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squidmatsus! im definitely not the first one to do a splatoon and osomatsu crossover thing but i still wanted to get this out here
i just
really like both things lemme live

i started on these like 6 months ago and then ditched it but i got around to finishing it tonight. this isnt the best work i can do, but im glad to finally get this out and posted. i think i stopped working on it for so long because i was frustrated with the drawing method i had to stick with 

i know the gear doesnt really work out with some of their weapons and god knows how oso got to level 50…i kinda just went with whatever Looked Good

i have LOTS of headcanons and ideas but i doubt i can get it all drawn gggggh

also here are my old Concepts™  

  • Me, before watching the Special Episode: Karamatsu is so pure.
  • Me, after watching the Special Episode: Oop, nevermind.



I have returned and everybody is here now! [Reposts Choukei to maintain the set]

I want to be really excited because there are some GOOD things happening in these sneak peeks - that group selfie for instance! (Even Ichi is smiling aa~)
But if I know the Staff.. some horrible things could be waiting to pop out XD

This is the third time Choro’s set something on fire out of nowhere, someone should probably help him. And Jyushi ;;
Beautiful sprites, fun looking attacks, it’s going to be a good event!

Matsu Swimming HCs (because I’m in a fishy mood!~)

Oso - Fairly good swimmer but prefers to play games and chill out by the water’s edge. If anything he’s just in it for the cool-down.

Kara - Strongest swimmer. Enjoys deep ocean waters and exploring reefs and caverns, marvelling at the beautiful things the ocean has to offer.

Choro - Cannot swim. He likes to be near the water but won’t even think of getting in unless he has a rubber ring nearby.

Ichi - To this day, no one knows. He prefers not to go near oceans/pools and no one has ever tried to make him.

Jyushi - Uhh. Does literally torpedoing through the water without any external propulsion count as good?

Totty - An okay swimmer but prefers to wade. Whenever he does feel like exploring deeper waters he stays close to the shore.

[Villain! Deku AU] Tempo

Even as a villain, Deku has a moment of weakness.


Midoriya Izuku was one of the strongest individual Kurogiri had ever known.

Kurogiri had seen him kill someone by teleporting the other’s heart out of their chest, or when he teleported someone’s neck away from their head and laugh after he did so. Kurogiri had seen him charm All For One himself, bending the other’s will with a smile and beautifully-crafted words. Kurogiri had seen him smile at the most egoistical man Kurogiri ever knew and got away with what he wanted.

Kurogiri never doubted Midoriya Izuku’s ability in anything, not with everything he had seen in the few years, but Kurogiri always wondered where he would go when he was feeling weak.

Because Shigaraki Tomura always went to him when he was feeling weak and Izuku-san would comfort him with the loveliest of words and patience of a matron saint. But then, Izuku-san was just a child himself. Where would he go?

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a thing for @flunflun !

ichi and kara being (almost) good brothers! and hugs are here too! of course the main reason why i drew this was to thank you for everything!!! you’re always soooooooo nice to me!

oh btw it’s nothing shippy so please don’t tag it as one 

Discussion: Who are the Hero Matsus in the new Hesokuri Wars update?

I’m certain that Oso is Superman and that Totty is Deadpool. Kara might be The Flash? I dunno. I thought that maybe Choro was Iron Man or maybe even The Hulk, but when I look more at him he looks like he might be a transformer or maybe even a mecha. Ichi looks like that character from Durarara? Or maybe Catwoman or Chat Noir??? Idk I can’t figure him out. 

And for Jyushimatsu, he kinda looks like Iron Man but not really. However, I also noticed he looks like

I’m not too great with superheroes. Then again, maybe not all of them are even referencing anything. What do you guys think?