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Americans say student debt hasn’t gotten enough attention during the 2016 election

Only 1 in 10 Americans thinks the student debt crisis — an issue that disproportionately affects young people and people of color — has received enough media coverage this election cycle. One reason for the disconnect might be the fact that affluent voters in the donor class have other priorities.

Car Insurance Tips!!!!!

Since I know a lot of people (especially my age) don’t know about car insurance, I figured I’d share my expertise.

1) make sure you don’t just have “full coverage”. Full coverage is a term used by cheap insurance companies like Fred Loya or the General to trick consumers into thinking they’re “fully covered” when all you get is liability coverage (which only covers repairs to the vehicle(s) you hit) with minimum limits. Have some comprehensive (for weather damage, accidents caused by animals, loss of control of your vehicle, etc) and collision (when you collide with a vehicle or another object in the road) coverage so you can get repairs done to you’re own car.

2) do NOT DO NOT DOOOO NOOOOT get minimum limits and high deductibles if you can afford something higher. I see so many people not have enough money to take care of someone else’s damages or their own vehicle because they don’t have enough coverage or high ass deductibles. Why are you paying for insurance if you’re not going to be able to use it??

3) Don’t let your coverage lapse. It’s the second you think “I’ll just reinstate it in a month or two” that you get in an accident and a month or two has turned into a year or two and you’re out here with no coverage for yourself or others.

4) get the rental coverage, the medical coverage, the bodily injury liability insurance and the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages too. Cus you truly never know what can happen. So many people end up out here without a car and debt up the ass because they can’t afford a rental or racked up med bills from an accident or caused someone else injuries or got into an accident with someone without coverage and end up screwed. Don’t be that person.

5) READ. YOUR. DAMN. CONTRACT. At least your declarations page. I get so many people who end up fucked because they thought some shit would be covered and it turns out that it’s clearly stated in your policy that it isn’t. Even if you have to have someone with the company explain it, that’s what the service department is there for. Know what you’re paying for.

6) if you get injured in an accident and you or the person at fault have the proper medical coverages, don’t waste your time or money with an attorney. They rarely even know what’s going on with your case, we’re only obligated to speak with them every 20-30 days anyway and they can’t get you anything beyond the policy limits anyway unless there are some extenuating circumstances. Why even use the insurance if you’re going pay for an attorney who’s going to get their cut off a payment you would’ve gotten anyway without their help?

7) keep your info updated. If you get a new/replacement car, if you move, if pure adding someone to the policy or taking them off, make sure you update that with your company ASAP, regardless of whatever provisions are in your policy. You’ll be avoiding a coverage investigation in the long run or not having coverage at all because you forgot to update some info within the allotted times. Adjusters like to get Claims with no coverage because it’s less work for them. They don’t have to do anything because the policy isn’t in force.

8) if you can file a police report, DO IT. They can help a case so much. A police officer won’t outright say who’s at fault when both parties are disputing what happened but the Adjuster will be able to tell based on how that officer writes the narrative on the police report.

I can’t think of anything else right now but send me a message if y'all have any questions.

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Why do you call the dismal couple are PR couple? Yes Ben tries to put himself in the best light when he is interviewed, but he has always been like that. But they don't tweet, don't do photo spreads in the gossip mags, Sophie is not designing handbags or clothes like other celeb wives and they are generally flying under the radar and are not seen much in public. It seems they want us to forget them.

They ARE a PR couple because they were brought together bound by a contract solely for the reason to appear on red carpets during BC’s first Oscar season from the end of 2014 to Feb 2015 so BC can get enough coverage in the media. Every single appearance, tabloid stories was calculated and timed to get maximum exposure, including selling an ‘engagement’ story, a ‘wedding’, the ‘birth of a child’, selling the ‘place of birth and name of a child’, the ‘christening of a child’, all that and more. Not one move was made that looked like these two are actually a couple in a real relationship, only a business that was created to get BC exposure where sh plays the silent role of the PR wife, sh was supposed to be a red carpet decoration only. Of course, this should have ended with the Oscars but is still on either because B is saving face (very badly by doubling down on stupidity) and/or sh has something on him - whatever version you prefer. Please don’t even try to suggest the word ‘privacy’ here. The reason why this time around they are not so visible is that BC is most probably embarrassed about showing sh off, cause let’s face it, she IS an embarrassment, he is petrified of people asking questions because he is shit at lying about now two non-existent kids and they’re hiding sh’s pretend pregnancy belly because they made so many mistakes with  the last one. This all doesn’t make them any less PR. Probably the other ‘birth’ announcement will be used for PR too. DS is coming out, the Oscars is coming, there’s Valentine’s Day which is the PR wedding’s anniversary…quite a few options here, which one will they choose?

