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you know what? eretria and lyria are ICONS and ill tell you why

i was sorta :/ @ the shannara writers at the start bc lyria seemed to personify the Promiscuous Unfaithful Bi Woman trope. like tamlin told eretria that her daughter had had several previous love interests whom she treated the exact same way, even going so far as to quote lyria word for word and tell eretria that she was nothing more than a phase. it was suggested that lyria could never truly be faithful to eretria, at least not until someone else came into the picture

but then the writers COMPLETELY turned that on its head. lyria was faithful only to eretria throughout, prioritised her safety and comfort, respected her boundaries, constantly spoke about her with utmost admiration when she wasnt around, loved her wholly and unconditionally, and ultimately promised to wait for her until she returned to leah. lyria’s relationshup with eretria was not borne out of deceit, escapism, or boredom, rather of commitment, respect, trust, and pure love which is. beyond amazing to see represented in an f/f interracial relationship

also? f/f interracial relationships in media tend to feature the Princess/Knight dichotomy in which the white woman is portrayed as pure, helpless, and beautiful, needing to be saved by the brutish, violent, lionhearted woman of colour. the woc will undertake physical and emotional labour for the sake of the white woman, who rarely if ever reciprocates to the same extent. again this trope was completely subverted. lyria is softhearted but undeniably strong, the princess to eretria’s fierce, lionhearted fighter. they stand on equal footing at all times, however, and neither position is elevated above the other

honestly? they are the bi rep we deserve. lyretria is endgame and i love them with all my heart

Save Me


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She couldn’t handle it anymore.

She could only handle so much pain coming from her depression, yet now it started to get worse.

Her family worried about her so they signed her up with Dr. Lecter, Hannibal Lecter.

At first going and coming was hard, her depression weighed her down and told her to give up, but then talking more and more with her doctor Hannibal things started looking up for her.

That was until she walked in on Hannibal pinning Will to a wall. Running out of the building she didn’t even bother getting in her car, she just ran down the street in the cold freezing rain crying.

Her thoughts started to get louder, the depressing thoughts literally shouted for her to just kill her self.

Her being near a bridge, (Y/n) walked over to the bridge stone wall and climbed on top of it.

She was crying, why? Because (y/n) realized that she was slowly falling in love with Hannibal, and seeing him pin Will like that against the wall felt like rejection.

Taking a step forward (y/n) allowed herself to fall from the bridge only to feel herself jerk a bit.

Not even bothering to look up at the person who just saved her life she continued to cry. Feet on the stone wall bridge she felt arms wrap around her, holding her, and rocking her back and forth.

“It’s going to be alright, (y/n).” Hannibal whispered into his (h/c) haired patients ear, over and over again while still rocking her.

“Every thing going to be alright.” Hannibal says.

WIP first line meme

I’ve been tagged to do this by @kagetsukai and @barbex (who tagged me to do this twice. LMAO.) 

Because I’m still writing that Regency AU Carver/Merrill fic – and because it involves long sentences – I will NOT be tagging as many people as there is in the first sentence. (Also, I’m gonna cheat a little bit, and include the first few paragraphs of my WIP, because I’m proud of them) 😂  

I tag whoever wants to do this. Have a sneak peek from Chapter 8! ❤️  

If Merrill was feeling how fortunate it was that the immediate entertainment of their guests meant that Marethari might forget to scold her later, Carver was feeling how unfortunate it was that Marian had dragged him over here at all. 

‘You’re back surprisingly early from Sundermount,’ she’d said when he’d returned home. ‘Did you go at all?’ 

‘I did, actually. Mr Sabrae turfed me off their land before I even made it to the house. So I came home.’ 

Marian had glared at him. ‘You don’t look at all put out about it.’ 

‘No, why should I? I didn’t want to go in the first place, and Mr Sabrae didn’t want me there. Saved me the trouble of a rendezvous neither of us wanted.’ 

‘Well, this won’t do,’ cried Marian. ‘How am I to continue my acquaintance with Miss Merrill if my brother won’t help his sisters expand their social circle?’ 

‘Well, you go to Sundermount and see her, if you’re that desperate,’ Carver retorted. ‘You’re the one who knows how to charm everyone you meet, or so they keep reminding me. Mr Sabrae won’t kick a lady out, and I don’t have to be involved in this charade of calling on someone I don’t want to.’ 

