not enough food for everyone

Fuck this narrative.

It erases disabled people. The elderly. Children.

It’s classist, ableist, racist, and just wrong.


Fuck capitalism, liberalism, and political ideas of worth and value.

Edit: Seriously wish I knew I could edit sooner! 1. “How is it racist?” It’s racist due to white supremacist policies. POC make significantly less than white people. It’s a big wage gap. Redlining. Gentrification. The New Jim Crow. Systemic and institutional racism. Discrimination in hiring and promoting, housing, loans, and so forth. Whites in general owe a lot to generational wealth, something POC were long excluded from. POC often don’t get the same recognition or compensation for their work. School to prison pipeline, racist policing, unfair sentencing, the much higher percentage of Black, Indigenous, and other POC in prisons compared to their resourcing respective general population percents is a huge problem. It makes it much harder for POC to “move up the ladder,” more likely to live in poverty, and have a harder time escaping poverty. 2. Why liberalism? Because liberalism has become neoliberalism, moved farther right, become less interested in effective measures and actual justice. 3. But communism kills people and anarchism doesn’t work! Okay, I’m not going to debate this point, only say that there is enough food, housing, and other basic needs to take care of everyone. To be continued…

lmao I had someone tell me that the only reason Dany is burning people alive is because Cersei is stopping her from taking the throne and giving the kingdoms peace because only Dany can be a peaceful ruler.

Excuse you but i would like to present

Sansa “do we have enough food for everyone” Stark

Sansa “We need to prepare for the people who will come here for protection” Stark

Sansa “We will give our bannermen their resources if we dont use them” Stark

Sansa “Make sure our men’s armour is safe” Stark

Sansa “WE NOT I” Stark

Sansa “I don’t really care about power and i was ready af to hand it over to my little brother” Stark

Sansa “smarter than she let’s on” Stark

“sansa doesnt care about anyone. she would make a terrible queen/wardeness” yeah it was the worst when she asked them to put leather on armour so the northern knights would be warm and protected and i almost turned off my tv when she said she wanted there to be enough food for everyone what a power hungry bitch

  • CERSEI: Oops, I ended the Reach alliance by killing most of House Tyrell, loosing the assurance of food for winter. Better focus on taking Highgarden so that I can take all the food reserves to Kings Landing and ensure the loyalty of the people because I hold all the food
  • DAENERYS: Oh No, we lost Highgarden. Now Cersei has all the food that I needed to feed my armies and also the people through the Winter, better burn it all with my dragon so that no one can have it. Such a practical and benevolent leader :)
  • SANSA: How much food do we have? How long will it last? What is the worst case scenario for how long winter will last? Okay, we need to make sure we have food enough for everyone that comes here for shelter. We need to organise surplus food to be sent to our stores. Make sure we don't take too much though!
Father’s Day: A Markiplier Egos One Shot

“It’s called ‘Father’s Day,’” Host explains. “The idea is that it’s a day to honor father’s. It’s really not that complicated.”

“But what do we do?” Wilford asks, stretching out his suspenders and quirking an eyebrow at the Host as they lounge in the library.

“Well, as figments, we don’t actually have a father. We just… exist,” Host says with a shrug. “This day doesn’t really apply to us.”

“Isn’t Ed a father?” Wilford’s face screws up in confusion. “How did that happen?”

Host pauses. “I… don’t know.”

Wilford shrugs and claps his hands together suddenly, startling the Host. “Oh, sorry, Hosty, but hear me out, what if we did something for Mark? He’s kind of like a father to us, right?”

“You have a very skewed definition of what a father is, Will.” Host takes a sip of his coffee and makes a face. It’s gone cold. Conversations with Wilford are not good for hot drinks. “Lewis?” the Host asks softly, and the dragon obliges, breathing a stream of fire towards the cup and heating the liquid inside. “Thank you,” and then back to Wilford, “What would we even do? Grill steaks? Toss around a football? That would be plenty of fun for me.”

Wilford shakes his head. “No, Host. You’re thinking about this all wrong! This is the Markiplier, we’re talking about here.” Wilford playfully nudges the Host. “And we’re the Markiplier Egos. If we’re going to do something…” Wilford’s eyes get very devious. “We’re going to do it our way.”


Mark finishes up recording for the day and flops down onto the couch. Chica jumps up, stepping all over him, before settling down beside him, her tail wagging happily. “Hey, bub,” Mark laughs, petting the pupper and feeling the muscles in his shoulders relax. They always get tense after playing horror games.

When he hears the doorbell ring, he assumes it’s one of the gang. Amy or Ethan or someone, but when he checks his phone, which he always neglects to do while recording, none of them have tried to contact him. Mark gently pushes Chica off of him, hops up, and goes to check who’s at the door. To say what he sees surprises him is probably the understatement of the millennium.

Most of the Egos are on his doorstep, arms full of gifts and video games and food. Mark opens the door slowly, poking his head out and trying to give them a convincing smile as he worriedly asks, “Um, hey guys. Wh-what are you doing here?”

“It’s Father’s Day!” Wilford screams in his face, tossing a fistful of glitter at Mark.

“Uh, yeah?” Mark blinks the glitter out of his eyes and surveys the others: Bim, Host, Doc, Silver, and even Google have all shown up for… whatever this is.

“You’re the closest thing we’ve got to a father, so here we are!” Wilford waves his hands in the air, eyes and mouth wide with excitement.

Google steps up. “We have brought gifts of chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel, the video games of your liking, and…” Google pauses, looking at the Host. “Host and I designed a little gift for you.”

Mark is baffled. They all stand there for a few more awkward moments before Mark finally snaps back to himself and invites them all inside before the neighbors start to stare. They already think he’s insane. Mark doesn’t want to prove their point. Bim gives Mark a quick hug as he enters, and Mark can’t help but smile. “Ed would’ve come, but he’s with his son, which is… weird. And Dark… well, I don’t guess you’d want him here anyway.”

Mark shakes his head and watches as they all stand around inside like they have no idea what to do. “Um, did you bring enough food for everyone?” Mark asks.

Wilford looks at the single order of chicken and dumplings that he’s holding and makes a face. “Oh, I guess we didn’t think about that.”

“Well, I can’t just eat this all by myself while the rest of you starve,” Mark says, walking towards the kitchen. “Come on, I’ll make some of my world famous chicken and dumps for all of us!”

They spend the next few hours watching Mark make the food—he even lets Wilford debone the chicken which he seems to enjoy way too much—and playing video games afterwards. At the end of the night, Google hands Mark a wrapped box with a sad looking bow on top.

“Silver sat on it,” Google accuses the hero.

“I didn’t mean to! How many times do I have to say that I’m sorry?”

Mark laughs and waves them off. “Guys, you shouldn’t have gotten me anything.” He unwraps the box and opens it to find… another box. “Um…” Mark takes the box out of the box and looks at it carefully.

“Speak to it,” Google says simply, and Mark shrugs. Host smiles to himself and listens carefully for Mark’s reaction.

“Um, hi?” Mark watches in awe as the box blinks open two blue eyes and yawns open a tiny, pink mouth.

