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So my teacher is a young woman, about in her late twenties. She has two very young children and a husband.

The thing is, her husband is dying of cancer. He has two to five days left to live.

My teacher and I had bonded over Metalocalypse in the past. It’s one of her favorite shows and she absolutely loves Nathan Explosion. You don’t have to, but if you make her any fanart I’d love to show her when she comes back. I know it won’t mend her broken heart but hopefully it would at least make her feel a little bit better.

It doesnt even have to be fanart, it could be anything that has to do with Metalocalypse. I just really want to do something nice for her.

Edit: I’m a doofus, I should have included the fact that she’s our art teacher! All your art is appreciated

I still can’t get over Emma’s tone in her voice when she’s fighting with Killian, when she’s pleading with him to confide in her, to remember that they do things together, that they need to stop hiding things. The way it goes up in pitch a little, and the way it wobbles a bit on the word ‘marry’.

There is just so much intimacy and so much raw emotion in it and she speaks so differently with Killian than anyone else and god the things it does to my heart.

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[U] Unfair (how do they tease) for Jumin? :D

[U] Unfair (how do they tease)
For some reason, he can’t figure out why, but hin just rolling his sleeves up and unbuttoning his shirt a bit turns you on. He’s not even shirtless? But you enjoy it, so sometimes he does exactly that while pretending to mull over some important documents.
If you notice, trying to get him to start something is another task completely. He’ll keep shooing you away, saying he has to work, but that slight little smirk says otherwise. You’ll have to do a lot of begging, but he usually takes a good while before he caves in. That, or whenever​ you slip between his legs and start unzipping his pants.

Pay back

REQUEST:can I get a smutty, taehyungxreader, #18, please?? ty! <3
18. Now isn’t the time to do this
Award shows…
You had a love-hate relationship with these lengthy ceremonies, for example, you loved seeing your boyfriend dancing to the different  songs while he waited patiently to go into the mayhem that is backstage and on the other part you hated having to wait at the table all alone while he performed, you hated the time it takes for it to be over and mostly because of how needy Tae gets.
Not even 30 minutes into the show and he’s already getting handsy with you.
“Y/n don’t you think this dress is a little too revealing” he growled against your neck.
“No, not really why?” you defended
To be honest the dress was a bit revealing  it was  a skin tight black dress that went all the way down to your feet  with a long cut down  the side of your leg and you could see a good bit of cleavage,  but there was no way in hell you were going to let the stares of horny men that can’t keep it in their pants nor the glares of the other females that were jealous of you keep you from wearing what you wanted, not even your own boyfriend would keep you from wearing it.
“Is that so? Then why is every male here drooling at the sight of you? ” he muttered as he pulled on the elastic band that held your very expensive laced panties on to your hips and let it snap back. How the fuck did he get his hand up your dress without you noticing? You couldn’t really tell maybe it was the dark look that clouded in his eyes that keep you from noticing anything else or the low voice in which he pronounced every accusing word to you.
“Well it’s good that you wore it babe, because now I have better access” he purred.
He started at your knee, sliding further and further up, but you squished your thighs together so that he couldn’t go any further, he looked over to you puzzled.
“Tae now isn’t the time to do this, there are too many people here they’re gonna hear” you argued.
Hell no, there were another 6 people at your table not to mention the other idols, actors, producers, etcetera you were not going to get fingered in front of all these people and risk being caught.
You removed his hand from your leg and adjusted your dress so it would cover a little.
He tried it once more but seeing as you weren’t letting up he scoffed and turned away from you. Little did you know, he was already planning on making you suffer on the way home, he was gonna have you begging for him.
After the little incident with Tae, he didn’t try anything else which was a pretty weird Tae always made sure to have what he wanted, when he wanted no matter the place or the circumstances you were in.
Finally, it was over and you all could go home, you had gotten there together with the rest of bts in their van. Tae and you sat in the back and the rest sat in the middle and the front, this was perfect for what Tae had in mind.
He placed his hand on your knee and rubbed circles in it, you didn’t think much of it since he does it often but when he started to slide it up closer to your core. 
He slipped his hand into your panties and started to tease your core.
Your whole body stiffened when he slipped two fingers in and out slowly “Tae” you breathed out, you wanted more, god his fingers are so long, he could hit all the right places if he just went a little faster.
“Yes baby girl” he purred in your ear, he was such a tease, you were trying so hard to keep your breaths as quiet as possible so you wouldn’t alert the rest of the members the sinful things you guys were up to.
He kept that slow and agonizing pace for a few more minutes before he stopped completely.
You growled and tried to grind on his hand to have some kind of relief but to your dismay, he removed his fingers and looked you straight in the eyes while he licked off the jucies that coated them.
“Now isn’t the time to do this baby" 

