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uni prompts because why not

@not-just-any-fangirl and I were thinking…there are never enough uni prompts out there so we devised some of our own.  Go wild!

1)  “You found me crying in the computer lab because I just spent three hours writing up a lab and then it timed out and I lost everything please don’t judge me”

2)  “I stole your coffee cup and started writing on it and the coffee is spilling everywhere I know I look crazy but I just figured out how to solve the chem problem that’s been bugging me for days and I need to write it down before I forget I’ll buy you more later.”

3)  “Excuse you that is MY lab spot I don’t care that it’s unassigned or that you look like a college god I’ve been sitting there for four weeks now MOVE”

4)  “We’re in the same class and we have a research paper due and I see you eyeing the book I need look that is my book I will hit you so hard you’ll need reconstructive surgery to fix your pretty little face”

5)  “We were the only two in the study lounge and you were playing Paper Mario on the PlayStation the student union put up and you offered me the second control when you noticed I was about to throw my organic chem textbook out the window, thank and also I will kick your ass if you choose yoshi agaiN GOD DAMMIT”

6)  “You walked into the student lounge on our dorm floor and saw me cry-studying and walked out and now you’re back with coffee and a bag of chips and I’m seriously debating proposing to you with my ring pop.”

7)  "Were the two smartest people in the class and the teacher is cool and gives rewards for whoever answers the question correctly first, and we have different answers and you won’t admit I’m right wait how are you doing that no I’m not saying I’m wrong shut up”

8)  “I’m having a quiet freak out because the numbers on the lab sheet aren’t adding up and I see you trying to help me out by holding up your fingers but I don’t know if I add the fingers or you’re signaling two different numbers help.”

9)  “I ordered the wrong spice level in my wrap and now I’m crying as I eat it Bcus I’m not a punk ass bitch also do you know how expensive food is don’t you judge me”

10)  “I’m in line and I really really want this giant packet of cookies by the counter but I also feel judged next to your souvlaki dinner so I’m gonna try and stealthily grab-don’t you dare laugh at me.”

11)  “We live on the same floor and the dorm between ours always has REALLY loud sex so now we’re both in the main lounge at two am do you want this last bite of ice cream?”

12)  “I locked myself out of my dorm AGAIN and my roommate isn’t back until tomorrow and I don’t wanna call the RA to open the door because then I get charged can I please please ple a s e stay in your room until then.”

13)  “I kept getting harassed by some creepy person as I was trying to study and they’re picking up on my ‘fuck off vibes’ and I started to actually get scared and then you put a coffee in front of my face and called me babe and scared them away thank you please let me buy you a new on one oh you have a really cute smile when you’re shy”

14)  “I come to the library every day to 'study’ but really I’m just watching Netflix over your shoulder and I’m really invested in this series and the day we’re supposed to be watching the season finale you’re not there and I??? Feel personally betrayed??”

Paper Planes (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Soulmate AU where if you throw a paper plane out your window it always makes its way to your soulmate. You can’t write your full name, your location, or any contact info, anything else is fair game. It’s up to fate to bring you together.

Word Count: 1,775

Warnings: Zero proofreading. It’s strictly fluff though so you’re safe here.

A/N: This was such a cute idea and also reminded me of that one Disney short. You know the one. Also, I will jump at any opportunity I can to write sappy love notes and Lin’s messy handwriting. Please don’t ask me about logistics of this, I have no idea what happens if your window is shut and your soulmate throws a plane, I’m just here to write fluff.

Your parents had told you the story all through your childhood. They would always weave you intricate tales at bedtime about how you might meet your soulmate. Your favorite stories always had a prince playing that role. As you got older the stories evolved from fictitious plots to questions and conversations. 

You received your first letter from him at seven years old. It took you by surprise when the paper plane made of blue construction paper landed on the floor of your bedroom. You scrambled from you bed to scoop it up and inspect it. You unfolded it carefully, flipping it over.

‘ Hi! My name is Lin! ‘

You yelped as if the paper itself had spoken and ran into the living room where your mom was preoccupied with a book. She seemed to notice your panic because her eyes immediately left the pages to study your face.

“They wrote you, didn’t they?” she asked wryly with a twinkle in her eye. You squeaked out a yes, shoving the blue paper towards her. She unfolded it to see the note before chuckling. “Well, are you gonna write them back or not?”

You spent the entire night debating and when your mom came into your room to kiss you goodbye before she left for work she saw you sitting on the floor surrounded in papers. 

“For them or from them?” she asked with an amused smile as she leaned against your doorway.


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The different fanfic eras explained as lunch

Pre-internet era: You walk into a room and sit down at a table. Someone brings you a turkey sandwich, a bag of potato chips, and a soda. Perhaps you are a vegetarian, or gluten-free. Doesn’t matter; you get a turkey sandwich, a bag of potato chips, and a soda.

Usenet era: You walk into a room and sit down to your turkey sandwich, a bag of potato chips, and a soda. Someone tells you that over at the University they are also serving BLTs, pizza, coffee, and beer.

Web 1.0 (aka The Great Schism): You walk into a room. The room is lined with 50 unmarked doors. Someone tells you, “We have enough food to feed you and a hundred more…but we’ve scattered it behind these fifty doors. Good luck!”

Web 2.0 (present): You walk into a room. Someone points at the buffet and says, “Enjoy!” You turn to see a 100-foot-long buffet table, piled high with every kind of food imaginable. To be fair, some of the food is durian, head cheese, and chilled monkey brains, but that’s cool, some people are into those…and trust me, they are even more psyched to be here than you are.

