not even as a couple just as bffs

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ohh could you please write something about betty unintentionally playing with that curl of hair that peaks out of juggys beanie while sitting at lunch with the gang... like in place of the arm around shoulder moment in the episode or something similar and the gang being very confused. please if you can. :)

Aww. I love that.

She sighed softly, staring him in the eyes and smiling. He was smiling back at her, not an ounce of confusion or hesitance in his smile.
They hadn’t discussed the kiss they shared in her bedroom last week or the kiss they shared on that rainy night when she found Polly, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Maybe they didn’t know what they were to each other, but they did know what they meant to each other and that was more than enough.

He rested a hand on her knee and leaned back into the couch, shifting closer to her. She turned her attention back to her friends, resting her body slightly against his.

“So yeah, I’m pretty much down for anything, I’ve been to all the hottest clubs in riverdale, it’s time to venture out.” Kevin was practically bouncing with excitement his eyes locked on Veronicas.

She smirked “were totally taking a road trip to New York. Archiekins, would you be willing to donate your car?”

Everyone laughed , thinking about his old junker making it to New York was almost impossible.
Betty felt the low rumble of Jugheads chuckle against her back and she couldn’t help but turn to him.
He looked so tired, his dark blue eyes sleepy and his raven locks messily tucked under his beanie. Her eyes locked onto the gorgeous curl hanging in his eyes, before she knew what she was doing she was running her fingers over the silky dark lock.

He stilled under her touch for a minute, raising a brow he smiled, bringing his own hand to her cheek.
“Everything okay sunshine?”

She nodded “I like this, it’s swirly.” She giggled, twirling it around her finger.

He laughed, deep and low. His fingers went to her wrist and he delicately traced the vein.
“I’m glad you like it.”

Her heart caught in her throat at the featherlike touches he was placing to her skin. Her breathing quickened and her fingers stopped moving in his hair. He seemed to notice her reaction to his touch, and he smiled wrapping his whole hand around her tiny wrist, flexing his fingers.
She closed her eyes for a moment, two could play at this game, her hand moved behind his neck, fingers now playing with the curls touching the back of his neck.
He made an almost sexual noise, so quiet she had to strain to hear him.

Opening her eyes, she gasped when they matched the intensity of his own, Boring into her sparkling green ones with pure adoration.


Snapping out of their personal bubble at the sound of their friends voices, Betty realized she was practically sitting in Jugheads lap. She moved to sit back beside him but he simply gripped her waist tighter.

“Is there something you wanted to tell us?” Veronica questioned raising a brow with her typical cocky smile.

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, flexing his fingers on her waist, granting her instant comfort and ease. “There’s nothing to tell.” He replied.

Archie was shooting a bit of a nasty glare at the couple “you guys seem awfully cozy.”

Jughead leaned back taking Betty with him,
“I’m alright, what about you bets?” He smirked

Giggling behind her hand, she nodded
“Very comfortable.”

Kevin looked shocked but delighted at the same time. “I did not see this coming, but I have to say I totally ship it.”

Veronica nodded “even though, you didn’t inform your bff, I’m all about this pairing.”

Cheryl looked uninterested, texting on her phone “hashtag bughead.”

Betty actually laughed out loud , her eyes turning to the moody boy she was seated on top of “bughead?” She whispered.
Jughead just snorted, rolling his eyes and dropping a kiss to the top of her head
“Could be worse.”

She smiled brightly. He was right

It could be much, much worse.

you know what i love about my dirk gently ships? i love the character dynamics so much no matter whether they’re romantic or platonic. literally i just ship the characters in every way possible and even though i have a bias towards writing romance in my stories i would equally sell my soul just to see them all best friends forever. brotzly? could be hella gay, could also be a beautiful example of soft and emotionally validating male friendship. faranda? badass adorable gfs or badass adorable bffs, both good! bart and ken? either the cutest (and weirdest) damn couple in the universe or the beautiful hilarious pure male/female friendship we’ve all been waiting for. amanda and the rowdy 3? either wholesome polyamorous goodness or wholesome found family goodness. there are no wrong ways to ship anyone!!! beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

little mix ships summed up (bc theres more than just jerrie, tell ur friends)

Jerrie: childhood bffs; finish each others sentences; went to broadway sleep away camp together; cute n innocent; wouldn’t even hurt each other as a joke

Jadesy: typa friends that met in the bathroom when both of them were goin through some shit; protect each other from boys; share healthy sex tips

Leighade: literal sisters; go to concerts and clubs and vacations together; eat dinner together; hold hands; are each others’ plus one; bicker

Pesy: omg kinky af; go to sex shops together; old lesbian couple; the loudest when together; always laughing and talking about penises

Jeleigh: college roomates; always pullin pranks and hosting parties; steal each others clothes; Jesys always roasting leigh, but leigh lets her; moms

Lerrie: !!! Underrated; always fighting and constantly jealous of each others gorgeousness; ride or die; would buy 100 dogs together; have made out in real life on camera TWICE; constantly feeling each other up and look like they want to devour eachother

22 Movies That Will Make You Happy To Be Single

Closer (2004)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Apparently, people love cheating. They cheat when they’re in love, and they cheat when they’re falling out of love, and they just cheat, cheat, cheat. People are terrible, basically.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Are we all just doomed to keep repeating the same relationship mistakes? Are relationships so painful that we need to actually erase their memories away? I don’t know, but sweet sassy molassey, I’m weeping.

Waiting to Exhale (1995)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Someone fetch me my fainting couch. This movie is so triumphant in its message of women being the most powerful thing in the universe that it’s dizzying. Basically, men are just there, and women need to stand together. Watch this with a bunch of your friends, and bring plenty of snacks. It’s a doozy.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: At least when you’re single, you won’t have a sadistic step brother and sister betting on who can destroy your life first.

Love Actually (2003)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Even though this is technically a romantic movie, it’s actually super depressing. What love actually is turns out to be a kid in a long-distance relationship, a couple who cannot speak the same language, a married couple on the brink of divorce, and a pair of newlyweds whose BFF is trying to ruin everything. Love is horrifying, actually.

Revolutionary Road (2008)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: I don’t know why Kate Winslet is in so many movies where love is terrible, but she just is. Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you’ll be happy, in general.

Fatal Attraction (1987)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: If you’re in a relationship, chances are that woman you’re messing with on the side will kill your pet rabbit, stalk your family, and try to murder you all. Watch this with some red wine and hide all the knives.

Waitress (2007)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Men don’t solve your problems. Only you, and your delicious pies, can solve your own problems. The basic gist of this movie is that while men are often a nice distraction, eventually, you’ll have to do you, and that is great

Chasing Amy (1997)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Aside from the obvious issue of this movie assuming that you can change someone’s sexual orientation, the moral of the story is, of course you cannot change someone’s sexual orientation. And trying to do so will basically leave you a shell of a person.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: To quote Tom’s little sister, Rachel (Chloë Grace Moretz): “Just because she likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn’t mean she’s your soul mate.”

An Education (2009)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: People lead secret lives and will probably try to ruin yours, is basically the message of this film.

Obsessed (2009)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: This is basically the Beyoncé and Idris Elba version of Fatal Attraction, and it is filled with delicious amounts of crazy. All of which will make you happy to not be married, or in a relationship with your married coworker.

Unfaithful (2002)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Well, I suppose the argument could be made that if you’re married, you can have an affair with a hot Parisian dude. But to that, I’d say, “Maybe that hot Parisian dude will end up dead.”

