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Ivar loves to make Lis wear vibrating panties while they’re hanging out together and he’ll sit next to her running his fingers up and down her arms and whispering in her ear “you’re such a good girl, such a good girl for me my love”

Tagging: Nemeses @ivartheboneme and @brightlycoloredteacups and bystanders @persephone-is-here-omg and @charliexowrite. And our devoted scorekeeper @tiyetiye 

NSFW. 18+ Only.

Warnings: Dom/sub dynamic; Sex toy; Edging/denied orgasm; Dirty talk.

And in case you need to really see what his face looks like during this:

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— ask and you shall receive | pt 1 (m)

pairing— jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
genre/warnings— smut, lots of oral, slow burn, dirty talk, dom! hoseok
words— 13,865

:: summary— your sugar daddy says you don’t have to sleep with him if you don’t want to…trouble is, you do want to. You’re just nervous and a little inexperienced, but he catches on quick and begins to teach you the true pleasures of sex, and boy, are they good…

 » pt 1 :: pt 2 :: pt 3 :: pt 4

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⇁ money shot (m)

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pairing⇁Yoongi x Reader 

genre⇁smut || pornstar!au

⚬ warnings⇁dom!yoongi, submissive!reader, verbal humiliation, spanking, roleplay, rough sex, cum play, dirty talk, this is porn ok and everything is consensual

word count⇁10.6k pwp 

[money shot] in a pornographic movie, refers to the sequence in which the male actor ejaculates onto his partner’s body

“Don’t look so put off. Min Yoongi’s indisputably one of the best in the industry. He’s extremely professional and experienced—and handsome to boot. You’ll be in the very best hands. He rarely works with newbies, so consider yourself special.”

or ; the author just really wanted to write a pornstar!au but got carried away;;

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Mine (M)

Prompt: 💕 + Jungkook + “You have no idea what the fuck I’m capable of, babygirl.”

Pairing: Mafia boss! Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: bondage, slapping, killing (a little blood), Sir kink, humiliation, Dom! Jungkook, degrading names, begging, orgasm denial

Notes: For my (very late, i’m sorry) 3k present <3 I hope it’s good enough. 2.2k Words

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Obey (Sub!Jimin Smut)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut (Mother Mary help)

Warnings: SMUT DEAR GOD SMUT, dirty talk, Sub!Jimin, Dom!Reader, orgasm denial, overstimulation, ass play, swearing, bondage

Word Count: 5586

Wow okay so I read @seokvie‘s and @btssmutgalore‘s sub!Jimin fics and they inspired me to write my own. I’m decently proud of this, considering I have 0 experience writing something like this. Thank you to @jin-oppa for gushing about this topic with me and @fortheloveofsuga for just being a good person in general.

Many would look at your boyfriend’s sharp jaw, thickly muscled thighs, and chiseled face and assume that he was dominant in bed. Rough, even. Jimin did, indeed, carry himself with straight shoulders and his head held high–long legs carrying him confidently across the room as his dark eyes zeroed in on something in the distance. He would present you out in public as if you were a work of art, his thick hand pressed into the small of your back and his full lips grazing your temple. If ever any other man raked their eyes down your body, his warm eyes would harden to stony obsidian orbs–either lowering his hand to rest on your ass or keeping direct eye contact with the potential threat as he brushed his lips across the expanse of your neck. Your boyfriend dominated you in romance, indeed. But you had a secret.

Park Jimin was not dominant in the bedroom.

He would occasionally play the dom role, his jaw clenching and nostrils flaring as he rammed into you from behind–leanly muscled chest pressed against your back as he leaned over you to growl obscenities in your ear through gritted teeth. When he was angry, he would pull your hair and bring you so close to the edge that you could feel yourself beginning to tip over, just before he would yank you back again. But that was only when he was so furious that he was seeing red.

Most of the time, he preferred to wholeheartedly submit himself to you. He thrived off of your praise, the little phrase “Good boy” nearly flinging him off the edge and into an orgasm any time you breathed the words into his hair. He loved to be tied up, and teased, and spanked until he was begging you to let him cum. He adored it when you tortured him with sucking on his cock long past he was finished, the mixture of pain and pleasure drawing him nearer to yet another release.

It wasn’t always so extreme, but there were nights when he needed to be controlled and you needed to control him.

