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Hello Vic! I was wondering, would you consider writing something Robron + Pride?? I can't see any of them truly being the kind of people to be found at a parade but I wonder if they'd acknowledge it somehow... Have a lovely weekend ❤️

Robert’s shaking his head while he shakes out his paper, one of those stupid broadsheet things he leaves in bits all over the house, too big to even read.

“Not a chance in hell,” he saying. There isn’t even a little bit of give in his voice, Aaron doesn’t know why he thought there might be.

He tries very hard not to feel offended, but it isn’t easy. “It might be fun,” he suggests.

Robert doesn’t say anything.

“It might do you some good.”

The paper rustles when Robert’s fingers clench and he brings it down to eye Aaron over the top of it. “Meaning what?”

Aaron shrugs. “I don’t know. Am I the only other gay bloke you know?”

He realises his mistake a second too late, would slap himself in the forehead if that wouldn’t make things worse.

Robert doesn’t even need to say anything, his eyes are doing all the talking; ice through Aaron’s veins.

“Sorry,” he says. “You know what I mean. I’ve got loads of mates that aren’t straight, would it really hurt you to come for a beer, have a chat?”

Robert finally puts the paper down, folds his arms. “For what reason? I haven’t exactly seen you leading any parades through the village.”

Aaron pinches at the bridge of his nose. He could throttle him sometimes. “Because that’s what I’m saying. I’m saying it’ll be a laugh, come out for a drink.”

“At gay pride.’

“At pride. Stop being such a miserable bastard.”

They eye each other for a minute, at an impasse. Aaron cracks first, because of course he does. He goes to sit next to Robert, puts a hand on his knee.

“I know you’re not ashamed of me,” he says, because he knows that isn’t the problem. Knows Robert isn’t ready to talk about it.

Robert frowns. “What? Of course I’m not. We’re married.”

“So come with me,” he slides an arm around Robert’s stiff shoulders. “I’m not saying put on a leather vest and dance in the street, Robert. I’m saying there’s a party, for us, and for people like us that aren’t this lucky,” he knocks their foreheads together gently, “So come and have a fucking beer with me.”

Robert’s eyes have gone soft, even though he’s rolling them, and Aaron feels a big hand smooth up his back. “If I say yes, I’m kissing you in front of everyone.”

Aaron bites down on a smile. “You can kiss me wherever you like.”

Her Having Inverted Nipples: BTS


He knew that nobody is perfect, but would help you overcome that little anxiety you had over the issue by praising you in compliments.


Would probably stare at them for the longest of times the first time, asking a quiet “How?” before going down to business and completely forgetting all about it.


Zero fuccs were given that day; well at least the fuccs in a cognitive kind of way, not physical :)

Rap Monster:

“Doesn’t really get in the way, though. Don’t fret over it. You’re still as stunning.”


This little shit loved to poke them whenever he got a chance to do so because why tf not, am I rite?


Didn’t even notice that fact until you asked him what he thought about it because of your insecurities.


A bit surprised but comes to loved them the most as time goes on.


An Anon requested Reylo Burlesque Drabble (song is You Know What I mean by Cults


It’s not enough that Kylo made partner six months ago.

It’s not enough that he can’t remember the last weekend he had off.

Apparently, it’s not even enough that Kylo’s personally logged in over twenty hours this week on this client. No, obviously, none of that commitment matters because he’s been requested to provide the night’s entertainment for Mr. Snoke, to act like a first-year lemming. To sacrifice and serve as a powerful man’s personal concierge in a city that Kylo knows little to nothing about since he’s always laboring while so rarely enjoying any sort of fruiting.

Wedged under anybody else’s thumb was a position that didn’t suit Kylo Ren one bit, and he jerked his earpiece off with a groan.

Cursing under his breath, he yanked his tie loose to alleviate the pressure tightening around his jugular, but it was no good. It wasn’t his neck that he longed to lay his hands on, and so Kylo directed his fingers back through his hair. Messing up the perfectly gelled dark strands until a few hung over his brow, and even that upset him. No matter what he did, there wasn’t enough of him to pick and pull out that would calm the annoyance of being unable to even comfort himself by slamming down a phone after the order he’d received from Snoke’s assistant.

Why are phones too damn expensive to throw around these days?

Aggressively pressing down the intercom button on his desk, Kylo waited. Fingers tapping to time how many seconds it took his assistant Poe to respond as he craved an excuse to yell at anyone, but before he could get to two seconds the buzz came back. “Yes, sir.”

“Damn it,” Kylo growled under his breath.


“Two questions.”

“Shoot,” his capable assistant answered back.

“How much does it cost for an old-fashioned work phone?”

“Are you asking because you’re angry again that you can’t slam your cell?”

“No,” Kylo indifferently disputed, but the half second pause gave him away. Leaning back in his chair, he positively glared at his ocean view outside as he heard a faint snicker on the end of the line.

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All of Your Pieces - Chapter 5

Pairing: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen (SKAM)

Rating: Teen and Up

Chapter: 5/10

Summary:  “I’m getting another beer from the fridge. Come with me?”

Isak nodded, and followed him shyly when he stood up. Even walked over to the kitchen with confident strides, even though his heart was beating like crazy. He had wanted to be alone with Isak all night, and now was his chance.

Even walked over to the fridge, opened it, and got one of his beer bottles out. He leaned against the counter when he opened it, letting his eyes roam over Isak.