Once (2006)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Oh, unrequited love. You think you’ll get lucky with a one night stand, and then, next thing you know, you’ve bought a girl a piano and you’re flying off to London to try and get back together with your ex. Love’s a bitch.

American Beauty (1999)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Oh, boy. Well, here’s the problem with white picket fences: The paint will eventually crack. In this case, we have a cheating wife, a lusting husband, a daughter who falls in love with a boy who loves plastic bags, and a 16-year-old cheerleader who’s a closeted virgin. Yep, you’ll be happy to be single after this one.

Blue Valentine (2010)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Nothing will make you happier to not be in a dysfunctional relationship than watching the marriage between Cindy (Michelle Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling) disintegrate. Watch this movie with tissues and watch it alone.

Not Without My Daughter (1991)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: You think you know your husband. You really do. But the truth is that you really don’t know a person until they take you and your daughter to Iran and then try to kidnap you both.

Fear (1996)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: What happens when you meet a cute dude at a rave, then let him fingerbang you on a roller coaster? Well, basically, he goes psycho and carves your name into his chest. Nicole 4 Eva

The Twilight Saga (2008-2012)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Hear me out before you light the torches and sharpen the pitchforks… This series is basically saying that you have to abandon who you are to be in a relationship. And that will make you happy to be you, and not be with a vampire, regardless of how hot and shiny he may be.

Thelma & Louise (1991)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Basically, when you get married, you’ll eventually develop an itch to go on a road trip with your BFF. Once you’re on that trip, some truly terrible things will happen that lead you to return to what is essentially a single life again. Everything comes full circle, and you cannot escape the lure of the single-ladies-on-the-run life.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis (Heath Ledger) boned, and life was a cowboy yippee-ki-yi-yay time. Then, they got married to two nice ladies, and everything went to hell. See where I’m going with this?

Titanic (1997)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: If Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) had been single, he never would’ve had to share that door. Just saying.

a kid!myungjin fic heavily inspired by this fic by @astrofireworks . shoutout to the anon who shared their story bc it rlly rlly inspired me to write this! uhh i definitely got a little carried away, pls enjoy the first part bc i had to split it up with how long it is. 

