not even a senior

IMAGINE: Justin comforting you after something happens at the Winter Formal

Up til now, the night had been going very well. I’d been excited about the dance for weeks now. A cute senior even asked me to be his date, which I accepted. I was having a good time dancing and having fun until I saw my date making out with some random chick.

Instead of going up and confronting him, which I would have normally done, I ran out of the hall with tears pricking at my eyes. I wasn’t very upset, just humiliated. I didn’t even care that much, why was I crying?

I had been standing alone in the dark hallway for a few minutes when I heard the door open and close again. I quickly wiped my tears away, which had fallen down my cheeks despite the useless attempts at stopping them.

“Hey, Y/N, are you alright?” I heard the concerned voice of my best friend, Justin Foley, behind me.

I turned around and smiled weakly. “Yeah I’m fine thanks Justin. Go back in and enjoy the dance.”

“You’re not fine.” He stated, stepping closer to me to wipe away yet another rogue tear with his thumb.

“So, you and Jess seem close. ” I said, attempting to change the subject.

He laughed. “Nice try, but you’re not changing the subject.”

He took another step closer and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back. We stood in each others arms for a while, not saying anything.

Justin and I had been best friends since we we’re kids. We’re always together, people even thought we were dating for a while. He’d been there for me throughout the hard times and so had I for him. He often crashed at my place when he was having problems at home. My parents have basically adopted him.

“You’re the best.” I whisper.

“I know I am.” I feel him smile. “But you’re better. I love you.”

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What is your opinion on having Fiona be the Inquisition's military advisor (post-Redcliffe)? Since I don't want to put any Chantry mass murderers in charge, and I think her experience both as the leader of the rebellion and with the Grey Wardens could work great.

I can see why people like the idea of it, but honestly I’m not sure about it. 

It’s been many years since she was in the Wardens, and she never was in charge of tactics. From what we see in The Calling, it’s mostly the senior wardens who do anything like tactics, and even they don’t really do much. 

On the other hand, I think she has the head for tactics, she’s both passionate, but also unwilling to risk lives unnecessarily. She tends to be able to act well on the fly too, which is good.

I can absolutely see her being good at the job, if given the chance, but my question is, would anyone think to suggest her?

so who does the haus bills???? i’m pretty sure there’s no rent bc the hockey team owns it but who does the bills? who checks the mail and makes sure they don’t throw the envelopes out?? who makes sure the cable and heat and water and electricity is covered?? i’m sure ransom has made a spreadsheet for all the expenses, but who makes sure to pay it all on time??????? who sends out the reminder in the groupchat to give them money “unless you guys are fine taking cold ass showers for the next month”?????????????????

How I see kpop groups and their traits

Exo: referred to as gods by the future generation; they could release an album full of high pitched screaming and still would make the best selling kpop album; china line who?; we are 1 what?; korean members with chinese stage names; don’t let the satan near you; yehet, kkaebsong; give Sehun lines

Bts: from nowhere to everywhere; hyperactive kids making good music; kids with mental health issues doing vanalism; they look at you - you faint;  shit down, beach - bitch?, ikskjuz miii; zoo; give Jin lines

Ikon: B.I, Bobby and friends; favoritism by yg; “the next bigbang”, but yg seems to forget about them so does the crowd; being hyped up then ending up disappointed; capable of doing good music but refuses to; give chanwoo lines

Got7: no mvs in the future just videos of them dabbing; b side tracks always better than the titles; acrobatics until their neck breaks; not so creative fandom name; bamx2 is big; jaCSon, hard carry by Monsta x

Winner: searching for them - error404: nowhere to be found; somewhere in the yg building; Taehyun had enough shit, wants his own band, searching for members through tumblr; capable of being unique, yg aint letting them; let them break out   

Day6: now 5live, nope, day8, members: sungjin, wonpil, dowoon, youngk, jae, chicken little, brian, younghyun; the one who has a stage name but seems like everyone is forgetting about it; dancing king; hashtag king; let dowoon sing

