not entirely sure if this needs spoilers but putting it regardless

Theories (Peter Quill)

Pairing: Peter Quill x OC

Warnings: None…tiny, tiny spoiler for Vol. 2

A/N: This might be complete crap, but I desperately needed to write some Quill. I hammered this out earlier this morning and just did a quick edit, no rewriting. But hopefully it’s post worthy! I think a second part is in order? xD


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The sound of bickering voices drifted back from the cockpit, making me roll my eyes. I lowered the manuscript I was flipping through.

“Will you two morons cut it out already?” I hollered. I waited a beat, but the arguing went on. Probably hadn’t even heard me. Anyways, it wasn’t my job to break up the idiotic pissing contest that went on between Rocket and anyone he met. Or at the moment, Drax.

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Farewell, Pretty Little Liars.

Today is the day that we must finally say goodbye to Pretty Little Liars. With its never-ending theories and constant renewals, the PLL endgame always seemed like an intangible, abstract and theoretical concept that is just so far away, that it will simply never come. It feels so surreal to say that today is that day, which again, over the years, was never in sight. I thought watching Pretty Little Liars would just be some light, weekly, background entertainment. On June 8 2010, I did not truly know what crazy rollercoaster I had stumbled upon. Through numerous ups and downs, these past 7 years have certainly been unforgettable. If you told me seven years ago that a television show will have such a positive impact on my life, I would have laughed at you and called you dramatic. Tell me that today, and I’ll smile in appreciation at the positive influence and power a television show can bestow upon its viewers.

Not every show makes it to seven seasons, particularly mystery shows. Seven years is a long time. I started watching this show when I was 13, and I am now 19. (I realise I am probably very young in comparison to most other PLL fans!) Just to visually see this: Pretty Little Liars was with me while I was 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. These are arguably some of the most important years of one’s life. As I grew, PLL grew too, in a literal sense, as we got a time jump where the characters matured, but also in figurative sense, since the stories gradually shifted from being high-school oriented to dark and twisted themed through a demented dollhouse and a psychologically straining board game. All while PLL was on the air, I graduated from primary school and high school, started university, got my driver’s license, my first job, credit card, car, gone overseas by myself, and made life-long friendships. Achieving all that never was easy, but it was made easier by PLL. If I ever struggled in my personal development, I always had PLL to fall back upon for psychological stability and security, aside from general entertainment. A part of me sees the end of PLL as if the training wheels are coming off my bike: for 7 years, I was learning how to become a young man, and now that I finally am one, I no longer need this safety rock that is PLL in order to continue developing.

This long, personal post is dedicated to me and my seven-year relationship with Pretty Little Liars.

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Hi hello. Why have I never seen anyone talk about that really awful bad ending in Jumin’s route? Not the one where the MC encourages and asks for a D/s borderline hostage relationship, or the one where she jumps out a window to escape Jumin. No.

I mean the one where V drops her off at her apartment and Saeran is at the apartment per Rika’s orders. And then they die together.

(to respect Cheritz, I’ll only post the screens of the ending necessary to get my point across.)

So, in order to get this ending, near the end of Day 8 in Jumin’s route, there’s a break where the game asks if you want to save and you get the visual novel sequence where Jumin blocks the MC from leaving. Anyone who’s played this route knows this scene well.

The game frames this interaction in the narrative as basically the turning point for the MC for all of Jumin’s endings. Even with the D/s ending, the MC’s frame of mind is clearly different after this event regardless of Jumin’s apologies both in this scene and later. Whether here desire is for Jumin to take care of here intensifying to an unhealthy degree, her attitude becoming firmer but remaining patient or, in the case of this ending, becoming very aware of the kind of danger she could be in and is adamant about leaving the penthouse, there is always a difference in regards to the mechanics of the game.

For this ending, the MC becomes insistent about leaving. She voices her displeasure at being kept at the penthouse to Jumin and the others in the RFA, and threatens to leave at least once during the next few days up until the evening of the 10th day. As she attempts to leave, V appears not far behind Jumin and, long story short, V sees the MC’s distress and threatens to call the police on Jumin for keeping her against her will. At last, Jumin is swayed by this threat and lets V take her “back to the C&R building” at V’s suggestion.

I find V’s wording here a little strange, and it can be interpreted two different ways:

1) V realizes that, in not getting treatment for Rika when she desperately needed it despite not wanting it, she became the cult leader for Mint Eye and hurt people with her words and her actions. She became unhinged and entirely different, so when he threatens Jumin with “treatment” he means actual psychological help. When Jumin acquiesces and lets the MC go, he’s relieved because it shows him that Jumin can still be reasonable. He doesn’t have to force him into doing something he doesn’t want to to help someone else. He hasn’t lost his best friend.

2) A day or so earlier, Yoosung and Saeyoung ran into Saeran and took Elizabeth the 3rd, not uncovering much of anything about Mint Eye in the process. V gets Elizabeth from Yoosung per info from Jumin and goes to the penthouse with the intent to give her back and help the MC if she needs it. However, due to how…quickly he got to everything, how invasive he continued to be, and how he deliberately avoids Luciel, it’s hard not to see “treatment” as a possible reference to Mint Eye. I don’t say this because of how invasive he is, I say this because he lies right to Jumin’s face about taking the MC to the C&R building and instead sends her to her apartment, where Saeran has been hacking into the security system for “a long time.” While I doubt V would intentionally put the MC in harm’s way, the idea that he didn’t know Saeran’s whereabouts when he’s always spying on Mint Eye seems unlikely.

The first option is the most likely option by far, but I’ve never felt this much doubt and distrust for V in any other situation in the game so far.

But the big revelation here isn’t for V, it’s for Rika.

(Also Saeran breaks my heart in this ending)

Rika gives Saeran the switch to the bomb planted in the apartment, tells Saeran to go to the apartment, and press it. She told him to do this because Saeran wasn’t a skilled enough hacker to break into Luciel’s home, and so while the rest of Mint Eye is changing locations to a new headquarters, Rika sends Saeran off to kill himself because he’s no longer a useful tool for her.

Saeran wants to die, but only after getting revenge on Luciel. When the MC shows up, he indicates that she shouldn’t run because “why else would you come here?” He thinks that Rika’s plans involve the MC in order to hurt Luciel, not him, because he has no value. For all we know, Rika didn’t care about killing the MC. Setting off the bomb would get Luciel’s attention, so it’s an effective way of both killing his motivation (literally) and making sure he knows it.