Exo’s reaction to catching you watching Fan edits of them

Request: 💖💖💖I love your blog soo much! I’d like to request a reaction for them finding you watching famcam as/edits? Don’t be afraid to make it a little 😏! Thank you!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖

Admin C- Probably suggestive so heads up


After you told him you’d be working on your thesis for University Minseok left you alone in your bedroom. After coming back from CBX dance practise he smiled to himself, hearing your frustrated sighs from your room. Making you some coffee he was confident he could convince you to break for a while and opened your door, being met with the sight of you leaning forward on your desk gazing at his smirk as he grinded against a cane, breathing hard. Smirking hard as he walked up behind you, hands on your shoulders, leaning down to whisper low in your ear “I think you’ve worked hard enough, As a reward you’ll be feeling more than that cane tonight~” while he spun you to face him, your face flushed as his hands dipped lower. 

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Junmyeon would be visiting briefly to drop off a slice of cake he saw in a bakery and just had to buy you. Your sweet tooth was one of your qualities he loved about you, and he’d be smiling softly to himself when he used his key to open your apartment. Hearing your surprised squeak he looked up grinning, only to feel his face go red as he saw the image of him pulling up his shirt melding into his playboy body roll before you could slam the laptop down. Holding his cheeks softly before you both burst into laughter he handed you your cake, watching your eyes go soft at the gift and hugging him. Getting bolder he lowered his voice and breathed “If you like my body so much why don’t you lick some of that icing off me” feeling smug as you blushed hard and hide your face.

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Sighing hard as he walked into your room Yixing would be thinking of taking you out on a lovely date. He knew you’d been working hard this month and wanted to have an evening to yourselves. He began, “Baobei, I wondered if-” looking up slowly to your desk when he heard a low bass line and a suspiciously quiet keyboard. He would freeze mid sentence when he sees himself blindfolded and ripping his shirt open as you bit your lip after hearing his voice. Biting his own full bottom lip he would take off his tie and knot it over your eyes, lifting you onto his waist while he breathed against your lips, “Well it seems like we’ll definitely be having an evening to ourselves. You don’t need fancams when I’m here.”. You’d cling to his shoulders and internally thank who ever made those edits. 

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Baekhyun would be home early from tour and be excited to surprise you. He’d planned out an entire day for just you and him to explore various arcades and cafes, having a day to do all the date nights he’d miss being on tour. Opening the door to hear the Minho’s Body and seeing the large TV filled with his more spectacular thrusts while he pushed his hair back he met your horrified eyes with a playful smirk. “I didn’t know you missed me quite that much Jagiya~” he chuckled as you spluttered out an excuse before throwing yourself into the sofa face down. Laughing harder as he sat down beside you, lifting your face and pushing your hair away he continued “Now go get dressed for our date, even if you have to wait I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ending more when we’re home~”

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Your friend had dared you to watch fancams and not react while he was in the same room as you. You’d have some experience in the realm of fan edits but what you hadn’t counted on was getting too into the videos, making soft sounds which caught Chanyeol’s attention. Leaning over you from behind the kitchen stool he smirked, slightly flattered as you clicked on yet another, silently praising the skill of the editing before slowly spinning the stool to face him watching with glee as your mouth dropped embarrassed . He chuckled out “You know Jagi, if you wanted to watch me dance you could have just asked” causing you to retort “I was uh…appreciating the editing…” making him smile wider at your obvious lie. You’d be cursing your friend for weeks when he kept teasing you about how “hot you found him”.

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Jongdae, like Chanyeol, would be delighted at the new material of teasing you when he caught you watching him. Coming back to the dorms, after his fan meet, where you had slept over the night before he ’d make his way to his room. Opening the door slowly to sneak up on you and surprise you with a hug he saw you lying on his bed with your laptop open on Youtube, watching a clip of his “Top Ten Sexiest Moments”. Bursting out into laughter he’d clutch his stomach as you immediately tried to delete the tab, he’d tackle you on the bed and laugh out “So you think I’m the sexiest man ever y/n, you know I/m never letting this go~” as you covered your face, whining like him. For weeks he’d bring this up in front of members as revenge for all the pranks you played on him.

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Lounging on the bed after a delicious home cooked dinner by Kyungsoo, you’d be texting your best friend as you watched a film together. Your friend was sending you edits of your usually modest boyfriend that you were watching on silent. These edits highlighted his dark serious eyes that left shivers down your body and you jokingly texted back *Kyungsoo is definitively too soft for edits like that f/n :3 *. Unbeknownst to you he had glanced at your phone and seen your exchange, a challenge he would gladly accept. Taking the phone out of your hands, straddling your hips as his other large hand held your wrists above your head he looked down at you hard, “I’m certain you won’t be saying I’m soft after tonight.” as you watched him put your phone away, excitedly awaiting this sudden change. 

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Jongin would be spending his free Sunday morning cuddled up with you on the sofa watching The Walking Dead before he realised he left his phone in your room. Too cosy to move he asked for your phone so he could text Sehun which you passed as you focused on the episode. Opening the phone to your last youtube video he saw himself doing very bad things to a Weeknd song he recognised. Smirking hard as he shut the phone off, He would slide you lower so he was hovering above you, his hand making its way teasingly down your body as he questioned “Now why would my Babygirl be looking at those videos of me when all you need to do is ask.” You’d immediately remember but be silent under those heated eyes, knowing this Sunday was about to be a lot less lazy.

