not enough duct tape

the signs as things i overheard in my class
  • Aries: I'm going to write a fanfiction about this in the afternoon.
  • Taurus: my mom thinks i have friends
  • Gemini: if you can't fix it with duct tape, you haven't used enough duct tape
  • Cancer: He said he preffers cats over dogs, that's when i realised i hate him.
  • Leo: (after someone else said the time) can you tell it to me digitally please ?
  • Virgo: So you're supposed to say 'Hello ?' at the beginning of a conversation ?
  • Libra: I don't care where do we get married, i just don't want him to be vegan !
  • Scorpio: i feel like this would be a really good place to hide a dead body
  • Sagittarius: i saw a piece of ham on the floor so i threw it on my classmate
  • Capricorn: let's pretend we're working okay
  • Aquarius: wait... Monday ? I though it's friday GOD DAMN IT
  • Pisces: (about teachers) man i ship them
Important Intp things

Book lights and sheet tents.
Controlled chaos, it looks messy but it’s well thought out.
Peanut butter sandwiches and cereal.
Heavy blankets and a cold bedroom.
Puns for days.
Books in piles because the shelves are full.
Empty water glasses and half eaten bags of sweets.
The hum of a computer fan and the click of a mouse.
Pages being turned and tea gone cold.
A telescope, a keyboard and half built model in a thick layer of dust.
12 of the identical shirts in slightly different colors.
Bed sheets askew with a nightstand too cluttered to be used.
Messy hair, but a cap close at hand.
Forever disappearing hair ties, but always enough duct tape.
A weeks worth of plates waiting to be washed.
A colorful chair and an intp reading

Single Now

If I were to be honest
About the way I feel about things
I would say empty.

I can tell by the way that my hands are constantly grabbing
While trying not to take from other people
Scooping sand into my mouth with a body full of holes

To fill my holes
Bullet wounds…
Shot guns my favorite

Stab wounds
Needle pin pricks
If I scoop it in fast enough it’s like I’m not missing a thing

Sometimes I can’t feel it seeping out of me like an hour glass
Which is how I know the feeling only lasts
For two seconds

I don’t have enough hands to cover them
Duct tape
Gorilla Glue

Nothing keeps it shut
So don’t ask me how I feel about stuff
If you don’t want to know how I felt your touch
But you never filled me up


My Fallout 4 Weapons. I mainly use Lightbringer, with No Issue as my backup and The Road Warrior for use against unarrmored opponents like Ghouls.

I just obtained Cosmetic Enhancements and Sporting Purpose, so It’s gonna be a bit before I can scrounge up enough Duct Tape to make them live up to their names. Suffice to say they will be scary black defensive “hunting” tools.

I did just manage to fully upgrade Rooftop Referendum, and at 405 DMG a shot, I just might use it more. Shame there’s no Semi-Auto option.

By the way, the Sniper, the Lasers, and the Sawed-Off all get buffed by the same perk, because they are all non-automatic rifles. Bethesda is worse at classifying weapons than the ATF.

If it can’t be fixed with duct tape…then you’re not using enough duct tape.

So this happened in one of my dreams and I just had to draw it because it was so weird and amusing for me.
I was Yuna and I ended up breaking my staff in a battle, so I was pretty upset about it. Then Tidus decides he can fix it with duct tape but fails miserably because he’s Tidus. Then he said “You know what…we’ll just buy you a new staff” The end.