“Hi, Mark! I’m your little biscuit, Tiny Box Tim!” Mark almost has a heart attack, and the Egos, after Dr. Iplier assures them that he’s not dying, are very proud of themselves for a successful, if unconventional, Father’s Day.

Fruit of the Dead (Negan x Female)

Summary:ย She lives in a community called Terra and grows food with her mother. When Negan sees her playing in the woods, he knows he has to have her. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Hades and Persephone.ย 

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 4,290

Warnings: Light smut, lots of fluff, a very fluffy Negan

Authorโ€™s Note: This was a fic request from @to-pick-ourselves-up-7ย who asked:

โ€œCan I ask for a Negan x reader in the setting myth of Hades and Persephone? Sounds interesting to me. Pretty pretty please?โ€

I have rewritten this fic like 3 times now. I just wasnโ€™t content with it, and probably bit off more than I could chew.ย After lots and lots AND LOTS of revisions, I am finally content with the final version. I love a challenge, and this certainly tested my ability as a writer. Hopefully you enjoy it!ย 

There are a lot of references to the story of Hades and Persephone in this fic, and Iโ€™ll include them at the end, so if you want to geek out with me, you can.ย 

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for betaโ€™ing this fic for me!ย 

Please, please, please tell me what you thought! I love feedback.

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feed that boy a vegetable

inspired by my runthrough of persona 5, in which akira ate like absolute shit all day every day


Ann: Have you ever seen Akira eat a vegetable?

Ryuji: watched him do the big banb burger challenge a few nights ago

Ryuji: thosve got lettuce n tomatos on em

Ryuji: close enough rite???

Ann: Be serious, Ryuji! Man canโ€™t live on Big Bang Burger alone!

Ryuji: u sure? cause i think akiras tryin

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Sockathan Week- Day 5: Post-Apocalyptic AU

GUESS WHO GOT CARRIED AWAY WITH AN AU AGAIN some of these drawings suck because I was rushing but it’s fine

AU where the apocalypse started when an epidemic spread through all of the plants and animals. It isn’t deadly to everything, but it’s definitely deadly to humans. The world was stable for a while, living off of stored or already processed food, but the food started to run out. There was fighting and panic and eventually one group of people started gathering up other humans to lose as livestock, people just call them “The Demons.” As food grew more scarce, The Demons’ numbers grew, and they started sending out scouts to recruit promising survivors or bring them back as dinner. 

Jonathan managed to avoid The Demons for a while but his luck couldn’t hold out forever. One such scout found Jonathan half starved and easily overpowered him, but for whatever weird reason, didn’t kill him. He just kind of tagged along and Jonathan got used to his presence. Every time Jonathan manages to scavenge up food it’s a roulette of whether this can of soggy vegetables will be the one to kill him. Sock never eats with him and Jonathan doesn’t like to think about what that means.

He hears rumors sometimes from other survivors, that there’s a place out there where they’ve learned to kill the disease, or at least hold it at bay, and there’s enough food there to keep everyone full and happy. They call it Paradise. Jonathan doesn’t think it really exists though, besides, Demons aren’t allowed in.

title: Chopped
summary: In which Ochako is an awful cook, and Katsuki surprisingly… isn’t.
pairing: katsuki/ochako

“This tastes like shit.”

Bakugou Katsuki spits out his bite of the pasta that had been served before the group of housemates. Since they’d been living together, an arranged schedule determined who prepared dinner for the rest of their class on a biweekly basis.

There were two requirements:

1. Serve everyone. Make sure you make food that everyone can eat, and enough to feed all of them, even if people are absent from dinner. (This rule prevents selfish people—Katsuki—from solely cooking for themselves when they’re the designated chef for the night.)

2. Make sure the food is cooked. If the food made is contaminated, contains expired ingredients, and/or is overall undercooked enough to the point where it may cause illness and thus prevent students from attending class and training, then Designated Chef becomes Designated Housekeeper for a week.

Tonight’s cook: Uraraka Ochako.

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Smut Week: Day 7 | Kim Namjoon

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader 

W/C: 2374

A/N: Sorry for such a shitty end to Smut week, things on my end of things are starting to get really hectic and I know this isn’t the best thing I’ve ever written but just know given everything going on its the best I could do. 

Love you all, K xx

Life as a couple with Namjoon was still very new to you. You had only been dating for a few months and although you two were basically living with one another you were definitely still trying to figure one another out. You were on practically the same schedule as him so when you weren’t working the two of you were always able to meet up. Sex was fairly new to the two of you too, You didnt want to rush things so for the first 6 weeks of your relationship you two only really stuck to heavy petting. Well only some heavy petting.

At first having sex with Namjoon was intimidating. He was this big Idol that so many people talked about in more ways that one, and that made knowing him intimately scary. You still remember the first time you had sex with him like it was yesterday though. You had told him the morning of that you wanted to take your relationship to the next level and he had no complaints about that. He made sure he got to your apartment before you did and set the table for the food that he lied about making, though the lie only lasted a few minutes since he’s a terrible liar. He didnt rush you into anything but he showed you just how much he wanted you with every kiss and every touch. You remember that night like it was yesterday.

Though sex became a regular thing between the two of you certain things he didnt pressure. It took you two weeks after first having sex for you to let him switch up the positions on you and another two after that for you to give him a blowjob, which in his opinion was definitely worth the wait. Every time you’d let him do something else to you you could feel yourself getting closer and closer with him, so you like to have the mile stones. It made things more intimate and  that was something that was important to you. You found yourself getting hornier easier. Sometimes all he had to do was look at you and you would just melt, always either having to pull him in or excuse yourself to the bathroom.

You had gotten off of work earlier that usual, it was your bosses birthday or something so he let everyone go well before the work day was supposed to end. You called Namjoon, thanking your lucky starts he answered, excited to see your name pop up on his phone.

‘Hey babe, I got out early and I’m heading to get some food do you want me to bring you something?’ You asked as you pushed opened the door to the building you worked in.

'Oh that would be amazing! You know were I’m thinking and what I’m thinking about, were going to pretend you surprised me though so your not stuck buying food for everyone.’ He said in a really soft whisper.

'Thats so mean, then its going to look like I wasn’t thinking about the others.’ You said chuckling as you started your walk to his favorite takeout place.

'Good, you need to be ignoring them. Only focus on me.’ He said making you chuckle again.

'Im going to get enough food for everyone, why are you so mean to them.’ You said making him chuckle.

'Y/n is getting food and bringing it! Im not mean to them, I just don’t like sharing.’ He said calling to the others and then speaking only to you again.

'You will have your own food Joonie, they all can share the rest.’ You said opening the door to the take out place.

'Im talking about you, I don’t like sharing you.’

'Then you and I can give them their food and then go to your studio and eat together.’ You said smiling, the thought of being alone with Namjoon in his studio making you tingle since doing it there was something he had told you he wanted to do.

He agreed excitedly and then hung up so you could order. You moved as fast as you could after getting the food, you were lucky your work, his favorite restaurant and his work were all within four blocks of one another so the walk didnt take too long. Once you were in the dance studio with the boys Yoongi waited for the others who danced around you to collect all their food before he took the bag from you in one hand and yours in his other and walked you out of the room.