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Smug. You only one word to describe Sehun’s expression when he found you watching his more risque fancams. You’d be waiting at home for him to visit and passed the time just browsing tumblr, finding a link to a new fancam of Thunder on Youtube. One hour later and you’d be on an edit of all of his most fluid body rolls, replaying one particularly hot one and that would be the precise moment he walked in. Watching his body move in slow motion while you froze in surprise was the most embarrassing moment to this day. You’d watch his lips curve up in a knowing smirk, walking closer and pulling you onto his lap as he drawled out “Have I been neglecting you or are you just that attracted to me~”. You’d try to stubbornly push him away but would soon give in when he pressed his lips to your neck, rolling against you just like those edits. 

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Admin C- WELL! My first more….suggestive request, since I wanted to keep this fairly short I didn’t really go into it but feel free to request more suggestive reactions or fluffy or angsty! I hope this was okay! 

*MinaYixing edits for Yixing are the bomb, heads up Xingmi* 

I like to think that Derek can hear Stiles heartbeat all the way across town, and when he leaves Beacon Hills he can heart it until he’s halfway into Oregon, but by then it’s so second nature to have the steady beat of Stiles’ heart in his ears that he doesn’t really notice it. 

Until he can’t hear it anymore he has to pullover because it’s too quiet. It takes him a few days to figure out what’s missing and when he does he figures he’ll get used to the quiet, especially since he’s living in Seattle now and it’s never really quiet in a city.

But he doesn’t get used to it, it’s always just a little too quiet for him, or there’s too much noise with nothing to focus on. 

That is until one day two years after he left Beacon Hills he comes back from visiting Cora and something just feels right. It takes him a minute to realize why, but when he does stops in his tracks and tries to find him. 

He follows the sound of his heartbeat to the campus of University of Washington. He finds Stiles in the library and then stops because he doesn’t know how to approach him. 

“I know you’re there,” Stiles says without looking up. There’s a smile in his voice and Derek slides into the seat across from him, his heart racing but he feels calmer than he has in years, “Took you long enough to find me.”

“I was out of town,” Derek says with a little smile, “Can I buy you coffee?”

“You can buy me dinner,” Stiles says, closing his textbooks and standing up, Derek following behind him. 

Years later, the day before their wedding, he tells Stiles how he found him in the library that day, Stiles isn’t surprised at all, he could hear Derek’s heartbeat too. Deaton told him it could happen when someone is your anchor and your their anchor too. 

Mornings Like This

Summary: (Request) Where Bucky helps his daughter make Mother’s Day cards and breakfast for the reader.

Word count: 354

A/N: I’m not sure if this is what you wanted but it’s my first time writing domestic Bucky so hopefully, it won’t be so bad

Bucky feels a slight tug on his shirt, making him shift on his bed. The sun shines brightly across the room, her soft skin against his, legs tangled up with Y/N still wrapped in their blanket. A small smile appears on his lips because this is what his life turned in to. This is what God gave back in return for all the years he’s spent in a living nightmare. She is his own forever, his own happiness. She is someone to come home to with tender kisses and—


This little 3 year old peanut.

“I’m up, sweetheart.” He yawns, rubbing his eyes in hopes to keep him awake. Bucky rose out of the bed with his daughter following him to the bathroom, gently picking her up into his arms from the sink after watching him brush his teeth. “Your arm’s cold.” She squeals and rubs her father’s metal arm with the palm of her hand.

“Shh,” Bucky quickly rushes out of their bedroom. “We don’t want to wake mommy up just yet.” She giggles, placing a finger in front of her lips.

2 broken eggs and a stack of pancakes later, Bucky starts chasing after their child with a handful of flour, screams and laughter filling the house. Y/N leans against the kitchen counter, trying to hide the smile on her face. He immediately dusts off the flour on the ridiculous apron Tony got him on his birthday, finally aware of his wife’s presence. “What’s going on?”


“Mommy, look at what daddy made!” Right next to the bouquet of flowers was a card made of pink construction paper and pancakes soaked in maple syrup with a warm cup of coffee. 

“You did this?” Y/N asks and he shrugs, a chuckle escaping his mouth. Bucky scratches his head and walks towards her.  “I did get a little help from our peanut right here.” Placing a kiss on her forehead

“Thank you.” she mouths.

“Happy Mother’s Day, doll.” 

And he quietly thanks the universe and the stars and Y/N, because he was lucky enough to have mornings like this.



sophies-sideshow  asked:

Has anyone ever told you that the little details about your young wizards 'verse are tantalizing and lovely? Because they are. I for one love seeing the little glimpses into the world you've created.

You’re very kind to say that! Thank you.

I guess, too, that worldbuilding for me isn’t all broad strokes and big design. It’s also about the small things, the details that characters notice and the way they use (or maybe a better word is “exploit”) what you give them. For example, I once got a very nice note from somebody at NASA about the fact that in SPOCK’S WORLD, our eponymous Vulcan is using transporter technology in a very off-label manner to keep his Captain’s ground coffee fresh over long periods. :) That’s the kind of thing that makes a world real for me. A world should be complex enough to be exploited in ways the author didn’t expect. (Or would have expected if they’d taken more time to think about it.)

