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what's a levita

An obscure latin word.

But I’m going to assume that you meant Lepida. Like I said, I don’t know very much about them but here’s what i do know:

They are humanoids that have wings that look like only the veins of either moth or butterfly wings. The wings are usually made out of something that relates to the element that they’re closest with. For example,  the shadow lepida that i met had wings that were black with this smokey sort of energy coming off of them (Sort of like the smoke shit on a Ghastly) and the ice lepida that i met had light blue wings that i assume were made out of some sort of ice or snow. 

Actually, to name a lepida by their element would be wrong. Just as you wouldn’t call a human who works with the element of water a “water human”, you wouldn’t call a lepida who works with water a “water lepida”. They are simply called “Lepida” (plural Lepidae??). Some people have called them “butterfly demons” or butterfly witches” but considering that there those who are moths I don’t think those are the true terms. One Lepida that I met scorned them, but another said that they were accurate. 

Though the term “butterfly witch” is interesting because it reminds me of the term that I’ve heard called “butterfly magic”; which is apparently what makes a Lepida a Lepida. (Of course if you once again ignore that there are moth variants). I suspect that “butterfly magic” has something to do with working with the spirits of butterflies (and moths). So I can imagine that the term “butterfly witch” means someone who practices with the magic and spirits of butterflies (and moths).   

In Touhou, there’s a species of youkai called a “Magician”. That is basically a human who has practiced and researched so much magic that they are able to become a youkai. I think that concept is somehow related to the Lepidae. That they are human spirits or even physical humans that have worked so much with “butterfly magic” that their entire being has gradually changed to be something else. I am of the personal belief that the more you work with a specific type of entity (Ex- me and insect spirits) the more your energy begins to match theirs. It’s the fact that I came upon that belief when I was talking with the butterfly spirit trio is what made me think about how it may relate to Lepidae.   

Like I said earlier, they usually focus on one element or area in their magic and they are extremely powerful in this area. Like legit don’t fight them they can be very scary. Though, similar to most insect spirits, they are vulnerable to storm-related magic. They are also pretty knowledgeable about different areas of magic, for example, one taught me how to create spirit vessels (like the ones for companions). Basically, they are very adept magicians/witches with butterfly/moth wings. They like to wear witch hats too.   

I wish I could say more but whenever I asked them a question they’d laugh as if it were a joke or, most of the times, think that it’s weird for me to ask that and say that I should already know the answer.


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Hello, not to be rude or anything, but why don't you like Julien as a last name? I'm sure you've talked about it before, but I'm not sure how to find it.

its really just a personal thing kinda? mostly just due to the way the fandom Is most of the time, namely ppl focus on like 3 characters and ignores everyone else. and i dont really give a shit because whatever, people can do what they want

but this particular shit bothers me because of the way this fandom works, and because of the way the standard “here’s these characters’ kid!” thing works.

julien has no first/last name besides julien. this leads people to treat “julien” as whatever kind of name they want under the circumstances. and then when people go to create “zane’s kid” ocs, they ALWAYS give them the last name “julien” because they assume zane’s last name is “julien”, even though julien only has one name and it really could be either a first or a last name (though i consider it a first name).

the thing that BOTHERS me about it is that the name “julien” is treated as a signifier to say “hey this is zane’s kid” and nothing more, because the fandom as a whole completely ignores him unless they want to talk about echo zane and how terrible julien is for abandoning him (which im not saying isnt completely right, because it is, julien is a fundamentally terrible person in many respects, but it being the ONLY situation anybody talks about him with is what pisses me off)

if circumstances were different - i.e. we had an actual last name for julien - it wouldn’t piss me off, because THEN there actually would be a last name to be the signifier. i personally hc his last name to be roberts because of one of those weird videos from a few years back but that’s another story entirely.

see, for example let’s take a hypothetical “pixal’s kid” character. this character would be named “____ Borg” because pixal’s last name is Borg, because she’s Cyrus Borg’s kid. this scenario doesn’t bother me because cyrus has a last name to spare. nobody calls Cyrus just “Borg”, everybody calls him “Cyrus”. his last name can work as that signifier of “this is my kid” because we HAVE a different name to refer to him by.

