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Oh shit.

And Kuroo finds himself falling in love all over again.

365 Days

Summary: Sirius misses his anniversary due to Remus’ furry little problem.

Word Count: 2015

As you peeked open one of your eyes, you saw that sunlight flitted through your window. The reflection hit your white blanket, and the room was filled with a soft light. Groggily opening your eyes, you sat up straight. As you looked around, you noticed the absence of the boy who had fallen asleep next to you. You weren’t entirely sure at what point he had left, but he certainly wasn’t anywhere nearby right now.

It was a little bit odd, considering today was your and Sirius’ one-year anniversary.  Oh well, you thought. He’s probably taking a shower or something. I’ll see him in a minute.

You and Lily walked into the Great Hall together, laughing about something, though you couldn’t quite remember what it was. Her red hair was pulled up in a bun, her green eyes were filled with happiness.

“You excited for your one year?” Lily asked, nudging your arm with her elbow and wiggling her eyebrows. Your cheeks coloured red and you felt the corners of your mouth turn up despite yourself. You nodded happily.  She let out a quick ‘Awww!’ and wrapped one arm around your shoulder as you walked towards the Gryffindor table.

As you approached your friends, James’ head shot up and flashed the both of you a quick smile. You and Lily smiled back as you plopped yourself across the table from him and Remus. Sirius was sitting on your left. You kissed his cheek and wished him a good morning. He quickly mumbled ‘Morning.’ and continued poking his eggs around the plate using the tip of his fork.

You furrowed your eyebrows. This wasn’t like him. Your mind flashed back to all the mornings he had smiled at you greatly and told you how lovely the day was, but how much better it had gotten since he’d seen you. You thought about all the previous mornings when he had over-dramatically yawned just so he could put his arm around your shoulder. But on the one day where you really wanted him to smile at you charmingly and brush a loose strand of hair behind your ear, he seemed like he couldn’t be bothered.

For a brief moment, you were hurt. You quickly composed yourself, shaking your head slightly, trying not to show the disappointment in your eyes. You reminded yourself that he might have had a bad morning. Maybe, he had slipped on soap in the shower which would have wounded not only his tailbone but also his pride. For all you know, he had already gotten in a fight with Snape, perhaps even gotten a detention. You nodded to yourself. Yes, that must be it.

Across the table from you, Remus quickly pushed his empty plate away from himself and quickly walked away, breaking into a jog as he neared the door. James leaned over and kissed Lily’s forehead, telling her that he should follow him. He flashed her a smile as he backed away, promising to see her in class. Sirius made no effort to move. You laid one of your small hands on top of his, hoping to get his attention. He stared at his hand and yours for a minute before he stood up, shrugging your hand away.

“Sorry, love. Duty calls.” He said over his shoulder as he walked in the direction of his friends. Your eyes must have reflected your confusion and hurt. Lily looked at you sympathetically.

“I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, Y/N.” Crestfallen, you nodded along with her, hardly even paying attention as the sea of students in red and golden ties swept you towards the Transfiguration room for your first class.

The rest of the day wasn’t nearly as bad, but it wasn’t particularly great, either. While Sirius didn’t ignore you, he made no indication of your anniversary. You tried desperately to not the think the worst of the situation, always trying to think on the bright side, stay optimistic. All throughout the day, when Sirius didn’t pick up on your clues, you hopelessly grasped for some kind of reassurance. You just needed something, anything, but nothing came to mind.

The date, you thought. He’s probably leaving all the grand gestures for the date.

At 6:45, you crawled your way through the One-Eyed Witch passageway, being extra careful to not ruin your dress. You had just enough time to get to you and Sirius’ meeting spot, with a few extra minutes in case the Honeydukes Staff was being difficult and you couldn’t get out right away. Once you were out of the candy shop, you quickly made your way to the restaurant Sirius had told you to meet him in a week ago.

As you looked around the restaurant, you noticed that Sirius was nowhere to be seen. You checked you watch. 6:57. He still had another couple of minutes. You slid into a booth, patiently tapping your fingers.