Astro: too much sugar in my eyes i can’t see; too pure for you; won’t ever do other than cute concepts;  michael jackson; giant maknae; voice cracks for life; new generation of flower boys

Seventeen: too many; pledis has a thing for girly boys; pledis’ only income; leg breaking choreos; adore u remakes as title tracks; no dark concepts in the future; sebeuntin; carrots, mounteen; slipping here and there; dino nugu aegi; thughao, 10:10; divaboo; noone looks like suga; jeongcheol, meanie; give china line lines

Vixx: concept kings but kinda ran out of concepts; oldschool kpop feel; from vixx ravi to solo ravi - full upgrade; one of the prettiest fandom names; endless leader bullying; serial killer; let the maknae line sing

Shinee: going strong since 2008; people seem to pay less attention to them; taemin upgraded; weird fashion taste - key; cola cola; don’t sleep on them

Infinite: dope intros - give you chills; old kpop sound, unique sound; scorpion dance, live singing + synchronized choreos; dinosaur who’s laugh can be heard without a mic; endless leader and maknae bullying; saved woollim; give sungyeol and sungjong lines

Monsta x: future strippers; stuck between hiphop and sexy concepts; wtf is going on here mvs, gay mvs; cringiest fandom name; weird noises by the rapper; damn daniel; how to learn hungarian by changkyun; abs, memes; ten years later: waiting for their first win; mosta x, moista x, monster x;  give hyungwon lines; 

Bigbang: legends; noone can dance, too lazy to dance; fashionistas; min hyorin; yg = bigbang

B.a.p: started to rise - shit happened - nobody cares about them anymore; getting killed or killing others in mvs; unappreciated dancers and rappers; high notes for life; actual meaningful lyrics

Block b: zico and the boys; biggest weirdos of them all; no friendship just business; give jaehyo lines

Nct: taeyong and the boys; pouring salt at the wounds; mess of a noise music; rotating as much that i can already see the tornado; dozens of units; horrible fashion; unnecessary ps; damn hoverboard skills; great vocals being hidden; johnny somehow managed to get out; let hansol free; give lines to everyone

Pentagon: putting them through an unnecessary scripted survival show to make people foget about some disbanded groups (4minute); sm and yg let some gems slip out from their hands, at least they are not in the dungeon; giants and dwarfs; ugly crying; lame jokes; ultrasound screams; nudity; wooyu; yutoda; give shinwon lines

Btob: being forgotten by cube; weird, extra; slowly turning into a ballad group; is minhyuk a rapper?; give peniel lines

Beast: what is happening with u cube? shit happened; new name - bea5t?;  lost their spirit after shit happned; great lives 

Suju: waiting for ot15; shit still happening; growing out of kpop; concepts don’t match their age; still waiting for kibum; don’t forget about zhoumi & henry; diaries of a married man; being succesful in the military

Nu’est: best debut song ever; had the most potential as a rookie group; pledis messed up; now they’re popular anywhere besides korea; getting worse and worse title songs; aesthetic mvs; creative fandom name; again pledis has a thing for girly boys

Ft Island: hongki and the others; awesome dope music (let’s not count puppy here); people don’t appreciate quality music anymore; this gem is lost in the ocean of cute, badass & hiphop concepts; pretty fandom name

Cnblue: another gem; better japanese releases; boring new songs because they have to fit into the kpop standard; yonghwa’s unique teeth; visuals; let the others sing

SF9: another group coming from a survival show; covering their seniors’ songs so they can’t even recognize them; thumbs up for the K.O choreography; don’t go with them to amusement parks; deep af voice maknae; park jimin 2.0; hwiyoung got them lines in roar

KNK: a bunch of idiots - literally; tall af; models af; old school kpop feels; if you hear someone laugh hysterically from afar it’s probably them; falling dramatically to the floor while doing so; choking sounds; don’t let them feed you; horlolololo; astro x knk; bullying sanha

