not even going to mention it

Now that I’m a little more awake and composed, I want to say a few things in light of the Nobuhiro Watsuki scandal.

To Rurouni Kenshin fans:

  • Don’t blame yourself. It’s ok to be shocked, it’s ok to have been completely blindsided by this. This isn’t anyone’s fault, and none of us could have known about it beforehand; I know a lot of nasty, manipulative people on Tumblr like to say “Ha, I can’t believe their fans didn’t see this coming, lmaooooo” when celebrities turn out to be bad people, but don’t listen to them, because there’s no way anyone could have known about this. And considering the news only broke today, you have no reason to feel guilty for having discovered a seemingly innocent series in the past.
  • It’s ok to still like RuroKen. It’s a great story that has had a lot of impact on many people’s lives, and that can be hard to let go of. The characters might have a lot of meaning to you, and that’s ok. Again, none of this is your fault. Even if the creator of something is a terrible person, that doesn’t make the people who enjoy it terrible, especially in cases like this where- as mentioned- nobody knew what was going on.
  • It’s also ok to be unable to continue liking RuroKen. It’s ok if you can’t bring yourself to divorce the work from the creator, and it’s ok if you can’t enjoy it in good conscience. That’s perfectly reasonable Just don’t harass those who do continue to enjoy it, ok?
  • Whatever you decide to do regarding RuroKen in the future, it might take a while to recover from this news. It’s hard to process, I know, and it’s hard to know what to do or feel in a situation like this. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s ok. It’s ok to be angry, or sad, or guilty, or to feel nothing at all, and it’s ok to want to take a break from everything. Give yourself time to think this through; You don’t have to make any major decisions right away.

To people who aren’t Rurouni Kenshin fans:

  • Please don’t harass RuroKen fans. Nobody could have seen this coming, and nobody is to blame. We’re as shocked as you are. This is a fairly new development and there is literally no way someone could be a “bad person” for having gotten into a series before it was discovered that the author was an awful human being, so please don’t get angry at anyone. A lot of fans are already upset and feeling guilty as it is.
  • Yes, some people may continue liking the series, or be unsure of how to react to the news. Again, nobody knew about any of this up until now, and RuroKen is a series that has meant a lot to many people. When a series has changed your life and had a deep emotional impact on you, that’s something you can’t really let go of instantly. Liking the story does not mean someone condones Watsuki’s actions, so leave them be.
  • I’m serious, don’t go harassing fans. Everyone is already upset and having a hard time, so don’t be a dick.
Bad Match Part 15

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3.8k(+)

Warnings: angst, swearing, fluffy, jealous, self-loathing.

A/N: Here we are again!  I had a lot of fun writing this one, I hope you guys like it. Come talk to me about it, please, it’s the best part of writing.

Series Masterlist

Part 1/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16 (coming soon).


“I’ll make you accept the truth, Y/N. I know, for some twisted reason, your mind doesn’t let you see how things really are, but I’ll show you.” He never took his worshiping eyes from yours while he said the words that you were fighting to not believe.

“Bucky…” you whispered. What he was saying and his gaze became too much and you finally averted your eyes to the floor, struggling to get some air.

You were incapable of taking a step back and your arms slowly dropped to your sides when he cupped your chin between his thumb and index finger, lifting your head to look back at him, leaning even closer to you.

“You’re my mission, doll. The most important one to me. So, no, I don’t plan on abandoning it.”

Part 15

His face kept getting closer and closer and closer…

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Shopping Carts and Stupid Boyfriends

Summary: Not wanting to bother buying any maternity clothing, Steve, for once, decides to go shopping with you. (Adult!AU)

Word Count: 1,313.

A/N: Took major inspiration from this post, and thanks to @slythxr for pointing it out to me in the first place! Hope you guys like. 

Originally posted by kings-of-my-heart

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suksi-vittuun  asked:

In the story I'm planning there is a decent sized group of main characters plus recurring characters who have smaller but important roles to play in moving the story forward. With such a large group, do you have any tips for how to organize and prioritize which characters get more scenes and development?

Developing and Organizing Character Arcs 


It’s as if you already knew what I was going to say! Yes, when you’re balancing a lot of characters, your first step is to make sure that each character is crucial to the plot and that their story arc is helping to move your plot forward. Since you included those key criteria in your ask, I’ll assume that you’ve already determined all this. 

When you’ve got a lot of characters, it’s assumed that each character (or set of characters) has their own story arc (and get ready; I use the word “arc” a million times in this post). The arc should be able to tell a complete story from beginning to end, but when combined with the other arcs in the novel will form a complete, complex narrative.

For example, if you’re familiar with Harry Potter, then you know his story arc in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but Draco Malfoy has his own story arc, that mostly happens “off-screen,” where he is plotting to murder Dumbledore. We see his story arc collide with Harry’s towards the end when Snape steps in to kill Dumbledore for Malfoy (and consequently, Snape has his own story arc too! He’s advising Dumbledore on what to do about his damaged hand, and he’s keeping an eye on Malfoy after making the Unbreakable Vow). 

Name any character that’s even briefly mentioned in a novel, and you could technically devise a story arc for that character that fills in the gaps of all the times they appear “on screen.”

1. So first things first - make a list of the characters you’re concerned about. If you’re unsure about any of them, go ahead and include them in this list. Then, for each character, write out as much of their story arc as you can. If there are uncertainties in any of the arcs, do your best to fill them in. 