Isak looked shy under his gaze, but his eyes didn’t leave Even’s.

Even slowly put his beer down on the counter, taking one step towards Isak. Isak didn’t move. He took this as a sign, and leaned just a little bit closer. Isak still didn’t move, seemed to be frozen in place, but at least he didn’t move away. Still just as slowly, Even leaned a little closer, his nose now almost touching Isak’s.

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As always, a big thank you to @mannentilminkardemomme for the gifs <3

I’ve only been aware of stimming for a bit over a year. Every so often I realize a new stim that I do and its like a mindblowing moment haha. One of the latest stims I’ve discovered is spelling words people say when I’m watching tv with my finger in the air or on my thigh.. I even do it when I’m stressed and pick words I hear from the radio or if i’m in a convo with someone while I’m upset. I need to pay a little more attention when I’m stressed to find out all my ways of stimming because I’m just usually so focused on trying to calm down. Does anyone else do this?

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A hufflepuff/gryffindor toshinori yagi consoling a crying new slytherin student? ^^

(I’m not sure if you meant as a professor or as a student himself, but I’m gonna go with professor)

Yagi Toshinori:

  • He’s not really sure if he should stop to console you or not; some students just wanted to cry in peace and then move on, whether it was over exam scores or a homework load.
  • His heart is too soft to ignore a person in need and even when he walks past you, he realizes he has a duty to his students and he needs to look out for their well-being. He steps over to you and puts a hand on your shoulder, quietly asking if you were alright.
  • He tries to get you to talk at least a little bit about what you’re upset about, though he feels he isn’t the greatest at giving advice. He is good at listening, though, and nods his head along if you tell him what’s wrong.
  • He’d keep an eye out for you in the halls again to make sure you were still doing okay, with no more problems, once in awhile even approaching you and asking how you were doing unprompted.

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Hello 👋! So I recently found out I have to have oral surgery and even though it's not for at least a month I've been freaking out over it a little bit. So I was wondering if maybe you could do a HC where Connors S/O is having surgery and he like kinda comforts them? Thank you so so much 💕!

I’m sorry you have to get surgery! I wish the best luck and much love. I know you can make it through and after drink water and smooth stuff. Get lots of sleep and stay healthy!

•You had been extremely nervous for weeks on end, and you had a very rational reason to be. You are going into oral surgery. You were always on edge from then on. Connor noticed on the second your body tensed at the word “surgery.”

•When you had told him that you were getting surgery, he rubbed your arm and assured that everything would be okay, he would make it okay.

•He searches up what oral surgery is because he thought you said you were going to give oral to some one and honestly, he got so hurt at the thought of it not being him. He had to soon realize it was a surgery and not a blowjob.

•He would go with you if he could to the surgery, no matter how long it is, he’s going to sit there, even if he falls asleep. When he leaves, his butt is numb, but it’s totally worth it for you.

•If he’s able to, he holds you’re hand and whispers sweet stuff to you, and sometimes funny things that dangerously made you laugh.

•"Wow, when I think of oral, I don’t think of surgery, but this is a new experience.“

•He drove you home after the surgery, and set up a little pillow space that you can have a reclining spot on your bed so you don’t have to move. He stays with you for a while helping you change ice and cuddling you while watching movies.

•He buys you soft food so you can eat easily without hurting your mouth. He buys you yogurt and milkshakes, he does all out to make you feel comfortable.

•He accidentally fell asleep with you while taking care of you and your parents walked in and you had to explain everything.

•If you are in pain, he’ll give you your medication, water, and ice to try to help soothe any pain.

•You get through it easily with the help of Connor by your side. He helped you heal faster and you were in way more comfort due to him being there.

Hiatus announcement

Er, sorta? 

Well 😅 I can’t really be “on hiatus” I suppose since I don’t even regularly update haha.

Just wanted to say that I’ll be even less active in the coming two years (or more?) because of the next step in my medical education, and subsequent to-be medical career. *please pray for my soul and my health 😰*

I’m still actually processing everything. Guhh, everything starts in a little over 48 hours and I’m trying to shed every last bit of immaturity, pretenses, and misplaced pride, doubt, and fear I have thus far so that I might learn the best I can while also not emotionally wearing myself out.

I’m in part overwhelmed and in part acting out some typical defense mechanisms. If there’s any time to practice self-reflection, avoiding incorrectly-placed self-blame, and unproductively blaming others, it’s going to be these next 48 hours.

Anyway, I wish you well, and I wish you all the best. I hope to see you around some days too.

Signing off,

paperfrays (Justine)

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3, 6, 23, 27 for the AM ask ☺✨

3. What was the last Arctic Monkeys song you listened to? I’m listening to my TLSP station on Pandora and the last Arctic Monkeys song that played on here is R U Mine? It’s definitely one of my favourites on AM.

6. What do you think their next album will sound like? Oh boy. I would love to know that. Honestly, we can only speculate because we never really know what to expect (See what I did there?). I’m going to be slightly selfish and say that I hope that the next record will have more emphasis on guitar sounds. I’d love to hear more songs with riffs like Don’t Sit Down, Library Pictures, Arabella, R U Mine?, or possibly even something like Little Illusion Machine. Bonus points for collabs with Mr. Miles Kane.