2PM: definition of men; hella hot bodies; starting to be unknown; when was their latest first win?; manly concepts; awesome vocals; the rap is still meh; go crazy is a jam y’all; great actors

U-Kiss: so many member changes; lit songs, but not getting appreciation; don’t complain about your faves not getting 1st place like 2 months after debut - it took for them years; the first kpop fathers; they need a comeback soon

B1A4: great vocals again; don’t let them being forgotten; cnu just rocks the short hair admit it; baby i’m sorry is one of the best kpop songs; but great ballads as well

Teen top: they need to go back to their previous style; cap rocking them tattoos; hilariously funny group - watch their weekly idol; promoting as five now - anticipate their comeback

Everyone please note that i dont mean to offend neither the groups neither the fans. its just for fun and me being 100% sarcastic by these statements. i love and respect these groups with all my heart!
sorry, its a bit long.

Mila and Yuri’s friendship appreciation post

Ok the fandom has all agreed that Mila is Yuri’s big sister, but can we just take a moment to appreciate just how DEEP the bond is? 

Ok. So first of all, we have Mila initiating physical contact with one of the coldest characters in YOI. She is extremely familiar with Yuri and from her relaxed air, we can assume that this definitely isn’t her first time hugging Yuri. It’s also interesting to note that Yuri only tells her to let go when Mila starts to tease Yuri. Yuri didn’t initially object to Mila’s hug!  

Here we have Yuri being a brat. But a very well-informed brat. Mila’s, cough, sexual frustrations would’ve been the result of a very recent breakup. The fact that Yuri knew about this shows us that he is up-to-date about what is happening in Mila’s life. Mila probably overshares the intimate details about her relationships to Yuri. 

ok this post is getting long, so please click below to continue frEAKING THE FUCK OUT WITH ME

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Omg ??// those time travel fics are so good ??/ would you happen to have more recommendations?

Hi! I have gotten so many requests to update my list, but there are so many I’m just going to make a whole ’nother list! You can find my first list here!

Time Travel AU (Part 2)

Standard Deviations by JustBeHappy, Teen, 82k
Victor knew something was wrong when he woke up. Firstly, Yuuri wasn’t by his side in bed. Secondly, the wallpapers weren’t supposed to be blue. LOVE!

News Travels Fast by TheSecretUchiha, Gen, 1.3k
In which time travel happened but there is no mention of time travel and Viktor and Yuuri like to surprise people, especially reporters. THIS IS SO GOOD

Turn Back the Clock by IronScript, Teen, 52k (WIP)
When Yuuri and Viktor wake up over thirty years in the past, they don’t know what to do. Does the other remember? Luckily that particular question is quickly answered and they can relax slightly, but what about afterwards? Viktor was brought back to right before his first Olympics, and Yuuri isn’t even old enough to compete in Seniors’! Great fic!

The Switch by BoredPerson69, Teen, 5.3k
The Switch was a true mystery to science. Nobody knew how or why it happened, it just did. Soulmate AU!

Katsuki Yuuri Solemnly Swears That Time-Travel/Alternate Universe Bullshit Did Not Happen With The Intent to Piss Off Yuri Plisetsky by Eldestmiddle, Teen, 20k (WIP)
When Yuuri wakes up, a sweet-faced twelve-year-old, he bursts into tears and his mother calls him in sick to school. He spends a day in bed, crying and pinching himself until he can really believe that he’s really doing all this over again. Then he starts laughing because he’s really doing all this over again. It feels like it should be easier but when he tallies up, the losses are almost too much to bear. WOW!

Maelstrom by feelslikefire, Explicit, 43k
Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes. Time loop AU! One of my all-time favourite fics!