Hope you like it <3
I didn’t read through this so if I have any mistakes please do tell me

Had such a lovely night
Like it wasn’t planned or anything josh text me at like 7 to ask if I wanted to come over and we ended up just spending 4 hours cuddling and laughing and watching tv and you know when you have one of those moments when you feel yourself falling for someone that little bit more? I definitely had that tonight he’s just my best friend as well as my boyfriend like tonight no sex or fancy dates or even food just being with each other it filled me full of the warm fuzzies

I find endearing that Yuuri’s the one person Maccachin seems to love to be around, since episode one. Remember when having their first meeting? Maccachin shows himself to be really playful, but we don’t see him act like this when he is around other people…

I mean, maybe he is, and we just didn’t get to see, but I still believe this baby dog cares for Yuuri, just as much as his owner does.

Maccachin’s usually well behaved (well most of the times, he ate the steamed buns AND HE ALMOST DIED BUT…), when he’s with Yuuri’s family, he’s always sitting beside them, quietly, without making much of a ruckus. But when he’s with Yuuri he acts a bit different.


HE EVEN STARTS TO SLEEP WITH THE BOY (poor victor was left behind).

And when he notices Yuuri coming through the airport doors, after not seeing him for a while, he barks and and comes running to greet the boy. He recognizes him instantly.

Maccachin really loves Yuuri, and I think we know from who he learned that. Now I can only imagine, he might have gotten familiarized with him after listening to Victor’s countless stories and complains regarding that one drunken boy from the banquet night.

some dad lance things he’d definitely do

  • after dropping the kids off at school, he’d yell out the window “MAKE GOOD CHOICES SWEETIES” in a white suburban mom voice
    • the kids die in embarrassment
    • honks ridiculously long when he goes to pick them up, all the other kids stare at his kids, his kids love him but also want to go home rn immediately
  • dances with his kids from every genre. to traditional cubano music all the way to beyoncé, it’s adorable, even when they kinda trip over their own little toddler feet
  • is the Really Competitive Dad at their sports games
    • will definitely yell at the Ref
    • gives the evil eye to the other team’s coach. the coach has no idea why this dad is squinting at him
    • gives his kids a lot of support, smiles, and thumbs up at their games
      • definitely the loudest dad in the sidelines
      • probably made signs with his kiddos for what they wanted them to say on it, carries them proudly during the games
        • (they even made one for keith to hold too)
  • the best at doing their kids hair. especially the one who has super curly hair, because he used to have to comb the knots out for his younger sister and knows how to do it in a way that would hurt
  • take his kids out to look at the stars
    • they come up with fake stories about each one because they don’t know any of the constellations yet, it’s super cute
  • first time he took his first bab to cuba with keith, his mom burst out to tears. then lance burst out to tears. everyone burst out into tears.
    • keith was very confused but comforted them both
  • just….. Lance as a Dad (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

this post is going to sound corny and over the top tumblr angry™ especially given the format but please take me a little bit seriously: when 43+ bomb threats have been called in to synagogues, JCCs, and religious schools in a mere two week period irl, when people were planning an armed march against jewish people existing in a town, when nazis are having a field day out there since the election, and a self proclaimed antisemite is nominated to be chief strategist, when I have seen jewish personhood casually debated on news channels that aren’t even Fox or some shit, when WWII antisemitic rhetoric is getting repeated by politicians verbatim in speeches, and everyone has to hear nazi germany coded language about the jewish media conspiracy every day, all of the above means jewish people probably do not have any more patience to listen to people on tumblr opening their mouths on judaism in any way when they should not be. 

if you are not jewish and you feel entitled enough to do the following (these are all things I’ve seen in the past month done by various relatively popular non jewish bloggers)….