23. Favourite album/single artwork? This is a hard one. I’ve thought this over for a bit and I can’t decide between

My Propeller

and Cornerstone

And for album artwork I really like


Favourite Worst Nightmare

And Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m not

27. Favourite lyric? Over the years, there have been a few lyrics that have stuck with me.

What came first? The chicken or the dickhead. 

Simple, and yet quite brilliant and full of snark. 

Do you still feel younger than you thought you would by now
Or, darling, have you started feeling old yet
Don’t worry, I’m sure that you’re still breaking hearts
With the efficiency that only youth can harness
And do you still think love is a Laserquest?
Or do you take it all more seriously
I’ve tried to ask you this in some daydreams that I’ve had
But you’re always busy being make-believe
And do you look into the mirror to remind yourself you’re there?
Or have somebody’s good-night kisses got that covered
Well I’m not being honest, I’ll pretend that you were just some lover

This is literally the entire first verse of Love Is A Laserquest but it really resonates with me. It’s devastatingly beautiful and heartbreaking. LIAL is one of those songs that makes me feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and trampled on to top it all off.

You look like you’ve been for breakfast
At the Heartbreak Hotel
And sat in the back booth
By the pamphlets and the literature
On how to lose
Your waitress was miserable
And so was your food
If you’re gonna try and walk on water
Make sure you wear your comfortable shoes

This is one of my favourite descriptive lyrics. It does a great job of stetting the scene and mood of the song. But my favourite part is the way that Alex sings On how to lose your waitress was miserable and so was your food. The emphasis that Alex puts on the first syllable of the word waitress makes it sound like a double entendre. It sounds like he’s singing how to lose your way until he completes the sentence. And I’ve always thought that’s quite brilliant.

Open sesame, (we’ve places to go)
We’ve people to see (let’s put ‘em on hold)
There’s all sorts of shapes, that I bet you can make
When you want to escape say the word

I want to call your attention to the third line of this song in particular. There’s all sorts of shapes, that I bet you can make. THE MEANING OF THIS FLEW OVER MY HEAD FOR THE LONGEST TIME. It wasn’t until one day that I was driving back home after a long 10 hour shift at work and was in a sleep deprived state of mind that I really processed and grasped the double entendre of that particular lyric. Alex can be a sly motherfucker when he wants to be and I absolutely love it.


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okay so reinhardt with 25ish yo s/o and she loves him and wants him to meet her parents but they are younger than him and they dont really like age gap relationships the rest is yours !

Thank you for your request, dear Anon! We really have a weak spot for this gentle giant :D 
We went with headcanons for this one, we hope you don’t mind! 

  • After finding out that you have been in a relationship for over a year already, your parents waste absolutely no time in inviting you and Reinhardt over for dinner.
    They are slightly disappointed because you kept your new love a secret from them but you had an obvious, valid reason.
  • Before accepting their invite, you carefully declare that Reinhardt is a little bit older than you but keep the fact that has even been on this planet longer than your parents to yourself.
    You also prepare Reinhardt for the meeting and make sure that he is aware of your parents’ problem with relationships like yours.
  • To say you are nervous would be an understatement. You have absolutely no idea what your parents’ reaction is going to be, the encounter could result in a surprisingly pleasant evening or with a door getting slammed in your faces.
    Reinhardt, however, is more excited than worried; he doesn’t seem concerned at all. His gentle nature manages to calm you down, especially when he playfully assures you that your parents won’t be able to resist his young, fresh charms. He also promises to be on his best behavior, to keep his voice as low as possible, and not laugh too loudly. He doesn’t want to scare them away, after all. His words manage to calm you down for a while, at least until you find yourself in front of the house you grew up in.
  • When your parents open the front door and lay their eyes on your significant other for the first time, they appear to be a little shocked.
    “Hey, sweetie! It’s so nice to see you…just…you didn’t tell us your boyfriend was…old.”
    A breath hitches in your throat at their words. It’s quite a terrible start. Not only do they seem shocked at his age, your mother also appears to be extremely intimidated by his size while your father just stares with a suspicious look on his face. 
  • While you are about to freak out, Reinhardt simply laughs at the awkward greeting.
    “I’m still young at heart, maybe even as young as your beautiful daughter!”
    As he then continues to introduce himself with a friendly smile, the situation starts to ease with every passing minute.
  • Your parents stiffly invite both of you inside and begin to observe Reinhardt closely, very closely. The seriousness of your relationship soon becomes clear to them, the glances full of love, passion, and trust shared between you and the gentle giant don’t go unnoticed. 
  • At some point, your boyfriend starts rambling about how proud he is of you and how he considers himself extremely lucky to be with someone as perfect as you, especially at his age. Things are starting to look better; a small smile finds its way onto your mother’s face as she listens to the many beautiful stories Reinhardt recounts. 
  • The German completely captures your mother’s heart as soon as he subtly compliments her, showing off his charming nature.
    “Now I finally get to see where your daughter got her mesmerizing beauty from!”
    It might seem quite cliché but it works. 
  • It soon becomes obvious to them that Reinhardt’s personality is far from old and actually fits yours very well. Your parents won’t admit it but they are slowly growing fond of your partner.
  • Yet, your father refuses to let go of the grumpy look on his face. Yes, things are working out now but your dad is still kind of suspicious of the giant, it will take him quite a while to get comfortable around him.
  • Let’s say his suspicion lasted until Hasselhoff starts playing on the radio after dinner. You immediately roll your eyes after hearing the first few notes, mentally preparing yourself for a speech about Hasselhoff’s achievements but quickly notice that it’s actually a good thing. Both your dad and Reinhardt are huge fans.
    You quickly excuse yourself and ask your mother to follow you into the kitchen, leaving the two men alone. As you watch them in silence, you notice your dad’s eyes suddenly lighting up as they engage in a conversation about the famous actor and singer.
    You could only shake your head in disbelief as you watch the man who raised you stand up, pat your boyfriend on the back, and mumble “You have my blessing, my friend.”
    Things took an interesting turn.   
  • Obviously, your parents are still extremely protective of you but from this day on, they trust Reinhardt to take very good care of you. 

