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The different fanfic eras explained as lunch

Pre-internet era: You walk into a room and sit down at a table. Someone brings you a turkey sandwich, a bag of potato chips, and a soda. Perhaps you are a vegetarian, or gluten-free. Doesn’t matter; you get a turkey sandwich, a bag of potato chips, and a soda.

Usenet era: You walk into a room and sit down to your turkey sandwich, a bag of potato chips, and a soda. Someone tells you that over at the University they are also serving BLTs, pizza, coffee, and beer.

Web 1.0 (aka The Great Schism): You walk into a room. The room is lined with 50 unmarked doors. Someone tells you, “We have enough food to feed you and a hundred more…but we’ve scattered it behind these fifty doors. Good luck!”

Web 2.0 (present): You walk into a room. Someone points at the buffet and says, “Enjoy!” You turn to see a 100-foot-long buffet table, piled high with every kind of food imaginable. To be fair, some of the food is durian, head cheese, and chilled monkey brains, but that’s cool, some people are into those…and trust me, they are even more psyched to be here than you are.


15.10.2017 .. cycled back from church this morning and made a pot of coffee in preparation for writing my first assignment of the term on student’s experiences of religious education. outside there’s no doubt that the trees in college have taken on their autumn colours, it may still be warm enough to have all my windows open but autumn’s there in the air.



So i see your ‘humans are special because of our sight’ discourse and bring you smell.

we underestimate our sense of smell all the time. And its true that while we don’t have the best in the animal kingdom, we still have an amazing sense of smell. Surprisingly, new research shows that our strongest sense is actually our sense of smell (although your most important is still your eyes).

We’re so used to using it we don’t realize we are. 

for example, the pheromones released when you’re sad, happy, angry etc are picked up on by the nose and sent immediately to the brain which then released the same chemicals in sympathy. You aren’t aware you’re smelling it, but you certainly react to it. Empathic people usually have a far better sense of smell, and studies are currently ongoing to see if its really true that a psychopath doesn’t have a good sense of smell. People who cannot smell can’t pick up on other’s emotions easily, and require visual or auditory cues to know if someone’s sad/happy/angry/afraid etc.

Also, your sense of smell and your memory are directly linked. Im sure everyone has smelt that one smell that just brings you back to the past, like smelling freshly cut grass and associating it with childhood and games, or smelling the scent of the morning dew and immediately thinking of peace and calmness etc. Thats why using aromatherapy can help with your memory. Your sense of smell is through your olfactory bulb, which is the scent-analyzing region in your brain. It’s closely connected to your amygdala and hippocampus, brain regions that handle memory and emotion. So your sense of smell is much more linked to memories then any other.

Smell is an important sense as it can alert us to danger like gas leak, fire or rotten food. Unpleasant and bad smells actually send pain signals to the brain to warn us of possible danger. Its true our sense of smell isn’t fantastic, but its a lot better then we even begin to give credit to. In fact, a strong enough smell (like smoke, cooking food, coffee, alcohol etc) can actually wake you up.

An experiment done with students at the university of california had them fully blindfolded, wearing earplugs and gloves, to track a chocolate oil covered bit of string dragged through a field by smell alone. 21 of the 32 students actually did it. 

So although our sense of smell isn’t great compared to the other animals on earth, compared to aliens it might be absolutely amazing. And we don’t even know it.


Pairing: Hybrid!Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff & Smut

Summary: You walk into your home one day to find your cat walking on two feet, in a human form.

Originally posted by nochuie

Words: 2.5k

You kicked the door shut after trying your best to get it opened with your unavailable hands that carried the heavy groceries. With a grunt you managed to reach for your cross body and throw it over the couch while making your way to the kitchen to put down and organise all the things you bought.

You had a simple life, a twenty years old girl who’s trying to make a living in this cruel world. Your parents had passed when you were young and ever since then you had to make your own money, be it from taking extra shifts at the cafè you worked in to working at McDonald’s where you used to visit when your parents were alive and wonder why people wanted to work there when most of the customers were absolute garbage and the atmosphere is unforgiving and suffocating. You had come to the realisation that those people didn’t have a choice because after all you had bills and a degree to pay for.

You would describe yourself single, you and your boyfriend broke up about a year ago, you would be really upset and heart broken if he wasn’t a douchebag and a selfish piece of shit or maybe because you only dated for a few months and realised he wasn’t the one for you.

You would say that you’re living in this apartment alone but you had a cat, a male adorable Scottish fold with the fluffiest fur ever. He was the only thing keeping you going through your hard times, he would always come and rub his head onto your feet when you arrive home, he always wanted your attention and would would beg and purr for your pettings just like he is now.

You crouch down to run your fingers through his adorable ears with the biggest smile sprawled onto your face, you can never help it when he looks at you like that. Only if a real man can actually look at you like this.

“Hi Kookie” you said while stretching each syllable out of adornment.

“How have you been? Were you being a good boy?” You said while peppering his fur with kisses near his ear and neck which earned you a lot purr and a lick from him.

Your cat wasn’t the typical cat that scratched at its owners if they touched him or pet him too much, yes he would get fiesty sometimes but most of the time he was peaceful and understanding. When you cry, you would find him at your lap looking as sad as you or dragging a toy in your direction in hopes that if you see him play around attend to your commands that you would feel mused and feeling better. You swore that he’s not a normal cat.

You carried him in your arms after organising everything in place. You headed to your room and put him into your bed where you would walk to your wardrobe to get a change of clothes. You took of your shirt followed by your bra, you didnt need to be suffocated at home wearing these merciless boob imprisonment outside was bad as it is, you put your head and arm through your tank top and changed your jeans into your matching pyjama shorts.

You liked to lay down in bed and pet your cat when you came back from a long day in attempt to gather a bit of energy to get up and try to make dinner. Kookie must be starving yoi thought as you patted at your lap to get your cat to come to you, which he obviously did you could swear that he liked being there maybe a little too much. You didn’t like your cat eating processed smelly canned food that they scam people with at the market, when you first got your cat 7 years ago, you didn’t have much money to get him special cat food and you would feed him whatever you were eating which he actually found much better than canned food that you bought for him when you finally earned money, he refused to eat it and you decided to never feed him it again.

“Sometimes, I wish you can speak to me” you said while rubbing his right ear between your thumb and pointer, he liked it the best when you petted his sweet tiny ears like that.

“I just feel silly when I speak about my day for hours when you probably can’t understand anything I’m saying apart from the word food” you laughed at yourself. Strangely your cat growled and it almost sounded like a scoff, did you just offend your cat?!

“Sorry. But you know im going to talk about my day either way” you shot him a sweet smile. He settled his head between his stretched paws that laid on your stomach.

“I… I think I’m going to quit” you said slowly. You didn’t expect your cat to understand the kind of world you live in. You are a hard working person but you can barely manage doing notes for class when you had two jobs like that, besides neither paid well for the long hours you worked. You though of quitting your job at McDonald’s because it was tough and was a complete crap of a job and the shifts you worked could spare you an entire night that you can use studying or maybe in the future, spare that time to work for someone who pays well.

“I’m just tired you know? I feel like my brain cells are dying when I work there. The people treat you so horribly, when I work late at night and go to clean the dirty tables I get groped and it feels disgusting. The smell is disgusting and I dont even comment on how bad the food  we sell it. I feel so bad for selling people something that will reduce their life span” you sighed.

