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Hi!!!!! My name is Anne Lorraine and I just hit 2k followers!!!!! Well, to be completely honest I hit 2k followers a month ago and I’ve just been taking forever to make this post. 

Anyways, I’m so grateful for this trash can of a website and all of my friends and followers who have been with me throughout this journey. Y’all have stuck with me through my demon phannie phase, my emo phase, and even my over-plucked eyebrows phase. I couldn’t be more grateful to all of you guys. 

So, as a celebration of sorts, I’ve decided to finally do my first follow forever and show some love to all of my favorite blogs. Most of these blogs are phan blogs but I included some zendaya/valdaya blogs too. These are also only sfw blogs. Here we go!

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Italics = Favs

First, I have to shoutout the senpais @danisnotonfire@amazingphil, and the absolutely lovely, @phillylesta <3

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“anon” “hate” responses masterpost

since I’ve got a lot of responses, and I don’t wanna spam everyone with it, I’ll just make a really long post about it and tag everyone who said something nice to me in it

(its ordered by when they’ve send it, for anyone who cares)

First, replies

@besttubahorse: that was… the point of the post? (still, thank you for taking the time to comment! I appreciate your concern)

@kenkit: Thank you! I’m not gonna be completely off tumblr, but I’ll take it slow of a bit

@speckleslupushowlermod: Oh Speckles, I love you with a passion that can hardly be described in words <3

@katanatherealityhopper: please no one give Katana a train, ever

@silver-swirl: That was… poetry. Thank you! And yes, that anon is really rotten.

@ask-brony-cast: I try, but even I have my limits on how much BS I can take

@the-mad-badger: yupp.

now! asks:

@carry-on-my-waywardfoals: I don’t do commissions, but I appreciate the thought

@shadowking58: Awww thank you! If they’d at least come out and tell me this to my face, I would understand it, but going on anon like this?

@pinkxmena: “a bit” is the understatement of the week XD

@carry-on-my-waywardfoals, @protheangel, @tabrenzy & @joysauceisnotarealsauce

Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate each of you guys messages

(sorry if I forgot anyone, I’m still a bit absent-minded)

TL;DR: All of my followers are wonderful little angels and I love all of them

hey guys! let’s talk for a while. 

so there’s been a lot of stuff coming up in fandom. a lot of it has been a little…worrying. 

i know that a lot of fandom - especially in ficdom - are young, inspiring writers. even if you aren’t a young, inspiring writer, and are in fact a lovely 40-year-old with a penchant for knitting and writing in your free time, there are some things that everyone should know, especially concerning how people should write their fic. 

now if you’re posting on ao3, good! that’s the platform i’ll be talking about (mostly because i use it myself) but if you’re posting anywhere else, this applies to you still. 

now, bts fandom has been posting a lot of fic recently that are rated 18+ for numerous reasons, some of them because they contain sexual content - others because they talk about sensitive topics. from this point on, please be aware of trigger warnings such as: rape, abuse, manipulation, etc. 

now, here’s the problem. if you’re gonna write a fic about, say for example, domestic abuse, heres what you got to do: your homework. go out and research. go and ask someone - if you have to - about their experiences only after you’ve asked them explicitly if they’re ok with talking to you about it, if they’re okay with the limits of your questioning, if they’re okay with you writing about it, etc. you have to ask this. same goes for any other traumatic experience. if you’re going to write it, research it. don’t just do it through the internet, because everyone’s experiences are different. do it through people. it will be painful, hard, and you will feel numerous things that might make you question why you’re writing this in the first place, but if you’re really serious about something then show that you are. treat the subject with respect. 

so many fics now in the archive are flippant, using abuse or noncon as a plot device, or even worse, make it seem almost sensual. it’s not. it’s not fun, it’s not good, do not make it that way. for fuck’s sake, have some decency. this is not your little kink world, you cannot get away with doing stuff like that without doing your research first. 