There are lots of fun ways you can organize this, depending on the tools you have. If you’re more into free-hand, you can keep your arc notes in a journal, with tabs for each character (use post-it tabs, labeled/colored masking tape, or improvise ways of dividing the notebook). You might also use a binder and have actual dividers. Digitally, you could use separate Word documents, or if you have other writing software like Scrivener, you can use separate docs within your story file, and even have character profiles associated with each. 

Now earlier I threw out the terms “on-screen” and “off-screen” and it’s important to note the difference between them. Don’t limit your thinking to what’s actually on the page - think beyond what you intend to show scenically. Think of your novel as highlighting the key points of each arc; you still need to understand more than the key points. This knowledge helps you keep the narrative cohesive, and it helps you make additions and subtractions to the story as you need to (because chances are, during the editing process, you will make changes). 

So really elaborate when you write out your characters’ arcs. Throw in information that you think you may not even use, and be as detailed as you can. During this process, think about what each character wants, and what needs to happen in order to get what they want. If nothing else, determine what’s motivating each character as that will help drive the arc and you’ll be able to see it more vividly. 

Once you have this, then you can begin to think about actual “on-screen” content. 

2. Second, go through each arc and decide what you will actually write into the story. 

Now’s the time to decide between on-screen and off-screen content. Only you can decide what scenes to include in your story, but I would advise choosing scenes where something changes, whether this change is something literal (the character getting fired, let’s say) or whether the change is internal (the moment when the character decides to quit). Change may also be seen in relationships - when two characters fight or reconcile. Scenes that reveal some sort of backstory are also good, as are scenes where some important plot detail is discovered. 

Do your best to whittle down what you outlined in the character arc (the more characters you have, the harder you should try), but don’t be so selective that you lose the meat of the arc. A novel that only features a few scenes for each of twenty characters might work if the characters are compelling enough, but for a plot centric novel that’s trying to tell a complex narrative, you need more content with each character to get readers invested. Think about Stephen King’s books that feature large casts (It or The Stand), or Game of Thrones, or books by David Foster Wallace - they’re thick. If this is the kind of narrative you’re looking to tell, I’d recommend checking out any of those (a friend of mine also recommended Robert Jordan, especially if your novel is fantasy). 

Don’t forget the element of mystery as well. There are some details you’ll want to hide from the readers until the end, so allow yourself some room to exclude the parts of plot arcs that spoil your big reveals. In doing this, you’ll also be deciding what parts (if any) you do show - these will serve as hints, or foreshadowing of what ultimately happens.

Deciding what it is or isn’t important is one of those writer skills that you have to constantly work to master, but if you go into the process with a 50-100 word summary of your book, you can constantly go back to that summary and ask yourself if these things you’re considering including have anything to do with that summary. This will help you answer the question: Should this be in the novel?

Use your character arc docs to list these scenes that you want to include. You may end up with some “maybes” that you’re not sure about, so maybe highlight those in a different color, or put an asterisk or something beside them to remind yourself that you’re undecided. 

3. Put them all together.

Now, go to each arc document and copy all the scenes you selected and put them into one giant doc. Don’t worry about the order as you’re going - just get them all in one place first. Then, put the scenes in the order that you see them occurring. You can do this with paper/pen while referring to your screen, or perhaps a separate document, or you could even just copy and paste within the doc you’re already using to reorder them. 

Start with the obvious ones, and save any that could happen in multiple places until the very end. By the time you get to those scenes, you’ll have a better look at your story’s timeline and it might be easier to find potential places for these scenes. 

I also recommend choosing a unique color to either highlight or use as the text color for each character so you can visually see which characters have the most scenes. If you’re looking at your outline and you only see a couple of green spots, for instance, you can evaluate whether that character is getting enough screen time, or if they even need any

4. Consider the overlap (and how POV comes into play).

I’ve been avoiding this a little bit to avoid confusing everyone, but you also can’t forget that some arcs will overlap with one another, and you’ll have characters that will “pop up” in different arcs, or even be “missing” from their own arcs. The key is determining whose arc each scene is mostly contributing to. The scene may be advancing both arcs, but the idea is choosing whose arc it advances more

Going back to my earlier example, Harry and Malfoy each have their own arcs, but Harry often shows up in Malfoy’s and vice versa. Despite his “on-screen” absence, I would argue that the scenes where Malfoy fails to kill Dumbledore (the bewitchment of Katie Bell, and when Ron gets poisoned) do more to advance Malfoy’s arc than Harry’s, as Malfoy’s continued failures affect his mental state, as well as his position with the Death Eaters. So even though we don’t see Malfoy on-screen (since the perpetrator is meant to be a bit of a mystery, and because we’re from Harry’s POV), these scenes would be listed under Malfoy’s story arc.  

When it comes to prioritizing which characters you should develop more, that’s your choice. Once you’ve presented the bare minimum for each character, or the selected scenes that tell the story arc sufficiently, then you get to decide which ones we delve deeper into. There were enough scenes in Half Blood Prince to sufficiently tell Malfoy’s story arc, but if JKR had wanted to, she could have chosen to include scenes from Malfoy’s perspective to advance his development and garner more sympathy from readers. As a writer, she made the choice not to do this. As such, it’s your decision which characters you want in the spotlight and which you’d rather the reader be more distant from. 

So the bottom line here is that it’s not simple. Writing novels with big casts never is, so prepare yourself for the monumental task in front of you. Accept that you might be confused about what you’ve got going on quite frequently (and then reward yourself with candy anytime you feel like you actually have your shit together). Outlining is key, and hopefully this blog post helps you get closer to establishing an outline. 