  • define ethnic, cultural, and/or religious judaism and make yourself the authority on those lines
  • police/judge how jews with complex jewish identities talk about and interact with those identities (mixed ethnic jews, ethnic jews with complicated or no religious background, jewish adoptees, patrilineal jews, jewish converts, secular jews, jews who recently found out about their jewishness, etc) 
  • make posts mocking how jews word their experiences about their jewishness
  • cast judgement on whether or not a jew “looks” ethnic or religious enough to face antisemitism
  • decry someone for punching a neonazi in the face
  • use the unjust situation in palestine as an excuse to condone bomb threats buildings full of jewish people including children have been getting 
  • use jews as political props in general or reduce our issues to one political issue
  • insert yourself into a situation where a jew is calling another jew on something and deciding to use the jew who behaved badly as a reason to make posts about how you’re “uncomfortable with jews” 
  • tell jews how we can and cannot use words in jewish languages 

congrats, you now owe your local antifa $$$. also, the unfollow button is pretty noticeable, please make use of it. you don’t get to benefit from hearing and reblogging my thoughts, emotions, or jokes at this time if you’re going to act those ways. (those things should never be acceptable but especially under the current climate, if you needed any incentive to knock it the fuck off now is the time)

Dealing with plant spirits:

So I’m a spirit worker, and though I’ve only been practicing a little bit over a year, I’ve worked with many different spirits with most of them being plants.  This just comes from my own personal experience, so you don’t have to take this as law.  


Different kinds of plants have different personalities (obviously).  And as each plant has their own unique personality, generally they tend to be similar to other plants of the same type: cacti, succulents, vines, herbs, flowers, even going down to specific types such as lavender, pine trees, orchids, etc.  And then, how they react to communication depends on what stage they are in: seedling, middle, adult, etc.  


In general, plants tend to be fairly slow with communication.  And they generally don’t use words. The plants i have worked with preferred sending general feelings and images of what they were trying to communicate.  So be patient with yourself while working towards that communication.  Whenever you try communication, start by giving a small offering.  It can be elaborate, it can be watering it, spreading fertilizer (eggshells are good, a bit of sugar, stuff like that) around it, weeding around the roots, and small stuff like that.  Introduce yourself, and just start talking.  Explain what your day was like and what you did.  You can sing to the plant, they tend to love that.  Seedlings are more likely to talk very quickly to you, while old plants tend to take longer.  The time frame can be from a couple of hours to a couple weeks depending on the spirit.  If you want to create a relationship with the spirit, you’re going to have to communicate with the spirit regularly.  This process will take a while as it would trying to improve any friendship.

Now what?:

After you’ve introduced yourself to the spirit, it’s time to create a friendship!  Giving them small gifts/offerings is a great step.  Spending time with them will also help with that.  It doesn’t all have to be communication, you can read books aloud to them, watch movies with them, or anything else of that sort.  Find out their name!  Each spirit will have their own name, much like we do.  Some of them are really hard to spell and/or pronounce so I won’t be giving any examples here.  After building that friendship, you can do most anything you want!  You can have them assist you with spells, amplify your energy, and other such things.  Keep in mind that the amount of energy that the spirit will have depends on their vessel, the plant.  The larger the life force, the larger the amount of energy that you can borrow is.

Dealing with death:

Now, most of the plants I have worked with have been seedlings, and because I’m not perfect in the slightest many of them have died.  For me, dealing with the dead plant is a ritual to honor the spirit as it passes into a place where I haven’t been able to communicate with it yet.  I give it back to the earth (bury it if I can, or just leave it in a place where it can give back to the earth.  It gets a small funeral service, stating what they did for me, what I loved about them, that they will be missed, etc.  Before you leave them there give them a small offering to help it’s passage, water, fertilizer, eggshell, etc.  This isn’t necessary, but it is respectful and a good way for the spirit not to be mad.  


