not even a big book helps! xd

I had to draw them one last time before I have to read on exams!!

This ship….do I even have to explain how much I love it? Cause dayummmm <33 Chillbot is love….Chillbot is life! >:3c

also on the book it says “My boyfriend is a bad boy” Idk why I did that but why nat? xD R!Kevedd Chilly is actually a big bully but sometimessss he shows off his kiiiind of softer side!

Happy Birthday Nilesy  
Birthday Messages For Nilesy <— Link to document of messages from people!!! :D ♥

^ This was a project that I started up with the help of a few lovely Tumblr Artists and people!!!! Myranium helped me a LOT! So a big thank you to her ♥

Thank you to everyone who wrote something in this. Without you guys, the idea would have remained only an idea.

The other pieces of art drawn for  this project can be viewed under the tag; #OperationNilesy2014 

Message To Nilesy: Dude you have awesome fans. I hope this shows how much we all care about you! You’re truly an amazing guy ^-^ Happy Protessional Birthday! ♥♥♥

Watching Rain 

Nilesy and Lyndon peacefully watching the evening rain.

*mutters darkly about hard deadlines and computer crashes and phones* but here we go! In order of things that got wrapped :

Combeferre- ant farm! I actually researched the darn things for period-use and thought I was safe but no, my brain saw 1929 and thought 1829 so OKAY ENJOLRAS IS JUST BEING REALLY INVENTIVE or asked someone for help and COMBEFERRE GETS AN ANT FARM BECAUSE THEY’RE COOL.
(as someone said: it really WOULD have been a big book XD)
Jehan- Skull Mug. Most people got that one! XD
Feuilly- yes OF COURSE it’s a globe, I wasn’t going to NOT draw him hugging the world. XD

Courfeyrac gets a box of sweets and a little box of minor weaponry (that was the tall one). Almost no one got that! I NEVER SAID IT WAS A HAT IT WAS TWO SEPARATE BOXES. Bravo Darthfar for noticing that (and even guessing it might be darts and a dartboard!) !

Bahorel- Marble rolling pin! Longish-term followers of this blog might remember that Enjolras and Feuilly once had a Baking Experiment that went..oddly, and involved a marble rolling pin that didn’t fare any better in Enjolras’ care than his usual weaponry. No one asked where he got it! but, ta-da, NOW YOU KNOW ANYWAY. 
(there were also dishtowels. And a SPECTACULARLY BAD wrapping job. But you all knew that!)

Bossuet gets a lantern! Because it’s portable furniture, and because of ongoing jokes about Diogenes over here. Which explains the fire! Except there was no oil or heat source. Enjolras STILL cannot get over this; Bossuet just considers it proof that, yes, this is going to be HIS lantern.

Joly gets a stethoscope! This actually IS period, but rather cutting edge, but what the heck. SORT OF SCIENCE AND MEDICINE A BIT for all the science nerds!

Grantaire- yay to everyone who remembered he does stickfighting! And so does Enjolras. So everyone else gets the present of them actually getting along for more than five minutes, hurray for holidays! Of course it still involves them attacking each other, but. You know. In the cheerful way.

Thank you so much to everyone who guessed! I wasn’t PLANNING a game but you all made it one. So hey, time for unexpected prizes too– I’ll be sorting through comments and giving out a sketch for each one of the wrapping-days to the people who guessed! And YES I'lllll know if people try to leave guesses now (because I have them in their current state in tabs:P).  Be in touch with the winners tomorrow, and thanks again to everyone who played along!