By the way, we added our BattleTags and the link to our Discord server to the blog description in case any of you are interested in joining us on our terrible Overwatch adventures!

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Ok so I saw some of your Style Five HCS and AHHHH what if Yuri's s/o was the little sibling of one of the Style Five members? How would they react to him/her dating Yuri and how would Yuri react to the older brother? Tsym. <3 -ikuyeah


You were actually surprised that this was his brother, he was like the total opposite of the blonde, since he could get quite hot headed while Makoto was so sweet and calm.
Makoto would be very sweet about it, he’d always give you a warm welcome when you came over and would offer if you’d like to stay for dinner. Yuri sometimes even gets embarrassed about him, but is really glad he supports your relationship.


He’s absolutely thrilled that his little brother got a girlfriend. He’d be overwhelming you with questions and even wanted to hang out so he could get to know you a little bit better. He’d constantly tease Yuri about it and ask how his girlfriend was doing. He ends up with a pillows in is face and Yuri cussing at him to keep out of his business.


He’s pretty protective, not only over Yuri but also over you. He’d ask you to take good care of him and would ask the exact same to Yuri. He’s pretty proud his brother managed to get someone like you. Yuri is absolutely embarrassed by him and his overprotective emotional bursts.


He keeps his distance. It’s not that he doesn’t care about who is brother is dating, it’s just that he thinks he doesn’t have anything to do with it. His brother is free to date anyone he likes… but he’s still really glad it’s you. Yuri respects Haru a lot. He thinks it’s super cool that he keeps his distance but still shows that’s he glad for him that he found someone.


Would tease the shit out of Yuri. They’re both really competitive, so that shows a lot in their  relationship. He’d show you all his  baby photo’s, spill every embarrassing story he has in mind, and Yuri is so annoyed by him. There’s always brotherly banter when you’re around, and it’s actually really sweet.

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Has Alexandra met Lilia? If so, what did she think of her?

Lilia has the hardest heart to break open, you need pliers and some hot iron to crack that open, just for a little bit of sentimentality to show through (even though we know she has it.)

When I brought her over to see Yakov, Lilia was over, and little six month old Alexandra was so excited to see her hair up in a bun, she was so fascinated by it.  LIlia holds her arms open, asks to hold her, and at first, I worry my daughter’s about to get scolded for pointing at it.  But she bounced her, and she tickled her, and she called her, “little ballerina” and told her how she’s going to be a master at it.

Surprisingly, Grandma Lilia was a big part of her life, and when Alexandra was old enough, she would call for her in an excited voice, “GUMMA LEEL”  and squeal and giggle.


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

So the new BioWare game… exists?

It’s funny, I guess they’ve been burned by overselling their products so many times they’ve just stopped actually saying what they are.

I’ve been thinking about this since that Kotaku article about how Andromeda fell on its face. I feel like one of BioWare’s biggest issues is their inability to figure out who they are, and the lack of confidence to stand by it. One of their biggest flaws over ME’s lifespan has been the almost neurotic over-reaction to fan complaints. It’s in their entire history. Don’t like the elevator load screens? Replaced with even more boring generic graphic load screens! Economy and inventory system a bit badly designed? Get rid of all inventory! FemShep’s run isn’t ‘feminine’ (????) enough? Give her a laughably exaggerated hip-sway!

You look at a franchise like Uncharted, and see a dev who decided what they were about and stuck to it, and did it well. And granted, their gameplay didn’t exactly chart (hoho) new waters. But that didn’t matter because they decided what kind of game they wanted and they made four of them. And they weren’t flawless games, either. But they stuck to their damned guns and as a result they have a quadrology story that will be well-regarded for a long time. Meanwhile, CDR spent a lot of effort on creating an amazingly powerful cutscene animator engine for the Witcher games, and the result was a third game packed with character moments that will also stand the test of time.

Dragon Age has fared a little bit better over the years because if its pedigree as a fantasy RPG. It was able to cling to gameplay conventions that ultimately gave the whole franchise an underlying direction, even when they were having trouble finding a good line to walk between story and open world.

Mass Effect, on the other hand, spent ten years… flailing. It bleeds out of that Kotaku article. Their grasp of what made ME special was apparently so weak they spent the majority of Andromeda’s five year dev cycle on vaporware. They’re still desperate to please both the hardcore shooter set and the RPGers, for some reason. They crammed in an MP no one asked for, which, despite in itself being a decent little game, had strong and IMO negative blowback into the single player game. (I would forgive the MP if it didn’t affect SP development, but it did. A LOT.) 

