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Weekend Stay for Prospective Students

Weekend Stays for Prospective Students in Elsewhere University are something that had to be planned cautiously, from what places to show to what to put in the introduction pamphlets (not just information, other things too), and who were going to be Tour Guides and Hosts for the students.
Being chosen for one of these jobs was an honour and a curse. To be a Guide, it was given that you should be knowledgeable about the university’s layout and surroundings, about which places were safe and which not and knowing how to react when this suddenly changed. People with authority were preferred for this spot, but sometimes it was the quiet ones who knew the school better and had some especial kind of intuition as to which places were safer.
To be a Host you had to know the rules as the back of your hand, and not just know them, follow them too. Your history with the fair folk had to be as clean as possible of things like debts, favours, and people near you taken away.
Here is where the curse part comes: as a Guide or Host you are responsible for a bunch of usually high school aged teenagers who sometimes weren’t good at following rules. That, of course, wasn’t a problem for Mike, he was in his senior year, and in the three years he had served as guide and host, not one single student had gotten lost.
This stereotypical nerdy kid wasn’t going to be the first.
Sarah really didn’t wanted to come here. She felt wrong, as if she was being observed from all angles, and something was also following her. But Noah, who usually wasn’t energetic about anything, had been so hyped that she really couldn’t say no.
Still the weird felling prevailed, and when the guides distributed the introductory pamphlets it just intensified. First of all, if she wasn’t wrong, a little packed of what appeared to be salt or sugar wand glued to the front of the pamphlets, under it, Elsewhere University was written in a fancy font all surrounded by what appeared to be a lot of green vines, she ignored that, but she really couldn’t ignore the first thing she saw after opening the thing: a list of suggestions on how to speak, or better, how to think before speaking, immediately followed by a short set of rules.
“Noah, are you seeing this? ‘Don’t make deals’? ‘Be polite to plants and animals’? What sort of- What are you doing?!”
“Shh! Do you know if crows can eat jerky?” He asked, he had an open pack of jerky in his hands and was eyeing a nearby crow that appeared to returning his stare.
“How would I know and where even did you got jerky? I thought you didn’t liked it,” Sarah asked, side eying the crow that appeared to be very interested in the piece of jerky that Noah was timidly offering.
“A cousin from Virginia was making a visit, she brought a whole box of the stuff, I have a bunch of-” he was interrupted by one of the guides in front of everyone group.
“Attention please!” The Guide, a dark haired guy who looked like he could have been a basketball player, waited until everybody was mostly quiet to talk again, “Good. Welcome to Elsewhere University, we are glad that you have chosen this university as a possible place to study, but before we give more information, I want you to open you pamphlets and pay a detention to the suggestions and the set rules written there. I ask you that you follow those rules, for your own good- and I’m not joking” he added after hearing some snickers.
After a fast revision of the rules they were assigned of chose a partner from the other prospective students, just groups of two, no more. Sarah immediately took hold of Noah’s arm, he sometimes tended to be a bit distracted and had the custom of wandering off during field trips since he was in middle school.
“Now, stay with your partners, and wait for your hosts, they are here to protect you, they will accompany you through all your stay here, again, for your own safety, the university grounds are vast and have a big part of forests, it’s very easy to get lost. Your hosts will review the principal rules with you in more detail before we begin our trip to the dorms.” the Guide looked down to a folder in his hands, looked around and started walking toward them.
Noah looked about to ask her something (“hey have you seen my-“) but someone touched her shoulder before he could finish, “Um, excuse me, are you, um, is this your picture?” a shy looking girl was showing Sarah a picture of her in of one of those folders that all the hosts appeared to have. She wondered why her name wasn’t written there.