And I Will Try to Fix You by Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom), Teen, 19k
16 year old Victor Nikiforov may be lonely, but he isn’t sure how getting thrust into the future to live with his older self and his older self’s fiancé is going to help anything. Oh, and the 16 year old version of his older self’s fiancé is there, too. Thumbs up!

of whispering lights and empty ice rinks by nauti, Gen, 12k
One would think that everything would calm down after Yuuri won the Onsen on Ice event. It was supposed to be his year; he was going to be training with his long time idol turned coach and he was back in Japan with his family. Everything was looking up for Katsuki Yuuri. That is, until a stranger that looks exactly like him, but older appears in the middle of the rink after a bright flash of light. SUCH a great fic!

counterclockwise by viktyuuri (Empress_Arisu), Teen, 4.9k (WIP)
Life after retirement, Yuuri thinks, is quite a nice change of pace. Although, not so much when he finds himself thrust back into the past. In which married husbands Viktor and Yuuri somehow end up 5 years in the past without knowing how or why. I love Victor in this asjhdlsjflk

Those Second Thoughts You Asked For by akisazame, Teen, 7.1k
The first time Victor skips backwards in time, he is fourteen years old. Highly recommend!

a great desire to love by lily_winterwood, Teen, 21k
For some strange, inexplicable, fantastic reason, Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov are trading places.  THE GREATEST Kimi no Na wa AU!!!!

it’s not a side effect of the champagne, i am thinking it must be love by lostincostco, Teen, 2.5k
Somehow, Yuuri gets the distinct feeling he’s being punished for something. LOL I LOVE THIS

Future Self by fishydip, Gen, 5.2k
Soulmates AU where one day, at random you wake up in your own body, except in the future after you have already met and fallen in love with your soulmate. you get a random amount of time to spend as your future self to learn more about them. Another great soulmate/time travel AU!

Stammi Vicino by Mairieux, Teen, 2.5k
Katsuki Yuuri, unable to sleep due to being wracked with nerves and anxiety, finally passes out in his hotel room the night before his first grand prix final. And when he wakes up? He has no idea why he’s suddenly sleeping so close to a mop of silver hair. So cute!

A Minute or a Year by I_have_problems, Teen, 8.7k (WIP)
One minute Yuuri and Viktor are enjoying their offseason while planning their wedding the next both of them are thrown three years into the past and are left to find one another again. Angsty but worth it!!

Tiger Stripes and Smartphones by vivi1138, Teen, 24k
In the glorious year 2004, the famous Victor Nikiforov owns a Nokia3510 and is very proud to be the only one at school who got rid of his monochrome mobile phone. So, where is his precious device when he wakes up in an unfamiliar room and finds an expensive smartphone filled with pictures of someone who looks exactly like him… but older? Rec’d by a follower!

The gif was created by @omgdango !


Graceful and critically endangered, an encounter with a hawksbill sea turtle will leave even us conservationists speechless. Nature Conservancy senior scientist @heystephwear swam alongside one on a recent trip to St. John in the Caribbean. The Conservancy is working to protect their nesting beaches, often the same beaches where they themselves were born. @nature_caribbean #turtle #seaturtle #caribbean #ocean #iliketurtles #endangeredspecies (at St John USVI)

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Donald Trump has quietly hired hundreds of loyalists to serve as his “eyes and ears” across government

  • Trump has quietly positioned hundreds of his supporters to take jobs across the executive branch, essentially taking a backdoor approach to placing “his eyes and ears at every major federal agency” even while senior jobs requiring congressional confirmation remain unfilled, ProPublica reported Wednesday.
  • ProPublica posted a list of more than 400 such dubiously qualified Trump appointments, which the site wrote included everything from “obscure campaign staffers” and contributors to far-right website Breitbart to a recent high school graduate and at least 36 former lobbyists.
  • The staffers are serving in so-called “beachhead teams,” temporary units serving for four to eight months.
  • The beachhead teams are intended to familiarize Trump’s administration with the workings of various federal agencies as well as shape the early implementation of Trump’s agenda. 
  • Though as ProPublica wrote, many of the hires will likely transition into full-time roles.
  • As Trump has left hundreds of jobs requiring congressional confirmation across the federal government unfilled, the beachhead teams have likely assumed “considerable influence.” Read more (3/8/17 11:10 PM)

“Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn’t even know was there” 

Waktu puber dulu, anggota keluarga yang senior sering mewanti-wanti kami yang remaja dengan larangan pacaran. Kalimat yang diulang, begitu khas sampai redaksinya masih menempel di ingatan. Bunyinya, “Jangan pacaran kalau enggak mau dikawinkan!”. Kami yang waktu itu masih maraton film kartun di ahad pagi dibuat bergidik dengan ancaman “dikawinkan” yang terdengar mengerikan.

