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Silence Is Gold

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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Queenie Goldstein

Pairing: Reader X Queenie Goldstein

Notes/Warnings: Some pure unabashed fluff for my queen. Though I am indeed very sorry for Jacob, but this plotbunny just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Word count: 1,169

Imagine: Imagine Queenie Goldstein meeting you, an occlumens, and being intrigued by the fact that she cannot read your mind.

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im having a good time

A Lovely Encounter (Closed)

It was a wonderful and peaceful evening on the coast as the sun began to set. The entirety of nature could be seen from there, especially from the lone house that stood along a small beach there. Its lone occupant was sitting, laying back on a deck chair on the patio as she looked out across the water. She smiled as she enjoyed the scenery, not having made time to enjoy it in recent days. After a few moments, she closed her eyes and relaxed…


This is the moment when two police officers claim to have captured a close encounter with a UFO on camera. September 2016

Two police officers say they had a close encounter with a UFO – and even managed to capture the unexplained phenomena on camera. The duo watched as the cigar shaped object moved slowly across the sky over the North East of England near Consett, in County Durham

Police detective Gary Heseltine has studied the footage and believes it is genuine. He said: “It was filmed by two off-duty police officers near Consett, in County Durham. On what was a bright clear day, the object was seen to rotate on its own axis in a vertical position.”

[NEWS] 161028 B.A.P’s Daehyun Candidly Discusses How He Felt While Preparing For “Duet Song Festival”

They always put their best face forward, but even idols encounter difficult emotions behind closed doors.

On the October 28 broadcast of MBC’s “Duet Song Festival,” Lee Suk Hoon, Han Dong Geun, Kim Jo Han, Ailee, K.Will, and B.A.P’s Daehyun battled it out to try and be crowned the champion of this episode.

The fourth pair up, Daehyun and his 19-year-old partner Jang Hye Su performed their own rendition of Kim Gun Mo’s “Beautiful Goodbye.” Despite the fact he was still recovering from a sore throat at the time this was recorded, Daehyun gives it all to put on a beautiful, heartfelt stage with his partner.

Following their performance, the idol reveals that he actually had a difficult time while preparing for this stage, but he wanted to be the best partner possible for Jang Hye Su.

“I practically lived in the practice room and was there all the time for over half a day. I actually fell into a little bit of a slump because I was so concerned and stressed about singing. My confidence fell, and at one point I even thought that I hated singing,” Daehyun confesses.

Holding back his tears, the singer continues on, “While I’m a little sad about today’s stage [because of my throat], I will put all my efforts into putting on the best performance one day.”

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Now, don’t get me wrong–aside from some extremely awful-looking roses that substitute bumpmapping for dimension (AND THE FUCKING GERANIUMS LOOK LIKE SHIT SALAD ON A STICK, OH MY GOD), and the fact that almost every woman in Columbia looks exactly the same (including the retextured white woman being used as a black woman), it’s an otherwise fantastic-looking game.  I absolutely adore the overall game design, and there are some sincerely jaw-dropping sights.  There was a lot to like about BioShock Infinite (they even referenced Close Encounters of the Third Kind in the first few minutes of the game, and there’s also CYNDI LAUPER PLAYED ON A FUCKIN’ CALLIOPE), but it still had a lot of problems.

(Gonna put the rest under a cut here to avoid annoying anyone with an ocean of text)

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