7:00. Quickly flitting your eyes across the room, you saw no sign of your dark-haired boyfriend. You frowned slightly, but quickly brushed it off. He’s probably just running late.

7:15. Okay, so maybe you were a little worried. But Sirius would never stand you up; there was an explanation.

7:40. Every time the bell chimed, you quickly glanced towards the door, hoping it was Sirius. Of course, it never was. You were getting pretty bitter, by this point. Forty minutes, you had been waiting. For forty minutes, you had sat alone in a booth, telling every waitress and waiter that came along that you were waiting for someone.

8:00. That did it. You had been waiting for an hour. You felt anger course through your veins. He had stood you up! On your anniversary! You pushed yourself out of your booth, face turning red from anger, and from all the sympathetic looks you were getting from random onlookers. Trying hard to ignore all the whispering, you stormed out of the restaurant.

On your way out, you quickly noted the full moon in the night sky.

Rage fuelled your storm through the corridors. Appearance no longer mattered, as your hair was all over the place, you were breathing heavily, tears of frustration had caused your makeup to run. You looked like a hot mess, and you knew it.  You practically shouted the password at the Fat Lady, who swung the door open without a second thought.

You scanned the room and saw no Sirius. You turned quickly and your hair flipped out behind you. You stomped your way up the stairs towards your dormitory. As you slammed the door open, Lily was on her bed reading, Marlene McKinnon was working on a potions essay, and Mary MacDonald was writing something in a leather-bound notebook.

They all looked up at you just in time to see your anger turn into sadness and watched as you sank to the floor with your back on the door. You kept your head between your knees as you sobbed. All three of them immediately rushed over to see what was wrong.

“H-he stood me up!” you wailed as the girls exchanged looks. Lily hugged and whispered softly to you as Mary and Marlene rushed around, wrapping you in a blanket and bringing you a warm mug of tea and a box of tissues. The four of you sat in a heap on the floor until your sniffling subsided.

You woke up the next morning, wrapped in your blanket, the sun shining in as it had the day before, and the day before that. It did not take long for you to remember what had happened the night before; your could practically feel the tear stains on your cheeks. You washed your face and got ready as normal. You refused to let this get to you anymore.

You walked to the Great Hall with Lily, just like you did the morning before. This time, however, was different. There was no laughing, no light hearted banter to fill the silence between the two of you. Your jaw was steeled, you walked with a look of determination on your face.

“Are you going to say something?” Lily asked, glancing at your unsmiling face. You shrugged. Truth is, you weren’t sure if you were going to be able to say something to him without losing it like before.

Sirius was confused. There was no other word for it. First, you had entered the Great Hall without a trace of happiness, and then you had sat literally as far away from him as humanly possible. You ignored him whenever he tried to get his attention, never making eye contact throughout the whole of breakfast.

You had sat with Lily or Marlene or Mary instead of with him like you usually did. When he had attempted to talk to you at lunch, you had straight up walked away.

You were ignoring him. There was only one question on his mind; why?

“I’m telling you, she’s mad at me!”

“Well, what did you do to make her mad?”

“I don’t know, Remus!” Sirius groaned. Classes were over, and you hadn’t said a single word to him. Now, in their tiny little dorm, the four of them were trying to do homework.

“Sirius, that essay is due tomorrow. You should probably start it.” Sirius knew James was right, but he couldn’t focus when he knew something was wrong between the two of you. He grabbed a quill off of the floor and asked for the date to scribble into the top right corner.

“March 24th.” Sirius froze. March 24th. As in, yesterday was March 23rd. March 23rd.


“The anniversary!” The guys looked at him confused. “Yesterday was Y/N and I’s anniversary!” Remus turned very pale. James’s mouth fell open. Sirius shot off of the floor, determined to find his girlfriend. Remus yelled his name before he could sprint out of the room in his frenzy.