I can’t help but think BioWare spends a lot of time apologizing for being a storytelling dev. It’s almost embarrassed by the notion that a lot of people play for the characters and relationships rather than the video game mechanics. Its biggest problem is a decade-long identity crisis it can’t seem to resolve. And the result is Andromeda, where the strengths we know and love are grossly underserved by a mishmash of problems that evolved out of trying to be everything to everyone and never deciding who they actually are.

I’m honestly kind of tired of it. We’ll see if this new franchise manages to stake out an identity, and, I don’t know, stand up for it.


Hello my beautiful sugar babes!

I have the best boyfriend in the world. He surprised me with a eight week old golden doodle. I love this dog so much I don’t know what to do. He also ordered me a business platinum American Express credit card. And of course I still have his credit card on my Postmates, Uber, and UberEATS. He also ordered me HGH which is human growth hormone that is $700 a month. It’s supposed to make you skinny, your hair bomb, your nails amazing. Kim Kardashian and Madonna takes it. He’s in Las Vegas for a bachelor party for his brother and he’s calling me every few hours and face timing me. It’s so sweet. He’s so loving and kind. I’m so happy I have him.

I went to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and I met this grandpa and he took a liking to me and he wants to help me in my professional career. He wants to publish articles about me so I can become famous in my career when people google me. I’m really happy I met him and I look forward to growing my professional career and maybe leaving the sugar bowl forever one day. I’m really happy with my boyfriend and I don’t really see a need to hustle guys if I can make a substantial amount of money in my professional career.

I went to Roku sushi restaurant in Los Angeles last night at midnight because I was hungry and these guys kept circling our table and when the bill came the waitress told us that one of the gentleman had paid for our bill. It was a $200 sushi tab so it was nice to get free dinner. This just goes to show that once again my proximity thing is true. You need to be around rich people to meet rich people. I highly suggest going to this restaurant there were so many rich guys there I went in my yoga clothes and Adidas slides. I literally ran out for a midnight snack now I know to dress a little bit better. He owns 40 brands of wines and lives all over the world. He invited us to attend the BET party and Yacht parties for 4th of July.

A guy asked me to go to a music festival with him in Chicago and he offered me $8000 for three days but I’m not sure if I want to go because it’s rock music and I prefer hip-hop and EDM. So I don’t know if I want to go and listen to music for three days that I don’t even like I don’t know if it’s worth it. I’m still thinking about it.

I work out at Equinox and this guy invited me to this Lamborghini and McLaren event. I guess these guys that own these $400,000 cars pay money to race their cars on the race track. There were so many rich as guys. I wish I could’ve invited you all.

Girls have been messaging me asking me where I met my guys and I met them at all different places here are some examples. These are the guys that take care of me monthly of course I have my guys that I see here and there but these are the guys I count on every month
• 30 year old Amex, takes care of my car insurance, work expenses, cell phone bill, unlimited credit card -
• boyfriend, Uber, UberEATS, Postmates, credit card, HGH, Equinox - Tinder
• $5,000 a month and all my Christian Louboutins -
• $5,000/ $20,000 a month Persian - Poker Game
• billionaire - Charity Event
Rich guys are everywhere so you got to keep looking.

