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literally just saw a larrie (famous for their fanfiction) tag a set of Gemma's tweets saying "I'm just gonna say it, I never liked her" like they aren't even trying to hide it anymore lmao I hate then so much

That’s soooo telling.

It’s like their reaction to Zayn and Liam denying it.

They pretended they believed Bossman forced both of them to say those things and it was all lies, yet they also used that opportunity to trash Liam and Zayn and openly declare they hated him.

Almost - almost - as if they believed they’d said these things of their own free will.

I’d love to ask this Larrie, do they believe Harry Styles doesn’t like his sister the same way they dislike her? In their fantasies do they really believe he prioritizes Larries over her? That if he saw them tagging about how they never liked her he’d continue using his secret Larrie blog to follow and cheer them on? That when these things happen he’d take their side? That he would enable them with his tee shirt signals and codes after these moments even though he knows it hurts someone in his real life he actually loves? Are they that narcissistic? Try and place yourself in Louis and Harry’s shoes and your entire family is fed up of this crap, what would happen if she knew both of them were enabling this fan behavior that lead to this? Or, what would happen if she believed her sibling was engaged in a fake baby plotline by evil Bossman Cowell, do they think she’d care about lashing out at Larries?

They just do not believe what they’re saying. If they believed all of this was controlled by Bossman then they would have no reason to hate Gemma. But they know she denied it because she wanted to, because she’s a reflection of how even someone normally as detached as her is fucking sick of them, that as Harry’s sister she is also 100% his voice in how sick of them Harry must be, so the only way to handle it is to turn on her. 

They don’t care about anyone involved but themselves.

Apparently Antis are going to Harry gigs to beat up Larries...

But srsl now, be carefull, i’ve alreade heard about massive anti-larry stuff for the concerts. Antis are really gonna do some shit to larries “if will see them”. I mean according what i’ve heard, so… not even funny at some point

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Well I hope they have fun being thrown hot by security, as that shit will not fly at the Apollo

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Tagged by @lucystarkid : yeah, good luck to them, if i manage to get a ticket i’ll be wearing rainbows, how does getting done for a hate crime sound to them?, .

I’m seeing a lot of this on Larrie blogs today. It’s disgusting and defamatory because so many Antis are LGBT+ themselves. There’s nothing Larries won’t lie about.

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I've read your post about why the Larries refuse to acknowledge Ziam with great interest. I have a feeling that there is a silent agreement between the Larries to never mention Ziam, look into it and even ridicule Ziam believers. In your tags you mentioned that Liam peaked your gaydar. Can you explain why? :) Have nice day

Anyway, yeah, Liam’s always kind of pinged my radar for  "effeminate" body language. Now, let me stay straight-out: mannerisms are not enough to base a call on someone’s sexuality on. Until explicitly stated BY Liam, I’m not gonna be comfortable insisting he’s gay (or bi/pan/demi/ace/straight/whatever). 

But we can speculate, based on available evidence, and my experiences have led me to consider things like…

….the upper-body-expressiveness shimmy….

External image

…the head-level limp-wristed clap…

External image

…the “is this happening?” wrist…

…the head-wiggle-into-pursed-lips expression…

…and of course, this shrug…

External image

…are mannerisms far more prevalent in gay men. 

Occasionally, Liam’s tone and speech patterns set off the same thing for me, but I’m an American English speaker, so I wouldn’t trust myself to be able to pick it up in Liam’s lovely accent.

Regardless of how substantial this sort of thing is as proof, it’s definitely interesting to watch. The truth is, I love when Liam does stuff like this, because he always seems completely comfortable in his skin when he does. And when beautiful people with beautiful souls are comfortable with who they are, it can only be a good thing.