You loved the scent of his studio, it smelt like his usual soft smell but intensified by 20. You took your usual spot on the couch as he put the food on the table, took his own, and sat back in his desk chair. The two of you ate with the conversations of your day. You told him how you were making great progress on the project your boss ad given you as a challenge and told you that he finally nailed the dance steps he had been worrying about for the past two weeks. You were proud of him and made sure to tell him that making him smile and look down at his next to empty container.

After the food was eaten and left overs were placed in his small mini fridge you stood, kissing his cheek slightly before reaching for your jacket to leave.

'I have some work I have to finish so ill see you at home?’ You asked placing your hands on his knees as he turned his chair to watch you.

'Why don’t you just work here? I can move some of the things on the other desk or you can use the coffee table?’ He asked reaching out for your wrist.

'Okay but you can’t distract me.’ You said making him laugh and pull your arm slightly so you could lay a kiss on him.

An hour had passed since you cleared off his coffee table where you sat criss crossed on the floor with a blanket over your lap and his music softly playing in the background. Your eyes would scan over the array of papers that laid out in front of you and then over to your computer and then back to the papers. But as much as you wanted to pretend work was coming easy to you all you could truly focus on was Namjoon’s profile as his tongue grazed his bottom lip, a habit he had picked up from watching you work. You cleared your voice and shook your head as you reached for a different document. At one point Hoseok walked in to ask Namjoon a question but ended up just mocking you two for being couple goals.

Around 11 you threw your pen on the table, not caring where it bounced and groaned. You were getting no where and with Namjoon sitting over there licking his lip was doing nothing but frustrate you even more, although this time if was in a different way. You closed your eyes and put your hands over your face. He looked up and over to you, smiling at how cute you were when frustrated.

'Whats wrong?’ He said standing up and coming to sit over by you, his long legs pushing the table back a little with his long legs. You groaned telling him you were having troubles focusing. 'Well I’m pretty much done, do you want help?’

You sat forward and started to push your papers to one side so you could sit on the table in front go him. Once you had a clear enough space you moved to sit on the table and hook your arms around his neck. You smiled as his hands started to rub against your knees. \

'Im over doing work.’ You started, biting you lip slightly knowing perfectly well you were about to wreck him. 'I’d rather be doing you.’

His eyes widened and he slowly let a smile creep onto his face before he was kneeling up to wedge his body between your legs so he could kiss you. His hands took ahold of the backs of your knees so he could turn you. He pushed you back so your laid the length of the table. Since his lips had left yours you chuckled as he kissed up your thighs, pushing your shirt up as he went. You bit your lip as your body started to heat up, his lips moving closer to your core making you squirm. Your hand found his hair and started to tug slightly, you weren’t ready for him to be that close with his face.

But hearing him groan at your tug and feeling his voice ring through the sensitive skin of your inner thigh it made you think different. Why not let him if that was what he wanted to do? You Bit your lip and prepared yourself with words to encourage him.

'Namjoon please.’ You breathed pushing his head towards your core. He chuckled and looked up to you.

'What do you want me to do baby?’ He asked dark.

'I want you to taste me.’ You said looking straight at the ceiling so try and hide your blushing.

He chuckled again and returned his lips to the inside of your thigh. He pushed his body up along with his lips and your skirt. When finally hovering above your core he looked up to see you looking down at him. The feeling of his sweet hot breath made your skin crawl with pleasure.

'Ive wanted to do this for so long now.’ He whispered lowering his lips slowly till he was kissing your already sopping core through the thin lace of your panties. You gasped and bit your lip as his tongue started to massage against the lace.

His teeth nipped at the lace and let in snap against you  slightly askew, the sudden feeling making you flinch and squeeze tighter to his hair. He licked again, the feeling of having half his tongue on you and the other half pressing against the lace making you moan quietly. The feeling of having you hot and squirming against him made  him groan in pleasure as his arms wrapped around your lowered half to keep you in place. From that position his hands gripped tightly to the hips of your panties. With his tongue pulsating and teasing through your underwear you couldn’t help but groan when he stopped. You sat up slightly to protest when he looked up at you with sorry eyes.

'Whoops…’ He said showing the ripped lace with a wicked grin.

'Namjoon seriously?’ You asked leaning back and covering your face.

You heard him chuckle again but before you could look at him he was pressing his tongue flat against you and rolling it. He groaned as he tasted you fully and with no hesitation he began to move his jaw, teasing your core as a fast rate. The sudden friction made your body lurch and your hand clench to his hair tighter, Your other hand reaching above you and accidentally knocking everything off of the table. He held you closer than before as he started to play with you individually. His tong moved to flick against your clit before it moved back down to push his tongue in and out of you after switching between the two for a minute he clamped down on you and started to suck and twirl his tongue feverishly.

You let out a shaky breath you hadn’t realized you had been holding that had been a companied by a gasp and your body slightly sitting up. He sucked and licked harder against you his hands reaching up and pressing your body back down. His tongue started to lap quickly as your body began to tingle. You moaned breathlessly and tried to say his name but all that came out was a slight stutter. He caught on to your building orgasm and moved to stimulate your clit before adding a finger into you, curling it to press accurately against your g-spot. You screamed slightly and your back arched again before laying flat against the table again.

The sound of you letting out sweet shorts grunts made him move his finger and jaw quickly. You let out a loud moan at the change of pace, your back arching again and your body is starting to shake as he pushed you closer to your orgasm. His hand gripped tighter to your thigh as your voice grew louder. You moaned a string of his name in short desperate moans until you where squealing though your orgasm, your back arching fully and your hands clenching to his hair as your body began to release. He groaned into you as you came around his mouth, the feeling of the vibrations from his voice shaking your body even harder.

As you came down from your high Namjoon pressed his lips against your thighs and the lower half of your stomach. You could feel him smiling against your skin, your hands finally loosening their grip. He moved up your body to look at you, laughing slightly at your flushed face. You pulled him down to kiss you, this being the best way you could think of to thank him for that.

'Who knew you secretly a screamer.’ He chuckled helping you sit up on the coffee table. You looked around and covered your face at the mess of papers you had made. 'Do you think anyone heard you?’ He added making your eyes widen and you cheeks turn very red.

Instantly the door opened and a grumpy Yoongi stood there looking at the mess that was made.

'Yes. Yes we did hear you.’ He said. Although there was a grumpy tone to his voice you both could tell he was holding back a laugh.

You looked at Namjoon who dipped his head and laughed, Yoongi walking in fully. The two of you watched as he went to grab something off of Namjoon’s desk, your heart still fluttering before it fully dropped. His eyes caught something and then took a double take of it making your eyes follow where he was looking. A smile broke to his lips as he bent to pick up the torn lacy panties that had fallen to the side.

'Well… why aren’t I surprised?’ He said making you burry your head in  Namjoons shoulder as he laughed and wrapped his arms around you.

Werewolf Ratonhnhaké:ton x Reader Headcanons

Originally posted by atenad

A/N: The gif depicts DLC Tyranny of King Washington’s Ratonhnhaké:ton  but these headcanons take place during the normal events of Assassin’s Creed III. I am 100% sure that this isn’t how headcanons work but this is my first one so, here I go!