fics that contain controversial subjects (like male pregnancy, which if written with a cismale character is inherently transphobic, don’t fight me on this) should be written with care. either spend substantial amount of time researching them or don’t write them at all. there will be people who will be triggered by this kind of material and you cannot do anything about it, but as an author, what you can do is try to be as respectful and as polite as possible when you try to tell your story. this is not a smut-filled world for you. if you want to write about real-life things, then you better sit down and realize what real-world consequences are. trying to make traumatic and controversial subjects romantic for the sole purpose of ~otp~ is not okay. it’s not.

writing, for most people, is not just a fulfillment; it’s catharsis, it’s a lifeline, a hobby, a form of expression, a movement. when you post something online, it’s public, it’s real. it’s out there for other people to see. you give your permission for others to connect with it the way you feel you’ve connected with it. (that is, not to say, that they’re allowed to steal it.) people are allowed to get upset and disgusted at your work. they’re allowed to like it, too. but realize that it’s your job to try and be as sensitive as possible, because if you’re going to write about something that you yourself have not gone through, then you need to realize that you have no precedence to stand on a soapbox when your fic is being criticized and defend your own words. you don’t. you have no idea what you’re talking about; how can you defend it? 

secondly; sex. listen, it’s totally okay to be as sexually free or conservative as you want; it’s your body, your life, your words. do as you want. but when we’re talking about sex, take a moment to educate yourself on what a healthy sexual relationship is. where do we cross the line between abuse and bdsm? what is the difference between a dom/sub relationship and a relationship with a harmful imbalance of power? most people don’t seem to understand this difference. it’s okay; a lot of people don’t because of the world’s lack of good sexual education (HONESTLY) but it’s your job to make yourself educated. if you haven’t had sex, that’s fine! if you have, that’s fine! my advice: still look it up. we don’t know everything. there’s always something to learn. fandom/ficdom has long migrated away with vanilla sex, which totally okay, but kinks can only be negotiated if you know what your healthy baseline is. learn it. learn it and understand it and know everything before you attempt to write it. 

these were the two things i really wanted to say. i’ve noticed a lot of fics have been having these problems; i know i’ve really condensed things and i could say a lot more. this is my own personal opinion, even though it really is good to try and learn more about things before writing about them (form your own opinion, you know?) i just wish to see a better change in fic; after all, words is how most of us live. 

At the beginning of the season everyone was like “SANA AND ISAK” “give sana and even scenes together” “wht’s awesome is that sana sees everything, she pays attention so we’re gonna see the stories through her pov” (this one isnt well phrased) and now everyone islike “LET NOORHELM DIE” lmao it is not like it was all that thzre was in the season? Sana is helping a friend? That’s who sana is? It isnt obershadowing her. And if you hate it so much why do you feel the need to tag everythingyou post ‘noorhelm’ 'noora x william’ 'william magnusson’? There are still fans of them, could you try to be respectful? The noorhelm tag rn is 50% antis and 50%people calling out antis and telling them to go elsewhere? I mean if you hate noorhelm you probably arent looking up their tag page so like why are you posting in it? Use “anti noorhelm”. I guess no one is gonna see it and actually do it but it s pretty fun tht y'all are preaching about “everyone making mistakes” and also goingon about “emotional abuse” “william the asshole” and yet you have no tolerance and wont let anyone enjoy what they love in peace. You probably wouldnt take it that well if “sana bakkoush” and/or “evak” were used in hate posts incessantly. what does it cost you to stop putting your shit in the tags and let other fanshave a different opinion?

(I wont go as far as tagging it inappropriately so that y'all could see it because th only thing i’d get is hate, and honestly i am not one to enter into a hateful “conversation” with each person insulting and shaming the other but i am tagging it anti noorhelm because i guess the tag is used by some people and maybe some of you will check it and do it… not that respect is your thing apparently)


I’ve been so focused on trying to get the knee brace for best featured actor I didn’t even consider I’m crying though I wonder if this came from my joke weeks ago or if everyone is equally wanting the knee brace to get recognition I’m gonna make a tag just for the knee brace groundhog day andy karl’s knee brace

I’m sorry, I saw these tags when you reblogged my post and I had to come and ramble at you!