There are a lot of details in the YW universe that nobody but me will ever see: which is as it should be. It’s only the insecure creator who gets obsessive about Showing All Their Work.

…And we now cue the Mel(l)on Story. It may be apocryphal, who knows? But I don’t care. It goes like this:

Cathedrals are never finished. Bits are always falling off and having to be put back on again; and the interiors can take years and years to complete, even if they were “finished” centuries ago.* Now, as it happens, the National Cathedral in Washington for a long time still matched this description. It was years being worked on. The inside was a mess of scaffolding for a good while, and sculptors in particular were busy there for ages.

There was (and still is, as far as I know) a big banking family in the US by the name of Mellon. (They had banks in the Philly area when I was living there.) They were a big contributor to the work on the Cathedral, and as a result the carvings in the place are full of punning references to them: melons and melon vines and gourds and pumpkins and whatnot all over the place.

So there’s a stonemason (this one, I’m betting) way up high in the scaffolding working on the back of some kind of pumpkin or whatever. And he’s taking forever over it. And somebody passing through watches him at this for a while, and then yells up at him, “Why are you wasting so much time on that? You’re forty feet up, you’re halfway behind a pillar, there’s no light, nobody’s ever going to see that!”

And the stonemason pauses and peers down at whoever’s yelling at him, and yells back, “God will see!” And then goes back to what he’s doing.

Leaving aside the religious resonances (obviously assisted by being in a cathedral at the time), that guy (I think) had exactly the right idea. The way to do the Work – regardless of one’s religious inclinations or lack of them – is to proceed as if God would see. If you’re going to be a subcreator (in the Tolkienian sense), then be a good, thoughtful, thorough one, and don’t leave something half-finished or half-thought-through because you don’t think anyone will ever see it. You will see it (or its lack). And its presence, or absence, will invariably affect other things in the interior structure you’re building, whether you notice that happening or not.

You don’t have to show the work. But you have to do it as if people might come and look at it at any minute. Because who knows, someday (should you have good reason to show it) they might. But also: you do that because that is your responsibility as a Creator. Creation wants to be treated respectfully. If you don’t do so, it will find ways to get back at you. But the important thing is to treat small detail as if it’s as vital as large structure… because it is… and also, because it’s the right thing to do. 

Meanwhile: glad you’re enjoying the way things are going. It means a lot. :)

*Check out, BTW, the online home of the gorgeous workshop of the Cathedral of Our Lady in Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany. Here they build new bits of the Fraumuenster to replace the old ones that fall off or get damaged. And you can buy some of the old bits to take home, sometimes, if you want a piece of one of the most exquisite Gothic cathedrals in Europe. The funds go toward continuing repairs and maintenance of the Muenster.

The Gap

Summary: You are a morning person and Yoongi is definitely not—so for better or worse, something is going to change when fate places your windows less than three meters away from each other.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff, Neighbors AU
Word Count: 2,603
Author’s Note: Inspired by that Friends episode “The One With All The Haste” and the singing man across the way who sang “Morning’s here, sunshine’s here” like clockwork at the crack of dawn.


Most people would describe the morning sunlight as bright, cheerful, endearing, warm, and peaceful, the rays like a stretch of encouragement from the sky. The promise of a new day, a brand new 24 hours to start fresh, make better choices, take initiation, try new thing or explore vast places, go on adventures or be in good company. The options were limitless, as high as the sky that shone above.

Yoongi, however, would describe the morning sunlight like a bucket of ice cold water, a bitter cup of coffee—too sharp, too sudden, ripping him apart from joyous things like sleep or dreams or a warm bed. It jolts him awake, clouds his mind more than clears it. More often than not, he finds himself burying his face into his pillow to muffle his groans, clearly hoping that if he groans loud enough it could turn back time.

But alas, that is not how the universe was created—so it doesn’t do much.

Yoongi supposes that a small percentage of this mindset should be his own fault, his own lack of aspirations making the 24 hours appear so much slower than they are to other people. He has dreams of course, passions that could challenge any other visionary on the street. But the weight of life has caught Yoongi in the stream, dragging him down the current and away from his desire, leaving him on the shore that takes the form of a coffee shop across the way. Albeit, it’s not an entirely bad gig—the tip is good and some of his best friends also work in the corner shop and his boss doesn’t actually treat him like shit. It just doesn’t leave Yoongi satisfied. It eats into his already very thinly veiled patience for the morning.

See the light where the sky meets the sea, and it calls me,” A clear voice rings through the thin window in Yoongi’s bedroom, the consistency and deja vu of the noise leaving a painful reminder in Yoongi’s mind about the time as it groans and throws the blankets over his head.

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Stay Professional!


You managed to get your first job at a prestigious and famous marketing firm. Nothing was going to stop you from working there. A few distractions may be problematic but.. there was a man that stood out unconventionally well. Despite being the CEO’s only son, his face alone is enough to win over the nation’s heart 10x over. An interesting romance that’s sure to get you screaming.

Fluff & Angst: Jungkook x Reader

A/N: Hey! I’ve been MIA but I’m back with something for you :)

“Yes Ma’am I understand.” You lowered your head politely and stuck on a smile that tortured your face muscles. You were lucky enough to land a job straight out of university and you knew it was going to be tough but.. the extent as to which you were being used and bullied by higher ups was unbearable.

“If you understand then don’t make this mistake again! You ruined my morning.” The head of department of advertising scolded you over a small mistake of pouring too little milk into her coffee.