5. Lastly, let your outline guide you, but don’t let it control you.

Once you’ve put all those scenes in a potential order, you’ll find that you may add new scenes from your arcs that you dismissed earlier (or ones you come up with later), and you also might delete ones that you used to think were super important. Allow yourself this freedom, because much of what you do in your draft is difficult to determine until you start writing it. 

Mia also just did a post on managing large casts of characters with a few tips that may be helpful to you when building your cast. We also have a few other posts on large casts if you want to check those out too. 

Good luck with your epic story!


P.S. Thank you Megan for discussing this ask with me ;)

Give You Hell

Pairing: Reddie (Main), Stenbrough (Side), Benverly (Side)

Warning: a little angsty, some inernalized homophobia, some fluff? I don’t know yet. 

Summary: When Richie Tozier moves into the apartment across from Eddie’s, they nearly start a war. Richie keeps Eddie up at night and Eddie keeps Richie up in the morning. If only they got to know each other, they’d realize they’re actually not that different.

Inspired by the song Give you Hell by the All-American Rejects

Taglist: @princesschelliebelle 

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Friendly Neighbourhood Londoner

Was it requested: Ya, find it here

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston/reader

Rating: Your gran’s gonna ban me from being left alone… But she might be okay. MIGHT. 

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of drinking.

Summary: [request itself] Hey, just found your blog and it’s so fcn hot!!xxIf you request is still open, what about Hiddleston x reader, where they are they are neighbors, the girl lives above him. And one evening, when Tom is at home, he can not concentrate on his affairs because of noisy neighbors from above. He rises upstairs, knocking, and the girl opens the door in golf, short shorts and a top, and a laugh comes from the apartment. Some sleepover.Her look then does not go away and soon he rises to his neighbor again

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“So, you’re my new tutor, right?” Isaac said, walking over to where I was sitting. Isaac Polsen was the most popular person in the high school; for after he won the state championship for basketball his whole life had been getting better and better. He was good looking, smart, and got every girl and, according to the rumors, guy he could have ever wanted. Not only did he have the perfect life, but he was also rich and was planned to be on the states NBA team when he was old enough.

I on the other hand was short, lanky, pale, and forgettable. The only thing I had going for me was that I was good in Calculus, and that’s what brought Isaac to me.

“Yeah, my name is Stephen.” I stuck out my hand and he shook It vigorously.

“I’m Isaac.” It was funny he would mention that even though he probably knew that everyone knew his name.

“Let’s start on page 729.” I flipped open to the page as he pulled out a basketball to twirl. As I talked, Isaac began to spin
the basketball over and over on top of his finger. Every now and then I would look up to see if he was catching on, and he would give me a simple nod and then I would glance back down and begin again. Except every time I looked up, it took me longer to get back down. There was something about that ball that was making me lose my interest. I started to get hotter and a little sweaty until finally I heard Isaac say;

“Look up.”

I did, and this time I didn’t try to glance back down; I just stayed. He smiled and began to closer to my face from across the table.

“You see, Stephen, I didn’t need you to tutor me,” he smiled again and sat back down, “I was here to tutor you, isn’t that right?”

Suddenly something clicked open in my head. Thoughts began whirring out of my head as I looked at him. My numerous facts and ideas drifted away until there was nearly nothing left except some basic knowledge.

“But I wasn’t here to tutor you in math was I? I was here to tutor you in basketball.”

He tossed me the basketball and as soon I as I had caught it, my body began to become tense. My legs began to stretch underneath the table until my height reached 6”7’. My arms, biceps, triceps, and quads began to bulk up with muscles as my thighs and calves became as strong as steal. My flat stomach sucked in a little to form a nearly visible six pack. My hands began to grow thicker and meatier to help support the basketball. Calluses began to form to help show the years of hard work I had done. My feet began to expand in my shoes, going up slowly. By Size 11, my shirt ripped to shreds. Size 12 and my pants were stretching to the limit as hair began to flood across my body. Size 13 and my brown hair became I dusty, dumb blonde. Size 14 and my neck began to grow as my Adam’s apple pushed forward proudly. Size 15 and my had became bigger and more brutish, but in a sexier, young adult way. My hair got cut a little shorter as a small beard grew in. My memories began to be replaced by getting laid with my bros and drinking. D’s and F’s were becoming my new grades as my IQ hit 83. My cock expanded in my underwear, which had transformed to a pair of Calvin Klein. As my feet reached Size 16, my cock reached 9 inches and my newly acquired bull nuts burst all over me and partly on Isaac. My old life is blew out and my new, basketball jock life settled in.

“Now are you ready for your tutoring session, brah?”

“After one more, bro, and no homo.”

“Ok, Steven, but let’s make this quick.”

one time i slept out in the snow because i didnt want to be in the same house as a rapist

anonymous asked:

Now Elvis deleted the tweet? Oh what a shocker. Probably because ITS TOTAL BULLSHIT & wrong to even imply & disrespectful to D. Not to mention how people are gonna go back pull up the receipts how they lied about this bar. Jfc what a mess. I feel so so bad for D. He's just getting used & abused to the very last minute & it's so upsetting to watch

I would imagine our friend D had a convo with him and asked him to delete it. The intent may truly have been that of a helpful friend, but this scheme is damaging to all involved.  

