not even a single kiss

what always gets to me is how isak asks even in that locker room if he’s sad about taking a break with sonja? he looks so ready to hear bad news there, and he’s bracing himself for rejection. of course there’s no way that this gorgeous boy would choose him over his pretty girlfriend. of course even had kissed him on a whim. of course he’d avoided isak at first because he didn’t want to let him down. but even literally broke into someone’s house to give them an epic movie kiss, and they stayed in bed for an entire day just cuddling and kissing. even listened to him like every single one of isak’s words mattered, even his awkward pauses. even let him see his deepest fears, handed over a piece of himself isak could use as a weapon if he wanted. he’d ignored a call from his girlfriend so they could stay in their bubble a little longer, so they could continue being vulnerable and brave together. and after all that, isak still can’t believe that even meant any of it, still can’t believe that even felt the same things he did that weekend. even was ready to give isak the world in that locker room, and isak still thought of himself as a mistake.

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Hey I just wanted to comment on the "Kill Your Gays" association with Buffy to say that they started the trope, but probably unintentionally as they were the first show at all to have a featured lesbian relationship. Tara and Willow became official only one year after American TV had their first major (out) lesbian character (All My Children's Bianca). All previous instances (3) were merely single kisses, even the lesbian wedding of Friends didn't show them kissing.

That’s very interesting to know, thanks!

I even miss when you were here and we were getting ready together and you asked me to roll your sleeves for you. I wish I could do that everyday. I wish I could be with you everyday. Even if that means waking your grumpy butt up every single morning. Kissing you despite the morning breath. Forcing you up to shower no matter how much you protest or complain how cold it is. Watch you roll through your routine and admire every move you make.

I just know that even the bad days will be the best days with you by my side.

Preferences: First Date

Klaus: To be honest you hadn’t expected an awful lot when Klaus had first informed you that he wished to take you on a date, you expected something simple, but what you got was a whole lot better. First he took you to see a live play, it was amazing, filled with ups and down, not to mention Klaus’ hand engulfed you for the entire play. Somehow it felt less threatening to have to not think of conversation, just enjoy each others company, there was no awkward silences or pauses. By the time the evening came to an end Klaus walked you home he places a single kiss onto your lips and then allowed you to enter your home. It was something you wished you could experience all over again.

Damon: It didn’t feel like a surprise when Damon had invited you for a drink at the Grill, but the more you two drank the more you both seemed to open up. It was a fantastic night over all and not one that you were ever going to forget for a long time. It seemed as if the two of you just needed someone to talk to, after Damon placed his coat kindly over your shoulders and walked you home, both sharing a kiss before you fell asleep on your couch. Your head was pounding the next morning, but so was your heart.

Stefan: When the younger Salvatore brother had first announced that he wanted to take you on a date you never imagined that he would be making the food for you. It was certainly a surprise as you entered the boarding house to smell the most amazing scent wafting from the kitchen. Stepping inside and seeing Stefan stood over the hob with a pan filled with different herbs and spices sizzling inside. The two of you shared the dinner over candlelight, it was the best date you had been on.

Kol: It there was something that you absolutely adored about Kol it was that he certainly enjoyed making an impression. You remembered returning home one evening to hear a cluttering noise coming from the kitchen. Hastily you grabbed your baseball bad that you kept hidden by your front door and entered the kitchen to find Kol standing inside. He was wearing the most adorable apron, covered in flour and struggling to make some kind of pastry. The two of you spent he rest of the night trying to right his mistakes before just opening a bottle of wine and sharing it together under the warmth of a blanket.

Elijah: He spared no expense on the first date, taking you out to a beautiful restaurant in the quarter, treated you to an amazing desert afterwards and then the two of you went for a quiet walk, holding hands and sharing sweet little kisses. After he walked you to your front door, shared a sweet kiss and allowed you to sleep and dream about him for the entire night. It was everything you had hoped for.

Kai: There was something very endearing about your first date with Kai. The two of you had been locked away in the prison world of course but that didn’t seem to stop him from going all out. There had been a little Bistro tucked away in the town and drove you both there, the two of you spend time pushing all the tables aside and you lit candles as he prepared the food. It was delightful, you laughed and shared stories and it was from that moment on that you fell in love with him.

