along the line, as well as villages they passed through. Soon, the Harlem Hellfighters swinging sound took Western Europe by storm, and the band was even invited to perform in Paris at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. Among the Hellfighters biggest hits was a ragtime tune called “Memphis Blues”.

Another popular hit was “On Patrol in No Man’s Land”, written by Lt. James Europe himself while recuperating after being wounded in a poison gas attack while on patrol.

And then of course the biggest crowd pleaser given the location and audience was a jazzed up version of “Le Marseillaise”  

After the war the band would make a grand tour of Europe, then return home and make a grand tour of the United States. Stories of the Harlem Hellfighters unique sound had spread across American and people were demanding more.  During their American tour, the band cut 24 records. Everywhere they went, whether in Europe or the United States, they drew huge cheering crowds, they had become the superstars of their day. 

Unfortunately the story of the Harlem Hellfighters Band did not end well for James Europe. On the night of May 9th, 1919 Europe confronted one of his drummers over poor and unprofessional behavior.  The drummer, known as a hothead among the band members, attacked Europe and stabbed him in the throat with a penknife. Europe bled out and died while in the hospital later that night.

The legacy of the Harlem Hellfighters Band is as grand and all encompassing for music as the Great War itself.  Essentially, the band is credited with spreading the popularity of Jazz throughout Europe and America. Before World War I, Jazz was a niche genre of music, common only among African Americans living in certain areas of New York, New Orleans, and Chicago.  After the exploits of the Harlem Hellfighters Band Jazz would spread across the world, becoming the dominant form of popular music up to the 1950′s and serving as the predecessor to popular music styles today such as rock, hip hop, pop, and soul.

How Ben Wyatt is my spirit animal

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OK but seriously is Blizzard ever going to explain exactly what spirit dragons are, and why this one Japanese mafia family is able to control them?

Have they been studied? Has anyone ever sat down with a Shimada and asked a few simple questions? Did any scientist ever ask “How can a single human being unleash a being of what seems to be made of pure energy and not get fucking annihilated?

Are they supernatural? Is the supernatural a thing in the overwatch world? Are there literal ghosts? Is the Junkenstein thing canon, are there witches? Does Mothman lurk in futuristic cities? Are the dragons conduits for spirits? Separate creatures that exist in a symbiotic relationship with a single bloodline? Can anyone else besides the Shimadas use them?

Are they even magic? Is it possible they’re just expensive and high tech hard light creating implants just made to manifest as dragons for the Aesthetic™️️?

Blizzard, please elaborate.


Meet Tajamul Islam, the 9-year-old girl from Kashmir who won the sub-junior World Kickboxing Championship in Italy in November.

After winning scores of tournaments and practicing up to 25 hours a week, she’s aiming her sights on the olympics. A couple choice quotes from the article:

“She has a fighting spirit even though she looks soft-spoken and cute. Do not be fooled by her innocent looks, they are deceptive.”

Tajamul says she wants to become a doctor.
“It will have its own benefits. I will first break my opponents bones and then treat them,” she says with a laugh.

Full article here:

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Unpopular Opinion about Cultural Appropriation in the Spirit Keeping Community

So here’s a popular belief: We should not work with spirits that are not a part of our own culture. Okay… I can understand that to an extent. Some cultures are very sacred, and we Americans are trademarked as being brash and… kind of unappreciative of what we have. But listen. Here’s the unpopular side.

We aren’t forbidden from working with spirits of other cultures. Am I forbidden for working with the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal because I’m a Caucasian American? No, I’m not. After a year of enlightening work and meditation with her, I never felt like she was angry that I worked with her. In fact I felt that she was calling as my matron for some time before I even knew who she was. I work with many different culture spirits, and here’re my thoughts:

Cultural appropriation is really, really silly when it comes to the spirit world. Yes, it’s important for you to understand other cultures depending on what spirits you’re working with because you don’t want to offend them by giving them the wrong kind of offering or performing the wrong kind of ritual, but if you have the spirit’s permission to work with them, what’s the big deal? Besides, many of us have had past lives from different cultures, and we like to connect to our past life soulmates and previous friends. Cutting off ties with certain spirits because of their culture is not cultural appropriation IMO. It’s racism. It’s being SO careful about who you offend that you’re actually offending the spirit you’re trying NOT to. I hope that makes sense. You’re being overly careful here. If you call on a spirit and they say, “I don’t want to work with you because you’re a _____,” then thank them for their time and say goodbye. And DON’T WORK WITH THEM.