“I guess I really had enough, huh?” You said while picking up his left ear and massaging his head. The cat infront of you seemed to have understood you and gave you a pity look, which had quickly changed to what you could make out as annoyance and anger. Why are cats so weird yet absolutely beautiful.

“I guess it’s queue for dinner” you cheered,

“Grilled chicken? Or that salmon I just bought from the market baby?” You asked as if your cat would answer. You knew he would probably like salmon better and honestly, you were craving some salmon and a good beetroot salad.

The cat had followed you to the kitchen when the smell of fish showered your entire home. Of course you thought, what a typical cat he is.
You noticed as he gets closer to you as you grill the salmon on the hot surface, he had wrapped your calf with his tail while looking up to you which made you squeal at his cuteness but remembered how dangerous it is for him to be close to an oven.

“I love you Kook but you have to go away, it’s dangerous here” you said before reaching for the fridge and taking out the rest of the ingredients necessary for the dish.

You had spent the rest of the night eating your dinner and watching a movie play on your TV with your beloved cat. You were feeling pretty tired and chose to end your night after emailing your boss at McDonald’s not to expect you at work anymore, you finally chose to quit but you weren’t sure if you were ready for the consequences. It’ll be okay, you whispered to yourself before shutting your eyes and brain to sleep.

The next morning, you woke up before he did like any other normal day. You headed to the bathroom and got ready to get ready for your classes, you would normally make food in the morning and put it down in a bowl so that when your cat is hungry it can eat while your not home, but as you quit your job at McDonald’s, today consisted of going to classes and coming back home early.

You made some coffee and put down a small breakfast for your cat incase it woke up before you got home but you doubted it since you’re going to come back within 3 hours and he’s showing no sign of wanting to get up any time soon. Smiling, you wore your winter coat and wrapped your neck with your favourite soft scarf and headed outside to start your day.

Classes were the same, difficult but manageable with effort anf effecient note taking, which you clearly havent done enough of. You didn’t make friends with the people that are in your course because you simply didnt have enough time to, but they all seemed somewhat nice you guessed.

Once the class was over you had a small break before the other one begins and you headed to the local university cafe for some coffee in attempt to really wake up. You waited in the queue to order your coffee, it was only one man with a slightly grey hair in front of you. You assumed he was one of those obnoxious frat party boys who dyed their hair a different colour every weekend. You rolled your eyes when you heard him ordering the same drink you were going to.

“Hi. Can I get a caramel machiatto please?” You asked of the barista, who nodded and asked for your name and the money, which of course you had given before you proceeded to wait for your drink. You had realised that the man in front of you was gone, that was quick you said before taking the drink that was placed on the table in front of you, that had said caramel machiatto on it.

You had sipped some before the same man reappears infront of you. Why was he here you said before turning away, only to hear your name and the drink you ordered being called out by the barista.


You turned around, and met the man again but this time, he was facing you and dear God, he was gorgeous. So unreal that you’d think he was an anime character. And you might have embarrassed yourself by taking his drink.

“Sorry, i thought you took your drink and left and I didn’t bother to check the name on the cup” you said shyly.

He took the drink placed on the table and turned it around before sipping it.

“No worries. Y/N” he said. He knew you?

“Um… Do I know you” you said confused.

“If that was a pick up line… You could do much better” he chuckled.

“Ahh.. not that. Its just you knew my name and I’m not much of a social person is all” you laughed as crismon stains your cheeks. You weren’t sure if you said that out of confusion or admiration and wanting to keep talking to him.

“The cup says your name” was all he said before giving you a smile.

“Right! Sorry again” you said,

“No problem at all” he said, before you left the cafe and continued to your class.

You were on your way home after that incident and you were smiling like a fool. At least we go to the same university, we’ll probably meet again, you thought. You didn’t know that this was not the only unexpected thing to happen today because as you turned the lock of your home open, you were met with a naked man.

“What the fuck?!” You screamed after taking in the scene right infront of you.

He wasn’t just one naked man, no he had what appears like cat ears and a fluffy long tail that you can mistake as your cat’s. You didn’t dare to look down and met his eyes, he was clearly as freaked out as you are, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. The more you looked into his eyes the more they resembled your cat’s that you stare hours in every night. You can never mistake any detail regarding your cat but this? This is insane!

“What are you doing in my house?!” You tried to be calm, not knowing how to deal with this situation. Was he a pervert with some strange kink, going to peoples homes and freaking them out like that?

“You’re home early” he said with a shrug, his voice sounding like the sweetest melody. When you fathomed what he just said you took a step back in shock. What the hell was that.


“Who are you?!” You tried to stay calm and collected.

“Really Y/N? You can’t tell how your cat looks like?”


“Thank God you found out this way, I was getting tired of having to stay in that stupid cat form and eat out the small bowl you would put my food in” he said annoyed.

This is not your cat. The man in front of you is definetly someone mental.

“If you think I’m gonna believe this then your out of your fucking mind” you retaliated.

He moved forward towards you before he shut the door forcefully and pinning you on it. He smirked before saying

“I can make you believe me”

He took your hand and placed them on the familar ears, they felt and looked just like your cat’s. You couldn’t help but rub them and the man in front of you leant towards your hand and purred.

You couldnt deny the fact that this pretty much is your actual cat in human form. All the memories of appearing naked and changing clothes in front of him rushed in your mind. You smacked your self mentally and stayed away from Jungkook. Yeah that was the name you had given your cat that you’d usually call Kookie.

“Why are you running away from me now?”, he said confused.

“Why didn’t you tell me you’re human” you ignored him.

“Because im not” he said as if it was obvious.

“You know what I mean. You’re a hybrid, same thing” you said sighing.

“Because like you are now, you’ll distance yourself from me” he looked down, all the smug that was on it disappeared. You sighed again, you’d never leave your cat. He was your life and you’ve even wished that he could talk to you. Your wishes had come true.

“Kookie” you said before making your way to him, his ears perked up and so did his head in attempt to look at you.

“I’d never leave you. You know that” you said as you took your fingers to push through his ears like you always do. He purred again and placed his arms around your waist while he rubbed his head into your chest.

“I-I always wanted to do this… have you between my arms instead of the usual way around” he said and you smiled.

“I do feel weird about it, but I could get used to it” you smiled.

A/N: I want to make this into a series but I wasn’t sure how many people would want that. If you do, don’t hesitate to submit a request!

Paper Planes (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Soulmate AU where if you throw a paper plane out your window it always makes its way to your soulmate. You can’t write your full name, your location, or any contact info, anything else is fair game. It’s up to fate to bring you together.

Word Count: 1,775

Warnings: Zero proofreading. It’s strictly fluff though so you’re safe here.

A/N: This was such a cute idea and also reminded me of that one Disney short. You know the one. Also, I will jump at any opportunity I can to write sappy love notes and Lin’s messy handwriting. Please don’t ask me about logistics of this, I have no idea what happens if your window is shut and your soulmate throws a plane, I’m just here to write fluff.

Your parents had told you the story all through your childhood. They would always weave you intricate tales at bedtime about how you might meet your soulmate. Your favorite stories always had a prince playing that role. As you got older the stories evolved from fictitious plots to questions and conversations. 

