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eruri, 43

Levi’s taken to writing letters to his roommate in his biology notebook.

It’s not like he can’t talk to his roommate. They get along well, and Levi has no problem asking him for things. The letters aren’t angry letters.

They’re even worse than that.

The contents of the letters are nothing but idiotic drivel. Things a high school girl would write about her crush. “I love your stupid eyes.” “I love how you look when you come in after a workout.” “The smell of your shampoo and aftershave drives me insane.” Embarrassing stuff like that. On a weekly basis, Levi tears them out of his notebook and rips them up. Next thing you know he’ll be writing “Mr. Levi Smith” with little hearts around it. Pathetic.

(The name has a nice ring to it, though.)

Levi’s a freshmen, so a nice dorm room with some privacy is out of the question. His lot is a double room with barely enough space for both him and his roommate. It means two beds on opposite walls and two desks right next to each other, getting dressed and going to sleep in the same small space. Even if Levi didn’t want to know how Erwin slept or what he looked like shirtless, he would. He does.

(Erwin sleeps on his back, arms splayed, hair charmingly mussed. Shirtless, he looks like a god.)

Levi sits on his bed with his bio notes in front of him, studying. Whether he’s studying his notes or studying the other man in his room is up for debate. He flips over flashcards. His roommate leans back in his desk chair and stretches, muscled arms over his head, shirt riding up just the tiniest bit.

Levi flips to the back of his bio notebook and writes down, “You need to stop doing that. You look really sexy when you do that, and it’s too fucking much.”


Levi drops his notebook. “Yeah?”

“You want to take a break and get some dinner? I’m meeting up with Mike and Hanji.”

Erwin’s always inviting him to socialize with him. Levi almost always turns him down. Erwin doesn’t push, but he also doesn’t give up. He strikes the perfect balance between caring and respecting Levi’s boundaries. He’s so considerate it makes Levi want to tear his hair out.  

“No thanks. I have to study,” Levi says.

“What are you studying?” Erwin stands and crosses the too-small room to glance at Levi’s notes.

“Bio. Big test tomorrow.” Levi looks at Erwin. He’s staring at something on Levi’s bed. His notebook. The notebook that’s open to a page with the words, “You look really sexy when you do that” scrawled across it.

Levi picks up the notebook and slams it closed.

Erwin raises his eyebrows. “Who was that to?”

“No one.”

“Are you seeing someone?”


Erwin tilts his head. He clearly doesn’t believe Levi.

“It was … a joke. It was sarcastic. A note for Hanji because they were doing something that looked really not sexy. That kind of thing.”

“You don’t have to make up excuses, Levi,” Erwin says gently.

The color drains from Levi’s face.

“If you want to keep your love life private, I … respect that,” he says.

Levi lets out a breath. Erwin doesn’t know the note was about him. His secret is safe.

“I’ll see you after dinner,” Erwin says.

“See you then.”

Erwin takes two steps to the door, then turns around. “I should tell you … I mean, I should say … Now may not be the time, but I …” He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

“What?” Levi asks.

“I just want to say … that I completely respect whatever choices you make regarding your love life and I hope you’re very happy with this person.” Erwin clears his throat. “That’s all.” And he leaves.

Levi’s alone in his too-small room. He picks up his bio notebook, imagines that interaction going differently, and writes.

how to spot the signs

**check moon, venus, and rising sign too though bc y’know

aries // it’s probably fairly easy to spot that aries. they’re the one that screams aggressively when their pottery project crumbles in their hands. the one that always wants to try ziplining or bungee jumping or skydiving. 

in private - aries in private are one of those signs that are very similar to the way they are in general or in public. they don’t feel the need to have to cover up their emotions or their thoughts. if you’re with an aries in private, you will probably notice that they’re more chill than you thought they were, though. and not as angry as they seem. 

flirting - the ones that subtly flirt but still seem to get their message across. flirts a lot too, though. anytime they can get close to their crush, they’re flirting.  

features - they probably have like one really striking feature. like the most beautiful hair you’ve ever seen or really great natural eyebrows. 

taurus // a taurus may be a little harder to spot. they probably have a plant/nature aesthetic. they’re the ones who can be outgoing and shy at the same time. they’re quite calm and collected. thinks through their decisions before making them. suggests hiking and camping a lot. 

in private - taurus in private are probably sweeter than they are in public, especially if you’re close to them. many of them may also be a little more emotional than you’d think. sometimes they’ll talk for hours, sometimes they’ll barely say a single word. 

flirting - you probably won’t even notice a taurus flirting. they’re quite subtle about it, because it makes them feel awkward. this doesn’t mean they’re bad at flirting though, usually they’re able to become good friends with their crush, and things may go from there. 

features - soft features that all fit together really nicely. soft, rounded nose. cute eyes. not too strongly defined eyebrows. 

gemini // ah, the gemini. it’s probably one of the popular girls in your class, or the guy who’s the class clown. they’re fun, energetic, and definitely quite talkative. they have a lot of nice things to say about people. 

in private - at first, gemini seems just like they are in public. talkative, got a lot of stories up their sleeve, smiles a bunch. but pay attention to their words. they’re different. in private, they’re more comfortable with sharing a lot of gossip. they’re probably also a lot smarter than you thought they were. may react differently to the same thing than if they were in public. 

flirting - a gemini is a pretty solid flirter. they’re good at never making their crush bored. they rarely tell the same story twice, even if in reality it’s the same story with a few tweaks here and there. 

features - a gemini is just cute, man. beautiful smile. bright and alert eyes. 

cancer // a cancer may be a little bit hard to spot. they’re either super shy and reserved, or pretty talkative and outgoing, but not much of an in-between. probably the ones that get a little offended by a joke, and can take criticism pretty personally and to the heart. 

in private - a cancer is one of those people you want to know privately. like someone you want to spend one-on-one time with. they’re cuddly, cute, sweet, ad comforting. if you’re close, you’ll probably be able to notice the transition from being awkward in public to smooth af in private. 

flirting - a cancer may not be the best flirter of all time. but, they may get their way. they probably clam up and sweat when being close to their crush. but hey, they’re cute and lovable so maybe it won’t be hard for their crush to notice them.

features - a cancer has soft features. they look really kind. the type of person that if you’re in a crowd and you have to ask someone for the time, you’d ask them because they seem like they won’t be too bothered by you and will be nice about it. 