After she left, you lifted your head up and rolled your eyes at the amount of bullshit you dealt with on a daily basis. It was kind of getting tiring.

“Should you really be pulling that face right now?” An unfamiliar and cool-toned whisper sent shivers down your spine.

“No sir! My mistake, my apologies.” You immediately brought the radiant smile back to your face, not knowing who it was but it didn’t matter because everyone here was basically of much higher power than yourself. You had to show respect even if it killed your hidden inflated ego.

You heard the heavy clacks of his Armani shoes as his strides led him closer to you. He carefully examined your petite frame in comparison to his tall, dark and handsome nature.

“Are you new here?” His low tone sounded velvety and smooth as dark chocolate. It felt like eerie music to your ears.

“Yes sir.. It’s only been a few months since my arrival.” You bowed your head to this unknown yet alluring man. His presence was overwhelming and the entire office was silent- all eyes and ears on the two of you.

“Enjoy your stay, Y/N-sshi.” His husky voice trailed off behind him before he disappeared into the elevator with another unfamiliar man behind him.

How’d he know my name..?

You face-palmed after noticing the shiny golden name tag attached to your crisp white blouse.

“You should really stop drinking.” Your friend tightly gripped onto the soju bottle in which you refused to let go of.

“Let me relieve my stress! Work has been so much hell for me.” You managed to pour yourself another shot glass that was quickly downed, the stinging sensation brought tears to your eyes.

“…Don’t you have work again tomorrow? You’re going to get such a terrible hangover Y/N.. You should probably stop.” She quickly picked up the soju bottle that was almost empty and chucked it into the bin.

“I don’t care.. I don’t even want to work there anymore.” You managed to growl out, the alcohol taking it’s toll on your body.

“Hey! You should feel so privileged that you get to work in such a fine company. Look at me! I’m still working 3 different part time jobs because I can’t find a job. Do you want to be like me?” Your friend lectured you, peeling you off the desk and chair to take you home.

“Oh wait..” You slurred out, vision blurry and body-coordination out of reach.

“I think I left my house-keys in the office. I might need to go get them..” It was hard to articulate let alone walk straight.

“My god Y/N. Please get your life together.” Your friend buckled you up in her car and drove you to your work place that was still surprisingly operating.

“Tell me where your office is. I’ll go find it.” You just giggled to yourself, completely unaware of your actions. “It’s okay.. I’ll go get it myself. They’ll think you’re a bad bad intruder.” You slurred your words and sounded like a 4 year old. You shot her winks in her direction.

She just laughed and nodded. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come?”

“I got this! I work here!” You giggled, completely out of your mind.

Miraculously, you managed to make your way to the elevator. You pressed on the button and tried your hardest to not collapse from the alcohol intake. Your head was spinning and you couldn’t hold your body still. You steadied yourself by resting your head on your palm and walked into the elevator as soon as it ‘dinged’ with no further precaution.

That was when you smashed into an unknown figure once again, despite your pride in keeping yourself steady for some time, the balance was taken right out of your body and you landed- bottom first on the shiny tiled floor. You were ticked. You had no control over your mouth and lord knows what kind of mess you were about to get yourself into.

You groaned in pain and massaged your scalp, hoping the loud thumping in your head would somehow disappear.

His eyes lowered down onto the ground to find you mumbling curses. He was surprised at what you were doing at the office so late at night. But being the gentleman he was, he gently reached out his hand to pull you up with ease.

His skin was surprisingly cold and you were picked up with such little effort, it felt refreshing to feel something so cool as your body felt like it was boiling. You started unbuttoning your white blouse and unzipped the bottom of your pencil skirt from your knee up to your lower thigh and continued to casually strip in-front of the unknown man.

His cold fingers put your actions to a complete halt followed by his cold tone that sounded familiar.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He raised an eyebrow, a somewhat surprised and confused expression spread upon his flawless face.

“Let go. It’s hot.” You mumbled, weakly pushing away his cool hand and continued to take off your shirt, struggling to do so, you wobbled back and forth before almost falling again- he had caught you by the waist and looked down to see you: flustered and abnormally drunk.  

“Ugh.. don’t touch me. I don’t need your help.” You weakly pushed him away again, this time a little more audible than before. He was surprised at the way you were treating him.

“Suit yourself.” He let go of his gentle grip on your waist and continued to watch you struggle to walk and read the buttons on the elevator.

“What are you doing here so late.” His question sounded more like a demand as his curiosity was slowly starting to eat up his mind. “It doesn’t matter.” You missed the buttons and started to get irritated at your lack of body coordination.

A cold smirk spread upon his face and he chuckled at you.

“What are you laughing at? Do you think you’re some kind of powerful being? Are you another one of those annoying bosses that won’t stop yelling at me for making their coffee wrong. God people here are so…”

He stopped chuckling and raised a single eyebrow. He calmly slid his hand into his pocket and continued to scan you from head to toe.


He examined your messed up bun that consisted of hairs sticking out and bobby pins falling out. He looked at your peachy red face and smelt the very noticeable stench of alcohol that leaked from your body. He noticed the beads of sweat that formed around your forehead and the heat of your breath that also smelt of alcohol. You were a mess.

“Y/N return home. I may not know of your intentions here but you’re not in any condition to do whatever you’re planning to do.”