But if the spirit in question is completely fine with working with you, I think you would be doing DAMAGE to your relationship with them and offending them more if you said, “I can’t work with you because I’m a ______ and not a _______ of your culture.”

I’ve had Arab Djinn approach me in the past. Japanese Tanuki and Kitsune, Catholic Saints, Germanic Alps, Romanian Vampires, and Greek god messengers. I accept them all as friends or mentors, and I appreciate and respect their cultures. Unlike the popular opinion on Americans, I don’t take, take, take. I accept the spirit, appreciate their culture, and respect them.

…I’m gonna get so much hate for this. I just know it.


Offerings- the Basics

What are offerings?

The dictionary defines offerings as a “gift or contribution”. In witchcraft, offerings are things provided to entities as a symbol of respect or gratitude. Since it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I thought I would make a post outlining offerings and their purpose. 

Why do witches make offerings? 

Personally, I believe in the concept of returning energy. Any energy I put into the world (positive or negative) will return to me. So by making offerings to specific entities, it is a form of gratitude for what I have received, as well as a gift. 

Who/what do you make offerings to?

If there’s one thing I want to convey in this post, it’s this: You don’t have to make offerings to deities. While many witches do worship/make offerings to their deities, you definitely do not have to if you’re a secular witch. You can make offerings to deities, spirits, faeries, the elements, or even just the universe at large. 

What kind of things can be offered?

As with anything in witchcraft, intent matters the most. While I love the idea of making elaborate offerings, practicality wins out in the end. But no matter what type of witch you are/what kind of offering you’re making, there are plenty of possibilities. 


  • A part of your meal
  • A cup of tea (I usually make two cups before I contact spirits/do tarot readings, and offer one to the spirit) 
  • Herbs or other plants
  • Crystals or other stones 
  • Sigils
  • A portion of your time

The possibilities here are endless. 

Discreet witches?

Hell yes. Offerings do not have to be elaborate, with spells or incantations, unless you want them too. One of my favorite ways to start the day is by offering part of my breakfast to the Earth- in thanks for providing it. I simply set a piece of the meal to the side. Super discreet, not even my parents blink an eye. 

Anyway, I hope this helps and answers any questions you might have about the basics of offerings. If you have any other questions/want a more indepth post about any specific details I mentioned, feel free to send me a message. 

Many blessings- Kate

i would have really liked if the gg revival maybe explained or made more overt (if, indeed, it was intentional in the first place) that part of rory falling apart was from losing richard

obviously all the gilmores were super invested in rory’s future and her potential, but what made rory and richard unexpectedly click was that they just seemed to be kindred spirits in that i-want-to-travel-the-world-and-read-great-books-and-achieve-amazing-things way. richard had so much faith in rory that it was almost heartbreaking.

and i could totally see her falling apart at the loss of him, and having this heavy guilt that he had never gotten to see her reach her full potential because she didn’t achieve it in time, and that causing her to struggle and spiral downward even more.

i would have really liked to see that. i think it would have lent a real sense of emotional resonance to what rory was going through, in a way that would have felt like it really had its roots in the original series and the really important relationship she had with her grandpa.

Great Mother,
I call on your depth and strength.
May my inner world be as diverse as
that which swims beneath your waves.
May I sway like your tides
to the moon’s distant pull.
May I feel your crash against my spirit,
even as you kiss the embracing shore.
Teach me of hidden things
and ancient realms.
Fill me with your surging strength
and wash me ever closer to that which I seek.


Slavic workshop Treti Pivni (translated as Third Rooster) has recently created an amazing new series of portraits featuring women and children wearing traditional Ukrainian headdresses. It was created to pay homage to their homeland while sharing a message of peace, tenderness, and knowledge of the Ukrainian culture with the world.

Traditionally, these floral headdresses are worn by young, unmarried women as a sign of their “purity” and marital eligibility. In pre-Christian times, they were even thought to protect innocent girls from evil spirits. Currently, after the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution, the headdresses are being worn in daily life to symbolize national pride.

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why cant zionists be feminists?