You received your first letter from him at seven years old. It took you by surprise when the paper plane made of blue construction paper landed on the floor of your bedroom. You scrambled from you bed to scoop it up and inspect it. You unfolded it carefully, flipping it over.

‘ Hi! My name is Lin! ‘

You yelped as if the paper itself had spoken and ran into the living room where your mom was preoccupied with a book. She seemed to notice your panic because her eyes immediately left the pages to study your face.

“They wrote you, didn’t they?” she asked wryly with a twinkle in her eye. You squeaked out a yes, shoving the blue paper towards her. She unfolded it to see the note before chuckling. “Well, are you gonna write them back or not?”

You spent the entire night debating and when your mom came into your room to kiss you goodbye before she left for work she saw you sitting on the floor surrounded in papers. 

“For them or from them?” she asked with an amused smile as she leaned against your doorway.


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Golden Fuckboy || FINAL

✨ pairing: jungkook | reader.

✨ genre: fluff, slight angst.

✨ word count: 5k. 

✨ previous parts: part 1 💫 part 2 💫 part 3 💫 part 4 💫 part 5 💫 part 6 💫 part 7 💫 part 8 💫 part 9 💫  part 10

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Jeon Jungkook is a truck.

A 160 ft long, 1000 pounds 18-wheeler coming straight at you at full speed. And you’re clueless about him, standing alone in the middle of the road, just as if you were patiently waiting for it to hit you. Everyone but you can see it getting closer, everyone’s able to hear it’s horn rumbling in warning and, even if they try to alert you and shout at the top of their lungs for you to move away, you are unable to realise the presence of the vehicle until there is no more time to get off of the way and the impact is imminent. But the truth is; if you had had the time to, you still wouldn’t have moved away.

Jeon Jungkook is a storm.

One of the kinds that starts as a light, innocent drizzle. The one that makes you think that you’re not even getting wet at all, until suddenly, there’s a full blown storm happening with loud thunders and scary lightning, and it looks like the sky could fall off at any given second. And you’re out, in the middle of an unknown street, far away from home and there wouldn’t be enough umbrellas in this world to keep you dry at this point. But the truth is; if you had had an umbrella with you, you still wouldn’t have opened it.

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Caffeinated Fornication

This if for @ask-haleinski whose birthday was July 27th, and my stupid ass didn’t post it on time! This is basically how they met again in their universe so I hope you all enjoy! :)

Warnings: mature language and sexually explicit content

Find this on AO3!

Stiles was tired.

So tired that if he’s being honest the sweet release of death won’t give him long enough to become well rested. More often than not these days tired is now his default setting.

It was the reason he was currently walking down the street to his favorite coffee shop in town. It just so happened to be open twenty four hours. God bless because it was one in the morning and he needed his coffee fix if he was going to finish his essay.

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Stay Professional!


You managed to get your first job at a prestigious and famous marketing firm. Nothing was going to stop you from working there. A few distractions may be problematic but.. there was a man that stood out unconventionally well. Despite being the CEO’s only son, his face alone is enough to win over the nation’s heart 10x over. An interesting romance that’s sure to get you screaming.

Fluff & Angst: Jungkook x Reader

A/N: Hey! I’ve been MIA but I’m back with something for you :)

“Yes Ma’am I understand.” You lowered your head politely and stuck on a smile that tortured your face muscles. You were lucky enough to land a job straight out of university and you knew it was going to be tough but.. the extent as to which you were being used and bullied by higher ups was unbearable.

“If you understand then don’t make this mistake again! You ruined my morning.” The head of department of advertising scolded you over a small mistake of pouring too little milk into her coffee.

After she left, you lifted your head up and rolled your eyes at the amount of bullshit you dealt with on a daily basis. It was kind of getting tiring.

“Should you really be pulling that face right now?” An unfamiliar and cool-toned whisper sent shivers down your spine.

“No sir! My mistake, my apologies.” You immediately brought the radiant smile back to your face, not knowing who it was but it didn’t matter because everyone here was basically of much higher power than yourself. You had to show respect even if it killed your hidden inflated ego.

You heard the heavy clacks of his Armani shoes as his strides led him closer to you. He carefully examined your petite frame in comparison to his tall, dark and handsome nature.

“Are you new here?” His low tone sounded velvety and smooth as dark chocolate. It felt like eerie music to your ears.

“Yes sir.. It’s only been a few months since my arrival.” You bowed your head to this unknown yet alluring man. His presence was overwhelming and the entire office was silent- all eyes and ears on the two of you.

“Enjoy your stay, Y/N-sshi.” His husky voice trailed off behind him before he disappeared into the elevator with another unfamiliar man behind him.

How’d he know my name..?

You face-palmed after noticing the shiny golden name tag attached to your crisp white blouse.

“You should really stop drinking.” Your friend tightly gripped onto the soju bottle in which you refused to let go of.

“Let me relieve my stress! Work has been so much hell for me.” You managed to pour yourself another shot glass that was quickly downed, the stinging sensation brought tears to your eyes.

“…Don’t you have work again tomorrow? You’re going to get such a terrible hangover Y/N.. You should probably stop.” She quickly picked up the soju bottle that was almost empty and chucked it into the bin.

“I don’t care.. I don’t even want to work there anymore.” You managed to growl out, the alcohol taking it’s toll on your body.

“Hey! You should feel so privileged that you get to work in such a fine company. Look at me! I’m still working 3 different part time jobs because I can’t find a job. Do you want to be like me?” Your friend lectured you, peeling you off the desk and chair to take you home.

“Oh wait..” You slurred out, vision blurry and body-coordination out of reach.

“I think I left my house-keys in the office. I might need to go get them..” It was hard to articulate let alone walk straight.

“My god Y/N. Please get your life together.” Your friend buckled you up in her car and drove you to your work place that was still surprisingly operating.

“Tell me where your office is. I’ll go find it.” You just giggled to yourself, completely unaware of your actions. “It’s okay.. I’ll go get it myself. They’ll think you’re a bad bad intruder.” You slurred your words and sounded like a 4 year old. You shot her winks in her direction.

She just laughed and nodded. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come?”

“I got this! I work here!” You giggled, completely out of your mind.

Miraculously, you managed to make your way to the elevator. You pressed on the button and tried your hardest to not collapse from the alcohol intake. Your head was spinning and you couldn’t hold your body still. You steadied yourself by resting your head on your palm and walked into the elevator as soon as it ‘dinged’ with no further precaution.

That was when you smashed into an unknown figure once again, despite your pride in keeping yourself steady for some time, the balance was taken right out of your body and you landed- bottom first on the shiny tiled floor. You were ticked. You had no control over your mouth and lord knows what kind of mess you were about to get yourself into.

You groaned in pain and massaged your scalp, hoping the loud thumping in your head would somehow disappear.

His eyes lowered down onto the ground to find you mumbling curses. He was surprised at what you were doing at the office so late at night. But being the gentleman he was, he gently reached out his hand to pull you up with ease.

His skin was surprisingly cold and you were picked up with such little effort, it felt refreshing to feel something so cool as your body felt like it was boiling. You started unbuttoning your white blouse and unzipped the bottom of your pencil skirt from your knee up to your lower thigh and continued to casually strip in-front of the unknown man.

