not even a yellow


there was indigo music
in the night and stars there was

wine in the bottles clinking
al fresco in the cafes

with unseen blisters of rain
slick upon the cobblestones

the light like yellow butter
shadows blue as the night’s skin

had the mirror cracked by then
that reckoning not even

heavy unbalanced palettes
carved into the canvasses

yellow and yellow and red
and the indigo music

  • steven universe episode 1: steven thinks that eating his favorite ice cream sandwiches is the trick to activating his magical powers
  • steven universe episode 132: after sacrificing himself for his friends, falsely claiming that he's responsible for the war crimes seemingly committed by his dead mother, boarding a space ship with the knowledge that he will likely never return home again, going on trial against two powerful alien dictators who want to murder him, getting chased by death drones, teaming up with a band of social outcasts, and watching his friend die violently in a desperate act of goodwill, steven discovers that his tears are the secret to resurrection and travels back to earth through his no-longer-dead friend's hair to reunite with his family

You are the future of humans and monsters!

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