Word Count: 2,500+

Prologue: The end of the war was nowhere in sight when the Mohawk Assassin encountered you. You were living away from the bustling cities of New York and Boston, settled in the cozy cabin that had once belonged to a relative but that now was owned by you. The skies were radiant in many shades of red as the sun began to set and Connor stood, in the forest staring in awe at you even though he knew he should not be, enraptured in the beauty that was you.

He had lost so many things in his life that he had resigned ever finding his soulmate. This mentality had hardened his heart yet he knew that it would protect him from ever feeling the pain of losing or never finding that special person made especially for him to love.

He had really given thought to never making contact with you. To let you live your life away from him and the dangers he could bring to you. Not only was his work as an assassin very demanding but there was a war waging on around them that first needed to finish before he could be able to focus on even gaining your affections. It wasn’t until Kanen'tó:kon offered his friend some much needed wise words did it made Connor stop fighting his instinct that made him want to be at your side: “Each day that passes is a day you’ll never get back, Ratonhnhaké:ton. We both know the value each day holds and letting them pass by may be what you most regret should anything happen.”

It was then that Connor realized that he had already lost too much and he truly did not want to lose you.

-          The first time that you had met the handsome native man was when a travelling merchant friend of yours chose to set up camp on the road nearest to your cabin. It was almost a tradition for the merchant to stop and bring the best goods from the cities to you and for you to meet him in that exact spot a few times a month. You had gone to trade and buy some necessities and was in the middle of the transaction when the massive native wearing white robes appeared wishing to sell some furs for coin.

-          Never had you ever seen anyone more graceful and beautiful; this interest went both ways as the merchant, who seemed to be acquaintances with both of you, happily conducted business as the two of you told glances at one another.

-          He was on your mind as you returned home that night and remained in your thoughts for the days to come.

-          You had sketched the markings he had on his face in one of the many small notebooks you used to house your art. You chided yourself for giving a man you did not even know and most likely would never see again so much time…and you also chided yourself for not being able to capture his impressiveness. You did only have short little glances though.

-          In the nights of a full moon the song of the wolves would travel with the wind and in through the windows of your cabin. It was always a worry for you, how close the wolves always seemed to be. You had seen a pack run through the forests once and even made eye contact with the one who was the biggest; frightening so! Even from a distance there was something hypnotizing and, strangely enough, reassuring about its glowing blue eyes.

-          Connor spent his time insuring your safety in the short lapses of time when he was not on an errand or a mission. The land you lived on was highly protected by his pack who warded off any predators or attackers, human and not, who drew to close to you for his liking.

-          Connor got into the routine of going to the travelling merchant instead of the general stores in the cities only because he could see you there. The merchant may not have as much coin as the men in the city could offer but that was a small price to pay because seeing you, even though it was short, was priceless.

-          You had spoken to him the fifth time you had seen him. Connor had heard your breathing change, a breath taken in to signify the beginning of speech, but still he was caught off guard to hear the soft melody of your voice ask him; “What’s your name?”

-          You had slightly surprised yourself when you asked him and whatever confidence you had felt quickly melted when he turned his body to face you, when his eyes meant yours. Your heart immediately started to dance within your chest, wildly trying to reach out to him; the man who politely held his hands in front of him, whose large brown eyes excitedly waited to hear your voice again, and whose expression expertly hid the nervousness he felt.

-          “My name is Connor.”

-          “Connor,” you tried, enjoying the way his name rolled off your tongue, entertaining the fact that you knew this was not his real name but using it as it was the one he gave you. “I thought I’d introduce myself, seeing as you frequent this spot as much as I do. I’m (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).”

-          Over the next few months, the two of you had become great friends. There was not many people to have conversation with where you lived so you appreciated his presence. You had never felt fear around him and he showed you that you had made the right choice in trusting him with each day that passed.

-          His attentions grew during the winter months. He made sure that everyone in the homestead had enough food, water, and fire wood to keep them going every day, not just in the winter, so you could imagine how much he worried about you.

-          He forgot to take care of himself sometimes. Being as busy as he was, he sometimes chose to skip a meal in order to weaken the Templar hold on the colonies and you knew this (well, not necessarily exactly this; you did not have the complete knowledge of Connor’s work, creed, and even what he really was) so you made it your job to always make enough food to feed your dear friend.

-          The affections between the two of you only continued to grow though no one would admit anything until, of course, the two of you could not hide it anymore. It was the following spring when your hearts could not take being teased any longer, having been so close yet so far.

-          It was the following spring that brought along confessions and kisses.

After the Confessions:

-          Ratonhnhaké:ton felt liberated by finally being able to tell you exactly how much he adored you and exactly how much he craved being able to hold you in his arms. He wanted to tell you everything at that moment; to reveal his identity as an assassin, to tell you of his true nature but he rationalized that it was too early and that it was too much. He had you. He was patient. Soon, he would be able to tell you everything about himself but he decided not to do it now.

-          You enjoyed sitting beside the fire and gazing up at the stars your father had once loved so much with Connor sitting near you.

-          You had been extremely interested in his heritage; shyly asking questions that warmed Connor’s heart and which he gladly answered. He even told you the stories the stars held within his people and he will admit that he has smiled at the attentive look you always had when he spoke.

-          Connor was a quick learner, given that something interests him and nothing interested more than you. He clever began to learn many things about you. What you preferred to eat, what fruits you enjoyed, what vegetables you did not like, what colors you thought were pretty, what flowers you loved, what he needed to say or do to make you laugh, everything. He wanted to make you happy.

-          Wolves often accompanied werewolves; they looked up to their bigger counterparts and enjoyed being their aid whenever they could. A small pup, one that was particularly curious and enjoyed following Connor around, stumbled her way to the steps of your cabin and with her tiny voice called out to the man that watched you lively converse with him inside your living room. He had tensed slightly, instinctively wanting to check on the little one that waited for him but not wanting to do something that you would deem strange.

-          You had reacted almost immediately, though, quickly rushing to the little one’s aid. Connor watched as you slowly approached the small grey pup, not wanting to scare her away, and extended a hand for her to sniff. The pup didn’t need much convincing, deeming everything to be safe with Connor around, and quickly wiggled around your feet until you sat down and allowed her to climb onto your lap.

-          The entire timey your heart was melting as this had never happened to you and the pup was so extremely adorable.

-          “Connor, look! Oh my goodness, she’s so small! Her little paws and tail! I have never seen anything so adorable! Oh, look! Be careful, little one! Oh, she’s just so cute!”

-          Connor once again smiled.

-          Connor never showed up empty handed. He always brought flowers with him or food or a small trinket he wanted you to have.

-          You had been reading in your bed by candlelight when you looked out of your window and saw the blue eyed wolf again. Being larger than any wolf that you had ever seen, you held your breath as you watched the beast near your cabin and it was only after the initial shock of seeing it so close that you noticed it was injured. Severely. It limped closer to your home until it couldn’t walk anymore and fell to his side just a few feet away from the steps to your home and you quickly got up letting your instinct to help takeover even though you knew that this was a very dangerous situation. The people that lived around these parts knew of this wolf, knew it was the apex predator of the forest and they were fearful of it as it could never be hunted or killed.

-          But something didn’t let this stop you. You needed to help it. Something in your heart commanded it.