Have a good one, Nonny! ;)

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hi i wanted to start watching junior hockey so do you have any teams you'd recommend to start following? also how do you know when they play cause i know nhl teams have calendars u can download

I don’t watch enough junior hockey to know which teams I should rec actually. When I rec NHL teams, it’s because I’ve watched every NHL team play and I’ve managed to form opinions based on that, but there’s just not enough media coverage of the CHL or time for me to watch all the CHL teams play. I guess I can just recommend the teams/players I watch?

1. Halifax Mooseheads, QMJHL - I started watching because I have residual soft feelings from the MacKinnon-Drouin-Fucale era. And right now, the #1 reason I’m watching them is because my favorite junior player is Nico Hischier. Projected second overall pick of 2017, currently the 8th highest scorer in the Q with 76 points in 45 games. (He’s second if we’re doing points-per-game.) Their top line has some amazing chemistry between Hischier and Max Fortier. Also their tiny 5’7 goalie Blade Mann-Dixon is adorable. I have a super soft spot for Bolts draftee Otto Somppi, along with Ben Higgins, Connor Moynihan, and fave French-Canadian defenseman Frédéric Aubé. (Fun fact: there are players named Flower and Bishop on this team too)

2. Mississauga Steelheads, OHL - I started watching them for Michael McLeod and Nathan Bastian tbh. But then I realized that this team is a wealth of talent. There’s a lot to admire in 2017 top prospects Owen Tippett, one of the highest scorers in the O, and defenseman Nic Hague, who has one of the best noses in junior hockey. Ryan McLeod is developing into quite the faceoff king, which is pretty great considering how good his brother is at faceoffs. And Spencer Watson has been impressive in the games I’ve been able to catch. Their goalie Matthew Macina has the ability to play lights-out sometimes, though his numbers don’t really reflect that.

3. London Knights, OHL - I’ve watched less of the Knights than the other two, but I’ve got a super duper soft spot for various players. Mitchell Stephens (another Bolts prospect!) is probably my favorite on this team. He has a way of stepping up during the few games I’ve watched. And Tyler Parsons, what a goalie, seriously. And of course there’s my son Cliff Pu who I love a lot. They were the second OHL team to clinch a playoff spot.

Some other teams I check out but nowhere as seriously as these three:

4. Erie Otters, OHL - I’m here for Bolts prospects Anthony Cirelli and Taylor Raddysh. Raddy has been sooo good. And of course no one can forget the scoring machine that is Alex DeBrincat.

5. Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL - Mathieu Joseph, Julien Gauthier, and Thomas Chabot, man. This is such a good team. I watch them when I get sad that the Moose aren’t such a good team lmao. I need one Q team that can win.

6. Moose Jaw Warriors, WHL - I don’t pay attention to the Dub hardly at all but I will for Brett Howden (are we seeing a pattern about Bolts prospects?)

7. Brandon Wheat Kings, WHL - Well I gotta watch Nolan Patrick play at some point, right?

I only know when they play by checking and like every morning. I have them bookmarked. This is what I do for NHL teams too, I check every morning. If there are a lot of NHL teams I want to watch, I give them priority over CHL games. Edit: So CHL teams have calendars too

Just got the best news!!!

Our medication coverage, like our medical, for infertility apparently only counts toward our lifetime max if the cycle fails. All of the coverage we used for our successful IVF cycle fell under our regular med coverage. So, that means we have just about enough coverage to afford one more IVF cycle, if we need it. Judging from the cost of our first one, we’ll probably need to pay for one, maybe two, meds OOP but omg that’s so much more doable.


We all know this problem. We buy a cushion foundation and we don’t like it. Either way the tone doesn’t match our skintone, it breaks us out, it doesn’t give us enough coverage or it simply isn’t the right foundation for our skintype.

Another waste of money.

But what to do know with it? Should we throw away the pretty case and the puff? Or should we keep it and buying refills from other brands to fit it in there? Yes, buying refills is a good idea but what if we keep on having the same problem over and over again? Should we go back to our old foundation without having the benefit of having a portable cushion case? NO!

Here is the solution: just make you own Cushion Foundation. It’s quick, easy and you can finally use up other products you wouldn’t be able to finish. Before throwing everything away, let’s get the money out of each product.

Please continue reading for my short do it yourself.