“You-you can tell her. You missed your anniversary because of me. Tell her.”

Sirius nodded and ran out of the room, yelling ‘Thanks!’ leaving his quill and ink on the floor.

He found you in your dorm room, alone, reading a book with tea in hand. You looked up when he entered the room, and your eyes widened when you realized it was him. You opened your mouth- perhaps to tell him to get out, maybe to yell at him- but before you could say anything he blurted out.

“I’m really, really sorry I missed our anniversary!” Your eyes filled with anger.

“Sirius, I sat in that restaurant for an hour. Alone!” You screeched. “Where were you? How could you possibly forget?”

“Remus is a werewolf!” he said. “Yesterday was the full moon. I was with him. I-I guess it just slipped my mind, with everything going on. I am so, so sorry, baby. I feel awful.”

“Yeah, well I feel pretty crappy, too.” At that point, what he had said dawned on you. You decided you would address it later. You sighed as you moved towards him and buried your face in his shoulder.

“I thought you forgot about me.” You stated in a small voice. Sirius felt his heart break in two. Why did you not get it? He couldn’t forget about you, not now, not ever. You lit up his world, you made him smile, you were his rock. He needed you, every week, every month, all three hundred sixty-five days of the year. He wrapped his strong arms around your tiny figure, moving so that his chin rested on top of your head. He felt you breathing raggedly, and he heard a sniffle. He knew right away that you were crying.

“Shh… S’okay, baby. I didn’t forget about you. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

He held you all through the night, and when you woke up the next morning, sunlight filled the room once again.

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the iwatobi boys accidentally kissing the girl they like on impulse without even thinking because she's just so pretty in his eyes, and then he realizes what he just did but it turns out that the girl they like enjoyed it and likes them back! uwu


Makoto: He’d be blushing all the way up to his ears and apologizing like there was no tomorrow, but he’d stop and blink when she shyly confesses she was waiting for that. “E-Eh? Is it really okay?” They’d end up clumsily confessing to each other, and then he’d get so overwhelmed he’d hug her tightly with teary eyes. “I-I’m really sorry! I… I love you!”

Haruka: He won’t look her in the eye, mumbling apologies and hoping she can’t see how red he is. His mind kind of shuts down when he’s flustered and he has no idea what he could possibly say other than the fact that he’s sorry. But when she tells him she likes him too and that she liked the kiss, his eyes start shining and brighten up right away. “…Really? You too?”

Nagisa: He’s blushing a surprisingly bright shade of pink, slapping his hands together in a gesture of remorse and bowing. “I’m so sorry, ___-chan, that must have been your first kiss, right? I’m really sorry!” Of course this wouldn’t be the case, and he’d feel like he’d heard wedding bells somewhere in the distance. He hugs her tightly and kisses her cheek. “Oh, thank you, ___-chan! Let’s always be together, okay?”

Rei: He’d be shaking in a corner with his hand slapped over his mouth with his entire face sweating and the colour of a boiled tomato. Surely he wouldn’t even be able to put a coherent sentence together, and it would take a lot of coaxing from her to get him to open up from his intense stage of denial. When the truth is out he nearly starts crying in happiness and relief and hugs her to his chest. “I’m so glad… You felt the same as well.”

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GoM + Kagami + Takao trying to impress their crush and embarrassing themselves?

A/N Ahhh, I love asks like these ^_^

Kuroko: He was on a high; Seirin was leading by 10 points and it was only half way into the 3rd quarter; smiling he ran back into position,  and that’s when he spotted you in the stands cheering the team on, your enthusiasm fuelled him even more, and then switch went on; he was going to kick it up a notch. Kagami and Hyuuga were stunned as inginte passes  kept coming to to them with incredible speed and timing. Wow Kuroko was on a fire today. 

At the end of the match Kuroko grinned and stared into the stands, did he manage to impress _____-chan today? As he exited the change rooms he saw you and your friends chatting animatedly with Riko. Walking past you guys he caught a snippet of your conversation. “Seirin was incredible today.”  He smiled, “especially Kagami-kun, he just getting balls after balls it’s like he’s a magnet to them. Incredible.”