-          You mended his wounds to the best of your ability as you tried to ignore the size of the wolf. It could easily reach your shoulder in height if it had been standing. You timidly reached your hand out and gently pet the side of its face, trying to sooth it so that it didn’t feel the pain that you were sure he was suffering through. He had been so quiet the entire time, closing his eyes tightly, not whimpering. He seemed grateful for your help as he leaned into your touch and let out a loud breath.  You felt such a strong need to protect him but you also felt hopeless; you were no medic and though you had tried your best you feared it wasn’t enough.

-          “It’ll be alright. I know someone who will be able to help you better than I. Connor will arrive in the morning but until then, I will stay with you. I promise.”

-          Connor did not arrive in the morning, nor the next. You took care of the wolf as much as you could of until you went inside to get something to feed him and when you went outside, he was gone. The wound had only gotten slightly better so you knew it must have been difficult for him to leave but you understood the wolf’s independence and though your heart was sad you wished him well.

-          Connor should have, perhaps, gone elsewhere but in his moment of pain he had made his way to you. He had not been as careful as he needed to be, having been distracted by Stephane (as the French-canadian man needed his help), and ended up taking the injuries meant for his friend. He knew he would heal quicker in his wolf form so he left for the woods after his enemies were vanquished and blindly went straight to you.

-          He had been injured by silver which meant that his wounds would take longer than normal to heal but once he deemed himself better he went to visit you. You had been worried sick and quickly asked him many questions, which he answered, until you were satisfied enough.

-          “I was so worried that something happened to you, Connor, I could barely sleep.”

-          “Forgive me. I did not mean to worry you.”

-          Connor was so touched. He had friends, he had his people, he had many who loved him but having you worry for him and care for him as you had (though you had not known) warmed him. He had not realized how deprived he was of affection until he met you and like a small pup he craved it.

-          “Connor, you’re bleeding!”

-          He had offered to help collect more fire wood as he noticed you were reaching a short supply and the movement and excursion caused his wound to be opened. It was annoying, having it heal so slowly because it had been silver.

-          You suggested that he take off his shirt as you rushed to get the limited medical supplies you had and when you returned you turned red at the sight of him shirtless. He noticed, of course, and couldn’t keep the smirk from his lips as you blushed a lovely rosy shade.

-          It was half way through cleaning the wound gently with a rag that you noticed that these wounds were familiar. The clean cuts, their placements, and other characteristics got you thinking of the wolf that you had taken care of. The thought of the connection you had made caused you to giggle because of how ridiculously it was.

-          Connor. A wolf. Ha!

-          “You are amused.”

-          Connor was blunt in his speech which you thought to be an endearing trait as he sometimes said things like “You are very beautiful.” And others like “My boot is wet. It had rained.”

-          “I am but not because you are injured. I don’t want you to think that. I would much prefer it if you did not have these ailments but a few days ago I had an encounter with an injured wolf who had similar cuts. Then I began to think if you had been that wolf and that is where I found humor. Not in your injuries, for I wish you would never ever have to feel pain, Connor. But in the thought that you could have been that wolf.”

-          “I was that wolf.”

-          See? His straight forward answers were sometimes comical.

-          Until you remember that Connor was not one to lie.

-          “Excuse me?”

-          “I was that wolf. I was injured in battle as I tried to protect my comrade. I came here because I felt safe here.”

-          You had become frozen, hand on his shoulder gripping onto the rag but careful not to apply any pressure to the bleeding wound.

-          “…That is not possible.”

-          And so he went on to explain how it was, indeed, possible.

-          “You…You’re a w-werewolf?”

-          “Yes.”

-          “…you were guided here by my scent?”

-          “Yes.”

-          “I have a scent?”

-          “Yes.”

-          “…so that wolf and the ones that are always with it…that’s you?”

-          “Yes.”

-          “And the other wolves are…people too? From your tribe?”

-          “Some of them, yes.”

-          “…Are there other…um…beings, such as you? That aren’t necessarily werewolves but perhaps other things like-“

-          “Vampires?”

-          “Yes…”

-          “Yes. You’ve met one.”

-          “I’ve what?”

-          “Lafayette. He is one.”

-          Processing that information had not be easy. At all. Connor could see how pale you had become at the knowledge that a world much larger than you could ever imagined coexisted with yours. He reached out to you and you did not flinch or move away because you had never felt fear in the presence of Connor and him being a werewolf, though it was startling and surprising, doesn’t change that fact that he would never hurt you.

-          You knew well that Connor would never harm you and though you didn’t fully understand what was happening or how it was happening, you knew that with Connor’s patience and guidance you would one day understand. You were cautious of everything now and you had proven to be stronger than what you thought when you didn’t faint at such a big revelation (you couldn’t faint, Connor’s wound still needed to be treated).

-          It took months for you to understand the supernatural creatures for what they were and not for how books had portrayed them. Even then, it was a lifetime of information that he was condensing into little bits and pieces.

-          And that is not mentioning the moment where Stephane revealed his identity as a Master Assassin. That, though, is a tale for another time.

It’s Vintage (Ezio Auditore x Reader)

#28/Ezio “How drunk was I?” requested by ShadowsButNotDark on deviantart

Originally posted by fryed-egg

The morning light hit Ezio’s eyes and he groaned. He squeezed his eyes shut and rolled away from the sun. It took him a minute to realize he wasn’t in his bed….or in his room. He sat up confused and found you sitting in an arm chair, leisurely sharpening your blades and humming. He was on the first floor of his Uncle’s house, lying on the floor in the sitting room.

“Good morning, ubriaco (drunk),” you smirked.

“Agh, my head,” Ezio groaned. “How did I get here?”

“You don’t remember? Well makes sense,” you shrugged. “If I had drank an entire cask of wine I probably wouldn’t remember much either.”

“What are you talking about I had one drink!” Ezio exclaimed.

“Oh please,” you laughed. “You’ve never had a single drink in your life.”

“Will you just tell me what happened?”

“It was your standard drunken display of idiocy,” you said.


“Fine fine,” you began. “It all started with Mario finding that cask of wine…”

“Nipote come look at what I found!” Mario yelled. Ezio turned in his spot in the training ring to see his uncle approaching with two men carrying a large barrel.

“What it is uncle, more wine? Don’t you drink enough as it is?” Ezio teased.

“For the stressful life I live I don’t drink enough!” he exclaimed with a hearty laugh. “But this is special. I was not even aware I had it! It was made by my great-great-grandfather, the year is exceptional. You have to try some.”

Ezio walked over and Mario grabbed a glass from one of the accompanying men. He opened the barrel and the fruity aroma of the wine filled the air. He handed the dark violet liquid to Ezio and smiled.

“Go on drink!” he urged.

“Fine. But just a taste.” Ezio took a sip from the glass and was met with the greatest wine he ever tasted. His uncle laughed at the surprised expression on his face.

“It is good, no? I want everyone to have some, we will make a celebration of it!”

Within the hour everyone that lived or worked at the villa was in the courtyard. A table of food had been brought out along with more than enough glasses for everyone. Another barrel of the vintage wine was found and brought out, ensuring that no one went thirsty. The wine had proven to be much stronger than originally thought and all around people were already being heavily affected by it.  

“Does wine always have effects like this?” Claudia asked you shyly.

