not even going to be on the island tomorrow


@forthedingoes @wolfdogeducation i thought you guys might enjoy these!

this is my dad, he’s fire and rescue on Hamilton Island (the whitsundays) and because of the cyclone, he got to go and pick up the two dingoes from the wildlife park and take them to a keeper’s house! he’s gonna find out their names for me tomorrow.

they’re apparently super friendly and outgoing since they see people all day every day and were born in captivity! but most dingoes, even in captivity, aren’t like this. if you see one, leave it be, even at a zoo. most are not this outgoing. needless to say, though, my dad was very excited to get to spend time with Australia’s most taxonomically debated species.

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I just feel so bad for them. They can't even be together on their anniversary, all because some office flunky is dragging their heels! It's so profoundly unfair. Tom's been on the receiving end of some trolling today accusing him of cheating the whole time Lance has been in NYC. This just plain sucks. I wish I could magic them away to a deserted island for tomorrow. It's heartbreaking 😢💔😭💔😢💔😭

Yeah, it definitely sucks that they’re going to be separated on their anniversary 😔 but just remember that, they’re missing tomorrow, only so that Lance can stay longer in the U.K. And be home longer ☺️ Sometimes sacrifices are made for the future

State tax return kicked in so I might hit up the movies tomorrow. Imma go see Kong: Skull Island cuz that’s the only movie that I want to see that plays in the morning cuz even tho I got the money, I ain’t passing up on matinee prices…


Does it get any better or more relaxing than laying on a deserted beach with the sun beating down on you and the only sounds you can hear are the waves and the birds - I wish I could travel forever! Rottnest Island today was lovely - I mean, it rained, it hailed, it was seriously windy, it was hot and it was cold all in one day but it’s a beautiful island to spend a day cycling around - legs are going to feel it tomorrow though after all the hills and head-on wind! I attempted lots of selfies with the Quokkas but they are too low on the ground to get a decent shot. The picture of the crow is there just because it stole my custard doughnut before I’d even taken it out of the bag - it must have been trying to tell me something!

My next procedure is in two days, and I’ve really been trying but I just can’t relax. So much has been happening and I’m so tense and exhausted, I haven’t been sleeping and I’ve been having trouble working and writing.

I just want to go to Coney Island tomorrow and have a nice evening to cut loose before I have to go back under the knife.