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♛ mine?

my opinion on;

character in general: Not enough goddamn coverage. For such an amazing character, he spends way too little time on screen. I wish they would have covered him more, but knowing Square Enix, I would have probably bawled more than I already did. I love him to itty bitty tiny pieces and I honestly cried when he died. A well-built character, with a strong set of principles, quite a rarity if we look at ShinRa’s track record. 
how they play them: Seriously, they mold their character perfectly and it is an absolute pleasure to roleplay with them. They’ve given life and a proper story to one of my favorite characters, and most of it is not even bias, they’re that good. Lazard lives in their roleplay. They do the character so much justice, and good thought goes into every single piece of their writing. Their writing style is also a bonus, amazing skills.

the mun: An evil, plotting, adorable kitten than I absolutely adore <3

do i;

follow them: On all of their blogs, with all of mine.
rp with them: Regularly <3
want to rp with them: Don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting that tbh
ship their character with mine: Maybe? I don’t know, we’ll see

what is my;

overall opinion: <3

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

antisemitism is real and it is happening now, it is not a “phase” people went through during the holocaust. it is a life threatening idea that has been going on for more than a thousand years and if you stay silent during this blatant continual attack on the jewish community, not only in france but everywhere else in the world, then you are no better than the perpetrator.


Coming back home to Spain after one year spent abroad and having had the chance to get a taste of freedom, Amelia found it a bit of a struggle to fall in line with her responsibilities again. Not only because she was expected to take on more of those responsibilities due to her brother’s illness, but because she found herself being pushed in various directions. As soon as word of her brother’s state of health would get out, all eyes would be on her, so her parents and the entirety of their public relations team was making sure, she would already make a good figure in the public eye now. Travelling to appointments and meetings in the name of the royal family was only one of those measures and so that weekend Amelia found herself in London again. And because the PR team wanted to maake sure there was enough news coverage of her travels, paparazzi were never far. A good reason for her to stock up on protection, but even if her new guard, Hale, actually seemed to be a nice guy, she hated being followed almost everywhere.

“I’d just like to get a coffee, by myself.” she groaned internally as she was arguing with the guard positioned in front of her door. She was never quite sure whether it was to keep intruders from coming in or her from going out. “It’s right across the street but fine, I’ll take Hale with me!” she finally found a compromise. “Tell him, Hale!” she turned around to him. “We will be fine. I’ve got my glasses and the cap…”

Controversial opinion

Paris is so important because Paris is a civilian city in a country that is currently not in conflict. A country with a stable government. A city where there is no fighting going on. A city where such an attack is not expected because it’s so far from the conflict zones that people can’t comprehend what happened because it was so out of the blue.

This doesn’t mean that Beirut or Baghdad aren’t important enough for media coverage.


today’s shitty aesthetic…

Aries: donald trump’s bird nest 
Taurus: a slow clap
Gemini: dropping your medication down the sink 
Cancer: another buzzfeed article about disney princesses
Leo: james franco humping an anime body pillow
Virgo: jehovah’s witness with amnesia who keeps forgetting he’s already knocked on your door
Libra: champagne in a conical water fountain paper cup infusing the booze with essence of paper pulp 
Scorpio: cooking with an apron sporting a massive hole in the crotch area
Sagittarius: an email from Natalia the mail order bride telling you she just wants to be friends
Capricorn: tin foil body suit (hat didn’t offer enough coverage)
Aquarius: that little bit of dirt that the dust pan just won’t sweep up
Pisces: using the bathroom and you discover a tampon…from last week.

The GazettE - - DOGMATIC -UN- Tour, Live at Kanagawa kenmin Hall (2015/09/14)

Not including the fight over the water bottle here. That got enough coverage already.

Aoi is still wearing his hair up.

Kai seemed seriously tired during the live but was no less amazing.

The dangling parts of Uruha’s shirt got caught on the body of his guitar, and he noticed like three seconds before the song started. He frantically struggled to get free before it did.

Aoi and Uruha played close beside each other at times, while Ruki went to Reita.

During one song, Reita went to Uruha and pointed his fingers like guns.

Reita shot Kai with his bass during the first set.

Aoi came out for the encore with the GODDESS shirt on. Fans could see his tattoos.

Aoi and Uruha both seemed seriously sexually charged during the live. Uruha did a lot of grinding against the curved edge of his guitar. Aoi did a lot of hair flipping and hip-rolling.

During the MC Aoi laughed. Ruki talked a lot about how the live took place at their hometown.

When Aoi came out for the encore, he waited on half-offstage on Uruha’s side and beckoned for the fans to scream louder before he and Uruha came out all the way.

Setlist is here.

