not enough rumbelle on my dash

I know OUAT got renewed for a S7 but to me it still feels like the show ended with that finale

I don’t know if I’ll watch any of S7 because when the writing completely went to shit the only thing that kept me watching the show was my love for rumbelle. I might watch the first ep depending on what I hear from others on my dash and mostly because I just love Bobby so much. But it really sucks that Emilie won’t be a regular.

But regardless of whether or not I watch S7 I will always be a rumbeller and will continue to read fics as long as there are people kind enough to write them and share them with others. Rumbelle is my OTP of OTPs and fic is where it’s at anyway. The fic is so damn good. Love my rumbelle fic. Thank you to all the fic writers. You guys are seriously awesome. I really hope the rumbelle fandom continues. I love you guys

So My Dash Has Been Super Slow

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  • Once Upon A Time (I’m an Evil Regal, and I ship Swan Queen and Rumbelle, the only ship I can’t stand on my dash though is SwanFire, so if you reblog a lot of that I probably won’t follow)
  • How I Met Your Mother 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra
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