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Christmas with the RFA.

//Personally my family doesn’t celebrate christmas anymore but it’s still one of my favorite times of the year!! It’s always cozy and everyone’s so happy ♡(。-ω-)

V is not added because this got too long. But I swear i’ll make a separate post for him sometime later!

Minifics. Very long post, read under the cut. Didnt reread for mistakes, sorry if there is any!

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Chick Flicks

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Summary: Dean x Reader - Gabriel decides to play wingman the way only he can and the reader and Dean go on a different kind of movie date.

Triggers: Light swearing

Word Count: 3697

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour  

Part 2

[Comment: Yes, I know Valentines Day was yesterday, but I couldn’t get this written in time and I really wanted to write it. As you might have guessed there is more than one part to this. Hope you enjoy!]


Valentines day… God, even the word made you want to act like a stereotypical chick flick heroine during the sad scene in the final act of a movie. Just that you’d prefer to replace the pint of ice cream with the only tall, dark stranger that would never betray you; Jack Daniels. And none of those single shots either, by the bottle thank-you-very-much. Sure, things could have been worse, you could have been completely alone that day. Instead you had the Winchester brothers to keep you company on the most commercial of all commercial holidays. Hell, Valentine was the saint of the plague, not really something that screamed romance in your mind.

Still you couldn’t help, but feel a little bit mopey. Especially since the man you loved, the man you’d loved for years, seemed to celebrate the day as the public holiday or Mr. Right Now. Dean Winchester was great, damn… Great didn’t even begin to cover it. But when it came to love he wasn’t exactly the horse with the greatest odds in the race. That didn’t stop you from foolishly falling in love with the handsome hunter though. So yeah, it could be worse… You could have been alone on Valentines. But that didn’t mean it was better spending it in a bar with Dean and watching him hit on women. So, happy Valentines Day to you…

Technically you were fine with it. Or you told yourself you were fine with it. After all, you weren’t the type of woman Dean normally went for. Even on Valentines Day you couldn’t be bothered to change your wardrobe, you wouldn’t do that for anyone. Ok… Maybe if you’d had a date with a certain pie loving, car-crazy hunter you’d consider it. But today wasn’t date night; hell lately no night was date night considering your unrequited crush had lasted for a good few years now.

So instead you’d put up your hair in a loose pony tail and pulled on a pair of dark jeans and your favourite t-shirt before heading towards the library. Was it a girly outfit, fit for the most romantic day of the year? No, definitely not. Unless Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot on your shirt, was suddenly romanticised in some sort of new fashion statement of creepy cute. Was it comfortable though? Heck yes!

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anonymous asked:

Hey Morgan! I was just wondering what your thoughts were on Oliver/Susan especially after Wendy's comment...

In my opinion a relationship between Oliver and Susan is exactly the sort of necessary evil that is required to rock the boat (or… ship). For most of the back end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5, things have been pretty stagnant on the Olicity front. That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been moments, they’re a lot more subtle than what we got accustomed to in season 4, but they’re there nonetheless. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Overall though, Oliver and Felicity haven’t really moved much (in regards to their relationship, I’ll get to them as individuals in a bit) from where they were when they sat in that casino in Hub City last season. Some people are seeing Susan as a setback for Olicity, but I see her as the (fairly insignificant on her own) snowflake that’s going to end up triggering the avalanche. 

Right now the cards for the relationship are almost entirely in Felicity’s hands. She’s the one who broke things off, she’s the one who rejected Oliver’s attempts at reconciliation after their fake wedding, she’s the one who made the first attempt at moving on, she’s the one who told him that the door was closed for them. (She had every right to do all of those things, I’m not judging her, just laying out the facts of what’s happened so far) However, even with all that Oliver has still been right there and she had no reason to fear losing him, something I think she was subconsciously relying on emotionally. So she’s just been floating along, and Oliver, respecting that she’s really the one who’s going to have to make any kind of first move romantically between them again, has been off becoming the man that won’t make the same mistakes he did the first time. I mean, Oliver’s growth just in the first half of this season alone has been amazing to watch and I hope people haven’t missed it because they’re frustrated with how stagnant Olicity has been. There have been a lot of great posts on that already though, so I’ll keep moving along and avoid turning this reply into way more than what you asked for ;) 