when people try to do the same thing with “julien” it just pisses me the FUCK off because that’s the only name we have to refer to julien. if we treat it as a last name then suddenly we’re boiling him down to “im only important because of my kids” which is just???????? sorry no????? at minimum I appreciate his character for being interesting?????

so yeah there’s your crash course on why “heres my “zanes kid” oc ____ julien” pisses me off

Dating Harry Would Include -29

The ways he likes to bother you:

- When pretends to sleep, his body blocking yours to not let you go out from bed and leave him alone
- Pinching your buttcheek when you can’t stop him and give you a wink when you tell him to stop
- Catching your ankle when you try to leave the couch and not let you go as long as you don’t kiss him
- Kissing your cheeks from behind to distract you when you’re on phone
- Stealing food in the pan while you’re cooking even if you slap his hand each time
- Calling you embarrassing cute names to make you smile when you give him the silent treatment
- Kissing your whole face but not on your lips when you ask him to kiss you
- Mocking your way of dancing while cooking breakfast but join you and dance with you when you become grumpy
- Covering your eyes when you two watching TV
- Stealing your hair products even if he has his own ones using “ I like when my hair smells like you!” as excuse
- Calling you his grumpy sleepy baby when you refuse to wake up and groan
- Poking your cheek with his index finger when you’re grumpy and ignore him
- Giving your butt  a slap when you pass by his side and don’t answer him to tease him
- Taking your face in his hands and trying to bite your nose and cheek when you refuse him a kiss because you’re late
- Overreacting when he’s “sick” to make you stay at home and take care of him instead of going out
- Trying your beauty products by curiosity at first but end using them everyday
- Stealing food in your plate when you don’t pay attention
- Asking you to play with his hair when you’re seriously occupied just because he’s bored
- Mimicking your voice and pout when you call him using your baby voice
- Teasing you when he sees you taking selfies and come to disturb you
- Playing with your lips when you’re reading
- Complaint about how mean you are when you bite his finger to make him stop
- Calling you again and again until you look at him and giving you a smile  without saying a word when you ask him what he wants
- Whispering naughty things he knows turn you on while you two are in public to make you blush
- Asking you what’s the matter when he sees you all blushing faking not knowing what made you like this

Which way you would like Harry to bother you?


九酱子  |  USS Bunker Hill CV-17

※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.  

Rumors in the SKAM fandom

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about a rumor going around (namely, Henrik having to quit his job because people were coming up to him asking for selfies).

I do NOT think he had to quit his job because of this. I believe he is still working there. Most celebrities in Norway can go around doing whatever, without being bothered by the public. If it really was an issue, he wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures with fans, to begin with. He even has his workplace info on his Facebook profile.

Some of the international viewers of this show need to understand that Norway is not Hollywood. Also, be aware of those circulating these kinds of rumors. People seem to love having “inside information” about these sorts of things. It makes them feel ‘special’ inside the fandom.

Unless you heard it from Henrik, it’s just that - a rumor.

Casual reminder that if you don’t like something that somebody else likes, you should probably just shut up and leave them be. You can just blacklist whatever it is you don’t like it or unfollow them; sending them anon hate isn’t going to solve anything and is just going to make you look like an ass. As long as they’re not doing something harmful (and I have seen people draw/write harmful things in this fandom), then why bother them? Let them have their fun, and retreat to your own corner and have yours. 

And even if they are doing something harmful, then point it out to them in a calm and polite manner, and explain why what they’re doing is harmful in a rational manner. Name calling, telling people to kill themselves or delete their blogs, making hate blogs, and just cursing up a storm in general isn’t going to solve anything, and again, is just going to make you look like an ass regardless of your intentions. Take some time to calm yourself down before messaging them. They’re not going to listen to you or react well if you’re being overly hostile. 

