not even if everyone else thinks youre really attractive

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if you wanted prompts, how about bucky pining over the cute nerd tony and getting jealous of how much time tony spends with his best friend/super popular kid rhodey

Bahaha Tony’s friendship with Rhodey is more important to me than any shipping I just want everyone to know that. Look out for more under the cut! I hope you like this, Anon! :)

“You’re staring again,” Steve commented, peeling his orange.

Bucky didn’t even try to deny it. He’d denied it the first few times and now Natasha just looked at him like he was pathetic when he tried to say he was looking at something beyond Tony. Besides, what was the point of denying it when basically the whole school knew how gone he was for Stark? Except for Tony himself, of course, the oblivious punk.

“He’s just so cute,” Bucky whined, leaning his face on his fists as he watched Tony gesticulate wildly while he talked to Bruce Banner. “With his glasses and the way his hair curls a little bit and his stupid backpack that’s almost as big as he is–”

“I’m waiting for the day when the weight of his backpack sends him down the stairs,” Clint cut in. “Fifty bucks it’ll happen by the end of the year.”

Natasha shook his hand, taking that bet.

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Written by: spencerreidsmiles

Happy early Valentine’s Day! This is a Reid x Reader fic that has a self-conscious reader where Spencer makes her feel beautiful. 

Trigger Warnings: Insecurity and low self esteem

Send requests, feedback, and asks!


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I wrote this as a message but I think it will help everyone...Getting that dream job

When we want something desperately we end up pushing it away rather than attracting it. But i did stumble upon a way that has worked for me 100% of the time whenever I try it. When I want something really bad, I tend to be more strict with myself. That is, I don’t even entertain the thought of that thing not being mine. Everytime that thought pops up..just think nope. And focus on something else. Block it from your mind.
Next, lie in the dark…relax your body and feel that job being yours. What would happen on any day when that job is yours? Would you stop by that cute little coffee shop before you go to work? What about breakfast? Picture yourself sitting at your desk at work and being grateful. That feeling you feel when you know that your job is yours? Feel that now. The Universe will not fail you.

If you know you’re ace but you don’t know what gender/s you’re romantically attracted to, it’s okay!

You’re not losing any time, some people don’t even know what gender/s they’re attracted to until their 50′s+, it can take a lot of time for people! If you don’t know if you’re gay, bi, pan, ply, straight, or aro, don’t put yourself down for it just because you feel like everyone else knows but you.

Really, so many people have experiences just like that. There’s no hurry to know all of who you are, if you know one part but not the other, it’s not your fault. Just give yourself some time, and don’t force something if you don’t think it’s really true.


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» jackson x reader

» 2.4k
» anon asked: could I request Jackson angst? where he really likes you, and you’re his best friend of a few years. but you have a boyfriend? thank you! 

part two

Jackson didn’t know where the hate running through his veins was stemming from. Somewhere deep down he was praying the fire inside was fuelled purely because he hated the selfish desires in his mind, but there was more than one cause to a fire. He was mad at himself. He was mad at your boyfriend. He was mad at you. Of course he could never actually be mad at you – no, you brought a light to his world that he couldn’t go without. He was mad at the idea of you.

He was mad at your boyfriend for obvious reasons – he was your boyfriend. Jackson had always been the one by your side; Jackson had always been the one to make you laugh, Jackson had always been the one you had. Except now he wasn’t. Your first priority was your goddamn boyfriend, and that infuriated him. Whilst Jackson would give you the world, you were only prepared to offer him an apology over text for cancelling your plans with him for your boyfriend.

All those times he’d seen you out when you claimed to be busy – which you were, yet Jackson didn’t see it that way – his heart sank a little deeper at that fire he carried around roared louder. This time was no different. He’d kept his hood pulled over his head as he stared through the glass at you, observing the way you’d be so perfectly happy without him, trying to make out the words you said to the man who you thought you might love, and above all trying to work out how he could just make you fall in love with him already.

Swallowing his fears, Jackson walked into the café pulling his hood down and walking to your table with his stare that would usually scare off those unsuspecting men who went near you. “Fancy seeing you two here!”

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What do you think being Rosalie's mate would include?

Being Rosalie’s mate would include:

  1. Having someone who acts really nasty to everyone else but is sweet to you (true love tbh.)
  2. Holding her when she gets traumatic flashbacks
  3. Having someone to emotionally connect with if you’ve gone through similar experiences.
  4. Someone to talk to about all of your hopes and dreams (even the ones you can’t accomplish anymore)
  5. Making new and happy memories
  6. ...The sex bro.
  7. The comfort of knowing that even though she attracts unwanted attention, she will always be loyal to you. (and it better be vice versa)
  8. Someone to go on exotic vacations with when you need alone time
  9. Being the luckiest being in creation because it’s Rosalie Hale bro.
  10. Learning about cars with her because it’s a passion that is super adorable.
  11. Cuddling in a bed and pretending to fall asleep together because the intimacy is nice.