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please tag your larry posts

i wouldn’t even if i could lmao most of the time i’m on mobile so tagging isn’t that easy (and with the new update it’s not as quick as before too) and you can’t really expect  me to tag everything i reblog lol that ain’t realistic. besides, as shocking as it can be, i’m a larrie so there is always gonna be larry content on my blog lol

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I've had no WiFi since this Saturday so I don't know what happened after that. And thank you

OK so you’ve missed 

July 9: backstage next to you, boot and Vans touching. :) (next to you was asked by the fans)

July 11: Santa Clara concert. Here’s some gifs in this masterpost. Concert reports say they were both happy, fond, orbiting around each other. Concert reports will mention the 2 stories for these meet and greet pics, it’s very cute!! 

Backstage next to you ( next to you was asked by the fans )

July 12: Louis was in Dirty Dancing mood and posted some stuff (warning??) god knows what on twitter.

July 13: 

Louis’ video out for the Action 1D.

This happy nugget posing for fans.

Zayn in twitter war w NB.

July 14: broke the news of Louis TOMlinson becoming a dad from Briana Jungwirth. And everyone treats it as a joke to be honest. SO I have a tag for this whole thing here.

The articles are bringin up larry more times than normal. Like.. why bring up larry even??

And Larry receipts/fan stories started to come up because we are such a badass fandom.

Also, look at this happy nugget posing again!!!

Bottom line: we have not a single clue what’s gonna happen but they have looked pretty happy in the last few months, and Harry is smiling with dimples out yesterday of all days so I’d say calm down, just look at them and decide if this is a fuckery or something brilliant that shocks the world so they come up with an even shocking follow up….


Come to me
In the night hours
I will wait for you
And I can’t sleep
Cause thoughts devour
Thoughts of you consume
I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you
Stay with me a little longer
I will wait for you
Shadows creep
And want grows stronger
Deeper than the truth
I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you
I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
I can’t help but want oceans to part
Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you
I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
I can’t help but want oceans to part
Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts

- War Of Hearts, Ruelle

I’m so damn grateful to Malec for introducing me to this simply AMAZING song, War Of Hearts by Ruelle…

But, just, GODS ABOVE!!! I’ve never found another song which kinda fits ALL my OTPs and now I’m listening to this song on repeat and my ears are having an orgasm and all I wanna do is scream my heart or go sit in a corner and weep, and just WHY!??


 Finally finished a video about No Control Project. It includes audio and video from radio stations who played it, video reactions of fans, 1D and even TV-fooking-NEWS. That’s my way of saying THANK YOU all those amazing people who worked and support this project, because it was so much fun and i loved every second of it. Best. Thing. Ever.

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what the fuck is wrong with you all i don’t hate larry i don’t think it’s ugly but i do not want a larry tattoo and this is american traditional art, i got an american traditional style tattoo because i like the art/symbolism and i like the artist i went to’s color work, i should not have to anticipate this i should not have to think of a tattoo and be like “wait people will call this a larry tattoo and 1d will see this tagged and captioned as a larry tattoo and be even more upset and violated and i’m gonna have to live with people thinking i got a tattoo for a sub-fandom with a terrible attitude” i should be able to get it and enjoy it… what the fuck. i can get a 1d tattoo and it can still be a 1d tattoo and still be a fucking american trad tat and still be fucking great and i shouldn’t have to feel like an idiot for getting a 1d tattoo. fuck off and learn to respect people

Not even gonna pretend I came up with this on my own…

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Here's the deal

My name is Ashley, I live in Minnesota but my girlfriend lives in QLD Australia. I’m going to try to convince my parents to let me visit her over the summer since we’ve been dating for nearly 10 months over skype and kik but have never met face to face. We’ve said ‘I love you’ but I’ve never even had the chance to even kiss her. If you reblog or even like this it would really help my case with my parents please help me meet my girlfriend (:


Larry Reads Larry

Prompt: A fan fic where Louis is reading some Larry smut on tumblr. It makes him feel so horny to read him fucking Harry. Later he leaves the computer and Harry is the next one to use it , so the Larry page is still open and Harry sees what Louis has been reading. And it leads to wild Larry sex :)

The first time Louis read it , it was an accident. A fan sent him the link , he knew they existed , he just never gave them a chance. Until that day , that day changed the way he looked at things , but of course what wouldn’t change when you read about yourself fucking your best friend. So the first time , it was an accident , the rest of the times , was all free will. Because Louis thought it was hot, plain and simple.

