not even in the dirt

do you ever just,,, know things about people that could make you easily ruin their reputation,,, but if you mentioned said things people you kinda like would hate you,, so instead you just kinda

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when i first time played fallout 4, glowing sea is such a huge fucking disappointment for me

for some reason i was expecting something like this

like.. an actual sea. with cool glowing bioluminescent plankton shit or something

but instead i get this

like.. its not even a fucking sea. its an ugly wasteland full of gross little dirt puddles that might seems to be glowing a little bit if you squint hard enough

Headcanon that Jason Todd volunteers at Gotham child crisis centers, homeless shelters and soup kitchens whenever he gets the chance because he remembers

He remembers what it was like to be on the streets, vulnerable, exposed to the elements and the violence. He remembers what it was like to have people pass you by without even a glance, cross the street to avoid you, give you a well-aimed kick to put you in your place. Reminding you that you aren’t even worth the dirt on their shoes. He remembers what it was like not knowing where you were going to get your next meal, how you were going to keep yourself warm enough, where you were going to sleep, whether you were going to survive the night or not. Whether any of this was really worth it in the end. He remembers what it was like to be on the edge of society. To be unwanted. An eyesore. To be treated as less than human. To be invisible

And he doesn’t want any child to go through that again. He doesn’t want anyone to go through life thinking they’re worthless. He doesn’t want a single person in Gotham to go through what he did. To feel the hunger pains, the chill that cuts through bones, the racking cough that refuses to leave, the feelings of loneliness, voicelessness and helplessness that pursue the abused, the homeless, and the poor with a vengeance. 

Because they all deserve respect, basic human dignity, compassion, and above all else… they deserve love. 

Most people choose to focus on Jason’s righteous anger towards injustice and oppression… but in so doing, they often forget the immense amount of love that this boy has for those who need it deeply. Those that remind him of himself. 



Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, What a heck of a season they’ve had!

You stood leaned against the building as you stared at Dean’s thick arms and broad shoulders as he bent over the hood of baby. You couldn’t help but appreciate the way the shirt was perfectly stretched taught across his back as he stood to reach for the hood, a wrench and oil rag in one hand, his regular cup of coffee in the other.

Your eyes wandered freely, noticing the dirt and grim that had built up from working on the Impala. You bit your lip at the thought of the feeling of his calloused, just worked hands running along the expanse of your soft, supple skin. It sent a tingling ripple throughout your body just thinking about the way his fingertips would dig into your thighs as he hoisted you onto baby’s hood, pressing into you with every inch of his hard, firm body.

You could just imagine the way his hair would feel between your fingers, soft and pliant. The fact that even though he had gotten completely covered in dirt from working on the car, his hair was still perfectly in place turned you on in ways you couldn’t describe. You were always the one to mess that up, and you had to squeeze your legs together at the thought of just how you could make that happen and soon. Your mind ran wild with the possibilities.

Dean turned and made eye contact with you, smiling as he caught you staring at him from across the parking lot. You pushed away from the wall, sauntering toward him, your hips swaying dangerously. It was his turn to bite his lip, his brow furrowing as you watched him swallow hard as he watched you cross the lot like a predator stalking his prey.

“Hey sweetheart,“he said, wiping his hands and tossing the rag before reaching out for your hips and pulling you roughly against his chest. The pads of his fingertips dug into your hips as he turned you and pressed you into baby, his lips connecting with yours.

When you finally caught your breath, you inhaled deeply taking in Dean’s scent. He smelled of grease, soap, and coffee. You threaded you fingers through his hair looking into his eyes. “I love watching you work on baby. In another life, I would have been satisfied watching you work on cars all damn day,” you sighed. Dean cocked an eyebrow at you in question. “Not that I’m not happy with our life. I’m just saying. I like this,” you said, running your hands across his chest and over his shoulders, slowly trailing down his arms.

His hands slid to the small of your back, pulling you close. “Well I like this,” he growled and dipped his head to nip at your neck. You tossed your head back against baby with a soft thud to allow him better access, moaning softly at the feel of his warm, wet lips on your heated skin.

“Dean,” you gasped, as you felt his hand move south and slip into your shorts, grazing over your soaked folds, briefly slipping his fingers between them. “Not here. It’s the middle of the day,” you moaned as you tugged at his wrist, but almost not wanting him to stop. “We’re a block away from a school,” you whined, as he sucked a mark into your neck as you dug your nails into his arm. He let a low moan from his throat before pulling away.