‘You are not getting out of this so easily. You are coming with us, Carver, even if Bethany and I have to strong-arm you all the way there.’ 

‘Why do I have to come? And… hey, why has Bethany agreed to this? She’s supposed to be my twin and on my side!’ 

‘You are coming because you have clearly offended Mr Sabrae,’ returned Marian, ‘and you need to make amends. And smooth my path to a more intimate acquaintance with his cousin.’ 

Carver was outraged. ‘I did not even speak. How in Thedas would I have “offended” Mr Sabrae?’ 

‘I don’t know. Maybe your face offended Mr Sabrae. I can’t say I blame him, honestly.’ 


time to dance // panic! at the disco

today in critical role finale things that make me cry:

laura giving liam his ‘do not go far from me’ ring back

because during the break, after vax died, he must have taken it off and given it to her (because he definitely has it on during the first half)

and he only takes it back when the campaign is wrapping up


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Honestly, Zen’s probably thinking this:

Zen’s absolutely precious cause the night when you visit his apartment, he knows he’s goanna pounce MC the moment he holds her hand. Poor boy, even the smallest physical contact would get him riled up.  

I’m baaack and with so many HC comics planned :’)) I’m still extremelly busy but I’m going to try so hard to balance everything out and make more content!

you will pry the headcanon that hange’s handwriting is illegible to everyone but moblit from my cold, dead hands

how to make me nope on out of your fic with two simple words

Padme Skywalker


—Baby B according to @sefunstumblr tags; Happy Birthday Ayumi !

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Headcanon: After they get together, before Lena finds out that Kara is Supergirl. She takes her on all of these vacations, eager to show the world to the woman who has given it to her. She takes Kara to the Colosseum, they kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Kara eats more pastries in France than Lena thought possible) they walk hand-in-hand along the Great Wall of China. Lena also takes Kara to her favorite vineyard, and a private beach she discovered during a break from her mother. 

Lena’s favorite place in the world is the cottage near Mangerton Mountain in Ireland that she purchased in cash and has never told anyone about. 

 It takes only one night of Lena settled between her legs in front of the fireplace, the only sounds in the world their breathing and the crackle from the fire, for Kara to decide that this might be her favorite place too. She thinks maybe her favorite place is wherever Lena is. 

 After Lena discovers that Kara is, in fact, Supergirl. (A misstep by Winn that Alex quickly follows with a smack to his head and various threats) Her eyes widen as the realization hits. Kara has already seen the world, probably even more so than Lena herself. When she asks Kara about it, she pulls her close and says, “Yeah, Lena, I’ve flown everywhere. But I had never really seen anywhere until I was looking through your eyes. I want to explore the rest of the world with you, see everything with you.” Kara pauses, “Can I take you to my favorite place?” The smile Lena gives her, soft and sincere, is all the answer Kara needs. 

 The tears Kara sees in her eyes when they land in Ireland tell her that she was right. Her favorite place is with Lena. 

givin ur bf his fav spicy treat got the dokis in high gear

Alright Wheeler, it’s now or never.

Mike dialed the number he’d already known by heart, held the phone located in the kitchen closely to his ear, and anxiously waited for the sound of the incessant ringing of the line that seemed to be mocking him to end. Ironically enough, he wasn’t ready when the gruff voice of Jim Hopper finally answered.


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Mike Faist: Treat him correctly.

Mike Faist has missed 3 shows in a row this week, missed Beyoncé and has generally been seeming a bit unhappy. The fandom has pushed so many of his boundaries and it’s not okay.

He was on the official instagram story, yet the only one who wasn’t smiling. This is very concerning, during Newsies he had seemed to be feeling great. At one point he even had an Instagram (it was faistmike, confirmed by his girlfriend on a old post where he is tagged in the comments by her) and he stagedoored much more often.

After June, things seemed to take a turn. He hasn’t stagedoored more than 5 times since than, yet he did during Newsies and when the show was in previews/OB. End of July, he misses his movie premiere (where SO MANY FANS WERE trust me I was one of them) and fly’s to Ohio to see his family. August, there is so little content of him?? People start to go find his personal Facebook and post photos of him. I have a ~certain~ feeling he knows and that’s why he became inactive.