So back to Oliver and Susan… like I’ve said before, I’m not concerned that the writers are trying to turn this into any sort of long-term arrangement and I don’t think that it is a step back for Oliver. A few seasons ago, Oliver was the man who was waiting to die, who saw no future for himself beyond being the Arrow. Felicity helped him to realize that he wanted more for his life, and yes, more than anything, he wants that something more with her. However, the fact that he’s not letting the circumstances of her breaking things off revert him back to the guy who believed he was going to die alone in a basement, but rather he’s willing to give things a try with someone else, is a huge step forward, not a step back. I mean, maybe some people would rather see Oliver moping around all season because Felicity broke his heart, but I’m proud of Oliver 5.0 who’s willing to seek out happiness for himself. 

Here’s where we loop back to my avalanche metaphor. Things have been piling up between Oliver and Felicity, there’s obviously still a lot of love and devotion there, but something’s got to change to get things moving. Felicity’s going to need some motivation to play the cards she’s holding and that’s where Susan comes in, to send things crashing down around Felicity. Susan is the Ray of this season. The person who’s going to come in and force Felicity to imagine a world where she no longer holds the same place in Oliver’s life (Because yeah, even with them broken up, she has still been 100% Oliver’s “girl” up until this point). We saw it a bit at the holiday party…

…the little flickers of “I don’t like this but I don’t know if I have a right to not like this” and that’s only going to grow once Oliver and Susan embark on more of a relationship (Especially now that Billy’s out of the picture. Poor guy was more of an avalanche causing snowflake after Oliver sent arrows through him than he was when he was alive. RIP). 

Now, even though I think Oliver/Susan is going to get things moving again for Olicity, I think we’re still going to have to have a good amount of patience. (Especially since Felicity has got a lot she’s trying to process right now, and her love life is probably not going to be taking the forefront) Just like with Oliver in s3…

… we’re probably going to get a lot of outward denial that Oliver being with Susan is bothering Felicity and a lot of screaming internally. And I’m okay with that, because for me, what made 3x20 so so so satisfying was because of everything that happened in the episodes leading up to it. If Oliver and Felicity had been happily together for all of season 3, that scene in Nanda Parbat wouldn’t have held quite the same weight that it did for me. 

Oliver and Felicity are going to reunite, the signs are all there, they’ve been analyzed and dissected a million times, and it’s going to be even more gratifying for us because of the pain we’ve had (and are going to have) to go through with them. 

I truly think that Oliver and Felicity as individuals were not ready to get married last season but the writers wanted them to get together and thought they were running out of time to do so, so they moved things along quickly. Then they found out that there was going to be more than 5 seasons, so they decided to do things the right way and give Oliver and Felicity the growth they needed individually to be a strong couple for the long haul (Yes, I don’t agree with the way the break-up occurred, but the writers admitted to that being mishandled and I’m willing to forgive).

So there you have it, my ramble-y thoughts on Oliver and Susan. I’m not worried at all nonnie, I’m ready for the avalanche of emotions and I hope there are other people who are looking forward to 5b as much as I am. 

*all gifs in this post are mine :)

New Year's Wish (Kris)

You sat on the bed, balled up against the headboard, as you watched Kris pack his things into boxes. With his contract terminated, he had no reason to stay behind in Korea. You, however, were staying through the holidays because all the flights to China were sold out.

You looked around the room and felt your heart tighten in your chest. The only thing left in the massive space was the few pieces of furniture you had bought together. You couldn’t keep yourself from crying and buried your face in your knees. Kris sighed, taping up the last box when he heard your quiet sniffling. He turned around. 

“Are you crying?" 

"N-no…” You lifted your head and smiled, but he could see it in your eyes. He sat down beside you, pulling you in for a tight hug. 

“Don’t cry… You’re coming to China in the new year." 