I am not blaming E, I think he has gotten sucked into the shit storm that is team beard.  But I hope after today he really does think before he acts.  Because enough harm has been done and D has enough to account for when he tells his truth. This nonsense is unnecessary and does not need to be added.  Just promote the opening and the amazing celebs that will be in attendance.  

here’s another Hot Take from yours truly:

i agree that stan shouldn’t die in chapter 2, but not jst because i love him. i think that his suicide is a really important part of his character because it shows just how intuitive he was. he understood It more than any of the others, and its true nature was too horrifying for him to go back. since chapter 1 didn’t really address It being an interdimensional being or the fact that It’s true form isn’t just a clown or even mention the deadlights or the fact that the kids were drawn together by something more than just chance, i feel like it’ll be hard for them to justify his suicide as the significant plot point that it was in the book. like it didn’t happen just because, and i think it’s too late for them to go back and explain all of the stuff that really caused it.

anonymous asked:

Okay okay I found the simplest way to ask: have there ever been blind items written about Jensen and Misha? If so, do you know where I could find them? I'm sorry I'm shy I don't really want to come off anon...

Not that I know of. I’m not really sure there’s any way to tell in the first place with blind items. Plus, Misha and Jensen aren’t like…… A-List celebrities. The National Enquirer and other gossip columns aren’t going to waste their time writing a speculative piece about them when they’ve got Oprah and John Travolta and Prince Harry on their radar, you know?

But there ARE a few good articles written about them where their identities are explicitly mentioned. This is a favorite of mine just because it’s Entertainment Weekly :) This is also another good one even though it’s a slideshow. I could have sworn that there was also a Buzzfeed article about them, but I can’t seem to find it on their website.

Just Google “Jensen Ackles Misha Collins articles,” dude.

anonymous asked:

Hey Emma! I recently started a new studyblr and studygram and would like to keep it anonymous. I would really like some tips on how to?

Hi! Ah, welcome :-) Here are a few things that will be worth doing:

  • avoid using your personal email (or the same as Facebook, etc) on your accounts. If you do use your personal email, uncheck options like “search user by email”
  • go for a nickname instead - you don’t even have to mention a name if you don’t want too!
  • omit most defining details about yourself - it is obviously safer to leave these out anyway but try to avoid anything that is quite obviously about you. Most things you can get away with like country, age and name since it’s hard to determine someone with little information.
  • turn off post notifications when with friends - I always do this! I just get nervous they’ll see it so maybe sure when your phone is out!
  • block them (lools) - I do this on most of my platforms haha! I guess it might be a bit of a giveaway if they do find you but it saves them actually being able to see your stuff.
  • just avoid talking about it - I kinda lie about having Instagram so hopefully people don’t search for me hah!

I hope this helps! :-) xxx

 Reyes’ Widow/Reaper’s Wife Pt. 3

Sorry this chapter’s a bit late, work has been kicking my ass! WARNING: Mentions of NSFW moments, and quite a bit of feels toward the end.

You sat in your room hours before your flight to Venice, two suitcases in the corner as you sat on the floor near the fireplace, pictures and what remained of the marriage and separation documents scattered on the floor. No, you weren’t going to Dorado with Anna and Sol– While you were ready, you still needed a self-prep to get yourself and your questions for Gabriel together. Besides, he might not even know about Olivia and Marisol meeting up yet, or even be there when they do. You knew to get a call from Moira, Olivia had to be quite up there on Talon’s hierarchy. So either way, sooner or later, he’d know…and either he came to you, or the two of you didn’t meet at all. You wanted to talk to him, to scream at him, to kiss him, to see what she had done to him… but you’d be damned if you didn’t put the ball in his court.

Your mind was leering into a place it both loved and loathed, the longer you sat there; Memory Lane.

And oddly enough? At Talon headquarter’s, Gabriel’s mind was too.

You moaned sleepily as you felt a certain someone’s large and calloused hand grip at your smooth thigh, the weight behind you shifting slightly to spoon you more. “It’s 4 a.m. already?

Gabriel let out a deep chuckle as you pouted, still-half asleep himself as he spoke to you softly. He knew this was your least favorite part of the morning. “Afraid so, mi amor~.”

This lovely relationship you shared with the commander of Blackwatch was something unexpected, but you wouldn’t ever trade it for the world…even if it meant no late mornings.Yes, you were an assassin, born and raised, but that wasn’t what landed you a spot at Overwatch. You were also an incredible nurse and one of Winston’s most trusted partners when it came to technological advances. You had worked really hard to make a name for yourself that wasn’t seated in the assassin business, but after a year, word had gotten out when your mother was called upon by Overwatch for an assignment to help out Blackwatch.

“Why are you calling me when you have my daughter who’d do it for you if you ask?” Your mother had snorted over the phone to both Jack and Gabriel.

Needless to say, you and Gabriel had taken an interest in each other after that and grew from a “thing” to a serious commitment.

You sighed and turned so that you could face him, your (h/c) tresses even more of a complete mess of bedhead than his was as you looked into his eyes pleadingly. “Fifteen more minutes?”

“(Y/N)…,” Gabriel had started, but trailed off as he watched you softly bite your lip. God, you were so mesmerizing to him. “…Those eyes of yours are going to be the death of me.”

You gave him a playful smile as he leered over you, now moving himself to caress your cheek before pinning you to the bed. His grin grew into a smirk as you gasped a little bit, feeling his erection pressed against you. Oh yeah, it was definitely that type of morning, and you made it known with a soft mumble. “Te quiero, Gabriel~.”