It was easy to get off to , Harry was a very attractive lad , even more attractive naked and sprawled out on the bed , sweating , three fingers in his arse , lubing up Louis’ dick to ride him and shout his name when he came. No matter your sexuality , you couldn’t deny that the thought of that was hot and perfect wank material.

It had been going on for about a year now. Louis laying on his bed when he was alone , or waiting until everyone in the tour bus was fast asleep , that he would start. Going to either tumblr , AO3 , or Wattpad when he wanted a good fic ( yes he had an account for all three of those) , and found the sexiest story he could, sliding his hand in his boxers and imagine everything the one shot told him to, whether it was a rough fuck or he was eating out Harry slowly and longingly , he enjoyed all of it.

The first time he found look a like porn , a certain Jack Styles to be exact , he absolutely lost it, cumming harder than he ever had. , maybe besides the first time he got off to this smut.

It had it’s advantages , obviously , but also some disadvantages. Louis started looking at his best friend differently , wanting nothing more than to try out what he was reading about , and he even went as far to say that he might have been developing a crush. Maybe even more than a crush when he felt cheesy and read the loving fics or the smuts where instead of just fucking they were taking their time with each other and mapping out each other’s skin. Louis found it scary how well the fans knew what Louis liked and what he didn’t like and what he even looked like under his clothes , he could only imagine that they were right about Harry as well.

On this particular day though , Louis wasn’t in the mood to read about them making love or any of that shit , he was horny and had ten minutes before he had to go to a meeting , he raced to his computer bringing it up to his room and figuring the Larry Smut tag on Tumblr would be the quickest way to find something. He was right. One of the first one shots he saw were Louis and Harry at a club , drunk , an Louis was jealous. Even as he was reading the story he really was jealous of the man Harry was grinding on during his drunken state, and just as he was getting to the good part where he drags Harry home and fucks him against the wall , Niall comes in absolutely screaming about ‘we’re gonna be late get your ass out to the car right now Lou.’ Startled , Louis slammed his laptop shut , more frustrated than before and zipped himself back up , willing his hardness to go away which was pretty simple as he got in the car and listened to the rest of the boys talking about absolutely disgusting things and jumping all over each other. He was still very annoyed , but he would deal. He vowed not to think about it the rest of the day since Harry would be coming home with him later. He had done this before , he could do it again , the more he read , the better he got at hiding it.


After a conference and a radio interview their driver dropped them all back at their houses , which meant dropping Harry and Louis off together. The first thing Louis did was go take long , warm shower. Relaxing his muscles and washing his worries away. Conditioning his hair twice to get it to the softness he loves and the fans adore because it looks like silk. Meanwhile, Harry went up to Louis’ room where he knew the laptop would be and sat on his bed. Louis always left his room open to Harry so Harry didn’t even think twice about staying in there , figuring they’d watch a movie together later or something anyways. He opened the laptop and typed in the password , expecting to see Louis’ screensaver of him and his football team , but coming into view with tumblr instead. Harry didn’t even know Louis had one of those , it had always just been twitter for them to stay connected with the fans.

Having a tumblr wasn’t so bad , having the Larry Smut tag on right at the part where Harry and Louis were about to have drunk sex , yeh that was bad. Harry was frozen, knowing of the fics , never reading one himself , but scrolling up to the beginning of what apparently Louis was reading , and started reading , muttering to himself 'I can’t believe I’m actually about to do this.’