Treat other people how you’d like to be treated, always. There’s never a good reason to be a dick

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Hey! Could you do a bts reaction to seeing you in the airport after they return from a really long tour? (If you could make it like super fluffy that'd be sweet😊)


He told you before the plane landed that if you were going to show up at the airport you better have a sign otherwise don’t even bother. He was teasing and you knew that but you were going to embarrass the shit out of him. When he walked out of the terminal it was hard to miss the hot pink sign with the hearts and his name in glitter. He was instantly embarrassed and the other guys didn’t help but he couldn’t stop laughing either. When he got to you he’d yell and throw the sign down on the ground before kissing your cheek and pulling you close.

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He’d be wearing a face mask but as soon as he saw you his eyes crinkled at the sides and it was obvious he was smiling widely. His pace quickened a little more and every time he passed one of the other guys they would laugh and tease him. But he didn’t give a shit and didn’t even hear them. When he got to you he’d just put an arm around your shoulders and lean in close to tell you how much he missed you. He’d greet you properly when you were alone.

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He told you not to come to the airport so he figured you’d listen. You didn’t. He completely didn’t see you because he was busy texting you. You called him a damn fool and saw him pout. The other guys of course saw you and started laughing at their helpless leader who finally looked up and around very confused. When he saw you he’d start laughing and shake his head embarrassed. Pulling you close he’d give you a kiss on the forehead and tell you how much he missed you.

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As soon as he saw you he’d scream dramatically. He’d rush over to you as fast as he could. Even though he was tired from the trip and just wanted to sleep and eat, he’d get a renewed energy just from seeing you there waiting for him. He’d ignore Jimin and Jungkook laughing at him and hug you tight, lifting you off the ground, still screaming happily of course and shaking you.

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He would be so focused on getting out of the airport and home to you that he’d completely miss seeing you. It wasn’t until he heard your familiar voice calling his name that he’d look up and see you. The other guys would tease him and he’d bend over from laughing at the situation himself. Grabbing your hand he’d pull you in for a long hug before dragging you along quickly. He was still in a hurry to get home for a proper welcome~

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His eyes would dart around the crowd immediately because he just really wanted to see you even if he didn’t know you were gonna be there or not. When he saw you he’d smile widely and call out your name dramatically. You call out his name just as dramatically and he’d run to you, twirling you around. The other guys would mainly just ignore the two of you and roll their eyes. This was real life not a kdrama, get your lives together.

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This baby bun told you not to meet him at the airport, but as soon as he stepped out of the terminal he was subtly looking for you. When he saw you he’d smile shyly and shake his head at you. Before he even got to you he’d text you. “Yah! I told you not to come! OMG. Why are you like this? [insert pepe meme here]” He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling though and once Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung saw you then his face they would tease him. He’d just grab your hand or put his arm around your shoulders not wanting to show much affection in public.

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FAHC!Raywood First kiss? (If you're still doing prompts?)

Okay, so I had a hard time trying to figure out how to approach this one but I think I’ve figured got it now. Thank you for the prompt:

Gavin has a firework guy. He won’t tell anyone in the crew who it is, doesn’t have the guy’s name or number in his phone, and won’t let anyone go with him when he goes to get them, but sure enough, every holiday, like clock work, he has some in the trunk of his car, waiting to be set off. It drives Geoff crazy, and he even tried following Gavin once to find out who this guy is, but Gavin caught on too quickly and led Geoff on a wild goose chase right back to the penthouse. The crew still laughs about it to this day.

Ray never bothers asking because a) he thinks he already knows who it is and b) even if he’s wrong he trusts Gavin’s judgment (usually) and figures if this guy starts giving him any trouble he can take care of himself. That doesn’t stop him from swiping a couple when Gavin isn’t looking and smuggling them out of the penthouse.

He makes a pit stop before heading out to the desert, knowing he won’t make it there first. Ray’s too much of an ‘enjoy the ride’ type of person; a bonafide believer of all that life moves too fast bullshit. He’d rather be perpetually late and see the scenery than exceptionally early and miss out on life’s little moments.