Saeran’s blind loyalty, lack of self worth, and singular motivation along with Rika’s vindictive aloof regard for Saeran as a person was always a painful thing to witness, particularly in the Secret Endings when you see what V and Rika stood for to him and then what they became, but I don’t think it’s better displayed anywhere than right here.

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What do you think each of the characters would be like as a s/o?

wow this turned out to be kinda long, sorry for the wait!

Some spoilers for Akechi’s!

Akira Kurusu

  • He’s the perfect boyfriend
  • Perfect
  • Well, not perfect
  • But the closest to perfect S/O will ever get
  • Very gentlemanly
  • Always pays, S/O will fight him to pay
  • But Akira shot a god in the face soo
  • Yeah, S/O lost
  • He makes sure she gets home safe, opens doors, pulls out chairs
  • Basically, it’s as if he jumped out of a fairytale
  • Or like, those couples in textbooks
  • He does have his worries though
  • He worries about you getting backlash for dating a criminal
  • And then he worries about backlash for dating a phantom thief
  • He worries that you’ll find someone else, someone who you don’t have to deal with his baggage
  • You have to convince him you’ll love him regardless of who he is or what he’s done.
  • He also worries that you’ll doubt him
  • Constantly looks out for you, he fears that someone will try to force themselves onto you, he wants to be there to protect you if need be.
  • He worries even more if you’re also a persona user.
  • When you guys are in palaces and mementos he always looks out for you and makes sure you don’t get hurt
  • He’d jump in front of you to take the blow if he had the chance
  • He tries not to have you in the front fight so that you won’t get hurt, but if you insist he’ll bring you along to fight

Ryuji Sakamoto

  • He’d be a very sporty significant other
  • Dates would include exercise
  • Sorry if you’re a lazy potato like me
  • Ryuji enjoys taking his s/o out for food
  • He’d be very sweet and super awkward at the same time
  • Not knowing what to say at ties, blurting out random things that could potentially be hurtful
  • But he makes up for it
  • Brings you on training dates
  • A very honest lover, he says the truth
  • He’d worry that you only stay with him because you pity him
  • He thinks he’s worthless, it’s your job to convince him otherwise
  • You’re gonna have to be the one to tell him to stop training, lest he further damage his leg
  • He gets jealous super easily, so you need to tell him you love him and only him
  • He gets afraid when you spend time with other guys, too
  • Worries that you think that they’re better than him, and he tries to be cooler than them, stronger, more handsome
  • Practically showers you in love, so don’t even think about leaving him
  • Of course, when you talk to him all his worries will disappear
  • He enjoys hugs more than kisses

Ann Takamaki

  • Very kind lover
  • Also likes taking you out for food, but it’s mostly sweets
  • If you have a sweet tooth, you’d probably get along with Ann
  • She lies as to not hurt your feelings, but if it was important or holding back the truth might hurt you in some way, she’ll speak her mind
  • She’s super faithful, she wouldn’t so much as look at another person the same way as she does you
  • Doesn’t really bring up past relationships, she feels as though it doesn’t matter because now she has you and loves you with all her heart
  • She strives to be the best girlfriend she can!
  • She wants to feel like she deserves you, and she constantly worries about you leaving her for someone else
  • She wouldn’t voice this though, you need to figure it out yourself
  • Insecurities have crossed her mind, like “They only want me because I’m a model.”
  • They leave her mind when quickly when she sees you though
  • When you talk to her, she feels like she can do anything!
  • If you’re a fellow phantom thief she always worries that you’ll get hurt
  • She wants to be sure that you won’t be injured
  • If she has healing items she uses them on you
  • Morgana is hella jealous of you
  • He probably end s up ignoring you for a few days
  • Akira scold Morgana for that though, so he ended up getting over it once you bought hi sushi
  • Ann wants to feel like she deserves you, so she works really hard with her modeling, trying to slim down until you tell her that the amount of exercise and meals she’s skipping is unhealthy.
  • You have to help her along, make her feel like she deserves you
  • She brings you to visit Shiho often
  • Shiho warned that if you break her heart she’ll kill you
  • Or if you hurt her in any way, shape or form

Yusuke Kitagawa

  • Very artsy lover
  • Very creative
  • You are the only reason he saves up money
  • He wants to treat you to nice things
  • Often puts your well-being above his own
  • You have to constantly remind him that you didn’t sign up for money, you love him for him; and that you want to treat him to nice things too.
  • He gifts you things like drawings, and paintings of things you like
  • He often paints and draws you, but fears it might be creepy if you were to see them, so he doesn’t show you.
  • He’s insecure about the fact he’s considered weird, and worries that you may think of him as weird too.
  • He really wants you to think of him as strong, cool and charming, not some art nerd
  • He wants to ask the rest of the Phantom thieves for help, but he thinks that they won’t take him seriously.
  • He worries that being an art student, he will have no future, and that he won’t be able to support or provide for you in times of need
  • He also worries that you’ll leave him, not wanting to deal with an eccentric broke, art student
  • You’d never do that, and he loves you so much, he’d never be able to explain it
  • He tries to put it on paper, or a canvas
  • He craves the attention you give him, and the praise of his art work
  • Because if you think it’s great, he’s accomplished what he’s wanted to do
  • You need to remind him to eat, and sleep
  • You try to take him outside when he’d having an art block or when he’s in a slump, so he’ll be happy again
  • Whenever you’re around he feels like he could really get his art out there.
  • He only hopes you’ll accompany him on his journey

Makoto Nijima

  • She looks out for you in a motherly way, but tries to make sure you see her as your girlfriend and not just the mom friend
  • She’s afraid of getting in your way somehow, and possibly hurting you in that regard
  • She wants to make sure you’re well provided and cared for
  • She’d break a million laws for you
  • She’s afraid of you getting stuck in the entire phantom thief business
  • Feels like you’ll leave her for someone more fun, and not as uptight
  • She tries her best to make time for you, being both a phantom thief and the student council president
  • She doesn’t want to seem suspicious, or have it look like she’s being unfaithful, since she hangs around the rest of the phantom thieves quite often.
  • She always makes sure that you don’t skip meals and that you get lots of rest
  • Also helps you study and helps you do anything you need help with
  • You’ll have to tell her of you want to figure it out yourself, since she’s so eager to help
  • But because she’s so eager it’s hard to turn her down
  • Expect many study dates and dates that are in the library
  • She wants you to expect only the best from her, and often it leads to her becoming sick, and weak because she’s skipped so many meals, and went through so many all nighters, only running on coffee
  • You’ll need to make sure she’s taking care of herself, texts reminding her to sleep, texts reminding her to eat, to not drink too much coffee
  • Is always really excited to hang out with you and go on dates, it’s really cute!
  • She worries that when she’s in the metaverse, you’ll need her for something, and that she won’t be there
  • Terrified of Sae learning that she’s dating someone
  • Sae’s usually not home so she won’t know when Makoto is out with her S/O
  • If you’re a phantom thief she demands that you not get hurt, and that you always have healing items on you