  • myungjun and jinwoo don’t even remember when they became friends bc they’ve always been friends
  • jinwoo’s parents moved in to the house next to myungjun’s parents the year before jinwoo was born and being the 2 youngest couples in the neighbourhood they really hit it off
  • jinwoo and myungjun’s parents are basically bffs and they go to each other’s houses all the time
  • jinwoo’s mom adores myungjun before she can even really know him 
    • the first time jinwoo’s parents meet him is just after his 1st birthday when they go to the kim residence for dinner
    • myungjun starts crying and freaking out when jinwoo’s dad tries to come near him so jinwoo’s mom shoos her husband away and begins talking with the toddler
    • the only things myungjun can say other than “mama” and “dada” are “yes” and “no” 
    • somehow they make the conversation work and soon enough they’re sitting in the middle of the living room playing with blocks with myungjun babbling and jinwoo’s mom beaming at the 1 year old
  • jinwoo’s dad is basically myungjun’s second dad and jinwoo’s mom is his second mom
    • every once in a while myungjun and jinwoo’s dad’s take him to baseball games on saturday afternoons to give myungjun’s mom a bit of a break
    • their wives will spend the afternoon relaxing somehow; they sometimes go shopping, get their nails done, just hang out at one of their houses, etc
    • this tradition continues once jinwoo is born and gets a little bit older
  • right after myungjun turns 2:
    • jinwoo is born
    • he’s old enough to understand that jinwoo is a baby but other than that he’s got nothing
    • is v gentle and caring when he’s around him though and really likes to sit in his mom’s lap and hold jinwoo with her
    • loves making jinwoo giggle
    • actually the first time jinwoo ever laughed was because of myungjun pulling his signature duck face at him
  • when jinwoo is 1.2 and myungjun is 3.2:
    • jinwoo starts walking
    • nobody really knows how jinwoo learned so quickly but they suspect he learned faster by following myungjun around all the time (crawling isn’t effective with how energetic myungjun is and so jinwoo had to adapt somehow)
    • jinwoo also can’t really say myungjun’s name very well so he starts calling him mj as prompted by their parents (the nickname sticks and to this day jinwoo still calls him mj)
  • when jinwoo is 2.7 and myungjun is 4.7:
    • it snows for the first time all winter
    • myungjun obviously wants to play outside and this means that jinwoo has to play outside too (jinwoo literally follows myungjun everywhere)
    • so their parents bundle them up in sweaters and long sleeve shirts, putting on their snow pants and hats and mitts and winter coats before sending them outside and sitting on myungjun’s porch to watch them
    • the boys try to run around in it but jinwoo is still a little clumsy when he walks and keeps tripping in his clunky boots
    • myungjun giggles each time he falls before helping him back to his feet and making sure he’s okay, brushing snow off his shoulders and anywhere else its gotten stuck
    • both boys are all bright smiles and wide eyes, trying to take as much in as possible before they have to go back inside
    • myungjun shows jinwoo how to make a snow angel and laughs loudly as jinwoo tries (and fails) to make one himself
    • their conversations mainly consist of myungjun talking in semi-full sentences and jinwoo babbling much of the time but the 2 understand each other so well anyways
    • both of their dads come down from the porch and start teaching the boys how to build a snowman
    • excitedly they begin helping, successfully completing a full snowman about the same height as myungjun in about 20 minutes
    • myungjun wants to name it but wants jinwoo to help him pick
    • myungjun: “jinwoo, what should we name our snowman?”
    • jinwoo, looking up at myungjun from where he’s sitting on the ground: “*talks about nonsense and unrelated things, just saying random sentences*”
    • myungjun, not at all frustrated bc he’s totally patient with jinwoo and understands that the boy is still learning and leaning down to his friend: “jinwoo, do you want to name our snowman?”
    • jinwoo, excitedly: “yeah, yeah, yeah”
    • myungjun, smiling: “okay, what should we name him?”
    • jinwoo begins concentrating hard, their parents can tell bc his tongue is sticking out of his mouth slightly, a habit he’s stolen from myungjun, who does the same thing
    • jinwoo: “we name him Bugs”
    • myungjun quickly agrees, willing to go along with whatever jinwoo suggests (and also bc he likes the Looney Toons cartoons too and it’s one of the only ones jinwoo watches with him)
    • myungjun: “then his name is Bugs!”
    • jinwoo claps excitedly and myungjun smiles widely at him
    • now that they’ve named it, its time to go inside bc they’ve been out for almost an hour and their moms don’t want them to get sick
    • they sit in myungjun’s living room on the couch watching cartoons and their parents bring some hot chocolate for myungjun and a tiny glass of warm milk for jinwoo
    • myungjun totally lets jinwoo have a sip of his hot chocolate when he asks for one (he’s a giant sucker for the boy)
  • when jinwoo is 3.2 and myungjun is 5.2:
    • jinwoo’s parents have a pool put in their backyard
    • myungjun and jinwoo spend the rest of the summer in their water wings (myungjun) and life jacket (jinwoo), climbing in and out of the pool and playing imaginary games
    • their favourite is to hop on to the pool floaties and pretend to be cruising through a river in the jungle and exploring for rare creatures
    • myungjun’s parents bought them each a pair of plastic binoculars to carry around with them
    • jinwoo is very easily distracted and so the game doesn’t always work but myungjun doesn’t even care bc as long as his best friend is having fun then so is he
    • usually end up falling asleep sometime during the late-afternoon on top of each other on jinwoo’s couch bc they’re tired from swimming and being out in the sun for so long
    • myungjun begins calling jinwoo jinjin that summer, no one really knows why, this nickname also sticks
  • when jinwoo is 4.5 and myungjun is 6.5:
    • myungjun starts school
    • jinwoo watches his friend get on the bus every morning from the park residence living room window with a pout, wanting to go with his best friend
    • bothers his mom all day about where myungjun is and when he’ll be back bc he misses him
    • tells his mom every single day that he “hates the bus for taking mj hyung away” and his mom just shakes her head with a smile bc myungjun will be back in just a few hours to see him but she can tell how much her son loves and admires the boy
    • most days, the two boys play in jinwoo’s driveway for just under an hour before jinwoo begins rubbing his eyes and yawning
    • even though he wants to keep up with myungjun and continue playing, the poor boy is still little and needs a nap most days (he could have one while myungjun is at school but he refuses to do anything except stay in the living room playing until he spots the bus bringing his best friend back)
    • as soon as myungjun sees him yawn he begins picking up whatever toy they had been using and grabs jinwoo’s hand, leading him into the house to find jinwoo’s mom
    • “jinjin is sleepy”
    • jinwoo’s mom thanks myungjun and tells him that if he wants to go watch some tv or play in the living room then he’s welcome to and when she comes back she’ll bring him a snack
    • he nods his head, hair bouncing around as he smiles widely at the mention of a snack and heads to the living room, searching the toy shelf for one of jinwoo’s colouring books and some crayons and kneeling down at the living room table
    • jinwoo’s mom walks in every day and spots him with his tongue poking out of his mouth in concentration as he colours whatever pictures he’s chosen, his hair messily flopping into his eyes and forcing him to push it out of his way every once in a while (she has a feeling that the boy is going to be a really great artist when he grows up bc of how much he colours and draws and how much he enjoys it)
    • around 5:00pm, myungjun’s mother will knock on the door to pick him up, thanking jinwoo’s mom for watching him
    • jinwoo often makes his way back down the stairs as myungjun is leaving and the two boys talk quietly while their moms are talking
    • jinwoo, pouting: “i just woke up and you’re already leaving”
    • myungjun, ruffling his friends already messy hair with a giggle, “i’ll be back tomorrow, silly”
    • jinwoo, still pouting: “but tomorrow is so far away hyung, i don’t want you to leave yet”
    • myungjun, smiling even wider at his younger friend: “you’ll see me before you know it”
    • myungjun’s mom, unknowingly interrupting their conversation: “okay myungjun, time to head home so i can start dinner, say goodbye to jinwoo”
    • both boys quickly mumble goodbyes before wrapping their small arms tightly around one another, their moms beaming down at them as they do
    • jinwoo running to the window after the door closes to watch them cross the lawn to their house and waving at myungjun one last time when he turns around, smiling goofily and waving back
  • when jinwoo is 5.4 and myungjun is 7.4:
    • they’re sitting on the floor in myungjun’s living room with blank paper spread out around them and various crayons and markers
    • jinwoo is happily scribbling and messily drawing random shapes, more concerned with the colours than anything else (definitely colouring on himself and myungjun with the markers, would get in trouble but myungjun’s mom couldn’t bring herself to be upset with him for drawing hearts all over himself and her son)
    • myungjun is drawing people and animals with pretty good skill for a 7 year old
    • myungjun, suddenly announces: “jinjin i’m going to draw you!”
    • jinwoo, giggling: “why would you draw me?”
    • myungjun: “bc you’re my best friend and i want to draw you!”
    • so jinwoo agrees and sits still across from myungjun for as long as he can while his friend draws him, watching the crayon move around on the paper and myungjun use various colours for different things like his hair and t-shirt
    • after about 20 minutes he’s finished and shows jinwoo who claps happily and tells myungjun how amazing it is before shouting that its his turn and proceeding to try drawing myungjun
    • he finishes after 10 minutes and its less of a person and more shapes put together to make a person but myungjun smiles widely nonetheless and tells jinwoo how good it is and that he’s so talented
    • they make one another sign the drawings and have myungjun’s mom put the date on it for them
    • both jinwoo and myungjun pin the drawings up on the walls of their bedrooms (the drawings remain there well into their teens)
  • when jinwoo is 6 and myungjun is 8:
    • a new family moves in across the street
    • both boys don’t know much about the family until their parents tell them that they’re coming over for a bbq at jinwoo’s house, and that they have a son a year younger than jinwoo
    • so the day for the bbq arrives and jinwoo and myungjun are excitedly running around the park family’s backyard and jumping into the pool while their dads are talking by the bbq when the lee family arrives
    • dongmin hasn’t yet turned 5 and is standing in his swim trunks and a shirt with pool goggles in his left hand, clutching onto his mom’s skirt with his right as he hides behind her leg
    • his mom grabs his hand off her skirt and motions for him to talk to the boys as myungjun and jinwoo, all messy hair and dripping water, walk up to him
    • dongmin is nervous for .3 seconds bc as soon as he sees myungjun smile at him he feels totally at ease (bc myungjun’s smile could make literally anyone feel welcome)