Sure enough, when he gets there Ryan is sitting on the hood of his Zentoro smoking a cigarette. He looks up when he hears Ray’s vehicle approaching, sliding off his car. 

“Those things’ll kill you,” Ray says getting out of his Panto and heading towards the back.

Ryan huffs, but he still takes the cigarette out of his mouth, flicking it somewhere out into the sand, and blows out a puff of smoke. He heads towards Ray, watching as he takes a bag full of fireworks out of the trunk.

“Those Gavin’s?”

“Like you have to ask.”

Ryan smiles, taking the fireworks from Ray, and the two start walking into the desert. They don’t go far, Ryan would never go far from his Zentoro, but they’re far enough away that a stray firework is less likely to crash land into one of their vehicles.

Ray takes the bag back, and Ryan heads towards a rock, sinking down onto it, watching as Ray slowly sets up the fireworks. He’s nowhere near as good at it as Gavin, he’s also never almost blown his foot off either, but he manages just fine, lighting the fuse with no problem.

He rushes back towards the rock Ryan is sitting on, taking a seat next to him, and the two watch as the first firework flies up into the air, exploding into a ball of color. The second one joins it a moment later, and that’s when Ray remembers what else he had bought.

“Fuck. I’ll be right back.” He gets up, jogging back towards his car, returning a few minutes later. “I brought a twelve pack,” he says, holding up a case of Capri Sun.

“I expected nothing less,” Ryan retorts grinning and Ray snorts, sitting back down, opening the box of juice. He offers one to Ryan, but he shakes his head, watching as another firework explodes in the air.

Ray shrugs, helping himself to a juice pouch, jabbing the straw into the little hole. He takes a long drink, watching the fireworks for a few seconds, but his attention strays to Ryan.

Ray’s not sure what comes over him; maybe it’s the fireworks, maybe he finally found that LSD laced Capri Sun he knows exists out there, maybe it’s the company he’s keeping tonight; but for some reason he leans forward to do… something. He’s not sure what exactly.

He’s not counting on Ryan turning at the same time or their heads colliding or spilling Capri Sun all over the place. He swears, jumping to his feet, apologizing when he sees the blood dribbling down Ryan’s lip.

“Shit, dude, that’s, shit…” he shakes his hands, trying to get the juice off of them, but they’re already getting sticky (and there’s probably a masturbation joke that can be made from this situation). “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Ryan replies nodding, watching Ray warily. “What were you-?” he trails off, furrowing his eyebrows. “What were you trying to do?”

Ray shrugs, not really knowing himself. He runs his sweaty palms down his thighs, swallowing past the weird lump in his throat. He nods behind him, voice cracking when he says, “We should probably go.”


“It’s fine.” He turns, nearly trips over his feet, and practically runs back towards his car. He’s had enough embarrassment for a life time.

Three days later, and some major avoiding on Ray’s part, he and Ryan are on a helicopter, heading towards their next heist. Neither one have said much to each other, Jack trying a few times to start a conversation but getting nowhere, and it’s weird. It’s really weird. They’re not exactly the most vocal members of the crew, but Ray’s never felt awkward around Ryan. That’s never been a thing they’ve had to go through. Even when Ryan first joined FAH and wouldn’t say much to anyone, they’d still sit with a comfortable silence between them.

And he can’t help thinking that he caused this; he caused this with his weird whatever in the desert a few nights ago. If he had just watched the fireworks like a normal person none of this would be happening right now. Probably.

“Alright, we’re approaching the drop point,” Jack says and both nod in understanding. “Don’t die, guys, okay?”

“Way to lighten the mood, Jack,” Ray says sarcastically and he hears Ryan snort. It’s the most normal thing they’ve done since the desert, and Ray craves for more of it. He wishes he could shazaam himself back in time and delete the part of his brain that decided to headbutt Ryan while trying to do… whatever he had been trying to do.

“Okay, jump in three, two…”

“Hey, Ray,” Ryan says from behind him and Ray turns, confused, only to rear back when Ryan leans into him, falling backwards out of the helicopter. Needless to say, it is not a smooth landing.