Thank you as always to Reida and the anonymous fans.

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Hi! What high end foundation would you recommend that's not heavy on my skin but has medium coverage? I've always used bb's but I want a little more coverage than usual.

Hello! Natural looking, medium coverage foundations are my foundations of choice on a day to day basis so I may or may not have tried all of them…

Try foundations like

  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (slight sheen/dew)
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Definition Liquid Makeup (satin finish)
  • NARS Sheer Matte (or Glow depending on what finish you want)
  • Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (satin finish)
  • Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Fluid (soft matte finish)

All these foundations are more lightweight, liquidy so they’ll feel super weightless on the skin yet still have enough coverage and pigment to cover scars and such (which I have). They are almost all satin finishes which is the finish of natural skin, not dewy nor too matte so they look super natural like a BB cream.

I’d recommend going to Sephora or Nordstrom and getting a few samples of a few before you buy! :)
Watch Bernie Sanders help save reporter Andrea Mitchell from a ‘dangerous situation’

After leaving the debate stage on Tuesday evening, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) helped shield MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell from a crush of cameramen that nearly knocked her down as they sought to get him on video.

The incident occurred in a hallway just outside the spin room at the Wynn Las Vegas, where candidates and their surrogates spoke to the press following the Democratic presidential debate.

Sanders, who has been gaining on frontrunner Hillary Clinton in national and state polls, had one of the most talked-about moments of the evening when he declared that the public has had “enough” with relentless coverage of the scandal over Clinton’s email use. In the wake of his debate performance, Sanders’ arrival in the spin room led to a near-stampede as reporters and cameramen rushed over to speak to him. The pack of press followed him as he walked out of the spin room.

Yahoo News was standing right behind Sanders as the human surge began to knock Mitchell off balance. Sanders threw his hands out and pushed the crowd away as he shouted for people to move back. As the crowd began to part he reached over to Mitchell, who was still regaining her footing.

“You all right?” Sanders asked. “Are you OK?”

After checking in with Mitchell, Sanders continued admonishing the crowd to move back.

“All right! You know, excuse me! Please move back! You’ve almost injured —” Sanders said before trailing off and turning back to Mitchell.

“Are you all right?” he asked again.

“Yeah,” Mitchell confirmed. “I’m OK.”

Sanders continued to wave his hands and urge the crowd to back up.

“All right now! Stop it!” he declared. “Will the cameras slow it down?”

Sanders then reached out and touched Mitchell’s shoulder. Seemingly relieved, she took a deep breath.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“I’m sorry,” Mitchell said. “That was a dangerous situation. I apologize.”

Sanders waved off Mitchell’s apology. She went on to describe the incident as a “terrible situation.”

“You don’t apologize. These people,” he said trailing off and pointing to the surrounding crowd.

He then proceeded to grant Mitchell an interview. She began by acknowledging the huge crowd Sanders brought into the spin room.

“There’s a lesson in this,” Mitchell said to Sanders. “Obviously, you did very well. You’ve been on fire tonight.”

I once gripped on a BBC gig with an award-winning female director. She’d put her husband forward as the DoP and he got the job (on his showreel — nepotism be damned!) Down the pub, one producer said he’d hired her to get him on the job. Another said that as long as we got enough coverage the DoP, actors and editor could salvage “whatever mess” our director created. Needless to say, she won more awards for that film.

(sorry — guy submitting that story — is that ok? Don’t want to intrude on a space. And if this was Shit People Say to Women DoPs/Camera Operators… Jesus, I could be here all day.)

We welcome men to be part of this conversation. Thank you for participating.

What I care about :

ALL THE VICTIMS OF THE ATTACKS, THE GROWING POPULARITY AND POWER OF EUROPEAN NATIONALISTS AND THE BACKLASH OF THOSE EVENTS ON THE MUSLIM AND JEWISH COMMUNITIES. Also, yes, all the terrible things happening around the word that are not getting nearly enough media coverage.

What I don’t care about :

Tumblr’s hissy-pissy crybabies with their head sup their arses.

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do you know of any foundation that makes it LOOK like there's minimal makeup while still giving pretty good coverage? thank u! xo

Hello :)

Check out foundations like

  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua $47
  • Urban Decay Naked Liquid Foundation $39
  • Loreal True Match $7
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless $7
  • Revlon Nearly Naked $6

All these foundations are very light weight and more liquidy while still giving a good medium coverage, enough to cover slight spots and redness, All these foundations have a satin/semi matte finish which is the finish of natural skin, not too mate and not too dewy, so it won’t look too much like “makeup”.