I honestly don’t remember if I saw your post, but I’m so glad I’m not the only person who thinks like this xD Seriously though, my adoration and admiration for Andy knows no bounds. I’ve thought he was phenomenal since I first saw him in GhD last July, but the man really is something else. 

so im officially done with emmerdale. as long as some straight white girls keep shipping robron no matter what, they will be together. this fucking fandom is demonising everyone but “my trashmouth son <3”. let’s even blame aaron before we blame robert right? that’s how it works here. bc rob is only a mentally ill good person. lmaooo right yeah. u should try and watch the show for once.

i would like to say i had fun but i didn’t. there’s literally like…. 5? robron shippers that are worth it and that i’m gonna miss. i will continue being mutuals with the antis who want to keep following me.

soooo that was it. i’m gonna fucking miss aaron, rebecca and liv. pls someone let me know if they go with canon bisexual!bex, lesbian!liv, any other sapphic couple or if aaron dumps robert’s ugly ass.

bye 😘

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It's so funny to ship both generations of malfoy-potter bc sometimes when you draw either of them my friends and i do a double-take. is that scorbus?? is that drarry?? and we have to look for extra clues like harry's scar ^^ Also would you ever draw drarry and scorbus in the same picture? That would really make my day!

oh hahah well, I try really hard to make Scorbus and Drarry different, and for me it works (some people too said they can see and feel the differences), but not for everyone I guess! x) I was thinking a lot about drawing Harry with Albus and Draco with Scorbus as a comparison piece, but not sure how/when/if it’s gonna happen :) I might though because it’s sometimes I tiny little bit irritating when people tag my Scorbus as Drarry, even though the description says it’s Scorbus x) I mean, no need to look for clues! A glance to the description and/or tags will do! ✩

Tagged by @texasdreamer01 to post 1 fav from 10 fandoms and then tag 10 others. I’m gonna try and pick some that aren’t my usual faves that everyone knows? Possibly from fandoms that aren’t even my biggest ones.

  1. Amethyst - Steven Universe
  2. Regina Mills/The Evil Queen - Once Upon a Time
  3. Son Hak - Akatsuki no Yona
  4. Han Solo - Star Wars
  5. George Crabtree - Murdoch Mysteries (it was Dr. Grace before Georgina Reilly left the show)
  6. Rem - RE:Zero
  7. Rei Ryugazaki - Free!
  8. All Might - Boku no Hero Academia
  9. Captain Jack Sparrow - POTC
  10. Reigen - Mob Psycho 100

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I feel so low. I cant even rely on my coping mechanisms anymore, I just feel terrible all the time and like nothing is gonna get better. Any advice?

Ugh I’m sorry…and everyone copes differently, so I can only tell you what works for me, but I try to do things to get out of my head:

  • writing or journaling
  • singing my favorite song(s)
  • hang with friends (even when I don’t feel like it)
  • smoke sumn
  • binge watch netflix shows or scary movies
  • drunk cooking 
  • search through happy tags on tumblr
  • venting to my friends

Thes are only short term fixes, but sometimes that’s all you can do to keep it pushin. Do you have anyone to talk to? I know therapy has been stigmatized, but it really helped me through some heavy shit.

Try & keep your head up, okay?

Part 1 out of… idk how many doodles I’m gonna do for this LOL Tenka/SLB high school AU.

I like making concepts. But this is just a random AU setting. I have no plans to make plots of it.

If there are any plots that will appear, it would probably Nobu/Hide because OTP forever

Ahahahaha, I tried to make Nobu look younger because teenage kids and all, but idk, he already looks like a high school kid in the original Tenka, I don’t even know man (so says the girl who everyone thinks is 15 despite being 23).

Archery in place of all the guns, LOL. I try to incorporate some “hints” to the historical setting/relationship/settings/whatever, because otherwise it would just be a random anime-esque high school setting that has nothing to do with Tenka/SLB.