“Lucky for you our room is right there,” he said, pulling his head backward toward the motel door. He threaded his fingers with yours, dragging you behind him, causing you to have to jog to keep up. “Maybe you can help me get cleaned up,” Dean suggested as he unlocked the door.

“Gotta make me a dirty girl first,” you begged, kissing him roughly, pushing him into the room and kicking the door closed.

“That can definitely be arranged,” Dean agreed, ripping your shirt over your head. “You’re my dirty girl,” Dean said, his voice low and lust filled as he helped you undress, his lips trailing kisses of fire everywhere they went.

You loved every minute with Dean and if that was what it meant to be dirty, you never wanted to be Fucking clean again. Dean could be your mechanic any damn day of the week.

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Can we talk about Mike’s face here? Like can we seriously talk about it? I know we’re all freaking out over the almost!kiss but… look at his fucking face! His eyes go wide, his entire body hops back a bit. 

This man is shook. 

You didn’t think he could be any further gone… well guess what folks!? We were all wrong. This Mike was surprised at how good this Ginny looked. He’s seen Ginny in uniform, workout gear, covered in sweat and dirt - Hell he’s even seen her dressed up before. Don’t forget the Nike party but he’s not seen this. 

He’s not seen this Ginny. This is a Ginny who chose her looks, her dress with care. All with the thought in mind that she wanted to look pretty for a guy. There was no input from Amelia. This wasn’t a PR moment. This was all Ginny and that makes a huge difference. It doesn’t matter that this was originally meant for another guy. All Mike had to do was text an address and Ginny bailed on that date. 

I don’t care how good of a friend you are and despite it all these 2 are really good friends. Butch called it. That little scene they slid in there was amazing. Everyone can see the connection between Mike and Ginny. And while yes it can grow to more whats so important is that they have an amazing connection just as friends - that’s the foundation that’s ultimately going to save them. 

But like I said, I don’t care how good of a friend you are - you do NOT bail on a date like that. Not if you’re really into the person you’re on said date with. Ginny got that text and was ready to go. The only reason - ONLY REASON she didn’t just up and run out of there is because our girl has manners and didn’t want to offend Mister-No-Name. Once Ginny got that text, the smile fell off her face. Once she got that text all congenial small talk stopped. Once she got that text, Ginny was ready to go. 

Ginny gets there and she’s just so happy that Mike got in touch, that he’s saying goodbye but Mike… Mike wasn’t ready. When he found out that Ginny was on a date … neither of them had any real remorse that Ginny dipped out on that date. 

These 2 nerds are so in like with each other its disgusting and what’s so great about this moment is that they now both know it. Its why the almost!kiss totally happened. If that phone hadn’t of buzzed there would have been a kiss and maybe more… 

I just hope these 2 fumbling nerds eventually get their ish together lol

I saw this on Reddit, thought it was pretty interesting! They were in the theatre when James Holmes started shooting. A pretty scary vision of what it was like to be there during the shooting. RIP to all of the victims.


“I survived a mass shooting at a movie theater.”

“It was the summer of 2012. My longtime boyfriend and I had recently gotten married. Even though we were dirt poor college students and lived in a dinky apartment, we were having a blast. That particular summer we gathered with our friends at the local movie theater almost every weekend. There was one just down the street from our apartment that had really cheap movie tickets. A night out that was under $10 was certainly within our budget! Anyway, one Thursday night I received a call from this group of friends inviting us to watch the midnight premiere of the newest Batman movie. I had just finished working a 12 hour shift and was pretty tired. I almost refused the invitation and thought of crashing in my apartment instead. However, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun, and it was a movie I’d wanted to see for a while anyway. Certainly it wouldn’t do any harm to stay up later than usual and miss a few hours of sleep, right?

At 10:30 PM we met at the theater. We passed large cardboard cut-outs of Catwoman and Batman as we walked inside, greeted by the smell of buttery popcorn and the chatter of excited movie goers. The ticket booth was to the right of the entrance, and just above that was an electronic list of movies being played. The 12:00 AM showing of the Dark Knight Rises was displayed up there in bright red letters. Being paranoid that the tickets would sell out quickly, one of my friends swung by earlier that day and purchased tickets for all of us. We bypassed the ticket line and went straight to the ticket taker. She smiled at us and kindly directed us to Theater 9, which was on the right side of the lobby.