“Yes,” she said with a smile, ”you must be my host, my name is-“
“Wait!” the girl looked altered as if Sarah was breaking some kind of federal law, and then surprised of herself for her outburst “We… we don’t use our given names here, it’s, um, a tradition of sorts, for our own protection” she kinda whispered the last part, looking around a bit, Sarah noticed that Noah was talking to the guide who was speaking earlier. His host, she guessed, “you can call me Tina, and you should come up with a nick name too,”
“Um, ah, you can call me Lara, nice to meet you” she extended her hand for Tina to take, she wasn’t good coming up with things in short notice.
“Yeah, me too” Tina took her hand.
“So this is your friend. I’m Mike, nice to meet you miss…” Noah’s host inserted himself in the conversation, with Noah beside him.
“Lara, nice to meet you too” presentations done, they made a bit of chit-chat, revised some of the rules (Sarah looked pointedly at Noah Nathan from now on, every time rules like ‘Don’t eat food that someone gives you unless you’re sure they are human’ came up) and then started walking again with the tour. Suddenly, Mike was called from ahead, he threw an apologetic smile at them, and ran to where his name was being shouted.
They kept walking. Nathan looked near his feat, stopped, and started to crouch. Tina called her attention to something at the other side, just for a second, just one, and when she looked back Nathan was gone, she looked around a bit but couldn’t spot him, “Um, Tina? Did you saw Nathan walk away?”
“Huh, no, why?” after a some talking, Tina had opened up a bit she was still almost painfully shy, ”Wasn’t he following us?”
“Yeah, he was, but I can’t find him now”
“You mean he isn’t around?”
“Um, no, he just kinda disappeared, one second he was here and the next he wasn’t”
Tina looked around, standing in her tiptoes trying to look over the crowd and when does couldn’t find him, she turned pale. “Oh my God” she took a deep breath, her eyes open wide, “oh my God, please no,” now Sarah was a bit scared, and also somewhat confused, “please no, not the first one in three years, not in my first year” Tina was starting to hyperventilate, typing erratically in her phone. Sarah didn’t understood why she was so altered, Nathan had just wandered off, just as always, he would come back in a few minutes.
She saw Mike approach them running, evading people with a grace she wished she had. He had a worried expression on his face, but not as panicky as Tina. He immediately took hold of Sarah’s shoulders, just making her more confused about what they were freaking out, “You sure you didn’t saw him wander off?” he asked.
“Um, yes, I’m sure, but, guys? Why are you so worked up? He’ll turn up in a few minutes”
“No, no, you don’t understand, that’s not how it works here” Tina looked like she was having a panic attack, Sarah looked at Mike unsure of how to react. He had a sour expression on his face, but he let her go to approach Tina.
“Calm down Tina, calm down, we don’t need panicking hosts, remember training. It was near this spot, right? I’ll contact the AR they know what to do, don’t worry about it and attend to your own charge”
“Yes, yes,” she whispered, looking like the only thing grounding her was Mike’s hands, “I’ll do just that,” she looked closer to calm after that. Sarah was pulled away by Tina to keep going with the tour. The last thing she saw was Mike frowning while hurriedly speaking on the phone.
Mike couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t mad with Tina, she was pretty good at this, almost no dangerous encounter in her history, but it was her first year doing this and having a really close encounter (even if she didn’t saw it) during her firsts time probably wasn’t good, so it wasn’t her fault. No, he was mad at himself. He had years in this. Four years to be exact, the first freshman to participate in planning. He was the one people (especially freshies) came for help, he was supposed to be trust worthy.
And then his charge (his charge) was lost in to the Other realm. He couldn’t really know what was being bargained with the Fae, he wasn’t a AR (couldn’t be, really, his major and ‘always ready for danger’ personality caused both respect and fear, but sometimes bit too much fear and anyone would feel cornered and attack, so he couldn’t approach the fae), but he knew that they weren’t making a lot of advances; Fae were chaotic neutral, but sometimes, some of them fit the chaotic part more than the neutral, and it so happens that his charge was lured by one of those. They tried to control this with agreements and other things, but every few groups of prospective students, one or two got lost, and without knowing the rules or constant contact with the fair folk to learn the most basic unwritten rules, they were more difficult to be returned.