Tonight was one of those nights.

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spellbound (m)

Pairing:  Jimin x Reader
Genre: witch!au (sort of based on the secret circle), smut, comedy, slight angst
Warnings: dom-ish!jimin, magical sex rituals (so slight blood play, breath play, temperature play), rough sex, cumplay
Word Count:  10k+
Summary:  The only reason you agreed to do this magical ritual with Park Jimin’s Circle was for the sake of your own Circle - to strengthen your individual magic. Yes, that means you’ll have to fuck him, but no, you weren’t happy about it because you hate Park Jimin. Once again, you were only doing this for your Circle. 

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No decency II Pt.1

There were two things you despised in your current situation. The first thing accrued to be that your mom decided to move in with her new husband. The second one was that playboy number one Jeon Jungkook turns out to be your new stepbrother. As your parents spontaneously go on vacation you and Jungkook have to deal with the building tension between the two of you until an upcoming house party leaves you panting underneath him.

genre: stepbrother!jungkook, dom!jungkook, smut

word count: 9.8k

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Touch Yourself (Wonho x Reader)

Request: “Hiiiii could I request a Wonho smut where wake him up in the middle of the night because you’re horny. Thank youuu – anon”

Admin: Candi
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Wonho, female
Genre/warning(s):  smut, masturbation, thigh riding, dom Wonho, slight violence
Words: 1.1k

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In your household nothing was truly what it seemed; your mother was having an affair with her business partner, leaving your stepfather to work himself into a pit of denial. The only person who had real feelings under that roof was you. You felt disgust when your mother would blatantly lie to her husband, you felt overwhelmed and stressed because of university, and you felt the euphoria of your late night rendezvous with Taehyung.

Your stepbrother.

warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, rough sex, dom!taehyung + sub!reader, degrading, humiliation, spanking + strong language

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masterlist | ask | song

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Sweet Tooth (M)

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Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: ass play, oral (receiving), exhibitionism (?),  dom!kookie, SMUT.

Word Count: 2,980

Summary: You were bored. Stuck at home all night with nothing to do, so you decided to call up a friend and politely invite yourself over for a movie night, and you’d bring all the treats. Who could say no to that?


Me: hey, dipshit. What are you doing tonight?


Muscle Pig: ???? rude. Just watching movies at the dorm, the guys are out this evening.


Me: aw. Still can’t play with the big boys? Tell you what, why don’t I come over and keep you company?


Muscle Pig: Wow ok. You can come over if you’re bored. No need to pretend it’s for my sake. We both know you want to be alone with me >:)


Me: Ew, please. Anyway, I’ll be over in 15… and because I’M helping YOU out ok????


Muscle Pig: mmmmmmhmmmmm sure ok, got it *wink wink* whatever you say. See you soon.

You trudged down the hall to the boys’ dorm, arms carrying at least half a dozen bags filled with popcorn, candy, chips and every other snack necessary for a movie night. To be completely honest, you weren’t here for the overgrown man-child. You’ve been feeling frustrated as of late, the responsibilities of work and school weighing down on you and not giving you time to, well let off some steam.

It’s been about… six months? Yea, that seems about right.With no time to get into a relationship, a one night stand was seeming more and more tempting. You pushed your thoughts aside and set the bags down in front of the door. You entered the passcode and stepped inside the boys’ dorm.

“Kook! Where are you? Come help me!” You yelled from the entrance. You heard him pause whatever was playing, and soon he was standing, or rather, towering over you.

“Well, hello to you too.” he quipped, his signature smirk plastered on his face. He grabbed a few of the bags you brought and walked back into the dorm, leaving you by the door. You huffed as you removed your coat and shoes, picked the rest up, and followed him into the kitchen. “What did you buy? It’s just the two of us why did you bring the entire store?”

Rolling your eyes, you pulled out a few sweets and popcorn, getting ready for your movie night. Once you had everything ready, you met Jungkook on the couch, and began watch the rest of the comedy he had on. Jungkook looked over at you, two bags of candy in your hands as you watched the movie. He chuckled at your behaviour, and reached over to the coffee table to grab a bag for himself.

“Wow noona, you really love candy huh?” he said as he watched you pour half a box of Skittles into your mouth. “I’m kind of glad you brought them though, I didn’t realize how much of a sweet tooth I had until you came over.”