If only I had known what I do now. That among the crowds a killer was lurking. That as I walked across that tacky red and purple carpet towards Theater 9, I could have been walking to my death. I would have turned around in that instant and gone home. I would never have gone to see the movie at all. But, of course, I had no way of knowing what was about to happen. Oblivious to the peril I was putting myself in; I pushed open the doors for Theater 9 without giving it a second thought.

The hallway in this theater was shaped like a U and you could go either right or left. Theater 9 was the largest screening room in the building, perfect for accommodating the crowds that midnight premieres brought in. The screen was motionless and gray; not even the previews had started yet because there was still a good hour and a half to go until the movie actually started. We entered on the right side, so all of the seats were to our left. I remember being surprised at just how packed the theater already was. Just about every seat was filled, much to our dismay. At first it seemed like we wouldn’t find a spot to sit together. Now, the way this theater was set up, there was a section of seats right in front of the screen. This area was flat, and there were about five rows of seating in this section. A lot of seats in that section were empty, but sitting right in front of the movie screen sucks and none of us wanted to sit there. One of my friends then spotted a row with five empty seats all next to each other, perfect for the amount of people we had. These seats were about 3-4 rows up from where the seating rows start to elevate. We ran up the stairs before someone could take the seats and filed in. My husband, Brock, sat in the 5th seat. I sat next to him, and my friend Samantha sat next to me on my right side. Her boyfriend, Tommy, sat next to her, and another friend named Leo sat in the aisle seat.

We spent the next several minutes casually chatting, joking around, and laughing. After a while my three friends went to the lobby to buy drinks and that addicting movie theater popcorn. While they were gone, Brock and I passed the time by people watching. The theater was bright since the lights weren’t dimmed yet, and I could see everyone clearly. There were a lot of people dressed in Batman T-shirts and hoodies. One person even had a mask and one of those shirts with an attached cape. There were a lot of kids in attendance as well, which wasn’t surprising because, even though it was a Thursday night, it was summer vacation so that meant no school the next day. Of all the people I saw, the person I will never forget was the little girl sitting in our same row a few chairs away. She was really cute, blond with blue eyes, and passed us several times on her way to the lobby, each time coming back with various snacks and popcorn. Overall, people seemed very excited to see the movie, and the room was filled with energy and laughter.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the lights started to dim and the previews began. Just like every movie I’ve seen before, a quick animation flashed across the screen reminding us to get refreshments from the lobby (we were already devouring that popcorn like ravenous animals), to silence our cell phones, and to make sure we know where the emergency exits are. The animation had this ugly CGI cat in a tuxedo that was sitting in a movie theater. I casually glanced at the bright green emergency exit signs that were on the left and right sides of the movie screen. I didn’t think much of the reminder, like usual. After that, I only remember one preview for the Man of Steel, the others I’m not sure what they were about. When the movie started the theater erupted into cheering and clapping. The title of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, exploded onto the screen. This was followed by the scene where Bane is hijacking a plane. I thought this scene was pretty cool and it caught my interest right away. Only when the movie started to get a little less interesting did I remember just how tired I was. I decided I would close my eyes at the more boring parts to get a little bit of rest. I had been awake for 20 hours at that point, so I was rightfully sleepy. My eyes were closed for most of the duration of Batman and Catwoman’s encounter. I don’t really remember what was going on in that part of the movie (perhaps some of you have seen it and know what I’m talking about.) Anyway, when I opened my eyes again Bruce Wayne was on his computer digging up information on Catwoman. This is the last scene I saw. I never got to watch the rest of the movie.

All of a sudden, a loud BANG erupted from the left side of the theater. I sort of screamed a little because it startled me. A strange smell started to fill the auditorium. It was like the smell of a firework, so I thought it was a cherry bomb or something similar. Had someone thrown fireworks into the crowd as a prank? Then, down near the right sight of the movie screen, the dark silhouette of a person caught my attention. They were just a black frame against the bright movie screen. A series of flashing lights was coming from this person. It was a weird moment where time literally slowed down and everything went strangely quiet. I was completely frozen, unable to move and really unable to think at all. It was like my brain had stopped working entirely.