His charge, Nathan, was a nice kid, a bit too peppy for his taste, but he was overall nice: followed the rules without questions, and, curiously, seemed to have a connection with the place. If he decided to study here, he would have done well, but now they probably wouldn’t even know.
They tried to keep it as quiet as possible, no one outside the weekend event organisers and AR were allowed to know to not scare the prospective students away. One day, 6 hours and counting. Tomorrow evening was the end of the weekend event, guests were supposed to go back to their homes. The event had been a blast for them, but all the school residents in the know were worried underneath, they just knew how to hide it better.
It was the morning of the last day. Sarah had slept a total of 6 hours in her whole stay here, she hadn’t texted or called he parents in fear of revealing something in accident. They had explained her everything (or as much as they dared to say aloud). Fae. The fairy tales, those that her grandmother liked to tell her, had just turned into a more morbid- realistic view. Noah had been kidnapped by the Fae.
Well, not really, but something like it, and now he was lost on the “Other Real”, a difficult place to get to and even more difficult to get out of. She understood the names thing now, Names have power, more power than ever should be assigned to something so simple.
She was standing near the place with other Tina who was trying get to console her, other university students were passing near. Crows were unusually loud that day. She wasn’t sure why they were standing there, it was her decision, but that didn’t meant that she understood it. She supposed it was a way of coping, and that maybe, if she wished hard enough, he would just come out stumbling from the trees….
…Just like he was doing right now.
“No- Nathan!” he tripped on something and took a hold of a branch for support, “My God, Nathan, are you ok? Are you hurt? Do you remember me?”
She ran to him, being careful to not touch him in case he was hurt, he looked tired, but happy, well, not happy, satisfied was more like it, and a bit more confident than two days ago. He still had his backpack with him, if a bit lighter, his clothes looked ruffled and a bit dirty, but not much. “I’m glad to see you too, Lara, I’m ok, I’m not hurt, and yes, Lara, I remember you, but first things first. Let’s find food, I’m starving” she was happy to obey.
After he was fed and watered, and a comfy as he could without taking a shower Sarah asked him why he had wandered off “My keys. I had lost them near there, and I saw something shiny on the floor, so I confused it with them”. Someone, he thought it was his host, but he wasn’t sure, Some specific recent things were a bit fuzzy in his mind, asked how he had gotten out. “I followed the crows, of course, very trusty fellows if you treat them well”
If he took two extra salt packets from the cafeteria and stuffed them in his pockets, nobody said anything; if not two weeks later he decided on getting hire ears pierced and was looking for iron and silver earrings, Sarah preferred not to comment; and if that year he only applied for Elsewhere University and nothing else, his parents took a look at the place’s prestigious reputation and decided it was better to ignore it.
In campus, the tale of the prospective student who managed to get out of the Other realm by his own will, would continue to spread. Facts changing to make it more interesting (“He came out with the Sight”, “He was blessed by the Queen-“(“Don’t ever mention the Queen, you idiot!”), “He went back in a few hours after and hasn’t been spotted since then”), but if you went near the tree where crows liked to congregate, you may see (very probably) a student, a bit nerdy, but confident, with an aura that seem to fit with the place, feeding the crows, and smiling like he knew something they didn’t every time he herd the tale.
Note: It’s been a long while since I’ve written something that wasn’t a school paper, I think it is glaringly obvious in my inability to write actually short stories. Anyway, when I saw the Elsewhere University post I experienced love at first sight and after reading some asks about prospective students and some people that just seemed to fit in the university this was born. I apologise for the length, I really tried to make it short (yes, it was way longer before editing).