“Not usually as fast as this,” you replied. You had elected to remain abstinent for the night, not wanting to deal with the consequences in the morning. Claudia had refrained from drinking at Ezio’s request and was watching the crowd with you. At the center of the courtyard was Ezio, making a spectacle as he often tended to do.

“I can guarantee, GUARENTEE, that there is not one man here that can best me in that ring,” he said pointing to the training area and spilling most of his drink in the process. “Go ahead,” he slurred. “Somebody challenge me!”

One of the boys that worked in the garden stumbled forward. “I challenge you!” Ezio laughed and gulped down the rest of his wine before smashing the cup on the ground.

“After you,” he said gesturing to the ring. The two entered the arena and began fighting, as well as two drunken men could. It was mostly stumbling, with slow hits and delayed reactions. Eventually Ezio managed to kick the boy down to claim his victory. After that more challengers stepped up and he managed to beat them all. He laughed loudly and raised his hands.

“I am victorious! None can stand in my way!” he bellowed. Claudia rolled her eyes.

“My brother is ridiculous, how do you put up with him?” You laughed and returned to watching Ezio who was now doing victory laps around the arena. Satisfied he was the champion of fighters he started boasting about what a good climber he was. He attempted to climb the front of the villa but made it two feet before falling on his back. He gave up after three more attempts and drank more wine.

For the rest of the night he was challenging everyone to anything he could think of, horseback riding, sword fighting, foot races. Somewhere along the way he exited the stage of exhilarated drunk, to depressed drunk. He began talking about his family and successfully made everyone around him weep with emotion. Five minutes later everyone forgot their crying because Ezio went into the angry stage and started yelling about revenge. His speeches didn’t even make any sense. At one point he talked about getting revenge on all ants that had ever dared to steal a crumb from his dinner? Everyone around him bought into it though and an extermination of all the ants in Italy was to take place the following week.

The night ended with a dance off and eventually drew to a close when Ezio finally managed to climb a few windows but missed the haystack on the way down. You thought it best to officially end the night now that Ezio couldn’t even stand. Claudia managed to get the rest of the men to wander home while you shouldered Ezio up the stairs and indoors.

“I don’t know what I would do without you, cara mia,” he told you as you dragged him up the stairs toward the front door.

“Sleep outside probably,” you said, making him laugh.

“I meant it you are so…so.. amazing! What would my life be without you?”

“A lot shorter.”

“A lot sadder,” he said. His eyes suddenly lit up and he looked at you excitedly. “(y/n) I know what we should do! We should get married!”

“Sounds great, Ezio,” you said with a strained voice, nearly collapsing under his weight. Were you ever going to make it to the front door?”

“Is that a yes, bella?!”

“Sure,” you responded, finally managing to drag him through the door. “Just give me the date.” He smiled enthusiastically and went to hug you but he was unable to keep his balance. He grabbed onto you for support but he was too heavy and you both fell to the floor. Somehow ,in between falling and landing, Ezio passed out and you were forced to wiggle your way out from under him. Not having the strength to move him anymore you grabbed a nearby pillow and tucked in under his head before making your way upstairs to your own bed.

“That explains all the bruises,” Ezio said as he examined his arms and legs.

“Next, time I call dibs on being drunk and you having to drag me up a flight of stairs,” you said. Ezio smirked at you and leaned back on his hands.

“So, you want to marry me huh?”

“Excuse me?”

“You said sure that it sounds great.” You shook your head.

“I would have told you whatever you wanted as long as you got in the house, “ you explained. “Besides you wanted to marry me.”

“And what if I do?” he asked. You feigned shock and gasped.

“But Ezio how can you fit a wedding and an ant extermination all in the same week?”

“(y/n)…” he sighed. You laughed and walked towards the door. “Where are you going?”

“I have errands to run in Firenze,” you said.

“But you didn’t answer my question.”

“You don’t want to get married, Auditore. You just like to cause me trouble,” you smirked. You walked outside and Ezio watched from the doorway.

“But what if I do!” he called out to you.

“Then convince me!” you called over your shoulder. You disappeared down the stairs and into the sounds of the village.

Convince you? Ezio thought. He could do that……maybe. With some help.


Imagine the Rotten Four being like mini-parents/older siblings to all of the younger kids on the Isle

- Like, yeah, Mal was originally bent on domination and ruling Auradon, but she was never heartless. Part of being a good leader (besides being feared) is protecting your people, she couldn’t just let the young kids wander around parts of the marketplace where known perverts and pedophiles hung out. But some of the kids were little shits and didn’t want to listen to her, Mal would get real low, let her eyes flash green, and hiss ‘listen, brat. If I see you in this area again, it’s not gonna be pretty. The number one thing you have to fear on this Island is me, got it?’ And kids would obediently nod, running away as fast as they could with tears and jeez, kids are so ungrateful when you keep them from getting molested

 - She took on a few kids as students, teaching them how to be nasty and wicked and cruel. Mal would feel just a little pull at her heartstrings whenever they did something particularly evil. She could never give them a hug (because ew), but she would high five them and ruffle their hair

- Evie had an excellent sewing kit and kids would come to her with torn up legs and shredded skin. She would sit them all down, use her calmest and sweetest voice as she told them stories of princes and princesses falling in love and warm castles with enough food for everyone as she threaded her needle and stitched them back together. Evie brushed away their tears and kissed their wounds, promising that she had just a teeny bit of magic that would help them heal faster

 - Some little girls would cry about never having a proper birthday, so Evie would plan a surprise make up party, inviting all of their friends and bringing her kits, letting the girls play around with eyeliner and lipstick and giggle happily.

- Jay knew hunger pretty well and he hated to see anyone go without food, but he can’t just give it away. He can’t be soft and weak. So he would stuff his pockets and backpack with stale bread and old fruit, wander down to the school yard and run down playgrounds, pretending to be distracted as little hands reached in to ‘steal’ from him. He’d critique the kids on their thieving skills, show them how to be faster and lighter with their hands and watch them proudly as they stole their next meal from an actual victim

 - he knew the kids who got hit pretty hard at home and gift them with a hat like his own. Any kid wearing a beanie on their head was under his protection, so back the fuck away from them

 - Carlos, always an advocate of learning, stayed behind to help younger kids with homework. Cruella loved to tell him he was an idiot and useless, it turns out that’s what a lot of villains told their kids and none of them gave a damn about education. He’d patiently explain math and work on reading and tutor with science, steadily raising the esteem of any kids that came to him because your mom is wrong, Dizzy, you’re not stupid, look at how well you spell. You’re so smart, please stop crying

 - if kids lost their winter coats or needed new gloves, they just had to go to Carlos and he’d give away one of his own or sneak into Cruella’s closet and steal something she wouldn’t miss (and sometimes she would realize something was missing and smack him around, but if it’s between taking a beating and letting a kid freeze, it’s not a question which one he would do)

 - All four of them had a secret knock they would teach to kids to use at night if they were in trouble or needed someplace to stay. Mal would meet kids on the roof, Evie would shimmy down her castle wall, Jay would creak open the door to his father’s shop and Carlos would lift his window, all with an extra place on their bed and an old shirt to wrap shivering shoulders up in

Ribbons // Ji Hansol


the prompt: you hoped for a new life in france, but with no money, you stowed away in the closest freighter you could find. only, it wasnโ€™t a freighter, it was a pirate ship.

words: 6514

category: pirate!au, fluff

author note: ayy thanks to marissa for the idea of pirate!hansol bc this came out of it :) as always i miss ji hansol and wish him all the love. also i need to stop writing novels and just write cute romance like wow destinee half of this is just worldbuilding.