"I know, but I don’t want to be here alone during the holidays.” You chuckled through your tears. “I know you have work, but–”

“We’ll video chat on Christmas and we’ll count down the new year together. So you can stop crying, right?” You nodded and smiled at Kris, feeling a little bit better. "Good girl. Go get ready for bed, you said you wanted to see me off and my flight is early in the morning.“

Christmas came quickly, you hardly even noticed that you were alone the past couple weeks. You had finished opening presents and now you were in bed with your laptop, still talking to Kris. "I can’t wait for you to be here. It’s so quiet without you." 

"Are you implying that I’m noisy?” You frown and cross your arms across your chest.

“Very,” he laughs.


“So, how are you going to celebrate the new year?" 

"I’m going to our favorite cafe since they have a balcony, I want to watch the fireworks.”

“I thought we were counting it down together?”

“I think I’d rather do that alone… It’ll be even more lonely at midnight when I don’t get to kiss you." Kris looks deep in thought, but his silence is broken by the ringing of his cellphone.

"I have to take this.” You wave your hand, shooing him away. He comes back a few minutes later, an apologetic look on his face. “Something came up. I have to go. Sorry." 

"Don’t worry about me. We’ll see each other soon.”

“Yeah, we will.”

“Merry Christmas~” You blew him a kiss and he pretended to catch it, putting it in his shirt pocket.

“Merry Christmas, babe.”

It was chilly out on the balcony, but you didn’t mind since there was a great view. You checked your phone. It was only 11:30 and you were anticipating the fireworks. You took a sip of your coffee, observing all the couples around you. You felt a little bit sad, but tomorrow, you’d be on your way to Kris’ side. You yawned, would you even be able to stay awake?

“I’ll just set an alarm for 11:50 and just close my eyes for a little while.” You put your phone back in your pocket and closed your eyes. "I missed my alarm,“ you mumbled as you woke up. 

"I was going to wake you up.”

“Huh?” Your blurred vision started to focus and you saw Kris sitting in the seat across from you. “What– You– How– When?”

“Surprise! How could I let you welcome the new year without a kiss?”

“You–” He got up from his seat and pulled you up out of yours. He wrapped his arms around your waist, laughing at your still flustered face. He checked his watch and smiled. 

“It’s 11:59… Make a wish." 

"I don’t have anything to wish for… You’re here.” The alarm on his watch started to beep and he leaned in to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, feeling warm from head to toe. You separate and hug each other tightly. 

“I can’t wait to start our new life together. Happy New Year.”

“Me neither. Thank you for coming back just for me." 

”I love you. For you, I’d fly around the world as many times as necessary.“ 


It’s not the new year for me yet, so I’m going to be a selfish bitch one more time before my new year’s resolutions come into play. xD

'If You Loved Me'

requested by captainfandomimagines

summary: the big hypothetical world of ‘if you really loved me’ was something we’d never explored before

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Couldn’t stop drawing to save my life, and I was in the holiday spirit, soooo… I drew this! I also wanted to give you folks a break from my large texts of doom. XD

So anyway. People, meet the reindeer version of Santa Claus! 8D Or, you know, my version of him anyway. o3o I’m trying to figure out whether or not he’d be an existing being in the MLP universe or not. If he is, should he just be Santa Hooves, or should he be the King/Emperor/Leader of Fawnland, and has actually been something of a Santa in his past before his ascension to leadership? I’m thinking maybe the latter; it’d be kinda cool to start a legend and actually still be alive to see it continuing even after centuries, even when you are doing something a bit different.

Also, what should his name be? O: I don’t think Santa Hooves would be his actual name. o3o Maybe North Star…. hm.

Buuuut I dunno. I’m indecisive right now. So whatevs. Anyway, happy holidays, you fine dapper peoples, you! C: 


*The skeleton looked up at the other, and over their strange features….
*There was a silence, before they opened their arms
*Papyrus gave a big, friendly smile

Does He Know?

A/N: With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I’m reminded of how very single I am. However, so are you and so is a handsome stranger who has been looking for a reason to ask you out. So when the opportunity presents itself…

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1720

Warning: A little bit of cursing, and a whole bunch of goofiness. Maybe a little bit half-baked, but hell I needed to wind down today! Happy reading!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner there is always a simultaneous influx of that sickly sweet media that could almost make your teeth rot as soon as look at it. Pink and red hearts everywhere. Couples around every corner, no matter where you turned. At first it left you feeling a little bitter, but over time you have just come to accept it. It was something you had come to expect of the season, and not necessarily something you really minded anymore because it ultimately had very little impact on you. Until… all of a sudden, it did.