leo // not hard to spot a leo. usually loud and confident, but not usually in the cocky way. they’re always with a group of people, and probably the one that’s talking. super fun and adventurous. the kind of person to bring ten bags of marshmallows to the campfire. 

in private - a leo in private may surprise you from the way they seem in public. probably one of the most different from in private to in public compared to all the other signs. they have insecurities hidden. they’re not always super happy. may get stressed out a lot. needs to know you’ll always be there for them.

flirting - leo is one of the best flirters hands down. their crush probably is already attracted to them anyways. good storytellers, pretty hilarious. can make their crush feel like them flirting is almost addictive. they’re also obvious with their flirting. 

features - a leo is beautiful. could rock the catwalk or the red carpet. they may enjoy wearing a lot of makeup (not necessarily to ‘cover up’ but more so bc they just like to) but are just as glamorous without. 

virgo // a virgo looks at the small details rather than the big picture. probably the perfectionist in the class, who has perfect handwriting and good grades. the one that makes good, smart decisions. knows what’s going on in the world. 

in private - a virgo is more willing to try new things and will say things that surprise you when you first have one-on-one time with a virgo. even though they’re fairly entertainig themselves, they’ll always beg you to entertain them or tell them some good jokes. 

flirting - a virgo is also a pretty subtle flirter, and seems like just a friend, which is okay because they may say some creepy things that would be super embarrassing if their crush knew they were flirting with them. you know like or “i love the neighborhood you live in”. don’t like leading people on.

features - a virgo likes to focus on their appearance. good fashion sense, perfect makeup, astounding hair. 

libra // a libra is probably the one you automatically feel like is kind of “fake” as a first impression. they’re probably not “fake”, they just try too hard to cover up their real emotions and show different ones instead so they don’t seem detached. pretty intelligent and a good talker. 

in private - a libra is another sign you want to know personally. you just always want to know what they have to say and their opinion on things. they can be either mature or childish depending on their mood. very peaceful. doesn’t like fighting with the ones they love. 

flirting - a libra is pretty good at flirting. they can be the touchy type, so they’re probably not as subtle. they have such a natural charm to them and are so intriguing. easy to get along with.

features - a libra probably has gorgeous eyes. you can tell they’re thinking about something important all the time. probably very light (not in color, in terms of feeling ig). 

scorpio // a scorpio is intense. they’re highly opinionated and good at arguing, and have clear emotions. they can be either loud or quiet. everyone is probably either aesthetically attracted to a scorpio, or attracted to their personality. they’re just cool. 

in private - a scorpio in private is intense. they want to know a lot about you. they also want you to know a lot about them. they’re very real and honest people. don’t say “no offense but…” to them. straightforward (but not rude) people work well with them.

flirting - a scorpio is definitely a touchy flirty, but they’re so good at flirting they can control whether their touching seems more friendly or more physical. it’s their presence that intrigues their crush more than their words. like a scorpio doesn’t have to say anything and their crush probably won’t even be bored. 

features - a scorpio is sexy, fierce, and mysteriously beautiful. they’ve got that perfect smirk, pout, smile, etc. down. 

sagittarius //  a sagittarius could be a little hard to spot. they can be fairly stubborn, though many other signs can be too. they also usually feel like they’re right, and pretend to listen to your side. pretty outgoing, a little weird but in a way that makes you crave it. 

in private - when it comes to humor- sags are underrated. they’re pretty damn funny. they’re also very opinionated. if you mean something to them though, they’ll protect you well and put your before themselves. 

flirting - a sag is neither good nor bad at flirting. sometimes they try, sometimes they don’t. they believe that if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. with this in mind, they probably don’t flirt too much with strangers. 

features - bold features all around. irresistible smile and eyes. strong nose. 

capricorn // a capricorn always gets their work done- even if some of them procrastinate until the last minute. they’re only talkative around the people they’re comfortable with. is into more old-fashioned things. very nice, but stubborn and opinionated. 

in private - sarcastic, witty, and enjoyable. they’re the kinds of people you take for granted but once they’re gone (they don’t like giving more than second chances), you’ll realize how much you miss and need them. good at giving direction, but not at giving advice. very realistic and often pessimistic. good friends. loyal friends.

flirting - they don’t even flirt. they probably flirt with their eyes and admire from afar. depending on their crush (the kind of person they are) the aura they have may be really intriguing and attractive, or they may not even be noticed. 

features - gorgeous hair. they’re so pretty but so underrated.

aquarius // idealistic. talks about the future and ignores the past. probably one of the smartest people you’ll talk to- not just academically but socially as well. may be a little weird but people love it. people just know them, they’re well known. they also know that they’re funny, but they don’t like taking the role of class clown. know that when receiving a compliment from them, it’s genuine and will make your day. 

in private - an aquarius in private is someone you almost feel like you need to know personally. if they let you in, consider yourself lucky- but don’t think you’ve broken down their walls. they’ve got secrets. they’re so interesting that you never get bored, even if you’re talking about yourself, the way they look at you is heart-warming. can be both dreamy and realistic.

flirting - an aquarius may or may not be a good flirter. they tend to get better with practice. however, other people may not notice them flirting. they treat their crush like a friend and signals may be a bit messed up. 

features - aquarians may have wonderful features that you miss if you don’t pay attention close enough. sweet smile and knowing eyes.

pisces // a pisces is that daydreamer. the one who speaks with “if” instead of “when”. very calm and sweet. a good person to befriend if you want someone loyal and adorable. 

in private - a pisces in private is pretty much the same as when they’re in public. they love to listen to you and offer emotional support rather than giving advice. they tend to be pretty gullible. very loving and easy to love back.

flirting - a pisces is a touchy flirter, but an awkward touchy flirter. they’ll go to touch your shoulder but quickly retract as soon as their fingertips brush. it may be obvious when they’re flirting. they tend to ramble and maybe even stutter. 

features - a pisces is just a big ol’ ball of cuteness. no specifics. just awesome. 

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…

Hufflepuff Headcanon #7

Of being a lesbian Hufflepuff

Being a gay lil’ hufflepuff still in the closet and calling all the other puff girls “lovely” as a pet name or other cute things like “love” or “peaches” in the hopes that they will respond with the same cutesy nicknames and therefore you could start a relationship with them (or at the very least be good friends).