    • myungjun, shaking dongmin’s hand: “hi, i”m kim myungjun, i’m 8… what’s your name?”
    • dongmin smiles back sheepishly, still a little shy, “i’m lee dongmin, i’m 4, but i turn 5 in 6 days”
    • both myungjun and jinwoo are a little surprised at how soft-spoken dongmin is, his voice coming out crystal clear and small
    • they brush it off as jinwoo smiles too, also reaching for dongmin’s hand, “i’m park jinwoo, i’m 6 years old”
    • just like that, any shyness dongmin initially had is gone and he’s running after his 2 new friends to the edge of the pool, quickly (trying to) taking off his shirt and throwing it on a chair near the waters edge (after he finally get his head through the hole)
    • he puts his goggles over his head and follows myungjun and jinwoo when they jump into the water
    • jinwoo and myungjun’s parents are a little worried about him being in the water without any kind of flotation device as jinwoo had only started being able to swim without water wings at the end of the previous summer but quickly learn from dongmin’s parents that he’s been in swimming lessons for the last year so he’s okay
    • myungjun and jinwoo are curious about why he’s wearing goggles and decide to ask him
    • dongmin: “i like wearing them so my eyes don’t sting in the water”
    • suddenly jinwoo and myungjun are begging their parents to buy them goggles too so that they can be like dongmin
    • pretty soon its dinner time and all 3 are quickly wrapped in towels by their mothers and sat on the patio furniture in front of plates
    • they all begin rambling to each other about various things, myungjun and jinwoo talk about school and dongmin tells them stories about where he used to live
    • when its time to leave, dongmin, being that he’s only 4 (nearly 5) throws a bit of a fit bc he’s a bit sleepy and also wants to stay and hang out w his new friends
    • somehow the three convince their parents to let myungjun and dongmin sleepover
    • at 9:00pm (which according to the boys is so late) they head to jinwoo’s bedroom, sliding into his double bed and staring up at the glow-in-the-dark spaceship stickers on his ceiling, accompanied by a few stars and planets
    • myungjun: “i wish i could explore space”
    • dongmin: “but space is scary, its dark and there’s lots of scary things like aliens”
    • jinwoo: “i think it would be fun… but only if we went together”
    • myungjun: “of course, and i’d protect you from all the scary things dongmin, the aliens wouldn’t even be able to come near you”
    • dongmin, being only 4 and still afraid of monsters hiding in closets and under beds: “myungjun hyung, will you protect me from scary things here too? i mean, the scary things not in space?”
    • jinwoo: “myungjun and i will protect you from everything dongmin, nothing will get you while we’re here”
    • dongmin: “promise?”
    • myungjun: “always”
    • all 3 hold out their pinky fingers and swear on it, vowing to protect each other
    • dongmin then begins falling asleep bc he is 4 and tuckered out from running around and swimming all evening
    • myungjun and jinwoo try to stay awake talking but also fall asleep pretty quickly afterwards
    • when they wake up, jinwoo’s mom makes them breakfast (dongmin clumsily spills about a quarter of his breakfast into his lap as he eats)
    • each boy returns to their respective home for about 10 minutes before they’re back outside and ready to play
    • spend as much time together as they can on weekends bc myungjun and jinwoo have school during the week
    • they also begin calling themselves the 3 musketeers and go on adventures where they save people from monsters and evil villains like in movies
    • dongmin carries around a telescope and map to lead them places while myungjun ties bandanas around his head like a ninja and fights off bad guys and jinwoo wears a blanket as a cape and carries a foam sword around in order to kill monsters and slay dragons
    • and those 3 characters would never really be together but the boys make it work and run around their neighbourhood on crazy adventures
  • when myungjun is 9.4, jinwoo is 7.4, and dongmin is 6.2:
    • they watch their first horror movie
    • it’s the week before halloween and one of jinwoo’s classmates was talking about the movie Gremlins and so the boys want to watch it too
    • dongmin’s parents are hesitant to let them when the boys ask but after they beg for over an hour they finally let them bc they know its not too scary but enough for the 3 (but not without talking to myungjun and jinwoo’s parents first)
    • so the boys snuggle close together on the couch in dongmin’s living room under a blanket and his parents put the movie on
    • and whenever they’re scared, jinwoo and dongmin will hide their faces in myungjun’s shoulders as he’s sat in the middle, and eventually they just end up holding hands and squeezing one another’s hands tightly too
    • they laugh at the funnier parts but dongmin and jinwoo, being slightly younger, seem to be getting more freaked out by the gremlins than myungjun
    • once they finish the movie, the rest of their sleepover is spent with the lights in dongmin’s bedroom on and all of them triple-check that the doors are locked (and also that there are no gremlins playing with the electricity wiring outside)
  • when myungun is 10.6, jinwoo is 8.6, and dongmin is 7.4:
    • a boy in school begins picking on dongmin
    • myungjun and jinwoo don’t really know about it until one day, dongmin gets onto the bus crying
    • myungjun, extremely concerned for the younger boy: “dongmin, whats wrong? what happened?”
    • jinwoo, wrapping his arms tightly around him and gently wiping at his tears with his fingers: “its alright dongmin, me and mj hyung will protect you”
    • dongmin stutters out that a boy in his grade had been calling him names and he tried to ignore it but today as he was leaving school the boy had told him that jinwoo and myungjun didn’t even like him and just thought he was annoying
    • and this hit him pretty hard bc he didn’t like hearing people say things that he had worried about before, especially when he’s so much younger than myungjun (he’s little but he’s dongmin so of course he worries about this kinda thing)
    • myungjun, throwing his arms around dongmin too: “thats not true at all dongminnie! me and jinjin love you, you’re the third musketeer!”
    • jinwoo: “yeah, myungjun’s right… without you we wouldn’t be able to go on adventures or anything bc we wouldn’t have 3 of us!”
    • dongmin, smiling with tear tracks down his cheeks: “i love you guys”
    • and people might look at them a little funny bc of their exchanged i love you’s but they don’t really care bc its myungjun and jinwoo and dongmin and thats them, and they wouldn’t want their friendship any other way
  • when myungjun is 11.2, jinwoo is 9.2, and dongmin is 8:
    • by now all of their parents see the other 2 boys as their second and third sons
    • that being said, they agree to let them have a campout in myungjun’s backyard after the boys have been begging for a few weeks
    • myungjun’s parents set up a tent and the boys bring sleeping bags and pillows and pile them onto the air mattress myungjun’s parents have blown up
    • and they stay up late watching the stars overhead while laying on myungjun’s patio furniture and talking
    • dongmin: “will we be friends forever?”
    • jinwoo: “i hope so, dongminnie… i don’t want any other friends but you guys”
    • myungjun: “me too, you guys are my best friends, even better than my school friends”
    • dongmin: “i think i’d be sad if we weren’t friends anymore, you guys are my first friends ever and i don’t want new ones”
    • the boys sit in silence after that, each thinking to themselves
    • dongmin thinks that he wouldn’t rather have anyone else but myungjun and jinwoo help him with homework when he doesn’t understand, nor would he rather hit anyone else on the head with things whenever myungjun falls asleep
    • jinwoo thinks that he wouldn’t want to ride the bus with anyone else but myungjun and dongmin, nor would he like to play games and run around with anyone else
    • myungjun thinks that he wouldn’t want to protect anyone else except jinwoo and dongmin, nor would he rather come home to any other friends each night
    • they go to sleep in their tent not too much later, squishing as close together on the air mattress as they can in order to stay warm (and definitely not bc all of them are a little emotional about how much they love each other, its not that at all)
  • when myungjun is 13.2, jinwoo is 11.2, and dongmin is 10: 
    • dongmin’s family announces that they’re moving once again for his father’s work
    • they don’t really know how to react bc “what do you mean dongmin won’t live across the street anymore?? what about the 3 musketeers?? what about all our adventure plans??”
    • dongmin cries when he tells them bc he doesn’t want to leave them and myungjun and jinwoo just hug him and try not to cry themselves, insisting that it would all be okay
    • dongmin doesn’t know that when he leaves, jinwoo and myungjun embrace each other instead and cry to one another bc their third musketeer is leaving??
    • the day they leave, jinwoo and myungjun aren’t even really sure how they haven’t started crying yet
    • they stand on the curb with dongmin while their parents talk with his parents as the moving van finishes being packed and is closed 
    • and dongmin’s parents motion that its time for them to go and so dongmin hikes his backpack higher onto his back and wraps his arms as tightly as he can around jinwoo as tears begin sliding from his eyes
    • dongmin: “i’m going to miss you so much jinwoo hyung”
    • jinwoo: “i’ll miss you too, but its okay dongmin, we have our emails and you have my phone number, and myungjun’s too… we’ll still talk every day”
    • dongmin wants to tell him that it won’t be the same but he needs to hurry and finish his goodbye’s
    • so he turns to myungjun and throws his arms around him too, burying his face into the eldest boy’s neck
    • dongmin: “i’m going to miss you so much too myungjun hyung”
    • and myungjun has never really been one for words so he presses his lips to dongmin’s forehead instead just before they pull away
    • dongmin: “promise me you guys won’t stop protecting me”
    • and all of a sudden all of them are taken back to the first time they met and pinky promises made while talking about their plans to go on an adventure in space
    • jinwoo is trying really hard not to cry at that so myungjun takes over instead: “of course not dongmin, we’ll always be looking out for you! and next time we see each other, we’ll be ready to leave for space”
    • and then he smiles so widely, and pulls both boys in for one last group hug before dongmin rushes to his parents car and climbs in the backseat
    • his hands are pressed to the glass and he waves at myungjun and jinwoo until the car turns the corner and he can no longer see them standing at the end of what was once his driveway and then he cries even more bc now it’s real, and he won’t see them anymore
    • and myungjun continues smiling until the car turns the corner bc he wants to make sure that dongmin’s last memory of him is the same as his first and isn’t one of him crying, he doesn’t want dongmin to remember him like that
    • once their parents take them back to the park residence, jinwoo is crying into myungjun’s chest and tears are sliding down myungjun’s cheeks silently bc they really just had to say goodbye to their best friend of 5 years and they’re not ready for him to go
    • they fall asleep like that, huddled together on jinwoo’s bed, and once again it’s the 2 of them against the world, just like it had been when they were little
    • after that jinwoo and myungjun are closer than ever bc they may have lost dongmin but they were determined not to also lose each other 