  • pebbles
  • water
  • fresh mulch
  • cleaning up forests
  • making bee feeders
  • songs
  • talking to them
  • meditating with them
  • storytelling
  • sugar
  • biodegradable food
  • weeding around them
  • eggshell powder
  • cold tea

Now, treat your plants well and get to know them!

Teddy Remus Lupin

Teddy’s birth as seen by Lily, James and a very jealous Sirius

Sirius: I don’t like babies.

Lily: You almost died of happiness when you first held Harry. You even cried.

Sirius: *hissing* I did no such thing because I don’t like babies.

James: *grinning* Maybe it’s just this one baby Pads.

Sirius: Shut it, Prongs.

Lily: Another war baby, I hope his fate will be different.

James: It will be because this time the war will end, Lils.

Sirius: Tell me when it’s over.

James: You had begged to be there when Evans gave birth?

Sirius: I was young and stupid.

Lily: Aren’t you being a little bit too dramatic? You should be happy. It’s Remus for heaven’s sake.

Sirius: *sarcastically* I’m so happy that the love of my life is having a baby from my cousin’s daughter.

Lily: When you say it like that..

Sirius: *impatiently* Well, that’s how it is.

James: *excited* He is here and he looks like a handsome potato.

Lily: Oh this is weird.

Sirius: What is weird?

James: Let’s just say all those cousin marriages took it’s toll on your gene pool Pads.

Sirius: What the fuck are you talking about?

Lily: *quietly* He looks like you.

Sirius: You have got to be fucking kidding me.

James: Um, yeah, no.

Lily: Can I ask something? How will they know if he’s a werewolf or not?

Sirius: Full moon, there’s no other way to know. *pauses, stares at the baby* He really looks like me.

James: I think there’s another way.

Sirius: No, there i–

Lily: His hair is becoming ginger?

Sirius: *relieved* IS HE A METAMORPHMAGUS?

James: Apparently.

Sirius: It’s impossible to dislike him and I’m trying really hard.

Lily: Teddy.

Sirius: What?

Lily: His name is Teddy Remus.

James: *laughing* Oh, now that’s cheating. Harry James, Teddy Remus I mean, come on Moony.

Sirius: He always thought he couldn’t ever have a child because he wasn’t entitled to it being the monster he is. I tried to tell him maybe thousand times, look at his face.

Lily: You like Teddy, don’t you?

Sirius: Of course I like him, I love him even. Look at how Moony’s face lit up, I haven’t seen his eyes glow like that in years.

James: Now, he has a reason to survive.

Lily: Did Remus just apparate from the side of his new born baby and wife?

James: He did, where is he Pads?

Sirius: He’s at the Weasley cottage where Harry’s hiding.

James: He is scaring the living shit out of them.

Lily: *smiling* Ah, I missed excited Remus.

Remus hugs Harry.

James: *longingly* Hug him for us, too, Moony.

“You’ll be godfather?” he said as he released Harry. 

Lily: *starts crying* Merlin, Remus must you make me cry? 

James: *his hands in his hair* My son is the godfather of my best friend’s boy. I never knew I wanted this until this moment.

Sirius: *sadly* He will be a better godfather than I ever was.

James: Pads. we chose you. Me and Evans. We chose you because we knew you were perfect for it and you did everything you could.

Sirius: Yeah, I got myself locked up in Azkaban.

Lily: No one is blaming you for that, not us, not Harry.

James: Harry loved you even though you had two years together, you were his Paddy and he was your fawn. I wouldn’t have even dreamed of making another person the godfather of my first child.

Lily: *staring into distance* We were going to have enough kids for each one of you to become godfathers but you, you were the obvious first choice. You are James’ brother, please stop feeling guilty about this. 

James: *trying to cheer Sirius up* Let’s enjoy this moment mate, imagine how punk rock this kid would be.

Sirius: *softly smiling as he’s staring at his hands* Very.

