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You guys are going to hate me, but I’ve talked this over with Rosie for a second opinion (and gotten a few more, too), and we’re in agreement that a big issue here right now is that people play so many characters that it means getting on, doing replies on all of them, then disappearing until the next day.

This is causing muse issues for a lot of people, so I am setting a new maximum character limit. For now, the new limit will be THREE CHARACTERS. I will make an exception on a case by case basis where a player is allowed a maximum of four, but this will only be for those who have shown an extremely high activity level. I’m not even going to be including myself in this four limit; I don’t think I’m active enough to be an exception.

If people could message me and let me know who they’d like to drop if they play multiple characters, please do so ASAP. If you’d like to drop any and pick up another, that’s fine, too. As long as you only have three (or four, if you get a message from me saying you’re able to do so), that’s fine by me.

I apologize for the inconvenience here, and I’ll lift the maximum once activity picks up and people aren’t complaining about muse issues anymore (myself included). I think this will be really good for us and our muses as a whole, though.

Thank you in advance for understanding.


susan/frieda + strength


I really think the events in Going Home held some of the elements of what we should expect in the finale.

If I have to guess, the happy ending we-don’t-always-think-it-will-be will still include Emma separating from her parents. The arguments of their goodbye speech there still hold and the show has invested as little as possible in Emma’s relationship with her parents. They haven’t encouraged our emotional investment in it beyond the absolutely necessary. They have focused our attention on Emma’s family with Henry and Regina and the focus during the goodbye scene in Going Home was undoubtedly on Emma and Regina.

This wasn’t a happy ending because Emma wouldn’t even remember her parents, Storybrooke would disappear and Regina wasn’t with them. If they manage to completely break the original curse in the finale, then everyone - including Regina and maybe even Emma would go back to the Enchanted Forest. They would go back to a fairy tale world, because they aren’t… real. If only there was a precedent for what to do for someone who isn’t real to become it.

Oh wait.

Regina has separated from the Evil Queen, she has shown to be unselfish at times… but maybe she needs to be brave and also true to herself? Maybe she needs to make a confession about how she really feels to become real and stay in our world? Maybe so does Emma?

…maybe the Final Battle is the one against the hardest monster of them all… our own fear.

Online Stationery Store?

So several people have asked me where I got the notebooks that were offered in the giveaway and were disappointed to learn that I got them on campus. Plus, I recently saw a post of cute stationery that featured washi tape for twice the amount it costs here for me to buy it. I’m thinking about opening up an online store so that you guys can get Korean and Japanese stationery for cheap and I can make a bit of money. Some of the money I earn will be used for giveaways so that there can be multiple winners and good prizes. Please let me know what kind of options you want to see (mildliners, study planners, washi tape, notebooks, etc.)! What do you guys think?

Credits at the end of the episode

They played Beyonce’s “On The Run” in the credits at the end of the episode. Another reason why I think this is going to end well.

They even edited the song to only include a few of the lyrics. I told you guys SKAM wasn’t about to pull a cliche love story.

The (m) INTP and INTJ Realtionship

-Instead of having arguments, we have discussions where both sides are willing to hear and listen the others argument, sometimes we are even willing to change our opinion. 

-Dates include ritual habits like going to the same place, ordering the same thing. 

-Watching the same netflix show over and over are staples to filling comfortable silences. 

-Completely comfortable being our weird selves–including making weird sounds and all.

-Conversations about warcraft, politics, pokemon, dogs, which actor is on tv, physics, chemistry, math, philosophy can happen all in 15 min.

-Wake each other up when there is a rare pokemon spawning by the house. 

-Issues with emotional and physical contact are not an issue for either. 

-Both have a high interest in learning new things, when ever one brings it up, the other agrees and it happens.

-Laying in bed all day is always going to outweigh any romantic thing either one could do for the other. 

-Sassy, punny, and sarcastic comments are a million times more interesting than with any other type. 

-All things romantic are unconventional. 





How do you even draw fire??

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My chances of seeing my hero in SNL was destroyed today in the most ridiculous of ways, right at the entryway into the studio:

Six of us were waiting for standby tickets for SNL to see Benedict Cumberbatch host. Our group was first in line. I was #5. There was a woman on the stand-by ticket line as well who has been camping out for every SNL event for 10 years, and she was probably #8 in line.

The woman made a stink abt us leaving to get food, go to the bathroom, etc. (even though everyone did this, including her), and thought that we were cutting in line. She complained multiple times. The security guards, ppl in line, and even NBC Today staff said it was fine and that they’ve seen us waiting throughout. It was just her that had a problem.

So after literally sleeping in the street, we finally got our SNL stand by tickets at 7am (we chose to see the dress rehearsal instead of the Live showing). We went home, slept properly, and came back to the NBC store at 6pm to wait in line. We were there. We made it, and we were so fucking stoked to see Benedict practice.

But, of course, the woman still wasn’t happy. She spoke to the staff (and they obv know her cuz of her coming to every show), and they spoke to each other, and a man called the six of us to the front.

He said, “Listen, she’s been coming here for years, so i’m taking her word over yours. So, here’s the deal; three of you can stay, and three of you can leave. If you guys don’t decide who’s staying in three minutes, you’re all leaving. No discussion.” So we chose the three friends who got there first, to be fair on our group.

He took our tickets away, and then offered us to go to the back of the line, so I went from #5, ticket in hand, ready to walk into the studio, only to go to the back of the queue. (Only to later to forget he said that and came yelling over to us like, “What are you guys doing here?”). The studio filled, so we didn’t get in anyway.

That woman, though, is in there right now. She got in without consequence.

So this SNL regular decided to ruin our day because we were in front of her in line and need human resources. I left crying and I’m heartbroken. She ruined our chance to see our favorite, and my personal hero, Benedict Cumberbatch, and she just couldn’t let it go until she won. And she unfortunately did.