You turned and gave him a small smile, though the one returned to you seemed to have hidden intentions. You pulled the small blanket up your body as you continued to watch, the chilly autumn weather now seeping in. Damn, why did I have to forget my heating blanket? You thought as you started shivering under Jungkook’s throw. The shorts and t-shirt you had on proving to be a bad idea. You then felt a hand around your wrist, pulling you with such force that you have no choice but to comply. You end up on Jungkook’s lap, hearing him mutter something about body heat and science.

The position you’re in isn’t the most comfortable, your legs ended up straddling one of his surprisingly large and firm thighs, but the heat was nice so you stayed. Besides, you kind of liked how his thigh felt, not that you would ever admit that out loud. Jungkook started complaining about not seeing properly, and moved you to the side, as you shifted yourself so he could see. The movement had you rubbing against his thigh in the best way, and before you could stop it, a breathy moan escaped your lips.

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Take Me

Summary: Sam wakes you up in the middle of the night to help you with a problem.

A/N: I don’t write Sam often enough! Also, this has no plot. It’s all smut.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (female receiving; brief ass eating), slight dom!sam.

Word Count: 1.8k

Originally posted by notnaturalanahi

“Y/N, baby wake up.” Sam’s voice roused you from your sleep, and as soon as you gained consciousness, you were in fight mode.

“What’s wrong?” You asked in the darkness of your bedroom, trying to sit up - only to discover that Sam’s arm was holding you firmly in place.

“Nothing life threatening.” His voice was low, primal. And you soon realized what was going on you felt his throbbing erection pressing into your ass.

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A/N: Okay, you guys. I just can’t wait any longer, I’m so excited to share this fanfiction (and this cover) with you all. I am so hyped! May I introduce? In a heartbeat.

Synopsis: Showing up on time for an important job interview is all you worry about when you rush through the streets of New York City on a sunny day, not expecting at all to bump into Thor, God of Thunder and his mischievous brother Loki. Before you know it, you get dragged right into a gruesome battle between two foreign realms and the atrocious menace of Ragnarök, confronted with breath-taking magic, terrifyingly hazardous threats and a fierce warrior who claims to be a Valkyrie. And as if this wasn’t enough already, you find yourself headfirst falling in love with the God of Mischief who, much to your disppointment, already seemed to have set his eyes on someone else, leaving you struggling with rejection, jealousy, heartache and more antagonising pain than your human heart could ever cope with.

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/?
Warnings: SPOILERS FOR THOR RAGNAROK, violence and blood, mentions of slavery, death, self-harm, depression, panic attacks, jealousy, grief, heartache, smut, Dom!Loki. (More warnings might be added throughout the story)

Read it on AO3!

See all chapters here.

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New toy II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, angst, sub!jungkook

also some thigh riding 

word count: 10.2k

What is a better occasion for some nasty actions than a blackout?

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140503 at dawn (m)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, smutty smut smut

Summary: Yoongi is always early in his studio and well, he wakes you one morning. Simple, right? Nah, that’s where you’re wrong.

Wordcount: 2.5k 

Your eyes jolt open, stung by the sun ray aurora spilling over you half dressed self. Turning over to your right, you hope to find your angelic boyfriend beside, only to have his spot froze; cool from the slight breeze from the cracked window.

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Into You Like a Train

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Warnings: Language, explicit sexual content. Light smut & fluff. Some super light dom!Seb. Would rate this for 18+

Word Count: 1,269

Summary: You can’t resist asking Seb a question that has been on your mind all morning - even at the most inappropriate time.

A/N: Fun fluff that practically wrote itself. First time writing Seb, so hope it’s OK! Partially inspired by this, which destroyed me. Also - gif ain’t mine.

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

“Hey, Seb?” You called out for the millionth time that morning, eyes glued to your phone as you sprawled out across the living room couch, one leg bent, the other dangling off the side lazily.

“Is this a serious question or a stupid question?” He retorted from the other side of the room, assembling a piece of IKEA furniture begrudgingly. The storage wall mount for all of your movies and books that you just had to have. “Ow!” He exclaimed as a pillow smacked him in the face. You stuck your tongue out at him while he grinned. “That’s not a very nice way to treat someone who’s building you the fucking Mt. Everest of TV mounts.”