Because of us, his fans INVADING HIS PERSONAL MEDIA and trading them. There’s a photo going around of him shirtless and wearing makeup, which was ripped off his Facebook. He’s probably so uncomfortable with it. And then people spread it everywhere.

Now he’s taken a vacation, he’s missed the least amount of shows from any cast member and now takes a vacation. His role might be taking a toll, but for now just respect him like any other human and not invade his privacy due to your lack of content.

Friendly reminder that Klaus’ letter was preceded by “that is the beginning of another story”, which is meant to highlight key components in the letter, such as Klaus wanting to thank Caroline in person. This suggests that they do eventually meet up, and that their meeting is not a mere fleeting chapter in their lives.

This isn’t a nod to their friendship. They’ve never been just friends. This is a promise of a romantic future. 

There is no doubt in my mind that if Caroline and Klaus were to ever reunite (and according to the finale they do) that Klaus would want something romantic from her. And if you believe otherwise, you’re kidding yourself. 

However long it takes is a throwback to a romantic scene. A romantic scene that suggests a promise of a romantic future between the characters. This isn’t mere banter between friends. Because Caroline has never been just a friend to Klaus. It’s a promise of a romantic future. 

“that is the beginning of another story”
“however long it takes” 

Eventually this story will be realized. And it isn’t a story about friendship. 

god over an hour ago this adult posted a video of a grand master mercy to ‘expose her for boosting’ but then went on to harass her the entire video and accuse her of sending nudes. then, he goes on the forums and posts it publicly in general forums for everyone to read. mind you, the girl he’s exposing? is 14. so 1) it’s illegal in some places to record a minor w/ out permission, especially in California.. so… wtf. 2) if there is child pornography (the nudes) involved this needs to be taken to the police and 3) it shouldn’t be posted on the fucking forums.

I’ve reported it twice and yet it’s still fucking up. what the fuck blizzard?? are your mods just dumb or do they not care? the entire video he calls her an ‘autistic cow’, the R word, and keeps accusing her of sending nudes and is totally abusive. he’s fucking 19 and she’s 14 but he posted it on his YT account and is trying to ‘expose her’

i’ve posted about 90 high-res screenshots of various places around skyhold, mostly focusing on solas’ rotunda and his murals, but with some detail shots also of dorian’s nook, vivienne’s nook, the inquisitor’s quarters, and the main hall (with the free marches decor).

feel free to use for any purpose idgaf. if you want to see something else let me know i don’t mind screencapping stuff. i have a complete collection so i can change the decor too.

props to bioware’s art department, there are so many gorgeous little details that most players will never ever see, like all the stained glass patterns. or for instance: did you ever notice those little mabari heads carved in the beam underneath solas’ desk? looks like it was made in ferelden.

anonymous asked:

What do you have against Bex? (Can u also provide evidence thanks 💜)

When I first got this ask, I was tempted to play it off as a joke and say “the fact she exists,” and leave it at that. But I feel like it’s important to stay informed. And if you genuinely don’t know, I’ll give you the complete rundown. It’s long, it’s messy, and it’s nasty, so bear with me.

First, and introduction. When I talk about Bex, I’m referring to the actress Bex Taylor-Klaus, who is the voice actor (or VA) of the character Pidge in the show Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix.

It all began a while ago when Bex liked a comment of a picture. The picture involved a ship called Shei//th. I censored the name so it doesn’t show up in the tags of that on tumblr. But essentially it’s a ship between two characters, Takashi Shirogane, a 25 year old pilot who is the leader of the team, and Keith Kogane, one of the other “paladins” or fighters on the team. People like me find this ship to be distasteful, since Shiro is an adult, and the others are teens (it’s actually a bit messier than that, since an official Voltron source listed Keith as 18, but the producers of the show, Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, said they were not consulted on the book so there’s some question as to whether it’s canon or not). Either way, the consensus by most reasonable people is that it’s probably not a healthy thing to depict in children’s media, when you consider the considerable age difference, the power imbalance (leader, senior officer with someone they are in charge of), and finally, the iconic line by the character of Keith himself when he defines their relationship as a familial one.

Nonetheless, the ship persists, as nasty things on tumblr are wont to do. There’s a lot of shipping discourse on tumblr between two distinct groups which can be labelled as “antis”–people who are not in favor of any Shiro/paladin ships, or what has become to be known as “shaladins”–people who ship any variation of Shiro with the paladins.

