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WARNING - extreme langst suffering :(

Lance loved his voice.

Ever since he was a child, his family proudly displayed his singing talents all over town. They bought him an expensive guitar, despite not being the wealthiest of families, and he learned to write songs and play the instrument. His mama would always ask him to sing the song he wrote for her before bed. Despite it being a very bad song in Lance’s opinion, she would always hug him afterwards and whisper about how much she loved it.

“My precious little secret,” she would murmur through a wide smile. “don’t give it to anyone else, ok?”

Lance was well-known for his voice. In his little town, Lance was very popular, because of his good looks and boisterous attitude, along with his voice. He entered many singing competitions, mostly to earn money for his family, and he won every single one. His family acquired enough money to send him off to the Garrison, which was a prestigious school far away from home. Lance was loath to leave his family, but they encouraged him to accomplish his dream, which was to go to space. No matter how much he loved singing, Lance longed to become a pilot. So he accepted and left, his mother humming under her breath Lance’s song. He would miss her voice. It sounded just like honey.

“Sing it to me when you come back,” was the last thing she said to him with a watery smile. Lance could only nod, unable to say anything other than “I love you.”

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Not all art deco. However vintage and cool none the less. I have always been fascinated and loved old school ice cream shop, drug store soda shops/malt shops. Here are some really great images. I myself make ice cream, and if I had enough money I’d like to open my very own ice cream/soda/shake shop, all done in art deco style. Anyways, hope some of you all like these old school soda shop/malt shop photos.

 “just start your own business!” is the most useless thing that liberals say when workers complain about their wages.

what is your goal? every single person in the world owns their own business and is wealthy? that isn’t going to happen, and you know it.

in order to start a business, you need capital, connections, and resources. you need a product, you need the means to make that product, you need the money to purchase the required resources for the product, you need a building to make the product in, and you need demand for the product.

“just start your own business” is not an answer to people complaining about low wages. it does not solve the problem of people not making enough money. it is useless, neoliberal posturing and means absolutely nothing.

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This can have many meanings depending on the context. Stereotype says that people in Mexico are poor and as well Poland is seen as a poor country too. Or that's because in america the largest export of labor forces is Mexico and in europe it's Poland. I may be wrong but i think that's it ;w; Also hello my american rodaku!

Ooh. Well, I suppose that makes sense 
That just means we are playing in hard mode!

I was super surprised just how easy living in a first-world country was (when I visited Canada) ((compared to Mexico))

That means we are very hard working, yes? :’D
Gimme five, paisano from another continent !


Requested by lolidk474

You and Johnny have worked hard to make enough money to get your own place. It was the best thing that’s ever happened to you, yet it was a bit nerve racking at the same time.

You moved all your stuff in Two-bits car and the bits helped you set up the place.
“You guys got a nice deal” Soda observed has he brought in yet another box.

“It’s pretty swell” you agreed. It didn’t take you long to unpack all your stuff. You didn’t have too much after all.

“It’s great Johnny isn’t it” you said grinning like a lunatic.

“Yeah it is” Johnny said kissing your forehead. You had a feeling Johnny was even happier than you were. With his tough family life this was definitely a fresh start.


Honestly paying £50 just to graduate (as in get my degree and certificate, not even attend the actual ceremony) really really bums me out. As if I’ve not thrown enough money at them already to do my postgrad but they are physically not letting me say I have a degree from them unless I pay em more money. Looks like someone is trying to pay off huge fuckoff debts from building London and New York campuses by squeezing every last penny out of their graduating students.

I don’t think you guys understand how much your love and support means to me. I don’t want to get pity or whatever but my life hasn’t been easy. I’ve been blessed with a good family and enough money to be comfortable but I’ve had a lot of shit thrown my way and it’s honestly made me feel so unlovable and unworthy.

I’m so thankful for those of you who enjoy what I do and for those of you who befriended me ❤️

When I started I knew there would be at least a few people who would like my tyler stuff. I never anticipated 1800+ followers. I never even thought that more than one of you would want to be my friend.

I value every like and reply and reblog and message so much. You guys make me feel like I can help people and do good in the world.

To some 1,800+ isn’t much but that’s more people than I can fathom. And I’m sure there are those of you who are tired of my personal bs and want more Tyler (I feel that) but I can’t do today without saying thank you.