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Summary: Castiel comes home to you after he gets tired of saving your brothers, Sam and Dean - time and time again. You decide to let him take all of his frustrations out on you.
A/N: I hope you guys like this one! Any and all feedback is much appreciated! <3
Pairing: Castiel x Reader 
Warnings: language, smut, oral (female receiving), light choking, hair pulling, spanking, over stimulation, really rough sex, just like basically all the things you want Cas to do to you. (Slight Dom!Cas)
Word Count: 2.6k

Originally posted by c4stielnovak

Every once in awhile you stuck behind while your brothers went on a hunt. It was the only time you got any alone time - and you needed your alone time. You weren’t sure what they were even hunting. Cas had went with them and you hadn’t bothered to check your phone for much more than a ‘we’re okay’ text.

If there was one thing you loved about the bunker it was being there alone. No matter how long you’d all lived there, you’d always find something new to get into and to explore. On the fourth day of the hunt, you’d been sitting in your room reading a book when your door suddenly slammed open.

You looked up to see your very displeased angelic boyfriend- “Hey Cas..?”

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Tay’s Smut Game 5 ♡

♡ Send me a member (Threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs(orgies) welcomed!)

♡ ALL SMUT IS ‘X READER’ ~ Fanboys welcomed! 

♡ Choose a starter :)

♡ These are mine,, they’re actually not too bad…


♡ You can request more than one prompt at a time!

♡ You can request prompts with idols from different groups!


1.“Come on, admit it, you sit at your little desk all day and she walks in and out and all you want to do is fuck that tight little ass of hers, don’t you?”

2.“Can you please fuck me, sir?”

3.“I wore my naughty little skirt just for you Mr.(idol of choice) and I think you’d like to know…I’m not wearing any panties.”

4.“Mr.(Idol of choice), I see how you look at me, I know you want to fuck me…but, how would your wife respond?”

5.“Seriously? You spilled coffee on my slacks? Clean it up.”

6.“Some would call it exploiting my powers but I need to see which one of you is really ready to do anything for the company.”

7.“You’re sleeping with the CEO of the company? No wonder you got that promotion your second month here!”

8.“Are you sure you want to do this here? I mean you have no curtains and the whole office would be able to see us…”

9.“You’ve been such a naughty secretary, trying to seduce your boss…well, it’s working,”

10.“You’ve been hired to help the boss relieve some stress…he’ll see you in his office now.”


11.“Swallow daddy’s dick, make him cum and maybe, maybe he’ll reward you.”

12.“One cock is never enough for this slut, even with your cock in his pussy…she’s begging for one in her ass.”

13.“Move your hand! I’m not stopping-this is what you asked for, now be a good little slut and take it.”

14.“Keep testing my patience and you won’t be able to sit for the next month and every time you go to slide on some shorts or jeans you’ll grimace remembering how hard I had to spank your ass, all because you couldn’t listen.”

15.“Imagine being fucked so good, your eyes roll to the back of your head and you drool a little.”

16.“If you’re not screaming my name at the top of your lungs then I’m doing something wrong.”

17.“Some good dick can turn any good girl into a naughty girl.”

18.“Daddy needs you, princess. Daddy needs your mouth so bad.”

19.“You’re so relentless. All I asked was for you to wait until we got home and you couldn’t even do that! You are so in for it tonight.”

20.“Say it! Say it loud! Let everyone know who’s fucking this pussy right.”

21.“I don’t think you understand how much I want to bend you over the nearest surface and fuck some sense into you.”

22.“Your tits bounce with each thrust…fuck you’re so sexy!”

23.“You’ve never had your pussy eaten? No, I refuse to believe no one has eaten this sweet cunt.”

24.“I love watching you throw it back on me,  always so eager for my cock.”

25.“You’ve been such a good girl, maybe daddy will finally fuck that whore ass of yours.”

26.“You try to act all innocent but I know what you really are. A cock craving whore, that’s what.”

27.“Your panties are soaked little girl, I guess you like the idea of me taking what I want.”

28.“You gonna cry and moan while I run into that virgin cunt?”

29.“Face down. Ass up. Spread that pretty little pussy for me.”

30.“You know the dick’s good when you can nothing but lay there and take it.”