Lily: Come on let’s just watch Remus before the dark times start again.

Sirius: Yeah, you are right. To Teddy Lupin then.

James & Lily: To Teddy Lupin.

i’d like to tell you that i’m over it, that i’m over this, that i’m over you; but then i see the picture of the both of us on the side of my bed and i realized i’m not over you at all, not even a little bit, not even close.

With the controversy over President Trump’s immigration ban, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are arguing over whether undocumented immigrants have constitutional rights. Tomi Lahren tweeted the other day that the “hard left” lives in “a lala land where illegals have constitutional rights.” Glenn Beck has gone a little bit more extreme, saying that undocumented immigrants “do not have legal rights.” And the same point is all over Twitter.

It sounds like it makes sense. Why would the Constitution protect people who aren’t even part of the country or respecting its laws? That’d be wacky, like trusting the people to govern themselves or guaranteeing the right to say whatever you want! The problem, as you probably guessed from the sarcasm, is that undocumented immigrants do have constitutional rights. Lots of them! And this isn’t a controversial opinion, or something “the hard left” invented recently. The Supreme Court of the United States has made this point over and over again in cases like Yick Wo v. Hopkins, Wong Wing v. U.S., Plyer v. Doe and most recently in Zadvydas v. Davis. In Wong Wing, Justice Field even wrote this in his decision:

The term “person,” used in the Fifth Amendment, is broad enough to include any and every human being within the jurisdiction of the republic … This has been decided so often that the point does not require argument. [Emphasis mine]

That was in 1896. This argument was boring people 130 freaking years ago.

The Most Quoted B.S. Myth Inside The Right’s Media Bubble

Purple Jewels (M) | 04

Word Count: 6242
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Fluff & Angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help.


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one of the challenges in shooting something over six months that takes place over a few days is keeping that electricity between characters, as if they’ve just met, you want to strike a balance between the moments of connection and the moments of suspicion. i don’t think it’s too theatrical a notion that newt and tina could bond so quickly, because a lot happens. when you’re thrown together with someone in a high-stakes environment, you tend to feel quite close to them even after a little bit of time. - katherine waterston

friday dressed up as glados for halloween & scared the bejeezus out of everyone

mama era : childish superpower themed group who are shy and squishy adorable

Growl, XOXO and Wolf Era : finally confessed to their girl and became over protective boyfriends who will do anything to who harms their girl

Overdose era : men who are addicted to a girl and basically overdosed to it but it get a little bit sexier and super mature

Call Me Baby & Love Me Right : they are now grown men who are telling their girl to call him “baby” (daddy) and now in a mood for sex and became sexier than before and super duper matured

Monster,Lucky One & Lotto: grown men that doesn’t take “no” as an answer, and now they’re super sexy like you want to yell “TAKE ME HOME DADDY” when you see them and they have yummy nutella abs that you just want to suck because it looks delicious

Killing Stalking chapter 15
*Takes a deep breath*
This chapter was an emotional ride, I probably lost the tiniest bit of affection I had for Sangwoo.
We all already knew he’s a manipulating bastard, however in chapter 15 he really gives Yoonbum a reality check.
Yoonbum finds out he’s completely helpless. Even when he’s around tons of people. He realises Sangwoo has a complete control over him. He realises he doesn’t love Sangwoo anymore. The person he obsessed over and idolised for so long even after finding out he’s a psychopathic serial killer. It was the last string for him.
The little ‘sweet’ things Sangwoo did from cuddling, kissing to having his dick sucked was nothing but manipulation.

Okay but clearly Yuuri is the Beauty and Viktor is the Beast, where's the fic?