Futaba Sakura

  • She’s quite shy when it comes to you
  • You and Akira are her key items
  • If anyone disrespects you, she’ll hack them and threaten them
  • Not that she’ll tell you that though
  • She wants to go out on dates with you, but she’s always really afraid of going outside so either you yourself or Akira have to escort her to the location
  • She feels like she’s just dragging you down, but thinks that she’s being selfish as to not leave you
  • She loves you with all her heart but she thinks that you deserve someone else
  • Someone who isn’t a shut in, who was a better body, who’s more serious and knows when to not make jokes.
  • She wants you to know how special you are, but can’t put it into words
  • She feels blessed by your presence and hates that she can’t feel as confident as you look
  • She thinks that you’re the most beautiful/handsome person in the entire world! No one could ever amount to you, even if they tried
  • She wants you to find someone more deserving of her love, no matter how much she loves you she feels as though it will never be enough
  • Expect dates indoors too
  • Video game dates
  • If you’re a phantom thief, she always makes sure that you have all your health and Sp.
  • She just wants the best for you, even if she can’t have the same
  • You’ll have to convince her how amazing she is and how you love her regardless of anything she’s done, and that you don’t care that she’s had a palace

Haru okumura

  • Expect dates in the forms of gardening
  • She likes to go to nice cafes
  • She will always pay even if you try to fight
  • Please punch Sugimura in the face.
  • P l e a s e
  • She worries that you’ll tire of her and having to always watch your backs because of Sugimura
  • Also, since her dad had just died and she joined the Phantom thieves she worries about not having enough time to spend with you
  • You’ve tried to convince her father to let her marry you, as that’s what the both of you wanted, but sadly, you had no political influence, so you were refused
  • Haru was very touched you tried, at least
  • She thinks that she needs to act very lady-like in order for you to enjoy her company, but that’s not true at all
  • Convince her that you want her for her and nothing else
  • She wants you to be happy, and worries that you won’t be happy with her, but can’t work up the courage to tell you, so she just keeps it inside
  • Honestly, Haru can’t say no to anyone or anything
  • She can, but it’s incredibly hard so you should be there to help her through whatever is happening lest she be dragged into something she didn’t even want part in.

Goro Akechi

  • Goro would also be very gentlemanly, Trying to pay for everything
  • Very proper
  • He fears showing you who he actually is, and what he’s been doing.
  • He would never tell you what he;s been doing in the metaverse, knowing that you might leave him.
  • He also won’t tell you about Shido, thinking that you might leave him for being an orphan whose mother killed herself and a father who left before he was born
  • He wants to tell you but he just can’t bring himself to
  • He bottles up all his emotions until he can’t anymore
  • You two often fight about various things, and every time you do, he fears that you’ll walk right out of that door and never come back, but you always do come back
  • He can’t comprehend why you stay with him, if it was for his popularity, that went down the drain, so if you stayed with him, what could you have wanted?
  • He fears you’ll leave him for another person, so whenever he hears of someone else liking you he eliminates them.
  • He knew it was a terrible thing to do, even if you never knew them
  • You could not know what he was up to.
  • If you were in the Phantom thieves, he would be a little relieved
  • You had some great people who could care for you in ways he couldn’t
  • On the other hand, he was about to kill your leader, and you would most definitely know who he truly was
  • He was afraid of what you would think of him, but at that point he really didn’t have much of a choice
  • During the fight in Shido’s palace, he wouldn’t attack you, and you just supported the rest of your team
  • You didn’t want to fight him, but you were on opposing teams
  • When he sacrificed himself, you nearly fainted, but you had a job to finish
  • Even when he showed his true colors, you couldn’t find it in yourself to hate him
  • When the phantom thieves found out that Goro was the traitor, they were beside themselves trying to figure out if you were a traitor too, so they kept you in the dark for the most part
  • They probably shouldn’t have done that, as the surprise was almost too much for you.
  • But in the end, you still did love Goro, despite all the terrible things he had done.

For @butteredonions who’s been having quite a hectic week, and then got injured on top of it. Hope this helps a little ~ 

Shiro’s walking through the dining hall when he hears a magnificent crash.

He freezes in place immediately. The noise had sounded like it came from the kitchen, and sure enough five ticks later he hears a loud, “Aw, quiznak!” from the hall leading to it. It sounds like Hunk, which isn’t unusual for this part of the Castle normally…but the crashing certainly is. Hunk takes good care of the kitchen, providing it’s not malfunctioning.

Shiro hesitates for barely a second before heading for the kitchen. Hunk had banned him from being in it while he was cooking ages ago, but, well, it sounds like this could be something of an emergency. 

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Arrow: Katie Cassidy to Return as Series Regular for Season 6, Playing [Spoiler]
Arrow has targeted original cast member Katie Cassidy for another encore — but this time as a series regular, for Season 6.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Oh yes. I heard.

So let’s talk about it.

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"Mr. Scientia will see you now.”

NSFW Ignis Headcanons

Where do I even begin? Well for starters, let me frame my take on Ignis as a reference point and expand from there—He’s Christian Grey minus the being an abusive, insecure asshole. A cool, collected dom who takes pride in both the control he exhibits and the control you relinquish to him. 

I may have also accidentally given him a cuckolding kink but that’s a tale for another post — this one already clocks in at close to 1,500 words and I needed to control myself…

More under the cut.

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so here’s why i’ve been quiet about potentially shippy stuff in the S8 trailer

We all have our jobs in this fandom. @ikkleosu‘s is to be relentlessly positive and point out all the reasons the ship is absolutely gonna sail (and she does a brilliant job of it – ily Dawn!). Mine is to sit in the corner, sipping wine and grumpily side-eyeing the fuck out of TPTB every minute of every day. Anyway, behind the read more are random thoughts that include plenty of spoilers both about filming and the S8 trailer. If you’re looking for the glass half full approach, you’re definitely in the wrong place. At this point, I’m like Melissa in that interview about who got Lucilled. What glass?

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You don't seem to be very bothered by the current Berena angst, so I was wondering if you could maybe share what helps you keep positive about it because I'd like to #KeepTheFaith too but it's getting hard with all the recent spoilers.