Baking things and giving them some every time you see your crush even if it means staying up all night to bake something just for them.
Having no clue how to know if another girl is into girls so you just do cutesy things and be extra nice to the girls you have a crush on (probably many crushes at the same time) in the hopes they will do the same back or sense your gay ness so you can have a happily ever after.
Daydreaming about that beautiful girl in herbology with the grey hair but the next class she has blue hair and it’s always in some elaborate style but you like it best when she has it down and it’s always beautiful but you never have the courage to tell her…aside from today you promised yourself you would give a stranger a compliment (even if she isn’t a stranger because she always says hi and is nice to you…it still counts!) but you chicken out and just daydream about how the conversation would have gone and of course it ended in hugs and a date.

Part Two // Somebody Else [A Stiles Stilinski Story]

Prompt: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Series (collab with @sarcasticallystilinski): Prologue Part One - Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

Realtionship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/ Stiles Stilinski x OFC/ Theo Raeken x Reader/ Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Making Out, Erotic Touching, Swearing, and Angst

Word Count: 1,600

Taking a deep breath, Katalina walked into the chemistry lab and already sat in her assigned seat. She didn’t even bother to greet anyone, too embarrassed on how much she spent the night thinking about and missing Stiles. It made her annoyed and so confused, she just couldn’t take it anymore. And, so, with everything she had in her, Katalina tried to push it all down.

“Hey, partner.” A smiling Scott McCall greeted her when she sat next to him at their lab table.

“Hi.” Katalina cleared her throat, her voice a little rough from not using it until now. “Good morning, partner.”

“Good morning.” Scott chuckled, opening his chemistry notebook to get ready for class. “Did you sleep well?”

Katalina sighed at the question, the memories of her constant thinking and nostalgia over her ex had her up the entire night, tossing and turning in her bed. She tried everything she could to sleep. She listened to classical music, she tried reading to tire her eyes out and she even counted sheep, but none of them actually worked. Thank God for Lydia Martin, however, and all of the makeup classes she has ruthlessly given her. Because of her red headed best friend, Katalina was able to cover all of her dark circles with just the right amount of concealer.

“Yeah.” Katalina forced a smile and before she can ask him the same question, the chemistry teacher began teaching his class.

Katalina could feel his gaze on her and it made her skin tingle. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was staring at her, Stiles Stilinski has no boundaries and he certainly isn’t ashamed of that. Theo, on the other hand, was also watching her like a hawk. Well, her and Stiles that is. Katalina wasn’t a werewolf or anything supernatural, and yet, she could still sense the jealousy coming off of her boyfriend.

After giving a boring explanation, the teacher handed out an assignment to do and she and Scott immediately got to work. It had something to do with mixing chemicals and Katalina was very thankful that Scott had actually been paying attention, the girl too focused on the stares she was getting from two different people at the same time.

“So, why’d you leave the party so early last night?” Scott asked nonchalantly as he poured a green liquid into another empty test tube.

“Oh, uh, I just felt like going home.” Katalina answered and the werewolf scoffed at her answer.

“Even if I wasn’t a werewolf and could hear your heartbeat increase, I would still know that that lame excuse is clearly a lie.”

“Okay, you know I really hate that you’re always one step ahead of the rest of us, right?” She chuckled, accepting the fact that she just got caught like a deer in headlights.

“I do.” Scott laughed and she laughed along with him before a comfortable silence took over.

The Alpha werewolf cleared his throat and turned to look her straight in the eye with a look of protectiveness and care. Two characteristics Scott always has on and she admired him for that.

“Was it because of Stiles?” He asked, his voice soft and careful not to possibly hurt her.

Katalina just nodded, not really trusting her voice to verbally respond. Scott knows about everything that happened better than anyone else. He knows just how much Stiles truly hurt her and he was the greatest friend Katalina could have at that moment. Scott listened to every word her wounded heart had to say and gave her some of the best advice she had ever heard in her life.

“Did you know that he asks me about you everyday?”

“He does?” Katalina asked, her voice more perky than she expected.

“Yeah, he does.” Scott nodded, giving her a weak smile. “Stiles cares so much about you.”

Katalina’s eyes fell to the floor with that small and, yet, painful statement.

“Yeah, well, someone who cares about you doesn’t use you for their own personal interests.” Katalina scoffed, focusing on her terrible handwriting in their notebook.

“He made a mistake-”

“Scott, we’ve been over this way too many times.” She stated with an exhausted voice, looking back up at him. “How about we just drop it?”

“Okay.” The werewolf swallowed, agreeing with her terms. He didn’t want to push her and make her feel worse than she already did.

“Thank you.”

Class ended soon after Scott finally finished the experiment perfectly. Katalina helped with what she could, but he did most of it. Scott was focusing on his grades more lately, finally knowing how to balance the supernatural with school. It made Katalina proud and happy to see him so invested in his future and not just on the threats that surrounded them all the time.

Once the bell rang, indicating that the students were finally dismissed, Theo immediately made his way towards his girlfriend. He didn’t want Stiles anywhere near her and would do everything in his power to prevent it. The anger on Stiles’ face was so obvious that it wasn’t even necessary to glance at him to know just how furious he was. Theo could smell the chemo signals coming off of the human and he smiled, pleased with himself for causing that.

Stiles grabbed his things and left without even bothering to say a word, his patience too thin to spend any second longer in the same room as Theo Raeken. Katalina watched as he angrily trudged out of the classroom and felt slightly hurt. She just wished things could be like how they used to. She wants to be his friend again and to have him in her life, but everytime she tries to fix things between them, Katalina remembers how he just used her to get to the real girl he had a crush on and it pains her everytime.

“Ready for lunch?” Theo asked his girlfriend, glad Stiles was finally out of the picture.

“Yeah.” She sighed, looking back at him and getting her backpack. “Let’s go.”

The cafeteria was already full of students getting their meals when she and Theo had arrived. They would’ve gotten there earlier, but Theo wanted some alone time with her. Katalina’s pink lipstick smudged on his lips as evidence on just what they were doing before getting there.

Once they got their lunches and sat down at a cafeteria table with their friends, Theo immediately settled his hand on her thigh. She turned to look at him with a confused expression when he rubbed small circles on her bare skin.