“Blah blah blah. Stop nagging with you?” You retorted like a 4 year old, closing the gap between his face and yours. You were just a few millimetres from his face and he could feel your warm breath on his cold lips. It sent shivers down his spine and he was caught off-guard for the first time in years. He noticed your collarbone clearly visible and cleavage from your unbuttoned blouse but refused to look at it despite his obvious chances.

“Would you like me to call a driver?” He offered, somehow sounding half-assed so you took it as an insult. What really were his intentions?

“Listen here you.” You poked his toned chest and spoke with a slurred and drunken accent.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do here but I’m just trying to get back home and go to sleep so I can come back to this hell tomorrow morning and cry over how dumb this shitty company is.”

Once again, he was hit with things he thought he would never hear coming from a very new employee. Amused, he chuckled once again unable to hide his interest in her.

“Would you stop laughing? What do I need to do to stop you?” You smiled weakly at him, completely drunken with stress and alcohol, you had no control over what was about to happen.

You closed the gap between your lips and kissed him softly, the taste of alcohol spread to him as your tongue intertwined his and turned into something a little more passionate. He didn’t stop you so you assumed this meant a green light to continue. His lips tasted kind of addictive and cooling. You ran your hand up his smooth cheeks, through his perfectly combed hair and ruffled it before fiddling with his thin black tie and blacking out completely.

What in the fucking world just happened?

Part 2 


For @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess for the soulmate prompts

Clint was born with two soulmate tattoos, one on each wrist. It’s rare, but not unheard of, only… he doesn’t feel like he’d fit twice? It doesn’t feel like that would feel right. 

And soulmates, they’re all about feeling right. The marks are next to useless, ball park - at most you can work out their birthdays, watching one number fade out and the next one fade in, but that doesn’t do much to lead you to ‘em. It’s a feeling, is what they all say. You’ll know them when you see them. You’ll know them when you touch. Clint’s been only touching himself for way too long. 

One mark, his parents made him wear a band over, ‘cos it’s gone past 70 on the day it forms on his baby-pink wrist. Platonic soulmates aren’t unheard of either, and that’s the way they tell it to themselves, but that - that doesn’t feel right, either. Clint spends as little time thinking about it as he can, frankly, ‘cos he just ends up confused and a little grossed out. 

The other wrist, his right one, that one’s wrong too. At first he wondered if the reason he only felt like he was in halves, not thirds, was ‘cos one of them was already dead. It ought to tick over once a year, steady, but it stayed on 26 through the whole of his childhood and only turned 27 when he his his late teens. The other wrist ticked up - 80, 90 - but 27 stayed 27 for an impossibility of years. 

Clint was pretty resigned to alone forever, even if 100 was coming up and it was still going strong. Fate had screwed him over somehow, and occasionally someone would come interview him for a paper, but they never got back to him to say they’d worked it out. 

There was a brief moment of excitement when he met Tony Stark and they compared wrists - Tony’s hadn’t changed either, stuck perpetually at 26 - but since his reaction to Clint’s other mark had been a screwed up face and a full body shudder, Clint didn’t figure they’d be drinking buddies any time soon. He did toast him, though, when Steve came out of the ice, and he did do his best to ignore the well meaning but utterly useless ‘see? it could happen to you too!’s

Besides, Captain America was exactly the kind of crazy asshole that Clint liked best. He approached situations bull-head first, shield up front and usually without a freaking parachute, which really put the one time Clint had kinda rode Hulk like a rodeo bull into perspective. 

They didn’t get to keep him for all that long - went off chasing down ghosts - but then he was back with another bird boy plus his crazy one-armed assassin best friend. (No offense, he’d remembered to say. None taken you tactless fuck, had been Bucky’s response. Clint instantly started making plans for friendship bracelets.) 

Bucky and Clint - they weren’t exactly close, although Clint liked him well enough, plus there was the whole hot like the sun thing. It was just that Bucky didn’t have just walls up - he had barbed wire, electric fencing, possibly moats. Clint was as close to him as anyone could be, which meant they exchanged nods over morning coffee and sometimes found themselves drinking and sharing their taste in films. 

They were mid-An Affair to Remember when Clint glanced down at his wrist and noticed it’d changed to 28. He snorted, a little bitter, and raised his beer. 

“Happy birthday,” he told the universe, and the universe told him, thanks. And the universe - the universe had a voice that was pretty similar to Bucky Barnes. 

“Steve told you?” Bucky asked him, and Clint blinked at him. 

“Um?” he said. 

“You okay?” Bucky asked, with one of his most rare of smiles, and he stretched out his leg to nudge Clint’s bare foot with his. 

They were right. You knew. 


Part 4 of my fated series is up! Read it below:

Hard to Read (2314 words) by _Melodic_
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Armitage Hux/Kylo Ren, Armitage Hux/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren
Characters: Armitage Hux, Kylo Ren, Ben Solo, Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, Phasma (Star Wars), Dopheld Mitaka
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Bookstores, Alternate Universe - Bookstore, Smut, Fluff and Smut, Porn with Feelings, Fate, POV Hux, Coffee, Sweet, Falling In Love, Crushes, Miscommunication, Jealousy, Humor, Denial of Feelings, Frottage, Semi-Public Sex, Hand Jobs, First Kiss, Making Out, Fluff, Fluff and Humor
Series: Part 4 of Fated Series
Summary: Ben Solo is the bane of bookshop employee Hux’s existence. He moves all the books, doesn’t put them back properly, distracts his fellow employees and never buys a damn thing. Hux has had just about enough of Ben’s ridiculously handsome smile, his stupidly contagious laughter, his obnoxiously mesmerizing eyes. He’s determined to let Ben know just how he feels–that is if Ben doesn’t beat him to the punch with a confession of his own.
Nothing's the Same

Eren sleeps alone, curled up towards himself, but even if he holds a pillow close and pretends its somebody else, he can’t sleep - the quiet sounds of the house sound nothing like the barracks, and in the morning he hears his mother’s humming and the sound of the coffee machine starting up and he can’t help but feel disbelief for a moment or two before his mind registers which life he’s living, and that his mother is alive in this one. 