-Admin Ziggy (I fangirled tbh)

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i'm really ugly. is there still a chance that someone will find my face beautiful????? i'm so sad, i can't breathe.

Oh sweetheart, shh, it’s going to be okay. I get what you’re feeling, I honestly do, because I’ve been there. I know how awful it is. 

And you know what, I know how being told that line of “EVERYONE is beautiful!! Of course you’re beautiful!!” doesn’t do anything when you’re feeling like this. So I’m gonna tell you some real stuff that I think will help.

First of all, everyone is a terrible judge of their own face. You don’t see it like everyone else does, and when you see pictures of yourself you always think your face looks weird because you’re used to seeing it reversed in the mirror. You don’t see your own face like everyone else does.

Second, yes, of course someone is going to think you’re beautiful, sweetie. This may seem a strange thing to say, but you know what, there are things that other people like that I think are ugly. Pugs and bulldogs and those cats with squished flat faces? Really ugly. I hate monkeys. Even pandas have never really done anything for me. And all the time I see people raving over celebrities and all I can think is really??? I don’t think Harry Styles is attractive at all. I actually don’t think Zayn Malik is that good-looking either. But there are people who think they’re the most attractive people on earth, and there are people who think that Misha Collins is ugly, so “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” couldn’t be more true. 

And then there’s the fact that people become more beautiful as you grow to love them. When you care about someone, when you fall for them, everything about them becomes more lovely, more special, more perfect. I fell for this guy when I was a teenager, and in retrospect he wasn’t all that handsome, but at the time? I thought he was the most beautiful person in the world.

But then there’s the fact that you’re probably judging yourself against celebrities you see on the internet an on TV, and you have no idea how ridiculous a comparison that is.

You’re probably still pretty young, right? You have NO IDEA how your face is going to continue changing as you grow and mature. I’d show you a photo of what I looked like as a teenager, but I don’t want to lose all my followers. I still don’t think I’m beautiful, but I look at old photos and say “wow, I’m so much prettier now”.

If you don’t believe me, look at what Kesha looked like in school.

And how about Taylor Swift

Then there’s the fact that you have NO CLUE what people actually look like without their makeup, which is usually applied by experts who know exactly what they’re doing to make that person look as good as possible. I mean this in the kindest way possible, but seriously, EVERYONE looks ugly sometimes.

These women are beautiful, but without their distinctive makeup you probably wouldn’t even recognize them on the street. They just look like normal people, right? That’s because they ARE. They’re normal, tired, stressed people with zits and bags and dark circles under their eyes, because those things are normal. You could take practically anyone and give them the superstar makeover treatment and make them look like this with the right products and the right lights. (Go look at this huge collection of celebrities without makeup.)

And as if that wasn’t enough, THEN they bring in the Photoshop to ‘smooth everything out’ and remove the rest of their imperfections.

In the end, what you see looks nothing like what that actual person actually sees when they look in their own mirror. It is an entirely fabricated and falsified idea of perfection that literally doesn’t exist without teams of hair and makeup artists and Photoshop whizzes. Nobody looks like that in real life, they literally just don’t. 

You are a real, normal person, and it is perfectly okay for you to look exactly the way you do. Cause you know what? When you start realizing that beauty is nothing but perception and, a lot of the time, nothing that even actually EXISTS, it becomes so much less important. What your face looks like is such a tiny fraction of who you are and what you have to offer. I mean, sure, I like a pretty face, everyone does, but a pretty face means nothing if there’s nothing in the brain or heart behind that face. I think that anybody who isn’t a shallow idiot would take a kind heart with an ugly face over a pretty asshole any day.

And I know that doesn’t help when all you want is to feel beautiful, when the whole world is screaming at you that your appearance is the only thing that has value… but you know what? Fuck them. Fuck the dicks who are trying to sell you self-hatred. Fuck the old white men making billions off our insecurity. Fuck the society that says that our worth is based on something determined by genetic lottery, something we have no control over at all. None of that matters. It’s all fucking bullshit. 

You are so much more important than your face, okay? YOU are what makes you beautiful, not the shape of the skin and bones on the front part of your head. We all want to feel beautiful, but there is so much more to life than we way we look. 

I want you to be able to feel beautiful, but I also want you to stop spending so much time staring at yourself in the mirror, and spend more time enjoying your life. Do things that make you happy. Read, watch a new show, try new hobbies, learn new things, talk to new people. Don’t spend so much time thinking about the way you look, because nobody else cares the way you think they do. They have their own insecurities.