Brock caught on immediately to what was happening and he grabbed me. He pulled me to the ground and lay on top of me, shielding me with his own body. At this point time and sound returned to me. I could hear the gunshots ringing out across the theater. People were screaming. The movie was still playing on top of it all, creating a chaotic explosion of sound. I realized the flashing lights I had seen were bullets flying out of a gun barrel. An instant sensation of adrenaline flooded my body. There was absolutely nothing I could do except lay there and hope to God that the bullets I heard ripping through seats and walls wouldn’t go through me, too. At one point shrapnel hit my head, cutting off a good chunk of my hair, and as I reached for the spot to make sure it wasn’t bleeding hot pieces of metal fell into my hand.

I was lying face up, so I could see everything that was happening. The lights from a still-playing movie danced across the ceiling and walls. My friends were on the floor with me. Our unfinished bucket of popcorn was spilled all across the floor. Leo had his legs sticking out into the aisle because there wasn’t enough room for him to hide completely behind the seats. At some point Samantha’s water bottle, which had been in the cup holder between our seats, exploded. Water splashed all over my face. The smell of gun smoke was overwhelming. Riot grade tear gas made me cry and caused me to cough uncontrollably. There was another smell, too; the horrible metallic smell of blood that I’ll never forget. I remember my lower body feeling wet all of a sudden. For some reason I thought this came from the leaking water bottle, but I soon realized this wasn’t the case.

All of a sudden things went strangely quiet. The bullets had stopped for some reason. Tommy shouted “LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!” We took advantage of the opportunity and made a run for it. We ran down the stairs, across the front of the screen towards a bright green EXIT sign. We crammed into a small, closet-like space where the door was. It was so dark we had a hard time finding it. We were screaming and slamming on the walls to find the door, blinded by the tear gas and dumbfounded by shock. Then, finally, my hands felt the metal door handle and I pushed against it with all my strength. The door flew open and the light of a nearby streetlight flooded our eyes. We pushed against the door so hard that we all fell over onto the concrete. Samantha lost her pink flip flops just outside this doorway.

As I scrambled to my feet and literally ran for my life, I realized my legs were red; absolutely soaked with blood. It was like I dipped my legs into a bath tub full of it. I checked my body all over and realized I wasn’t injured at all. Where had this blood come from? I looked behind me and realized that the blood was my husband’s. He had been shot in the leg. A massive, gaping hole had ripped through the lower half of Brock’s right leg. His foot was barely hanging on and dangled lifelessly. Leo and a young man I didn’t recognize were carrying Brock because, after falling outside the door, he lost all his strength and he couldn’t walk. I was completely shocked. I had no idea he had been injured, especially since he was right behind me the whole time and managed to escape the theater all by himself. How he did it on one foot, I’ll never know.

At this point I screamed. My scream was so loud that it alerted nearby construction workers. At the back of the theater there was a narrow parking lot, followed by a grassy lawn and then the street beyond that. The construction workers were doing road repair on this street, but as soon as they heard my scream and saw us running they stopped working and watched what was going on. I’m not sure why this is such a vivid part of my memory. Anyway, they carried Brock along the back sidewalk all the way to the end, where the corner of the building is. This was quite a distance, several dozen feet. My husband then collapsed from exhaustion and pain, saying he couldn’t move anymore. He lay down and a puddle of blood started to form beneath him. I looked back, and realized we had left a trail of blood leading from the door all the way to our current position.

I was trembling. I knelt beside Brock and glanced around to see who else was injured. Tommy had been shot in the knee and the hip, and was further away in the parking lot. The teenager who helped my husband was also injured. His dad and mom were with him; his mom was sitting against the wall and looked like she was going to pass out. She was bleeding from several places. That family escaped at the same time we did. I guess they heard the bullets stop and decided to make a run for it, too. We were all lucky, because the shooting was still going on inside.

I had to take off my shirt and use it to stop the bleeding. I’ll never forget how lifeless and limp his leg felt, and I imagined that’s what a dead body must feel like. I got blood all over my hands and arms. The police showed up really, really fast. I’d say we were only outside for a minute or two before the red and blue sirens filled the night and rushed to our location (we were literally a block away from the police station). A female officer stood by us the whole time until paramedics arrived, which took a very long time.