Here is where Bex got involved. On Instagram there was a picture of a black shoe and a red shoe together and the joke was about the shoes being a prophecy that Shei//th would be canon. A joke, mostly, considering all the evidence above. But here’s where Bex got herself in trouble. She liked a comment on the picture where someone said “Keith is a power bottom confirmed.”

Obviously, this caused a bit of an uproar within the fanbase, especially between the discourse between antis and shaladins. Shaladins were celebrating that an Official Voltron Source liked their ship, and antis were angry about that acknowledgement of the ship at all by official sources, and the sexualization of a kid’s show (more on this later.)

So of course this sparked the discourse on tumblr. One user, @lancehunks, who was receiving asks about Bex, tagged her in the replies.They were definitely unfavorable. 


and a few more. 

Bex, being the big strong, adult, woman she is, decided that she could not take this obviously grievous insult to her name [sarcasm], and decided to reblog them all and respond to them. Keep in mind, that @lancehunks was just 13 years old. And Bex (22) decided that these were appropriate responses:

Yep, you read that right. Not only an adult but employed on a kid’s show! To a 13 year old! The target audience of the very show she’s a part of! (Oh, the hypocrisy). But wait, there’s more:

Just in case you’re confused, let me tell you the many, many reasons why this is unacceptable. 

  1.  Bex is an adult. You’d think she’d be a little more mature by now just in general. It’s the internet and there are trolls.
  2. The person she was addressing was 13!!!! Do I think it was mature to tag Bex in all those posts? No. But it’s… behavior that you can expect from 13 year old’s on the internet. If we swore at and tore down every single one of them every time they did something dumb, we would need a lot more therapists for teens in the world. Plus it’s really disingenuous to pretend that we wouldn’t have done something similar when we were younger if we were in that position.
  3. Bex is famous. While she’s certainly not on the caliber of massive A-List stars like Tom Holland or Zendaya, she has a fanbase that exceeds the normal person’s friend group. Just because she’s been on TV before, she has groupies that will support her no matter what, who will troll for her, who uncritically and unconditionally worship her. I’m not a Bex fan, nor do I really care to know her well enough to know just exactly how many fans she has, to be certain she does have them. When she publicly reblogged those words, that “motherfucker,” those fighting words, she weaponized her fanbase. What I mean when I say that is her behavior gave her groupies permission to behave the same way. By targeting someone who didn’t like her (a thirteen year old!!!!!), she opened the gates to her fans and groupies doing the same thing, to a kid.

This lead to some terrible things happening. The 13 year old was getting death threats, sexual violence threats, and nsfw content, all because Bex just couldn’t let it go. 

What does this mean? Finish it? Finish the kid? If you’re so sick of the fighting, then why did you even respond in the first place? Bex is the one who escalated the situation. Bex is the one who caused the fighting in the first place (by that I mean the fighting between the two that night, the fighting between antis and shaladins has been going on for as long as the show).

There we go. Now he have something resembling dignity. But unfortunately the damage was done, and user @lancehunks deleted their blog. As a direct response to Bex’s actions. Bex caused a 13 year old to leave tumblr. 

When hearing this news, Bex offered a half-assed apology:

This is the most insincere apology I have ever seen. “The internet has Bad things on it and it’s YOUR fault for seeing them” is not an apology. The best part is that she’s a big fat hypocrite. “Sometimes, when it’s harmless, the best thing I can do is shake my head and keep scrolling.” So why didn’t you Bex? Why didn’t you keep scrolling instead of targeting a 13 year old?

In light of recent political events, though there’s one thing that stands out to me: 

Sound like anybody you know? The esteemed President, perhaps?

*disclaimer* I am in no way claiming that Bex is a Trump supporter. I don’t know enough about her–and I don’t want to know enough about her–to know where she leans politically. I’m just drawing the attention to the similarities in moral equivalency going on, here.*

Sure you targeted a 13 year old and weaponized your fanbase, but someone tagging you in a snarky post is just as bad, right? (Wrong.)

You’d think that would be the end. You’d think that Bex would be capable of living and learning, or maybe even just taking her own advice, and keep scrolling. But here we go again.