Sebetulnya, nilai yang diperkenalkan lewat larangan pacaran mengandung prinsip yang mendasar, jangan main-main kalau belum bisa serius. Sementara anak-anak ingusan tadi tumbuh jadi muda-mudi yang mulai mengenal ketertarikan terhadap lawan jenis, watak main-main mereka masih terbawa sebagai bekal karakter untuk menghadapi banyak hal baru. “Why so serious? Pacaran kan enggak mesti nikah” pikirnya. Akhirnya pantangan pun terlanggar karena rasa penasaran untuk coba-coba mengalahkan kengerian terhadap larangan tadi.

Dimulailah masa dimana muda-mudi (termasuk saya waktu itu) menggelorakan cinta monyet. Masa dimana semua upaya dikerahkan supaya gelora asmara yang tengah bernyala makin kuat kobarannya. Duile. Tapi ya seindah-indahnya cinta monyet, banyak yang berakhir percuma karena sifat hubungan yang dijalin masih coba-coba dan penuh asas “siapa-tau”. Siapa tau awet, siapa tau cocok, siapa tau memang jodohnya - tanpa ada kesiapan apapun.

Jadi, harusnya enggak perlu senewen kalau mereka yang udah nikah memandang drama romantika cinta monyet yang begitu menyita pikiran, tenaga, uang dan waktu dengan sebelah mata. Enggak heran juga sebetulnya kalau dulu nasihat, “Jangan pacaran kalau enggak mau dikawinkan!” umumnya diucapkan oleh orang yang udah menikah karena mereka telah mengalami sendiri perbandingan antara berpacaran dengan berumahtangga yang bagaikan langit dan bumi. 

Misal waktu seorang laki-laki menyatakan perasaan pada perempuan yang ingin dipacari dengan pertanyaan, “Kamu mau enggak jadi pacarku?”, maka pria yang ingin menikah menindaklanjuti keberaniannya kepada bapak dari perempuan idamannya dengan pertanyaan, “Permisi, pak. Apa sudah ada laki-laki yang melamar anak bapak sebelumnya?”.

Atau saat laki-laki yang ingin berpacaran mengemukakan perasaan, penyampaiannya dilakukan di hadapan pujaannya semata. Lain halnya dengan pria yang ingin berumahtangga, pengucapan ikrarnya harus dilakukan di hadapan orang tua, keluarga juga petugas KUA agar hubungannya bisa disahkan secara hukum. Di saat hakikat dari kasih sayang adalah menemukan keberanian, maka harusnya muda-mudi di luar sana menyalurkan keberanian yang ditemukan pada sebaik-baik muara hubungan.

Wejangan, “Jangan pacaran kalau enggak mau dikawinkan!” belasan taun lalu punya hikmah yang mendalam buat saya setelah berkeluarga. Ternyata, laki-laki dianggap serius menyayangi seorang perempuan dengan menikahinya dan bertanggung jawab dengan dunia-akhiratnya. Kalau ada yang mengaku sayang tapi enggak berani menikahi, jelas dia main-main. Sampai kapanpun, kata “pacaran” enggak pernah cocok disandingkan dengan kata “serius”. Lagipula, siapa yang mau disayangi dengan main-main?

Kalau ingin berkasihsayang secara utuh, dewasalah dan menikahlah. Romansa layar lebar paling indah sekalipun akan terasa picisan saat kita menjalani kisah rumahtangga sendiri yang tingkat keseruannya lebih menakjubkan.

