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I haven’t forgotten for a moment. I still remember the day Cocytus fell. I will make them pay. I vow it.

Who has two thumbs and is somewhat obsessed with everyone’s favorite revolutionary boyfriends? This person!

Historic(-ish) Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, based on @ciceroprofacto‘s take of them in their beautiful, wonderful, mindbogglingly good Lams fanfic Song of Alexander, which everyone should read, because it’s just. So. Good. 


Reaper is joining the “golden gallery” (that’s what I started to call my OW portrait gallery by now :’) ) Originally, I was thinking of doing only current Reaper maybe with a slightly cracked mask to show Gabe behind it. But then I got inspired by one of my old Hannibal pics where I drew Will in this card format. N srsly, isnt this the best fit for mr edgelord??? I kinda wanna do this now with the next portraits as well cause many of them have 2 sides/ages to show off ~  we’ll see. it’s either that or stanard portrait as I did with the others. (ps. Gabe is too damn handsome for his own good. Like, srsly! what is he even?!)

my other OW portraits (so far): Soldier:76, Hanzo, McCree and D.Va.

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Just writing PERMISSION FROM ARTIST underneath a post doesn’t seem like a legit permission for me?? (Longer stuff seems okay? But for the posts that just plain state “permission from artist” feels fishy) guess it depends, but you see..
I just saw someone use that in another website which is not tumblr, and they said they got permission from me to repost my thing by stating PERMISSION FROM ARTIST there but I’ve never seen them before..
To the people who’ve been doing this, are you sure you’re really getting permission? Or are you just using that to gain notes? Don’t mean to scold you or anything but I’m a bit concerned because I used to believe it was ok to reblog posts that had that statement. That’s tricking people for notes..; it’s not right..

Unrelated but, why would someone repost my drawings? I don’t really get; it’s not that good??! I am practicing a lot everyday but I’m not a very skilled artist and I rarely color my things, so I figured nobody would bother to repost my things ‘v’; okay tbh that’s actually like 10 percent of the reason I just leave my drawings as it is because I was so sure they wouldn’t get reposted this way but you never know ^^;

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Your anatomy is really good! Do you have any tips ?

// my anatomy is good wh a t REFERENCES!! SRSLY USE REFERENCES!! Just google the pose you’re doing i.e “ leaning over someone”, “sitting legs crossed”, “opening a bottle” nd find a picture that is most similar to what you wanted and then just draw a basic sketch from that. (You don’t even wanna know how my anatomy looks without references * sweats *)

Also do not use other people’s drawings as anatomy reference!! First of all you don’t want to completely copy a pose someone else has already drawn AND you might end up doing the same anatomy mistakes the original artist did! Use real life references!! And if you can’t find a good reference, just use your own body (depending on how comfortable you are with that of course!)

And learn the basic structure of the human body! Like how long is the thigh compared to the shin (?) and wide is the head compared to the shoulders nd stuff like that. Using shapes to break the anatomy apart also helps a lot!

I’m not rly the best at anatomy or drawing advice in general but i hope this helped!!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ hug tackles!!!! kisses!!!

dedicated to and inspired by a request from Koleen (dauntlester) <3 ily lots and lots xx
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Here’s my drawing for the @gfzine! Of course I had to draw this little shit 8> 

Harry didn’t hit that high note in Sign Of The Times but that’s okay, he did absolutely amazing so it doesn’t matter. I just don’t want him to feel sad about it tho. Because he did so great in both of the songs and ughh I can’t describe how good he performed tonight. I’m just speechless.

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oh bask how I've missed you and frosty and and and~!! XDD! I'm so happy with this episode tonight! I've needed something like this for a long time, aka since the hiatus start, LOL! XD! IT WAs SO MAGICAL! XD Nygmobblepot and others as well! Lucius staredown had me ROLLING, and Harvey was bae. XDD

It was SO DAMN GOOD AAAAAH. Srsly Ed what even is your hallucinationbrain, it’s gay just so you know. I also loved that we got yet another character, Foxy, knowing there was something gay up between Ed & Oswald! I loved how he spoke about Oswald to Ed and saw how Ed really got upset. And aaaah man. Now I’m damn excited for them to reunite IRL mmhm. 

Kpop has changed my life.

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Plssss someone write about the drama going on between markjae and 2jae!!! I feel that there's some internal war going on between jaebum and Mark concerning the oblivious youngjae who would rather play games all night, write sad love songs and play with coco. Jaebum clearly wants him back and Mark is taunting/daring him to do so.😂😂😂😂

YES SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE THIS OH MY GOD i mean like the ending will probably be youngjae picking neither of them bc he won’t even know what they’re fighting over buT STILL

like after the got2day ends and youngjae is like SO WHAT DID YOU TWO TALK ABOUT and jaebum is like oh u kno just whatever and mark is like WE WERE TALKING ABOUT ALL SORTS OF THINGS~ LIKE LOVING OUR ROOMMATES AND GAMING~~ and youngjae is like HAHA O U HYUNG ILU2 WAIT GAMING U SAY while jaebum is like pretending he’s not seething in the back and youngjae launches into a rant about gaming while mark is just smiling and nodding and jaebum is outtie bc he can’t deal with his emotions as we all know