It has to be the most cliché thing that has ever happened to you in your entire life. It’s ridiculous. It is completely unbelievable and you just know that you’re going to have one hell of a time convincing your friends of the events that has just transpired. Yet here you were, in the middle of it all, staring this blue-eyed man right in the face while he grinned back at you unflinchingly. Did he have no shame? Was he aware that what he was doing had to be just about the corniest move on the planet? There’s no way he could know. The accent did make him sound distinctly foreign, so maybe it was for real and he had no idea how embarrassed you were on his behalf right now.

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A Very Winchester Christmas

(Note: This one shot was inspired by the gif below. You can see my other one shots on the master post.)

Sam and Dean’s lack of interest in Christmas confused Castiel, having done quite a bit of research on holiday customs. He wanted to do it right now that he was human. Dean took Kevin’s death quite hard and dissolved into drinking again, while Sam built a wall of denial so high that it could have only meant he blamed himself.

Needless to say, it didn’t appear that they were going to even acknowledge Christmas.

Castiel knew it would make them come back to life a little bit if they enjoyed themselves for a day. They’d drag their feet and roll their eyes at first - he knew it - but he also knew deep down, they’d stash away those memories as a glimmer of real family life. That, he understood, was the biggest goal. They might never have said thank you or acknowledged it afterward, but he wanted to do it for them anyway.

So Castiel found old cookbooks in the bunker storeroom - he knew quite a bit about finding interesting stuff in storerooms now - and he began studying holiday food the first week of December. Occasionally, he slipped in a practice run by making a side dish like sweet potatoes or rolls. Such foods seemed innocuous on their own and it never occurred to Dean or Sam that he was practicing for the main event. He merely smiled in his quiet manner and said he wanted to learn to cook now that he was a human man.

“Well, I could teach you, Cas,” offered Dean at the table. He swallowed down a mouthful of whiskey between bites of mashed potatoes and gravy.

No. That wouldn’t do at all. “I prefer to try and do this myself,” Castiel stammered. “I got used to learning everything on my own after I was cast out. It’s become a matter of pride.” That might not have been the greatest response. He realized he just made Dean feel even more guilty for kicking him out while Gadreel possessed Sam.

Dean shrugged and nodded, dropping his eyes to the pork chop he’d cooked and cut the rest of it into bite-sized pieces.

A week before Christmas, Castiel realized he needed a tree. He hadn’t really thought about it, being so focused on the Winchesters’ love for food, but he didn’t quite know how to acquire one. The nearest tree lot was all the way in town and he couldn’t very well walk all the way back to the bunker carrying an evergreen tree on his back. So he came up with the idea of hiring two men who needed spare cash to bring him a tree while pretending to live at a farmhouse near the bunker. They never saw him go any further inside than the porch and the people who lived there were apparently on vacation and none the wiser. Pleased with himself, Castiel only had to carry his tree half a mile back to the bunker as opposed to hauling it all the way from town.

Decorating proved an entirely different problem. He caught a ride with Dean over three different days, saying he needed to buy new clothes while the hunter picked up groceries. When he caught up to Dean at the car, he had no idea Castiel’s new clothes in the plastic Walmart bags concealed boxes of twinkle lights or ornaments. He had to buy a jacket just to hide the gold star for the top of the tree, having found angel tree toppers a little barbaric.

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Castle Fanfic: Maritari 3/5

Sorry for the delay with this chapter! I think it’s really fun, so I hope you enjoy it.

This takes place in the same universe as chapter 1, so if you haven’t read it, or you’d like a refresher, you can read it here.


Category: AU (same universe as chapter 1), Fluff

Rating: T

Summary: Painting day in the Beckett-Rodgers household.

Chapter 3 - Artistic License

Marry me. We’ll paint the rooms of our house and get more paint on us than on the walls.

As he stands at the breakfast bar paging through the mail, he only has one thought: There are a lot of zeroes on this check from Black Pawn.