His cold fingers put your actions to a complete halt followed by his cold tone that sounded familiar.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He raised an eyebrow, a somewhat surprised and confused expression spread upon his flawless face.

“Let go. It’s hot.” You mumbled, weakly pushing away his cool hand and continued to take off your shirt, struggling to do so, you wobbled back and forth before almost falling again- he had caught you by the waist and looked down to see you: flustered and abnormally drunk.  

“Ugh.. don’t touch me. I don’t need your help.” You weakly pushed him away again, this time a little more audible than before. He was surprised at the way you were treating him.

“Suit yourself.” He let go of his gentle grip on your waist and continued to watch you struggle to walk and read the buttons on the elevator.

“What are you doing here so late.” His question sounded more like a demand as his curiosity was slowly starting to eat up his mind. “It doesn’t matter.” You missed the buttons and started to get irritated at your lack of body coordination.

A cold smirk spread upon his face and he chuckled at you.

“What are you laughing at? Do you think you’re some kind of powerful being? Are you another one of those annoying bosses that won’t stop yelling at me for making their coffee wrong. God people here are so…”

He stopped chuckling and raised a single eyebrow. He calmly slid his hand into his pocket and continued to scan you from head to toe.


He examined your messed up bun that consisted of hairs sticking out and bobby pins falling out. He looked at your peachy red face and smelt the very noticeable stench of alcohol that leaked from your body. He noticed the beads of sweat that formed around your forehead and the heat of your breath that also smelt of alcohol. You were a mess.

“Y/N return home. I may not know of your intentions here but you’re not in any condition to do whatever you’re planning to do.”

“Blah blah blah. Stop nagging with you?” You retorted like a 4 year old, closing the gap between his face and yours. You were just a few millimetres from his face and he could feel your warm breath on his cold lips. It sent shivers down his spine and he was caught off-guard for the first time in years. He noticed your collarbone clearly visible and cleavage from your unbuttoned blouse but refused to look at it despite his obvious chances.

“Would you like me to call a driver?” He offered, somehow sounding half-assed so you took it as an insult. What really were his intentions?

“Listen here you.” You poked his toned chest and spoke with a slurred and drunken accent.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do here but I’m just trying to get back home and go to sleep so I can come back to this hell tomorrow morning and cry over how dumb this shitty company is.”

Once again, he was hit with things he thought he would never hear coming from a very new employee. Amused, he chuckled once again unable to hide his interest in her.

“Would you stop laughing? What do I need to do to stop you?” You smiled weakly at him, completely drunken with stress and alcohol, you had no control over what was about to happen.

You closed the gap between your lips and kissed him softly, the taste of alcohol spread to him as your tongue intertwined his and turned into something a little more passionate. He didn’t stop you so you assumed this meant a green light to continue. His lips tasted kind of addictive and cooling. You ran your hand up his smooth cheeks, through his perfectly combed hair and ruffled it before fiddling with his thin black tie and blacking out completely.

What in the fucking world just happened?

Part 2 

I like to think that Derek can hear Stiles heartbeat all the way across town, and when he leaves Beacon Hills he can heart it until he’s halfway into Oregon, but by then it’s so second nature to have the steady beat of Stiles’ heart in his ears that he doesn’t really notice it. 

Until he can’t hear it anymore he has to pullover because it’s too quiet. It takes him a few days to figure out what’s missing and when he does he figures he’ll get used to the quiet, especially since he’s living in Seattle now and it’s never really quiet in a city.

But he doesn’t get used to it, it’s always just a little too quiet for him, or there’s too much noise with nothing to focus on. 

That is until one day two years after he left Beacon Hills he comes back from visiting Cora and something just feels right. It takes him a minute to realize why, but when he does stops in his tracks and tries to find him. 

He follows the sound of his heartbeat to the campus of University of Washington. He finds Stiles in the library and then stops because he doesn’t know how to approach him. 

“I know you’re there,” Stiles says without looking up. There’s a smile in his voice and Derek slides into the seat across from him, his heart racing but he feels calmer than he has in years, “Took you long enough to find me.”

“I was out of town,” Derek says with a little smile, “Can I buy you coffee?”

“You can buy me dinner,” Stiles says, closing his textbooks and standing up, Derek following behind him. 

Years later, the day before their wedding, he tells Stiles how he found him in the library that day, Stiles isn’t surprised at all, he could hear Derek’s heartbeat too. Deaton told him it could happen when someone is your anchor and your their anchor too. 

Exo’s reaction to catching you watching Fan edits of them

Request: 💖💖💖I love your blog soo much! I’d like to request a reaction for them finding you watching famcam as/edits? Don’t be afraid to make it a little 😏! Thank you!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖

Admin C- Probably suggestive so heads up


After you told him you’d be working on your thesis for University Minseok left you alone in your bedroom. After coming back from CBX dance practise he smiled to himself, hearing your frustrated sighs from your room. Making you some coffee he was confident he could convince you to break for a while and opened your door, being met with the sight of you leaning forward on your desk gazing at his smirk as he grinded against a cane, breathing hard. Smirking hard as he walked up behind you, hands on your shoulders, leaning down to whisper low in your ear “I think you’ve worked hard enough, As a reward you’ll be feeling more than that cane tonight~” while he spun you to face him, your face flushed as his hands dipped lower. 

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Junmyeon would be visiting briefly to drop off a slice of cake he saw in a bakery and just had to buy you. Your sweet tooth was one of your qualities he loved about you, and he’d be smiling softly to himself when he used his key to open your apartment. Hearing your surprised squeak he looked up grinning, only to feel his face go red as he saw the image of him pulling up his shirt melding into his playboy body roll before you could slam the laptop down. Holding his cheeks softly before you both burst into laughter he handed you your cake, watching your eyes go soft at the gift and hugging him. Getting bolder he lowered his voice and breathed “If you like my body so much why don’t you lick some of that icing off me” feeling smug as you blushed hard and hide your face.

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Sighing hard as he walked into your room Yixing would be thinking of taking you out on a lovely date. He knew you’d been working hard this month and wanted to have an evening to yourselves. He began, “Baobei, I wondered if-” looking up slowly to your desk when he heard a low bass line and a suspiciously quiet keyboard. He would freeze mid sentence when he sees himself blindfolded and ripping his shirt open as you bit your lip after hearing his voice. Biting his own full bottom lip he would take off his tie and knot it over your eyes, lifting you onto his waist while he breathed against your lips, “Well it seems like we’ll definitely be having an evening to ourselves. You don’t need fancams when I’m here.”. You’d cling to his shoulders and internally thank who ever made those edits. 