the end of this had me crying as i wrote it but i had to have some kind of drama happen in their lives right? (thats what I’m trying to tell myself anyways). part 2 soon?? (hopefully)

Straight people tend to think that gay couples show too much PDA in public not just because they count handholding and pecks as “too much” but because they only acknowledge gay couples as such when they show PDA. 

A guy and a girl of similar age walking down the street close to each other are assumed to be dating. But two women doing the same are “sisters” or “bffs”. Two men are buds or brothers. We live in a straight-until-proven-otherwise society, so of course they think that we’re too “out there” because they don’t see the 90% of couples too afraid to even hold hands or walk side by side.

#184 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “A fix based on I need my girl my the national? like where vans on tour and everyone’s telling him he’s amazin but he feels like he needs Y/N” and “Could you do one in which the reader’s Vans girlfriend and surprises him visiting him on tour? And maybe hang out exploring the city they’re in.” and “Could i request a fic where you go along w catfish on tour and when they have a day off, you and van explore the city at night. Extra points for some sneaking around?”

Note: Thank you to the following people for sending in their hangs in the city daydreams: @mavis-is-not-simpartico @dream-out-loud-d @concresce @isle-of-flightless-josh @hawleyqueen @you-andthebottlemen and my bff Kasey (who used to not like fanfic but now… well… here she is) and a couple of Anons.

You could hardly hear Van over the noise of the party in the background. Even with that though, you could tell he was upset. Maybe not upset, just… off. He’d been calling more and more, bringing up old memories. The time you’d almost killed all Bernie’s good rose bushes when you accidentally drove through the front garden. You were sure nobody saw you whisper to the plants after, telling them you were sorry, but Van did. The time he broke the news to Mary he’d been kicked out of school, laughing about it when he shouldn’t have. You stood in the corner of the kitchen, bearing witness to the beautiful support that is Van McCann’s parents. From wherever he was in the party, Van was asking if you remembered your first date.

“Baby… What’s wrong? Are you okay?” you asked, interrupting his nostalgia. A bottle smashed at the party, then there was hysterical laughter. Van muttered something about the place being filled with cannonballers. The stereo was turned up and the sound of Rancid drowned out Van’s voice. “Van? Baby? I can’t hear you? Babe. Call me later, from the hotel or something, okay? I love you.” You hung up and sat staring at your phone for a good ten minutes before moving.

When your phone vibrated again it was almost three in the morning. Fucking time zone differences. They’d be the death of you. On loudspeaker, you listened to Van’s nervous breathing.

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Always (Peter Parker x Reader)


A/N: I am still currently taking requests guys! I’m gonna be doing the ones I have the most inspiration for, I have a couple in the works right now! Love you guys! 

Requested: No! 

Warnings: Cheating, Cursing, Fluff! 

Word Count: 3K 

‘BFF ♥’

‘He’s here. All over some cheerleader.’

Just one simple text made you jump out of bed and strip out of your pajamas–throwing on a sweater, leggings, and converse. You didn’t even say goodbye to your mother as you stormed out of your apartment. You felt your legs burning as you nearly sprinted to the other side of town not even thinking about taking the train.  

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon, bff with my most lovely but underrated son: Sam Wilson... Someone love Sammy with me!! He deserves more love!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗

Originally posted by havemanymonkeys

  • The two of you hitting it off instantly
  •  Being around each other all the time people assume your a couple
  • “Wilson wishes he could get a piece of this”
  • Taking the piss out of each other.
  • Taking the piss out of the other avengers together. 
  • Friendship dates once a month, even if it’s just watching a movie together!
  • Him going into super protective Dad mode when you start dating someone
  • “I don’t like them”
  • “You never like any of them Sam”  
  • Threatening to send Red Wing to shoot you ex when they break your heart. 
  • “Can you stop talking about your electronic bird boyfriend for one second and be the supportive best friend your suppose to be!” 
  • The two of you making old man jokes at Steve. 
  • Going on missions together always.
  • And if you’re not paired you will sneak in and change the mission roster without Steve’s authority 
  • “Because last time Clint was distracted by a hot dog stand having a sale and I nearly lost my eye Steve!
  • Sometimes forgetting you have serious work to do and go sight seeing instead of stalking out your target. 
  • “The target can wait, the Mona Lisa however has her eye one me”
  • “She has her eye on everyone Sam, that’s the fucking point” 
  • Hugging each other always. 
  • Being super protective of each other during the civil war. 
  • “Do you agree with the accords” 
  • “I don’t give a damn about any of it, I’m just here to shoot anyone that starts shooting at you” 
  • Platonic “I love you’s” 

chaoticmess1011  asked:

How would UT/US/UF skelebros react to an S/o who has a best friend of the opposite gender?( I have a friend of the opposite gender and everyone ships us) please?

Ahh sorry I took so long to get to this friend! 



Classic is pretty trusting and he and your BFF have this mutual pact to protect you at all costs. He knows that if he messes up, he’ll have to face the wrath of your best friend. Besides that, he’s pretty chill around them, and are friends with him without you as a buffer.


Your bff doesn’t even need to give Papaya the “hurt them and i’ll kill you” speech because Paps is a literal angel. In fact, Paps impresses your BFF so much, they want hang out with him all the time, even if they are they third wheel. Paps isn’t threatened by the fact that they’re the opposite gender, he’s just happy that they make you happy. In fact, the more friends the better! 



Blueberry is a smol precious bean so he easily becomes friends with your friend. But, he gets jealous easily, even know he knows that you’re faithful. He doesn’t worry about you cheating on him too much, he’s just upset that people around you think that you and your BFF are a couple. It makes him a little sad and he voices this to you and your friend. After that, you and your best friend get matching BFF necklaces with the phrase, “We’re not together” around the chain as a joke. 


Stretch is neutral about your friend and he’s not the jealous type so he doesn’t care if they’re the opposite gender. They’re more like acquaintances who are good friends when you all hang out together, but when it’s just the two of them, it gets really awkward. Kind of like Robin and Marshall’s relationship from How I Met Your Mother. 



Nope nope nope. Sans and your best friend do not get along, mostly because of their gender. He gets anxious whenever you two hang out because why would you date him when you already having someone you’re so close with already? He’ll only be reassured if your BFF gets into a relationship themselves, but even then, he still doesn’t like them. 


Fell and your best friend just kind of have a…staredown, a silent challenge where whoever breaks first is the weaker being. You have to break it up when it starts getting creepy. Fell doesn’t care about the gender of your best friend, he knows that you’ll be faithful, after all, he is the Great and Terrible Papyrus! He and your friend don’t get along well, but they have a mutual respect for each other. 