The tag is gonna be “tenka high school” if anyone’s interested (I hope nobody else uses this tag OTL)


jeylovestoblog  asked:

The tags tho omg LMAO! I love you so much, why are you always so nice to me? :))

Ohh that’s an easy question. You are such an amazing person. You are so nice to everyone, I also like the way you think. I love that you support girls and tbh everyone. You are always there for anyone if they need any help. You always try to do what’s possible to help them and you really care. You are also very talented and you have a great sense of humor. Not gonna even mention your love for Tae and all of the members. Ad last but totally not least you are so beautiful, talented and confident that I can only say that it’s really inspirational. You were the first person to ever talk to me on here so i just have also this kind of sentiment or something hahah. I probably forgot about like 8732657 other reasons, but it’s really late and I’m so sleepy haha  I LOVE YOU TOO!

((Hey everyone!! Jsyk, I appreciate all the like I reblogs on all my posts!!! Thank you everyone!! Btw I read every single tag orz))

((It makes me happy to see people like my art and think it’s good, even tho I’m corny AF and I’m always slacking. It may continue to be this way WAAAY into the summer due to the fact that I will be taking summer courses all summer. I’m gonna try my best!!! Thank you everyone for hanging around!! Even though I draw them as girls,,,I do remember that they’re boys orz I just really think they’d be cute as girl orz and I love drawing girls orz. I hope everyone enjoys the blogs ;;;;; Again thank you!! We’re almost at 200 followers!! Also I can’t believe the DMMD fandom is still alive even tho it’s a little I was way too late to the party with this blog lol ))

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On Location Pt. 4 - The Public Eye Pt. 2

Characters: Reader, Single!Jensen Ackles, Jared and Gen Padalecki, Misha and Vicotira Collins

Pairings: Reader x Jensen

Warnings: language, fluffy fluff

Word Count: 2,000

Summary: The guys convince you to join them for a fun night in the city. You have something in mind that will ensure everyone have the best time. They are all stunned completely stoked when you drag them to a place that has laser tag, go carts, bumper cars, and so much more.

Things to know: I am hoping this meets yours guys’ expectation. I’m not sure. I love it because… well read it and maybe you’ll understand why!

You rounded the corner and there were two choices. You could take the direction that would lead to the bars and all of the fanciest places to eat. You turned and looked the other direction. That way would lead to the more family friendly side of the strip. You glanced back and forth, biting your lip as if you were making a decision when in reality you had already decided which way you were going. Jared, Misha, and the girls started heading toward the bars when you changed direction and started running down the opposite side of the strip dragging Jensen along.

Jared turned around and laughed at your childlike enthusiasm, “Hey! Where do you think you’re going Y/L/N?”

Gen seemed to get the idea and she grabbed Jared’s hand and dragged him along behind her. The sight was comical simply because she was so small, and he was so not. Misha quickly followed Gen’s lead and he and Victoria took off running in your direction at the same time. The two of them were so cute, you could barely handle it.

You finally reached the destination you had intended to start the evening. The bars would be a good way to wrap up the evening. Jensen looked up and read the sign aloud, “Adventure Landing?” He smiled and laughed. “I thought we left the kids at home?” he inquired.

Misha and Jared laughed. You replied, “On Saturday evening at 10 they close to families and it becomes basically a giant adult play place, drinks and all!” you smiled proudly. “You’re not going to believe this, but there is even a club on the roof,” you stated as you tossed your head back in laughter.

“No way!” Jensen said, stunned. You slapped him on the shoulder playfully and grabbed his hand. “Way!” you said back pulling him along you.

You could hear Misha behind you say, “This is fucking awesome!” You couldn’t help but laugh to yourself.

The six of you stepped into the line and Jensen leaned in to whisper into your ear. “This is perfect,” he said smiling against your ear, his hot breath lingering on your neck.

You turned and pecked him on the check and said with a smile, “I know.” 

He laughed in response. “And that confidence,” he said in your ear, gently nipping it, “sexy as hell.” 