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Baekhyun would be home early from tour and be excited to surprise you. He’d planned out an entire day for just you and him to explore various arcades and cafes, having a day to do all the date nights he’d miss being on tour. Opening the door to hear the Minho’s Body and seeing the large TV filled with his more spectacular thrusts while he pushed his hair back he met your horrified eyes with a playful smirk. “I didn’t know you missed me quite that much Jagiya~” he chuckled as you spluttered out an excuse before throwing yourself into the sofa face down. Laughing harder as he sat down beside you, lifting your face and pushing your hair away he continued “Now go get dressed for our date, even if you have to wait I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ending more when we’re home~”

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Your friend had dared you to watch fancams and not react while he was in the same room as you. You’d have some experience in the realm of fan edits but what you hadn’t counted on was getting too into the videos, making soft sounds which caught Chanyeol’s attention. Leaning over you from behind the kitchen stool he smirked, slightly flattered as you clicked on yet another, silently praising the skill of the editing before slowly spinning the stool to face him watching with glee as your mouth dropped embarrassed . He chuckled out “You know Jagi, if you wanted to watch me dance you could have just asked” causing you to retort “I was uh…appreciating the editing…” making him smile wider at your obvious lie. You’d be cursing your friend for weeks when he kept teasing you about how “hot you found him”.

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Jongdae, like Chanyeol, would be delighted at the new material of teasing you when he caught you watching him. Coming back to the dorms, after his fan meet, where you had slept over the night before he ’d make his way to his room. Opening the door slowly to sneak up on you and surprise you with a hug he saw you lying on his bed with your laptop open on Youtube, watching a clip of his “Top Ten Sexiest Moments”. Bursting out into laughter he’d clutch his stomach as you immediately tried to delete the tab, he’d tackle you on the bed and laugh out “So you think I’m the sexiest man ever y/n, you know I/m never letting this go~” as you covered your face, whining like him. For weeks he’d bring this up in front of members as revenge for all the pranks you played on him.

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Lounging on the bed after a delicious home cooked dinner by Kyungsoo, you’d be texting your best friend as you watched a film together. Your friend was sending you edits of your usually modest boyfriend that you were watching on silent. These edits highlighted his dark serious eyes that left shivers down your body and you jokingly texted back *Kyungsoo is definitively too soft for edits like that f/n :3 *. Unbeknownst to you he had glanced at your phone and seen your exchange, a challenge he would gladly accept. Taking the phone out of your hands, straddling your hips as his other large hand held your wrists above your head he looked down at you hard, “I’m certain you won’t be saying I’m soft after tonight.” as you watched him put your phone away, excitedly awaiting this sudden change. 

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Jongin would be spending his free Sunday morning cuddled up with you on the sofa watching The Walking Dead before he realised he left his phone in your room. Too cosy to move he asked for your phone so he could text Sehun which you passed as you focused on the episode. Opening the phone to your last youtube video he saw himself doing very bad things to a Weeknd song he recognised. Smirking hard as he shut the phone off, He would slide you lower so he was hovering above you, his hand making its way teasingly down your body as he questioned “Now why would my Babygirl be looking at those videos of me when all you need to do is ask.” You’d immediately remember but be silent under those heated eyes, knowing this Sunday was about to be a lot less lazy.

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Smug. You only one word to describe Sehun’s expression when he found you watching his more risque fancams. You’d be waiting at home for him to visit and passed the time just browsing tumblr, finding a link to a new fancam of Thunder on Youtube. One hour later and you’d be on an edit of all of his most fluid body rolls, replaying one particularly hot one and that would be the precise moment he walked in. Watching his body move in slow motion while you froze in surprise was the most embarrassing moment to this day. You’d watch his lips curve up in a knowing smirk, walking closer and pulling you onto his lap as he drawled out “Have I been neglecting you or are you just that attracted to me~”. You’d try to stubbornly push him away but would soon give in when he pressed his lips to your neck, rolling against you just like those edits. 

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Admin C- WELL! My first more….suggestive request, since I wanted to keep this fairly short I didn’t really go into it but feel free to request more suggestive reactions or fluffy or angsty! I hope this was okay! 

*MinaYixing edits for Yixing are the bomb, heads up Xingmi* 

The Gap

Summary: You are a morning person and Yoongi is definitely not—so for better or worse, something is going to change when fate places your windows less than three meters away from each other.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff, Neighbors AU
Word Count: 2,603
Author’s Note: Inspired by that Friends episode “The One With All The Haste” and the singing man across the way who sang “Morning’s here, sunshine’s here” like clockwork at the crack of dawn.


Most people would describe the morning sunlight as bright, cheerful, endearing, warm, and peaceful, the rays like a stretch of encouragement from the sky. The promise of a new day, a brand new 24 hours to start fresh, make better choices, take initiation, try new thing or explore vast places, go on adventures or be in good company. The options were limitless, as high as the sky that shone above.

Yoongi, however, would describe the morning sunlight like a bucket of ice cold water, a bitter cup of coffee—too sharp, too sudden, ripping him apart from joyous things like sleep or dreams or a warm bed. It jolts him awake, clouds his mind more than clears it. More often than not, he finds himself burying his face into his pillow to muffle his groans, clearly hoping that if he groans loud enough it could turn back time.

But alas, that is not how the universe was created—so it doesn’t do much.

Yoongi supposes that a small percentage of this mindset should be his own fault, his own lack of aspirations making the 24 hours appear so much slower than they are to other people. He has dreams of course, passions that could challenge any other visionary on the street. But the weight of life has caught Yoongi in the stream, dragging him down the current and away from his desire, leaving him on the shore that takes the form of a coffee shop across the way. Albeit, it’s not an entirely bad gig—the tip is good and some of his best friends also work in the corner shop and his boss doesn’t actually treat him like shit. It just doesn’t leave Yoongi satisfied. It eats into his already very thinly veiled patience for the morning.

See the light where the sky meets the sea, and it calls me,” A clear voice rings through the thin window in Yoongi’s bedroom, the consistency and deja vu of the noise leaving a painful reminder in Yoongi’s mind about the time as it groans and throws the blankets over his head.

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Perfect Timing - Widowtracer

A conversation I had with @robohero about Tracer being an extremely enthusiastic lover prompted this. Speed prompt, written in 29 minutes. 


It had been a peaceful afternoon. Widowmaker would perhaps have said ‘perfect’, but nothing was perfect—and, in Widowmaker’s experience, reflecting on how perfect things were was generally an invitation for the universe to ruin them.

So, it wasn’t a perfect afternoon, exactly. But, the warm winter sun was coming it at just the right angle to fall on her in her leather armchair, her favourite blend of coffee was in a mug on the table beside her, and, most importantly, she had her whole apartment in Paris to herself. It was finally quiet enough for her to focus on practicing some of those mindfulness exercises Angela had been teaching her to deal with the flashbacks. The timing was perfect.

She closed her eyes, counted out a long, slow breath and began to focus on her hands. How they didn’t feel numb with cold anymore, how nice it was to be able to feel the tips of her fingers, and how smooth her leggings were against the backs of—

Brilliant, you’re HOME!!!”

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Auston Matthews - He left to Continue His Dream

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Hello! This is a new blog that I have created strictly for NHL imagines. So, please give this account a follow, along with any request you may have. I want to get this account into full swing so please share as well. I hope you all like it!

Word Count: 1,309

Pt. 1

Thank you,


Part 2

We grew up as friends that did everything together. Ranging from playing little league, street hockey and yes, even sometimes Barbies. With our mothers being close friends, it was easy for us to be the same. They were sure to keep us together from our kindergarten through high school years. He was a constant in my life that I didn’t expect to lose.