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Hi! Do you have like, a list of headcaons for widow somewhere? Your take on her is super interesting and i wanna know more!!!

because lots of people are asking where I ‘align’ myself Widowmaker-wise, here’s a handy list that will also help interpret my art. Most of these are headcanons! It’s okay if you disagree with them! Anyway, here’s the sections included under the READMORE:

THE LACROIX TRAGEDY (The Gerard and Amelie dynamic)

It’s long!

Keep reading

random Pokemon game idea, wondering if anyone’s ever thought of it before

imagine a park management game that’s pokemon themed. You make your own safari park essentially.

You can set up regions, teraform to appeal to different pokemon types, and have to take care of them to make sure they don’t feel out of place or get sick or injured.

Teraforming would be a huge part in building environments, since you’d need to be able to build things like rivers, lakes, volcanos, forests, fields, etc., even man-made areas for some of the more mechanical pokemon. You could also place down structures that appeal to certain pokemon.

While the primary goal would be setting up regions for your mons, you can also designate visitor areas and sections for people to observe mons, and even have sections were people can get close to Pokemon, as well as set up shops like a normal park management game to earn extra revenue.

And the best part, you could even set up tracks through regions for close safari encounters. You could ride on these encounters yourself as well–at which point the game switches to a pokemon snap format. Good pics can unlock upgrades for your park and new photography equipment.

And, you can even visit other peoples’ parks to check out their safari tracks and biomes they’ve made.


Hynek’s Scale of UFO Classification, 1972

We’ve all seen, or at least heard of the 1977 film; ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but do we really know what it means or where it came from? Hynek’s Scale of UFO Classification has played a major role in identifying the type of contact or encounter an individual may have had with a UFO or an alien entity. Many years after, his work in the USAF he carried out independent research on UFOs, developing the Close Encounter Classification System and is widely considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis of both reports and, especially, trace evidence supposedly left by UFOs. 

UFO reports differ in many details but can be categorised by similarities that recur such as feature, shape, appearance, disappearance, sound and colour.

Relatively Distant Sightings, or Distant Encounters (DE)

  • Nocturnal Lights or DE-1: Features sightings or well defined lights in the night sky whose appearance and/or motion are not explainable in terms or conventional light sources. The lights may appear red, blue, orange or white. These DE’s form the largest group of UFO reports. 
  • Close Encounters of the First Kind or CE-1: Though the witness observes a UFO nearby, there appears to be no interaction with either the witness or the environment. 
  • Close Encounters of the Second Kind or CE-2: These encounters include details of interaction of the UFO and the environment which may vary from interference with car ignition systems and electronic gear to imprints or burns on the ground and physical effects on plant’s and the surrounding area.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind or CE-3: In this category, occupants of a UFO - entities that are human-like or 'humanoid’ or not human-like have been reported. There is usually no direct contact or communication with the witness. However, in recent years, reports of incidents involving very close contact - even detainment of witnesses have been reported.   

There have also been additions to the scale such as:

  • Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind or CE-4: This involves a person being unwillingly abducted and used for experimentation purposes.
  •  Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind or CE-5: This is when there is a direct form of communication between ETs and humans, this is the rarest experience of them all and very few people have experienced it. 
  • Close Encounter of the Sixth Kind or CE-6: When contact between ETs and humans results in injury or even death. 
  • Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind or CE-7: The mating between an ET and a human subject, that produces a hybridisation, usually called a 'Star Child’. 

Spellingg Bee - SuperSmeller/ SuperSniffer
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece - Peter Panic
9 Lives - Gus “Sillypants” Jackson
Who Ya Gonna Call? - Francois
Shawn vs. The Red Phantom - Magic Head
Shawn vs. the Red Phantom - Chocolate Columbo
Forget Me Not - Dr. Mc … Tock
Game, Set… Muuurder? - Earnest Lambert Watkins
Poker? I Barely Know Her - Felicia Fancybottom
Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast - D'Andre
American Duos - Gus T.T. Showbiz
Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds - Ovaltine Jenkins
And Down the Stretch Comes Murder - Burton “Oil Can” Guster
And Down the Stretch Comes Murder- Burton the Billowy Bear
Meat Is Murder, But Murder Is Also Murder - Magic Head
Rob-a-Bye Baby - Shmuel Cohen
Bounty Hunters! - Galileo Humpkins
Gus’s Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy - Schoonie “U-Turn” Singleton
The Old and the Restless - Nick-Nack
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Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion - Tan (Tangus)
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Remake A.K.A. Cloudy… With a Chance of Improvement - Robert “Booooooooooob” Jones

In the Season 8 episode Cog Blocked Gus took the lead and came up with some names for himself. Here’s the list of names he told the waitress at the Buena Vista Lounge:

Dr. Alan Champion
Angela Bennett
Jack Devlin
Jason Bourne
Jack Bauer
Tony Stark
Billy Elliott
Ferris Bueller
Edward Scissorhands
Hans Solo
Hans Landa
Han-Na Montana
Mr. Popper
Mr. Bee
Mr. Ripley
Mr. Deeds
Mr. Pink
Mr. White
Mr. Brown
Mr. Blonde
Mr. T
Dr. T
Dr. Jekyll
Dr. Phibes
Dr. Evil
Dr. Horrible
Dr. Dolittle

Repetitive Nicknames

Although originally appearing in Spellingg Bee, Gus has frequently been referred to having a SuperSniffer. Other such episodes are Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead, Earth, Wind, and… Wait for It, and Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing). Shawn has referred to Gus as Magic Head in different episodes such as Shawn vs. The Red Phantom and Meat Is Murder, But Murder Is Also Murder.