I want to keep talking with you guys and writing hc’s and making up au’s and helping people who need a friend. I want to do art and maybe one day start a channel for it.

I have no expectations or delusions of becoming some huge internet sensation. I just want to be happy and I want to make others happy too

- Harley, the sappiest bitch

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Are you more worried about trying to find a job now because of the impending WGA protest? I know that this could take months and a lot of people could be out of work for months meaning shows don't get started for a while. How are you planning to get through this?

Yes absolutely. It can dramatically delay my prospects of finding a job in the next couple months and I have enough money saved to last me for about two. It’s not ideal but the strike has my support. At the moment ,I’m planning to get through it the same way I was already planning to get through the unemployment process right now. Take any freelance or side work I can, spend as much time being mentally healthy as I can, work on myself, work on my own writing projects so I can start looking toward getting representation, making more content here on this blog that you guys can find value in for here and my patren, and crossing my fingers real hard that the floor doesn’t fall through at any point in that journey. This is the terrifying part of this job and this process. It’s the sink or swim part where any small circumstance can alter your ability to fail or succeed. Right now, I plan to get through it by telling myself repeatedly that failing simply isn’t an option. I won’t lie. It’s not cute. I’ve had unreal anxiety about all of it for the last few days as it gets nearer to friday. But I’ve sort of always been someone that finds a way to leap and scramble for branches at the same time so we’ll see. 

The Travel Guide Vol. I

About the Guide  

For some time now I have wanted to to create a text to help young travelers plan their own trip. Originally, I was going to base the guide on my European travels, however now that I am getting around to writing it I have been to 19 counties and counting including some in Central and South America as well. I hope that by reading these posts you may be less intimidated by the thought of traveling abroad whether it be with your best friends or solo. The world is beautiful all you have to be is brave enough to discover it for yourself.

Getting Started

The hardest part about being a young or student traveler is saving enough money to go. For me it took a whole summer of working 40 hour weeks to be able to take my first 38 day solo trip, but it was worth every cent. Flights are often your biggest expenses so in order to capitalize on this I did my backpacking trip after my semester abroad meaning I was already “on-site”. However, if you’re not studying abroad here are some tips to get yourself some extra cash:

  1. Stop using coins. When to have coins save them in a jar and cash them in later you’d be surprised how far this can get you especially if your currency has coins with one or two dollar values. 
  2. Don’t use cash. Credit cards with cashback options are another way to add to your travel savings but be careful and smart with this option.
  3. Eat out less. If you go out 3 times a week maybe cut down to 2 and put that extra $15-20 you would have spent on food to travel.
  4. Minimize. For me it was on my wardrobe (clothes), but this one needs to be personalized so look to see where you spend most of your extra money.  

Once you’ve managed to save enough money selected a country or region you want to visit. I do this on google maps by creating a pinpoint itinerary of all the cities or countries I’d like to visit. This part can be tricky because if you’re anything like myself it will be hard to limit yourself. With this in mind ask yourself do I just want to see as many places as possible? Or do I want to spend some time in each city I visit and really get a feel for the life there? On my trip I spend anywhere from a day in one city to a whole week. For me I enjoyed the places in which I stayed longer, so that would be my recommendation.  

“Personally I believe that travel is one of life’s best ways of teaching us. I think we should all go on a journey at least once in our life and if we are lucky many -KF” 

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Does Tord have a favorite gun??

Tord: Depends on what type of gun you’re talking about. I tend to prefer pistols because they’re easy to carry and conceal, and my favorite is either my Sig Saur M11-A1 9mm or my HK45 Tactical. Although, I always carry my customized, blue  Beretta M9 with two T’s carved into the grip. For shotguns, I definitely go for my A-10 American, and for rifles, I use my M4 Carbine.

Tord: I have many other types of guns, but those are my favorites out of my collection. Most of them are what other militaries and police forces use. I just have enough money to get ahold of them.

Please help!

I really really hate doing this, but this my last resort.