The next bit of drama started when the possibly canon guide book was released, stating Keith’s age as 18. There was a big celebration on the shaladin side because technically, that would make it “legal” for Keith and Shiro to have sex. Besides the fact that legal  ≠ moral, again, Voltron is a kid’s show. But on tumblr this time, Bex posted this.

This time, the discourse surrounding Bex was a little different., This time, the discourse mostly focused on the fact that even if Shiro and Keith disregarded canon and morals and the fact that it’s a kid’s show ever did get in a relationship, the only thing that matters is how they like to have sex.

This is a problem for a lot of reasons. There’s a culture, pretty prominent on tumblr of women, mostly white, who are obsessed with gay sex. They write fanfiction and p*rn solely for their own personal gratification. This, of course, is a gross misinterpretation to wanting LGBT+ representation. If you aren’t a mlm (an acronym for men-loving-man, that includes many sexualities) then writing p*rn about is sexualizing them, using them as a tool to get yourself off, and not like complex human people. Mlm are more than how they like to have sex. In fact, that shouldn’t be a part of a discussion for anybody except between willing partners. This also feeds into the popular and damaging stereotype that gay men are predatory by nature.

So, as a whole, not good. 

And again, we have a whole situation escalated by Bex. The worst part is, to people who tried to explain this to her, the only response they were given was a gif:

So once again, a minor dared to express their distaste for Bex on tumblr. But this time, they didn’t tag her. This time, they censored her name. But Bex found it anyway. And she decided to do the exact same thing that led to a minor leaving the website, and to stop watching the show. 

Have no fear, this time though. This time, Bex is going after a 14 year old, at least she’s not going after kids anymore, right? [sarcasm]

Some final notes. 

Bex claims to be an LGBT+ rights activist. I’m also pretty sure she’s a lesbian herself (again, I already know too much about her, I’m not looking to get to know her better.) So, you’d think, as someone who wants equality for LGBT+ people and communities, she’d have the wherewithal to listen to specific subsets of that group when they say something about themselves, like, for example, young mlm who don’t appreciate being sexualized by a white woman. So I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this on her blog:

Now, I happen to agree with the above statement, but it’s so ironic, so hypocritical that Bex is talking about the sexualization of anything. Because kid’s shows aren’t safe from her sexualization and mlm certainly aren’t. How can one person be so incredibly oblivious? A mystery that I don’t have any interest in solving. 

I also want to address something a little more devious and a little more dark. I personally know of at least 12 different people who sent Bex asks, politely explaining some of the things I’ve talked about here, or relaying how her words hurt them personally. Bex never answered any of them. But she did answer this:

Just to be perfectly clear, I do not condone or encourage hatemail. Do not send people anything wishing them death or harm in any way. I have never sent nor do plan on sending hatemail, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you do.

However, this is incredibly nefarious. Bex doesn’t answer any of the many asks she got that were polite, but proved her wrong. She didn’t answer any of the young mlm who gave her their personal stories and who weren’t anonymous. Instead, she publishes this. And she did this on purpose, to make her look innocent, to make her look like she’s the one being attacked. I get hatemail every single day too. Things along similar lines to this. I block the user. Delete them, One, because I don’t want to expose my followers to that kind of negativity on a daily basis, two, a mature person knows that deleting them is the best kind of revenge because the user will be constantly looking for a response and they will know they had no effect on me and three, because if you do that, eventually they stop. This is intentional on Bex’s part to make the people who don’t like her look bad. I don’t like Bex at all, and I certainly do not support that message. Any reasonable person wouldn’t. Also the fact that it’s an anonymous message adds a certain air of doubt as to who sent it. 

The point is, Bex is purposely ignoring polite and well-meaning people and posted this to “prove” she’s the one on the “good” side because no good person would send that message.

This is also worth noting: 

This was posted after the lancehunks debate but before the power bottom comment she made. In this post, Bex admits that a relationship between Shiro and any of the paladins is predatory in nature. She said that. Her words. And then after that she said that Keith was a power bottom. 

The last thing I want to say, is that Voltron is a kid’s show. It’s rated US-TV-Y7. Which means for years 7 and older. Regardless of the ship, there should be no sexual content, be it fanart, of fanfiction of Voltron characters at all. We are all collectively responsible for keeping content age-appropriate for the target audience. So, stop it. All and any ships. 