Death glare set, he walked up to Kagami-kun and said I hate you; before calmly walking to the bus.

Midorima: He was out depth here, impress his crush?  He’d rather walk out of his house without his lucky item for the day. But after a couple of weeks of Takao’s constant nagging about having to man up, he decided now was the time. Cancer was number one today and he had just won his latest basketball match. He also managed to avoid the deathtrap that was three in a row of the same letter in the multiple choice pop quiz today; the odds were in his favour. Clutching his lucky item for the day; a barbie doll from the 70′s collection he headed over to the basketball courts. Your team was practising indoors today due to the rain, yes the heavens were smiling down on him.  He noticed you from the other side of the court, doing some stretches looking his way. Wasting no time he began shooting his ridiculous three pointers, changing it up now and then going further and further away from the three pointer line each time.
“Wow! Look at Midorima-san isn’t he just amazing!”
A little flustered by your comment, but feeling a little happy he continued, changing it up with some practice dribbles as well.
“Wow, he’s so fast!”
“Yeah I thought, he was just shooter, but he’s impressive with dribbling as well,” Your friend said.
“He looks kind of hot when he’s so serious” Eyes widening and ears redding  he fumbled just as he shot the ball. The result, the ball soared across the court and greeted your captain nicknamed devils spawn, in the face.
He refused to look up as his butt was dragged across the the indoor basketball court and then thrown outside in the rain.
He knew nothing good could come out of a barbie doll lucky item.

Kise: He was waiting for you by your locker and when he noticed you walking down he corridor he casually leant against your locker and struck up a conversation with girls in the perimeter. Speaking loudly, he told his fangirls about his latest model shoot for Zuon boy. “This months theme was animal print so I was modelling all kinds of furs and leopard prints! “Ne Haruka-chan, see don’t I look good in this fox coat! Oh it was fluffy and smooth the quality was amazing!” When he saw your head turn he grinned and gave you a smile made for the cameras.

“You model fox coats Kise-kun?” You asked, “you know they torture innocent animals for that right? I can’t believe you are a supporter for animal cruelty, how disappointing” Eyes widening in shock, he proceeded to silently sulk as you lectured him on animal cruelty in the fashion industry for the next 20 minutes.

Takao: He wasn’t nervous okay, maybe a little but it was going to be okay. As he leant against a tree in the empty school yard he took a deep breath; he was going to do one more run through before actually going and performing the song for you. Pressing play on his Ipod he began to sing, but ended up getting nervous and messing up the lyrics, sighing he decided to loosen up so he played a different song. Smiling as it played he bopped his head to the music and started to head bang as he got into the song ( He actually sings this btw

“My true voice, I’ll unleash them , C'mon, let’s move on and look into the future!” He sang, getting into it as the chorus came on he belted out the lyrics, “ I am unsurpassable like myself It isn’t bad right? This new song I found my only one, everything in the past Everything that burdened will be overcome Your love was the one who saved me!” With a wolfish grin he went all out, moving his arms and legs wildly completely letting go and getting lost in the music.  
“Dancing heart merges kindly for rocking heart; singing for revolution!” He shouted as he posed, popstar style! A muffled giggle broke him out of his happy place. Eyes widened and face slowly turning red he watched in embarrassment as you clutched your stomach as laughed in amusement.

Kagami: He looked into the stands and saw you, in your usual spot cheering them on. He noticed you had been coming to their games for a while and then post matches ramble on to Riko about how amazing everyone was; even him. He heard you talking to coach about his jumping abilities and how amazing you thought he was. Blushing at the thought he decided that the next point he was going to execute an amazing dunk. As he ran across the court he caught Kuroko’s ignite pass Kai and ran towards to the hoop. Jumping he prepared to dunk and thats when he realised he had jumped too high. Face smashing against the hoop he cringed as he fell and landed with a thud on the ground. 

