not even an artist

Art is not only about fierce expression.
Art is not only about moving your body nonstop.
Art is not only about frivolous dance movement.
Art is not only about seducing by your movement.
Art is not defined as a stagnant monotone object.

Art can be delivered subtlely.
Art can be performed with serenity.
Art can be shown by calm expression.
Art can be in various forms, and it evolves.

So why is your definition of art is so shallow and narrow minded?

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Name: Tanya
Age: 14 (15 in June)
Country: England

I am a fan of books like: the perks of being a wallflower, a tale for the time being, the anatomy of being, it and a work in progress

I enjoy playing music on my record player (even though vinyls are hella expensive). I like artists like: lorde, tyler the creator, frank ocean, madeon, jorja smith, slow hollows, kenrick lamar, bon iver, a$ap rocky, noname, ry x, the 1975, souls of mischief, daughter, sundara karma, halsey, king krule, banks, cosmo pyke and MANY more :-)

I like photography- I currently have a digital and Polaroid camera and i am saving for a holga120N so i can start film photography. I like themes and aesthetics, I always change the colour them of my room depending on my favourite colour at the time- currently pink and beige (sliver is a constant favourite colour of mine).

Ideally would like to talk online for a few weeks then become long term friends and penpals. I would really like to send written letters because I would like to exchange cute smol gifts, doodles and pictures.

Preferences: preferably between 14-17, I wont be mad if they’re like a year over or under.

don’t be mean spirited person plz

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Does it really hurt artists when people repost their art, even if credit is given? It's a dumb question to ask..I'm sorry but I just wanna learn and stuff..

yes, here are some of the common points:

1) some artists don’t want that “exposure”, they want to be in control of where there art is distributed& what kind of audience will see it

2) without permission, you are only stealing to show off what someone else has made. crediting does not make it okay, because of point 1) and you’re still stealing. ask the artist if they allow use/repost of their art, but if you are unsure just don’t do it. (most art have watermarks, search the name to find out)

3) respect the artist’s wishes, some artists have stopped sharing their art altogether because of this. personally (& for many others), it really hurts when you share your work to get it misused

it’s not a dumb question! thank you for caring. we all make mistakes and it’s * kinda not okay* but as long as you don’t do it anymore, it’s good and you’re learning ^_T

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This entire promo cycle is really just setting the foundation for what we already know, harry has what it takes to be a legend and the way people respond to him is really extraordinary. What Cameron Crowe is saying about harry is really wonderful, and it's even more special knowing how many other artists he's seen in his time

“it’s even more special knowing how many other artists he’s seen in his time” 

Listen if anyone has ANY artistic abilities what so ever even if you’re just ok at what you do or if it’s just for fun DO NOT STOP try to draw or paint or make something every day even if it’s something little like a small doodle because you will improve immensely and don’t compare yourself to other artists you feel are"better" than you use them as inspiration and study your craft as often as possible 💌

Who the fuck animates a 2d traditionally made movie at 60 fps, I’ve never heard of a bigger waste of time or money. Thief and the cobbler MAYBE bc that’s the only one that comes to mind that put the artistic integrity above all else but even then 60 fps is absolute suicide

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omg aaa ive known you ever since 2012......i rly love ur art, i go on tumblr every week to see it bc its so aesthetically pleasing!! i was always intimidated by artists even though i am one myself, but you sound rly chill and like youd get along with everyone, and you call your fans buddies which i think is super nice i hope this didnt sound creepy but hgkdfj not only is your art good, your personality is as well and i think its admiring.

OMGGMFKRJ THIS IS SO NICE THANK U SO MUCH i dont know what to say im just rly happy right now (cries) AND PH MY GOD 2012..thank u for staying with me omg and dont be intimidated by me, feel free to talk to me! And be a pals…😭💕✨👀

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Anon, idk if you're aware of this by now but she's not going to India anymore and she hasn't rescheduled it. Plus I don't think Bieber really invited Zayn onstage, he hasn't brought out a special guest during his most recent leg of the tour and I doubt he will let an artist he doesn't even have a song with perform with him.

Yeah, I saw that Gigith has postponed her Mumbai trip indefinitely.  Its not out of the realm of possibility for me that Bieber would have guest performers at his concert (Taylor Swift made a mint off that during her 1989 tour), especially if they were trying to make the Mumbai show a big deal and Zayn certainly has a huge fanbase in Asia.  

When Gigith was going to be in Mumbai at the same as the Mumbai concert, coupled with the rando seeding of Zayn at the Bieber show and a Bieber/Zayn collab, it lended more credence to the possibility of it, but now 


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

Somewhere in a dark room, a male Tumblr artist draws a girl. But this is no ordinary girl that he is drawing. You see, the girl he is drawing in this work in particular has slightly bigger boobs and hips than the girls he usually draws. With one deft stroke, he bravely erases her thigh gap; a selfless act of martyrdom to the fat women everywhere who so desperately needed his help. At last, some REAL representation! Their voices can finally be heard! He gently brushes the eraser shavings off of the picture and holds it up to the light, but does so carefully, so as not to uncork the lightning he had just captured in a bottle. As he looks upon his drawing the way a mother looks at her newborn child, he takes a moment to reflect on the monumental societal impact he has made. A single tear rolls down his cheek as he lovingly proclaims “thicc.”