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Here is my headcanon! Ignis and Luna look like the kind of people who would truly love the opera, and even though they try to go with the guys a couple of times, those three just cannot really appreciate it. After that, Ignis and Luna would go together and really bond over it, sharing their knowledge and becoming good friends.

I will raise you this headcanon, dear anon… With a Luna and Ignis platonic friend date day! :D With the other chocobros, of course.

Guys, Gals, and Phantoms – Ignis Scientia and Lunafreya BFF / Going to the Opera Headcanons

  • At first, Lunafreya and Ignis would meat mostly on business-based terms, with Ignis often asking Lunafreya about advising for Noctis’s plans and Lunafreya often asking Ignis about the news of Insomnia and of Noctis’s well-being.
  • But all bets about keeping it strictly business went out the window the moment Ignis complimented Lunafreya’s dress, tilting his head and going ‘Is that an Anna Sui design?’
  • Immediately the conversation into fashion went on, and it wasn’t until Gladio had to holler at Ignis that Noctis needed something that Ignis had to break from the conversation.
  • The two decided to just have lunch together and continue their gossip then, but it eventually resulted in them talking over lunch, occasionally going shopping together, doing other activities, and so much more.

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Hi! So I wanted to ask you something. Do you really think that kaisoo is real? If so, what convinced you that kaisoo was real?

Yes i do. As for what convinced me, well now that i’m thinking deeply about it, i would say the kaistal thing, the april fool day, the rush and all the fake proofs dispach and Sm have tried to shove down our throats.

All this made me think that kaisoo is defenetly the gay couple the bling item was talking about 

Before that i’ve never pay attention to any OTP but after the 01/04 i became sceptical and felt that something was fishy about the whole kaistal deal.

And there is also that Jagi video, like OMG!!!!! That was a complete shock for me. 

Anyways, to summarise it all:

1- Kaistal sudden relationship which was confirmed 5 seconds after

2- The fake pics and fake dates

3- The propaganda and media play (Condoms recipe, trips we have no pics about and a cat we never saw)

4- Jongin being depressed and Kyungsoo looking sad

5- April fool (SM is a tease XD)

6- Kaisoo moment are beyeond any BFF relashionship, they look defenitly like a couple (even my brother has noticed it and he has never saw them before)

7- SM and the colored light stick aka the LGBT flag look like ligh stick and all the hidden messages about gay couples here and there ( i can made a whole post about this very point)

8- The need to make kaistal looks relevant with a couple ring and some paper bags

9-How Kyungsoo skipped his hawaii trip just to stay with Jongin for 3 days using a musical as an excuse.

Well the list is very long lol, but i’ll stop here. If you want some more i can make another post but it will take me a lot of tme before i can publish it bacause there is too much to say about kaisoo’s relashioship. 

Take care girl (i’m just assuming lol)

C U 


Now 15yo Flynn ! Poor kitteh’s been through some bad family stuff, and his bff Nee’ta even worse, thanks to the Empire. So here is just a couple of sketches because feels.
 I really love developping him, and how this happy, star-dreamer kid is going to end up a figther for a lost cause x) I suppose it means I like making myself sad too… (poke @rakiah 8) )


Hi, so I’ve noticed that in this particular fandom there is so much hate between ships. I am heavily displeased with ship wars, so what I’m about to do, is to put all my opinion about all ships in bsd in an attempt to somewhat make you understand how fucking stupid ship wars is. What we should do is support everyone in every way since in this fandom, we should love all and be loved. I will talk about as many ships as possible, look for yours or message me about your ship so I can put my trashy opinion on it. This’ll be long. Okay, let’s begin.

- I will be rating the ship’s popularity according to how much I see it on my feed, on Twitter, and some observations. My popularity rating is not canon in any way -

⊳ Soukoku [popularity: most popular] - I think Chuuya and Dazai are very very cute for each other. In our shippy world, what their relationship is seen as Chuuya getting mad at Dazai for every little thing but secretly (or not so secretly) loves him. Dazai is then this chill guy who would profess his love for Chuuya so recklessly yet sincerely — and it’s honestly so fucking cute. I also love how they can be cute and fucking smexy at the same time. Like shit. This ship can take my ass. Fuck me over man. But if we were to look into the sad sad canon world, their relationship could be two things; extreme friendship built on trust, or an unhealthy hateful relationship. This is how it truly is, please accept this. The canon world cannot touch us though. All hail, Soukoku!

⊳ AtsuDazai [popularity: very popular] - Two words; Sexily fluffy. Atsushi is an innocent doe no matter who he’s shipped with (I’m sorry bub), and even with Dazai on the boat, this wouldn’t change. A senpai and his subordinate. Imagine Dazai exploring every intimate thing between them, and Atsushi just being downright flustered. Christ. Take me to hell people. In the canon world though, there’s Atsushi admiring Dazai and Dazai being proud of Atsushi all the time. In the shippy world, or canon world: I’d say their relationship is pretty damn cute. I’m all for this.

⊳ AkuAtsu, Shin Soukoku [popularity: very popular] - Salt. Salty. Saltiness. This relationship is pure salt and bitterness in both worlds. Salt, that just needs a dash of sugar to taste okay. Akutagawa is this guy who’s envious of Atsushi, and Atsushi is this guy who just wants him off his ass; though the latter wouldn’t mind getting along with him, the former not giving fucks at all. Their relationship in the shippy world could be connected to the canon world, but in the shippy world it develops into something… more. Picture Akutagawa attempting to kill Atsushi with Rashomon, but then Atsushi dodges, comes in front and kisses him — then Akutagawa unexpectedly blushes and thinks about it for 4 months. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

⊳ AkuHigu [popularity: popular] - I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks, this ship is one of my OTPs. This ship has a capability of being canon, and that’s what makes it more exciting to support. I love Higuchi’s character so much, she’s so relatable and adorable. Then there’s Akutagawa who’s stoic and brooding; imagine that cold ass attitude warming up to Higuchi. And how happy Higuchi would be, so happy that she hugs Akutagawa unintentionally everytime and Akutagawa pretending he doesn’t like it (inside he’s like, “Holy fuck her breast is pressing up against me, is that okay? She smells nice. This is unfair. How do you so this to me?”). Or another alternate relationship for them is Higuchi treating him like her own son. Now, wouldn’t that be cute?

⊳ AtsuLucy [popularity: fairly popular] - I honestly can’t fucking understand how this ship is so under appreciated! Their moments! That stark naked moment! I’m mad! Fuck! Do y'all have any idea how cute this is? Shy-but-tough Lucy blushing as Atsushi does something unexpected without meaning to. Both of them being clueless as what to do in a relationship. They’re just so shippable! I love Lucy. I love Atsushi. I love them both. I love them together. I need more AtsuLucy content! Draw me some fucking Atsulucy! Give me an AtsuLucy graphic! Please! I love this! Plus, the fact that this ship has the highest possibility of being canon; and when it “does” become canon, everybody can suck our asses. Ha!