I made some mistakes in the beginning in the sugar bowl so I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned and I hope I can save you some trouble
• always get the money and or gifts first. One of my first arrangements on SA The guy promised me $1000 for a meet and he gave me $500 after. And I didn’t know what to do so I just took the $500 I left and he promised me that he would give me the money later but he never ever did. I never made that mistake again. When I see my daddies I always say “hi babe did you bring my gift.” Don’t trust them and if they say something like “this feels to transactional” I suggest you should leave he’s probably going to gyp you. All my real daddy’s give me the money without making me feel guilty.
• only talk on the phone with them for 10 minutes at a time. Try not to call them let them call you. When I see that the 10 minutes it’s getting close I just hang up abruptly and say “hey I have to go” and I just hang up. If they want to talk to you they have to come see you. They know how to find you. Don’t worry. They didn’t die. They’re just busy. He’ll make time for you if you’re important but don’t force anything. My boyfriend told me I never called him once in 2 months. If I need to say something I save it for when I see him. Are used to make up excuses to text him. Like if I bought him his favorite Mountain Dew soda I will take a picture and send it to him. But I stop doing that and he has been chasing me ever since.
• only give him 75% of your love. My nail lady is like my therapist and she told me she’s been married for eight years and her husband still asked her to this day if she loves him. She gives me the best advice. She also asked me do I know which noodle house is the best noodle house in Korea? She told me it was a noodle house that serve the least amount of noodles. So be the noodle house that serves the least amount of noodles. That will make him coming back for more.
• always make sure your nails are perfect. I once was dating this really rich guy who owns all these medical marijuana dispensaries and he told me that he will not date a girl if one nail is broken. Now I know you may think that this is absurd but I’m talking about being a sugarbaby on a high level. In order to be a sugarbaby on a high level you need to look like it.
• you need to shower daily. I can’t believe that I have to even say this but one time I hug my girlfriend and I could smell her hair and my eyes almost white cross eyed. You don’t know how many times guys have told me that they love the way I smell I shower and wash my hair every day and I understand some of you guys because if your ethnicity that you cannot wash her hair every day but you need to figure out something to make sure you smell good and clean. And even after sex I will take a shower and guys always told me that they love me that I’m so clean.
• we are here to comfort our men if they’re having a bad day make sure you uplift them and make sure that you make them happy. One of the things I always tell my guys is I’m here to celebrate your success your happiness and your life make it about them. You can go home and complain to your girlfriends but your boyfriend is not the guy you are complaining to. We are here to celebrate their life and their success.
• I have never ever referred to any of my guys as my “sugar daddy” or asked for an “allowance” to their face. Behind their back I referred to them as my sugar daddy and stuff but to their face they think that I am just their regular girlfriend. This will build more trust and they won’t feel as used and they will probably be looser with their wallet if they feel like you’re not using them. You know they’re going to be very cautious of everything if they suspect anything. You’re going to make the most money if their guards are down so you need to build trust.
• this is also a tip from my nail lady but do not ever make them feel jealous. Even if you are dating multiple men do not let them now. Do not post fancy photos of food on your social media if they’re following you. They know that you were on a date.
• Now as I mentioned above to only give 75% of your love to them and only spend 10 minutes on the phone with them when you were with them in person you are the number one girlfriend. When I am with my boyfriend or any of my dudes and even a Rolls-Royce I don’t even look. My phone is in my bag the whole time I do not check my phone for social media or my text messages or anything. My dude has my full undivided attention. They are the king in my eyes (at the moment)
• I personally won’t introduce my girlfriends to my daddies or my boyfriend until things are really established between the two of us. You don’t even know how many girls will sideswipe you and try to fuck your boyfriend for a Chanel bag. So to save your relationship with your boyfriend and your girlfriends just make sure you and your boyfriend or totally establish before introducing them. You can’t really control what they are going to do but you can definitely control if they meet or not.
• as you guys know a lot of my dudes give me credit card. A lot of girls have been messaging me about this. To get a credit card they are going to need your real name, your birthdate, and your Social Security number. So it has to be definitely someone that you completely trust. My 30-year-old daddy and my boyfriend I know they would never do anything to hurt me. They’re the most nicest people on the planet and their goal is to just help me. So don’t give some crazy motherfucker your Social Security number just so you can get a credit card it might not be worth the trouble. But this is really nice in case they go out of town or something you don’t have to depend on them to deposit money into your bank account it’s just a credit card so you can just spend and they pay the bill. The other great thing is if someone gets you a credit card I can only benefit you never hurt you so let’s just say that they default and don’t pay the credit card it goes on to their credit but let’s say that they pay your $10,000 a month credit card like every month your credit will improve.
• always have your own separate income or business or school or like profession or something that you’re working towards. There is a very high chance that you are probably going to marry a really rich guy being in the sugar bowl you’re going to end up falling in love with one of them. But the thing is is you should still have your own thing. You could even be a part-time plastic surgeon. All my aunts married very wealthy men but they have never worked a day in their lives and their husbands cheat on them all the time and they’re just stuck in there miserable relationship. They are decked out in Ferragamo, Mercedes Benz, and have Chanel bags but they hate their lives. You want to be adored and loved. And you have to let them know that you know you could leave if you wanted to and I think they’ll treasure you more. The also respect you more.
• if you are having a slow season in your sugar game do not worry it happens to all of us that’s why you need to be dating multiple guys to make sure that you’re going to be OK. That’s also why I highly encourage you to save your money. If you need to buy stuff have your daddies buy it for you save all the cash that you get. And honestly if you can’t get a guy to buy it for you you probably don’t even deserve it. If you really wanted you will figure out a way to get a guy to buy it for you. While we are having lunch I’ll make them take me to Sephora go buy $300 worth of make up or say “babe can we swing by target? I’m out of TP” and but $200 worth of stuff. Or get my nails done with them.
• K girls you know my favorite save save save! Just because things are going really well with your daddy don’t get too excited. Guys have offered me all kinds of stuff and they fell short.
• which also brings me to another topic is don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Meaning guys are gonna promise you all kinds of stuff don’t really count on it until you have the money in your hand or in your bank account. And honestly I made the mistake of telling my friends and looking really stupid when the guy never even called me back. So keep this information to yourself and maybe later if they actually give you the money or the gift then you can tell your friends but even with that you were going to end up with a bunch of hater friends. They’re probably going to call you a hooker or something like that because they are so jealous. They probably can’t even get their boyfriend to buy them a $200 dinner. So they are really going to hate you if your boyfriend is giving you a $10,000 allowance plus the Mercedes-Benz, you get what I mean? In the real world not that many people will be happy for you. So be careful who you share your information with.
• and really girls if you want to be a sugar baby on a high level you need to look like it. Your hair, make up, skin, nails, clothes, style, everything needs to be on point. One time I saw my girlfriend who really wanted to be a sugarbaby on my level and she had open her purse and her purse was a freaking mess and her make up had busted and the make up was all over like her wallet and and her stuff. It just looks so freaking disgusting. I buy make up bags from the dollar store and if my make up bursts or breaks I just empty it out throw the make up bag away and I put it in the new make up bag. You need to be really clean for these guys. And this was also the girl that her hair smelled. I mean I’m just her friend observing and I already knew we both played in different sandboxes. She asked me if she could have my old daddies but none of my dudes would even fuck her for free.

I really want all of you guys to be really successful. I’m here to answer any questions and to help you with any of the stuff but you guys need to do your part and look your best and be healthy go work out and be the best you. Make sure you’re all there mentally, emotionally, and physically. I pray and I mediate a lot to get my spirituality and head space in the right place. I work out and eat organic food so I’m in a good mood.