Brock was one of the last to be taken to a hospital. He was bleeding out for almost twenty minutes before an ambulance pulled up on the same street with the road work. At this point he had become almost unresponsive and was on the verge of unconsciousness. Several massive guys rushed across the grass with a stretcher, loaded him onto it, and then ran with him back to the waiting ambulance. I wasn’t able to go with him because there was another injured person in the ambulance, and it was too crowded. I wandered around to the front of the theater alone, unsure of where my friends had went. My blood stained shirt and a pool of blood were left behind on the corner of that sidewalk.

Walking through the crowds felt like a dream. I couldn’t believe what just happened. People were in hysterics and crying. A lot of people such as me were covered in blood. And, like me, I’m pretty sure the blood staining their skin and clothes wasn’t their own. A lot of people seemed to notice how lonely and dazed I looked, so they kept me company and even offered me a ride to different hospitals to find Brock, because I hadn’t been told what hospital he was taken to. I hung around these people for a while as police swarmed the area and asked us what we saw inside the theater. The whole parking lot was on lockdown, and we weren’t going to be allowed to leave any time soon. It was around 2:00 AM, so it was very dark outside still (and I was pretty cold, wearing only an undershirt and shorts). The flashing red and blue lights of what seemed like 100 police cars were blinding. I remember seeing a big police vehicle pull up that said something like “Crime Scene Investigation Unit” on it. I think that’s when it really sank in and hit me. I started to get sick to my stomach and wanted to vomit, but somehow I was able to hold it back.

Eventually, police started letting people leave. I jumped into my truck and booked it out of there. I was going 90-100 MPH through red lights and residential areas without even slowing down. Stupid, I know, but I was desperate to learn the fates of Brock and Tommy. I was in such a panic that I didn’t even think to go back to my apartment, grab my cell phone (which I had forgotten) and call my parents or someone else to help me! I was angry, upset, scared, and most of all still in a state of shock. Was I really going to lose Brock only a month shy of our first wedding anniversary because of some psychopath with a gun? Thankfully, by the time dawn rolled around I found the hospital he was treated in. This was in the next city over, maybe 45 minutes from the theater if you’re going the speed limit. I was so happy to be there, and the hospital staff were all so welcoming and understanding. After making sure I wasn’t injured as well, they let me wait in the ICU room that Brock would be placed in when he was done recovering from surgery. I was so glad he was alive. Brock and Tommy both had survived, though many others weren’t so lucky.

I found out the following day (after some much needed sleep on a hospital couch) that 12 people were killed in this shooting and over 70 were injured (I remember they first thought 15 people were killed, but the real number was 12). The little blond girl sitting in my row did not survive. She died in the theater no more than a few feet from us. She had been shot multiple times. A heart broken police officer, who cried during his court testimony, tried unsuccessfully to save her by carrying her out of the theater and having her sent to a hospital. Tommy was rushed to a different hospital in the back of a police car. He underwent surgery and made a full recovery. The bullet missed his hip bone and narrowly missed his urinary tract and bladder. According to the surgeons, my husband lost almost half his blood. Brock made it to the hospital just in time; any later and he would have died. He underwent several blood transfusions and was in the hospital for 21 days. The wound to his leg was severe enough that they had to amputate it after trying unsuccessfully to save it.

It’s been so long since the shooting happened that my husband, friends, and I have been able to recover from it somewhat. The event was pretty horrifying and has left us scarred for sure. I wouldn’t consider that part of the story to be creepy, though. No, the creepy part is the shooter himself. I later learned much about him from the murder trial that would follow in the coming years. Though my encounter with this man was very brief, he has affected my life greatly. Just to know that people like this exist…is disturbing. He is certainly one twisted individual that I never want to see again.

I learned everything from watching the televised trial that took place in early 2015. This guy was going to school for neuroscience or something in California. I guess he was a pretty smart guy. However, for some reason he had an obsession with killing people and had a stalker mentality. After dropping out of his university, he moved to my state and chose my local theater to commit a mass shooting. Before that, he was planning on hiding along remote hiking trails up in the mountains, jumping people, pulling them into the woods and killing them there, though he never went through with that idea. He stalked my theater for months and had this shooting all planned out for the night of July 20th. Though I never saw him before this, its unnerving to think this guy could have been watching us every time we went to the theater, and we would have never known it. We were completely unaware of what he had planned against us. This completely ruined my sense of security, because who knows what the stranger next to you is planning on doing to you.