Oh do you~?” He teased, nuzzling his face into you neck as his warm breath ghosted over you collar.

You couldn’t help the shiver of excitement that had coursed through your body as you nodded softly. “Mhmm,”

“Then what the hell am I waiting for?”

Memory after memory for the both of you flashed before eyes.

You sighed softly as you and Gabe sat in a gondola riding through the burning city on water that was still Venice, head hung low. This mission had been hard for you the second you left the Overwatch carrier craft. To see the beautiful city on fire hurt you in ways you couldn’t describe. You shared so much history with this city already, having spent years coming and going. Even with the mission over, your heart was still heavy, and Gabe had taken notice.

Gabe shrugged off the bomber jacket he currently wore and draped it around your shoulders as he pulled you close to him. “I’m sorry.” The words he said were simple, but sympathetic in tone.

Raising your head softly, you sniffled as you wiped away a tear that had escaped your eye. “It feels like all of my memories are being burned with the city. Every time I’ll think back on Venice… I’m going to think of these flames.” You muffled pathetically into his chest.

Gabriel grimaced; He had honestly hoped Venice wasn’t as bad off as it was. The engagement ring that sat in his zipped pocket had been on his mind this entire ordeal. He had intended to propose to you as soon as the mission was over, on the gondola you two sat on; What he hadn’t intended was the true chaos of this entire mission and the gondolier getting shot in the forehead. Gabriel knew everything about you, so he knew that Venice was very special to you having been your summer home all throughout your odd childhood. Marrying you had been an idea sitting in Gabe’s head for months now. He wanted you to know that he intended to have you until the days you both perished leaving a legacy, and maybe even a family, behind… if you said yes of course. The problem now was; How in the hell did he propose now? The team had very well known of his intentions, having made them known prior so that they could give you and Gabriel time alone for the proposal before you grouped up the rendezvous point; a cathedral. Everything was set up, but yet it seemed like god awful timing, until you gave him an idea. “I think I have a solution to that, cariña.” He mumbled, looking down at you as you gazed up at him from your place resting on his shoulder.

What happened next had caught you off guard completely; Gabriel kneeling on one knee in front of you as he fumbled with opening his pocket. Your heart nearly stopped before beginning to beat rapidly as he pulled out a crimson velvet box and began to fidget with it. “(Y/N)…I have no idea how to start this proposal, even though its been on my mind for months now. This is uh, a lot more nerve-wracking than I thought it’d be.”

Gabriel looked up at you only to see you looking down at him with surprise, your eyes shining brightly with realization and love as you stayed huddled within the bomber jacket as you suppressed happy tears from streaming down your face. He felt his stomach flutter a bit and urged himself to continue, despite his fried nerves. “You mean everything to me. These past two years have been crazy – but I can’t imagine it without you… and now I can’t imagine the future without you, either. I wish I could give you a normal proposal and a normal wedding…and a normal life. I can’t give or guarantee any of those things right now, but (Y/N) (L/N), will you–,”

“Hell yes I’ll marry you.”

Gabriel looked up to you in surprise as you gave him a warm smile, the happy tears now streaming down your face as you shook your head at him and pulled the man to his feet as you stood up yourself. “Gabriel, I don’t need a normal proposal, or wedding, or life – I just need you in it. I’d marry you right now, right here if we had the option to.”

Gabe chuckled and gave his infamous shrug. “Well… who says we don’t? The rendezvous point is a cathedral, the team would all be there so we’d have witnesses.”

“Don’t we need a certificate?”

“I’m sure we could pull up the certificate and forms for us to sign in holographic copies for when we get back to Headquarters.”

You grinned at him, wrapping your arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “If that’s the case then I’m more than ready to be given the title of Mrs. (L/N)-Reyes.”

“To the cathedral then,”

Your eyes burned with tears that hadn’t been shed yet as you began to tremble softly, staring into the fire in front of you. Fire had been practically symbolic in your relationship in more ways than one. 

Over the past years of your marriage, things had been fine… until suddenly things weren’t. Overwatch had began to be questioned by government officials, leaving society to begin questioning the organization as well. In that time you had watched as Gabriel began to lose himself to the stress and interrogation. Blackwatch specifically was under very heavy surveillance by practically everyone, and your poor husband’s hands had been tied. You had been attempting to be there for him the best you could… but eventually, he began to shut you out.

Another problem had also arisen from seemingly nowhere; Moira. Your husband had some sick fascination with the lengths she would go to for the sake of science, something that the rest of Overwatch didn’t like. She overstepped boundaries in more ways than one, and she was shady. Not to mention, Moira had an attraction to Gabe, and you could tell. She’d stand to close, constantly call on him for opinions, and they talked often. Now… you weren’t the jealous type…

Sike, yes the fuck you were – and you could also read people’s body language like a book.

 The ways she would look at him made your stomach churn and your temper flare. So when you had found out Gabe had recruited her for Blackwatch, you seethed and arguments brewed. You really did have trust and faith in Gabriel, you definitely did… it was Moira you didn’t trust worth two shits. Not to mention, you hadn’t had a night with Gabriel in over two weeks and the two of you had hardly spoken. Also, he had had some physical changes going on as well. His voice seemed to get deeper when he was angry, and he had gotten a lot more buff than he already was, his chest looking a lot more chiseled. Whenever you two would argue, his glare would become like ice and his eyes would develop a red tint, and he seemed to deal with spouts of rage and staring at nothing for long periods of time. Still, Gabriel had insisted Moira was making things better for Blackwatch, the physical changes were due to a new super soldier experiment, and that he only had eyes for you, but was so busy with his career caving in. Now feeling guilty for your anxiety and paranoia towards your husband, who was under enough stress as it was, you backed off of the situation. Everything he had worked so hard for was falling apart; of course he’d be wrapped up in trying to save it all, right?