I’ve been asking myself that too, tbh, because I see so many people are upset and I wonder if I should be too, but I’m just not? It’s probably because of a number of factors, but here are at least two that I think affect my viewing the most: (behind a cut because, oops, it turned out quite long)

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PSOTW: Dave, Andreas, Bryce Marcus; bingo

For the prompt: More of Bryce, aka the “unquestionably talented young hockey star who tends to make questionable choices.”

(Bryce Marcus first appeared on Patreon, but all you need to know is that he’s really good at hockey and really terrible at having a good attitude and also NOT BREAKING THE LAW. Also that Dave is his agent, though I imagine that will shortly be clear)

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what's your opinion on the "ouma is komaeda 2.0" debate? or, more aptly put: why is ouma NOT komaeda 2.0

I’ve written various points about why Ouma and Komaeda are extremely different as characters in previous meta, but all of them were a long time ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually written an entire post that was only dedicated to talking about the two of them. So this is actually a really, really good question, and one that I’ve been meaning to respond to for a while.

In order to go into depth about why the two of them are so different as characters (and most importantly, why Ouma isn’t just “Komaeda 2.0” or a “purple Komaeda clone” or anything of the sort), I’ll have to talk about spoilers for all of ndrv3. So please only read if you’re comfortable with that!

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I was headed to work today, looked at the date, and realized today is the day, two years ago, that I full immersed myself in all that is CrissColfer and began to tip toe my way into this fandom. And what a crazy, fun, interesting, frustrating, sometimes sad trip it has been.  I think you all know, I consider myself, prior to finding this world, a naïve New Yorker. I was a fan of Glee, Klaine, and Chris and Darren for the entire duration of the show. But I never thought to look closer. It simply did not make sense to me that Hollywood would force an actor into the closet who was playing an openly gay character on TV.  

And so I accepted the narratives that were sold. Chris was dating a guy named Will that I really did not know much about aside from a few pictures and that Darren was very straight and had a girlfriend named Mia. While I was a fan of Glee and Klaine, I had no idea what fandom was. Sure, I was often reading the message boards on the Glee Forum, quick to read any spoilers as they pertained to our favorite couple. I will say, I would sometimes fall upon appreciation post of miarren and I could never really understand what there was to admire. Despite the fact that I believed it was real, and again, didn’t give it more than a passing glance, it always seemed off.  Something seemed wrong.  It started with a pic from Joey Richter’s Easter celebration at his parents.  There was a possessiveness to the photo that made me feel extremely uncomfortable and from that day forward, whenever a picture was posted of the PR duo, I really questioned the chemistry and the intimacy. But again, I didn’t look any further.

 Then on March 24, 2015, the infamous twitter hack occurred.  Being a curious person, when I read the tweet, I was instantly curious. After all, not too long before, it appeared that both Lea and Chris had been hacked and it led me to wonder what Darren had tweeted.  And upon googling I discovered what all the fuss was about:

Now my interest was piqued. Why would one bother to tweet, “twitter hacked trying to resolve” about something as innocent as a favorite. I cannot tell you how many times I have accidently touched that icon. It seemed silly and ridiculous and not worth the mention and so, I started to slowly explore.

 March is traditionally my busiest season at work.  For those who practice employment based immigration, this is our tax season or what I “lovingly” refer to as my version of March Madness.  Its long days, stressful, and at least 6 days a week. So I put my research aside until Sunday, March 29. A day where I was utterly exhausted and decided a lazy day of research was exactly what I needed. And well, I never turned back.

 I spent hours that day discovering this crazy world called tumblr. Reading master posts. Discovering the main CC blogs.  And by the end of the day, I had read enough and seen enough to know that all was not as it appears.  

 And I entered the world of fandom.  Something I was not prepared for and had no idea what it was all about. Sure, I have always been a fan. As a child it started with Duran Duran and moved to my complete obsession with all things INXS.  Since that it has taken many turns, sometimes more music, British actors, sports, theater, and of course Glee. But never did I experience anything like this. And so I started my own blog. With the sole intention of reblogging things that were interesting and following the people that seemed to have insightful and interesting things to say, with the intention of remaining quiet. Just observing.

 I have no idea how I started with that and ended up here, someone who is a pretty strong and vocal voice in this community. It happened gradually, starting with a post about the TLOS and the acknowledgments to where I stand today.  And it has been such an insane and crazy ride. And I wouldn’t change making the choice to be here.

Over the past two years, I have personally talked to so many of you. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of you at events like Elsie and Broadway Con. I have even had the pleasure of traveling to LA and San Fran with some of you.  Just last night there was dinner and a little singing to celebrate the birthday of one of the very first people I ever spoke to in this fandom. I am so very grateful for all of you, whether  we agree or disagree.  Whether we talk a lot or on occasion. It has taught me a lot. And has often shaped my opinion.  

And of course, the reason we are all here- Chris and Darren.  Two men I have my complete admiration. I may not always agree with their actions, but I think considering what they have been handed, they have handled this burden incredibly and bravely.

I think you all know that I am one of those that firmly believes in CC. That they have been a couple for years and I have seen enough that I do not waiver in my beliefs. I think a large part of why I decided to write so much more is because I think it is so important that people learn about the reality of Hollywood.  And how the constraints that are placed on actors have a profound impact on their lives.  

I often field like I want to take them and shield them under my wing. And if I feel that way, I can only imagine how their families feel. I often wonder if Cerena cries at night and the nightmare that her son in particular has endured.  And it has touched me in a way I cannot explain. And that is why I continue to be here and support them regardless of whether I agree or disagree.

Anyway, I was just feeling a little nostalgic today and I felt the need to write it down.  Here’s to hoping that the journey ahead becomes smoother and a little less tortured and that these men start their journey towards the light.  As I have said, I have no idea what their plan is for the future or how long it will be until we ultimately get to the truth, if we ever completely get it, but I will continue to be a supportive voice through it all. And if I can convince one person to see the truth and start to support the real Darren and Chris than I will feel that I have accomplished something small.

 And if perchance my words ever reach them, I will smile knowing that perhaps my support meant something to them personally.

About the Recent ERASED Episode

I know everyone is upset because Kayo and Hiromi fell in love, got married, and had a precious little angel of a baby (OMG IT’S SO DARN CUTE) all while Satoru was in his 15-year long coma. I get it. Satoru and Kayo had chemistry together. I’d be lying if I didn’t secretly ship them myself whilst reading the manga.

But that’s not the point, and I’m pretty sure that the author, especially after putting in those cute ‘lil moments between them, intentionally decided to have her marry Hiromi. 