Katalina gazed at him with a confused expression, but Theo was too busy looking elsewhere. She didn’t understand why he was being so straight forward, sure they’re very passionate with one another, but they never really show any public displays of affection. It made Katalina nervous and Theo didn’t like to make her uncomfortable in any way.

Her breath hitched in her throat when he slid his hand higher and under the fabric of her skirt. Anxiety rushed through the blood in her veins and she didn’t know whether or not she wanted him to stop. However, the second Theo’s finger lightly touched her over her panties, she knew she wanted him to keep going.

That’s when she noticed just where he was staring at and everything, finally, made sense. Theo was cockily smirking at her ex-boyfriend as Stiles angrily glared back. Everyone sitting at the table didn’t even seem to notice what was going on since they were too focused in their own conversations, but the moment Katalina realized just what Theo was doing, her entire body boiled with rage. It made her so upset that Theo would do such a childish thing just to spark some anger from Stiles.

The tension between the three of them was strong and once Scott, finally, noticed what was going on, Katalina had enough. She roughly grabbed his hand and urgently ripped it away from her body, Theo’s head immediately snapping towards her. Katalina didn’t say anything, she just watched as Stiles smirked to himself and focused on the meal before him.

“Are you okay?” Her boyfriend whispered in a hushed tone into her ear, his breath sending shivers down her body and she cleared her throat before answering.

“Just stop, Theo.”

“Stop what?”

Katalina groaned at his attempts of being innocent and it made her angry just how hard Theo always tries to be the victim and never the one doing the wrong thing.

“Stop trying to make Stiles jealous!” Katalina shouted a little too loudly and everyone snapped their attentions towards the couple. Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as they watched in awe.

“I’m not trying to make Stiles jealous.” Theo lied right through his teeth and her ex-boyfriend scoffed from across the table. “Well, it was working until you took my hand off your thigh!”

“You’re such a child, Theo.” Katalina shook her head, annoyed at her unbelievable boyfriend.

“And it definitely wasn’t working.” Stiles stated, pushing a spoonful of food into his mouth.

“Please, Stiles.” Theo chuckled, the sound making Katalina cringe. “I can smell your jealousy from over here.”

“Yeah, for me to be jealous would require me actually liking Katalina.” Stiles answered with his mouth full.

The response was something she already knew, but still stung a small pang of hurt in her heart. It’s not like she has any feelings for him either, but ever since last night all she can feel is nostalgia clouding her mind. And it was stupid of her to think that things could ever go back to the way they used to be, yet she couldn’t help but feel the smallest bit hopeful. It was reckless and she knew that. Katalina can’t take back what he did and their relationship can never return to the peaceful state it used to be.

Or so they both thought.

Never Gonna Happen

Enzo Amore/OC (smut): Despite his constant playful flirtations, you and Enzo have never been anything more than friends. After a drunken night at the club, and a questionable morning after, you learn how he really feels about you.

(This is my first fic on here, I’m so nervous but I hope you all really enjoy it! It ended up waaaay longer than I anticipated.)

Special thanks to @imaginingwwesuperstars for being super supportive and an all-around sweetheart, ily. <3

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Unpopular opinion part 2: the bad characters

Part 1: the fuckboys aka the bad guys

It seems like everyone on tumblr hates William because is a fuckboy, he blackmailed Noora and used Vilde and many other girls. And a lot of people dislike Christoffer because he also is a fuckboy and apparently he’s not enough for Eva (I’d like you to concentrate on the words “not enough”, reminds you of something?).
Of course everyone has the right to like anyone he wants, and honestly I don’t care what people like or not.
But I want to say my opinion because I have the feeling that some people doesn’t understand Skam, like, at all.
William comes from a paricular family situation: her sister died years ago and he’s probably still hurt by that; he doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents, or at least they’re not close, since he lives alone at the age of 18 (for what we know) while he still goes to school; his brother is a psycho, and I don’t even want to think that he could’ve become like him because of the background they share, but could you imagine what is like to grow up with him? So yeah, William is pretty fucked up and he’s a teenager, doesn’t matter how mature he wants to appear. I’m not justifying his behaviour towards the many girls he slept with and ignored, but I kind of understand that he was young and careless of the consequances.
And yes, he blackmailed Noora. It’s not a good thing. But have you ever thought that maybe it was the only idea he came up with? Noora wasn’t really easily approachable, and as I said, he’s young, and young people make mistakes (actually everyone makes mistakes, not just young people)
Penetrator Chris apparently is a fuckboy who doesn’t deserve Eva because he’s garbage and he’s a cheater. Well, maybe it’s because I ship Chris and Eva since episode 1, but what I saw in him is not that bad. Yes, he cheats on Iben, which doesn’t make him Satan by the way. Chris, like William, is a male teenager with a goodlooking face, and he definately enjoys parties and hooking up. But he also stands up for people he barely knows fighting the Yakuza guys in season 2, and it’s something not everyone would have done. Then we only see him kissing Eva in some scenes, until his clip where we can see how he looks at her. In my opinion in his eyes we can see how much he’s changed and that he’s not a fuckboy anymore.

Part 2: the real bad guys aka the fandom’s cinnamon rolls

Jonas, who apparently is the only one good enough for Eva, actually cheated on Ingrid with her bestfriend and then critizied Eva for…everything. He made fun of because of her grades and because she had no friends (and she gave up to her friends because of him) and he lied to her about texting Ingrid, making Eva feel insicure about her and their relationship. Just think about it: does he seems a great guy? But he’s young and a bit stupid, like the penetrators guys, and he’s not evil, growing up he will change and meet someone right for him (maybe Emma is the one? Who knows)
“Isak Valtersen aka the snake” is not just a joke, he literally blew up a relationship betraying one of his best friends because he had a crush on Jonas. Then he ignored his friends after he met Even and treated like shit everyone. If I were Eskild I would have killed him, I swear, even though Isak is my favourite character. But he has the face of an angel so it’s fine, right? No. Because in my opinion betraying a friend like he did to Eva is worse than hooking up randomly or even have sex randomly. Eva trusted him, she talked to him about her problems with Jonas, and more important, she loved him: he was her best friend since Ingrid stopped to talked to her.
I’m not saying we should dislike Isak or anything, I just think that’s not normal being so aggressive towards people like Chris and William when someone like Jonas and Isak are the good guys.
Also, Even cheated on Sonja, but for the whole fandom was just romantic because he had a crush on Isak, like it was soo romantic to see Isak using Emma because he was confused about his sexuality. This is not okay. They did some really shitty things, but these things doesn’t make them shitty people. They can and will change for the better, and they don’t need us to judge every single thing they do.
You don’t have to agree with my thoughts on the characters and you don’t have to agree with this post, but I think you should think more about things before spreading hate

In Love With The Villain

Requested by @theelitevillianMaybe she can be related to Kenny Omega and she has a crush on Marty but he acts like a douchebag to her because he likes her and doesn’t want to get too close? She gets frustrated one evening while everyone is together that she tells him off, he explains to her that the reason is because he really is falling for her and it scares him.