Enzo: On your first date Enzo had been the perfect gentleman, taking you to the cinema, picking a movie he thought that you would like and refusing to make a move on you. It wasn’t until he had driven you home and was parked in front of your house that he finally asked you for a kiss and you were nothing but happy to oblige. You knew that it was going to be the start of something special.

@ people who are butthurt over the grahamfield kiss being an option, lmao fuck off

do you know what an option is?
and the fact you can avoid it very easily?
in fact if you said no to going ape then the kiss option isn’t even there.

literally all you’re doing is shitting all over other people’s harmless happiness, you’re not gaining anything from bitching about an OPTIONAL part of the game. gtfo of the grahamfield tag. no one wants you there.

junkrat laughs every time roadhog kisses him. like, every single time. even if roadhog just presses the mask to the top of his head, it sends him into giggles. multiple kisses in a row sometimes leave him literally breathless

One week in the Clexa tag

And we already went from

because of the kiss to

because of Lexa’s betrayal and now we’re kinda stuck at

(and also we’re all hoping the TWD spin-off fails because we’re selfish bastards and want our Commander Raccoon Heart-Eyes back, let’s be real)

why I’d love for Alex Danvers to be a lesbian:
  • She knows to wear a bulletproof vest
  • Her adopted alien sister is Supergirl (the bulletproof bi)
  • Her grumpy alien dad (J’onn) is possibly more powerful than Superman
  • THAT Plaid shirt, leather jacket, stg most of her f*cking wardrobe
  • Did I mention that her favorite aliens are really strong, nearly indestructible, and will destroy anyone who attempt to harm her? (imagine: here’s this lesbian surrounded by people who care for her and won’t hesitate to melt a douchebro’s face if they so much as looked at her wrong nevermind that she can do it herself)
  • Protective J’onn + Kara = NO DEAD LESBIAN DANVERS

Edit/Additional: this came after seeing that Supergirl as a lesbian post and got me thinking ‘in addition to that’…

i know i said i was taking requests for harmonica covers but don’t even think about requesting seal’s 1994 hit single kiss from a rose that song’s on the banned list 

You’re Not Mine

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The bus is filled with people. The smell of marijuana strong in the air. The music is loud, but not loud enough to block out all of the conversations going on.

Swazz plops down beside me on the couch, offering me the blunt in his hand. I consider it for just a moment before shaking my head. I’ve already had a little bit too much tonight  and, mixed with the alcohol, smoking anymore might not lead to the best outcome. Especially with how tonight’s going.

My eyes cut across to the other side of the bus, where they’re sitting on the other couch. She’s on his lap and he has his arms wrapped tightly around her. Nate’s face is in the crook of her neck and she’s giggling about something that he’s said. He pulls back and smiles at her before leaning forward and connecting their lips in a kiss, making her giggle even more.

Every single time I see them together, laughing and smiling, I wish that I could hate her. I wish that I could be mad. But I can’t. She’s my best friend. And it’s not like I’ve ever mentioned my feelings for him. How is it even possible for me to be mad at her for being happy with her boyfriend?

“I don’t know why you keep torturing yourself by coming around here.” Swazz speaks up after a moment of watching me. “Don’t get me wrong, we love you and we’re glad you’re here. But everyone knows how you feel about him. It doesn’t seem fair that you have to keep putting yourself through this.”

This is when Nate lifts his eyes and makes eye contact with me. His smile falters just the tiniest as he looks over her shoulder towards me. Neither of us look away for what seems like forever. Finally, though, she leans back, capturing his face between her hands and capturing his mouth with hers.

I force my focus somewhere else, trying my best not to let the tears fall. John’s right. I shouldn’t keep coming around and torturing myself like this. If I was smart, I would’ve stopped coming around a long time ago. I would’ve stopped taking up her offers to come along with her. I would’ve been making up any excuse in order to stay as far away from Nate as possible.

“You don’t think that would be a little suspicious to her if I just stopped coming with her, after all these months of tagging along, with no actual explanation?”

