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I just replayed the 3rd episode of Life is Strange and like really? The developers of Before the Storm want to show Chloe not having feelings for Rachel if the player chooses to make their relationship like this? WTF. What about canon? Here ya go with proofs from the ep 3 alone:

Chloe is all teary-eyed in the scene in the truck and her voice is wavering. Also the revelation about Frank and Rachel triggers her mega rant. So yeaaaah Chloe would totally act like this and say such things if she weren’t jealous of Rachel and love her as more than a friend.

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Just like, if you’re doing a prequel don’t twist the facts from the first game. I’m not even an Amberprice shipper but this is canon. Respect it. I hope it’s just the gameplay and the synopsis saying you can be a friend or something else with Rachel in Before The Storm and actually, the game shows Chloe developing feelings for Rachel whatever you choose to pursue ‘cause this was a big thing for Chloe’s characterisation in LiS.

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When did you start shipping jonsa and why? And what would you like to see regarding their relationship in season 7?

Hello there!

I don’t know if you were expecting a novel-length answer, but that’s probably what you’re getting, so here I go!

To give you some context, I’ve never really been much into shipping. I had some ships in the Harry Potter fandom, I’m still a hardcore Eric x Sookie shipper and I haven’t even watched the last season of OUAT, because of what they did to Rumbelle. I’ve been into other ships in other fandoms, but I’ve never really been active in fandom before.

When it comes to ASOIAF, I only shipped Jaime x Brienne and maybe Arya x Gendry. Like many others, for a very long time I expected Jon and D@ny to become canon and I sort of lowkey shipped them. I was excited to see how it would all play out.

But then I started to see how D@ny was going further down the dark path and I didn’t really ship Jon with anyone anymore.

Then one afternoon about a year ago, a couple of days before the season finale, me and a friend were discussing 6x09. We were speculating and tinfoiling and I told her “I think Jon is going to have to marry Sansa to solidify his claim to the North.”

She looked at me as if I’d sprouted an extra head and said: “No, you just want Jon to marry Sansa!”

And I realized she was right. 6x10 came out, with the forehead kiss, Jon’s King in the North scene and the R+L=J reveal. I rewatched all of Jonsa’s season 6 scenes and all the pieces fell into place. 

After that I started googling and read some meta. I think @blindestspot was probably one of the first and best I found. I started making up scenarios in my head for all the different ways Jonsa could kiss for the first time and discovered all the lovely fanfics for the pairing.

Within weeks I became complete Jonsa trash and during what was a really busy summer for me, I wrote down some scenes and ideas for my own fics. In October I published my first fic and now, after a year, I’m still as passionate about them as I was during those first weeks, perhaps even more so.

Romantic love isn’t necessary for every character, but I can’t imagine Sansa’s endgame without it. It’s less obvious for Jon, but it’s also there. They both want to have their own family. They want to return home, to Winterfell and rebuild it. And what better way for them to do that than together?

They’ve both been through a lot and truly opening up to another person after that won’t be easy. I feel like they share just enough history for there to be a base for trust and love to grow. Sansa wants someone to love her for who she is. Jon wants to be acknowledged. I think they could give that to each other.

It wouldn’t be perfect. The fact that they were raised as brother and sister will be an issue, as will be the initial distance between them. I’m not going to turn this into a meta on all the reasons why I think Jon and Sansa should be together. If you want to read more of that, I suggest you check out @jonsameta

Now, what do I want to happen in season 7? I want Jon and Sansa to get the time to get to know each other better, to learn how to rule together. I want them to fall in love slowly and their love to grown stone by stone. I want angst and tenderness and misunderstandings and mutal pining.

But we’re not going to get that… So let’s think of 3 possible scenarios for Jon and Sansa to get it on within the first two episodes of season 7.

I’d be pleased with a kiss alone, an accidental confession, … I’d even take more parallels and subtle hints. But I’m feeling petty because of some antis, so let’s go all out!

1. D&D want to start season 7 with a blast - they do like to shock their audience- so the season starts with a scene in a dark room, soft music playing, shots of the scenery: a fireplace, candles, furs, some clothes scattered across the room. We hear some whispers and moans and the music swells as the camera zooms in on the bed, movements becoming apparent under the furs. A dark-haired man is moving on top of a woman, the moans become louder. When he pulls back, the camera focuses on their faces and we see it’s Jon and Sansa. Cue opening credits!