Word Count: 1,261

Tagging: @alexahood21, @mistressbalor, @rollinsscurll

Originally posted by leelakoiwolff

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anonymous asked:

Hey there!! What are some things Dallas likes that aren't because of Malek?? (just seems like sum1 asks about something Dallas likes the answer is "Dallas likes the thing (but only bc Malek likes the thing!!!)" I'd love to hear about some of Dallas' interests that are independent of his crush

Yes, definitely. Although Dallas is that kind of person who would immediately reel back if you ask him what he’s into because he’s terrified of sounding Uncool. Whoo Boy, The Things Low Self Esteem Does To You.

Basically he’s like, convinced his existence is complementary to other people’s, so while he can develop his own interests,he’s really, really shy with sharing them. Poppy doesn’t even know what most of his drawings look like! He only gave her a picture of her he drew for her birthday.

Baseball and lord of the rings goes without saying. First of all, he likes Building Stuff. I mentioned once he likes making simple birdhouses and dollhouses for his mom and sister respectively. He’s into DIY and all that stuff, like he’s made slimes for Hazel, and he’s made closets for her dolls (can you tell how much Dallas loves his sister already?)

Dallas also really likes worldbuilding games. What I’m trying to say is that your boy Dallas spent hours building a ginormous floating fortress on minecraft. And he did all that whilst being dyscalculic (which, makes putting blocks on  empty spaces So Confusing my guy)

much like Phoebus, Dallas also enjoys taking care of his dogs and playing Animal Crossing. 

I guess, like everyone else, he’s into a lot of horror stuff as well? But his favorite movies are like, zombies and aliens, things that Really Freaked out Phoebus and Malek. 

Yes, he got Malek into liking a lot of nerdy stuff, that includes DnD, (Malek: what in the world are the dice for? Why is there a sack underneath Ari’s bed, dude??)



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Hei :) every fandom seems to have a handful of fics you just HAVE to have read, the ones everyone suggests to new readers. so. what do you think are the must-read fics in this fandom? I'm guessing "with love from anonymous" is definitely on that list? but what else? I haven't read a lot of evak fic and I'm not sure where to start to be honest.

Hi! ♥ Oh, you’ve come to the right place, dear :) Let me direct you to the lists of my top favorites - 1 & 2! Like you said, those are the fics that I recommend to anyone who asks for the best stuff out there. And since those lists are just tiny bit outdated, I’ll add a few of my newer favorites (aka must-reads) below ;)

  1. in the place of you and me by DarkBeauty_890
    Summary: “Can I tell you a secret?” Even murmurs, tracing mindless patterns- zig zags and hearts and stars and infinity signs- up and down Isak’s bare back. He circles freckles and counts them, adding them to his never ending tally of things to know about Isak. Isak snuffles sleepily, “Mmhmm.” “You have made me happier in less than a year, than I think I have been in my entire life.” Eyes flicker open, hazy green; beautiful and open, “Ditto.”

  2. Home Is Wherever I’m With You by cuteandtwisted  
    Summary: travel!au; “Hi. I’m Even and I don’t usually walk around in nothing but a towel.” “Uh, I’m Isak.” “Isak. Mind if I kidnap you for some fun sightseeing activities?” Or Isak and Even keep meeting in hostels all around the world and never exchanging contact information.

  3. The Notion of Falling by smokeshop
    Summary: HateToLove!au; Isak hates Even and Even hates Isak and Sana is the only one who knows why.

  4. Things Look Different in the Morning by allyasavedtheday  
    Summary: roomates!au & uni!au; “So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard. “Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.” Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?” * In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep.

  5. You are in Love by pressurerin
    Summary: Even is so in love with Isak. Isak feels the same.

  6. Membership Dues by Sabeley
    Summary: fraternity!au; Isak is pledging Even’s fraternity. Even keeps having to be reminded that he’s not allowed to date the pledges. “It’s a ten-week pledge period. How hard could it be?” Famous last words. 

  7. making new clichés by strangetowns
    Summary: They are young teenage boys who don’t have jobs, and thus don’t have money except for when they beg their parents for allowances. The stunning lack of creativity that goes into their activities just goes without saying. What doesn’t go without saying is this - Even doesn’t care that they don’t do anything exciting. They could be lying on their backs for hours watching the ceiling and he’d still rather be there than anywhere else in the world. As long as Isak is there, he will have a good time. This is a thing he knows to be true. - In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

  8. when your heart is bleeding, i’m coming to get you by cosetties  
    Summary: uni!au; Isak doesn’t exactly expect his hookup from last week to be the love advice columnist at the school newspaper he’s working at. He also doesn’t expect to fall even harder for him than he already has, which is a shame, really, since Even’s crushing on someone else. 

(✓ - oneshots/completed fics)

This Valentine’s Day I’d like to share a few things with you. I’m 19 years old and:

I have never had sex in my life
I have never dated anyone in real life (so not on the Internet)
I have never kissed anyone
I have never been on a date
I have never even held hands with someone romantically
I literally have never even been close to dating anyone in real life

Not because I don’t want to or because I’m picky. Because no one has ever asked me out or showed affection for me or even flirted with me. I don’t think anyone irl has ever fancied me, or if they did they never let me know in any way.

And you know what? I don’t care. I moved on from feeling abnormal and broken and not whole. I refuse to connect my value as a person to those things. I will not allow myself to think of myself as less because I have never done any of those things. Yes maybe my self-esteem still relies on my uni grades or good reviews of my works but I finally stopped thinking that there is something wrong with me for not experiencing those things.