It’s an advance of sorts, to be used throughout the editing process for the two manuscripts he’s given them already and for the completion of the one he’s working on right now, but he’s not sure he’ll use it that way. He doesn’t need money to edit. Even though he could use part of the check to get his own laptop, instead of using the one he’s been borrowing from a guy at work since promising to take a few of his shifts over the holidays (and to name a character after him), he won’t do that just yet.

Right now they can use the money for other things. After over a year of being at his side when things were tight, Kate deserves to be spoiled a little bit, and he knows exactly how he’s going to do that.

The first thing on his list is to buy her a bed, a real one that’s comfortable and attractive, and not terrible on their backs. His wife – his pregnant wife – isn’t going to sleep on a mattress on the floor anymore.

After the bed, he wants to get everything set up for the baby’s room. They have time, but with this money they can make it perfect, make it everything they want it to be long before their daughter – or son, Kate reminds him each time he insists it’s a girl – arrives. It’ll take a load off their minds, he knows, not to have to worry about all the baby stuff and just worry about the baby in a few months.

After that, he’s not sure just yet. But he’ll figure it out as they go.

“Hey babe, you mind giving me some help with these things?”

Spinning, he finds his wife attempting to lumber through the door, her arms full of plastic grocery bags. Behind her, he sees three bulging white garbage bags as well.

“He- hey! Hey, sorry, sorry.”

She laughs against his lips when he sneaks a kiss between grabbing the bags. “Proper kiss in a sec. Those go in the kitchen. There’s more out here.”

“What is all this stuff?” He peeks inside one of the bags before depositing it on the counter and returning to collect the rest from around her feet.


His wife smiles gratefully, ducking out into the hall to shove the garbage bags inside. His eyebrow only shoots up further when she disappears entirely for a moment, only to return with two more heavy-looking canvas bags. She should’ve let him get those, stubborn woman.

“Yeah,” she grunts, settling the bags just inside the door. “The cabbie loved me.”

He laughs at that, reaching around her to check the hallway for anything else she might’ve forgotten. Satisfied that it’s empty, he backs inside, turning to survey the pile they’ve just brought into their home.

It’s a short-lived look, though, because Kate’s arms wind around his neck, drawing him down into the previously promised proper kiss. Her lips taste like chocolate and happiness and he can’t help the slide of his tongue against her flesh. He needs more of her. They’ve both had good days; they should take a moment to bask in that.

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It’s Beginning to Look

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Hey remember that time they all lived in a cabin together? Cause I always will.

Rating: K

Words: 2226

Notes: An anon on tumblr requested a holiday fic with lots of fluff and cuddling to help get in the holiday mood. I was more than happy to oblige! I have some super holiday fics for them coming up in December but here’s an early holiday one to start with :3 I’m pretty sure most everyone knows what song the title is referencing but in case the full line is “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and it sure is here in Ohio where its full of cold and snow. I think you can understand why I went this route for the story right now haha


If Eren thought it got cold in Shiganshina in the winter, the mountains were nothing in comparison. Even in the bedroom he shared with three other bodies, under a blanket, his long sleeved shirt and long pants, and his already naturally higher body temperature Eren thought his limbs were going to freeze off over night. He arched his neck to look up at the one window in the room; the moon high in the sky and snow still piling up on the windowsill outside. At this point, Eren didn’t even know if they could leave the cabin if they needed to just because of the amount of snow that had been falling all day.

He groaned and tried to roll over in his bed, pulling his blanket tighter around him. Everyone else looked asleep if not a bit cold too. Armin’s side was rising and falling, the blanket completely over his head and it looked like Connie had crawled into Jean’s bed, his body bundled up in a blanket next to Jean.

This was ridiculous; there had to be a better way to keep warm than this. Eren pulled his blanket over his shoulders as he sat up in bed. He placed one barefoot down on the freezing wooden floor before the other and pushed himself to his feet. Quickly but quietly he walked to the door and slipped outside. It wasn’t any better out in the hallway but maybe downstairs it would be a little better; Eren didn’t have much hope but it couldn’t be any worse than feeling like his toes were gonna fall off in his room.

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