31.“Are you a swallower? Yes? Good because I want you to swallow every drop of cum I’m going to give you.”

32. “I know, deep down, you’re a filthy little slut who likes to take cock deep down her throat.”

33. “Be loud. Scream for daddy, let the others know you’re mine and only mine.”

34. “You’re acting out…so, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fold you in half right here and fuck the shit out of you.”

35. “I’m tired of you being so gentle and soft. I want you to treat me like a princess and fuck me like a whore!”

36. “I’m tired of acting like I don’t want you, and you don’t want me…just pin me against a wall and fuck me already.”

37.“Does me touching you excite you this much? You’re literally dripping.”

38.“I have a confession…I like to be choked, and not just your hand wrapped around my throat…like, choke me until my vision blurs.”


39.“You look so pretty tied up, your clit forced against that vibrator…cum for me, princess, cum for me.”

40.“I-I can’t. My thighs are shaking so hard and even the slightest breeze across my slit is making me shake daddy, I can’t take anymore.”

41.“Three orgasms and you’re still as hard as a rock and your balls are blue as hell. What do you want me to do, baby, how can I help?”

42.“Fuck me, daddy! Fuck my used and abused cunt.”

43.“Two orgasms isn’t enough for you? You need three? Of course, you do! You’re a little cock craving slut,”

44.“I have a confession, god if I weren’t so fucking drunk I don’t think I’d even consider telling you this but…sometimes all I want to do is tie you up and make you cum again and again until all you can do is lay there, trembling, begging me to stop.”


45.“We can’t! The others are here!”

46.“So what! This is my apartment and I’ll fuck you whenever and wherever I want.”

47.“Tell me how it feels being at a public event ass filled with your favorite vibrating butt plug.”

48. “Ah fuck! No! No, we shouldn’t be doing this. Well, not here at least…”

49.“Really? Couldn’t you wait until we got home? You needed me so bad, that you’re going to fuck me in a public bathroom?”

Cum Play/Breeding:

50.“I’m going to fill your pussy with every inch of my cock, and then I’m going to cum deep inside your pussy. I’m going to breed you…you want that, you little slut?”

51.“ This is a perfect position, legs spread wide, cock buried deep in your pussy, you’re going to get every drop of cum I have to offer.”

52.“Can you feel it, how heavy my balls are? I haven’t cum in three weeks because you’re so fucking stubborn, Y/N, please touch me.”

53.“A bet’s a bet, and I won, so you know what that means. I get to fill you with my cum, anywhere hole of my choosing.”

54.“I love how you sit there, tongue out, waiting for my load.  Such a pretty, obedient whore.”

55.“You’re going to go back out there and sit at your desk in your cubicle, dripping with my cum like the good girl you are.”

56.“Your pussy looks so pretty, especially when it’s covered in my cum.”

57.“You feel how thick my cock is? Fucking your tight walls? I’m knotting you, baby, knotting this pretty pussy of yours and then I’m going to fill you to the hilt with my cum.”


58.“I just want to know how your dick would feel inside of me.”

59.“Desire is a nasty little thing.”

60.“I-is that a hickey?”

61.“Were you two just fucking? You two were totally just fucking!”

62.“I heard the best way to get over someone was to get under someone.”

63.“Yes, I know it’s two in the morning, but I’m stressing over finals and tuition and when I’m with you, all those things go away…”

64.“I can’t believe we had sex, you’re my TA!”


65.“It’s kind of embarrassing to admit but my cock gets so hard when I think of you noona, you make me such a leaky mess.”

66.“As much as I would love for you to fuck me…I need to know if you’re going to last.”

67.“Good boy, you had so much cum for me. I can feel it dripping down my thighs!”

68.“Good boys share.”

69.“You don’t have to act all macho, no one’s expecting it from you…be the sub I know you are.”

70.“Now, be a good boy and clean my cunt of his cum.”

71.“Admit it. Even when you’re not fucking me, all you can think about is fucking me.”

72.“What do I want you to do? I want you to eat my cunt until I’m shaking.”

73.“Don’t be embarrassed…I think it’s hot you get so hard when something’s filling your ass.”

74.“The sight of you, on your knees, tongue fucking my pussy is too much! Seeing you submit in such a way is so fucking hot.”