Another thing is is my nail lady told me that you don’t have to be the prettiest girl in the world but you do need to have the best skin. Stay out of the sun it ages you it’s not good for you it will give you freckles and wrinkles. Use SPF every single day, reapply it all day, where a hat if you’re going to be in the sun.

If I actually become successful in my professional career I will probably quit the sugar bowl and just take my boyfriend exclusively. I am really happy with him and I’m happy with my new puppy. I love you all and I wish you all the best success in the world and I totally believe in you.

That’s another thing to make it in this field and anything else you need to believe in yourself. I open my arms and face my palms to the sky, face my heart to the sky and I say “I open my heart to receive love, money, and happiness”. I need you guys to start doing this so the universe knows that’s you’re ready for your whale :)

To all my daddies,

I want to thank you for all the luxuries in my life. I want to thank you for making sure my bills are paid, designer silk clothes, most expensive shoes and handbags, most exclusive gym membership, caring about my health, buying me healthy organic groceries, alkaline water, green juices delivered every morning, taking care of my eyelashes extensions, nail salon, eyebrows, skincare, spas, facials, hair salon, make up, plastic surgeries, laser hair removal, my new puppy, taking care of my puppy supplies and vet bills and thank you for taking care of me even when you’re away on a business trip. I will in return be the best girlfriend to you make sure you feel like a king. I’m so grateful I met you. I love you so much.

Happy Father’s Day Zaddy ❤️

Your Asian Sugar Baby

I think that with this clip we had 2 characters development.
I don’t care if u don’t care about Chris but is pretty obvious that he feels feelings for Eva. He pushed her to admit that they were cute together and they could be a real thing, without be rude or assholes: with his funny side, and a little bit of love maybe. So he changed, because he was the “no relationship boy” and now he’s the one who’s begging for one.
And at the other side there’s Eva, who suffered too much for love and now she’s the one who wants no strings, even it’s clear that she feels something for Chris or she would kick his ass out of her life with no regrets time ago. Maybe she don’t wanna make the same mistakes all over again, maybe she’s a little bit scary that this relationship won’t work as the one with Jonas.
So they both adults now and they learned from there mistakes. And I’m crying.

summer has (un)officially begun! here are some sweet tips and tricks to help you maintain your productivity during these fun times, even if you’re out of school.

  1. wake up at a respectable time. seriously. if your sleep schedule is all out of wack, then chances are that your productivity will be too. i usually make it a point to go to bed before 11:30 p.m, and i wake up between 7-8:30 a.m. modify this to your needs, obviously, but maintaining a sleep timetable that you can stick to is important. you can go off it a few times, of course (midnights at the beach, anyone?), because hey! it’s summer. just tailor to your needs.
  2. find a new hobby! whether it’s cooking, learning a language, or exercising, picking up a new interest over the summer keeps you occupied and creates a healthy habit for you before the next school year.
  3. online lectures/schooling. a super cool way to learn a bit more, with videos and lectures from some of the school’s top universities. it might be a little over your head, but it’ll give you something neat to chew on and some bonus education. plus, it’s of YOUR choosing. 
  4. volunteer work! i love to coach at my nearby pool, it’s a fun way to interact with kids AND i earn some volunteer hours. find something near you, and a make it a day-long opportunity or even a month-long project. it feels good to give back to the community.
  5. water. oh my god, drink water. it’s a season of extremes, no matter where you are, and drinking water is oh so important to stay healthy when you’re not actively thinking about it. buy a 32 oz water bottle (or, if you’re feeling fancy, a cute tumbler) and fill it up with water. drink that. all of it. repeat. keep repeating.
  6. create a healthy routine that allows you to feel productive even when you’re not really doing anything. for me, that’s forcing myself to make my bed, get dressed, etc. by 10:00 a.m. that way, i feel as if i’ve started my day, even though i’ve only done the smallest things. that usually gives me motivation to continue with my tasks.
  7. most importantly, enjoy it! whether you’re going on vacation or not, taking classes, whatever, it’s summer and you should enjoy your break. take a day off sometimes. go out with your friends. do something that makes you happy.

hope y’all enjoyed! have a wonderful summer x


Aight here we gooo

  1. Don’t think about when it’s due, think about when you can get it done by. Always try to get work done as soon as you get it, because the information/motivation is a lot more likely to make you productive immediately after. Don’t backward plan and leave things to the last minute.
  2. Research your course. Find out about the electives you have to take, the ideal course load and the progression requirements. Don’t graduate a semester late because you forgot to take one 1000 level English course.
  3.  Make a nice schedule! You’re going to be stuck with this for a year, so definitely invest a couple hours into making a good one. (Separate post on drafting a schedule coming up.)
  4. Try to live on campus, preferably in a traditional dorm set up. Not only does it improve the ‘college experience’ but also really helps with networking. 
  5. Do not invest in a loooot of expensive stationery. I know, I know, ironic to say as a studyblr. But coming out of high school where we all took notes on paper, a huge stationery haul might be obvious. But definitely wait a couple weeks into school to see if you want to stick to paper notes or if you’re more comfortable with the laptop. 
  6. Sit. At. The. Front. Beginning in the first week. Freshman year, it’s super tempting to abuse your freedom and just not show up to class. It is imperative that you put yourself in the field of vision with the teacher, not only to make a good impression but also to hold yourself accountable to actually show up to class, because the professor will probably notice your absence and might discount you a little bit. It also helps with the ‘halo effect’, where you stand out right in the beginning, and that’ll tide you over. 
  7. Don’t just show up to office hours, take your notes/solve a mock paper, and get feedback. Doing this a couple times before the exam will help you put together the perfect rubric for answering just about any style of question. If it’s an essay course, the teacher will often make corrections and even send you helpful resources to improve. 
  8. Create/join a Facebook group for your subject, and exchange notes with people over there. It’s reassuring to know you have a backup if you skip class.
  9. Try to inform your professor before hand if you’re skipping class. This policy might be different for different schools, but telling your professor ahead of time that you won’t be attending, or even just shooting them an email at the time of class might help with making up for lost time, extra credit, and being able to skip with more ease in the future, since the prof thinks you’re serious about this class.
  10. Spend the summer before college chilling, yes (I’ve written a post about it here). But also check this out to make it a little more productive, and learn a few handy day to day skills. 

