not even a fake show

Same Old Trails

Funny how I lost myself
On the same old trails
Who would know her laugh is just as smooth and toxic
As the smoke she inhales

Young and naive
Behind those green eyes
Slowly undressing secrets
Confining them to the skies

Her father sponsored
Her permanent fake smile
As long as I’m not there
When she walks down the aisle

She sold our love
For luxury and fame
I honestly don’t know
On whom I should blame

I didn’t even get to ask
She was supposed to say “I do”
Now she’s saying it to some man
And my brown eyes have turned blue

She called me many times
In the darkest hours of the night
Tears marking her pale skin
Her voice wasn’t just as bright

Those three words
Repeated as a broken record
Not as broken as she left me
Is that so hard to see?

I gave her a second chance
We could just go, run away
She never came though
Told me she was “bound to stay”

Her name still lights up my phone
I know because I never let it go
Even if I don’t answer
She knows I can’t say no.

I saw her many times
Standing right beside him
Putting up with the fake show
Does he even know?

I bet she didn’t tell him
Specially the sad part
Last time we kissed
She left me nothing else
Only swollen lips and a broken heart

-Mimmi ( @ranawayfromhome )

(Please don’t make any changes)

I learned that i shouldn’t depend my happiness to you. When it ended, i forgot how to smile again, i don’t even know how to laugh, i always fake my emotions to show that i’m not affected. I forgot how it feels to be alive. I thought my world ended when i got my heart broke by you.

It was so hard. Waking up feels like a nightmare. I felt that i was breathing without a soul, a walking dead. You took my heart with you, even my soul. But every day, it makes sense why it happened. Day by day i am learning how to live again. I learned that i don’t need you to be alive, to breathe and to smile again. Maybe it’s God’s way of showing me that i’m not on the right path but he let me experienced it to learned a lot.

I still miss you.

When i’m in the middle of the night i still think of you, but it doesn’t hurt anymore unlike the first time. I still miss you but i realize that i don’t want you back. I am working on living my life without you, i know i can make it.

I know that you are happy now and i’m not the reason anymore. And i should be happy too because i still have the people around me who loves me and didn’t leave me. I am learning that, i don’t need you for my happiness.

I am still on process of picking up the missing pieces. And i guess i am getting there.

—  moving on and letting go
The Foxhole Court, Chapter 12 – Road Trip To Embarrass… Who Again?

In which the squad goes to a talk show, wake-up calls go wrong, Neil goes live on national television, shipping goes well, and I go nuts, just a little bit.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Co Workers (Part One)

Chapter Summary: You’re a slightly inexperienced actress who landed a role on your favorite tv show: Supernatural. You pack up your life and go to Vancouver, leaving behind your boyfriend Andrew. 

A/N: This is sort of a prologue/set up for the story. Part two will be out soon! Also, if you would like to be tagged, let me know!

Warnings: None for now

Pairings: Andrew x Reader, Misha x Reader (eventual)

Word Count: 1.5k

Originally posted by superwhoolockk

You had moved out to Los Angeles with your boyfriend Andrew a couple of months ago to live with him while he went to college there. You weren’t in school, so you decided to give acting a go. You did a couple plays in high school, so you thought why not. You were currently in a weekly acting class, and you had even got a role in a couple of commercials. It wasn’t much, but you got paid a little bit to do it and it was fun.

One afternoon, while sitting at a Starbucks, the casting director from one of the commercials gave you a call. You thought maybe she was going to ask you do another commercial. Instead, she told you about how this producer from a tv show had reached out to her. Apparently, this producer said that they were going to be bringing a new character onto the show, and you had the look that they envisioned. You tried to tell the woman from the commercial that you really weren’t ready for something like that, that you had only been at this for a few weeks. She assured you that most beginners don’t even get commercials as quickly as you had; and with that she gave you the information to contact this producer.

It took you a couple of hours to work up the courage to call this producer. You actually had stayed at Starbucks just nervously playing with your phone and ordering enough coffee to keep you awake for three days. When you finally called him, you were relieved to find out that he was very eager to talk to you. He asked you if you’d be able to swing buy their LA office tomorrow for an audition. He sounded excited when you told him that’d you’d be there.