He was glad he did. The fans were really good writers and Harry was sporting a semi by the time he got to the part that Louis had stopped at , they were in the middle of fucking Louis’ 'cock thrusting in and out of Harry’s tight hole making him scream in pleasure and pain,’ when Louis walked in , with wet hair and a wet torso and just a towel around his waist. Harry snapped his head up , his eyes full of lust , and once Louis realised what he had left on his computer , his filled with fear , and they were left starring at each other until Harry spoke up.

“H-hey Lou”

“Oh my god” was Louis’ only response. He had been keeping his dirty little secret a secret for over a year , how could he be so careless now ? How could he not even think twice about this , he was basically asking for Harry to find out , was he ?

“So , you’ve got a tumblr ?”

“Oh my god.” Was once again all that Louis could muster up.

“C'mere Lou.” Harry said , patting the spot next to him.

Harry couldn’t deny that Louis was unbelievably sexy , even more so with a wet body and only a towel covering him. Harry had always thought that , he was never ashamed of it either , he knew he like both boys and girls and never felt guilty about looking a his best friend the way he did. Reading this stuff though , that was kind of extreme and Harry never thought Louis would be into that kind of stuff.

Louis sat down hesitantly , thankful for the water dripping from his hair because he was sweating like crazy.

“I’m sorry I just-”

“No need to explain yourself Lou, you like this stuff?” Harry asked , biting his lip. “Well of course you do , why else would it be on your computer?”

“Harry I don’t know what to say.” Louis said , covering his face with his hands.

“I told you , you don’t have to say anything,” Harry said honestly , resting his hand on Louis’ thigh, “it’s okay.”

“No this is so embarrassing.”

Harry just chuckles and leans over to kiss Louis’ hands that are still covering his whole face.

“Do you , yknow , want to do that stuff with me?”

Louis groaned at the thought , trying to think of anything except Harry’s presence because that towel was not going to cover that hard on he was bound to be sporting any time soon.

“It’s okay Lou ,” Harry placed the laptop on the desk besides him and and slowly moved to straddle his best mate. “Hey , look at me.” Harry whispered seductively , and moved Louis’ hands from his face and placed them around his hips, Loving the way Louis looked up at him like he just wanted to destroy him.

“Really wanna do those things with you Haz.”

“Yeh ? You could you know , could’ve been doing it this whole time.”

Louis cupped Harry’s cheek an pulled his face down towards him, kissing him roughly and flipping them so Louis was lying on top of Harry , grinding down on him and his boner was definitely visible through the towel now.

“Lou, clothes off.” Harry demanded.

Louis was undressed in a matter of seconds seeing that Harry yanked off his towel as soon as he could get his hands on it , revealing Louis’ hardness and Harry felt a deep heat in the pit of his stomach, not knowing how sexy and beautiful a person could look when they’re hard. Harry was a little trickier since he still had all his clothes on and his fucking pants that could not be any tighter. But they managed.

“Fuck Haz , there’s so many things I want to do to you , so many things I want to try.”

“Well I’m yours tonight Lou.”

The words went straight to his cock and he immediately leaned down and attached his mouth to Harry’s nipples, smirking when he realised the fan fics were definitely right about Harry having sensitive nipples.

Harry was already whimpering brokenly and begging for Louis’ mouth everywhere , so that’s exactly what Louis gave him.

He kissed down Harry’s torso , teasingly licking the head of his dick , sucking up the Precum he could only describe as Harry and sucking him slowly.

“Don’t tease Lou, please , fuck.”

Louis sucked his length down and and expertly swirled his tongue around the tip , moaning at the way Harry was slightly bucking his hips and sending vibrations all throughout his body.

“Close Lou,” Harry said embarrassed , he never got to climax that quickly , and Louis only smirked and bit his lip knowing he could make Harry come undone so quickly.

Louis would’ve never considered doing this unless he had read it in a stupid fic , but Harry did say he wanted his mouth everywhere , and Louis really wanted to eat him out.