BUT YES THE MARK VS. JAEBUM TENSION IS REAL except it’s mostly just mark teasing him ya feel maybe he doesn’t consider jaebum competition MAYBE HE’S JUST TEASING HIM BC HIS AWKWARD TURTLE ROOMMATE CHOI YOUNGJAE IS COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS TO JAEBUM’S BLATANT CRUSH ON HIM AND MARK FINDS IT TOO AMUSING NOT TO TEASE PINING!JAEBUM WHEN IT’S SO EASY TO MAKE HIM JELLY meanwhile jackson is also pining after mark like what a big gay mess

what have you done anon you’ve opened the floodgates OKAY NOW I’M REALLY ENDING THIS before i write anything else this markjae vs. 2jae shit has me SHOOK

for real tho -

the face of a man who knows exactly what he’s doing:

the face of a man defeated:

just let jaebum have his youngjae back 2k16

Ya list of Phantom Troupe school AU hc's

School AU with the troep
AN: troep means trash in Dutch
(Is dis even good English bc srsly I’m doubting my English skills here)

Chrollo / shady twilightzone goth priest:
-The shady principal with a creepy ass office.
-Has a painting of himself??
-Also has this skull with a lil plant in it??? (Rumors say it’s real)
-What’s with the coat dude
-Literally not a single student wants to be there bc they all fear for their lives
-Has big ass majestic chair while always reading the same book and the schoolcat accompanies him.
-Never comes out of his office so when students see him walking around it’s like: “hOLY SHIT WAS THAT THE PRINCIPAL?!?!”

-The school’s ‘guard’ that scares all the lil freshmen but is actually big buddies with all the older students
-Will let you do literally everything if you just give him beer
-Takes an awful lot of bathroom breaks
-Exchanges glares with that one blonde student all the time.

-Is a guard just like Uvo but is actually the only one that gets decent work done
-Silently judges Uvo af
-Talks shit about Uvo but brings him beer tho
-Just sits there…judging.

-Is PE teach but also an over-excited History teach when it’s about the Egyptians.
-Better make sure that you have an equal amount of players for PE bc u don’t want him to join
-When the dude throws a dodgeball kids go K.O
-Walking Egyptian meme
-Gucci Tracksuit.
-An actual softie when it comes to students with pain (especially girls bc he don’t understand their shit so he just lets them sit on the bench) but if ur a guy: “broke your foot? Too bad pal gotta come with a better excuse.”

-That one creepy ass person behind the desk that no one wants to talk to.
-It’s actually a good thing because students dont pretend to be sick anymore because no one wants to talk to him
-Has an exact copy of every object on his desk, 2 pencil sharpners, 2 red staplers and on and on it goes
-Is creepy.

-Grumpy and gives no fucks but she still works hard
-Is a arts and crafts teacher
-“Alright lil’ shits, today we’re gonna sow.” I quote Nina.
-Students are afraid of her but she’s actually nice.
-Besties *cough* gf’s *cough* with Pakunoda.

-French teach
-Loves cats and once took her cat to school with her
-Her cat became the schoolcat.
-Is actually nice af so if ur in trouble she can help you get away with it since she’s close with the shady principal.

-Is janitor while regretting life choices.
-Hangs with Uvo a lot.
-Always walks around with a mop because he can’t take his sword to school
-Arm wrestles with students.
-Gets in trouble bc of it

Benolenov??? What his name?:
-Is awfully creepy.
-Why the fuck al the bandages?
-How does he demonstrate playing instruments when he’s wearing boxing gloves??
-Bonds with ppl that like boxing.

-Biology teacher.
-“And today, we’re dissecting animals.” His creepy sadistic laugh was heard… #skipbioforever
-“And today we’re dissecting–” oh the surprise.
-Has a disturbing amount of dissecting knives on his desk.
-One day a student saw this cute squirrel in a treehole next to the classroom. It dissapeared the next day.
-Carries umbrella around wherever he go. Smol umbrella man. In summer, in winter, he always has it.

-Drama/Theater teacher.
-Fucking drama queen.
-“Um..mister…why does this ‘person’ in the play resemble the principal so much?”
-There’s this creepy ass doll with long black hair sitting in the classroom and some students think it’s actually a person #illuminaticonfirmed.
-It moves sometimes.
-Just get those kids out of there ASAP.

-English teacher
-Forgets a lot of stuff so if the students keep quiet they won’t have to hand in some assignments.
-She gives you a higher score if she forgets something again.
-Hangs with Nobunaga and sometimes helps him clean.
-Inseperable from her…vacuüm cleaner.

-Technical or Physics teach
-Often mistaken as a student
-His phone is like a meme, everyone wants to know what’s up with that weird ass thing.
-“DONT THROW IT” once heard from the teacher’s room

-That one student that can get anything done bc teachers love them
-Just wants to be as cool as their big bro Killua
-Queen of papercuts
-Don’t talk shit or ur paper is deadly