75.“You like my friends, slut? I know they like you.”

76.“Go ahead, tell em, baby, tell them how you loved to be covered/filled with cum.”

77.“Interestingly enough, (idol of choice), just told me he gets off to the thought of you…I thought maybe we could help him out. Give him the real thing.”

78.“I’m honestly so jealous of (idol of choice), he gets to come home and fuck you after tour…”

79.“Go ahead, taste how sweet her pretty pussy is.”

80.“I see the way you look at (idol of choice) and I know you want him…go! Go and ask him to fuck your little whore pussy.”

81.“Come on princess, put on a show for me and (idol of choice), we miss you and your tight cunt so much.”

82. “Me and my friends have had a hellish week, help us relieve some of our stress, princess.”

83. “It’s my turn…I’m going to fuck his cum deep into your tight, little pussy.”

84.“I’m not going to lie…I’ve gotten off a few times thinking of having my every hole filled with cock.”

85.“Fuck! Is it bad I’m so hard watching someone else fuck your dirty cunt?”

86.“You look so much prettier with my member/friend’s cum on your face.”

87.“You’re going to let me fuck your pink pussy, while your boyfriend’s watching? God, you are such a naughty girl.”

Anal Play:

88.“I’m going to tear this little ass in two, and you’re going to do nothing but lay there and take it.”

89.“I want you to fuck my ass daddy/mommy, I’m your little anal slut.”

90.“I am so wet at the thought of your thick cock filling my ass.”

91.“I am a straight man who loves to have his ass fucked.”

92.“The plug isn’t even, I need another cock, please, please fill my ass with another cock.”

93.“I don’t know, most guys deny and deny this some more but to be honest with you…there’s nothing I love more than tongue-fucking an asshole.”


94.“All these girls/guys, they try to get you to come home with them. Little do they it’s my name you’re chanting so loud that by the end of the night you can’t even speak.”

95.“I just want you to know…even though you’ve been a good girl/boy tonight, I’m going to tie you up and punish you just for my amusement.”

96.“I see the way you look at me…and it’s very inappropriate, Mr. (Idol’s last name).”

97.“I like this, your hands above your head, your body completely at my/our mercy.”

98.“It’s that look, that look of innocence on your face, it makes me want to tear you into two.”

Orgasm Denial:

99.“Trust me denial is your friend. When you finally get to cum, it’ll feel so good…I promise.”

100.“No, you don’t get to cum until I say so. I don’t care if you’re close if you cum I’m going to punish you.”

101.“I know it feels good princess, but if you cum daddy is going to spank, not your ass but your pussy, until it’s red and you’re clenching around nothing, thighs shaking and skin burning, begging me to stop.”

102.“Are you close baby boy? Yeah? Well, we can’t have that, not yet anyway, you haven’t earned it.”

103.“I don’t like edging!  I want to cum and I want to cum now.”

104.“I don’t think I like your tone…you better be careful I might not even let you cum tonight.”

105.“Let us use your holes, fuck you senseless and maybe, only then will one of us make you cum. Deal?”

Sleepless (NSFW)

Summary: When you can’t fall asleep, Dean helped you in a very unorthodox way.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Counting: 1k words
Warnings: Smut. A bit of exhibitionism. Squirting.

Originally posted by winchesterinterrupted

You let out an angry exclamation, kicking off your covers and leaving your bed.  

You couldn’t sleep. Again.

Sleepless nights weren’t new to you but it was getting borderline ridiculous.

You sighed, leaving the bed and just walking around the room, finding the remote control and turning on the TV. A minute later, you heard the knock on your door and cracked it open to see Dean standing outside.

“Hey.” You muttered.

“It’s the middle of the night. I heard noise. What’s up?” He asked in a worried tone.

“I can’t sleep.” You moved inside, hugging your legs, your big baggy sleep shirt exposing your naked bottom and boy shorts.

“Is there anything I can do?” He questioned in a low voice.

“Read me a bedtime story?” You joked.

Dean rolled his eyes and reached out to pull you outside.

“Come on,” He muttered. “There’s something I know can help.”