He sucked Harry’s balls into his mouth before spreading Harry’s legs and getting a view of his most intimate area. He swiped his tongue over his rim once , breathing out harshly at the erotic moan that came from above him.

“Ever had someone lick you out baby?”

“No Lou , no.”

Louis wanted to make sure Harry never forgot the first time his boyfriend ate him out , so Louis made it the perfect mix of sloppy and just perfect. He started out licking around Harry’s hole , getting it slick with split and flattening his tongue on every inch of Harry’s arse. When Harry’s moans got louder and more broken he started stabbing his tongue inside , opening Harry’s velvet walls and relishing his taste , marking him with his saliva.

“Louuuuis goddamnit.”

Louis slid a finger inside of him slowly , carefully , waiting to go crazy when he was actually inside of him. Harry made his sexy deep grunts and groans with every finger Louis added , and even pulled Louis up for a kiss to silence himself until he knew he was open and ready.

“Want your cock Lou , want it so badly.”

“Gonna give it to you babe , so fucking hard.”

Louis had been ignoring his erection the whole time so it had felt so good when he rubbed the cooling lube on himself , getting friction for the first time this entire process.

Louis wasted no time in sliding his dick in Harry , letting him whisper dirty things and all his suppressed moans in Louis’ ear. When he bottomed out he stilled for a few minutes , not wanting to be selfish an hurt him too badly.

“M-move Lou.”

“You sure?” Louis asked , moving Harry’s sweaty curls out of his gorgeous face.

“Yeh , want you so badly.”

Louis was set off then , slamming in and out of Harry like it was his job. He rubbed over Harry’s prostate , sure to make it swollen but there was so much pleasure and pain that Harry just scratched down Louis’ back and let him use him for all the pleasure in the world.

Louis reached down to jack Harry off in between them , and bit his collarbones , the stout muscle always taunting and teasing him.

“You close sweetheart ? I know I am , feels so fucking good being inside of you. Tighter than anything I’ve ever felt.”

“I , yeh- I’m close Lou.”

Louis squeezed the head of Harry’s cock and kissed him hard , putting Harry over the edge and in seconds Louis had Harry’s cum all over his hand and Harry was screaming the older boys name into his mouth.

Louis quickly but carefully pulled out of Harry an straddles his hips like Harry had done to him before. He wanked himself against Harry’s body and was cumming all over his chest before he even had time to breathe out Harry’s name. Slowing his hand down as his breathing evened out and he looked down at Harry , half lidded eyes and mouth slightly open , looking at Louis like he had the whole world on top of him.

Louis ran his fingers through Harry’s hair and silently got up , carrying Harry to the shower , for Louis the second time that day , and carefully washing themselves and lightly massaging Harry’s bare bum , all without saying anything.

They lied back down together and kissed sweetly before cuddling into each other.

“So , if you like Larry smut , does that mean , you like the romantic stories too?”

“Yeh , yeh it does.” Louis admitted easily this time.

“Does that mean , you want that to happen in real life too?”

“Yeh , yeh it does.” Louis smiled down at Harry and kissed him once more , before they both drifted off , feeling like they were in the perfect fan fic.

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I'm sorry but this is so funny boatlyrics*tumblr*com/post/146214517220/are-you-still-gonna-be-in-this-fandom-if-babygate


Anonymous said:Are you still gonna be in this fandom if babygate is still going on when it’s Freddie first birthday ? That’s gonna be even worse than Father’s Day 😪

it’s not gonna last that long like it’s literally not

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why do you follow stylinnuendo? she's an anti now..

Oh for fucks sake. You know what, I’m gonna say a couple things and I don’t care if you don’t like it.