2. A dramatic goodbye/fight scene which leads to accidental confessions, desperate kissing and passionate sex. (I’m not going into any details on this one… before I know I’m writing another fic lol)

3. Episode 1 starts innocently with scenes from Jon and Sansa’s respective activities in Winterfell, showing them ruling together, but also taking up different tasks. In a voice over, Jon and Sansa are commenting on their day and discussing it together. At the end of the sequence, we see Sansa lying in her bed and Jon undressing before getting under the furs as well. Sansa looks at him, licking her lips they way she did during that fireside scene in season 6. Jon rolls over to kiss her and hot love-making ensues.

Thanks for the questions, Anon!

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Hi! I'm sorry if you've been asked this before but I'm fairly new to the Hannibal fandom and I'd love to know if there is any must-read fics you could recommend? Fics that pretty much every hannigram shipper knows and loves? Or even just you, personally? Thanks in advance!

Don’t know that I have been asked before! It’s kind of a hard question, because I think the answer will change depending on when you entered the fandom. I’ve been in it since the beginning. I would actually love to hear answers to this from people all over the timeline of fandom, so please reblog with your recs! Also tastes are so diverse. I don’t read ABO but I’m sure the answer will be very different from those who do, for example.

Anyway, my fave is the Ladders series by Emungere!

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Hi, thank you for all your translations and hard work! I always love to see your stuff and that it is always said from a neutral standpoint with reasoning, even though I myself am quite the Victuri shipper. Normally I'm more patient with translations, but I really need to know: is Potya (Yurio's cat)'s full name really Puma Tiger Scorpion? Thanks in advance! c:

Thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply… I guess by now the information has been posted all over the net so there’s no need for me to confirm anything, but yeah that’s correct. I wonder how old he was when he decided that name, lol. Then again, in the voice drama from the Yuri on Stage event the candidates he and Otabek came up with as possible names for the ice show were very much like that so maybe I’m not surprised…

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tbh you are my favorite blog from all this fandom. you're so mature and have such strong opinions, and always so kind with your followers even when they disagree with you oh something. your edits are amazing, your text posts are amazing, I'm so happy you're part of this fandom and provide us such good things.

us bughead shippers are a family, so, even if i don’t agree with somebody’s perspective, i respect them and their opinion. my blog is a safe place for anybody’s thoughts and theories, even if my thoughts and theories don’t quite line up with them. it’s a shame that not everybody feels the same. i’ve gotten some nasty messages from fellow bughead shippers, but i just delete them. i don’t have time or patience for people who send insults on anonymous, especially if they’re not even creative insults! it honestly makes me sad when the best somebody can come up with is “moron” or “cunt.” ANYWAY, i plan on keeping this fandom full of bughead for as long as i can. i wont allow our tags to die during the hiatus, even if i’m the only one posting! thankfully we seem to have a very active and dedicated fan base. i admire and appreciate all of you <3 

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My mum puts law and order on sometimes after work for some mindless tv, and when I'm in the same room I'm one of those people who gets drawn into the TV no matter what's on. Out of sheer curiosity I went on ao3 to check if there was a fandom for fic, I was surprised to see there was so much and what the most popular pairing was. I intended to skim a few (by chance one of yours) to see vibe, and now I'm a barisi hoe, it all happened so fast and I'm not even sure how. What have you done to me?

“Out of sheer curiosity I went on ao3 to check if there was a fandom for fic”

Famous last words.

“I intended to skim a few”

Didn’t we all?

Well, you’re trapped now :D

Barisi’s relative popularity is surprising even to us shippers/fic writers, to be honest. Especially back in S16, when their canon interactions were very different. Fortunately, the ship truly took off during S17, which gave us so much Barisi deliciousness (and sweetness). That made it possible for the ship to last through the shitteous S18. We were all already invested, and inspired, so we kept creating content. We were already in love with this ship, so we were able to persevere :)

I just love hearing that new shippers keep coming into the fold. It makes me happy. There’s a lot of fic out there, now, and a lot of blogs, so you will have so much to enjoy!

Personally, I’m delighted by the fact my fics were part of the reason why you are now a Barisi hoe like the rest of us. All I can tell you is that I’m working on another story as we speak (the infamous Wedding Fic), so I fully intend to keep you satisfied :D

Thanks so much for this message, it was so fun to read <33333333333

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One of my long-term online friends started complaining to me on discord about how she hates Otayuri shippers because "omg pedophiles!!!" even though she knows I'm heavily pro-shipping and don't like antis. I never responded to her lmao

oy. i’d have to stop talking to a friend like that if it were me. like i’d probably give her a talk and try to set her ass straight first, but if it didnt work? hasta luego senorita, i cant chill with people that wanna police my thoughts and call me nasty shit like “pedophile” over cartoon ships.

shipping your own OCs

shipping one of your OCs with 4 other OCs and not knowing which pair should be canon

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