On several occasions Gus’ name gets misspelled or mispronounced such as in Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead, and Not Even Close… Encounters.

—  List of Gus’ Nicknames [’_Nicknames]
Don’t Forget about the Dangers of Conjuring Sometimes

One thing Tumblr is famous for is making stuff out to be totally okay without thinking about the consequences of actions. This is especially true among a lot of spirit keeping peeps, and I just want to make a bit of a blog about some of the risks. I think this sort of thing is not talked about as much as it should be here. I know I’ve been posting a lot lately, but these are all blogs I wanted to do this past week that I didn’t get to, what with Pandora’s grandfather’s funeral and all that. I might get a little hate for this, but I feel it’s necessary.

Let me tell you a little bit about the rocky road I took to get into spirit keeping. (Stomach-knotting trigger warning)

Imagine little Lu, 15-16 years old growing up in a rural house way out in the boonies with one best friend–Pandora. Ten years ago, Pandora and I were very close. Uncomfortably so for our parents. We spent days and nights together locked up in a bedroom, but not doing what you might think we were. No, we did like each other, but it was different back then. I was fighting off a nasty demon that was latched onto her. I tend to tell this story a lot, but I don’t go into depth. This time I want to talk about what exactly happened–how I ended up getting down the road of conjuring in order to banish the demon.

I met a spirit whom I’ll simply call AJ. She informed me that the only way to understand how to remove the demon from Pandora was to learn how to be possessed. It was my job to transfer the demon from her to myself, because I had a steadier mind and could get rid of him that way. It seemed like bogus to me at the time, but I learned. I spent night after night learning how to channel spirits and banish demons. I stayed up until 5am on school nights just so I could safely rescue my best friend. This demon tortured us during this time. He would send me sideways glances and pass me notes in school and at church telling me about how he was going to kill Pandora when we got home, and that he wouldn’t let me stop him this time. I was beyond traumatized. I stopped Pandora twice from suicide, but failed twice as well. She got close while I was away with my family, and at one point even ended up in the hospital. I didn’t know what to feel. I was grief-stricken and sick to my stomach every night. We hadn’t conjured this demon to begin with–he’d been there for a long time. But he tortured us. There wasn’t a day that didn’t pass by that we were unharmed. I went without eating for a time, too caught up trying to stop him from driving a knife into one of us, or downing a bottle of pills. I was slapped, beaten on, pushed into shelves and walls every night, bitten, and molested. Both Pandora and I were.

Originally posted by torturezone

It was a victory for me when I finally gained his favor. I spent nights with him after that, allowing him to have his way with me and grow attached to me instead. He wanted attention, and I gave it to him. I finally allowed him entrance into my mind, and with AJ’s help, we banished the hell out of him.

Now jump forward several months after. Pandora purchased a ouija board because she felt it would help us get more in touch with our spirit friends we met along the road. I thought it was all fun and games. We conjured a few spooks and had some good laughs, especially when the board would literally tell us to “f**k off,” or we’d ask the spirit to talk to us, and they’d immediately move the planchette to “no.” Things got worse for us, though. We thought it was all over. We were just having fun, but we weren’t shielding. We didn’t know how to, and didn’t even know what shielding was back then.

Originally posted by real-bad-day

A few weeks later, Pandora and I got in trouble for having the ouija board in the house, and so we moved it to her car. On the way home to my parents’ place, Pandora was suddenly washed over with this gaunt, hollow energy. She stared out the windshield and simply said, “I’m going to ram this car into that pole up there.” I was filled with dread, because I understood that particular tone of voice. It wasn’t the demon from before, but it was another influencing spirit. One who wanted mayhem and wanted to hurt. I screamed at her to slow down. My heart was pounding in my chest as she took violent turns. Finally by the time we made it to the last mile near the house, she slammed on the breaks, and I forced her out. I circled around so I could drive home, but just as I touched the car door, the whole vehicle jerked out of my way and revved, crashing into a fence about thirty yards away. No one had been in it to drive it.