I came very close to the shooter, but I never actually saw his face in person until I was forced to testify in court. Of course I saw his mug shots on television, but while in the theater I only saw him as a dark silhouette in the shadows, like a demonic figure rendered from the darkest and most sinister nightmare. He was even in the hallway that we passed upon running for the emergency exit. The only thing stopping him from killing us there and then was his jammed assault rifle. To commit this crime, he ordered a few thousand rounds of ammunition, riot gear and armor, tear gas, an assault rifle, and a shotgun. He took pictures of himself, which were shown in court, wearing all of this gear like some sick trophy and holding up these weapons with a menacing smile. He dyed his hair orange and put in these creepy black contacts while making devilish faces into his camera, something that made me sick just looking at. Before driving to the theater with all of this gear in his car, he booby trapped his entire apartment and set it to explode if anyone opened the door. Then, once at the theater, he posed as a movie goer and even bought a ticket for the movie. I think his ticket had Theater 8 on it, which was next door, but Theater 9 had more people in it so he went into number 9 instead. He was in the few front rows. I must have passed him several times in the lobby while he was there. Maybe he had seen me, too. At some point during the movie, he got up and went through the side exit (which didn’t have an alarm for some reason), kept it propped open with something, then went to his car to put on all his armor and grabbed his weapons. Then, he came back inside and started shooting. When we escaped the theater, we ran past his white car which was parked right at the exit. We didn’t even notice it. At some point he came outside, and he would have seen us there on the concrete. I don’t know what stopped him from shooting people that were outside, too, but he could have easily ended us there and then if he wanted to.”

I am so desperate for someone to kiss me
That I started going to bars alone
In the hopes that some magical love story will plunge itself into my depths and I will be completed
But I am so deep in desperation that anyone
Even the ones with dirt on their necks and scum on their shoes
Look to be like princes riding in on white horses
I just want to be held
I just want to be touched.
—  c.d. - The Dirt Stayed After the Baptism

One thing I find interesting about how the plot/backstory/lore of Steven Universe has developed is how… not intrinsically special… the main characters are.  Like, at first it seems like there are Only Four Gems and they are Special And Unique as they Fight to Protect the Earth under the mandate of the Beautiful and Perfect Rose Quartz, but the more we learn, the more we realize just how many small choices led them to this point.

Like, remember when Jasper first referred to Pearl as “a Pearl” and everyone was freaking out?  But then it turns out that there are a million gems who are/were almost exactly like Ruby, and Amethyst would have been just another Quartz soldier had she not emerged late by accident, and even Rose Quartz was born in the dirt on Earth like hundreds or thousands of others.  Even Greg was just the latest in a long line of flings.  There was nothing intrinsically different or special about any of them, not even their flaws, and the Crystal Gems we know only survived the war when thousands of their comrades were shattered because they happened to be standing near Rose and got very lucky.

But then, at the same time, Ruby and Sapphire chose to defy the future and become something new.  Amethyst will never be as good as Jasper, physically, but she can be a better person with a more fulfilling life.  Pearl worked her butt off to be more than just a servant who stands around and looks pretty.  People like Greg and Connie and Sadie can turn the tide in gem fights, despite being 100% ordinary, baseline humans.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Steven Universe, at first glance, looks like it’s about some sort of Chosen One, but instead it’s about people and regular old choice.  Steven is special, but not because he’s a hybrid, or something new.  He’s special because he’s a person, and he’s willing to treat everybody else like people, too.  I like that a lot.

don’t let anyone burn out the fire thats inside of you. you have what it takes to push past everything that stands in your way, and you will because you have this rage inside of you, this magnificent light that burns from the inside and out. don’t loose your fire, or i’m afraid you would loose yourself.

even though you hide yourself from the rest of the world you have flowers growing throughout your soul, even in the darkest parts of you. You are nature and the dirt it needs, you are grounded and strong like the trees in the forest around you. you have a fight inside of you, you just have to learn how to stand up and move on.

you are life, you are the wind and the freedom it leaves behind. you are the sun that radiates light on summer days, and the rain that falls into puddles in the spring. you are everything in between, and all of it at the same time. a walking contradiction, but you will win the battle within you. for you are a fighter filled with inner strength, for you are the light and dark.

you are strong, stronger than you let on. don’t let all the tears that you drown in tell you otherwise. you are the moon and secrets kept behind walls you built up on your own, hoping to stay in them without someone knocking them down. break them down, break free. just because the walls are breaking doesn’t mean your heart will too.