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Angels Choking On Their Halos

Anon: hey i love your blog and i was wondering if you please could write a one shot where you are Tyler Joseph’s younger sister and you and Josh Dun are secretly dating and then you’re having dinner with Tyler and Jenna. Tyler says something like “wow Y/N slow down you foodmonster, or else you’re just gonna choke” and then Josh says “oh it’s okay, she dosent have a gag reflex” You can write it how you like from there. ~ I understand if you don’t want to. Thanks~


“(Y/N)!” Your brother calls from downstairs. You sigh, trying to quickly finish putting on makeup.  

It’s Sunday night and since last Sunday you all went over to Josh’s, this time dinner is at your house. This all seems fine since Tyler and Josh are best friends and you’re all good friends but for you, it was stressful. You and Josh have been dating for almost a month but you haven’t told Tyler. Josh is his best friend and you’re just scared about what he’ll think. On the contrary, Josh didn’t think it was a big deal and that Tyler would be completely okay with it but promised not to say anything until you were ready. You have to admit though, sneaking around was getting quite tiresome but you didn’t want to risk Tyler being upset.

You finish your eyeliner, dolling yourself up for Josh but not enough that Tyler would question it. After all it’s “just Josh”. You go downstairs to see what you can help out with. You see Tyler taking something out of the oven and Jenna trying to reach over him to stir something on the stove.

“Whaddaya need?” You ask.

“Can you set the table for me?” Jenna asks and you nod, grabbing the plates off the counter and going to set the table. No sooner than you began setting out the silverware, Josh comes through the front door.

“Hey!” He says, announcing his entrance. Tyler and Jenna look over from the kitchen and greet him, still scurrying around the kitchen.

“Sup!” Tyler yells, putting butter on the bread. Josh comes over to you and wraps his arms around your waist in a more-than-friendly hug.

“How ya doin, babe.” He whispers in your ear in a low husky voice.

You push him off you and wink before finishing setting the table. Soon enough, the food is brought out and everyone sits down at the table to eat.

You hadn’t eaten since breakfast so you were extremely hungry to say the least. You put bread on your plate and Jenna passes the spaghetti to you. You put a whole pile of it onto your plate and immediately begin to dig in. You’d finished half your plate of spaghetti while everyone was still eating bread.

“Woah, slow down there you little food monster. Jeez, you’re gonna choke.” Tyler chuckles. Your face goes red with embarrassment.

“Oh, don’t worry, she doesn’t have a gag reflex.” Josh smirks. You freeze, eyes wide. You drop your fork on your plate, the sound ringing in the silent moment. Before you can even begin to explain, Tyler stands and slams his fists on the table.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!?” He shouts, his chair nearly tipping over. Josh walks around the table to Tyler with his hands up in surrender.

“Woah, hey, calm down it was just a joke, Ty-” Tyler cuts him off angrily.

“Really? Because (Y/N)’s reaction sure didn’t seem like it!” You stand up with a hand over your mouth.

“LISTEN!” Josh sighs before continuing.

“I’m sorry okay, just- let’s talk it out, alright? But you need to calm down- ” Josh tries to reason with your brother but it was no use.

“No, I’m not gonna calm down because you’re FUCKING MY GOD DAMN SISTER!!” He shoves him back quite aggressively. Josh trips backwards, stumbling into a chair but not falling down. Jenna stands up, looking at the two worriedly but unsure of what to do.

“TYLER STOP IT! Leave him alone!” You scream at the top of your lungs. Tears stream down your face at the thought of the two of them getting into a physical fight. The yelling gets louder as they grab each other’s shirts, each of them trying to drag the other down.

“Guys! Cut it out! Please!” You yell but again, it proves to be pointless. You break down into tears on the stairs and Jenna comes over and wraps an around you, trying to calm you down. You shrug her off and run up to your room, slamming the door behind you and collapse on your bed. It’s all your fault they’re fighting. You’re the reason they’re not going to be friends anymore. And you’re not just breaking up a friendship, you’re breaking up a band. You eventually cry yourself to sleep, tears staining your pillow, as you think about what’s gonna happen you wake up.

It’s around 12:30 pm when you wake up the next morning. You rub your eyes with your sleeves and sigh, mustering up the courage to go confront your brother. You timidly knock on his door to which he responds with a soft “come in” completely contrasting how he’d been last night. You slowly push open the door to see Tyler lying on his back, staring at the ceiling and Jenna fast asleep next to him, facing towards the wall. He sits up as you walk in and sit next to him on his bed.

“Hey.” You simply say.

“Hey.” He replies. You both sit in silence for a few moments. You think about what you want to say to him but only find yourself becoming upset again. You sniffle and he looks over at you with sympathetic brown eyes.

“I’m sorry….” you whimper, trying not to have another full breakdown. Tyler silently wraps his arms around you, taking a deep breath and pulling your head into his chest. You immediately stop trying to contain your sobs and let yourself cry into his sweatshirt.

“I’m sorry….” you say again since it seems to be the only words your brain can form.

“It’s okay, (Y/N), it’s okay.” He rubs your back and rests his head on top of yours.

“I don’t want you and Josh to stop being friends. I don’t like when you guys fight. Please make up. I promise I won’t see him anymore just please stop being mad at each other. I’m sorry.” You cry.

“Me and Josh are fine, (Y/N). Don’t worry. We talked everything over last night for a couple hours. I’m not mad or anything. Everything is okay, calm down.” He soothes me. You immediately sigh in relief.

“I just wish you would’ve told me. I don’t want you to feel like there’s anything in the world that you can’t talk to me about, alright?” You look up at him and nod. He gives you a small smile which you return.

“Good. I hope you forgive me for getting angry, but you’re my baby sister. It was just my immediate reaction. I’m sorry for overreacting though.” You squeeze him tighter.

“It’s fine. I understand. In some bizarre way, I’m kinda glad you reacted the way you did. If you hadn’t I’d be a little offended. It’d almost be like you didn’t care….I don’t know. Older brothers are supposed to be overprotective.” You shrug and sit up. He smiles down at his lap and nods in agreement.

“Well, there’s a frantic young man downstairs who’s been going crazy because you wouldn’t come out of your room.” He pokes your shoulder and you giggle. It’s a miracle Jenna hasn’t woken up.

“Alright, I’ll go talk to him.” You say. You stand at the top of the stairs and see Josh look up at you with wide hopeful eyes. He stands when he sees you and you just smile without saying anything. He runs up the stairs to you and wraps his arms around you tightly, picking you up. You wrap your arms around his neck and place a kiss on his soft lips before he puts you down. You smile up at him contently.

“I love you so much (Y/N).” He says looking down at you in adoration.