I feel happy and whole anyway. I survived every crush who didn’t return my feelings and every instance of being attracted to someone and knowing they do not like me back. I survived and moved on.

And today I’d like you to turn to things you really value in your life. Your jobs and talents and hobbies and passions. Your family and friends and pets and even house plants. Your favorite books and bands and TV-shows and video games. Your favorite ice-cream and favorite pair of jeans and favorite plush toys.

There are so many people and things you love. There are, I hope, things that make you happy. Focus on them. And screw the society that tells you that you need relationships to know that you are loved. You are already loved. Don’t let society ever persuade you otherwise.

Things to Never Say to a Gay Person with a Long-Time Crush on a Straight Person

1. “(S)he’s not even attractive!”
Okay, for one, that is YOUR opinion. Maybe we have different views on what we thing is attractive. Maybe we like them for other reasons besides how they look??

2. “I know how you feel, I have a crush on a celebrity!”
Thanks for trying but having a crush on a celebrity is an entirely different ball park. Do you have to pass said celebrity in the hallway everyday? Do you have chances to say thing to said celebrity every day? No. The answer is no.

3. “Really?”/“Still?”

4. “Try not to think about them! Find a different crush!”
You have the power to choose your crush? Tell me. Tell me how to do that.

5. “Just say something to them”
Look if you were said crush, I don’t think you want a person of your gender telling them you love them out of the blue. It takes time. Or someone else to do it for you XD

6. “They have a girl/boyfriend!”

7. “They’re straight”

Random collection of birthday gift hcs

…for all those character birthdays I missed. orz

Kuroko is so careful with his presents. He examines the box from all angles to figure out how to untie the ribbon and then caaaarefully peels back the tape so the wrapping paper doesn’t tear. Everybody is like, “C’mon, just rip into it, it’s half the fun!” but he refuses because someone took the time to wrap and gift him this, and that must be honored properly.

(if he likes the wrapping paper, he will fold up a sheaf of it and turn it into a bookmark)

Kagami has been scarred by way too many joke presents from Himuro, so each box is subjected to a very cautious shakedown first. Does it rattle? Does it smell odd? Was that a noise???

Himuro swears up and down that he picked a right and proper gift this year but Kagami doesn’t believe him. He just moves to the next box, shakes it cautiously, waits to see if it’ll explode or start singing loudly or something–

“This one is actually from me, Kagami-kun,” says Kuroko, and that makes Kagami extremely conflicted because, on the one hand, it’s Kuroko. On the other hand… it’s Kuroko. He’s not entirely sure he believes him, either.

((It’s okay, Kuroko lovingly hand-picked some KitchenAid add-ons that Kagami has been eyeing forever but had a hard time justifying the purchase of… then Kagami realizes the fucking box is covered in doggie-print.

He can’t even get mad about it. Kuroko just looks so quietly delighted at having managed this bit of mischief, with his eyes doing that goddamn heart-palpitation-inducing silent-laughter look and… Kagami is so screwed. He’s so, so screwed.))

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Don’t you hate it when your crush does something extremely sweet and perfect that it makes you want to kiss him and punch yourself in the at the same time.

Got7 Mark Crush Reaction

-          I don’t think he’d be too obvious because he’d know how to hide it if he wanted to, but if you were perceptive, you’d probably pick up on it

-          He’d do subtle things to try and impress you, probably even just subconsciously

-          Like there are a lot of subconscious things that most guys do, like get more rambunctious with their guy friends (kind of a subconscious I AM THE ALPHA MALE type of thing but a lot more lowkey than that, thankfully) and they stand with their legs spread a little under them and their arms and shoulder and everything resting in such a way that it makes their figure appear broader and just bigger and more muscular

-          So if you know all of those little things, you’d pick up on that

-          He’d lean in closer to you across the table a little or lean his elbows on his knees when you were talking just to be a little closer and listen more intently

-          He’d giggle a little more just because you make him feel all fluttery and nerves and stuff

-          He’d hold the door for you

-          And he’d kind of just be aware of you and if you needed anything all the time

-          And if you ever did need anything, he wouldn’t be obnoxious about it, but he would be ready to help

-          Need an extra quarter for the vending machine? He gotchu. Cold? He has an extra scarf that he’s not using in the back of his car and if you want it, he’ll take the opportunity to loosely drape it around your neck himself because he wants to and he’s all casual about it but if you pay close attention you’ll notice that he’s blushing just a tad for a minute afterwards, but he hides it pretty well

-          Anytime there was an opportunity to talk to you naturally, he took it, albeit a little shyly at first

-          He asked you about yourself a lot because he wanted to know everything you liked, everything you disliked, all of that

-          And if he found something cute that you did, like giggle, or a weird habit where you wiggle in some particular way when something particular happens, or just any tick that he found cute, he’d get that kind of ooh cute look on his face before looking back down at his feet for a moment

-          And if he saw you hanging out with another guy that he didn’t know, he’d get a little sad and insecure, and then he’d be kind of quiet next time you two were around each other, but it’d wear off soon enough

-          And if you ever did anything remotely skinshippy with him like grab his hand to drag him somewhere or lean on him in any way or anything, his heart would just scream and he’d have this internal ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ in his brain for the rest of the time you were around him, but if it would feel natural to do so, he’d try to lowkey return the skinship like if you leaned on him, he’d casually reach an arm around your shoulder and if you grabbed his hand, he’d hold yours back

-          The boys had found out about his crush like a couple days after everyone met you because as soon as he saw you he was like woah pretty and they were like so what do you think of the new girl while they were all back at the dorms, and so he was like …:3 and they were like MARK. MAAARK

-          So they’re constantly like yo get her nuuuuumber. Get them DIGITS

-          And he’s like guys, no, you’re embarrassing me and eventually every time you walk into the room, they start elbowing him and looking between the two of you all eyebrows and stuff, ya know what I’m sayin’

-          And you pick up on it because while he is not painfully obvious, they are

-          So then eventually he just goes up to you like “HEEEEeeey… sooo..” and he’s scratching the back of his neck and he’s clearly a little nervous and bashful but he goes on “would you like to maybe go to a movie this weekend?” And you smile and say yes because of course, this boy is beautiful, and adorable, and just UUUGGGHHHHSSNGJWAASDFFMMGG

-          And he breaks into this big smile and giggles a little and he’s like okay, I’ll pick you up at seven? And he gets your number and both of you are smiling like idiots for the rest of the day

Screwball Ninja’s Mini-OUAT Review: 6x19 The Black Fairy

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“I wouldn’t say a word that could be reckoned as injurious
But to find a mother younger than her son is very curious … “ -Iolanthe

This was a great episode, thematically speaking. It had a plot twist and Zelena being relevant and Rumple bringing his A+ acting and lots of Jaime Murray, which is never a bad thing. Here we go!