Kalau bayangan suami atau istri teladan mutlak bersumber dari pengalaman pacaran, semua orang tua akan mewajibkan anak-anaknya untuk berpacaran sebelum menikah. Nyatanya, mereka yang enggak pernah pacaran sekalipun dan memilih untuk menjaga debar perasaannya sampai akhirnya menikah, juga bisa menjadi suami dan istri teladan karena enggak ada kaitan yang berarti antara pacaran dengan berumahtangga. 

Hal sederhana ini penting untuk disampaikan seiring terus mewabahnya pemahaman yang salah tentang hakikat hubungan pra-menikah di kalangan anak muda. Dengan gambaran yang sama, di masa depan nanti, saya akan berbicara kepada anak-anak saya, “Waktu muda dulu, Ayah pernah nyoba pacaran dan nyeselnya luar biasa sampai Ayah enggak rela kamu ngulangin kesalahan yang sama. Jangan rugiin orang lain. Jangan main-main dengan perasaan sebelum kamu berani untuk serius. Hidupi hidupmu dan hidupkan mimpimu sebaik-baiknya selagi muda. Pengalaman pacaran enggak akan masuk CV, juga enggak akan layak disebut pencapaian apalagi dibanggakan”

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I don't want to seem stupid but I kinda feel a little out of the loop here...? I've been off for a bit, what's all the deal with the USA hockey? What's going on with them and the women's team?

Don’t worry anon, a lot has happened in the last few days and sometimes the hockey world is a bit of an echo chamber. So basically: 

USA Hockey and the US Women’s National Team have been in talks about equitable pay and more investment in girls development programs. USA Hockey has only been paying them $1000 a month while they are training in the Olympic camp. They can’t work and they aren’t getting paid enough, and these women don’t get paid a living wage to play hockey, so they depend on USA Hockey to help them out when they can’t work because they are at training camp for the Olympics.

The negotiations weren’t going anywhere so the national team is boycotting the women’s world championship which the US is hosting. Instead of trying to work it out with their national team, USA Hockey is trying to find a replacement team.

What they didn’t realize was that the captain of the team, Meghan Duggan, made over 100 phone calls to the entire pool of women’s hockey players in the national program.

“It’s not just about the girls you’ve seen in the media. It’s about everyone,“ Duggan said. “I felt in my gut that I had to call everyone individually and directly.” They weren’t calls to drum up support. That, they already have. It was just an effort to stay united, to say thanks for the support. It’s support that has been unanimous among the best women hockey players in this country.“There’s been no resistance. Zero resistance,” Duggan said. “Everyone knows this is the right thing to do.”

USAH sent out a form-letter email asking for them to play. They even asked a few high school seniors (who are on the U18, or under 18 team, but still, ouch). Keep in mind there’s like 400 players in the lineup before these girls, so they were turned down by hundreds of people before it got to that point.

Now they’ve actually moved on to beer league players.  

Two sources confirmed Saturday that the federation has even reached out to post-collegiate players who are playing now only in rec-league competition. One such player, who last played in college three years ago, said Saturday in a phone interview, “It’s crazy. Just crazy.”

“They said USA Hockey is having a final meeting Monday, and if the national team is still boycotting, we need you to report Wednesday,” the player added. “What I kept going back to is, ‘How do I say no, but how do I say yes?’ I mean, I just play in a beer league. I just play for fun now. I don’t train like I did in college. It’s insane.”

One of the worst things tho is we don’t know if they’ll have insurance. Hockey is a fast paced dangerous sport, and if they really are putting a team together that has high school kids and rec league players, they could get hurt really easily. 

All in all, USA Hockey would rather risk teenagers and rec players getting injured and having no insurance instead of just paying their own national team what they need to play hockey. It’s just shameful, and really reveals what they think about their own women’s team. 

If you want anymore info, I have a ‘uswnt boycott’ tag on my blog.

Why Park Bo Gum is Such A Beautiful Man

He has a sweet boyfriend image

and so much swag! 

He can play the piano and sing.  

He’s not pro with cello but he still looks good playin’ it. 

He gives warm hug to his bro.