Two weeks later, Ryan and Ray are pinned down behind a dumpster in an alleyway. They have about two more minutes before anyone can get to them, too many gang members to ensure a bloodless escape, and Ray’s running out of bullets. The odds are not in their favor and he really has to pee.

“If we die…” Ryan starts and Ray nudges him, shaking his head. “No, listen, if we die, I need you to know one thing.”

Ray wants to argue, but instead he goes for humor. “If you decided to sell my organs to the black market at least make sure you get a good price.”

“Look, I’m trying to have a moment here.”

“Yeah, and it’s stupid because we’re gonna be fine. You, me, that stray cat we saw run out into the street when the shit hit the fan. All of us. Completely fine.”

“But if we’re not…”

“Oh, shut up.”

“But if we’re not…” Ryan leans forward, pressing his lips to Ray’s, and time stands still for that moment. Only to speed back up when Ryan pulls away, grinning. He shoves his mask back over his face, checks the clips on his guns, and jumps up, firing in the direction of the gang members, helicopter blades overhead telling them the cavalry has arrived.

Ray sits there, stunned for a good three seconds, but the situation catches up to him and he mutters, “Crazy bastard.” He then jumps up, firing at a random guy, yelling, “YOLO.”

And yeah, maybe he’s a crazy bastard, too.

Okay usually I don’t even bother speculating, but it just gave me pause today.

So C-Russ is not filming as of now, just in time for this new actress (whose name escapes me, I’m sure you all know who I’m talking about) to come on board who already tweeted about filming with Jemma. Could they have introduced this character as a new consultant that’s going to be on AAU while Serena’s gone?

Here’s what I don’t want to have happen: They do the whole, Bernie cheated on her husband once before, let’s show her be tempted by this new woman who’s possibly into her? But then no, because she’s Bernie and she loves Serena strong and true and just because someone cheats because of the crazy war-ravaged situation they were in, doesn’t make them cheaters again. I mean we’ve seen this before. 

Here’s what I would like to have happen: New consultant is a total bitch and she and Bernie despise one another, work through it to resolve their differences and become amicable by the end when Serena comes back.

Best non-planned date ever

Dan is looking around embarrassed. The waiter just came around for the 6th time asking if he was ready to order. Dan asked her yet again for more time for his date to arrive. He has sent Michael a text nearly an hour ago when he got to the restaurant but he has not even bothered to reply. People keep looking at Dan understanding that he is getting stood up as they look apologetic in their eyes at him. Dan just stares at his phone and sips some wine. Another 15 minutes go bye and still nothing. Dan decides he should get up and leave before someone sits with him.

“Hey oh my god I am so sorry I am so late.” He says loudly enough for everyone around to here. “My name is Phil, just go with it; the person who you were waiting for is obviously an idiot for not showing up for such a cute man.” Dan blushes at the last comment. Dan decides to go with it, not like he has anything else to do. The waiter comes around seeing another person sitting with Dan and they both order the same dish at the same time causing both of them to laugh.

They spend this imaginary date getting to know each other. They have nearly everything in common. The only thing that is really different about them is the color of their eyes. Dan has these brown eyes and Phil has gorgeous greeny yellow blue eyes. They chat the time away for hours. It is well past midnight and they had been there for 4 hours, Dan being 5 since he showed up. They both decided to leave. Not once did Dan’s actual date even attempts to contact him.

“Ya know it is a shame your actual date didn’t show up, he is really missing out on something extremely special.” Phil says standing close to Dan once they are outside on the sidewalk.

“Thanks, I at least expected him to contact me to tell me why he didn’t show, but nothing. I think this is defiantly the end of me and him.”

“Firstly, I am sorry, it must truly suck. Secondly, now you are available, how about me and you go on an actual planned date sometime soon?”