Murasakibara: Murasakibara was in pickle. He had absolutely no idea how to impress girls, let alone you; so for once he decided to watch and observe mura-chins interactions with girls. Ahh, so he smiles and compliments them and that makes them happy eh?  Hmm, munching on a strawberry flavoured maibo he contemplated on what he could say to ____-chin. Finally after eating an entire box of maibou he realised what he could say. Walking up to you, a box of sour drops in hand he walked up to you and said, “hey ______chin,”

“Oh hey Murasakibara-kun, how are you?” You asked cheerfully.

“Mmm I’m good, and _____chin, your eyes are the colour of these sour drops.” He said as he popped one in his mouth. Staring at him in bewilderment you said, “ahh yeah, well i better head off to class.” He watched you with a frown as he pondered why you hadn’t laughed and blushed like girls did when muro-chin did. He turned when he heard a chuckle,


“Ahh Atushi so there is something you’re not good at,” He said with an amused smile.

Aomine: Aomine jogged back into position with a relaxed expression on his face, it was a good game and although they were 15 points ahead their opponents were still packing on the pressure. Looking up into the stands he sees you with a  bunch of your friends holding up a giant sign and cheering loudly; instantly he was filled with the desire for your enthusiastic smile and loud cheering to purely to be directed towards him. With a grin, he charges up to his opponent and after a couple of seconds manages to intercept his drive. Bolting towards the other other end of the court; he’s pleasantly surprised when his opponent appears before him, determined. With a smirk, he slams the ball down between his opponents legs. As it it flies towards the net; he frowns when he see’s Wakamatsu’s second attempt to steal his thunder, within seconds he’s in midair next to his captain. “Once again Captain, this one’s not for you!” Grabbing the ball off his captain he performs 360 mid air dunk. Feet landing on the ground he smirked as the crowd went wild.

He smirks to himself as his showers in the locker rooms, he bet you were impressed by that; as he exits the locker room he spots you chatting with his captain; eyebrow raised he decides to casually walk past you guys, “you were amazing Kosuke-kun!, especially getting all those rebounds! Aomine san was so rude though stealing the ball of you. Disrespectful.” His shoulder’s stiffen upon hearing your comment. Turning around and  sending a glare your way, he huffs off to the train station, stupid woman did she not know greatness when she saw it?

Akashi: He was waiting for you outside your classroom, a massive bouquet of your favourite flowers in hand. He had his eye on you for a while now, you unintentionally had impressed him in your area of expertise and that combined with your beauty; kind heart and absolute nonchalant attitude towards him, charmed the pants out of him. You were a challenge and he loved a good fight. The bell rung signifying the end of glass, fixing himself up he waited for you, and when you walked straight past him too busy chatting with your friend, he couldn’t help but smile, amused. ‘_______-san,”  He called out, you looked so cute with that surprised look on your face he thought as he approached you, bouquet in hand. Giving you a charming smile he said, “for you-” but instead of finishing off that sentence with smoothest lines in history he delivered one of the most atrocious burps in the history of the Akashi name. His eyes widened as he stared at you in a state of horror and shock; when you didn’t walk away in disgust but instead burst out in laughter, he was disgraced, he the Akashi Seijuro he who was absolute was being laughed at. After a good minute you were able to tone your laughter down. Chuckling you gave him an amused grin, “thanks for uh, showing me your more human side, but I think I’d much rather have the flowers,” you said before heading off to class, leaving him there dazed,flowers still in hand.


More tiny TF2. Not entirely happy with how this one turned out, the handle doesn’t line up nearly as well as I’d like. Oh well, a learning experience. I may keep this one, or I may throw it in the shop at a bit of a discount, haven’t really decided yet.

Also not sure how I feel about the glass briolettes. Then again, they are removable, and it’s nice to have the option of a bit of team colour.

As always, thoughts and suggestions welcomed, my ask box is always open.

4.5cm long, sterling silver, bronze and glass.