Why? Because the relationship between Kayo was only a child’s crush, probably stemming from her admiration of Satoru’s courage and boldness (which wasn’t even young Satoru’s original demeanor). Satoru didn’t save her to have her wait 15 years alone (within that span of time, we don’t know if her Grandmother died) without the assurance that he would return. He saved her so that she could live a fulfilling life, with friends, with eventual love both romantic and platonic. By having her meet him with a baby in her arms indicates that she’s reached happiness and her arc, that Satoru basically sacrificed his life for, is finally complete. That’s why he’s crying. Because he did it. He made a difference. That was what Kayo represented for him. Not a potential lover, but the personification of his ability to change the cruel future that he originated from. Seeing her happy and with a family of her own, that was just confirmation for him. 

Plus, if ya’ll read the manga, you’d realize (just like I did at this very exact moment) that the way Satoru sees Kayo is not the same as the way he sees Airi. Airi believed in him from the beginning, even when he didn’t believe in himself. Airi trusted him. Airi supported him unconditionally. He realized that in front of Airi, he didn’t have to always be a hero. He could relax and be honest, something he couldn’t even do all the time in front of his own mother (who is the darn best I say, omg don’t even get my started, that woman is amazing).

For anyone is anime-only, the scene where Yashiro stops the papparazi didn’t happen. It wasn’t Yashiro. It was Airi. The scene between them is just marvelous, which leads to an ending that the anime isn’t producing. The anime is showcasing an alternate ending to the series, which I find very interesting, because I feel that they’re not rushing, but instead doing this purposefully since the entire series is based on “time traveling” and “changing the future by changing the past”, and perhaps the small differences in the anime, like Satoru not seeing Kayo return to school and rejoining the gang after she moved away like he did in the manga, is what led to Yashiro entering the scene rather than Airi. Regardless, you really see what Airi means and does to Satoru in these panels:

It was at this moment I realized that Satoru needed Airi in his life. Someone that would protect him as well and would always do her best, not just for herself, but for everyone around her. Someone that would always be an inspiration to him.

After this moment, Satoru begins the process of recalling all his alternate future memories as well as those from when he was a kid. 

So I hope I kinda helped everyone realize that Kayo was never meant to be a romantic interest for Satoru. It’s okay, I really did ship them too, trust me on this. But after I saw this scene in the manga, it hit me. Airi is the one that Satoru needs in his life, to support him, to inspire him, to help him. After this, I sat back I thought, “Wow, I guess it’s a good thing Kayo got married and had a kid. It’s all so clear now.” No joke. I have never switched ships before this manga, at least not as fast as I did here. Though I honestly believe the fandom doesn’t give Airi the credit she deserves. :<>

Please do continue to watch the series regardless of ships. It’s just too beautiful to focus only on the couples, because that isn’t what it’s about.

It’s about a man, who thought he was useless to the world, changing the past and saving lives. It’s about a man who made a difference in the world.

Why I feel that YoI betrayed its own narrative - part 1

DISCLAIMER: I love Yuri on Ice. No, listen, you don’t understand, I! LOVE! YURI! ON! ICE! Deeply! It’s very special, extremely important to me. It has touched my heart in ways that few stories have, it’s one of my favourite things across any media. There’s not a single character I dislike. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. I have cosplay plans. My phone’s ringtone is History Maker. Every night before bed I read fanfiction. I ordered the official soundtrack. Currently on my desk sits my mini christmas tree sporting an acrylic charm of the main trio and Makkachin. I’m wearing Yuuri on my shirt as I write this. Ok? We’ve established this. I love, adore Yuri on Ice, and I wish I could be feeling for the finale the same levels of pure joy the episodes have been giving me every week since it aired. But I’m not. 

Yuri on Ice is one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life. It’s brilliant and beautiful in many ways but the writing in particular has always stood out for its cleverness, realism and heart and how it was masterfully building up a carefully crafted narrative full of underlying themes for 11 episodes. 

Episode 12 on the other hand felt rushed, anticlimactic, out of character for our main leads and not at all up to par to the quality of the writing in previous episodes. There was a clear direction the story and character arcs were moving towards that suddenly shifted so abruptly I have to believe this was not the originally intended ending and was instead a rushed job of a sequel bait. If it was the intended ending…that means they lied to us for 10 episodes.

Getting it out of the way, I still stand by everything I said here. The story was building up to Yuuri winning gold. The screenshots I collected in that post aren’t even all the instances of the story reminding us that it’s building towards gold for Yuuri. It’s been a constant and steady progression. 

This is my breakdown of why I felt ultimately disappointed with the YOI finale. I’m going to go through the entire series to explain exactly why I think the ending we got was not the one we were supposed to get (much less the one the narrative deserved). This is a gigantic analysis so I’ve decided to divide it in parts. It’s going to go like this:

  1. Yuuri Katsuki’s character arc
  2. Yuri Plisetsky’s character arc
  3. Victor Nikiforov’s character arc
  4. The resolution of Victuuri
  5. Missing pieces and inconsistencies

HUGE THANKS to @soobaki for doing the beta on this monster and for the constant emotional support as I wrote it!

Before we start, I just want to leave this screenshot here and I want you to keep this in mind as we go. Because this is what we were promised. 

Warning: this is a long post.

Yuuri Katsuki - on learning that he is good enough and proving it to the world 

YOI starts with Yuuri at this lowest, physically and mentally like he says. At a pivotal moment in his life and career as a professional athlete, his beloved pet dies, he binges on food to try to heal the hurt, his insecurities get the better of him and he ends up suffering a humiliating defeat at the Grand Prix Final, locks himself in a public bathroom to cry, apologizes to his mother over the phone for failing, gets yelled at and told to quit by the junior gold medalist Yuri and, when he finally crosses paths with Victor, his idol and inspiration, he doesn’t even recognize him as a fellow competitor. It’s a rough start for Yuuri, but that’s because his journey is one of growth, more than any other character’s.

While we have our three main characters whose stories are tightly woven together, Yuuri is the true protagonist of YOI’s central narrative. It’s his journey we follow most closely, it’s his POV that we see most of the episodes through, the very title of the series is his free skate’s music. That said, it’s important to point out that Yuuri, unreliable narrator that he is, does not identify himself as the protagonist of the story. He is the top male figure skater in Japan, yet refers to himself as a nobody, just one of the “dime-a-dozen” skaters competing in the Grand Prix. He doesn’t acknowledge his achievement of making it to the six Grand Prix finalists as such, he only sees his failure in placing last. He is severely lacking in self-love and self-awareness. Anxiety will do that to you.