Because the Zionist movement strips basic human rights from Palestinians. Feminism is equality for all, and for rights between men and women. Zionism is an colonialist movement that supports the killing and displacing of Palestinians, regardless of religion, gender, etc. 

Herzl the founder even said it himself:

Theodore Herzl, founder of the World Zionist Organization, speaking of the Arabs of Palestine, “Complete Diaries,” June 12, 1895 entry.:

“Spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment… Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.“ 

So no, you can’t be a zionist and a feminist. 

The Childlike Three

Youthful in nature, spirited with a disposition that can overcome even in the most daunting of situations.

Aries- Their dauntless spirit can lead them to trouble, but also to vast adventures. Their boldness is comparable to that of an honest child.

Gemini- They have a way of bouncing back from hardship in a youthful manner, where when their attention shifts, so does their perspective. Endlessly curious of this world.

Leo- Can be demanding and fall into temper tantrums, but also endlessly generous and fair minded. As you may have noticed, children are rarely malicious, but seem to learn this as they grow.

Walking With Second Sight

This is a spell with which I’ve had much success. It works just as well in an urban environment as in the countryside. Most witches communicate with the spirit world via trance states, but it is possible to receive semi-direct communication from spirits while in a normal frame of mind. 

Try this if you’d like to receive omens and portents while fully-aware of your normal, physical surroundings. It’s an ideal activity, as well, for learning more about and communicating with local spirits. 

It is best performed at dusk or dawn, and even better if it is to be done on the solstice, or better yet, the equinox. It requires no tools besides a small bit of iron, preferably cold, un-forged iron, but any iron will do in a pinch.

Stand in the threshold of your home. It does not matter if this is the doorway of a literal house, or the door to an apartment or dormitory room. Stand with one eye closed (the right, if possible) and with your left foot in the air, supporting yourself on one leg. Quickly whisper the following incantation three times:

“Here I stand,
 between day and night.
I ask sky, sea, and land,
To grant me true sight.”

Then, swiftly leave your home, but first place the sliver of iron (nail, or what-have-you) near the door, touching it. It is best if you can slip it into the doorjamb, but if you can’t, just placing it near the doorframe so that it is touching it will do.

Venture out into the world. Be vigilant for signs, portents, and omens, as well a spirit communication. Assume that almost all events or interactions are meaningful messages during this. 

Try not to speak to any one person overly much should you meet someone. Be very sure to never tell anyone or anything you encounter while out and about during this period about what you’ve done. 

Keep silent on the subject of magick, regardless of what happens, but pay attention to any small conversations you might overhear or participate in, no matter how innocuous and meaningless they may appear on the surface.

Do not eat or drink anything while out in this state, no matter how tempting foodstuff you encounter might be. Be careful to not leave the immediate area around your home, with which you’re already familiar. You may encounter people or events that seem to wish to lead you into unfamiliar territory - resist the urge to follow them.

Do not purchase anything from a shop or exchange anything with another person, and be particularly mindful of your belongings. It is very easy to lose small objects during adventures such as this, and, if you do lose something, it is likely to never be found again. On that note, if you should see something interesting lying about, don’t bring it home with you, no matter how tempting it might be.

Before the sun fully rises or sets, return home. Remove the bit of iron from the doorjamb before entering, and touch it to your forehead, gently, three times. Then, pocket it or carry it with you, and enter your home, the experience concluded. You will, at that point, find yourself back in your normal state, and it then falls to you to make sense of any signs you may have received while walking with second sight.

Master Jinora (Jinora)

As the eldest daughter, Jinora inherited the role of Air Nation leader when her father, Master Tenzin, retired. With an ever-growing population of airbenders in an increasingly hostile world, she and her siblings work tirelessly to secure the future of their culture. Asserting control over traditional airbender homelands, advocating for international human rights, and creating a robust network of alliances, Jinora is now regarded as one of the world’s most important politicians and religious figures.

With the help of her father, Jinora has started compiling the world’s most comprehensive library. Housed in the Eastern Air Temple, the project consolidates texts from Ba Sing Se University, the Fire Nation royal archives, the Northern and Southern Water Tribe Palaces, and even from Wan Shi Tong’s library in the spirit world. Scholars from around the world now travel to the Eastern Air Temple to study in an environment free from strife and political interference.