His mother tuts at him when she sees his face and the dark circles around his eyes, and it’s all Eren can do to smile weakly at her as he eats his breakfast and heads out to school. 

When he sees Mikasa at the bus stop, his shoulders drop a notch, and he takes her hand, not caring that it looks like they’re dating. She looks concerned, as usual, her mouth a tight line when she looks at the pallor of his face.

“Couldn’t sleep. I kept complaining about Reiner’s snoring and the rest of the guys, but now that it’s silent I can’t sleep,” he says, bitterly. Mikasa nods silently, and offers her shoulder for him to lean on when they’re on the bus. Even now, she’s taller than he is. She knows it’s not really about the sounds - that after all these years and the horror they’ve somehow remembered, Eren can’t sleep properly unless he’s curled up with somebody familiar and safe. (She and Armin make it a point to have Eren come over to sleep during bad weeks, and they curl up together like wolves in a pack - and only then does the furrow in Eren’s brow lighten.) 

Until know, they’ve barely found anyone from the 104th, and none of their commanding officers. Mikasa wonders about the Corporal, wonders if Eren still thinks of Levi when he lies awake at night. 

He moves out of town to go to University after high school, and Mikasa and Armin follow. The insomnia seems to have settled a little, or at least Eren has gotten used to the sensation of not sleeping enough. At least, as a college student, the amount of coffee he consumes doesn’t seem out of place. He joins MMA classes and fighting calms him, somewhat - the ache of his muscles and the smell of sweat makes him think of the guys after training. At his trial, the instructor seemed surprised that he’d never had lessons - “You have good balance.” he’d said. Eren snorted, though he tried to look suitably embarrassed and pleased while internally thinking of 3DMG training, and its requirement that users know their bodies and centres of gravity with pinpoint accuracy. 

When he hears one of the girls in his session proclaim how hungry she is, he misses Sasha, and the ache in his chest never seems to stop. That day he stays past his usual time in the gym, practicing old hand-to-hand manoeuvres that Annie taught him now that there’s nobody around to watch.

“Swing out from your hips, kid. You’re wasting energy. Or did nobody teach you better?" 

Eren jerks around angrily on reflex, bristling both at the unexpected presence and the jibe, because he’d been tense all day and the comment about being taught just makes him think of Corporal Levi, and that’s just not. Acceptable. 

"Fuck off, my teacher was -”

The words die in his mouth when he registers who is in front of him, short and muscled and pale - absolutely beautiful - an eyebrow arched and face impassive, though his eyes - how Eren had missed that shade of gun-metal grey - were bright as they looked at Eren.

“Sir,” he breathes, not daring to believe his eyes. 

Across the Stars, Chapter 7

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 8

AN: I did it! It’s here! And I really love this chapter and I’m so pumped for Spring Break and the stress all just melted away from me an I’m so happy and ready to write again. I’m so thankful for all your enthusiasm–it really helps when I write. You all have no idea. If you liked this chapter, please remember to like/reblog/leave a commment. Or come talk to me with headcanons and things like that <3 Enjoy!

He waited for her.

He knew he shouldn’t have, knew that waiting for her, that even talking to her was a risk. That he was risking both his own life and her life. And he knew that he made her hate him, and that she needed to hate him, needed to fear him, needed to get as far away from him and Tamlin as possible. As far away from Amarantha and this whole damned mess that had spread out before them, that she had no business getting tangled up in.

She and Eirian were alike in that they were innocents.

But Eirian, because of her family tie to him, had no choice but to be dragged into this, and Feyre…Feyre could run. And he hoped she did. He hoped he’d scared Tamlin enough that he’d sent her away, to wherever her family or friends were. He told himself he was waiting at the coffee shop every day to ensure that she didn’t come back, to ensure that she was safe and home and away from him and Amarantha and Tamlin.

He wasn’t fooling anyone, least of all himself.

“I don’t think she’s coming back, man,” Sam said as he pushed Rhys’s third Americano across the café table. “I haven’t seen her for two and a half weeks now.”

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lana’s video for Love actually made me tear up at the point where the camera zooms in on her eye and we can see the glittering cosmos reflected back at us. this video might just be a cool aesthetic piece, or it might be the perfect conceptualisation of what it feels like to be “young and in love.” falling in love makes you believe in crazy things. logic is the monopoly of single people, who tell us that falling in love is an amalgam of coincidence and compatibility and social conditioning. everybody knows this - until you fall in love, of course. then the truth of the universe is unveiled to you. lovers emerge from the earthly dark into the loving glow of the sunlight. love transcends us far above the world; to a place where time ceases to exist, and the only gravitational pull is the infinite string between two beating hearts. suddenly, you see that every event in your life has been a stepping stone leading you to this person. all those whims and free choices, were actually the intricate weaving of the stars. and now that you have found this person, the soul that was born of the same stuff yours was, it feels like all the planets are aligned; the music of the spheres rings in concordant harmony; and your place in the universe is no mistake - all this time, you were made with intention. and with that realisation, comes the recognition of divinity. from thereon, every mundane moment - going down to the coffee shop, playing video games - is celestial. you navigate through the universe with new eyes, filled with awe and reverence. it might be a senseless theory, but it doesn’t matter that all of this is beyond human comprehension. it doesn’t matter that the people who manage to hold onto their sanity tell us we’re crazy. as lana puts it, so perfectly simple, it’s enough to be young and in love.