“I love you too.” You grab his hand and lead him to your bed room, walking past Tyler’s open door. You see Jenna, snuggled into his chest as he strokes her blond hair. As soon as you set foot in your room, Tyler’s voice comes down the hall.

“Leave the door open, you two!”

Keeping Promises

Request: “Can you do one about Dizzy coming to Auradon. Ever since the movie I have been searching for a fanfic about it and there are only a couple. I’m absolutely obsessed with Dizzy Tremaine” — by Mailani4ewa from

I did not do Dizzy justice in this. I don’t know why I had such a hard time with her. Sorry if this didn’t turn out well.

Dizzy gazed out of the car window, a small bag with all of her personal possessions held loosely on her lap. She had never seen so much green before. Trees and grass and flowers. All alive compared to the wilting flowers and weeds back home. She had never seen such a blue sky or even clouds so perfectly fluffy. Dizzy inwardly cursed the dense fog that stretched over the Isle. If she had known this was the view it kept away from her, Dizzy would have tried harder to get off the Island.

She smiled and reached to trace the path of the road with her finger. They were moving so fast and watching everything rush past her made her… well, dizzy! The girl shook her head, a smile seemingly etched on her face permanently as she looked expectantly at the courier who was sent to retrieve her.

“What’s it like?” she asked for the dozenth time. The man sighed and shook his head before sending her a fond look.

“Like I told you, Miss Dizzy,” He said as he leaned towards her with an excited glint in his eyes. “Auradon is like magic.”

“The good kind, right?”

“The best kind.” Dizzy giggled and nodded. She was obviously appeased. She thought back to her grandmother’s shop with Evie and couldn’t help but think the other girl hugely underplayed how beautiful Auradon really was. Even her television couldn’t detail how magnificent this all was.

“And the food?” she asked after a moment. The man thought for a moment, bringing a hand to his chin with a soft hum.

“It taste like happiness,” Gerard finally said. Dizzy’s eyes shined with unshed tears. She didn’t get to be happy on the Isle. Of course she had experienced happiness before; creating beautiful styles with Evie and being invited to Auradon to name a few. However, as she got older, Dizzy found herself losing those precious moments. Ever since she turned ten earlier that year, her grandmother brought it upon herself to assign Dizzy difficult chores that took her nearly all day to finish.

She didn’t complain, though. She couldn’t complain, more like. Her grandmother’s word was law and not even Dizzy’s mother could deter her. Not like Drizella would, anyways.

Dizzy’s stomach gurgled at the mere thought of food. She was always hungry but there was never enough food for everyone back home to eat their fill. She was always last to get rations. Being the youngest family member did that to a person. Gerard shot Dizzy, then her aching tummy a look, before reaching into one of the bins inside the limo.

“I’m sure having one sweet before dinner wouldn’t hurt,” he said with a wink. The man then handed the girl an oddly shaped circle covered with a plastic film. Dizzy looked at it curiously for a moment before sending Gerard a confused look.

“What is it?” she asked after sniffing the plastic.

“Oh, honey,” Gerard murmured sadly. Dizzy didn’t take notice of the sympathetic words as she grabbed the twisted ends of the ‘sweet’ and pulled. She yelped when a small red bit fell out of the film and landed on her lap.

“I broke it,” she whispered frighteningly at Gerard. “I’m sorry! Please don’t send me back!”

“No, no, honey! Of course I wouldn’t send you back,” Gerard said quickly placating the emotional girl. He carefully picked up the red bit and pressed it into her hand. “That’s candy. You eat it.”

Dizzy wiped her eyes quickly and nodded her head. She was a little embarrassed at herself for being such a baby but the mere thought of going back to the Isle before even arriving to Auradon terrified her. She sniffed loudly before tentatively giving the hard candy a lick. The sudden explosion of flavor caused the small girl to gasp in surprise. She quickly dropped the whole thing in her mouth and moaned with bliss as the tangy, yet sweet, candy literally melted on her tongue.

“Is this a strawberry?” She asked around the candy. “It’s red like the thing Mal eats on TV.”

“It’s strawberry flavored,” Gerard replied. “Candy and fruit are not the same thing.”

Dizzy nodded in understanding, her head bobbing up and down excitedly as she finished off the piece of candy. If all the food in Auradon was like the strawberry candy she just ate, Dizzy would die a happy little girl.

“Here,” Gerard said in conspiratorial whisper. He picked up the bin of similar looking candies and motioned for Dizzy to open her bag. The girl gasped as the man tipped over the bin and watched as the all the sweets fell into her partially vacant bag. “You can save those for later.”

“Thank you!” Dizzy squealed as she quickly shut her bag and hugged it to her chest. The rest of the car ride Dizzy spent firing questions to Gerard faster than he could answer. It wasn’t a very long wide at all. To Dizzy, who had never been in car before, felt like she was flying with how quickly they were moving. Before she knew it, the young girl was being ushered out of the car and was left standing in front of a giant, clean building with Gerard by her side.

Dizzy spun around, her eyes flickering to every which way as she tried to take all of Auradon in at once. She could feel her heart hammering inside her chest and her cheeks ached with how wide her grin was spread across her face.

“Wow!” she squealed. “It’s so pretty!”

“Dizzy?” the young girl spun around and screamed when she saw Evie standing on the steps to the building behind her. Dizzy didn’t care when she dropped her bag to the ground and rushed to the other girl, tears blinding her before she fell into the other girl’s arms.

“Evie!” Dizzy chanted her name through her sobs. The other girl, too, couldn’t keep herself from shedding her own tears as she tried to calm her pseudo sister. Neither cared if they gained an audience during their little reunion. Once Dizzy was finally calm, Evie took a step back and held her at an arm’s length to look at her. She looked the same from when she saw her on the Isle just a few short weeks ago but even then there was a certain glow about her.

“You’re here!” Evie laughed before pulling her into another short hug. “You’re finally here.”

“We’re both here!”

The elder girl felt her throat tighten again, she coughed to dispel the discomfort before turning and waving the others down. She had towards the driveway the moment she caught sight of a small figure with little pom-poms on their head. Evie almost couldn’t believe Dizzy was actually in Auradon and she was definitely going to give Ben hell for not telling her beforehand.

“Welcome to Auradon, Dizzy,” Ben said in greeting as he and the others finally made it to them. “I’m glad you made it here safely.” Dizzy sent the King a huge smile before quickly pulling him into a hug as well. Her words of gratitude muffled in his suit jacket.

When they pulled away, Dizzy quickly said hello to the remaining VK’s before returning to Evie’s side.

“I thought you would enjoy having dinner with us before you go to the family we set you up with,” Ben said kindly. “They are very nice and very excited to have you.”

Dizzy nodded but Evie was the only one who could see she looked unhappy. The other teens looked confused when Evie asked the young girl what was wrong. It took some coaxing but she was eventually able to get it out of the child.

“I won’t see Evie a lot, will I?” she whispered sadly. Ben and Evie shared a look before Evie lowered herself down to Dizzy’s level.

“Pretty girl,” she called with a happy smile. “I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. I’m just a quick drive or phone call away.”

“Yeah, Charmington is only about twenty minutes from here. And I’m sure fairy godmother wouldn’t mind you visiting.”

“See,” Evie said. “Now that you’re here, you are stuck with me.”


“And hope to die.”