not enough of dis tonight


Thorin, Thorin, wake up. The eagles…the eagles…the eagles are here.

The World Was Wide Enough Monologue

The World Was Wide Enough Monologues, with other songs from the show mixed in (song order under the cut)

Use headphones

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Neat quotes from the Gods

I’ve always appreciated some of the quotes and I would love to know some of the communities favorites!
My personal favorites are:

Arachne when you kill someone with a web on them- “There will be enough for everyone tonight!”

Thanatos when you kill Apollo-
“Even the sun dies sometime.”

The night was going great. You had decent seats, close enough to make out Tyler and Josh’s faces without having to look at either of the giant screens on both sides of the stage. They were currently playing Tear In My Heart (which had always been one of your favorites), and Tyler was commanding the audience.

He motioned to the right side of the stadium, where you were seated, and told you to sing a the verse that was of the song. You of course sang along with all of the clique members around you, because this was probably the only time you’d get to see them in concert, so you wanted to make it count.

When he commanded the other side of the audience, you didn’t scream the lyrics like you did with your assigned verse, but you sang them at a normal level, and you could hear a few people around you singing along too. You watched Tyler in his kimono and sunglasses running around on stage to get himself and the fans more into the song, and you watched as the kimono fluttered along behind him as he made his way back behind the piano. You smirked at how someone could be cute just by walking.

The song reached near its end, right as it reached its highest point where Tyler screams “than I’ve ever been”. And then the lights went down and were calm. Tyler’s voice broke when he started the last few lyrics of the song he’d written about his beautiful wife. You could hear his voice wavering. He got to “cut me farther” before he paused. He wiped his eyes yet somehow was able to continue playing.

At last, he sang the heart tugging words “than I’ve ever been”. And the crowd thundered in approval at his unexpected show of emotions. But, the lights didn’t go out like you’d seen in countless YouTube videos. They stayed up. And Tyler looked out over the crowd cheering for him.

He stood up and walked to the microphone stand at the front of the stage, and Josh stopped drumming. Tyler put his sunglasses on the top of his head, and he looked at the audience until the applause and cheering died down enough so that he could speak.

“Y'know… tonight… is a very special night for us.” He said in his usual way. The crowd clapped again, as they usually did after every single thing he said. While they cheered, he looked back at Josh with a small smile.

He turned back to the microphone and said “My beautiful wife is actually on side stage right now, and she wants to come out.”
Pause to wait for cheering.

“S-so come on out, Jen.” He said to the right side of the stage. Soon enough, the gorgeous blonde made her way to Tyler at center stage with a beautiful white smile spread across her face, and a look of excitedness.

The fans went crazy; everybody loved Jenna! She was a sweetheart, and she and Tyler were perfect for each other. Tyler smiled at her genuinely, and kissed her when she got to him.

The crowd was a never ending sea of fans going crazy. Not one person in the stands or in the pit was calm. And you were shamelessly going crazy along with them.

“Wait.” Tyler said into the microphone with a smile. The crowd almost instantly began to become quiet. “Jenna has something she wants to say.”

The crowd listened intently, not expecting much. Maybe something like ‘I love you all’ or 'You’re all amazing’. But what she said next threw everyone, including you, off guard.

She leaned close to the microphone and spoke. “As you know, Tyler and I have been married for a few years now, and we have an announcement.”

You could hear a pin drop.

“I’m pregnant!” She said excitedly. There was a moment of silence before it actually clicked in everyone’s minds. Then, deafening screams and clapping from everyone around.

Jenna and Tyler’s faces lit up with happiness and Tyler looked at her adoringly before kissing her passionately.

You danced in place. You were so happy. They were so happy. You were all one, big, happy family.

a lot can happen in a touch; a hitch of breath, heartbeat skipping, a burst of feeling within. it settles on jimin’s stomach like how honey settles with water; slowly, sweetly, surely, like a blanket of warmth. he will never get used to the feeling of yoongi’s hand in his, may it be a finger, a press of this thumb, and in this case, yoongi’s pinky linked with his. no matter how small and distant it may be, jimin gains a few more grains of love in his system.

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Undercover (Azura x M!Corrin)

A submission by @theapocryphalone

Modern Spy AU

“Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” 

Azura sighed, adding one last swipe of bright red over her lips before turning away from the mirror. “You know why, Corrin. Lilith received intelligence that Valla is going to be attacking the Cyrkensia gala tonight and pinning it on Hoshido and Nohr. They’re already at each other’s throats, this will just make the rest of the world out for their blood too. And since the gala is only for married couples…”

“No, I know that. Just, um–” he gestured awkwardly between them from his position on the hotel’s sole bed, “why us?”

She gave him a deadpan look. “Because Lilith tested all of us and said you and I have the most convincing chemistry together. Do you have your ring?”

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Gotham City the Musical

So a while ago, @sroloc–elbisivni​ and I were talking about the idea of how there’s probably a Batman/Bat Fam musical somewhere in the DC universe, written by a civilian, knowing only what, at best, a well-informed Gohtamite would know. Then, as a joke, I started writing it out. 