  1. The price for casting the Dark Curse is the Heart of the Thing You Love Most– which for the Black Fairy would be either Malcolm or Rumple, right? Even if the Black Fairy and Tiger Lily had a hot affair (no indications so far except for sharing clothes), Tiger Lily would come a distant third to Malcolm/Rumple in the line of Things Black Fairy Loves. But the flashback made it look like the BF was going to cast the curse herself, only required “wolfsbane”, and was only going to crush Tiger Lily’s heart because she was in the way. So did the O.G. Dark Curse NOT require the Heart of the Thing You Love Most and that got added in UAT to make it work? Or is the show saying the BF loves Tiger Lily more than Rumple? Or did the BF add a “you have to be THIS TALL to get your heart crushed on this ride” clause to exempt babies from the price of the curse to spare Rumple? Beta testing this thing must be a bitch. 
  2. If being willing to kill to cast a Dark Curse makes you a “Great Evil,” then are Regina, Snowing, and Hook ALL “Great Evils” ‘cause they cast Dark Curses? Was Hook’s Dark Curse 3.0 even broken?
  3. Malcolm turning his grief about losing his wife into hatred of his child is unfortunately a common trope in fairy tales where mothers frequently didn’t survive childbirth. And I laughed that he thought the best way to hurt his kid was to name him “Rumplestiltskin.” Ouch.
  4. Both Rumple’s parents are peasants who turned themselves into immortal, magical creatures who rule over realms of kidnapped children (mostly boys) where time is screwy? You’d think the Blue Fairy would have tossed Pan in the Dark Realm just to cut down on the kidnappings.
  5. Speaking of which, does the Blue Fairy just not give a damn that kids are disappearing all over the Enchanted Forest to go to Neverland/the Dark Realm for hundreds of years? “Welp, lost another one! Move to the next baby on the list, girls!” Also, didn’t she care that all the kids of Rumple’s country were being massacred by ogres? What good, pray tell, is a fairy’s protection?
  6. Points forever to Zelena for being relatable hating IKEA furniture and running over the Black Fairy in her green Ford pinto (with bonus monkey key-chain). The show has finally found Zelena’s narrative function: comedic relief and back-up Mills assistance. I’m actually looking forward to Zelena scenes– good job, show! But flag on the play for Regina saying Henry can “raise Zelena” in case Storybrooke goes up in flames. Not only is that not fair to Henry but Zelena did help kill Henry’s dad. But I guess Regina killed Henry’s grandfather and great-grandpa and Hook killed Henry’s other great-grandpa and Snow killed Henry’s grandmother and Rumple killed Henry’s great-grandfather and … yikes. This family!
  7. Emma was more like her S1 self in her one-on-one scenes with Rumple– showing empathy and self-reflection and bonding over growing up orphans. As long as she acts like this all the time I don’t care what she wears or who she dates– she can wear a potato sack and date the cursed puppet people for all I care. 
  8. The World’s Most Insensitive Person Award this episode goes to Snow, who when Rumple says he’s killed his long-lost mother to protect everyone, immediately says: “Good, we can have the wedding tomorrow.” Damn, Snow. That’s cold. Also impractical, considering Granny’s not going to bake you a cake when you’ve just wrecked her restaurant.
  9. This episode introduces Rumple’s most obvious triple cross of all time. Don’t see the body? Then they ain’t dead! Of course Rumple’s going to play along with mom to get Gideon’s heart back and learn her Evil Plan, only to shiv her to rescue Belle/Gideon/everyone else in the finale. What bothers me is that he gives a general disclaimer to Belle and Gideon that “it may not look like at the time, but everything I do is to protect you” but doesn’t actually let Belle into his triple-cross scheme. There’s only three episodes left– can’t he go one episode without lying to Belle? Isn’t lying to “protect” her part of the reason he got banished in S4?
  10. To the list of Things That Have More Screentime Than Belle in 6B we can add: Random wand parts, Rumple’s cradle AND an IKEA crib, Blue Fairy’s cleavage, the BF’s sparkly tiara, Zelena’s green pinto, Emma’s dream beanie, and Granny’s jukebox. If Belle, who’s Gideon’s mother and wants to be a hero, doesn’t have at least ONE kick-ass moment in an arc whose theme is heroism and motherhood I’m going to flip a table. Tick-fucking-tock, show.
  11. Belle’s happy about Rumple’s Savior past because she’s always emphasized that he’s a good person who “makes bad choices”, as opposed to Rumple’s opinion of himself as just a bad person. This is an important distinction because bad people can ONLY do bad things, whereas if you dislike someone’s decisions they can always make better ones. (I gave the same speech to my toddler the other day.) This is similar to Zelena and Regina kissing and making up in 5B when they had their memories returned of being happy that one afternoon as kids; knowing that reconciliation was possible in the past gives them the confidence to try and love each other in the present. So Rumple knowing he COULD be a savior might give him the confidence to shine out a hero in the finale.
  12. They pulled a Captainswanus Interruptus again, with Hook sleeping elsewhere before the wedding. Are Hook and Emma ever going to get confirmed boning before the season ends?
  13. I love that in the final BF/Rumple nighttime scene the moon is a crescent moon, just like the BF’s tattoo. What a nice little touch.

Bonus: Why is Emma wearing a modified prison shirt?

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Oh, waaaaarden, it’s time for my constitutional around the prison yard

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Can you do an imagine where everyone in your friend group teases you and Eric for liking each other and fianlly dylan convinces him to ask you out?

((I changed it to just confessing to Eric, I hope you still like it though!!))