He’s good even when he’s bad. 

He wud be the best view when waking up. 

He swings that wand with bravado.

He knows how to enjoy his food. 

And sometimes he can’t wait to eat his food.

He doesn’t drink or smoke, he keeps his body with healthy lifestyle. 

He haz those deep clear eyes that you want to dive into. 

He is cute and adorable as a boy,

yet hot and sexy as a girl. 

He automatically grooves with his feeling. 

He enjoys his time and dances the stress away. 

He glows with excitement like a moonlight. 

He turns to positive thing when he’s down. 

He folds his blanket after woke up. 

He looks good as a delinquent student…

and even better as a fresh office worker. 

He can play evil role perfectly on screen. 

He’s friendly and kind with fan service in real life. 

He’s not really confident in driving and feels better with taking a subway. 

He automatically sets table for his seniors. 

He enjoys rice really well and even earns nickname Bap Bo Gum (bap = rice) 

He is perfect for many food commercials from rice, chicken, ramen to pizza

He lingers in our mind with that playful smile. 

He’d be your dreamy date at the amusement park. 

But after all he’s just a human like us who gets panicked on a scary ride

and needs a good night sleep. 

So that’s why we love Park Bo Gum. With so many good things in the future, this young talented actor will always be our favorite. 

See ya on the next project. 

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jungkook has better vocals than all of vixx combined, you know

This thing again.

Listen, if you don’t like VIXX, it’s fine. But let me tell you that you are missing out a lot.

And, VIXX and BTS are really good friends. An example is the beautiful friendship between Jaehwan and Seokjin. Best friends.

Also, VIXX are SENIORS, BTS SENIORS, they deserve your respect even if you do not like them.

Originally posted by missbaptan

The instruments when they're about to graduate
  • Flute: cries at everything. hugs everyone goodbye, even the music stand
  • Oboe: at first they're not that sad, but then it ~hits them~ and they just start sobbing
  • Bassoon: doesn't even notice that its the end of senior year. they're just excited for school to be out
  • Clarinet: strangely sad about their math class being over
  • Saxophone: gives the director the middle finger on their way out the door
  • Trumpet: will not fucking shut up about college
  • Trombone: finds the incoming seniors to make sure they keep the weird section traditions alive
  • Horn: *gross sobbing*
  • Euphonium: frantically trying to not fail english
  • Tuba: reassures school tuba that they love it. hugs tuba.
  • Percussion: pranks the band director
  • Violin: living embodiment of "i'm not crying, you are"
  • Viola: brings director chocolates and heartfelt thank you card
  • Cello: stays late in the orchestra room to soak in the ~aesthetic~
  • Bass: lol bye see ya suckers

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I LOVE YOUR AUS SO MUCH OMG 💓 could you do a lil nct mark au? ☺️