Art Student AU

Take off that sweater. Please. It’s burning my eyes and offends me.

“That sweater is hideous.”

Pausing, Riskua looks down at the large sweater that covers her torso and nearly half her thighs. Sometimes sweaters that are oversized are cute. 

This one however…

“Okay, so it’s not the prettiest of thi-”

“Ris-ya, it’s offensive; it’s searing when I only catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye. I daren’t look at you head on.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! :) Could i request a headcanon or scenario where MC had a part-time/temporary/full-time job as a Retail Assistant in Toy store or Clothing store or Book store (either 1). MC never had a job before, so she is feeling anxious and doesn't know where to start. She told all these to RFA members + saeran, what will their reactions and response be?

aaaaaa of course~ i’m sorry this literally took forever .-.

also: ToyRUs because I LOVE THAT PLACE??? leggo


  • right so she’s at the shop just minding her own business 
  • lmao low key avoiding customers like
  • questions?? you got a question ok don’t ask me cuz idunno anythinggggg 
  • someone send her help pls
  • anyway this guy comes up and he’s like “Excuse me miss, where do you sell Legos here?”
  • MC is f r e a k i n g the hell out cuz she doesn’t know???? (literally just got the job yesterday and she missed orientation ok)
  • and then:
  • “Sir, I can help you over here!”
  • it waS YOOSUNG/???!?!!!
  • that’s right, this boy got a job just for you MC


  • MC was nervous for the ENTIRE NIGHT before the first day of work
  • and he was tryna calm her nerves (started using some ‘actors-stress-relief’ tactic on her)
  • he walks her to her work place and gives her a special charm to wear so she can think of him whenever she gets lost or scared
  • also did i mention
  • the charm is a fuckin-
  • like that’s great Zen but this ain’t a charm it’s just your face
  • k well she takes it anyway because at this point she’s so desperate she will take anything to calm her internal screaming
  • 2 minutes into working on the shop floor and she hears footsteps approaching so she’s grabbing onto the charm for her dear life
  • and when she turns around it’s literally Zen
  • “Can I ask you something about the store for your entire shift?”
  • yas


  • she doesn’t get it
  • “MC it’s just work, I do it all the time - literally.”
  • okok but she’s not actually that savage
  • so she makes sure that MC has some coffee and whatever so that she can have a smooth day at work
  • and she drops by during lunch to take her out!!!
  • “MC, how’s the day been so far?”
  • “It’s horrible, customers make me nervous and my boss says that I-”
  • Jaehee cuts her off by squishing her cheeks
  • “It’s only your first day, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon enough, trust me… seriously.”


  • “MC, why don’t you just work at my office?”
  • “.. don’t I need a diploma of some sort first?”
  • “But I don’t want you to go abroad to attend university like I did.”
  • MC:
  • ??????
  • ok what?
  • anyway so she finally goes to work and-
  • “jumin wHAT R U DOIN”
  • “Oh, MC, when is it your turn to be the cashier? I would like you to help me with these items”


  • MC’s getting a job?
  • trololololol
  • time for some fun
  • Mr. Prankster here does not have any sympathy
  • so while MC is working yenno kinda unsure about everything
  • he goes in and messes with her
  • “MC! MC! Where can I find the shoes section?”
  • “… shoe section? um, I don’t- SEVEN THIS IS A TOY SHOP GET OUT.”
  • hehe right
  • 5 mins later:
  • go awayyyy u poohead


  • lmao he’s so protective
  • he literally just went into the shop and just
  • “kisa shouta-ed” MC (u know what im sayin if u watched SIH)
  • anyway MC was kinda happy because every time she turned a corner she’d see him and it made her feel really relieved
  • but that wasn’t what the manager thought
  • soooo he asked him to leave
  • then he stayed outside and just kinda watched through the windows lmao
  • the manager did that “i-can-see-u” point thing 
  • but the sweetheart stayed outside until her shift was over aweee

saeran u fluffy piece of shit is2g

~Cherry L.

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FUNNY STORY ABOUT THESE: for whatever reason, the place I bought them from shipped them separately. Chirrut was to arrive on Monday, Baze on Tuesday. But when UPS tried to deliver on Monday, my roommate couldn’t get to the door in time. So I tried to have Chirrut delivered to my local UPS Access Point. But for whatever reason, it wouldn’t let me, so I crossed my fingers that they would deliver him with Baze the next day since I was planning on working from home. Then of course Tuesday, there was a snowstorm and UPS didn’t deliver anything. I was able to arrange to have Baze delivered to the Access Point, but it still wouldn’t let me have Chirrut delivered there. So I left a note for the driver to deliver to the coffee shop under my apartment instead. Then right before I left work today, my roommate texted me to let me know I had two large packages waiting for me. Long story short: there’s no power in the universe that can separate these two.