When I look over at him, he’s looking towards them, rubbing his jaw with his hand. “Look, I’m going to say this and I mean no offense to you. And if you ever tell anyone that I said this, I’m going to deny it.” He pauses for just the slightest moment. “She’s a shitty person. I don’t know why you’re friends with her. I don’t know why Nate’s with her. But she’s a shitty person and none of us actually like her. But we deal with her because of Nate and because we all like hanging around with you.”

“She’s not a ‘shitty’ person.” I reply defensively. “She’s just- she can just be a little selfish sometimes.”

He rolls his eyes at my comment. “She is a shitty person. And she’s a really fucking shitty friend to you.” He stops talking when Dillon calls his name from the back of the bus. Just as he’s standing up, he says one last thing to me. “Look, all I’m saying is that you deserve better than her. And if Nate doesn’t realize that you’re a thousand times better than her, that’s all on him.”

I stay frozen for a few moments, letting everything that he said sink in. And when I look back across the bus only to see her basically dry humping him, I realize how right Swazz is. So instead of sitting there and continuing to torture myself, I stand up and make my way towards the exit of the bus, intent on getting an Uber and getting the hell away from here.

After setting up my Uber ride, I’m left standing outside waiting on my own. I’m only out there for a couple of minutes when I hear the door to the bus open up again. Standing there, leaning back against the side of the bus, I glance over to see Nate closing the door behind him. I close my eyes and lean my head back against the bus, already emotionally exhausted from the night that I’ve had.

He doesn’t say anything as he steps up to me, but I hear his feet against the pavement. He comes close enough, so that our bodies are pressed firmly together, his hand at my waist, and his lips come down on my neck. For just a minute, I allow myself to enjoy the familiar feeling that builds up in me whenever I’m around him, whenever he touches me. But then everything Swazz said to me comes rushing back into my mind and I bring my hands up to his chest to push him back.

The force, combined with the alcohol in his system, caused him to stumble back a few feet. Despite the anger and hurt that I was feeling towards him, I couldn’t help but notice how good he looked tonight. It was just a little unfair how he could make a simple black sweatshirt and a pair of jeans look so damn good.

“What the fuck, Y/N? What’s your problem?” He asked harshly, after gaining his footing back.

His tone was one that he had never used with me before and it shocked me for just a moment. But I didn’t have time to focus on that at all. As I stood outside of a bus, one that was filled with all of my best friends, with my best friend’s boyfriend, the severity of it all began to hit me. How had it never bothered me before?

When they started dating just about six months ago, my attraction to him was instant. Of course, that made sense because he’s an attractive guy, one that girls all over the world are attracted to. And two months later, when he came on to me and I didn’t stop him, it felt like all was right in the world. After that, it didn’t take long to actually fall for him. By then, I was way too caught up in the moments that we had alone together to realize how wrong it all was.

I dropped my head down to focus my eyes on the ground between us, before cradling my head with my hands.

“I can’t do this anymore.” I spoke, just loud enough for him to hear me.

“I’m not fucking drunk enough for this conversation.” He cursed under his breath, before taking a few steps forward so that there was barely any space between us. “Why are we talking about this now? What made this come up?”

My eyes shot up to his, narrowing my eyes at how oblivious he was to it all. “Are you serious? I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep putting myself through this.”

He rubbed a hand down his face in frustration. “You don’t have to be so fucking dramatic about everything.”

“This isn’t me being ‘fucking dramatic!’” I raised my voice just a little bit more, trying to get my point and frustration across to him. My hands came up, pushing him back once again, wanting him out of my space so that I would be able to think. “I’m so fucking in love with you and you don’t even see it! I’m fucking around with my best friend’s boyfriend and you don’t think that there has to be actual feelings behind that? You think I would sleep with her boyfriend just for the hell of it? NO. Everything that I did with you was because I was so desperate for you that I would’ve taken you any way that I could get you! So fuck you, Nate! I’m not going to let you fuck with my feelings anymore. Because you’re not mine, and I don’t guess that’s ever really going to change.”

He stood there in complete shock for what seemed like forever. And before he had the chance to say something, my uber pulled up a few feet from us. I glanced at him, giving him a chance to say whatever he felt like he needed to say, but his eyes were now glued to the ground.