But now here you sat in a court room as your husband was put on trial due to an accusation of Blackwatch having a secret deal with some rather shady mercenaries to bomb some corporation. Of course you would come to support your husband – as far as you knew, Gabriel was in Los Angeles at the house you two had purchased for yourselves, taking a weekend to rest up while you went to a convention with Angela. They had tried to say your husband was there when it had all went down, but it wasn’t true, and there was newfound solid proof.

Moira’s proof; Specifically Athena’s security cameras Gabriel had had installed in the house.

Everyone in the courtroom and watching had seen them together in the bed you two shared. This was on global television…

Your stomach gave a sickening lurch as you couldn’t tear your eyes away. You could feel everyone’s eyes on you once the video footage was finished, you could feel Jesse’s grip on your hand tightly as you fought back the urge to faint on the spot, you could hear the camera’s flashing of the press as your body went numb. 

The entire courtroom had went quiet. 

Clearly Gabe hadn’t been expecting this at all – you could tell by the way he had suddenly tensed, then looked at Moira and then to you with the purest expression of “Fuck” written all over his face. 

You stood suddenly, placing on your shades on as calmly as possibly as Ana stood with you, followed by Lena and Jesse. Ana knew very well you were holding it in until you were out of the press’ range and into the car. She looked to Reinhardt who quickly stood to act as your shield from the press who immediately roared with questions as soon as your began to walk out with him before you and the other three behind you.

“Mrs. (L/N)-Reyes! Did you know about the affair between Commander Reyes and his co-worker?!”

“Mrs. (L/N)-Reyes, any comment for the press?!”

The tears began to stream, even as you stayed emotionless, holding your head high as Lena and Ana kept your face out of the cameras’ views and Jesse ran to get the car. You were about to have a very serious breakdown once you got into the car, but you’d be damned if what little dignity you had left was lost to the paparazzi. 

Once you were in the car and past the press, it began. You shook violently as you began to sob, your body on overdrive as Lena hugged you tightly and buried your face into her trench coat. “Oh love, I’m so sorry.”

“What the hell was he thinking sleeping with her?! What the hell was she thinking publicizing it?!” Jesse growled, angry at his father figure.

“Clearly he wasn’t, and clearly she was. Moira wanted more fuel added to the fire.” Ana replied as she rubbed her temples. “She wants her name out there, and she got her wish. The fire’s roaring now; We all need to avoid the press and make sure to keep Gabriel and Moira away from (Y/N). Agreed?”


The next two weeks were a personal hell for you as you hid from the press and stayed locked away inside of your quarters. You didn’t turn on the television, you removed yourself from all missions, and you locked Gabe out of your room. He  could try and override the system, but you had it set up with Athena to make sure that didn’t happen.



“Change security measures for my quarters to completely keep out Commander Reyes. Every time he attempts to, I want it reported to me. Also, should he try to override you for my quarters, tell him to go to Moira’s quarters.”

“Are you sure about these settings?”


Athena hadn’t let you down yet, having turned him away multiple times now. He had tried to apologize through flowers, playing your song over the intercom at 4 a.m., various voice mails, even love letters. Still, you weren’t ready to talk about it. Why had he done that? Why had he betrayed your trust? It made no since.

It wasn’t until you had served Gabriel your separation papers that things began to get even odder. He had managed to get past Athena, without even opening a door, and he was different. 

You had heard something in your room as you tossed and turned in your bed. Something wasn’t right.

“(Y/N)…” Gabe’s voice sounded distorted, and guttural.

“…Gabe?” You whispered softly, shocked as you could see your breath. You looked around for the sound of his voice as you sat up only to come face to face with two glowing red orbs.

It was Gabe, you could tell by the way a stray beam of moonlight revealed his chiseled chest and his happy trail. He kicked off of the wall he had been leaning against. “You’ve been… avoiding me.”

You shivered as the cold air of the room hit your torso, “How did you get in here?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Slowly peeling the covers from your body, you got out of bed to try to turn on the lamp beside you, only for a sharp command to hit your ears. “Don’t.”


“The super soldier drug I’m on makes me sensitive to light for the first few weeks.”

“I think you and I both know it’s not a super soldier drug.”

“Oh? Then what is it?”

“Gee, who knows? Probably some fucking STD you caught from Fire-crotch.” You shot back bitterly as you stumbled about in the darkness, attempting to find your sweater. 

The room was silent for a minute before Gabriel gave a growl. “It was a mistake.”

“Sure it was, because mistakes last for months.” You scoffed, the sarcasm dripping from your voice openly. 

You couldn’t react fast enough as you were suddenly pinned, Gabriel’s hand around your neck tightly. You gasped and squirmed, eyes wide with fear as you looked to your husband. Something was very wrong with your husband, you noted, as he seemed to act like a feral animal, snarling at you.

He came back to reality quickly, releasing you and stepping back as he looked to his hands in shock. “Son of a bitch, Moira said the rages would stop by now.” He mumbled to himself as he continued to back away from you.