It turned into this mess. Most if it’s going to be under the cut, because it’s long, but I’m still amused by it, so I figured I might as well share it with you. Because it’s written from an outsider’s perspective, there are no backstories, a load of mistakes, and a vast oversimplification of the timeline. But it’s stil fun to think about, so….

The curtains open, over Gotham City. We open with Batman standing in the middle of the stage, standing on a pillar (A Superstitious, Cowardly Lot). During the song he begins to fight many criminals, mostly non-costumed criminals. As the song ends, he exits.  

Enter Jim Gordon and his Singing Police Force, who talk about the Batman and the impact he’s having on the city (The Signal). At the end of it, Batman and Jim Gordon meet, and agree to work together. At the end of the song, Catwoman makes an entrance, (Cat’s Meow). Batman gives chase (Rooftops).

Batman muses over the nature of his work (I Work Alone), then exits. Immediately, the music picks up, and Robin bursts on stage, singing (One of a Kind). He fights a few bad guys, and then stumbles across Batman. The song immediately becomes a duet (Stop Following Me), and ends with Robin and Batman shaking hands. [“Partners?” “Partners.”]

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anonymous asked:

Do you think if, in the fahc universe, Donald Trump was elected, the crew/an individual in the crew would be hired to/decide to assassinate him?


legit in the fahc verse when satan wins bc we’re all idiots, michael looks up, solemnly. it’s happened, the apocalypse. 

the penthouse is quiet. Gavin sits a bit off to the side. He might live here, he might be head over heels in love with his american gf, bf and other gf,, but this is a more personal countrywide catastrophe. 

the bags under Geoff’s eyes were never quite so deep as in this day. Jack’s rubbing her thumb over her knuckles, a nervous tic. no one’s talking

Rays fuming in the corner of the couch, someone is gonna tell him to get behind the wall in the next three days, sniper of the Fake AH be damned, and when it happens, he




Lindsay’s watching the new blood, and her heart goes out to mica

Ryan stands there, watching it all, solemn behind the mask. Los Santos might be a shit hole in terms of stability, crime prevention, cleanliness and just general decency but he in no way wants to watch the rest of america go to hell and/or get nuked off the face of the earth as a result of poor planning on Capitol Hill’s part.

But its michael who is the first to talk 

“we go out like martyrs.” he says, tossing the rpg on the coffee table. He smalsm his hand down on it. “we take all the goddamn ammo in this godforsaken shithole and we go to dc and we aim this shit at that BRIGHT ORANGE TROGLODYTE SONOVA- FUCKING, FUCK HE’S A DEAD BITCH, HE’S A DEAD FUCKING BITCH AND THE SECRET SERVICE CAN TURN MY ASS INTO SWISS FUCKING CHEESE I DON’T GIVE ENOUGH OF A SHIT, HE DIES TODAY., HE DIES TONIGHT AND I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ILL STRANGLE THAT FUCKING FOUNTAIN OF COCKS TO DEATH MYSELF AND I’D FUCKING HAPPILY DIE I’LL-” and he screams for another five minutes but yeah

they clear OUT ammu-nation, rival gangs crowd around to offer men, money and explosives like jack’s genuinely worried a particularly tenacious pothole will blow them all to kingdom come (“that doesn’t make any sense jack.” “are we looking at the same truck?”)

the few police that attempt to pull them over get close range sniped, which tends to drive the other cops away p fast ngl like ray’s gone right past apath now haha no fuck that Donald “the antichrist” Trump is president now no time for fucking games

like, with gavin’s help jamming the radio frequencies, killing the cameras, and them killing/incap-ing the security, they actually get past security and Trump steps up in all his spray-tan repulsiveness, opens his mouth, and there’s a screeching angry redhead with more knives than sense tearing through the secret service and then trump’s getting choked out while the rest of dc is getting set the fuck on fire like

“excuse me mr. sanders trump is dead and we’re kinda the ruling party in the capitol right now, would you like the be the president now? we didnt rig it or anything this time.”

oh if only

Dear Lord,

I don’t pray, I am not religious, but please, to any higher power that may exist, please, let this man be found, and stopped. Already this man has shot, and killed, three RCMP officers, and an unaccounted for number of civilians. Two more RCMP are in hospital for wounds, as well as atleast one man who was shot in the back. Please, Justin Bourque, TURN. YOURSELF. IN. It has been 5 hours, please, stop this madness, and turn yourself in. 

For those that I know, please, keep us in your prayers. Justin Bourque is terrorizing my city, armed to the teeth with high caliber guns, knives, and a cross bow. He is on a killing spree, and has not stopped. He is not a fan of law enforcement, and he has made that clear. He is currently in hiding. There’s swat, mounties, police officers, helicopters, everything, even from other parts of the province.


If you know anyone who may reside in Moncton, or even Canada alone, please, share this and let people know. Enough people have died tonight. And too many are trapped in their homes, trying to calm frantic, terrified children. My prayers, and sympathies go out to the families of the officers who have put their lives on the line and died to protect the people of Moncton.