Still, he is willing to take action to change. Contrary to what Yuuri himself will constantly tell us, Yuuri is not weak. He is stubborn and brave and he persists, even in the face of defeat.

Victor shows up at a point where Yuuri is willing and ready to take action to get his life and skating career back on track (after all, as we are told and will later witness, Yuuri is a competitive person and hates to lose) but is not sure on what exactly he should do. People keep asking him and all he says is he needs time to think about it. Victor decides for him - they will win Yuuri the gold medal at the next Grand Prix. Note that while this was a goal decided by Victor it is a goal that Yuuri will eventually embrace. This is the story goal - getting Yuuri a gold medal at the Grand Prix final. It’s a story goal that the series reminds us of every single episode. Yuuri’s character goal, which ties into the story’s, is to achieve self-love and self-actualization, and in achieving both his character and story goals he would prove his own self worth, not only to the world but to himself.

So what is the conflict then, in Yuuri’s story? What must Yuuri overcome? Primarily, it’s his own anxiety. 

Spelled out for us, the only thing Yuuri is lacking to finally WIN, is confidence. Yuuri has the skills, he has the experience. So the series spends the rest of the its time building up said confidence to get Yuuri’s emotional wellbeing in peak condition to match his physical skills. I must emphasize, everything so far is about getting to the story goal of Yuuri winning the Grand Prix Final.

Going back one episode though, to episode 2. The ending of episode 2 is the first time we see him openly and firmly express a desire out loud, with none of the unsureness that was present when he told Yuko he wanted to get his love for skating back, and that is to win the Hot Springs on Ice match and to keep Victor around. 

This is Yuuri answering the call of the narrative. This is when his journey towards the story goal truly begins, when he admits that he wants to keep on winning.

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Okay, I had such a hard time writing this. I’m so tired and have so much homework to do, but I don’t want to do it, so this is the product of my procrastination. I saw these really great Hunk caretaker prompts from @itisasign and I need it in my life. Since I’m not great at writing Voltron in the context of in space where it’s set, I’m gonna make this an AU. I also combined it with this idea I had that @toosicktoocare added to

Shiro had a shitty childhood. His mom was emotionally unavailable, hugging and physical affection was frowned upon in their house, and she expected him to attend school, and keep up with all responsibilities no matter what.  If he happened to get sick during the weekend, she was less irritated with him staying in bed.  But, because he wanted her approval, he would keep any ailments to himself.  He had a very vivid memory of going to school with a one hundred and three degree fever, and then bursting into tears when the nurse made him go home, because he was worried that his mom would be mad.

Because of how he was raised, he only admitted he was sick when he was practically in a coma, and he definitely wasn’t touchy feely. The friend group he had managed to fall into - Lance, Keith, Pidge and Hunk - were all very open with their affections.  While he loved them all to death, and he was more comfortable being open with his affection for them, it didn’t come in the form of physical affection.  He preferred to make sure they were silently taken care of.

They lived in an apartment complex near campus.  Keith and Lance lived together, and Shiro, Pidge and Hunk lived together.  Every Friday night, they would gather in Lance and Keith’s apartment and watch a movie, and they all sat in the same spots.  Shiro had the arm chair next to the couch, sometimes he had a pillow and blanket, but most of the time he didn’t.  Keith and Lance  sat on the couch, Lance against one arm, and Keith against the other.  Pidge was sprawled out.  She was leaning with her back against Keith, and her feet in Lance’s lap.  Hunk was sitting cross legged on the floor, leaning back against the couch with his knees to his chest.


Shiro had been fighting a bug all week. He woke up last Saturday with a headache and scratchy throat.  By Friday morning the following week, after going to work and classes all week, he was miserable and felt like shit. He had spiked a fever late the previous evening, and had been unable to sleep.  He spent the entire night tossing and turning, sniffling, and muffling chest rattling coughs into his pillows and blankets.  His head was pounding mercilessly and felt like it had been stuffed with cotton, his throat felt like he had been gargling nails.  He was stuffy, and achey, and freezing, and just downright miserable.  

He dragged himself out of bed, though, regardless of how badly he wanted to stay in bed, and went to his classes.  He stumbled through the door of his apartment at three-thirty, coughing harshly into the crook of his elbow. Pidge and Hunk were still either in class or at work, so Shiro had the apartment to himself.  He pulled the collar of his shirt up over his mouth as he went into a sneezing fit.  
He sniffled thickly, his head throbbing as he walked to their medicine cabinet and rifled through it.  He put the thermometer in his mouth as he fumbled with a blister packet of DayQuil.  

The thermometer beeped, and he had to squint and rub at his eyes to be able to make out the numbers (103.2).  Shiro had somehow managed to get the medicine open, and then decided to take a nap for the next few hours.  Movie night wasn’t for another four and a half hours, and he was hoping he’d feel more human.

Spoiler alert: He didn’t.  He felt worse, if possible.  

But, because being sick wasn’t an excuse, he dragged himself to Keith and Lance’s apartment.

Twenty minutes in, Shiro was staring at the spot on the floor next to Hunk.  The desire for physical touch was overwhelming, and before he realized what was happening, he found himself curled up next to Hunk, his head resting on his shoulder. Hunk was staring down at Shiro in complete shock, and once he recovered, he looked at his other friends, who were all wearing matching, dumbfounded expressions.

“What-” Keith started.
“-He’s sick.” Hunk said, a frown making its way onto his face. “I’ve known him for years, the only time he ever does this is when he’s sick.  Do you have a thermometer?”
“Yeah, I’ll go get it.”
“Hey, Shiro?” Hunk said.  “Buddy? Can you open your eyes for me.”
Shiro groaned, pressing his face into Hunk’s upper arm.  Eventually, he opened his eyes and then slumped into Hunk, coughing weakly.  
“Ah, shit.” Hunk groaned after he had put a hand on Shiro’s cheek.  “You’re really not feeling well, huh?”
“The fact that you’re cuddling with me totally contradicts that statement.”
“I’m fine.” He rasped weakly.  
Hunk patted his back, and then Looked at Pidge and Keith who were looking on in worry.  “Help me get him on the couch.  We need to get his temperature down.”

Hunk hooked his arms underneath Shiro’s armpits, and Keith grabbed his legs, and they  lifted him on the couch.  

“Here.” Lance said, walking back in the room.


Hunk had been sitting up with Shiro all night, and realized what a restless sleeper he was.

Shiro tossed and turned, woke up a couple of times, and muttered unintelligibly for the greater part of the night.  His fever was pushing 104, and despite all of the fever reducers and cool washcloths on his forehead, the fever didn’t seem to want to go away.  