“Moira?” You gasped softly as you regained your breath while realization hit you. “What did she do to you..?” You questioned, the grief thick in your voice as you slid to the floor. “What in the fuck did she do to you, Gabe?!”

Gabriel didn’t answer, continuing to back away from you. It wasn’t until he began to disappear into a dark mist that he spoke again, leaving you alone to your own despair. “I’ll sign the separation papers.”

He wouldn’t go near you while he was suffering the side affects, he concluded. He didn’t want to hurt you again. Ever.

Several days after that night, you stood in front of the house in Los Angeles the two of you had purchased so long ago, your mind set in determination mode. You came here for answers, and you were going to get them while Gabriel and Blackwatch were in Numbani. You needed answers for that night, and you had an inkling they’d be here in his office on the second floor. You got to work quickly, starting by disabling Athena. 


“I need to disable you from this house, Athena. I don’t want you to be here for this.” You replied softly.

“For what?”

“I can’t tell you this time.”

Disabling her system, you were able to butcher the door to his office with a sledgehammer, making a hole big enough for you to unlock the door from the inside with you hand. You ripped the office to shreds, butchering and breaking locked cabinets full of files as you searched diligently. Soon, you came across Moira’s most trusted files and blueprints for her work, things she and Gabriel had been working on – including this new “Super-soldier Drug”. You read through them, shaking your head wildly in disbelief as you scanned the horrors of these experiments with your own eyes. Gabriel’s final injection was due to happen next week in the house. You had to stop it – before your Gabriel was lost forever. You wouldn’t let this bitch have him. You loved him still, with every fiber of your very being, and you’d end this shit now. Moira had turned this home you had dreamed of raising a family in into a nightmare from harboring and performing ludicrous experiments here to screwing your husband in the bed you shared.

There was only one way to end this properly; The marriage that started among the flames was going to go down in the flames.

You poured the gasoline, careful not to get any of you as you doused every inch of that damned office before pouring the gasoline in every room of the house. You had lost your mind more than likely, and you could guarantee Athena had alerted the base of you disabling her as you entered the house with a sledgehammer. That was hours ago of course, and if you knew your friends, that meant you had ten minutes before they arrived. You had to finish in time; you wouldn’t let Moira win, and you wouldn’t let Gabriel have that last injection. You didn’t care about the consequences as all of your feelings came barreling you at once.

You walked a calm path outside as you threw a match into each room, watching the fire spread quickly as the heat hit your skin. It was disturbing how much the roaring sound of everything burning calmed you significantly, but justified. 

It reminded you of your wedding day, and that brought a tear racing down your cheek. 

What you didn’t expect as you walked outside was a sedation dart hitting you in the shoulder as a black van sat in the driveway. You hissed as you sluggishly pulled the dart out of your shoulder to look at it. 

It wasn’t Ana’s. 

The dart’s effect began to hit you hard as men in black got out of the car and you fell to the ground on your side, your vision blurring. This wasn’t Overwatch, this was somebody else. You were being kidnapped.

The last thing you remember before fulling passing out is Jesse’s scream as you were tossed over a man’s shoulder. “MA!”

You shook your head as you snapped out of the memory. It was hard to think on all of that even all of these years later, but grieving through it one last time before you risked coming face to face with your husband felt as if you were lifting a huge burden off of your shoulders. You wiped the tears away as you leaned against the bed, staring at the fire before staring at your ring and wedding band, and then to your watch. 

You placed the papers away and stood up, straightening your clothes out. 

It was time to go to Venice. 

“Mom,” Marianna’s voice came from your doorway.

You turned to look at her, grabbing your jacket. “Heading to Dorado?”

“Yeah… just wanted to say we love you. Uh, are you okay?”

“You know how I get when going to Venice, sweetheart. Don’t worry about me, just have a safe flight.”

“Yeah, you too, Ma.”

why am i not surprised though that liam mentioned both sophia and cheryl? like its so funny that liam was supposedly heartbroken and in such a bad place when him and sophia broke up that he turns around and knocks up cheryl soon after like im glad liam is kinda speaking up about his mental health even though we aren’t getting the full truth but the way his team is going about it is nasty as hell 

Kinda made this to feel a little better today. I’ve been a little down so the thought of the Christmas Special helped. So I tried writing this in the style of A Visit From St. Nicholas. Enjoy!

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Imagine Murdoc with an S/O that's scared of the dark?

(My writing joy isn’t super these days but I felt like writing something cute and quick for you!)

It was Winter, meaning that the sun went down a lot earlier than what seemed normal. Already at about eight in the evening, it was dark outside - pitch black and it creeped you out. You’d never been fond of the dark, even as a child, your parents had to check several closets for monsters, they had to buy you a tiny lamp to stand by your bed but they didn’t escape from having to check under your bed as well.

Now, as an adult, it hadn’t become much better. You still slept with a light on, and Murdoc was going crazy about it. He loved darkness but at the same time hated seeing you upset about it every time he mentioned that he wanted to turn the lights off as you went to bed - eventually you had gotten your way.

Luckily, it was only around ten and you were in the living room of your flat with the TV on which illuminated the dimly lit room in a sort of fake light that helped a great deal. Both of you had agreed on a night in with telly and snacks, and it was going great until now. In the middle of a sentence from some guy in a talk show, the screen went off and suddenly the lights around you went out too. You practically jumped on the sofa, the thought of falling asleep in Murdoc’s arms disappearing completely.