I don’t really understand why people pick on me. It is as if every little thing I do is always wrong and I can never get anything right. People just seem to be able to rip on every little thing about me: my hair, my face, my clothes… my crush. Although, I wouldn’t necessarily say that people bullied me about liking Eric, it was more teasing than anything else. Brooks would laugh whenever I talked to him, making things extremely awkward, Nate would give me this look whenever he was around which was annoying as fuck, even Dylan would join in sometimes. I guess it’s all just fun, though.

I start heading towards Eric and Dylan, who were standing by their lockers. Eric was wearing his KMFDM, which I loved seeing him wear. It reminds me of all the times me, Dylan and Eric hung out at his place and listened to them, and Rammstein.
“Yo,” I grin at them.
Eric just looked at me with a look that signified I successfully attained his attention, Dylan greeted me back, though.
Eric always wanted to seem really cool around me all the time. It was sometimes kind of aggravating, but in a cute, endearing way.
“Well,” Eric inhaled, “I have class now. I’ll see you two faggots, later.” He flipped us off as he walked away. I shake my head at his childishness.
“We,” I paused while I close my locker and turn my attention to Dylan “have math now.”
“Indeed, we do.” Dylan replied. “Wanna walk together or…?”
“Yeah, sure.” I smile warmly at him.
We begin walking to class, slowly because Dylan hated math, but not enough to ditch it. Plus, I wouldn’t let him ditch math, who else would I throw things off?
“You really do have the hots for Eric, don’t you?” Dylan smirked.
“No!” I feel myself flush red,“it’s not like that I just…” I didn’t know what I could say in that moment to make my feelings for Eric seem invisible. It was obvious, painfully obvious in fact and I hated it.
“You can say, it’s not a bad thing. In fact I think you could make a great couple.” I instantly feel myself flush a deep red, and I could feel my face heating up, and I could feel my heart racing. “Mrs Harris, mrs (y/n) Harris, mr and mrs Harris. Has a nice ring to it if I say so myself.” Dylan laughed, I punched him in the arm as a signal to stop.
“Shut the fuck up,Dylan, I could fucking destroy you.” Dylan could sense my frustration and decided it would be best to stop.
“Why don’t you just ask him out?”
“Why don’t I just ask him out?”
“Yeah, I mean, you’re,” a pinkish hue arose on Dylan’s cheeks as he continued,“cute.”
“But he’s hella cute, he’s so out of my league.”
“Take it from your uncle Dylan, you’re out of his league. I can assure you, anyone would be lucky to bang you.” He places a hand on my shoulder and I growl.
“Shut up.” I try to hide my smile as I brush his hand off of my shoulder.
“Dude, go for it, I’m pretty sure he likes you too.”
I smile at the thought this mightn’t be unrequited love, maybe Eric had feelings for me too? Dylan was happy he made me smile, he was like my big brother.

It was lunch, and I can feel my heart pounding out of my chest. I am shaking, terrified of the outcome. I walk over to the lunch table where Eric, Nate, and Dylan were sitting.
“Hey, look, it’s Eric’s girlfriend.” Nate chuckles.
“Shut up.” Eric rolls his eyes, used to this type of teasing.
I was too focused on what I was going to say to even notice Nate’s remark. I take a deep breathe and say “H-hey, Eric.” I try to make my face less red.
He looks up at me, “yeah?” His mouth still full of a sandwich.
“Um, could I like, um,” I fiddle with my hair a little bit before proceeding,“ talk to you for a minute?” Dylan winks at me, only adding to the stress.
“Sure,” Eric says swallowing his sandwich,“what do you need?”
“I thought we could like… talk alone.”
“Oh,” Eric gives a quick glance to Dylan, who’s now wiggling his eyebrows. “Sure.” He says, drawing his attention back to me. He gets out of his chair and we take a seat at an empty table. There’s a few minutes of awkward silence. I just play with my hair, trying to pluck up the courage to confess to him.
“So,” Eric scratched the back of his head nervously.
“So.” I begin mumbling a little bit, opening my mouth, but nothing was coming out. Finally I regain control of my vocal chords,“ can you help me with this class project?”
Eric’s face dropped, he seemed disappointed, as was I. It was just too nerve racking.
“Uh, sure.” He says harshly, he seemed angry and I didn’t know what I had done. He shoots up quick out of his chair, causing the table to rattle, and storms back over to his previous seat. He left me there alone. Dylan looks over to me with a confused look on his face ((:0)), I mouth the words ‘i chickened out’ before slowly getting up and leaving the cafeteria.

Dylan follows me out and grabs me by the wrist. “No.”
“'No’,what?” I sigh,“ I chickened out, no big deal. I’ll tell him some other time.” I tried to wriggle my arm out of his vice like grip, but he wouldn’t cooperate.
“No,” Dylan said with demand in his voice, “you go back in their, and you ask him the fuck out? You hear me? If you actually have a shit about him, you’ll ask.” I look down to the floor, thinking. I pull my arm away and start walking the other way.

This was it, I was ready. I had been preparing myself for days now. It was Friday, Eric’s favourite day of the week. I thought he would’ve been in a good mood today. I saw him standing at the lockers with Dylan, like every morning, I approach them.
“Hey, Eric.” I smile at him.
“Hi.” He says coldly, I guess he’s still salty about the other day.
“Can I come over tonight?” I say, hoping he’d say yes.
He sighed and rubbed them back of his neck, “sure.” I smiled, “Dylan, you coming too?”
Dylan looked at me then looked back at Eric and shook his head. “Nah, I’m busy tonight.”

I was heading over to Eric’s place, trying to find some courage in me, because I really do care about Eric and I want to know if he feels the same. His house wasn’t too far away from mine, just a few blocks. I get there and take a deep breathe. I knock on his door. His mother opens the door.
“Oh, hello, y/n, you here for Eric?”
“Yes, is he home?”
Mrs.Harris calls for him, he’s there relatively quickly and invites me inside. My heart is pounding, but I need to suck it up. Man the fuck up.
Eric leads my down to the basement, he sat in the recliner and I sat on the other seat.
“So, um…”
“'Um’? Is that all you’re going to say?”
“No. No it’s not.” I shake my head,“Eric I have feelings for you.”
All of a sudden the world stood still, the concept of time was no longer existent. My heart was banging so loudly he could probably hear it. Everything was going so slow. I look down, not knowing what to say and not thinking he’d reply. I part my lips, about to apologise before he places his lips on mine. I blush furiously.
“I like you too.” Eric smiles, pulling me in close again.