Pt. 2 about college scheduling will be up tomorrow!

anonymous asked:

I just got some really, really bad news. Can I get some tooth rottingly sweet drarry fluff to try and balance it out? ❤️

Draco is not a sappy person.  Absolutely not.  

He most definitely doesn’t keep all the anniversary and Christmas cards Harry has ever given him in a hidden drawer in his desk.  Nor does he circle the days they will  see each other on his calendar in invisible ink lest his nosy secretary accidentally see.

He definitely does not carry a picture of the two of them from their first Christmas together in his, smiling and laughing and looking free, in his wallet,  enchanted to look like a business card should anyone but him look at it.  

And he definitely, definitely is not head over heals in love with Harry Potter.

So when he goes into Waldrick’s Wizarding Wares and Fine Jewelry that Tuesday afternoon it is only look because he is not a man of rash decisions.  He’d simply seem an attractive gold band glimmering in the window and decided to have a look is all.

When he leaves the shoppe two hours later his wallet is considerably lighter and his robe pocket feels extraordinarily heavy, especially for for such a small box.  He slips his hand inside his pocket, wrapping it around the box and letting his thumb caress the smooth velvet.  His heart feels too big and his courage too small.  He most definitely is not proposing to Harry.

He carries the box in his pocket for exactly 87 days.  In fact he almost convinces himself he means not to do it too, because they’ve got a great thing going and he will not be the one to muck it up.  He simply will not risk it.

Until the 88th day.

Harry sleeps over and when Draco awakes the next morning it is to the glorious sight of Harry splayed across his bed, his legs tangled in the sheets and his body radiating a warmth that Draco finds intoxicating.  His hair is a complete disaster and his mouth hangs open just a bit, his entire body heavy with sleep.  He looks so relaxed, so at peace and something in Draco breaks in that moment at the idea of Harry ever leaving.  He thinks of the nights Harry is gone and he clings to the empty sheets inhaling his scent and wishing he were here.    

And then Harry is rolling over towards him, a smile spreading across his face before he even opens his eyes as he presses his lips against Draco’s neck in a gentle kiss.

“Marry me?” Draco whispers.

Harry pulls back with a jump, his eyes bright and perhaps a little hopeful. “Are you serious?”

“If I hadn’t been serious I wouldn’t have asked,” Draco replies shortly, a bit of insecurity creeping back in.  Perhaps this had been a bad idea after all.

“But when we first got together you said you’d never get married,” Harry says, and Draco isn’t sure if its a statement or a question but he feels Harry’s hands trembling and understands that he is not the only one unsure.

“I say a lot of things I don’t mean.  Now is not one of those times.  I don’t want you to leave.  Ever.  I don’t want you come to my flat or me go to yours; I want a place that’s ours.  I don’t want to ever see you walking away and not know that you’re coming back to me every time.  I love you, Harry, and I don’t say it enough.  But I do, with everything I am.  You make me a better man and I want you as mine.  Forever.  Please say yes.”

“Yes!” Harry all but yells, pinning him down against the bed.  “Fuck yes,” Harry says again and Draco doesn’t even have time to consider the shakiness in Harry’s voice because Harry is kissing him as if he might actually die if he stops; desperate and demanding and consuming.

Hours later, when Harry is asleep again, Draco traces a heart on the bare skin of Harry’s back, memorizing the way he’d looked when he’d said yes and he thinks that perhaps he might just be a little bit sappy.

The Train

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4201

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

 “I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

 Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says. 

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

 Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

 “Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Harry was annoyed.

It really hadn’t been his day at all. His morning was terrible, he woke up next to a blonde and he tried really hard to remember her name-only to fail. When he asked her to leave she insisted on making breakfast, to which Harry responded with “feel free to grab something and leave” and then he proceeded to shower. When he got out, the unknown girl stood in his kitchen making herself a smoothie and toast. Her red lips in a pout, “come on, you can’t be in that big of a rush,” Harry ended up calling security, she was crazy.

When he went into the studio he was blank, the songs he did come in with were rejected and he couldn’t find the energy or muse to write another one. He was out of inspiration, nothing amused Harry anymore. He found himself not enjoying the things he used to love, drinks seemed to be the only thing that made him feel something (and it was only for a little bit). He didn’t enjoy being surrounded by his friends and family, his love for writing was slipping through the cracks, and his energy was fading.

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