By the time Pandora and I had stopped shrieking in terror, we went over to inspect the damage. The car was fine, but I’ll bet you can guess what had pushed its way out of the trunk and somehow made it up near the back driver’s seat. That’s right–the ouija board.

Think that’s all? Oh no, not even close. Pandora and I have had some frightening encounters from other spirits years after that, but that incident has always stuck with me. It damaged me. It terrorized me. I couldn’t sleep that night, or the next. I was petrified and wanted nothing to do with conjuration after that.

Of course, if I would have dropped conjuring right there, I wouldn’t be a co-owner of a spirit conjuring shop today. We’ve met some big nasties before–human-eaters, serial killers, nightmarish poltergeists… but this blog isn’t to scare you. Please don’t think it is. Just be careful. Use wards. Use shields.

Spirit conjuring isn’t a game. In mine and Pandora’s lives, it’s a service. Be aware that many legitimate shops have had years worth of experience before they offer beings. They’ve gone through pain and terror like we have, and they know what to watch out for. There are still some beings that I have been offered to conjure, but I won’t because they frighten me–even with protective wards in place and the promises of guardians. One being the Yaw–a Peregrine race of deformed humanoids that are best known in their realm for devouring human beings.

Take care, folks, and just remember that not all conjuring is fluff. Have safe astral travels, and always remember to bring your guardians and guides with you, wherever you go. I don’t want anyone to go through what I did in my teens. There are still songs I hear, or looks I get on occasion, that will send shivers down my spine or wrack my body with dread. I use more specialized tools for conjuring nowadays, and never go anywhere without my guardian angel or one of my guides. My life in the astral has been much safer, and I only hope the same for all other conjurers out there.

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Reminds me of you: anais-ninja-blog(.)tumblr(.)com/post/159408805352/mathylibrarian-thassalia-vintar-katschy

Lol! No, I am terrified of snakes! 

I mean, as an Australian I think it’s evolutionarily advantageous to be terrified of snakes. Most of them will absolutely kill you. Like, even with pythons I’m like “Okay, no rationally I know that’s a python, and rationally I know it’s not going to  kill me, but meanwhile I’ll be running as fast as I can in the other direction because SNAKE!!!!!” 

Let me share with you my most terrifying snake story. And it’s only one I heard about, not even experiences (I still have childhood trauma resulting from a close encounter with a brown snake when I was about 9, and way too many snake personal snake stories though…) 

Okay, so I work as a police dispatcher. That means we sometimes get odd calls because we’re the go-to people when you just don’t know who the hell else to call. We get snake calls quite a lot. 

One night, past midnight, I get a call from a man who says can I help him contact a snake catcher? Sure, I say, what sort of snake have you got, do you think? 

And he says, well I haven’t really had a good look. I was in the bathroom, and I heard a knocking sound. I turned the light on, and the toilet seat was down and it was rattling. I lifted it up, there was a snake trying to slither out. 

And that’s how I learned that snakes can come up through the pipes into your house. 

And that’s why I’ve never gone to the toilet in the dark again. 

(Also, one time, I took a call about someone whose ceiling had collapsed because the python living up there had gotten so fat eating possums and rats that he just fell straight through,) 

Good luck sleeping tonight, everyone. 

Silence Is Gold

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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Queenie Goldstein

Pairing: Reader X Queenie Goldstein

Notes/Warnings: Some pure unabashed fluff for my queen. Though I am indeed very sorry for Jacob, but this plotbunny just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Word count: 1,169

Imagine: Imagine Queenie Goldstein meeting you, an occlumens, and being intrigued by the fact that she cannot read your mind.

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im having a good time

Before a ball, Princess Emma sneaks her pirate captain up to her room. Captain Duckling. This is entirely self-indulgent smut with a little bit of backstory thrown in. Trigger warning for very minor violence. ~5800 words.

Read on AO3 or FFN.

my princess, my pirate.

“Killian,” she pants, breathless and heated, “we don’t have time.”

He laughs into her neck, running his tongue sloppily from her clavicle to her jaw. His breath warms her ear as he whispers, “Darling, you underestimate me.”