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seasons of you- jjk

Originally posted by herthealbum

the best things bloom in spring. 

all genres, mature content / 15.9k words / reincarnation!jjk au / enjoy !

req(s); Jungkook; Reincarnation!AU, forbidden lovers throughout different lifetimes starting from royalty; but in the present lifetime, the reader is already married (+) a slice of both dom and sub!jungkook smut

a/n; i spent so many weeks and days and hours on this and it is the longest oneshot/fic i have ever written by far, bUt i loved writing it so I really really hope you love reading it ! give me your thoughts nd such if you would be so kind,,,,  i’d super duper appreciate it for this monster, much love <3

“You never know how truly you love someone until you lose them,” your mother always told you. It seemed an obvious thing, nodding your head with a smile as she brushed through the ends of your hair at the vanity. Her opulent necklaces always glinted in the firelight, or the sunshine coming through the windows on early mornings, lips parted with wise concentration and dresses making hushed sounds against the old concrete when she swayed back and forth. She didn’t believe in servitude, allowing them to keep place and tidy things in order to hold appearances, but when it came to personal tasks, and tasks regarding her children, your mother was certain the only way something was done right is if it was done by oneself. An idea that was deemed preposterous by much of the aristocracy.

You never understood the allure of royalty, the title of noble Lady holding such an snobby tone to it, one that your sisters wore with painfully obvious pride and arrogance. The palace felt far too large, even for the multitude of families who lived there, not to mention the king, Queen, Prince, Princesses, and all of the royal families’ bastard children, who ran amok unattended and judged based on their father’s decisions. You kept to the outskirts, never gathered in the fancied gardens, or dinner parties unless required, which was more often than you favored.

Like tonight, for instance, the annual King’s dinner and ball which was to be attended by all royalty and titled people living both within and in close proximity to the castle. Whenever people gathered here they seemed to have a hard time leaving, and those who lingered always ensnared themselves into the most troubling of situations.

Your mother’s fingers are soft and gentle as they work out the tangles of your hair. Since your father died when you were a young girl, your mother had blossomed, no longer kept down by the oppressive tendencies of men. She could go as she pleased, dress as she pleased, and her favor with the queen granted her access to any area she pleased. They were playmates as children in the palace, and while your mother spoke ill of no one, she never failed to minutely scrunch up her nose in distaste at mention of the king. She claimed that he dampened her friends once vibrant spirit, made her nothing more than a housewife, a domestic mother, and while your sisters wondered what else a woman could be for than to make heirs and tend to their husbands, you could see the inequality and dreary living that the scales of renaissance life possessed.

You never sought a husband, half out of disinterest and half never wanting to be controlled by anyone other than yourself, and if that earned you whispers and eyes behind your back so be it. Better to be standing with it to other people than constantly on it.

“What is this occasion for?” You ask, running kohl along the lines of your eyelids, “another ambassador in town?”

“Not quite so,” your mother’s tone dissuades yours, catching her eye in the mirror as she sets the forgotten comb beside you, “the king’s son has returned from his schooling and military exploits in Western Europe.”

“I didn’t hear him announced,” you remark, wondering where you could have been when the trumpets went off, “the queen must be overjoyed.”

“On the contrary,” your mother stays silent for a moment, watching your face work out the puzzle. “He is the son of the king’s first mistress, who died in childbirth. The king favors him greatly, so don’t act as a shutin. Remember, those who favor those the king favors-”

“-get king’s favors, I know,” you mock her, repeating the line she always did in order to get you to play nice, “but if he’s a bastard, why would the king throw a celebration in his honor?”

The light catches the gold in her dress as she spins, firelight igniting her hair while she speaks. “I believe the king is aiming to get him legitimized. He has bribed the church a great deal and sum in order of persuade them into attending this event tonight, therefore we must all be present to show our appreciation and love for his son. You were playmates once,” she adds, “as young children.”

“I don’t remember that,” you state the obvious, continuing with your prior train of thought, “but if he’s legitimized, that would mean-”

“Yes, flower,” your mother silences you with her favorite nickname, “it means he would be king. And that centuries of tradition and birthright would be absconded in the name of male pride.” Her tone savors slightly of bitterness, bringing the trace of a grin to your lips.

“What’s his name?” You ask, setting the stylo down and replacing it with a puff for rouge. “The son’s?”

“I believe it’s Jungkook,” your mother says absently, drifting away to lay out your gown, “I’m quite certain it’s Jeon Jungkook.”

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