You were practically shaking from how nervous you were about the audition. This is ridiculous, you thought. You didn’t even know what the name of the show was, sure you probably could’ve googled the producer, but what if you went in there knowing what you were getting into, and they got mad because you already knew or something silly like that? As you were waiting you couldn’t shake the thought that this could potentially be a really big deal for you.

The audition came and went, the people that were at the office were really nice, they knew how much experience you had with acting -or lack thereof-. Somehow, you ended up nailing it, and before you knew it you were signing the papers to get this show on the road. As you were looking at the papers, you noticed they didn’t have the name of the show. Only the location of where it was filmed.

“Wait,” You said, “What show is this? These papers say it films in Vancouver? Like the Vancouver in Canada?”

“Yes,” the woman helping you out with paper work began, “It does film in Canada, have you heard of Supernatural?”

You practically fell out of your seat. Supernatural. Your favorite tv show.

“Supernatural? like, Sam and Dean Winchester Supernatural?”

“That’s the one, is there a problem miss Y/N?” She raised and eyebrow at you.

“No no, I just uhhh, I just..” You were searching for the right words.

“You’re a fan of the show?” She finished your broken sentence.

“Yeah, uh, that’s not a problem is it?”

“Not at all miss Y/N, you’re not the first fan to have a guest role on the show.” She reassured you. “Alright, so you’ll leave Friday morning. Welcome to the Supernatural family miss Y/N.”

She  handed you your plane ticket and your first script, then stood to shake your hand. You said your goodbyes and that was it. You only had one thing left to do.

You hadn’t seen Andrew since the day before yesterday. Sometimes with him being in class all day and then having to work, you went a day or two without seeing each other. Not to mention, you figured you wouldn’t get the role; and if you did, you figured the show was probably filmed right there in California, not Canada.

Andrew was great. You two had been together for five years, since your senior year of highschool. He was a little bit of a nerd, but you loved that about him. It was a huge reason why you were sure you wanted to marry him some day. Not to mention, he was your first everything. Your first boyfriend, your first kiss, and he was the guy you has lost your virginity to. In the past five years you two had gone through everything together, you were going to miss him.

At first Andrew thought you were joking. He knew that Supernatural was your favorite show, so he was convinced that it was just a prank; but then you showed him you plane ticket, and you flashed him the script that they gave you. You had to make sure he didn’t see any of it though, that was kind of like rule number one of being on a tv show.

“So, how long will you be gone?” He asked, there was a certain sadness in his voice. You two hadn’t really been apart for more than a few days at a time during the course of your relationship.

“Four weeks, they have me on for three episodes. But there’s a chance they’ll bring me back in the future if the fans like me.” You couldn’t help how excited you were, you would have fans! Even though you didn’t know how this would affect you and Andrew, something felt right about this decision.

You and Andrew decided to do the long distance thing, it was only a month after all.

Friday morning rolled around before you knew it you were in Vancouver, on your way to the hotel. When you got to the hotel you were glad that this trip was all expenses paid, because there was no way you could afford this otherwise. You were checked in, in no time. You didn’t start shooting until Monday, but you had to go to the set to get some more paper work done.

Sitting in the producer’s office almost felt like sitting in a principal’s office. You felt like you were in trouble even though he was thrilled to meet you. He told you about how he stumbled across your commercial, and when you two really got into talking about your character you started to see why he was so eager to cast you. You brought up that you didn’t have much experience but he assured you that everyone on set would be more than helpful. “Every actor starts somewhere.” he said. You would remember that. Your meeting was interrupted by a knock on the door, and you turned around to see Misha standing there.

“Hey, you gotta get out here man, Ruth got Jared good.” He was laughing as he was talking.

“Misha, I’m glad you stopped in, this is Y/N. She’s going to be playing Blair.”

“Well, hello there Y/N,” He held his hand out to shake yours. “Why don’t you come out and see what goes on here, besides acting?”