⊳ AtsuKyou [popularity: popular] - Words can’t even describe how much I love this ship. Honestly, I could see them as a couple, or as siblings, or as BFFs and it would all be the same — motherfucking cute. Like! Just! Imagine! Kyouka calling Atsushi “Onii-chan”! Oh my God. Kyouka and Atsushi sharing a kiss through a piece of spaghetti noodle! Holy balls. AtsuKyou sharing BFF bracelets! My Lord. You could look at this ship in any way you want, romantic or platonic, and nothing would change the fact that they will always prioritize each other. They will protect one another no matter what. My babies. So pure, so sweet. I will personally kill any rotten bastard who hates on this ship just because of the measly 4-year age gap (The only problem is that she is a minor! Christ, people need to calm down. They will age! They are fictional!). Y'all shipped Sebastian (over 100 years old) and Ciel (13 years old) yet no one said a word (“Oh, because it’s gay and it’s cute!” Shut the fuck up lol). So we can ship AtsuKyou as much as we want. Sit yer fuckin’ ass down.

⊳ AkuDazai [popularity: popular] - Another ship that I am very ready to cry for. Y'all. Akutagawa is cute. The way he reacts to Dazai is just… it makes me want to smack Dazai’s head and tell him “You go and praise him, you lazy bastard! Stop your suicidal thoughts for a second and! Notice! Him!”. Though I think this ship would be really cute, you can’t deny that it would be a little one-sided. I could just imagine Akutagawa being that clingy boyfriend lmfao (“Who’s that? Are you calling someone? What’s under your bandage? Why can’t you see me? Ignore your new subordinate goddammit!”). But Dazai loves him as well. And in the canon world, I only see a very strong kouhai admiring his senpai and awaiting his every action. It’s cute, either way.

⊳ ChuuAku [popularity: fairly popular] - I don’t have much to say about this ship. The fanarts are super adorable. Chuuya seems like the one who’d tease Akutagawa to no end about his obsession for Dazai, but kisses him lightly once he notices that Akutagawa is offended. And as for a canon scenario, well it’s the same: minus the kissing part. Sigh.

⊳ Yosanpo, Ranpokiko, Ransano [popularity: fairly popular] - Another under appreciated ship! Another thing to be salty about! I need more of these! Can you all just imagine? A psychotic doctor dating a childish genius detective — it’s fucking perfect! Screw me over with this! Don’t even dare to fight me on this. Their child will be a fucking badass, I know it! Though, though; I could also definitely see them as two crazy people with the best friendship as well. It’s friggin’ cool. They have each other’s backs, and for that particular chapter; we can all surmise that they care so much for each other. It’s perfect. They’re perfect. I would support this wholeheartedly.

⊳ KunikiDazai [popularity: fairly popular] - This. This ship. This ship is one of the many things I love about BSD ships. They’re just. Mom and dad, you know? They’re like an old married couple! I love this ship as much as I love my parents. Like, I need more of this too. This deserves appreciation! Blind fuckers! Not only is their ship so shippable, I also really really love their partnership in the canon world. Honestly, Chuuya deserves credit as a partner, but so does Mom — I mean Kunikida! They work so well together despite being incompatible. And what I love about them is that they don’t hate each other. It’s refreshing. Kunikida just lowkey gets annoyed at him, and Dazai just lowkey wants to annoy him. God, I love it.

⊳ KunikiAtsu [popularity: fair] - All I can think about this ship is Kunikida calling Atsushi “brat”. I could see what these shippers love about these two. It’s like a mother-son relationship in the canon world, but in the shippy world I see it like this: Atsushi kissing Kunikida, and Kunikida saying he is “not gay” while blushing and unintentionally letting Atsushi do what he wants. Good shit, eh?

⊳ JunichiAomi, Tanizaki siblings [popularity: fair] - I don’t want to see them no more as siblings who care for each other. Honestly, this ship makes me uncomfortable. I’ve never been into that brother sister complex, especially not incest. I support them as family. That’s all. If they weren’t siblings, then I would definitely ship them. But, no. I can’t. Sorry if you support this, but I’ve nothing good to say to anyone who sees them romantically. I will just keep it to myself so I don’t hurt you, at least. They’re a NOTP for me.

⊳ RanZawa [popularity: fair] - I cannot see this more than a child wanting his father/idol’s attention. Ranpo’s reaction to his praises is cute. Fukuzawa is fucking daddy. But I don’t ship them romantically. Too much age difference there. 26 - 45. Hm. Not good.

⊳ MorElise, EliMori [popularity: unpopular] - Believe it or not, I’ve actually seen some people who ship this. And I am, thoroughly, disgusted. This! This man, is a father figure to the child! Let them rest! Let them be a family! It’s like shipping a baby bean with a watermelon! Please don’t. This is my official number one NOTP.

⊳ SteinCraft [popularity: unpopular] - I don’t know, this seems… a bit… weird? And just so platonic? But funny? But I love them both. So if you ship them, I shall be there to support you throughout your journey, dear one!

⊳ AkuKyou [popularity: fair] - AtsuKyou was considerable, but the age difference here kind of makes me want to back off. 20 - 14? If that’s acceptable in your eyes, then I’ll leave you at that. But I see them more as comrades. Good comrades, if Akutagawa treats her better. After all, he only wanted what he thought was good for her. Good for you, though. I’ll be with you through the bitter end.

⊳ NaoSano [popularity: unpopular] - Admit it, you NaoSano shipper there. You started to ship them when you saw that official art. With Naomi and Yosano looking hot. It was hot. I can admit. The gay was real, man. I think this’ll be a cute relationship, wih Yosano being the mature and controlling one. And Naomi just lowkey being mischievous. Like it.

⊳ KenjiKyou [popularity: fair] - Oh my Goodness! This ship is really cute. It’s like puppy-middle-school love. I love it! But seeing how oblivious Kenji is, and how expressionless Kyouka is; they would be a too-chill couple. I can imagine the two of them not texting, calling nor dating at all; but they’re still alright. Sharing cake and shit. In the platonic side, I see them as playmates. Strong ass playmates. Disaster.

⊳ AlFitz, FitzCott [popularity: fair] - If you ship this, then I won’t judge you. They are potentially cute together. Alcott is freaking adorable, and I can imagine Fitz protecting her. But since Daddy Fitz is married, I cannot, even for a moment, think of them romantically. More like a student to his sensei. That kinda thing. Because in shipping this, fiction or not, you’re disrupting a sacred marriage, you’re actually making him cheat on Zelda (whom he loves dearly). And as for me, I’d rather not.

⊳ YumeLise [popularity: unpopular] - I don’t know, I’ve seen one fanart of them togeher before so I included Yumeno and Elise. I can see them having cute kid crushes on each other, but at the same time, being psychotic friends; killing people with adorable faces and all that yandere shit. Cool stuff

⊳ RanPoe [popularity: fairly popular] - I cannot stress about how much I love this ship. And the ship name! It’s just so perfect! I mean, this sort of gives me the AkuDazai vibe with Poe idolizing Ranpo; but I seriously love this so much more! I’m so sorry. Poe is such an adorable bean pie cinnamon roll, I could just picture it all! Ranpo giving him riddles that he would get a kiss for if he answers right, and Poe desperately solving all those riddles just to kiss him. Poe being awkward at everything, and Ranpo loving every second of it. Oh God! I could even love their relationship in the canon world. They’re bond is that of literary geniuses, and it’s nothing like other.