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You're my favorite blog probably ever. You're probably the only one I trust with this. My friend is being stalked and she is super nervous about herself and her boyfriend and her dad. Her stalker knows their full names. I was hoping you could refer me to some protection spells, that maybe incorporate things to help with anxiety. Thanks, hope I'm not bothering you.

with stalkers, make sure she is ready to record any evidence of him being a creep, even go to the police if she can, or whatever authorities are around.

protection/defensive spells

emotional self care:

Some recent games have featured independent, well-developed characters with amazing powers, intriguing pasts, and mental off-switches activated by ball sweat. It’s like the player has kryptonite testicles. BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth was born with the ability to tear portals in time and space, then learned to pick locks anyway, then sat patiently in prison until a penis arrived to save her. Ellie from The Last of Us is immune to an apocalyptic virus, learns new weapons faster than Neo, and has stabbed more enemies to death than Wolverine. But as soon as the guy turns up, she dissolves into tears and nursing. She could be machetifying a rapist cannibal into sashimi, but if the hero arrives she’ll instantly collapse into helpless tears, safe in his arms. Because that’s exactly what happens.

The protagonists, on the other hand, are such anonymous manly men that we’re not even going to bother with their names. You already know they’re white, stubbly, grizzled, dark-haired gun platforms. Their only advantages are the magic balls that fix them as the center of any narrative universe. And they’ve already lost their own girl earlier, because why on Earth would a man care about a woman without prior cause? The woman’s struggle becomes a stand-in for the man’s loss, her entire narrative is just a piece of his, and he scribbles “Daddy makes it all better” all over her ending.

6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts

HWTR to meeting you, their YouTube crush, at a convention




He’s rather anxious at first but the moment he spots you, he instantly calms himself down. And he knows exactly what he has to do: get rid of his friends and approach you on his own. He didn’t want to get embarrassed by them in front of you, his esteemed YouTube crush. Joji just can’t believe his luck—he didn’t take long to spot you in the crowd (because he was rather hyped and actually couldn’t stay still). And he wasn’t going to admit that he wandered around the convention centre in search for you specifically. His crush was mostly hidden or at least, the intensity of it; he kept cool on the surface whenever your name was mention and never acted as a fan boy. That was reserved only for his private time. He didn’t want for Max and Ian to continuously make fun of him with his crush, even if he doesn’t particularly mind. It’ll still bother him to some degree. He was pretty chill about it, despite the fact that this was more than just a crush. He fell in love with you the first few seconds of the video his friends showed him. You were so natural and kind and had a rather gross sense of humour in spite of your rather pristine appearance. And you were subscribed to him! He felt so lucky for an angel like you to like his shitty content. At least he felt he had a chance.

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I’m not even going to bother retorting or fighting with the few people on the post I made yesterday who are like “psychological terrorism? aggression? they’re just making baristas yell a name on a cup!”

this may come as a shocker but efforts to be horrible don’t nessesarily have to be competent. And they also can exist in a wider context than a single hapless effort– minorities are having “trump” graffiti’d in their neighborhoods or communities as an intimidation tactic, a shorthand for everything that aggressive bigots believe he stands for doing to those people. You don’t see anybody going “it’s just the president-elect’s name! there’s nothing wrong with that!”

like no, it’s a negative form of aggression. And the pathetic trump cup thing is just the no-vandalism version of it for even more cowardly folks who are trying to express the same malevolent urge to teabag their ‘enemies’ who they believe have been defeated, but stop short of vandalism and will settle for harassing service employees.

I should not have to explain that “psychological terrorism” isn’t reserved for some kind of slasher horror villain’s actions, or for overtly ‘shocking’ public spectacles. It is uncomfortable for many but we have to level with that the same desire for submission exists within “normal” seeming people and they will take “normal people” avenues to express it. There are abuse survivors who can tell you that they’ve lived in environments where someone could shut a door angrily at them in a way that precedes violence, and there are black people in my country who could describe microaggressions that white people do to express their hatred of blackness, and to try and remove black people from their spaces. Like impeding their walking path, or staring at them/following them around a store. Pointing to these sorts of things out of context can, for someone willfully ignorant seem like “what’s the big deal? they’re just shutting a door? They’re just standing in your way a lot, or staring at you, or something? That’s not violence or psychological terrorism.”