Rewatching LOK • 2.14 » Light in the Dark

I’ve realized that even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path. So that is why I’ve decided to keep the portals open. Humans can now physically enter the Spirit World, and spirits will be free to roam our world. I will no longer be the bridge. Humans and spirits must learn to live together. My mission will always be to use Raava’s light spirit to guide the world toward peace and balance. Harmonic Convergence has caused a shift in the planet’s energy. I can feel it. Things will never be the same again. We are entering a new age.

The Power Sphere Meditation

We empaths do not have it easy. We see world tragedies, see our friends and relatives getting sick or enduring loss, and sometimes even struggle watching certain movies and programmes.

This is something that we have pretty much self-assigned as destiny. We are doomed to live our lives enduring the pain of a lovelorn vampire in a novel (those feelings were invented somewhere!), suffering through back pain when we see a car wreck, and feeling lonely when our best friend goes through an earth-shattering break-up!


Now this tactic is a spiritual life-hack that I learned through working with angelics (I will eventually post my dark arts approach) and it really does work in a solid 90% of these situations. Now note, your empathy is a very important tool, and is there to draw you towards people and situations you can heal. In this day and age, there are a lot of physical and metaphysical factors making us hypersensitive, and that is what this approach is set to deal with.

The goal is to feel what is important instead of feeling everything, not to go numb.

When you are feeling a tortuous tornado of emotion, try this simple meditation.

Stand up with your legs shoulder width apart.

Hold your arms out in front of you like a mummy, and then have your palms face each other at about 6 inches apart.

Envision your astral body being white light that has been infiltrated by a black or red ‘fluid’. Feel it, embrace it for a moment, feel how it is heavy and forceful on your vibration. Wiggle your fingers and feel it starting to move through your aural field to your arms and into your palms, creating a sphere between.

Keep going until you feel as if the sphere has taken all of the empathic energy, and has grown to the final size, say the following Latin incantation three times:

Archangel Raphael: By your power am I healed. By your power am I strengthened. By your power am I safe. By your power am I righteous.

Envision the beautiful, luminous form of a tall angel floating down in front of you. Hold your arms out further and feel the gentle, buzzy sensation of his hands grasping yours as he takes the orb from you. He may speak to you, he may not, depending on your needs and requests of the moment.

He will take the unnecessary pain from you, and will help you move on with your day without enduring unnecessary suffering.

This is a skill you can use rather often, but keep in mind, as stated before, there are many times as empaths we are SUPPOSED to feel things, to bring peace to transitioning spirits and to understand some greater themes in our lives.

If you feel you are being overwhelmed by empathic energies, this ritual is a quick way to help, and is also a great way to work on your spiritual practice and visualization.

Hope this helps some of you guys!

With love, light, and laughter,

Carmen of Team MM


Bridgewater Triangle, an area of around 200 square miles within Massachusetts, is the site of an abundance of paranormal phenomena. Among many other oddities, this site has been subjected to numerous cryptozoological sightings stretching back from the colonial times. There was been reports of UFO’s, giant snakes, bigfoot sightings, thunderbird sightings, orbs, ghosts, and balls of fire to name just a few. Some of these claims have even been corroborated by local authorities. In the centre of the triangle sits Hockmock Swamp, a largely untouched swamp which means “the place where spirits dwell.” This swamp was originally called “The Devil’s Swamp,” and is said to be site of an 8,000-year-old Wôpanâak Native American burial ground. When archaeologists discovered this burial ground, it was said that the photos they took would mysteriously not develop. There have been a number of reports of mutilated animals and in 1976, somebody claimed he saw a giant, red-eyed, dog like creature rip the throats of two of his ponies. Another bizarre sighting that many people have reported is that of a black helicopter which seems to float around the sky over Bridgewater Triangle aimlessly.

Books, like landscapes, leave their marks in us. Sometimes these traces are so faint as to be imperceptible - tiny shifts in the weather of the spirit that do not register on the usual instruments. Mostly, these marks are temporary: we close a book, and for the next hour or two the world seems oddly brighter at its edges; or we are moved to a kindness or meanness that would otherwise have gone unexpressed. Certain books, though, like landscapes, stay with us even when we have left them, changing not just our weathers but our climates.
—  Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks