not enough josh ever!

Once upon a time, I awoke in a strange place. I had no idea how I’d come to be there. Bewildered, I stood on a cliff over looking a giant land, with a large factory in the distance. The factory looked dark and foreboding, an ominous presence in what looked to be a once beautiful countryside. “It was mine, once,” said a stance voice behind me. I turned around to see a strange man. He looked raggedy and forlorn. What once was shiny and new, was now a forgotten and broken old man. He told me he used to be The King, but now lived as an outcast, overthrown by the heartless Queen Carolina. Carolina has stolen the heart of the king’s adopted daughter, Porcelain. She locked Porcelain’s heart away in a toy box and cast her out of the kingdom. Now Carolina lived in the tower atop the factory, where she continuously created more toys, soldiers for her army. No had seen Porcelain for a very long time. The Outcast King told me how to get home. In the factory tower, there was a toy box. Inside were all the things that Carolina had stolen, including the entrance to my home. But I would need the key. The key was split into halves. And the person that held half of that key was Porcelain. I would need to find her, get into the factory thrown room, and unlock the box. I set off, in search of the Lost Princess, and a way home.
—  Marianas Trench—Ever After

my dear old friend 

i drew Josh Ramsay because i am in total awe with Marianas Trench’s new album Astoria

i couldn’t decide which version i liked best so have both

anonymous asked:

how'd u get so good w zarya 👀 i like playing as her a lot but i don't ever feel like i'm doing Enough

he he josh is playing on my account so he could be able to play with some people since he’s ranked too high and then he FORCED me (I have proof) to post it pretending it was me. Smh. Now I’m going to hell for lying on the internet imm so soery,,,