You turned and looked up into his bright green eyes and smiled. You stretched up on your toes and your lips met. The connection caused Jensen to grab your back and pull you roughly to him. You gasped in excitement as your arms wrapped around his shoulders. His tongue danced with yours, and he tasted amazing. You pulled away with your eyes still closed and breathed shakily into his mouth because he didn’t pull away. You looked up at him again and said, “Thanks!”

At that point, you had reached the front, and the bouncer cleared his throat. Jensen turned to look at him and you saw recognition cross his face. “You’re those guys from that show,” he stumbled over himself. 

At this point Misha and Jared were whispering in each other’s ears like high school girls. You turned around, and they burst in to laughter.Jensen took the bouncer’s hand in his, and you could tell there were a few bills in it as he said, “What guys from what show?” Jensen asked as he pulled his hand away. 

The bouncer looked down at his hand and then glanced back at Jensen. “You know, I must have been mistaken. I bet you guys get that a lot,” he said with a low chuckle. 

You smiled. Jensen was good. The bouncer lifted the rope and let you in. He looked up at Jared as he walked by and said, “Cover’s on the house tonight guys. Enjoy!”

Jared took his hand in his and shook it firmly as he slapped the muscle man on the back pulling him in to a brief bro hug. “Thanks man, that’s awesome!” he said as he pulled back with a big goofy smile on his face. 

As you walked through the door, you couldn’t help but notice Jensen’s jaw drop as he looked around. The lights were dimmed and the place felt more like a club then a kids play place. You spotted the diner in the corner and at that moment Jensen was pulling you toward it as he had noticed it too. 

“Food!” you heard Misha call from behind you. Jensen glanced back at him and laughed. 

The six of you had been seated quickly in a private corner booth. For not being “those guys from that show,”  you guys were getting the VIP treatment. You couldn’t help but laugh. You had forgotten what the city was like. You hadn’t had the time to come over in quite some time. 

The menu had a host of delicious diner foods which made Jensen smile wide. He ordered a steak and a beer, and you followed his lead. When you ordered, he cocked an eyebrow at you curiously. “Girls gotta eat,” you said patting your stomach and laughing. “And this girl knows good food when she sees it,” you added with a wink. 

Misha and Jared had grabbed their drinks that they had ordered the moment you all sat down and raised them. “Here, Here!” Misha said clinking Jared’s glass before downing his drink. 

You smiled proudly at the two of them as Gen laughed. “You are gonna fit right in with this crowd,” she said as she leaned to talk to you over the noise in the room.

The six of you sat around and talked for what seemed like hours. Jensen asked about what it was like teaching high school students. “You’re way braver than me!” he said as you told him you’d always had a thing for taking care of kids. 

“But seriously Y/N. What made you go into teaching?” Misha asked as dinner was wrapping up. You had glanced at your watch just moments ago, shocked that it was 11:30.

“Well,” you said as you pondered his question, “I’ve always wanted the opportunity to impact a kid the same way I was impacted in high school. There was one teacher that believed in me, not just liked me or encouraged me, she pushed me to be the best that I could be. She really invested in me and made me believe that I was really capable of something great. I was a super nerd in high school,” you said with a laugh. “ I know, I know,” you said in mock dismay. “You’d never know it now,” you laughed as you placed your hand on your chest, feigning shock.

Jensen folded over in laughter. “Look around you, sweetie,” he said with a smile. “You dragged a guy on a first date to a place where you can be a big kid. I’m pretty sure that nerd in you never escaped, and damn am I glad. It makes you a million times more intriguing,” he winked and leaned close to whisper in your ear. “Not to mention that much more sexy,” he said as he pressed his lips firmly into your neck just below your ear. 

You couldn’t help but lean into him, and let out a low moan. You looked him in the eye. “You’re in to that whole nerd/geek thing aren’t you? I should have known. Dean comes across a little more nerdy than he should sometimes. That must be your inner nerd crying to escape,” you said against his lips. His lips immediately captured yours, one hand in your hair, the other trailing down your side, resting on your hip. You moved closer to him, running your hands through his hair and slowly over his shoulders desperately trying to pull him closer. 