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Parksborn prompt: Spiderman rescuing Harry from an attempted rape/assault whatever, while they're flying through New York on spideys web Peter lets it slip he's Spiderman.

{so, um. this isn’t exactly what you asked for. awk. but there is cute fluffiness and lots of love so yeah. i hope you enjoy!}

Warnings: armed robbery, and lots of miscommunication

Harry had known for a while that Peter was Spider-Man. Peter was careful about keeping his secrets, and he rarely spoke of things that weren’t lighthearted and sweet when around Harry. Harry had enough going on, with the company and his life, that it took more than a year of them being best friends for Harry to notice.

There had always been signs, of course.

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New dex entries! A Tangela from an egg (of course I could’t get one during the grass event) and a wild Houndoom! That was an epic encounter because I wasn’t even close to evolving my Houndoor.

And just like that IT HAPPENED! 200 caught Pokemon in the dex!

Mass evo with even more new dex entries coming tomorrow!

200 Caught / 218 Seen - 129 Kanto / 71 Johto

He asks you out (teen wolf/only Scott, Stiles, Brett and Isaac)

Scott: You were very shy. The type that knew everyone, but no one knew. So, you obviously knew Scott McCall. You loved to observe people and Scott was the most fascinating to you. You noticed him before the bite thing, and you were enchanted by his goofy smile and dimples. You number one hope was for him to notice you, but you were pretty sure that wouldn’t happen, till that day.

“C'mon Scott, just go over there and talk to her! What will it hurt?” You heard Stiles Stilinski nagging his friend Scott McCall, your long-term crush. You kept your head down, rummaging through your locker for your Economics notebook.

“She could say no! What if I go over and she completely ignores me? Huh? What do I do then?” Scott, whisper shouting. You smiled slightly and tried to yank out the notebook from under the textbooks in the locker.

“Go you idiot!” Stiles semi-shouted. You heard a locker slam and footsteps coming your way. You finally yanked out the notebook and closed your locker.

“Hi,” you heard a voice behind your locker. You jumped slightly in surprise and looked up to see the curly hair and crooked jaw topped off with the goofy smile leaned against the locker beside yours. You heard him chuckle slightly as you looked down again, trying to sort your books nervously.

“Hi,” you said quietly, feeling compelled to do so, you looked up to see Scott’s chocolate brown eyes staring down at you, you were like a dwarf beside him, only being about 5'3 or so. Lost in his eyes, you felt one of your books drop. With his quick reflexes, he quickly reached down to catch it, bending slightly. Now he was level with your face, causing you to breathe a little faster.

“Do you think you would like to go out with me sometime?” he asked nervously, still bent down. Your mouth gaped slightly and cocked your head to the side.

“You know who I am?” you asked, confused. He smiled at you nervously again, putting your book back in your hands, he scratched the back of his neck.

“Yeah I know you (Y/N). You’re in my Economics and History class,” he said, still scratching his neck. You smiled as a small blush covered your cheeks. He let out a defeated sigh and pushed off the locker to walk away.

“Yes,” you said lightly, making him turn back to look at you. He beamed at you and grabbed your hand. He scribbled on it and winked at you before walking back to Stiles. You smiled at his back before looking at your hand. (Random Number That’s Scott’s) Call me ;) ~Scott

Isaac: You had already known Isaac since middle school. You had met in your class, but when Isaac got the bite, it was kind of like meeting the new him, and you weren’t sure if you like the cocky, arrogant Isaac.

“Hey (Y/N). What’s up babe?” you heard the familiar voice beside you in Chemistry. You turned to greet your friend, but was taken aback when you saw him. Gone was his usual hoodie sweatshirt and regular blue jeans, replace by a tight white tee, covered with a leather jacket and finished with a pair of tight dark blue jeans. Your eyes widened in shock as you looked your friend over.

“Like what you see?” he asked, making you looked up to see an unusual cocky smirk on his lips. You instantly looked away, anger starting to form as you heard him chuckle.

“What happened to you?” you asked nervously, this caused Isaac to laugh a little louder and lean on his elbows over the table.