Finally, around four am, all of his restlessness stopped, and his breathing evened out as he fell into a deep sleep.  Hunk checked his fever, and then sighed in relief when the thermometer read 101.

Hopefully he would be feeling better when he woke up next.  Hunk walked over to his makeshift bed on the floor and laid down.  

“Goodnight, Shiro.” Hunk mumbled sleepily, closing his eyes as he drifted to sleep.

anonymous asked:

i feel bad, but i actually found the miller/julie relationship? so creepy and weird on miller's end. he was obsessed and in love with someone he'd never even met. and he repeatedly referred to her as kid which definitely didn't help. i was actually so disappointed that they kissed in the end because i was hoping that i was reading into it wrong and he just felt some protective but platonic connection to her. what did you think?

You know, I never thought of them as romantic until certain not to be named people opened my eyes to the possibility. To be perfectly honest, I’m still not sure where I stand on them, and mostly ship Miller with self acceptance. For the most part, I lean towards a nonromantic lens, just two tragic people, pulled together by the universe because they were meant to be together in some sense of the word. That said, I definitely do read fics and jump into shipping conversation, so I’m not 100% platonic either.

My main issues is that I’ve always….struggled with Julie’s storyline, which, by extension, includes Julie and Miller. Part of me, a part that gets smaller the more I discuss Julie, simply refuses to let go of the fact that she was (kind of) fridged. And while I don’t think that conversation should be dropped, I understand it’s very important to look at the context of her death, and to separate it from Miller’s POV (which is, unfortunately, our window into her story).

Ultimately, Julie’s death had nothing to do with Miller. She is a victim of circumstance, a casualty that results from the abuse of power, and a glaring example of what can happen if you put yourself in the crosshairs of a cause. She is also the catalyst of the entire story. It’s unfortunate that Miller is a character that makes everything about him, because he absorbs those bits about Julie. It’s easy to forget that Julie is more than Miller’s white whale. She’s an intelligent, resourceful, passionate, and strong female (the show does this more justice). So, while Julie didn’t die to specifically give Miller manpain, Miller absolutely undergoes all of his mainpain because Julie died. And the framing of the entire thing unsettles me.

I obviously still have some thinking to do about the entire thing. Regardless, I have to say that I never found their dynamic creepy. Mostly because, in the books anyway, Miller is pretty self-aware when it comes to Julie. He acknowledges the fact that he doesn’t know her, admits that she would likely dislike him if they ever met, and he is thrown off when he sees a video of her, mainly because she doesn’t carry herself the way he imagined she would. Miller knows what’s up. But he needs something to hold onto, so he makes that something Julie. And maybe it’s not exactly Julie – but that’s okay. 

To be fair though, I was also reading everything through a very platonic lens, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t picking up on the creeps that some people picked up on. 

In the end, I think they were meant to find each other – however you want to interpret that. They belonged with each other enough to save the world. No matter how you choose to examine that, it makes my chest ache with something I’m not sure I want to dig into so close to the episode. Miller and Julie are two characters you can stick into any AU and be sure they will always find one another.

As for the kiss – well, I wasn’t expecting it. And if rumor is right, the writers weren’t either. The moment was improvised by the actors, so they certainly felt it was right. I can see how people would prefer ambiguity. That’s how I watched everything play out on screen.

TLDR; I have no idea where I stand on these two, but completely understand why people do and don’t ship em. Wherever you stand, it’s completely okay. 

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Sayaka didn't have much of a motivation to end the killing game, but she was close to Naegi in the first chapter. Twogami was more motivated to protect everyone, yet he did get a bit closer to Hajime, nearer his death. Amami, I'm not so sure. He was certain he would end the killing game, however as I haven't played V3, I'm curious about how close he was to Kaede. I thought he was close; having a link between twogami and Maizono. Shuichi may have been closer to Kaede than Amami was. Thoughts?

Amami isn’t particularly close with Kaede within the actual plot of ndrv3. Or rather, they don’t canonically spend a lot of time together. You can spend a few FTEs with him, but that’s about it; Saihara and Kaede spend more time together over the course of those two days mostly because Saihara keeps tracking Kaede down and asks her to help him with his plan to try and expose the ringleader.

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Father!Chocobros: Treating Kids/Playground Headcanons

I just watched a couple at a playground and then I had the urge to write this.

Ravus can be found here 

Ignis’ at the bottom and contains minor spoilers BUT I put a warning right before they start so no worries.


P.S.: Someday I’ll write these as ficlets.


  • Lets his kid play at public playgrounds but also builds an indoor one at their home
  • It would be located at the garden seen in Brotherhood Ep. 3 
  • His kid gets to choose all the cool elements with him
  • You want a merry-go-round? Sure.
  • Or what about a little tower with a long slide? Yup.
  • Security is his top priority but he’ll grant ALL the wishes
  • Pink with lots of unicorns? Alright, if that’s what you want.
  • Purple, yellow, red color blocking? Uh.. Yeah!
  • Regardless of the taste, it’s guaranteed to be the biggest, most fancy playground anyone will ever have seen

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KANEKI becoming a ghoul wasn’t on a genetic level. It was an organ transplant, there for an acquired condition like dying your hair green so it’s not in his DNA. Touka’s a normal ghoul and it was earlier but the only successful human-ghoul hybrids were created with a human mother and ghoul father under the conditions where the mother canabalized. If Touka were to get pregnant Im not sure whether she would be able to successfully go all the way. Assuming fertilization happens it’s might not even reach the germinal stage of development. (2 weeks)

Her body might just not recognize the zygote (fertilized ) egg at all and even if it were to successfully fuse there the issue of nutrients. Eto’s mom was able to solve this by going out of her way to eat human meat (which by all means probably wasn’t good for her health) but the same may not work for Touka the other way around. A growing human would need ?? A human diet to sustain themselves and ghouls being only carnivore in nature may lead to an unhealthy child at best. The high number of RC cells the fetus will be in taking may overwhelm it depending on whether the child’s needs will also end up like Eto’s.

If she were to progress with the pregnancy then I find it likely that she’ll have to resort to some extreme measure like having to ingest human food.

This is under the assumption that ghouls are a closely related species from humans (perhaps resulting from some sort of genetic engineering?) but regardless if she does have the child her role in the store would further take a back seat. We already know how human food decreases her fighting ability from when she ate Yoriko’s food so no way would she be put intentionally on the front lines. There’s the issue still with Mutsuki’s next move/ response and Furuta whether he’d want to use Touka a pawn to lure out Touka possibly in the future.