So here’s the deal! I’m trying to save enough money to purchase an emotional support animal/service animal for my younger brother. In this case a dog. I’m currently waiting on replies from different jobs I’ve applied to, but so far it’s a no go :( I’ve already sold a bunch of my clothes and belongs to raise enough money for it! I’m getting really close, but I’ve run out of things to sell! I was hoping some kind souls out there would see this post and would spare a dollar or two for my brother.

He has extremely severe anxiety and panic attacks that cripple him, and it happens very often in public. He’s so ashamed of these that he rarely goes out anymore and has lost many friends. It pains me to see him this way. He has no idea I’m doing this for him, I want it to be a surprise.

If you are willing to donate any money at all towards this unbelievable gift, I would be extremely appreciative.

Literally even a penny will help! You can send any money you would like to donate to my venmo - lovelylinds13 

I will do anything I can in return for anyone who donates! Shoutouts, follows, blog rates, anything, I will try my best to repay you in some way! Shoot me message!

Bless all you kind souls out there who share this and/or donate. My brother and I can never thank you enough!

Goal: $207/$1500

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I hope the contest isn't bringing you down much and I decided to send something from myself. Because your art is stunning and it deserves recognition. The effort and detail you put into it is really impressive and makes it stand out, especially in category of fanart! I think the traditional style and method are strenghts of your works. Also, your works have this intensity about them, it always manages to make me emotional! (and being a beginner myself, you're one of the artist I look up to).

Thank you very much for kind words, lovely anon! It helps me so good!
For instant I am still dissapointed but it’s temporary. I have a habit yet because I really NEVER win anywhere in my life. It’s a destiny. I also never can get enough money for survive with my painting, only occasional sales and rare comissions.
I can’t make a doodles, only sketches for possible future great paintings. Every idea should finish in composition. My manner is too long, too “academical” with a lot of classical associations. It’s good for the 17th-18th centuries. Unfortunately we are in 21th.
I’ll continue simply express my feelings in my a free time like many web-artists.
However there is a good thing too. When one try to make money with art he can eventually fall in a terrible trap of “common taste”. When artist think more how to please the publics when about his inner needs the art can become a part of commercial mass-production. Money kills sincerity.
As an art historian I know too good what the life notoriety doesen’t always mean high quality and eternal glory.
All we need is just paint, draw, love our art, our relatives and our friends and enjoy every moment of the life!
I apologize for this long text in bad English. I need to express myself in words. A kind of therapy. In real life I have nobody to hear me. God bless Internet! Whatever they say about this phenomenon it helps people to be connected in all senses.
I wish all lonely person and unknown artists a lot of happiness ! 😘🌹

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hi!! so my friend bought me a binder, but after a while i found out that it wasn't really a safe one and now it's really starting to hurt my chest. my dysphoria is kinda bad too and binding helps it, but my anxiety has been bad and i'm scared to wear the binder although i want to. i'm not out, and i don't have enough money to give to my friend to get a new one. i don't really know what to do¿?? -r

Mod ember here! will be your BEST friend for those down on cash.

Not only does it support a fairly wide variety of chest binders, but some of them go as low as FIVE DOLLARS!!!

I bought BOTH myself and a great friend of mine two different chest binders from two different companies for under 15 dollars!!!!! Shipping included!!!


Anyway, as for the binding, I absolutely know how you feel. I’m very “well endowed” and even binding with my current one, which was about 30 dollars, doesn’t do much for me.

Please please PLEASE BE CAREFUL HOW YOU BIND! If it hurts your chest, only wear it for about a max of 4 hours, okay? The usual that you can only wear a binder for is 8 hours.

Drink water.


Take care of yourself and your body will take care of you.

I know it’s so tough BUT YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT. You’ve survived 100% of your worst days so far, right? :’)

Best of luck!!! <3

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i think i sent this ask when i was really discombobulated so i'll try again. can i have one where mat's a transguy who can't medically transition until he's like 26 (for financial reasons) and when he starts going on t/finally saves up enough money for top surgery he cries? ik it's really specific but i've been feeling kinda down lately and it would mean a lot (unless you don't want to write it! that's fine too) -🌹

There was an envelope tucked under Matt and Steph’s worn down mattress. It was full of money, crumpled $20’s and $50’s stuffed in whenever the couple could spare it. Despite that, even on their worst days when they were scrambling to pay rent and were living off of diced tomatoes and pasta for almost a week straight, they didn’t touch that envelope. Matt had suggested it once or twice, saying that taking $100 or so out wouldn’t be too bad, but each time Stephanie refused and said they’d make it work. Each time, Matthew loved her a little more for it.