“Nothing bad sweetheart. Why the cold shoulder? Did I embarrass you?” he asked teasingly. You looked up to notice almost all the girls in the class staring at Isaac. Seriously, you thought, he turns into a jerk and now they all think he’s hot! What the heck!

“No cold shoulder, just wondering what happened to make you an arrogant jerk,” you were shocked yourself, you were never one to insult and be a jerk to anyone, you were shy,like Isaac was ,I mean used to be. Isaac leaned back in his chair and sighed loudly.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). Just, go out with me tonight, I’m not as bad as I used to be I promise,” Isaac whispered in your ear. You looked skeptically at him and raised an eyebrow. Her quickly gave you puppy dog eyes and you couldn’t help but fall for them, it’s Isaac.

“Fine, but mess this up, I will never talk to you again,” You threatened honesty. Isaac nodded and smiled at you happily.

Stiles: You were new to town. Turns out your new neighbor was Stiles. You first met him when your mom insisted on introducing herself and you to the neighbors. You were also an only child and your dad had abandoned you when you were younger. So you and Stiles seriously hit it off.

“(Y/N)! Come on! I don’t wanna be late to school!” You heard Stiles yell from the bottom of your stairs. You rolled your eyes and grabbed you book bag before running down the stairs. When Stiles could see you his jaw dropped.

“What?” you asked, looking at your mid-thigh length black skirt, hoping it didn’t look bad with your lace tee. Stiles gulped thickly and stuttered for a while before simply motioning to the door. You laughed and grabbed Stiles’s wrist pulling him to his car. The ride to school was awkwardly silent. When he pulled into the school parking lot, he grabbed your wrist before you could get out.

“Would you consider letting me take you on a date?” he asked quickly. You smiled widely and nodded. Kissing Stiles’s cheek before jumping out of the car and walking into the school building. A blushing Stiles hot on your heels.

Brett: You were Lydia’s younger sister, and you had been apart of the pack since you first walked in on one of the pack meetings, where you were greeted by a wolfed out Liam who was being held down by Scott. From then on, Lydia and Stiles made sure you were perfectly safe even in the supernatural drama they encountered. You also grew close to Liam, who became one of your bestfriends along with Stiles and Mason. And another part of your life happened to be lacrosse games, every single one of them.

“I think I can take him,” you heard Liam say unsurely to Mason as you took your spot beside the dark skinned boy.

“Who?” you asked as you entered the conversation, just leaving Stiles who had given you the usual ‘I’m not your brother but I am practically so if anything happens tell me’ speech. He was way to overprotective in your own opinion.

“See that shirtless guy over there? That’s Brett, Liam’s archnemisis apparently,” Mason informed you. Your eyes scanned over the other team until they landed on a very attractive boy who was tightening the straps on his shoulder pads.

“Hot damn,” you whispered under your breath as your eyes took in the older boys figure. “You can take him, and then, give him, to me,” Mason said, cowering back a bit as Liam turned to glare at him. “I kinda want to punch him in the face, but I also kinda am very attracted to him,” you said, “is that weird?” Liam and Mason both turned to look at you, just as the boy in question looked up and his gaze connected with yours for a moment before he smirked and went back to putting his short back in. “Yeah,” you started, “I wanna punch him.”


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sterek 21

#21 “I might have had a few shots.”

Derek is all set and ready to go to bed. He has his pajamas on (the yoga pants Laura sent him that were mostly a joke) and he has the apartment all locked up for the night, everything turned off and his bed is turned down, just waiting for him to crawl in. 

It’s been a long week. 

See, he had his last game of the season this week. The Falcons didn’t make it too far in the playoffs but Derek wasn’t too upset about it: he was really ready to spend some quality time in his apartment instead of on a bus or in hotels on the road. Besides, their team is pretty new, they made a lot of progress over this season but it just wasn’t enough to beat out the more experienced, more seasoned team they were seeded against in the playoff tournament. 

The best part about playing baseball at times is the off season. He really likes his team but eventually Derek’s introverted nature gets tired of constantly being surrounded by his teammates and coaches. His first week on break he spends holed up in his apartment, completely alone just sleeping and reading and completely enjoying himself.

Everybody on the team knows that. And he knows the veteran players told the newbies not to call or text him for the week because no one has. 

No one, except for Stiles. 

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