Someone cleared their throat from over the back of the booth. “Hey, Jensen,” Misha said with a laugh holding up laser tag gear. You hadn’t even realized they had disappeared. “Are you gonna sit here and make out all night or are you going to come help us kick the girls’ asses. Everyone knows girls are terrible at laser tag,” Misha said to you with a wink.

You immediately climbed over the back of the booth, grabbing the gear from Misha’s grip and throwing it on. “Oh it’s on, Collins. You boys are not going to know what hit you!” you said with a laugh as you tightened the laser tag gear around your waist.

Jensen looked at you indignant as he climbed over the back of the booth as well, grabbing at the gear you had just strapped on. “Get your own!” he said as he pawed at the buckle trying to get the gear off of you. 

You squirmed out of his grasp and snatched the gun from Misha and bolted toward Victoria and Gen who were sauntering around the corner, guns thrown over their shoulder looking like Charlie’s Angles. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud as you caught a glimpse of them. “RUN!” you yelled as you dared a glance over your shoulder only to see that Jensen had managed to get his hands on some gear in a matter of seconds, and all three boys were advancing on you three. 

You darted into the maze and looked at Gen and Victoria. “Rendezvous at Black Rock,” you yelled as you bolted around a corner trying to get away from the boys. As you ran, you realized they probably had no idea of the meeting place that you had just suggested but you headed there anyway. 

You hid behind an obstacle as you waited for Gen or Victoria to find you, so you could formulate a plan to take out the boys. Just then, your gear alarm sounded. You looked down at it and gave it a punch, thinking it had malfunctioned. You heard a low rumble of laughter come from around the corner. 

You turned around to see who it was, and Jensen stepped out from the shadows with a smug look on his face. “Look what we have here,” he said with pride at having caught you. 

You slowly stood and backed into the wall, a small smile forming on your lips. Jensen slowly approached, backing you in a corner with each step. Finally the two of you were toe to toe, Jensen looking down at you with a smirk. “So, I win. What exactly is my reward? Did you really think that Victoria or Gen could find “black rock” faster than me?” he said with a chuckle, his face leaning closer to yours. 

You were breathing heavy, the tension between you palpable. You bit your lip as your gaze wondered to his lips. He didn’t miss you eyeing him. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled flush against him. Your chest now heaving against his. His left hand at the small of your back, holding you firmly in place. “How about you’re my prize,” he said with a mischievous grin.  

You’re body was feeling the electricity created by his touch. Your mind was going foggy and all you could mange was, “Yeah. Okay.”

Jensen smiled as placed both hands under your ass and lifted you up. You instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist, and he had you pinned against the wall.His hands found their way under your shirt, and his touch was burning your skin everywhere it went. He nipped at your neck as you threw your head against the wall behind you, running your fingers through his hair, his name escaping your lips in a moan. He was no doubt leaving his mark on you for everyone to see.

Suddenly you heard someone running up the corridor and came to your senses. You gently pushed Jensen away as he reluctantly dropped you to the floor. You stretched up and whispered in his ear, “How about we go somewhere a little more private.”

He kissed you fiercely before answering. “Yeah, that’s probably a really good idea,” he said with a smile as he grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the maze.

On Location Pt. 5 - Rock Your World (Single! Jensen x Reader, SMUT)

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I’m about to make some Original Content for once but I’m giving y’all a heads up cause I wanna see if anyone can guess what it is not a request tho, soz everyone who sent one in haha rip

Since I just hit my 300 follower mark I decided to do a follow forever post! Yayyy!

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i stopped watching the 100 because my blood pressure honestly can’t handle how extra everyone on this show is and how the stakes are constantly so goddamn high but reading through the tags it sounds like i haven’t missed much

raven still out there not deserving any of the shit she’s dealing with

octavia still being everyone’s fave badass/failed farmer

bellarke still being the hufflepuff/slytherin duo we never knew we wanted

what’s even gonna happen in season 5? do they build a time machine and go back and try to prevent the first apocalypse from happening