  • highschool!au with mark
  • is completely oblivious to the fact that the entire school is in Love with him
  • plays on the basketball team 
  • but isn’t competitive during gym class like haechan whose like i will RUIN EVERYONE ON THE OTHER TEAm,,,,mark’s just like ok it’s just a game bud relax
  • sleeps in history class LOL
  • is really just a laid-back guy who sits near the window in all his classes so he can stare out of it and never really tries to argue with anyone 
  • gets volunteered to be class president because everyone loves him and he’s bashful about it like guys,,,,,,i don’t think im a good fit-
  • but everyone is like mark,,,,,you’re the nicest person,,,,,,,you’re friends with the seniors, the freshmen, the teachers, the ????? principal even knows your full name
  • but the truth is mark is kinda burdened by it because like he doesn’t really want so much responsibility
  • but too late everyone’s voted for him,,,,,,,,,and mark is LITERALLY too nice to say anything about it
  • and on the first meeting he’s. lost
  • literally didn’t bring anything to take notes with and he sits next to you, who’s got your binder out and ready. highlighters in three different colors if you need them
  • and mark leans over and is like “hi,,,,sorry can i borrow some paper,,,,,and a pen”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,you didn’t bring any????? it’s our first meeting????
  • and mark gets pink and is like “ive never been a class representative,,,,,,or done student government,,,,,i actually don’t know why i was chosen,,,,,,”
  • and you give him a funny look, but at the same time you don’t want to leave him hanging so you’re like “here’s some paper, ill help you during the meeting if you have any questions!!!”
  • and mark smiles at you,,,,,and his eyes are so wide and pretty and you’re like,,,,,,in your head,,,,going oh! i know him,,,,,he’s the prince of class b
  • and probably like five of your friends have told you about him, but you’d never really been near him until now
  • and the meeting goes well, mark asks you in surprise that is it the students that really plan the spring festivals and you’re like yes LOL
  • and as you’re packing up your things mark asks you shyly which way you’re taking to go home and you’re like im going to walk to the train!!!
  • and mark,,,scratching his neck is like “so am i, do you want to go together?”
  • and you think nothing of it, just that he’s being friendly since you guys are going to student reps together
  • but also,,,,,you feel some butterflies in your stomach as you guys walk side by side and you feel your arms brush slightly
  • and you talk about homework and upcoming tests and whatnot and mark is so easy going, and his laugh is charming,,,,,,,
  • and once you get to the train marks comes first, but he waits with you for your train and when he waves as you get on you smile,,,,,but also he’s so???????? Sweet,,,,,,,
  • and the next day mark is sitting with renjun and jeno and jeno apologetically asks if the meeting was tough
  • but mark breaks out into this grin and renjun is like WAIT DID SOMETHING HAPPEN
  • and mark is like “i think.,,,,,im happy to be class president now” and jeno is like ????????Why all of a sudden
  • and mark looks toward the open door of the classroom, kids rushing back and forth and then he sees you
  • making your way to class and he shrugs looking back at jeno
  • but renjun has caught on and he’s like “you’re so obvious - YOU MET SOMEONE CUTE!!!!! MARK HAS a cru S H”
  • mark: rENJUN SHUT -
  • haechan appearing out of thin air: mark has a what now, tell me all the details

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the hate Chelsea gets for speaking up on twitter even though she said she isn't running for office? I just saw an article on Vanity Fair and it frustrated me.

Chelsea has a BA in History from Stanford, a master’s degree and a doctorate from Oxford in international relations and a master’s degree in public health from Colombia, she ditched lucrative jobs and committed her time to philanthropic work and teaching and her expressing her opinions upsets people from the right and the left.

Ivanka Trump has an undergraduate degree in Buisness (education matters!) and designs shoes but her sitting in meetings with international leaders and having security clearance doesn’t seem to upset people that much and her husband is a senior advisor even though he has 0 experience or knowledge about domestic and foreign politics.

I think you know what I mean.

Clinton derangement syndrome is real and is taking America down the toilet.

It’s time for another one of our  #SenpaiStories!!!

Suzuki-senpai is one of the members of the school’s dance club. As an idol, Suzuki-senpai not only has to sing well and make good music, he is also expected to put on an amazing performance and have impeccable dance moves. This is the main reason why he joined the school Dance Club with Jae-senpai as its moderator.

Having debuted earlier and being a few years older, Jae-senpai is someone that Suzuki looks up to. He considers Jae his senior, even though their industries are a little bit different from each other, with Jae-senpai mostly working in the Korean entertainment industry and Suzuki doing most of his work in Japan. He fondly calls Jae “sunbae” and often asks him for advice about being an idol.

Even though his own dance style is different from Jae-senpai’s specialty, Suzuki-senpai tries to learn what he can from him. Jae-senpai is an incredibly talented dancer. He is widely respected for his skill and his ability to create new dance moves and trends. Suzuki uses what he learns from Jae-senpai to put a spin on his own choreography and performance. And at times, there are things that Jae-senpai learns from Suzuki’s style as well.

When Suzuki-senpai is not spending his free time at school in the cafe or in the music room, he usually can be found practicing with Jae in the school dance studio.

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