Once a month, the two would pull the envelope out and lay the money across the bed and count it. They’d get excited together about the slowly closing gap between what they had and what they needed; $2000 difference, $1000 difference, $500 difference. This month, both of them were itching with anticipation for the 30th to roll around so they could count their savings, and as the two sat on the bed and counted they both felt like laughing and crying as they counted out $4500 in messy bills

“We did it.” Stephanie said softly and picked the money up into a bundle, running her fingers gently over it. “Matt, we finally did it.” Every single part of him wanted to scream or shout or run into the street and tell anyone who would listen ‘My girlfriend and I finally saved up enough to afford top surgery’. Instead, he started crying and hugged Stephanie tightly, burying his face in her shoulder and sobbing loud, relieved tears. “We can call and book an appointment tomorrow, it said keyhole surgery can be about $3000 to $4000 so this should be able to cover that plus any additional costs. We finally did it, Matthew.”

Matthew barely heard what Steph was saying, he was too busy dealing with the surge of emotions in his stomach. He could feel Stephanie running her fingers through his hair, pressing kisses to the top of his head. For a second, an entire life time of pain and anxiety seemed to disappear. Being shot down from trying out for male roles, trying to fit a binder under stage costumes, every moment of raised eyebrows and dirty looks and ‘she’ or his dead name faded away at the feeling of Stephanie holding him and the thick wad of money he could feel pressed against his back. “Finally.” He whispered against Steph’s neck, smiling through his tears. “Finally.”

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I don't think sending the va's a zine is a point of this whole thing? I mean it is to raise money for charity so sending them one for free isnt really about that? Yes that would be only two zines BUT STILM

We’ve gotten pricing for the zines (hardback and paperback) that leave us with a fairly decent profit margin if a few hundred people buy zines (which we expect to be the case), and any PDF versions we sell for around $5 will be pure profit, so we’ll have more than enough money to spare two zines and still donate money to our charities. 

If we don’t, then I’ll pay out of my own pocket (i.e. I’ll put in money I’ve earned through my odd jobs here and there) to pay not only for those two zines, but any contributor zines as well. We’ll make sure we’ve got it all covered, don’t worry, friend!

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Yeonwoo I missed u ㅠㅠ ik u r probably busy i check ur blog everyday .<3 ok now back to KM vlive sub sucks I want to kn what jk said to jimin during the game coz according to my shitty kr ( he said my partner ㅠㅠ pls tell me I'm r8/ also said that he puts a lot of coins/money so they can keep playing ( low-key he wanted to keep playing wt his jm) the only thing they subbed that satisfied me is jiminie-hyung c'mon lol where r u I need u girl

You’re right, Anon.

(Video, subs, and caps by 국민호떡님 )

I don’t know if the English subs are out now but JK does call Jimin his partner [pic 1] and tells him to continue playing (after he died) because he put in a lot of coins for him (he said this part in banmal)[pic 2]. If you actually listen carefully during Rap Mon’s interview (before JK called out “Jiminie-hyung, come on!”) you can hear the coins he’s slotting into the machineㅋㅋㅋ

Some observations:

After all these years, JK is still excited to play video games with Jimin. It doesn’t matter that Jimin isn’t that great at it (JK obviously knew that beforehand lmao), he just appreciates spending time with his hyung and god, if that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings… And this is coming from a man who hates losing, period. Well, I guess he doesn’t mind hard carrying as long as it’s for Jimin.

^ They apparently played more than just one arcade game together, but it was cut.

This whole episode reminded me of that fan meeting from several weeks ago when Jimin was talking about his love of Pokemon Go. Everybody was shouting out different things (like which Pokemon the members resembled) and the only thing Jungkook cared about was the fact that Jimin was “copying” Rap Mon. And then he literally plopped down like a sulking child.

Let’s be honest, he was just jealous that Jimin was spending so much time running around Seoul with Rap Mon and leaving him behind. JK then reminded people that Overwatch was the better game. I swear, this man…