╔That’s all of the ship I could think about. If you have any other ships, no matter how rare they are, even if they have no interaction at all (except in your fantasies); I am more than glad to talk about it! Message me/Submit the ship name to me and I will say my opinion about it. OR, IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT ANY OF THE SHIPS HERE, I WILL BE VERY HONORED TO TALK ABOUT IT. SO MESSAGE ME. PLEASE. I’M DESPERATE.╝

╔Anyways, see what I did? I supported every ship (excluding the NOTPs) and I’m happy for them all — my life is fucking peaceful. So rather than putting salt in other ships, why not just love them all? IT’S. SO. FUN. REALLY. I also don’t think it’s wise to compare your ships, because no matter how large or small the fanbase is; your ship will be your ship. Live and be proud to ship it.╝

╔And stop ship hating. Except when it is really wrong. Even if it was wrong, you should just express dislike. I hate the word “hate”, see. If you’re a proud BSD trash, then be an honorable one.╝

╔Reblog to save a life.╝

Just a thing

You know, I have nothing against Soriel, even if personally  I don’t seen them like a couple and I prefer write about a reconciliation between Asgore and Toriel.

Sans and Toriel have “just” exchanging jokes through a door, Sans has spoke about his brother and has done a promise. For me they are BFF. 

And yes I know that they live kinda together in the ruins (with or without Papyrus) in some neutral endings. But nothing says officially that there are other thing that a great friendship here.

But do what you want, everyone can ship like they want.

But it’s NOT canon. 

Undyne and Alphys are canon but Soriel isn’t not.

Beause if it’s canon so you must accept that every duo in the SAME situation are canon and that every person in Toriel’s role is shipped with every person in Sans’s role.

It would means that:

AgorexPapyrus is canon in UnderSwap and SwapFell then.

PapyrusxChara is canon in StoryShift then.

And they’re not. (And I have just used “that” like exemple)

Toby Fox has mean clear that UndynexAlphys is canon, like the couple of dogs but nothing says that soriel is canon

It’s not because Asgore is depressive and paranoïac after have been rejected that it’s true.

You can ship Soriel.

You can imagine all you want about the futur in the post-pacifist (or a neutral ending, since Asgore dies in the neutral ways)

Just don’t throw “It’s canon” at people’s face. (Have some pity for Goat dad XP)

little ones
  • it weirdly bothers me when people push down their achievements because someone else is doing more/better/other than them.  (ex: i only ran once last week, my bff/bf/ex-bestie runs marathons every month)
  • it bothers me even more when i tell something that i consider an achievement and someone’s first response is to compare it someone doing it more/better. here’s the thing you learn with an auto-immune, you just have to stop doing that.  or stop as much as you can.  otherwise you can’t ever congrats yourself.  so i’ve been doing that, but like.. i guess i can’t stop others.  i suppose i shall just tell scruffy instead.  
  • today i walked at the beach for a couple hours.  usually my legs hurt afterwards, but i’m doing okay.  i think maybe it’s from leveling up a little at the gym.  
  • also, i added 10 lbs to my squats the other day.  AND i didn’t spend a week hurting afterwards.  only a day walking a bit funny.  
  • i ordered a hardware wallet for my cryptocurrency.  it will be here in about a week.  i’m a little nerdly excited.  also, i’m about halfway through my bitcoin book.  it feels like i’m reading a coding textbook, but it helped a serious amount to understand the tech behind it.
  • my sister told me she’s ready to move in with her new bf of roughly 3 mos.  

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Why is your name promiscuous jalapeño

I took it from the name of that play zen did, promiscuous jalapeno topping. I wanted an MM related name for the blog without actually using the words Mystic Messenger. 

I had been on the fence about even creating this blog at the time, though I had written a couple of fics, just hadn’t posted them anywhere. I was playing the game and that chat came up where jaehee talks about promiscuos jalapeno topping and I was laughing so hard I messaged my BFF and said this is it, the name of my blog should I do it? She said heck ya and well here we are haha 

Okay, So Rewatching Again

Early in the episode (group cafeteria):

  • Betty’s full of self-righteousness (Juggie even tells her to chill a bit) and expressly states, “the Serpents aren’t the guilty ones”. (so we’ll see her coming to terms with a larger bias and accepting Jughead’s involvement, eventually)
  • And as they conclude discussing FP as a man of honor being railroaded, Vermin FUCKING STANDS UP to change the subject form “Plaiderdale Justice Project Crusaders” to being about her and Douchie being a thing….
  • And Douchie later approaches Betty under the guise of wanting to be her friend, but promptly makes it about his bro-dude douchiness.
  • Freddydoodle has already tap danced around his issue, mentioned “we’re still up to our necks in it” AND pointed out that the Serpents are righteous dudes after Bratz Doll bitchily shit canned them
  • When Betty fights with her parents about the article, it’s admitted the attacks are AGAINST Serpents, not from them, even as Hal and Malice victim blame the Serpents
  • FP states “the serpents are innocent” and “Jughead knows what’s what, you can’t betray the folks that stand by you”. Douchie questions “that’s the serpents?” (cause ginger, elitist asswipe) and FP expressly states, “when the time comes, the Serpents will step up”. So literally we have—FP sees his son in/benefitting from both worlds and has NO problem with Juggie being involved with the Serpents AND still with Betty.
  • Vermin (who FP fabulously neglects to mention) is now smarming over Juggie. I still think he sees right through her, but figures Douchie’s reasonably happy.
  • Archie’s manpain/Curious George’s inaction
  • Mowgli’s symbolic plant choice is a BLACK ORCHID?????? Really show—subtle, sooooo subtle. Season 2 premier: Hymen has a fluffy white cat and a mustache for twirling….
  • Betty’s reflection scene is actually foreshadowing her dealing with her own biases and acceptance next season.
  • Vermin turns Betty’s missing brother into something dumb and superficial
  • Juggie didn’t “cut himself off”, he just became Mr. Popularity. Love how “Ricky’s” like the forlorn hope, going in first to see if their crown prince will accept them, while all the other kids try to look cool, but are keeping their distance from sort of respect credo. You can see them all inwardly…”be cool…be cool, man….”
  • I really hope Juggie’s joke was the nerdiest, geekiest thing imaginable—half the kids didn’t even get it, but they’re all so committed to kissing his butt that they pretended, then ran to look it up and all start reading Kafka in short order to be like their idol
  • Right before Betty hugs Juggie, Jug has this look like, “they won’t ever split us apart after I finally get you alone and naked, bbyyyy”
  • FP: “be a man (serpent if you want) just not a stupid one”. “What about Southside High?” Juggie: “IDK, all the kids wanna be my BFF and keep calling me Simba, dad—what gives?”
  • Betty: Fuck you all. Except Jughead needs to fuck me. Really soon. Mah man is lookin’ extra hot tonite!
  • Vermin: if we have have lukewarm sex and I imply we’re the ultimate power couple, will you forget about Betty?
  • Douchie: <smiling at this reflection> yes, just pretend Vermin’s, Betty and it’ll be great. Even though if Betty ever does want me, I’ll be outta there once I tap that.
  • Hitman: leather jacket, no signs of Serpent embroidery. About $3K in hundreds is scattered about—-Freddydoodle, as if he had either just picked up $$$ or was going to pay out $$$…

No recap on Bughead sex, because we’ve already analyzed that….Soooo…it’s specifically stated/shown like 7/8+ times (including by Miss Betty, herself) the Serpents are fine/cool/innocent/victims in this episode. This is fully about Betty A) being partially worried about Juggie getting hurt (ironic, cause he’s worried about her and she’d be safer at Southside) and B) needing to recognize her bias needs to extend further, as well…

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That or Takumi is just way oblivious about the situation. "Hello, sister. Do you want to join our perfectly friendly bff hangout between friends? By the way, Leon is acting kinda weird. Do you know what's up with that?"

just a couple of guys being dudes …a brodate