I know you’re sad, and that’s okay. But you are normal, and normal is being both ugly AND beautiful, alright? That’s what we all are.

What he loves when he sees you for the first time
  • ashton: he’d instantly fall in love with your smile. he loved the way your lips curved and how it made your cheeks look fuller. he’d also love your laugh, not only because it’s paired up with that smile of yours but because it sounds super adorable, too. from the minute he saw you, he knew that you were perfect and he’d have to make you his as soon as possible by trying to get to know you and your sense of humor. from the outside, there isn’t a thing he dislikes about you, and he knows that it will be like that on the inside too.
  • calum: he’d really appreciate how well you were dressed. he loved the relaxed feeling that you gave off whenever you said a word, and he’d fall in love with your giggle. he’d like the way your hips look under the sweater tied at your waist and he’d love the way your hair would land gently over your shoulders. he also would love how generally sweet you are and how much you stand out from everyone else even though you’d think that you blended in. something about your general appearance attracted him to you, but he’d still end up falling in love with what was on the inside, too.
  • luke: you’d catch his eye because you’d always be laughing or smiling, causing him to become interested in you. he’d adore the little chuckles you let out when someone told you a joke or said something funny, and after talking to you, he’d admire how easily it was for you to make him laugh. he’d instantly fall in love with the way you said words or told stories, and he’d catch himself getting mesmerized by your lips as you spoke. he’d want to talk to you forever just so he could hear your voice and watch your mouth form the words even though there were more things to love about you than the way you talked.
  • michael: the first thing he’d notice about you besides your body would be your eyes. he’d always watch them so closely as they gently glanced from one place to another. he’d be putty in your hand if you looked him right in the eyes because he’d know that if he looked into them straight on he wouldn’t be able to look away. he’d examine the colors of your irises and he’d get all nervous because he’d feel like he’d be creeping you out from staring into your eyes so much. but he loved keeping eye contact with you because he knew he had your attention.
Dating and Being (or not being) “Conventionally Attractive”

It is sometimes really frustrating how it seems folks who are relatively conventionally attractive don’t really understand that they’re working on a different scale, and just how much that changes how you approach dating and attraction and whether you should approach someone, etc, etc.

An illustration.

You walk into a small but crowded pub - maybe 50 people there. How many people, looking at you as you come in and take off your coat, do you think would be physically attracted to you?

Now, no one is going to get 50/50. If nothing else, odds are the majority of that 50 people are straight, so just on those grounds there’s no person who could be universally attractive to everyone there. Hell, some of those 50 might not experience physical attraction. And even if you’re very conventionally attractive, there are going to be some people who just aren’t into you.

So let’s say you’re really, really conventionally attractive - you might get 20 out of 50 people who find you physically attractive. Doesn’t mean they’d date you if you asked - they might be in a monogamous relationship, they might be aromantic, they might be creeped out by people at pubs approaching them, whatever. But, still, it changes how you look at that room.

And people who are relatively conventionally attractive tend to see things as sort of a sliding scale. They know that not everyone is equally attractive, but to them it just sort of changes the ratios. A “Decently good looking” person might have 14 out of 50 people in that pub attracted to them. Mr or Ms “Pretty average” might have six or seven folks in that pub find them physically attractive. “Average but with something considered conventionally unappealing - too chubby, bad skin, whatever” might get 2 or 3, but there’ll be a few.

But for a lot of people, the question is never going to be “How many people in that pub are physically attracted to you?”, but really “Is there anyone in that pub who is physically attracted to you?”

I know, walking into your average bar or club, that there are good odds no one is going to look at me and find me physically attractive. Some of my friends might be attracted to me because they know me, they’ve built up a rapport with me, etc - I’ve been told before by a few people that I have a “sexy brain”. I definitely do know people who became attracted to me for other reasons, and that sometimes eventually becomes physical attraction - I don’t think I’m repulsive, just not conventionally attractive. I don’t get as many dates as I’d like but, then, who does, right?

But it is a completely different dating situation, and a lot of the advice folks give to Mr. “Not especially handsome, a bit goofy looking, but some girls think he’s cute” just isn’t good advice for people who don’t fall into a certain zone of conventional attractiveness.

Anyway, the end point of it is I find it pretty frustrating when people totally discount my experiences and simplify it down to “Oh, everyone’s afraid of rejection, just go for it!” Oh, yeah, of course I like everyone am afraid of rejection, but believe it or not I do manage to push past that and still take rational risks. But I do have to approach things differently, and I find it continually frustrating at people not taking my word that my world is not their world.