Auston didn’t talk a lot about the future towards the end of our high school years. He knew he was going to leave at some point; I knew too, I just didn’t want to believe it. He never mentioned to me that he was thinking about going to the Switzerland Pro League for a year to advance his game either. Nor did he bring up his dream of playing in the NHL. Thinking back, I knew that was what he wanted. However, I didn’t want to think about my best friend leaving me. Yet, he did, he left to continue his dream.

When Auston left to Switzerland, it was hard. I knew when he left there was going to be a void; however, I didn’t think it would be as big as it was.

“Hello?” I answered my cell phone. It was him. After two weeks of being in Zurich, Switzerland and the last time I talked to him, he was calling me.

“Hey Squirt, miss me yet?” I can hear the smile in his voice.

“I’m sorry, who is this?”

“I know, I know. I didn’t call you last week like I said I would. Things here just got crazy with unpacking, practicing, and getting to know my teammates. I’m calling now though, that has to count towards something right?” Shuffling comes from Auston’s side of the connection.

“What? Pro hockey players don’t know how to send a text either?” I lightly chuckle back my fellow Arizona native.

A sigh came from Auston, “You know it’s not like that”, his voice serious.

“I know, I’m just messing with you.” Except I wasn’t. Auston was doing more important things then having to worry about calling his friend back in Scottsdale. I don’t want him to forget about me, or even replace me.

“I can hear it in your voice, you are worrying. I am not going to forget about you. That’s not going to happen. I promise you. Even if we don’t talk every day, you will always be my best friend, squirt,” sincerity being heard in his voice.

“I know but you know me. I can’t help—" I was cut off my talking on the other side of the phone. In the back, guys are heard talking. They must be Auston’s new teammates.

“Hey Auston, hurry up dude. We are already late for the party,” A muffled voice said in the back.

“Yeah alright let me just finish talking on the phone,” Auston yelled back.

“Come on, dude we have to go,” the voice stated, getting louder. Shuffling once again can be heard through the cellular device, “Hello? Auston has more important people to talk to. Call back later”

“Tyler! Dude, give me bac—” then the line went dead.

Months passed where I tried calling again but, he was always too busy to answer. After each voicemail, a text reading, “Sorry. I was with the team. I’ll call you back later,” was sent back in place of a phone call. Yet, he would never call back. Things back home didn’t help. Auston was generally my only friend. He was the social butterfly that everyone wanted to be friends with while, I was the quiet one that he pulled along for the ride. Once he left I didn’t talk to his friends very much. Occasionally, they would ask if I had talked to him recently or, how he was doing. Each time, I would come up with a lie so it seemed as though we were still as close as ever. In reality, I hadn’t talked to him for months.

I had high hopes for the draft. I prayed that he would get drafted to the Arizona Coyotes. He would be close to me, living out his dream while I would be going to Arizona State for college. Everything would be back to normal. I can see him and talk to him in the same time zone.

When the draft lottery ended, I knew my prayers were not going to be answered. It was evident, he would be packing his bags for the cold, snowy city that is Toronto. He was going to be in another country, another time zone, another team to get close to yet again. I didn’t want the events of Switzerland to happen again, instead of being the lonely friend waiting for his call, I forgot about him. Actually, tried is a better term to be used. It was hard but, it needed to happen. I couldn’t be the girl that I was in high school. I need to become my own person, make my own friends, and create my own path.

I didn’t end up going to Arizona State. I didn’t care for the University particularly. I only had my eyes on the college because I thought it would help keep Auston and I close. Instead, I headed west to Boston University. BU was a better fit for me, it was a new place far away from anyone that I knew. I made friends quickly with the girls in my dorm. I stayed busy with work at a local coffee shop and school. I thought it would help me keep my mind off of him yet it didn’t. Little things would spark my memory of him. Whether it be someone’s laugh that sounded like his to someone in the distance looking vaguely like him. Nothing was enough to keep the 6”3 giant out of my mind.  

Every so often Auston would call. I wouldn’t answer. If I were to answer, I wouldn’t be able to get over him. There were other was for him to know how I was doing, me not being one of them.

“Hey, the girls and I are going to go to that new bar in town. Do you want to come with us?”, my roommate Kelsea came into the room wearing a tight black dress.

“No, I’m fine. I have to study for my Econ class,” I said, sitting up from my position on my bed.

“Come on girl you need to hang out once in a while,” she said, “But since you aren’t going can I borrow your heels that you wore last week?”

My response was put on hold as I heard my phone alert me with a text message. “I found out from your parents that you didn’t end up going to ASU like you had planned. Good for you squirt, that wasn’t the school for you. You need to follow your dreams too. Have fun in Boston, not too much fun though kid.”

When I decided not to go to Arizona State, Auston was the first person I wanted to talk to. It wasn’t easy for me to choose to go somewhere else. I had to come to terms with Auston leaving before I could, in the end, it was for the better.

“Hey, so is that a yes?” Kelsea stood there waiting for my answer.

“Oh, um, yeah go ahead. I have no use for them tonight,” my mind still on the text that I have just received. How do I respond, should I respond? Do I really want to be the one that ends this friendship? Is there even a friendship left?

“Wouldn’t dream of it, kid,” is all I respond with.

“Okay cool. thanks, babe. Don’t wait up,” Kelsea said as she walked out the door.

I look down at my phone once again.

“Good.” Was all it said.

call no man happy

(that guardian angel thing)


Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk, staring out the window, and wishing things were different? Wishing the universe would throw something interesting your way, just to break up the tedium?

Stop it.

Stop it right now and get a dog, start doing macrame, learn to play the flute, anything else.

The universe is a tricky son of a bitch and will kick you in the teeth as soon as give you a sign. So be careful with that daydreaming because you could end up saddled with a celestial felon that tries to get you arrested and drinks all your beer.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Six months ago, several horrible things happened to Mo Guan Shan.

He dropped his brand new phone in the toilet, spilled coffee on his laptop, and he woke up to find a complete stranger eating pizza rolls on his couch. But we’ll get back to that.

At twenty-nine, Mo Guan Shan had resigned himself to a comfortable, yet mediocre existence. His job at the university library could be tedious, but paid enough for him to afford a small apartment in a not-completely-shitty part of town, food, and a little extra to put in his savings each month. The lower middle class American dream.

He had a few close-ish friends, co workers he got drinks with after work some days, and a boss that mostly left him to his own devices. So, no one actively horrible. Unless you consider the other tech that relentlessly hit, but she’s more obnoxious than villainous. His ex girlfriend was a bitch, but entirely avoidable.

His car was decent, a gold sedan from the early 2000’s that he routinely lost in parking lots. He’d bought it used the year before. It didn’t have air conditioning and smelled vaguely of cats, but it got him places he needed to go and had a working radio so… whatever.

There wasn’t going to be a movie made about his life, detailing his many adventures, but things could be worse and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

Even still, he found himself wanting more. He’d find himself daydreaming while shelving books. But he knew he wasn’t going to do anything to change his situation, so he’d stick to feeling sorry for himself.


One cool morning in October, things got weird. The alarm went off and he considered throwing it against the wall. He showered, brushed his teeth, managed to cut himself shaving, got dressed, and made his way to the kitchen.