“Looks like the power went,” Murdoc stated calmly, knowing not to freak out because it would make you lose it. Instead of relaxing in his arms like before, you clung to him and the familiar trigger of darkness hit you.

“Where’s my phone?” You were practically climbing him with the way your arms were tightly wrapped around his shoulders, and it caused Murdoc to be unable to search for said phone but when you started breathing in shallow short intakes of air, he quickly gained all of his strength to get up. He stood with you on his hip.

“Luv, you gotta let go,” Murdoc said, patting you on the back, “I can’t help you if you’re stuck to me like a koala bear.” He gently put you down onto the floor, only letting go when he knew you weren’t on the edge of falling anymore.

“Sorry, I just really need some light, do you have your phone? Can you turn on the torch? I need light!” You searched frantically, and soon let out a breath of relief as Murdoc’s phone lit up.

“Wait here,” he said, giving you his phone and then left. You had to get used to it, standing alone in the dimly lit room without him to protect you from the nothingness of darkness but after a few breaths, you managed to get yourself under control - at least just a little.


Soon, the whole living room was filled with candle lights lighting the room up with a gentle and calming glow, and it was more than romantic. You admired it, feeling the weight slowly lift from your shoulders and you knew that in no time, you would be able to enjoy a quiet evening with Murdoc without worry.

“Now we just have to wait for the television to turn on again, babe, but we’ll never know when that is,” Murdoc said as he lit the last of the many candles, placing one of them in a better spot and then walking back to you. He smiled down at you, “Got that breathing of yours under control?”

“Almost,” you said, letting yourself fall into his chest, “Hold me.”

Murdoc wrapped both arms around your shoulders and rested his chin on top of your head. He kissed your hair a few times, “Can we please resume our position on the sofa? I am tired, this hot body isn’t what it used to be.”

“Hot body or hog body?” You mumbled, earning a slap to your arse, “Ow!”

“If you can make jokes, you’re not that scared anymore, you,” Murdoc picked you up, causing you to squeak.

“No! I’m sorry! Let’s just please cuddle!” You giggled, holding onto him tightly.

“Fine, don’t move around so much, sweet Satan,” Murdoc dropped himself and you into the sofa, “There’s lit candles around us.”

“Sorryyyyy, it looks amazing, thank you, baby,” you smiled at him, pressing your face into the crook of his neck, “Cuddle me until the lights come back.”


By the time the lights came back, you were already fast asleep in Murdoc’s arms and even though he had trouble falling asleep in a lit up room, he didn’t get up; you were simply too adorable and peaceful to wake up, so instead, he kept running a hand over your hair and you only stirred a few times, feeling safe and sound.  

Tired and angry

This is probably the most personal, honest and emotional ive ever gotten on tumblr…

Everything was going so good (considering the situation) and then a stupid ass stubborn ruse nurse (all the other nurses here are amazing btw) didnt stop moving my leg even tho i yelled at her to stop and there was a painfull movement in my hip. It was more painfull the following two days but started to get better. I mentioned it to a doctor who wanted me to do an x-ray.

Since ive had so many horrible experiences with radiologists i asked a nurse a trust alot to join me. She told the radiologists very clearly that i was super brittle and my hip was very easily dislocated. She also said that i was gonna be the boss and noone was going to do anything before askin/informing me. I turned to her to give her my phone, and as i did a fucking twat decided to start lifting the bed sheet… where my leg was… and by doing that putting my leg in a «forbidden» possition, causing extreme pain.

I was sent back to my room, drugged down af and we put on my legbrace (whitch keeps my hip locked in the optimal possition) went back to another radiologist team and successfully and without injury took the pictures.

Today i was rold that my hip is again completely dislocated and theres a big chance thats ruined the tissues around the hip that they fixed during surgery. Ive been in bed all day today with a dislocated hip (would not recomend) and pray that they will have the capacity to relocate (is that the word?) it tomorrow.

The shittiest part is that this might mean that its probable that i’ll have to remove the femur head whitch will leave me unable to put any weight on my leg. Normally they would just replace the femur head with a prostetic, but my skeleton is too fragile for screws.

I think the part that angers me the most is that ive done everything right. Ive tried my hardest to make it clear for nurses and radiologists how carefull they have to be. Ive done so much work out on my hip muscles to lessen the chance it dislocating. Ive trusted the doctos telling me to try walking with my foot faces forwards and not to the right, and now i am told that having it to the right was the best thing i couldve done for my hip. Ive been super carefull my entire life to try and aviod getting injured in a way that would take away my ability to walk.

I dont believe the «you get what you deserve» bullshit and i know the world is unfair… but i am so fucking bitter. I dont fucking deserve this, and i am so angry at how fucking unfair it is. Just the last five years ive had back pains so severe that i vomited, cronic daily headache (for 6 years) that turned into cronic daily migraines for 10 months straight, been on medication that slowed down my metabolism to an extreme whitch left me so fatigued i wasnt able to do anything other than school and sleep, severe tendonitis(?) in both arms and shoulders for two years (bc of misinformation from doctors), ive had severe IBS for 1,5 years now after a food poisoning, ive dealt with my hip randomly dislocating for my entire life, and all this on top of all the things that comes with brittle bone desease (osteogenesis imperfecta). I am so fucking tired. I am so tired of constantly trying to fight my body so much and still having to do as good as anyone else who doesnt have a single fucking health problem. I just wanna be a normal 21 year old who can think about «normal» 21 year old things and not «will i ever be able to walk again?».