Because Viktor is 100000000% extra and a little bit vain about his looks and he’d totally piss off like Witch Yakov

And then Viktor would be all dramatic a like OMG WHO WOULD EVEN LOVE A BEAST LIKE ME after Yakov idk turns his hair white instead of silver and gives viktor some bad facial hair

And Yuuri would show up like I have katsudon and am basically blind without glasses show me ur skating rink

And Phichit screeches over the rink loudspeaker like TALE AS OLD AS MY LAST INSTAGRAM POST

and then they make out a lot and Yuuri teaches viktor how to use a damn razor and the end


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Just dating Ignis Scientia things:

  • Oh man. Dis mofo slick. I mean you can’t tell me you don’t get even a little bit giddy seeing him be a professional. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking he’s just an empty suit. A lot of people think he’s all work, no play, super boring, but those people are so wrong. Ignis is great and gets better over the time you get to know him. He is loyal, diligent and suave with very little of the vanity and ego of the other three guys. He’s witty, knows the best time to drop jokes and puns and and clever little jokes and observations. Ignis Scientia is just the absolute worst because he’s perfect; good looks, good heart, great smarts. You’ve got no chance if he decides he wants to woo you.

  • Like with Prompto and Gladio, you have to understand what Ignis has been groomed for and that’s supporting Noctis, the royal family and Insomnia pretty much first and foremost. His role is critical when it comes to any kind of success. Understand that during moments of crisis or urgency, your boyfriend might have to postpone his time with you. Don’t ever assume he does this easily. It breaks his heart every damn time. He knows how difficult it is to be with him, someone who has so much responsibility. Every time he disappoints you, Ignis is scared you’re tempted to leave him. Prove Specs wrong and support him as much as you can.

  • Ignis never leaves you wanting for anything. If he can look after three man-children, one of which is a picky pretty-boy prince, he can bloody well look after you. He treats you more like royalty than he does with Noct, to be honest. Ignis is also very observant when it comes to your well-being and he takes care of you without really saying anything. If you’re looking cold, suddenly his jacket is around your shoulders. If he’s seeing signs of you getting hungry, there’s suddenly a delicious meal within your grasp (sometimes it’s your favourite depending on how cranky you’re getting). If you’re working hard and looking exhausted, but you need to push on for deadlines, you’ll have coffee, you’ll have snacks, you’ll have whatever you need to keep going. Ignis just knows how to take care of you without being overbearing or intrusive. He saves that shit for the three man-children.

  • Affection with Ignis is just… beautiful. It’s got a classic romantic flavour, it’s sweet, it’s mature. It’s a lot of little things he does to show that he cares a lot about you. Lots of hand holding and gentle kisses against your palm. Ignis is 100% the kind of guy to hold your hand while driving, by the way. The guys give him shit for it, but they might be kind of jealous. You’ll get random gifts sometimes, out of the blue without any words just a sweet, knowing smile. Sometimes you’ll have flowers sent to your work or something. Ignis does all of these things because he love that shy grin you get when he does this stuff. Your blush is the cutest. Smooch Iggy as much as you can to reward him <3

  • Okay, so you’re right in thinking that Ignis isn’t petty, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got the ability to be. Though when he’s petty, it is fucking savage. For example, one day the guys are just absolutely unbearable. Sometimes it gets like that over stupid shit. Usually you can step in and calm everyone down, but they’re beyond help. Ignis, being clever and straightforward, decides he’s had enough. He very loudly declares, to your embarrassment, “We fucked in the Regalia once.” There is a deafening silence as Ignis takes you by the hand and leaves without any explanation.

    Ignis is a genius because the boys immediately stop bickering. Was he joking? Wait, when did you fuck in the Regalia? When was there time? The boys are hardly without either Ignis or the car, so…? WHEN? HOW? Were they in the car after?! Oh god, was it front seat or backseat? They freak out over Ignis’ declaration. The perfect part of this whole ordeal is that eventually one of the boys thinks ‘maybe Ignis is joking, he probably is, we should ask’, but neither you or Ignis confirm or deny if he was telling the truth.

    The boys are kept in perpetual suspense. At this point, they don’t even care if you guys had fucked in the car, they just need to know if it happened or not, but they will receive no respite. Ignis keeps his lips sealed, as do you. The boys are kept in a state of limbo regarding answers and they are reminded of that dreaded, possibly true, declaration every time they see the Regalia.

    Noctis is the Lucian King, but Ignis Scientia is the fucking King of petty when the situation calls for it.