For minors, this is my advice to you:
Bex is a predator, a hypocrite, and a liar. Do not engage with her. Block her. Do not tag her in any of your posts. She has a history of targeting minors. Protect yourself. Do not engage.

Dear Santa Duffer Brothers, all I want for Christmas Stranger Things season 3 is:

- Hopper and Joyce to be a happy couple

- Mike being protective of Eleven

- Eleven being wildly possessive and protective of Mike (as usual)

- Will being happy and not the center of monster chaos

- Kali and Steve meeting and getting crushes on each other

- More father/daughter Hopper/Eleven goodness especially now that she is a Hopper too

- A random scene where Nancy or Joyce is fixing Eleven’s hair. Just a very intimate girl/pretty/everything Eleven deserves moment where another female-it could even be Max- is braiding/brushing/styling her hair and telling her how pretty she is

- Max and Eleven being friends and giggling sitting cross-legged on Eleven’s bed with popcorn and soda and Hopper walks by and raps on the door telling them to keep it to a dull roar because he’s going to bed, but he’s smiling anyway because Eleven deserves little girl sleepovers

- Mike and Eleven sharing an ice cream cone. I just want this for some reason

- A random scene of everyone at the park and Mike and Eleven letting Baby Holly tag along and pushing her on a little bike or swinging her or something

- The hot cheerleader at the school secretly turning out to be a giant nerd and becoming Dustin’s love interest. Like he accidentally stumbles upon her at a comic book store or arcade or something and she’s like, “please don’t tell anyone” but really he was spying on her because he thought her secret was actually something dangerous

- Hopper and Joyce’s relationship being a secret but Jonathan or Will one day wakes up early in the morning to see Hopper in his underwear going into the kitchen for a glass of water and they just stare at each other like “okay then”

- At the very end of the season, Hopper proposes to Joyce (hopefully on Christmas Eve when the gang’s all together) and Eleven asks Mike what it all means so Mike explains engagement and marriage to her and she’s all offhandedly like, “So me and you will get engaged and then married” and Mike chokes on his drink and turns away to cough but then he smiles because duh. Of course they’ll get engaged and married

- Hopper at some point catches Mike and Eleven kissing (I like to imagine that they’re raking leaves in the yard and goofing off and then they fall down on top of each other and Mike picks some leaves out of her hair and they start kissing) and he keeps trying to pull Mike aside privately for the dad talk but they keep getting interrupted by Upside Down emergencies but at some point when there’s monsters attacking and they’re all hiding out, Hopper finally has that talk with Mike at the most dire situation and Mike is just “please not now” and Hopper’s all “Yes. NOW”

- Steve calls the kids  “my kids” at some point. I don’t care how it happens but it’s just a thrown in gem

- It’s kind of far out there, but if no KaliSteve, then I’d like a very ambiguous, open to interpretation Steve/Nancy/Jonathan scene that would forever have the fans wondering. Like a scene where Steve kisses Nancy very chaste like or something and tells her “see you later” and then Jonathan walks up and him and Steve hug or something. I don’t know . It’s the first 0T3 I’ve ever liked so I’m not sure how it would work into just one ambiguous scene

- The very first scene or very last scene has to end with a Christmas Eve get together at the Byers house

- This is asking for too much, but after the Jopper coming together and the Byers and Hoppers becoming one, the very last scene (especially if it’s a Christmas get together scene) you just see Joyce asking Eleven to open a gift for her and Eleven opens it and it’s a little baby onesie and everyone ‘awws’ and then you see Hopper beam proudly and pull Joyce against him, kissing her cheek and she stands up and it’s the first time the audience sees she’s visibly pregnant and she holds the little onesie up to her stomach

I’m going to be extra good in 2018 so Santa the Duffer Brothers will bring me everything on my list

Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same (ch.1)

Next Chapter >>

This fic is meant to be read in connection with my Azriel-centric prequel stories. I would highly suggest reading those first to get the full reading experience of this fic. 

It’s finally here, friends! Chapter 1 of the follow up fic to my Azriel-centric prequels which you should definitely read before reading this if you haven’t already. This fic will span across and after the events of ACOWAR. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter, it will explain (almost) everything that has happened since the end of the prequels up until now concerning our dearest Lena. Enjoy!

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