not even from shatter me tbh

How the fuck Steven stays compassionate is beyond me

I’d be cursing out these guys tbh.

“Fuck you, Yellow Zircon, look up what  fucking niche is.”

“What kind of justice is this!??”

“Jesus Christ, why am I even on tRIAL”

“My sword doesn’t fucking cut gems, CHECK YOUR FACTS”

“If we weren’t so fucking bitter and shitty we wouldn’t be here.”

“Fuck you to you walking traffic cone.”

“I look nothing like Rose Quartz and ya’ll don’t question anything, no fuckign wonder one of ya’ll got shattered.”

“White Diamond has the right fucking idea, no one would spend 5,000 years fucking crying. Like, you haven’t even finished the stages of grief after this fucking long.”

“And the fact that you think that Rose Quartz doesn’t have insiders on Homeworld is beyond me.”

“At least this Zircon is acTUALLY QUESTION THE FUCKING FACTS.”

“It has been thousands of years and you have yet to figure out that this type of empire will fucking crash and burn??? LIke, you aren’t even self sufficient. You are fucked??? One civil war and bOOM BYE BYE HOMESHITS.”

“And that fact that you guys can shatter anyone whenever you wish but you have an actual court system is beyond me, like you are above the goddamn law.”

“Surprise bitch, you’ve been dooped, I’m a human being!!! And ya’ll are too stupid to question these things because you are blinded for your need of BS revenge.”

“Ya’ll don’t learn from your fucking mistakes and you only repeat these stupid mistakes. Like jesus christ, you want another fucking rebellion because that’s what you stupid rocks are doing.”

“I mean, you do not fact check, you can kill on whims, you are perfect for no good reason, you tyrants, you do not run a stable government, like, you really want to this to crash and fucking burn”

“Beep, beep, motherfucker, imma stealing this fucking shit.”

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who do we have to bribe to get stuart immonen drawing sw comics again

Honestly this was the first issue where the art truly bothered me, usually I’m able to roll with it even if it’s not to my taste.

But listen, if we’re bringing back ANY new canon artist to rescue our beloved OT trio from…whatever is happening to them in the Harbinger arc, I vote for Marco Chechetto of Shattered Empire and Obi-Wan & Anakin fame. JUST LOOK HOW PRETTY:

(And I say that as someone who adored Immonen’s run, as should be obvious from my desktop AND mobile theme lol).

My opinion on the leaks

A lot of leaks are coming from the blog @suleaks whom I do follow and enjoy so this is not a hate post about their blog. I just want to vocalize my opinions because that’s what tumblr is for.

I don’t hate the leaks. I think they are serious leaks tho that do effect the whole outline of the show, but no one is forcing me or anyone else to read them. But the real issue is even knowing if they’re true. And tbh I thought they were at first, but now I’m not sure. Not only did a huge reliable source deconfirm the leaks, which some say she did to protect the shows future, which if she is doing that good for her, but some of the things being said don’t seem to line up with what we’ve seen from the show.

The leak info that sticks out the most to me is Pearl’s supposed backstory. Apparently she was going to be shattered for being defective, and Rose came and rescued her. The reason this doesn’t make sense to me is because in “Rose’s Scabbard” Pearl shows how Rose told her she was going to fight for Earth and she told her that she didn’t have to join her in the fight, but of course, Pearl was more than willing to fight for Rose. On Rose’s part, this seems more like she’s telling Pearl she can stay on home world and not fight with her because they might not win.

Also in the beginning “Space Race”, at the galaxy warp, Pearl is telling Steven all about the Cosmo’s and seems rather disappointed that she fought for earth and for Rose but Rose is gone and she can’t even leave the planet now. Which doesn’t to me seem as though she would’ve been broken on home world anyway. It seems like she made the choice to stay on Earth.

And lastly, it was said I believe that she was going to be broken for being defective. Now this has been something I’ve thought about for a while, and I thought everyone thought this but maybe not. My thought is that Jasper called Pearl defective because she’s a pearl and she was holding a spear at her, a Jasper, and there was no higher up gem around to be in control of her (i mean maybe Sapphire but she was fused). Pearls don’t do what Pearl was doing. I don’t think it has anything to do with the shape of her gem or anything like that. She was just not acting like a pearl. With all this being said, I don’t think she was going to be broken on homeworld.

There’s more things about the leaks that make them seem untrue to me (like how would bismuth go back to homeworld, can he fly? How does he even know where its at if he only knew Rose) but like suleaks always says, they’re just for speculation, and this is just an opinion thinking they might be fake.

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the experiments seem very pained to me- the way they walk and sort of 'scream'? all seems like they're screaming for help. the thought of them being scared and in pain and sensing stevens gem and thinking he's rose and then begging for help from their former leader? gives me chills tbh

oh, no doubt. They’re definitely in a lot of pain, they shouldn’t even exist really, their gems are shattered but they’re forced into becoming this being that’s the combination of several partial people, with partial consciousnesses. I have to think they’re pained and scared and confused probably without any real ability to properly think (if they can its probably very clouded and conflicted, since they’re several different partial consciousness who never made the choice to be unified). I think they move forward and are drawn to Steven because they don’t know what else to do and its just a natural pull that they probably don’t even understand