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Asexual!Jughead headcanons

-When Jughead came out as asexual to you, you told him you loved him just the same and that you didn’t need sex to be happy with him

-Honestly, sex didn’t really matter that much to you anyways

-You did agree that someday you guys would have sex, maybe after your married, because the both of you did want kids

-Jughead is actually a super affectionate person though, he’s super cuddly and loves to just hold u and kiss your cheek and stuff

-he isn’t huge on pda but you are, so you’re always kissing his cheek or looping his arm trough yours while you walk in the hallways. He deals with it though

-One night he climbed in to your window and he was sad and crying and he just spilled everything to you about his family and where he lived and how broken he felt because he didn’t like sex as much as other people did and it literally took every thing in your power not to burst in to tears because seeing Jughead so vulnerable and fragile broke your heart

-Jughead is literally your guardian, like you’re super short and he’s super tall and he like, just wraps himself around you and protects you from everything

-you’re literally the most precious thing to him, like you can do nothing wrong in his eyes

- even when you’re wrapped around him like a koala at Pop’s and he’s trying to work on his book you can still do no wrong.

-you always need constant innocent love and affection and he’s always there to give it to you

-you guys are rock solid and you have the most secure relationship.Neither of you would ever cheat on each other and your parents love him so much. They even took him in after the drive-in closed and let him stay with you guys.

-you guys are a tag team, partners in crime, super sleuths attached to each other’s hips

-Jughead would literally kill anybody who looked at you the wrong way, and even though you’ve got the body strength of a gerbil, you’d still at least attempt to do the same

- You just know he’s the one. You know he’s the man you’ll marry and have kids with and spend the rest of your life with

- you already have plans to go to NYU with Jug after you graduate, where he can study English and writing and you can work on your acting and pursue your Broadway dreams

-everybody loves and supports you guys so much, all your friends and everything

- you guys can disagree without fighting and getting at each other’s throats

Funhaus Shipping Housekeeping

Hi friends!

The Roosterteeth fandom is bleeding over into the Inside Gaming/Funhaus crew, and now is a good idea to talk a little bit about general fandom politeness.

There is PLENTY of “real people shipping” on tumblr–meaning fanfiction, fanart, and general writing about imaginary relationships between real people. 

This is the jam! Almost everyone at RT has been asked about fanfiction and shipping, and responded that they’re OK with this. This formality has NOT been covered with the Funhaus crew, however. So even though they joke about it, it’s a good idea to remember that they’re real people and might not want it in their faces.

That’s why we have the ‘shiphaus’ tag. Tag your shippy stuff about Funhaus with “shiphaus” and you’ll be connected to the other people who are reading, writing, and arting about imaginary Funhaus relationships. 

Another cool thing about the Roosterteeth fandom is that a lot of fans who like to engage in the shippy side of RT try to keep tumblr a safe space for people who don’t like real people fiction. That’s why it’s generally considered impolite to tag shippy stuff with people’s real names.

Ship names are fun–and even though they’re not set in stone for Funhaus, try to adhere to ship names instead of tagging individual dudes’ full names if you’re going to write or draw something shippy. Again: the goal is to put you in touch with other fans who are interested in seeing this stuff. 

Tagging things appropriately and being respectful of the fact that the Funhaus dudes are real people will minimize fandom drama and keep the actual human beings who provide us with entertainment feeling un-self-conscious enough to continue being their weird, touchy, handsy, gay-chicken selves, you know? 

I realize this may seem a little ridiculous considering HOW EXPLICIT their content gets. Even so, everybody has their limits, and a little bit of respect goes a long way. 

♫ Driver, roll up the partition, please

Zayn and Liam are about to get nas-ty… 

This looks like absolute crap (and I clearly shouldn’t even have attempted to pretend I know how to draw the inside of a car), but I just wanted to do a quick doodle to thank everybody for all the nice things you’ve been saying about the other Ziam drawing (in other words, yes, i have been stalking your tags). “Massive thank you”!! :D