you have so much confidence built up inside of you, you are the sun and all of its light. you are the laughter in the children on sunny days, and the wildflowers growing in fields of yellow. you are also the blackest parts of the ocean, containing your emotions that form into bursts of angered rages. you can’t live like this, hurting yourself and others? don’t demand people of things just because you’re keeping parts of yourself hidden.

you are dangerously beautiful, you are the freckles that my grandmother called angel kisses. you are as pale as snow, and your heart is cold like it to. but you know its not true, you just have to learn how to love yourself. your flaws will always be visible, but they make up who you are and I could connect constellations from your beauty spots, and scars and you would become the universe. simply breathtaking.

you are filled with laughter, you are the smiles in the melancholy people with horrible pasts, but heres something that you need to learn, how to make yourself smile and actually feel it deep inside. you have this remarkable persona that makes everyone stop and stare, and you’re too blind to see how wonderful you are. you’re too blind to see that people care for you. you’re the daylight, and the start of a new day. you are the sunset and the beginning of a new tomorrow.

you are a thousand pieces of different parts of the world, you are the world. all of its beauty, and all of its secrets combined into one. you are as fiery as the deepest parts in a volcano, and the saddest parts at the bottom of a vodka bottle. you are no where in between, you’re either cold as your heart is black or passionate as your heart is when you finally meet someone who opens up your soul and when that happens you will be nothing but light.

you are a restless soul, breaking hearts including your own. your fears wont always be visible, because you’re a fighter who got through them already. if you can do it once you can do it again. don’t let the cruelty of human nature destroy your inner self, you can be you with out making reckless decisions. you can be you without being someone else.

you have firm grip on your life, no one can break that away. you know who you are, and you know what you want. you can create tears in other peoples eyes, just as fast as you can close off yourself from the world. don’t. you need your inner self to radiate through, for you can show people fun, and steadiness and patience and determination out of this world. you are a strong human being, you will find your light or maybe you just haven’t realized that you already have.

you are all the constellations, and all the seasons. The stars shine through you, and you move like water with each change in the world. You are the life within spring, and the fire in summer, the colors of fall and the death in winter. You are the revolution within yourself, no one in the world is like you. You are your own person. you have your own feelings, and your own mindset. but it’s never okay to keep them concealed inside. let them shine through like the galaxies within you.

you are eloquence and beauty, and your creative colors flow from you. Everyone can see your colors, your vividness. you are a piece of art the world has created, all of your happiness and all of your sadness make you who you are. Stop changing yourself, you already know who you are.

—  zodiac poems, april 12th

decide what you’re worth. even the good things need
to look in the mirror. 

the pit says you deserve more and swallows up your gold.
you’re not spat back out. you’re not that difficult.
even the good things are too soft, over easy, scrambled clay
in the hands of god. and his palms stain. 
even the good things get messy and you are ashamed
of everything. even the good things. 

at least you’re honest with yourself. you know the 
difference between wanting more and getting
what you deserve. your heart is broken but you understand.  
not everyone gets the better man. even the good things. 

he doesn’t want to get dirty. he doesn’t want to dig up
your graves. you’ll never see him with a shovel. even the
good things hide under dirt, and you need to know
if you’re okay with that.

your fingers aren’t your soul. your throat isn’t your soul.
even the good things need to know they have enough
strength on their own

without a steady mouth.

but you’re on the cusp. one touch and you’ll tip over. 
even the good things need to be careful
it’s not the wrong side.

but even the good things are desperate enough.
and they don’t care how they fall anymore
as long as they do. 
as long as they are touched. 

michigan is just like that tho. everyone here knows it in the back of their head, that you get outside of the cities & the terror just creeps in during the small hours of the dark. drive all night throw a corridor up the middle of the mitten & youll find a ghost on every corner, a Something-Else hanging on the liminal dirt roads. dont even get started on the upper peninsula unless you know whats what.

Hoseok’s ideal girl (my opinion)

-          Accidentally really messy, like she doesn’t even notice until he mentions it in annoyance. Then she will manically clean up feeling sickly guilty because she’s just the type of person to bully herself until he tells her it’s okay.

-          Unpainted nails, she just prefers plain and short yet clean, will never be caught with dirt in a single nail.