You looked to the producer and he nodded a motioned for you to go. Just seconds later you were walking with Misha Collins. Misha Collins. And he was bringing you out to see what Ruth Connell did to Jared Padalecki. You’re head was quite obviously spinning.

“So, you’re a fan of the show I take it.” Misha said

“I- uh..well, sure, I guess.” Stupid stupid stupid you thought. Why did you always freeze up like that.

“It’s okay, I can assure you that you’re not the first fan to be on the show, at least you’re not screaming. You know Kathryn Newton? She screamed.” You laughed at his response. Still trying not to talk if you didn’t have to. You could not make an idiot of yourself in front of these people that you had looked up to for so long. Even though now they were your co workers. For a few weeks anyway.

For the rest of the afternoon you just hung around on set, asked for advice on some things, like how to “fake fight” or what certain words meant. Misha even showed you how to lock up your social media accounts so that all your info would be safe when you started gaining followers.

You were so ready to get started on this show. By the end of the day you were worn out. You just wanted to get back you your hotel, read your script and go to bed. You were still in shock when you got back. Your dream job -that you didn’t even know was your dream job- literally just fell into your lap. You also didn’t want to jinx things by saying something, but you were pretty sure that they’d have you back after your three episodes.

You went to sleep so that you could start getting good and rested for Monday, you were going to just relax and read your script all weekend. This was the best thing to ever happen to you.

You know that feeling when you try to make a joke and the person you’re talking to either doesn’t laugh or even worse does that sort of fake laughter that shows they either didn’t get it or didn’t think it was the least bit funny 🙃

Family Guy [BoKuroHina]

A/N: FOR SQUEALING SANTA 2016 – @crowswillfly I’m your santa! *waves* I’m so sorry x’D

Em’s prompts were:  • 1. Blue • 2. Autumn • 3. Fluff • 4. Tea • 5. Crop Top and I tried my best to include them all! ;D Hope you like it dear!~  ^///^ This is my first time writing a polyship ahhhhh. P.S. yes the anon who asked your fav Hina rarepair was me. Derp.

Summary: Hinata chooses to plan his Christmas at his family home, so Kuroo and Bokuto make sure to give him his *very* early present plus a piece of their minds, because how can he leeaave them alone on Christmas Eve!

Word Count: 1867

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!!” Hinata blinked his eyes and stared at the present that was dropped on his lap.

“Christmas is next week,” he said, looking up at his two boyfriends who stood in front of him, big grins covering their smug faces.

“Yes but you’re in Tokyo now!” Kuroo said, sitting down next to Hinata on one side and patting his shoulder.

“Yeah Mr. I-have-to-celebrate-Christmas-with-my-family. It’s not like we had a choice huh? Open it!” Bokuto said, and he also took a seat on the couch, on Hinata’s other side.

“Hehehe you guys! You know I have to be there, my sister’s still young. We have to celebrate it as a family,” Hinata laughed, and he started to open the present, his tongue sticking out curiously.

“But stiiill,” Bokuto whined, and Kuroo dramatically shook his head.

“We’re family too, you know. But it’s okay, be a good brother. We’ll just be your lonely boyfriends. Here, in Tokyo.” Hinata basically ignored Kuroo’s drama-talk because the content of the present came into view, and his eyes widened with happiness.

“Wha?! I love blue!! Thanks guys!” Hinata said happily. Right before he could unfold it Bokuto snatched it away, yelling in excitement:

“Heyheyheyy! And you gotta wear it right now!” Before Hinata could say anything, his lover on his other side grabbed the sweater he was wearing and stripped him, just by playful force.

“O-oy! Guys!” Hinata let out a muffled cry when Bokuto pulled the new shirt over his head, and together they helped him get his arms through the sleeves as if he were a little kid.

“There! How’s that!” they both said when Hinata was finally wearing it, and Hinata blushed and looked down to see the text on the front:

← His Boyfriend →

Sitting in between them at this very moment this had both arrows point at Kuroo and Bokuto on either side, and it was just too suitable! He laughed joyfully at this, but…

“You guys hahaha! I love it, but isn’t it too small!?” He grabbed the hem of the shirt and tried to pull it down to cover up his exposed stomach with a blush.