He froze mid step and nearly fell over. There was a man sitting on his couch. His hair was dark and messy like he’d just woken up. He wore a faded black t-shirt under a dark red hoodie, tight black jeans, and tattered black boots caked with dirt like maybe he’d come from a construction site. He was heavily tattooed, and eating his God damn pizza rolls.

“Who the FUCK are you?!” he demanded, searching the immediate area for something he could use as a weapon against the man if need be, but came up empty. He fumbled for his phone.

“How did you get in here? I’m calling the cops.”

The man laughed, “No you’re not.”

Mo Guan Shan looked down at the phone in his hand, watching the man out of the corner of his eye, but it wasn’t there. Looking around, confused, he spotted it. The asshole on the couch was holding it, smirking.

“What the fuck, who are you?” Mo Guan Shan asked again, more perplexed than angry at this point.

“Isn’t it obvious?” The man asked, “I’m your guardian angel.”

Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows, “Yeah, and I’m the king of candyland.” The man looked around, clearly unimpressed by the sparsely furnished room and picked up another pizza roll. “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”

What the fuck.

Against his better judgement, Mo Guan Shan almost felt inclined to believe him, which was distressing.

“Alright, psycho, you need to get the fuck out of here.”

The man shook his head, tossing Mo Guan Shan his phone, “Trust me, I’d love nothing more than to leave. I’ve read your file.”

“What the hell does that mean? What file?” Mo Guan Shan asked.

“Your case file. You’re just some boring fucker with a case of ‘poor pitiful me,’ and i don’t want to deal with that shit at all.”

Mo Guan Shan was at a complete loss. He checked the time on his phone and sighed, shoving it into his pocket. He was going to be late for the second time this month. He could hardly say ‘sorry boss, some lunatic broke into my apartment, stole my phone, and insulted me’ so now he had to come up with some convincing lie. Great.

All he could think to say was, “you don’t look much like an angel.”

The man rolled his eyes, standing up and stretching his arms over his head. “Yeah, I left my halo in my other coat.” He pulled a rolled up piece of, what looked like, parchment from his pocket and held it out to Mo Guan Shan.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he approached, taking the paper from him and unrolling it.. He read it twice, trying to make sense of it. Long story short, it was a contract, chastising him for whining in flowing calligraphy.

It told him that by signing he was agreeing to accept ‘the guidance of a heavenly angel.’ The fine print at the bottom said he acknowledged the angel was part of a ‘special rehabilitation program.’ Fantastic, he’s a charity case for angelic criminals to get community service hours.

“Why would I ever agree to this? Even if it was real, and it’s not, It’s ridiculous”

The man’s smile was vaguely sinister as offered Mo Guan Shan a golden fountain pen he’d pulled from another pocket.

“Because your life is boring, and I am not.”

Mo Guan Shan considered that, studying the man more closely now that he could see him. His eyes were dark gray, like the clouds before it rains. There were three small dots tattooed above his left eyebrow and several small symbols under his eyes. They looked familiar but he couldn’t pinpoint what they were.

There was a small rose with stem and leaves from is hairline to the bottom of his jaw. Little bits of black right under his hairline told Mo Guan Shan that if he shaved his head there’d be some on his scalp. The large intricate design that seemed to wrap all the way around his neck looked familiar also, like something he’d seen in an old book.

If any of this was true, it was probably that last part.

Fuck it, why not.

He snatched the pen and scribbled his signature on the line, handing both items back to the other man.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“He Tian.”


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procrastinating-porcupine  asked:

re: irl college weirdness my school had such weirdly specific initiation traditions, like. in your first week you had to wear *at least* one major article of clothing inside out to participate in activities and hang-outs and such – which in that school basically meant going outside after sundown or with reasonable expectation of being out until after sundown. After that week you could be requested to do so at any point of rest of the year as long as it involved an organised social activity. (1)

there were places you couldn’t go into nor stay in without an older student: the elevators, the coveted tables in the deep quiet corners of the library, the sound-proofed study rooms, the elevators, any empty classroom you have have no business in, the elevators. They were very serious about the elevators. Children Do Not Go In The Elevators Alone. Best part, you were assigned a (usually somewhat mocking) nickname and the older students wouldn’t say your name for the whole year. (2)      

The point was establishing a pecking order via ritual humiliation, but I can totally see the older students at Elsewhere doing stuff like that under the guise of hazing to keep the freshmen safe till they realise something’s OFF and start taking the Rules seriously. If by June they haven’t at least learned to make sure it really is their floor before getting off the elevator, then there’s not much more that can be done anyway. (3)   

you also had to steal a coffee spoon from a cafe and bend it to use as a tie bar, but that’s a tradition in all our universities. Still, it’s just the sort thing you could use to trick them into minding their iron. Make it a little game, something just transgressive enough for the token to be proudly worn as a badge of honour by the same cocky shits that’ll go and do something stupid right off the bat. Plant a bunch of iron spoons in the professors’ lounge and pretend they’re not in on it.             

Oh man this is perfect, thank you! It’s more or less exactly how I’ve imagined it going - weird traditions that aren’t really questioned by most people because it’s just sort of what you do in college and all the upper classmen do it, so you may as well. I’ve definitely mentioned before that people who don’t pick safe names are given them anyway, in the hopes it will stick before their true name does.              

Torn Up (Part One)

Originally posted by leafbabies

A couple of disclaimers:  

1. I’ve never ever published an imagine before, and this is just the first part of many, so if you want to read more, shoot me a message and I’ll continue to post this story!

2. This is gonna be a big one. It’s already 15k words on the google doc, and I’m nowhere near halfway done, so I’ll be releasing it in parts if y’all want me to continue.

3. I’m not sure about the pairing yet, so in a couple parts if y’all have any opinions, feel free to weigh in!

Warnings:  Some foul language, probably rude jokes, ambiguous romance at this point… 

Parts Two through Five

The first time I tried coffee, I was convinced that it was the most vile thing on Earth. Granted, it was that super bitter, low-quality instant stuff. As I got older and tried higher quality beans and roasts, I fell in love with its complexity. Fast-forward seven years and there I was working as a barista in a quirky little coffee shop in downtown Toronto.

I had always wanted to go to college outside of the United States; I could never really stay contentedly in one place. The constant relocation that came with having parents whose jobs included constant moves was the most likely cause of my wanderlust. That, and the fact that I was raised in places like Germany and England, Texas and Canada. Out of the thirteen different places I had lived, Canada was my favorite; granted, it was Niagara Falls which was known for being very American. Canada was just foreign enough to be separate from the U.S., but Toronto was only seven hours away from where my parents had retired to in Indiana. They weren’t happy about me studying in another country, but conceded that Toronto wasn’t as bad as sending me off to Europe.

The stress of classes hadn’t quite hit me yet, as it was only three weeks into the fall semester of my freshman year at the University of Toronto. I was feeling confident enough to get a job at a coffee shop a couple of blocks away from campus and was enjoying the sense of purpose it gave me. I did however dread the idea that I would possibly have to give it up if my grades started to slip. Granted, the employee benefits of working at a niche little place like Espresso Yourself, along with the free coffee and flexible hours, it would be difficult to leave, no matter how tough my classes got.

After about a month of working at Espresso Yourself, I already had a few regular customers. Most of them were young professionals who would show up in immaculate suits and with purposeful, if not superior, expressions on their faces. While they all seemed to order the same three things, kind of like how they all wore variations of the same three outfits, I learned to predict whether someone would order real coffee or a fancy, sugary drink from the rest of my customers.