I shook my head, tears springing up and blurring my vision. Shouldering past him, I walked as quickly as I could towards the car that was now waiting on me. Just as I opened the door, I heard his voice calling out for me. When I looked over my shoulder towards him, his eyes were trained back on me. All he said was, “I’m sorry.”

“Me too, Nate.” I replied weakly, giving him the best forced smile that I could. “Me too.”

So I got drunk last April and downloaded Tinder at my friend’s bachelorette party…I was 20 and had been single my entire life (like…never even been kissed single).

Last September I matched with this awesome guy…we had a lot in common and we were both looking for a serious relationship…and I still can’t believe it. We met. We started dating. And our 6 month anniversary is next week.

Point is, I thought Tinder was a joke and a hook-up site, but I ended up meeting my soulmate there…who knew??

concept: you and me together, under the stars with a big blanket & a movie going on the big screen outside with a projector. you hold my hand in yours & i point out all the beautiful stars in the sky & tell you that each amazing one reminds me of you. you look at me so many times & just smile & i absolutely melt every single time. our kisses are terrific, even the smol nose & forehead ones (which are some of my favorites). you make me so so so happy & i love you so much that it’s unfathomable to any human being.

Reasons why I love Ilsa Faust (well, some of them)

  1. She is so NOT a love interest! She might have made that little comment at the tube station about running away with Ethan, but her entire job in that scene was to assist Lane’s men in getting what they wanted. As Brandt stated, Lane wanted them to find her and her job was to keep Ethan talking and keep him distracted so that when Vinter moved in to grab Benji, Ethan would not be ready for it. It was all an act.
  2. On that note - the hug! There was no kiss in this film. Not even a ‘attract the attention of the target’ kiss. There was a single hug at the end that showed that Ethan and Ilsa were equals.
  3. She was never the damsel in distress. She saved Ethan’s life twice in the film, then she also held her own while fighting adversaries. Not to mention the fact that she, and she alone, took out Vinter, a man whose brutality we see at the very start of the film. He is very dangerous and she proves that she can beat him.
  4. If she was wearing heels and needed to do something that was intense or fast moving, she removed them. At multiple other points in the film, she was barefoot and in he final climax scene, she was wearing flat combat boots.
  5. Yes there were a few questionable scenes involving her state of dress, but while I am slightly irritated by them, I feel like they were treated better than a lot of movies with naked/semi-naked women in them. Firstly, the dress in the opera. That slit was very high, but so was Jane’s in the last film. These women are spies on missions, they need to wear gowns that allow them to move with ease. Wearing a tight dress is constricting, wearing a dress with a full skirt would have too much material that would get in the way. The very revealing leg shot was quite unnecessary, but she also needed something to lean on to ensure that her aim was steady. Next, the bikini shot in Casablanca. She was testing out how long she could hold her breath, so she was of course going to be in swimwear. And while there was the unnecessary butt shot in the trailers, in the actual film, there was no sign of that. She climbed out of the water and Ethan immediately handed her a towel. Like in the scene later where she is changing from her wet clothes into the jacket/dress, while we the audience see her like that, Ethan and Benji do not ogle at her. Here they are too focused on each other and in the bikini shot, Benji looks away from her and Ethan hands her the towel. I feel like while they were still somewhat unnecessary, they were certainly a step up from a lot of movies these days.
  6. She was no pushover. She stood up to Atlee and only backed down when he threatened to reveal her cover (which would have no doubt got her killed by the Syndicate) and she also was not afraid to tell Lane exactly what she thought of him (“Well, if we’re being honest, you’re a terrorist.” - “You kill innocent people.” - “I think Ethan Hunt would disagree.”)
  7. She knew what to do and did not let anyone stop her. Like in the scene after the opera, she tells Ethan that he should just throw her out anywhere so that it would look like an escape. Ethan ignored that and tried to get her to stay so he could get the information from her, but instead, she just opened the door and threw herself out of the car.

I’m certain there is more but I can’t think right now, so if anyone can think of more reasons to love her, feel free to add them!