“Too small? What are you saying!” Kuroo said, and Hinata squeaked when he poked his bare tummy.

“Yeah! We had it made especially for you. You know how much we love your tummy right?” Bokuto added, and he too poked Hinata’s tummy. Hinata let out a soft yelp and fell back against the cushions of the couch. 

“And since you’re so nice to neglect us on Christmas…” Kuroo said as he poked Hinata’s tummy again.

“You might as well wear it for our pleasure-”

“-and your punishment!” Bokuto winked after they finished their talk à la Fred and George- style, and Hinata’s eyes widened. He was squeezed in between them and on instinct he chose to sink back into the cushions, but this only caused him to end up kind of trapped. Realizing his situation, the little red head swallowed and held up one finger.

“G-guys. Can we talk about this?” he asked innocently, and he even did the cute Hinata-smile that could make his boyfriends melt all the time. This time however they both only had these mocking pouty looks on their faces as they looked at him, then looked at each other and back at their trapped little boyfriend before smirking wickedly.

“Nope!” The next moment Hinata was a hilarious, adorable fluffball in panic, arms and legs kicking and flailing as he turned on his stomach and stretched his arms to pull himself over the couch, but Bokuto grabbed both his sides and crawled his fingers up his ribcage.

“KYahaa! Nohoho no fair!” Hinata squealed, his arms shooting back down to protect his body that was under attack. He was dragged back and forced onto Bokuto’s lap while a nervous laughing fit took control of him. 

Bokuto laughed and managed to wrestle their smaller boyfriend down, keeping his hands together with one of his huge hands and stretching his body out on his lap. His other hand hovered above Hinata’s tummy, which was completely vulnerable because of the crop top. 

Meanwhile, Kuroo had managed to calm down Hinata’s kicking legs and sat on top of them, smirking at Hinata’s big smile while they hadn’t even started their attack on him yet!

“Ah come on,” Kuroo said mockingly as he took in Hinata’s giggly expression.

“You know you deserve it.” He lazily reached out and scratched Hinata’s tummy like he would do to a little kitten.

“AHA!” Hinata yelped, his entire body jerking in response, but with Kuroo sitting on his legs and his arms trapped above his head by Bokuto, he was left pretty immobile. 

“B-b-but nohoho! I can’t mooove! And that shirt-NO! KUrohoho!” Hinata screeched. Kuroo was now tickling his tummy with both hands, fingers wiggling, scratching and scribbling all over the exposed skin. 

Bokuto joined in by lightly dancing his fingers up and down his exposed underarm, and the happy sound of Hinata’s laughter filled the room.

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So I know I said I’m not likely to continue this post about Gavin meeting Michael, but ima add this simple part:

The knock on the door echoes through the room, a knock coming as the day turned to night, too late for a social call, too unannounced for a contact to be coming over. Jack and Gavin immediately look at Geoff, a question in their eyes unanswered in the confusion on Geoff’s face. Geoff turns towards the door, picking up his pistol on the counter. Geoff isn’t sure who they’ve pissed off this week but isn’t about to let anyone get the drop on them. Jack immediately grabs her own gun, holding an arm out to keep Gavin behind her. Gavin stares at the door, more curious than afraid. No one knows where they live, no one usually comes knocking.

Geoff takes cautious steps to the door, the sound of the safety being turned off ringing in the room. Pressing close to the door, he hesitantly twists the doorknob, hand gripping the gun as he keeps his arm from shaking too much. And in one fluid motion, he throws the door open, pistol aimed at the head of the person on the other side.

The person flinches back, wide-eyed at the sight of the gun. Geoff looks the kid over. He’s bruised to hell, a black ring around his eye and even several on his arms darkening. There’s blood on his side, hand pressed against some wound that looks deep but not deep enough to be life threatening. The kid’s breathing hard, seeming like he’s been running. Geoff’s eyes narrow. He start’s lowering his gun, seeing as he isn’t much of a threat in this state, but Geoff’s still unsure of what trouble this person is trying to bring. And then the kid speaks.

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