-          Even though Hobi is very positive, she takes a neutral outlook on life

-          A beautiful singing voice but would never want to perform on stage since it’s not her dream

-          Harmonises and sings along to songs in their shared bedroom, Hobi would love to sit and listen, in awe that while multitasking she sounds so gorgeous.

-          Gets really into the lyrics when singing along to songs

-          Works in a smart profession that is also creative, maybe a journalist or an editor of a fashion magazine

-          An avid reader; romance, tragedy, classics…

-          The type not to be a fan of mystery since she can’t take not knowing any answers and sneaks a peak at the end to find out the outcome then moans that the story is boring because there’s no angst left.

-          Loves to read aloud when not in public and Jhope likes to listen to her books even when she’s reading a book in English and he can’t understand just because he loves to hear her voice.

-          Speaks Korean well but is more fluent in English so has conversations with Namjoon in English just to annoy Hobi since he can’t understand.

-          Loves kids and they love her too

-          Refuses to let Hobi buy a dog since she’s scared it will get lonely when she’s out and he is on tour, their schedules are always pretty packed.

-          Wears natural makeup but hates when people see her without any even though she looks exactly the same with and without.

-          Short hair that falls only to touch her shoulder slightly

-          A cheeky smile that she doesn’t like but everyone else adores

-          When he’s on tour she misses him but with her mentally demanding job she won’t be the type to get that upset

-          Hobi will get upset on the other hand so she will send him videos of her singing, just talking and even dancing his choreography when she can sense that he’s missing her

-          Feels most at ease when she has head in a book while watching nature

-          Hates heels and refuses to wear them, will list a full set of reasons why they aren’t worth it just for fashion

-          Wears casual outfits that usually include boyfriend or mom jeans with flower patterns and light colours

-          Dances quite well but doesn’t really like it so only does it to surprise Hoseok or if he aegyo’s her into dancing with him

-          Completely loves Jung Hoseok with all of her heart and couldn’t imagine a life without her sunshine.

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girls are like 1000x hotter when they r wearing plaid flannel shirts tbh. covered in flour making cookies? nice. covered in flour making cookies in plaid? even nicer. gardening, with dirt under her nails and a leaf stuck in her hair? cute as hell. gardening, in plaid? double cute. curled up by the window with hot chocolate and a blanket? adorable and soft. in plaid? extra soft. painting, got a lil smear of purple on her cheek? v creative, v pretty. in plaid? she is the art. and when the sleeves are rolled up??? its so good. so beautiful. i love girls and i love plaid flannel shirts and i love girls in plaid flannel shirts. 

(ps this includes trans/nb girls and excludes terfs)

Imagine taking care of Sam’s wounds after a hunt.

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 340

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  • Sam would be such a pain in the ass.
  • “I’m okay, seriously…“
    "Shut up and sit there, so I can see your definition of ‘okay’.”
    “You don’t have to…”
    “Sit down, Samuel, or I’ll call Dean and patch you up less gently.”
  • He would roll his eyes constantly and try to act like all those bruises and cuts didn’t even hurt.
  • “It’s just the dirt, don’t panic…”
    “Your dirt bleeds, Sam.”
  • He tried extremely hard not to hiss when you cleared his wounds but he couldn’t stop it completely. You would give him a sarcastic look every time he did that. Sam acted like he didn’t see it.
  • Every time he felt a sting of pain he would stiffen and given that he was shirtless, it was the best look ever. Even with the bandages on, you still had a perfect view of those muscles and Chuck forgive you, but you couldn’t help yourself and patch Sam up a little slower than you should.
  • Sam would be really ashamed of someone taking care of his injuries and would try to convince you he could do the rest alone.
  • “I can finish it, thank you for…”
    “Sam, you need stitches.”
    “I have done this before, I’m not a kid…“
    "Sam, you need them on your back. You won’t be able to do this.”
    “I can…”
    “Shut it, Samuel.”
  • Maybe you had a little too much fun, but how could anyone blame you? It’s not everyday you get to sit alone in a not so big room with a person like him.
  • You made sure he took care of himself after you finished. Sam snickered when you persuaded him to go to bed and rest a bit, but he did it anyway, teasing you all the way back to his room.
  • “Sure, mom.”
  • He actually slept for eight hours straight, so when he had woken up, you had the satisfaction you deserved.
  • “Does my stubborn kiddo want some pancakes?”
    “Yes, please.”