not enough of clint in this trailer

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Imagine Clint being a street kid needing to take care of a younger Pietro and Wanda.

The twins are only ten, and even Clint knows that’s too young to be living alone, but Pietro just lifts his chin defiantly when Clint offers to take them to a shelter.  “American streets safer than Sokovian orphanage,” he says, so Clint shrugs and drops the subject.  It’s not like he’s ever been in a war zone to find out–he’s a fifteen-year-old ex-carnie homeless kid, not a soldier–but he figures they probably know what they’re talking about.

Anyway, it’s nice to have the company.  In the circus, he’d gotten used to living out of other peoples’ pockets, always up in someone else’s space, sleeping in cramped trailers and listening to the adults tell stories of the places they’d been, the people they’d seen.  He misses it fiercely, the light and the laughter, the sound of it all.  The worst part about his accident had been losing that sense of camaraderie.

But there’s no room for dead weight in a circus, and a deaf rookie hadn’t been important enough to hold onto, no matter how good a shot he is.  They’d had to leave Clint behind, so he’d been on his own until he’d found Wanda standing on her brother’s shoulders to try to get into a dumpster for food.

The three of them have made a home of sorts in an abandoned building in Bed-Stuy.  Clint manages to keep them fed by shooting rats and pigeons with the bow he’d stolen from the circus, and the twins are surprisingly good at begging and picking pockets when they need money.

Still.  Clint worries.  Winter’s coming, and all of their clothing is threadbare.  Pietro had insisted on giving his coat to Wanda, and Clint can see the boy’s boney shoulders through the thin material of his shirt.

“You guys warm enough?” he asks as he doles out tonight’s serving of roasted pigeon.

Wanda smiles at him.  She’s the easiest for him to understand; she always remembers to face him and to speak slowly.  Pietro tries, but he’s a hyper kid, always in motion, and he tends to forget to that Clint needs to see his face to understand him.  “We are used to much colder weather,” she assures him, and then repeats herself when she sees hadn’t quite managed to read her lips in the dim light.

“If you say so,” he says, but he adds another board to their campfire anyway, determined to keep the little room warm.  His mind races with plans.  He probably looks old enough to pass for eighteen; there’s got to be a clothing drive somewhere where he can get them better things to wear.  If they look more respectable, they can spend the days in a heated library without needing to worry about anyone calling social services or the cops on them.  That should make things a little easier, at least.

He doesn’t know the best way to keep them safe, but he knows he has to try.  Adults might have failed him, but he’s got to do right by Wanda and Pietro.  It’s the only choice he has.

The Russo Brothers are clever as fuck

They know very well how to promote this movie:
They made us fight and choose sides without thinking two times about it.
They shows us the Avengers, a brotherhood, a family, fight with each other.
They make us pick sides, telling us that is important, that is necessary, making us feel that by choosing x side we are important enough to win a battle that no one can win.
They shows us in Trailers and tv spots people that we love be hurt, be sad, be angry.
They say to us banal things about the movie, about the characters, about the relationships, things like “there will be a kiss” and it make us theorise about the implications and begin to fight for our otps. Or even they say to us that someone will going to die, and we lose our mind.
They make us theorised about the relationship Tony+Bucky+Steve, or even Clint+Nat, or Vision+Wanda, and a controvertial ending, and they make us feel anxious about it.
They make us forget to Crossbones
They make us forget to Baron Zemo, who has not appears at all.
They make us forget Hydra, and the civilians in danger.
They make us forget the real threat, the big one, more than the Sokovia Accords.
They don’t talk about them.
They don’t show us them.
But they are there.
In the shadows.
Waiting for the Avengers to divide, as the Russos wait for us to divide in each side, to make us fall in the end.

@people who are complaining about the new AOU trailer: 

  • “Theres not enough Clint!” I agree, but, they’re obviously going to advertise their more popular characters before anyone else (Steve, Tony, Thor). If you look back to the Avengers trailer, you’d notice that Natasha was barely in there.. and now look at her. She’s gotten herself a nice amount of time in this trailer. 
  • “Bruce/Nat better not be a thing” I agree also, but, trailers always make things seem different than they really are. We dont actually know yet if they’re a “thing”. Chill. (Also, remember those BTS pics from CA:TWS where all we saw were Nat and Steve kissing? Remember how that turned out?) Chill. 


And I just read up on Clint’s Ultimate comic-verse summary on, thanks to zarabithia for leading me on that trail of thought…

Which basically tells you all you need to know about Clint in AOU, if everything is believed that we know pretty surely by now.

Cut for spoilery set reports and rumors.

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rewatching Thor has brought me back to this theory that Clint is a really good judge of character.

He made a gut call with Natasha and she became one of Fury’s most valuable agents, and a founding member of the Avengers.

He made the comment of rooting for Thor and Thor is now one of the two strongest members of the Avengers.

So in the Ultron trailer when he says to Wanda and Pietro “you step out that door, you’re an avenger” he’s making another judgement call. He was watched them just enough, his gut tells him that he can trust them, that they will do the right thing. Just like he did with Natasha, and just like he did with Thor.

can we have a netflix series of Clint Barton working with all these different heroes and basically scouting them out for the Avengers.


I want more Clint Barton.  Enough of marketing and advertising shitting and practically making him invisible in the promos and trailers as if he isn’t worth it because all he does is shoot arrows.  He is a human of vast potential, he is deaf and beautiful, and he is worth as much as any Avenger.

I want more Natasha Ramanov.  She is more than just a token female character. She is a character who can hold her own against the boys, a character that has gone through hell and is now making amends.  She is one of the deepest characters, and all she is the female who because she’s in other movies doesn’t need one of her own.  BULLSHIT!

And give me more of my babe Bruce Banner.  He is not ‘boring’ compared to everyone and has a traumatic past that can match theirs.  He is more than just the Hulk and has intelligence up the whazoo.  He actually has a human name which people ignore.  He might not be as normatively beautiful by society and fandom standards, but he IS gorgeous and damaged and holding it together.  Stop acting like he doesn’t exist fandom.

Honestly, the BIG THREE in Avengers don’t get me going like these three do.