Not everyone who a) thinks freddie is real and louis’ son is an anti and b)doesn’t think harry and louis are together is an anti. Do you know where the “anti” term even came from? it came from a single blogger, and then a small group of bloggers who created blogs dedicated entirely to stalking larry blogs, the larry tags, and responding to as many posts as they could fit in a day. Proof posts, headcanon posts, completely unrelated posts. They spent their time trying to start fights, being nasty, sending gross anons, bullying etc etc. That’s where this whole thing came from.

Now people have appropriated the term and have begun to throw it anyone who doesn’t AGREE with them, especially against people who’s minds have changed about H&L or the baby. And it results in more name calling and more bullying. Enough already. Let’s be mature adults yeah? 

I follow people I disagree with, I follow some people who have changed their mind. If the threshold that determines who can be your friend is defined by their opinion on a fucking boyband…. i literally don’t even know how to have a conversation with you.

Think about the way you blog. Think about the way the people you follow blog. Now sit there with a straight face and tell me there aren’t any larries who are just as bad as antis. The air around this fandom is toxic, it’s suffocating and rancid. I’m sick of this mentality that anyone who doesn’t share all your opinions is your enemy! Judge people by their character, by the way they act, by the way treat people, by the way they treat YOU. being so close minded that you send messages like this about someone is so unhealthy man, and tbh, it only speaks to YOUR insecurity about what you believe.

Roxy and I have been in a mutual for years, literal fucking years, just as I’m positive she doesn’t agree with everything i blog, I don’t agree with everything she blogs. And you know what? That’s cool, because there’s so much more to life than this band, and on top of that, it’s fucking important to hear from people who challenge what you think! The world is BASED on people challenging what other people think. If it wasn’t, we’d all be living in autocratic hell. If you can’t be open to hearing from people who disagree with you, you’re basically just donald trump. So please, don’t send me messages like this again. 

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godddd your tag is on point. they CRAVE to be thanked. like, how entitled can they be? they're gonna be out when they want to and when they're able to. like, your support is ofc will be appreciated but if you /WANT/ them to be grateful to /YOU/ so much, is it even a genuine support? eugh.

Dem biatches only have a one track mind. “Let’s try to predict when larry will come out. Oh neither of them will have another beard. This is great. I can see the future. Ziam is a cover for larry. Liam is my hero reading an awimh sign. That’s the reason he’s here. Niall is the captain of the larry ship. He’s Irish. Zayn left. Ot4. I’m here for it. Fall back all you other biatches. Zerrie is rayl. Sophia is hot so sophiam must be rayl. Zayn and Liam are uber masculine. They can’t possibly be in a relationship. I don’t pay any attention to them cuz I don’t want you asking questions. If I really Paid attention to them, I just might realize that Zayn and Liam are the bee’s knees. They are a couple. But I can’t have that! Nope! They are a threat to my ship based on statistics. There can’t possibly be two couples in this band of five. You’re fucking cray cray if you think that’s a possibility. Gtfooh. Oh Wah Wah Wah! WHY IS LOUIS HOLDING THAT GIRL’S HAND? I THOUGHT THERE WOULD BE NO MORE BEARDS! I’M CRYING! FUCK YOU MODEST! THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO COME OUT JUST LIKE ME AND MY FELLOW LARRIES PREDICTED. THE WORLD IS ENDING TOMORROW. SOB. SOB. SIGH. ZAYN IS A TRAITOR! Even though I paid no attention to him at all. Niall sings just as good as Zayn. So Ot4 all the way peeps. I’m a fucking idiot but will never admit it!” (did I just make a rhyme there)

Young Nux

Sweet Jotuns! I thought tattoos were hard to figure out. Scarification… so much worse. (can’t even fathom Larry and Barry) But I think it came out ok. Trying to expand my skills. What do you guys think? I know most of you aren’t Nux fans but… I am… so you’re just gonna have to suffer through this phase with me. Gotta tag diehistorical cuz they’re the only Nux fan I got… and nwadadnama rosebudwhite and rainbow-cobra because they get tagged whether they like it or not :D *love you bitches*