But like, aggression is not something limited to advancing angrily towards someone with a bat, yelling and screaming, etc. Terrorism isn’t limited to burning crosses or acts of targeted violence or whatever. Aggression has not only both positive and negative aspects (acting to enforce your own boundaries or pursue your own ambitions, vs. violating another’s boundaries etc.) but also exists in a variety of magnitudes and can have external context. And yeah, it doesn’t have to be particularly effective to still be what it is, and for everybody in the room to understand the intent behind it. Which is often more destructive than some goofy cup scheme.

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more hc for pastel! jack and punk! felix? (hope i'm not annoying—)

[dont worry about it, its what im here for aint it]

i’ll go a little heavier this time since the other ones were super fluffy

-felix sometimes gets super needy and he wont even bother to take jack’s shirt off when he fucks him, so jack stuck on the bed with his sweater still on, and he’s just pulling at the material and screaming felix’s name

-felix is the type of boyfriend to make out with jack in an elevator or train car when they’re the only ones in there

-sometimes when jack wakes up in the night he’ll wake fe up too and just make out with him for the longest time

-jack’s actually really good at makeup, and sometimes if he does enough convincing, fe will let him do his makeup

  • TFP gets leaked in Russian and English (with Turkish subtitles), said episode that was really bloody groundbreaking and which they didn't even want to mention the name of, they wanted to keep it secret because it was so good and it was going to make Television History(TM): Lol, watch it all you want lad, you can even share it around... We don't really give a shite. Ya know, like, we're not even going to bother to take the leaks down, so really, just post it wherever your heart feels like.
I'm just going to say it.

The fact that Killian can remember the people he’s killed and their names, and speak about them with such regret, shows that despite his past he has managed to hold onto his humanity and feel remorse for what he’s done.

Whereas Regina. She can’t even be sure whose heart was used to bring Daniel back to life, because she “took so many”. And she couldn’t even bother remembering the time she sentenced Marian to death, because apparently she was “too vanilla”.

These are people’s lives she’s talking about. Lives she was responsible for ending. But does she care, even now? No, of course not.

This is the sign of a true sociopath.

Why anyone would ship Emma with this woman is beyond my understanding. But then I suppose most SQ fans are only into the ship because of Regina.

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I really hope you have a cat that's named my honor so when you go arround with it as zuko and it jumps on other people you can say"Give me my honor back" or"guys have you seen my honor?"or"my honor stop bothering the ducks"

You probably don’t know but I hate Zuko jokes because I constantly get bombarded with them nonstop when in my zuko copslay/anytime I post a picture of myself as Zuko, so this suggestion I absolutely hate. I don’t even want to wear Zuko ever again because people care more for using me as a joke than actually caring about my cosplay. ^ ^

SO I thought ‘Okay, kid, you seem to be scared of doing painting that are more then just head and shoulders so… I tried drawing something else in my style? Maybe that help? Maybe I do more? It was kinda fun and hopefully will help me doing my own damn stuff, yo-

Idea is not mine, not at all. It is the first picture you get of Zen, so…. yea. Who is the artist who drew for MysMr though? I cannot find a name, urgh. But I love most of the drawings in there! Ghuuuu

Also, still a long way to go for hair.

P.S. what’s style, what’s consitency, did I even spell that right? I cannot really be bothered to google it now, lol-

Love Spreads - Tate Langdon x Reader

REQUESTED:  Requesting more Tate 😉 one where he and the reader meet in a mental hospital?? (Ily 😘) - @iconangel

I’m super sorry about this, please don’t hate me, but this is going to be a 2 part story. Here is part 1. I didn’t mean it, it just happened. 

When your parents shipped you off to the hospital, they told you it was for your own good. That it would help you to get better. What they really meant was that they couldn’t be bothered to handle you and your problems. That’s why you found yourself standing in the lobby of this place. You didn’t even know the name of it, you didn’t really care either. The nurse in front of you was talking, but you weren’t listening. It wasn’t until she gripped your shoulder and pushed you forward that you tuned her in.

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