All in all, I’m not sure if this chapter foreshadows anything good despite their progress and interdependence in their relationship. @linkspooky @coromoor

Reasons why Jupiter Ascending is one of my favorite movies

The cast is actually diverse.

Could it have been more diverse? Hell yeah. But let me present you with two very important minor characters: Famulus and Diomika Tsing.

Despite the fact that the constitute as background characters, they were well developed and enjoyable characters. They weren’t simply background faces - both had clear characters and were portrayed as very strong characters throughout, in very different ways. These are both women of colour with wonderful roles and characterizations. Do I want more? Yes. Though we did have a non-Western European lead in Jupiter (Mila Kunis is Ukranian, which I believe is Eastern-European), I feel like we could have had more. But this is a good step in the right direction!

The movie switches the traditional male and female relationship roles

Throughout the movie, it was Jupiter that was making the romantic advances towards Caine. Hell, this is even depicted in the movie poster:

Here we have Caine in the background, standing behind a forward-facing and determined-looking Jupiter, his eyes on her and not the camera. She is placed in front of him - her focus is ahead, focusing ahead, while his attention is on her. She carries the drive that is typically placed on a male character, while his drive seems to focus purely on Jupiter. Typically, it’s the other way around.

Further, Jupiter was the one who approached him, the one making hilarious and awkward come-ons (“I love dogs”), the one with the deliberately sexual innuendos (“Do you want to bite me?”), the one presenting the idea of a romantic or sexual relationship with Caine. And Caine got to play the conflicted party. He didn’t make advances on her - which leads to another vastly important part of this film.

Jupiter is the dominant half in her relationship with Caine.

Caine, as we can all clearly see, is not the leading force in their relationship. Everything is on Jupiter’s terms. She initiates the relationship, she determines her actions and his, and she acts as a leader. Caine, though a very strong character and individual, isn’t dominant. He’s subservient to Jupiter consistently. She calls the shots, and he follows. In this way, he’s almost her sidekick. When Caine saves her from a marriage to Titus, he doesn’t do as he pleases and shoots the Abrasax heir - he asks Jupiter to “Please let me shoot him”. When she denies him, however, he relents. Despite the fact that he wants to shoot Titus, when she tells him no, he listens.

It also helps that in almost every shot of the two of them, Caine is positioned angled behind her, clearly in a supportive role.

Jupiter takes the role of the “chosen one” as opposed to Caine

We saw this problem in movies such as the Lego Movie, Disney’s Atlantis, and many more: the male is a “chosen one” taught by the woman who is the top in her class, and yet he miraculously overpowers her in order to save the day and take his place as the Hero.

Here, we have the opposite. Jupiter is the chosen one with no fighting experience - no formal training, nothing. Caine is the trained soldier. Jupiter is an outsider with no glimmer of knowledge on how this space hierarchy works - and yet she learns, practically overnight, the nuances of this worlds laws, and successfully uses them to her advantage against Titus Abrasax. She goes from an outsider to a main player.

She goes from a person with no particle fighting experience, to a fighter. Granted, she’s going up against Balem, who isn’t exactly a fighter himself, but she kicks his ass regardless. She defeats the main villain, using her abilities, where for all intents and purposes Caine was the most well-outfitted to perform that task.

Caine was more sexualised - not Jupiter

We had an entire sequence where Caine had his shirt off for seemingly no reason other than “he forgot to put it back on”.

Meanwhile, Jupiter was always fully covered, and never once was she put into a deliberately sexual stance/display. The fewest clothes we ever see her in is when she is in the hospital gown at the beginning of the movie: and then, she is definitely not painted sexually. It would have been so easy to do this - Mila Kunis is already a highly sexualized actress - and yet they managed to avoid doing that.

Meanwhile, Caine has a very hyper-masculine gait about him - he walks and moves in a very animalistic manner, no doubt attributed to his spliced genetics - but it’s not hard for people to put together that that tends to be a real gear-greaser for gals and guys. Look at Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or even Edward Cullen and Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga. Though different, these fan-favorites are all closely linked to animalistic behavior and descriptions. Girls eat that up - and in this case it’s clear that Caine is fanservice to those girls. And meanwhile…

Jupiter saves herself more often than Caine saves her.

In the beginning, yes, Caine does have to save Jupiter. And he has to save her a few more times after that - but then the major fight comes. Does Caine jump in and handle her fight for her? No.

(above gif belongs to vyragosa)

Though Caine helps her, he doesn’t save her - not the way things generally go down. They’re both fighting, side-by-side (but not literally so). Jupiter takes on Balem. Caine takes on the role of saving her family. Jupiter is still pitted against the “big bad”, the main threat, and Caine takes on the lackeys. Jupiter saves herself every time it counts, and when she’s done defeated her biggest threat, Caine arrives to take her to safety.

Jupiter defies traditional gender stereotypes

Balem uses Jupiter’s family as a bargaining chip to get Jupiter to abdicate her throne. And Jupiter almost falls for it - she is moments away from signing away all her rights to Earth and the people on it. 

(above gif belongs to vyragosa)

Most people would expect Caine to bust in and keep her from making that decision - in fact, that’s what I was waiting for - but instead Jupiter makes that call for herself yet again. People claim that woman can’t make tough choices - that their emotions, their ‘womanly nature’ will get in the way of thinking logically. But here, given the emotional choice and the logical choice, Jupiter defies that. She pulls away. She says 'not today’.

Jupiter stands there and is ready to let not only herself, but her family - who matter to her beyond all other things - die. Because she knows that if she doesn’t, then all the people of Earth will be harvested. She knows that in the grand scheme, her family versus the billions of humans on earth, that this is the lesser sacrifice. 

Jupiter wasn’t a prize for Caine - Caine was a prize for Jupiter

This doesn’t need much explanation. In the end, Jupiter returns to her life. She has renewed love for her family, despite their less-than-stellar situation (which she can easily change, now). There is a new affection there, and she gets to have that, and then she walks out to her new boyfriend. He is her carrot on a stick - her prize for all her running around.

(above edit by gentlesleaze

All of these facts point to one very important thing: Jupiter Jones is the ultimate female power fantasy done right. Jupiter is everything we’ve been asking for in a character, done so wonderfully well with characters that are so wonderfully nuanced. Are there some faults with the plot, and the logic and the reason? Yes. And I’m sure someone else will readily pick that apart for you. But Everything else about this movie is so incredibly important - so incredibly subversive - and so well done, that it’s completely reasonable to overlook some of the logical fallacies.

TL;DR: Jupiter Jones is fucking amazing and we probably don’t deserve her.