Adversely, the only two true regulars who didn’t show up dressed like they would kill each other for a job were two young guys who pretty much lived in Toronto Maple Leafs gear. Despite them being regulars, they never seemed to show up at the same time every day, but by their third visit I knew them by name and their orders by heart. Mitch was the shorter of the two and without fail would order a caramel mocha with extra whip. His friend Auston (double espresso, splash of cream) teased Mitch mercilessly after every order for choosing something so sugary and girly, to which Mitch complained that it was the only out of diet thing he consumed and that he was trying to put on weight anyway. The two bickered like frat boys. Or old women.

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Genre: Fluff / Angst / Smut 

Pairing: BaekhyunxOC

Summary: You were an aspiring writer looking for new ideas for your first ever novel. It wasn’t easy as you thought it would be considering the writer’s block you always seem to have. Just when you were on the brink of giving up an inspiration came out of nowhere. An inspiration that goes by the name of “Byun Baekhyun”

A/N: Okay! I know, I still have another Baek story to finish but I just wanted to post this one since it had been in my drafts for a long time lmao I hope y'all support this one as well! And also!!! It’s my first time writing smut so please tell what y’all think hehe 


You gulped down your coffee to the last drop. It was your second cup for the night. You were currently seated in front of your study table with your fingers lingering on the keys of your laptop, the blank page of the untitled word document glaring at you, mocking you.

You heaved a sigh.

You got out of college 8 months ago. No, you are not a graduate. You decided to drop out 2 months into the school year out of impulse. It wasn’t because you were stupid or anything, it was just because you lack any kind of motivation for studying and plus, you didn’t think you’d need any of what they offer in school for your dream job. You aspire to be a best-selling novelist. But in order for that to happen, you need to write something. In your case, it was impossible.

Your parents weren’t against it, but they weren’t really supportive of the idea either. They just let you do what you want since it’s your life. They would sometimes try offering you financial support or ask you to come back home so it would cost you less but you were a strong independent woman who doesn’t need to live off of her parents money (and truth be told, you were kinda embarrassed and you wanted to prove something to them).

“Ahhhhhh fuck me,” You cursed under your breath. You just wanted to write but this writer’s block always seem to have kept you company. Everytime you tried starting on a story, you’d end up clueless on where the storyline was heading so you were always back to square one: and that is struggling to find a solid plot until the wee hours of the night. Who would’ve known your dream would be this hard to attain?

Looking at the clock, you realized that it was already 4 in the morning. You aren’t going to be able to write anything again, you deduced. You needed to rest since tomorrow was Friday. It was your last working day and your shift starts at 9 am. You couldn’t wait for the weekend to roll so you could focus more on your writing (or more like staring at your laptop for hours and have a mental breakdown).

You recently found work in a coffee shop near your apartment building. It was also near a university which was why it was always flocking with students. The pay was good, it was enough to keep you fed and off the streets. But you weren’t going to settle down with that kind of job. You were going to put Stephen King, J.K Rowling, and John Green to shame! You were gonna go places! But as of now, the only place you can afford is the small gloomy apartment you’re living in.

Taking off your glasses, you stood up from your chair and almost fell because your legs were numb, like thousands of tiny ants were biting them. This was probably because you spent hours in the same sitting position.

You sighed again.

As you laid down on your bed, thoughts about your life choices entered your mind. You were really contemplating now whether it was a right choice to pursue a writing career. You were just so so close on giving up.

You didn’t get any sleep that night.

“Hey there buttercup, why the long face?” Sehun said when he joined you behind the counter while putting on his apron.

Sehun was your coworker. You take turns on managing the counter and serving customers. You also help each other on kitchen duty. You’ve only known him for 2 months but it felt like you’ve known him for years. When you two met, you just instantly clicked.

Unlike you though, Sehun was only working part time. He was studying Visual Arts in the university near the coffee shop. Sehun didn’t need to work for money, that much you’ve learnt. When you asked why he was working, he told you the sole purpose was to “hone his interpersonal skills”.

He was a really good-looking man, you actually had a crush on him on your first day of work but when you overheard him calling someone “baby” on the phone, you knew he was off limits. He even showed you a picture of his girlfriend. Son Eunbi. Cute petite girl. Short brown hair that falls midway on her long beautiful neckline. She probably has a great personality too, you thought. Sehun even said he’d let you meet her. Next time, you would say.

“I just didn’t get much sleep is all.” You replied, leaving out the part where you couldn’t type in a single sentence on your laptop 5 hours ago.

“How’s writing?” He asked voice sounding genuinely curious.

“Ugh. Don’t even ask.”

“Writer’s block still won’t let up?”

You nodded tiredly and he gave you an apologetic smile.

“Maybe this writing thing isn’t for me.” You said while you continued brewing coffee.

“Maybe I was meant to brew coffee for the rest of my life? Coffee has been a real friend to me considering I take it twice a day.” You jested but half meant it. If it was the you months ago, giving up wouldn’t be an option. But considering your current state, it looks like giving up is the only option.

“Hey don’t say that, sugarplum.” You rolled your eyes playfully at his endearment. He had a knack of calling you these weird nicknames because he finds it amusing.

“I think you just need a little break.” He added, appearing at your side, leaning against the counter.

“Tell you what, there’s going to be a party tomorrow at my friend’s house. He throws the most turnt up parties ever like seriously! The unlimited booze, horny fuckers grinding up against each other, deafening music, and all the made up games just to have an excuse to drink and make out….” He smiled at you.

“And you’re coming with me.”

He didn’t even ask you if you’d want to come, he already decided for you. You chuckled. Typical Sehun.

“Well, I have been so uptight lately.” He nodded in agreement.

“And I do need some kind of relief….” You trailed off.

“Yeah and this would be a really great way to loosen up. Maybe you’d even find something to write about in the party- Oh! Eunbi will be there too! You’ll finally get to meet her!” He exclaimed looking so excited.

“Alright. This better be a hella turnt up party, Oh Sehun.”

“Don’t worry, hotdog. Jongdae never disappoints.” He smirked at you and winked.

The bells chime as a customer walks in, signaling the start of your busy day.

Saturday came faster than you thought. You were finished dolling up and you were just waiting for Sehun to come and get you. You insisted that you’d just arrive on the venue by yourself but being the stubborn Sehun he is, he insisted on going together.

You were checking yourself out in the mirror when your eyes suddenly drifted to your study table, laptop untouched.

You shook your head. No, you were not going to think about that right now. Today is going to be consist of full blown make out sessions with strangers and going home with them, pissed drunk.

“Fuck writing! Today we go YOLO!” You said to yourself with new found determination. Just then, there was a knock on your door.

You opened it and was greeted by a very stunning man.

“Wow, you look like someone who’d get laid.” Sehun whistled lowly while he eyed you, a lopsided smirk playing on his lips. “Because that’s what I intend to do, get laid. Now shut up and bring me where the party at, lover boy!” You marched towards the lift.

“Eager, aren’t we?” He chuckled and followed suit.

Sehun’s girlfriend came in to view as you approached his car. She smiled at you as you made your way to the car. You smiled back with the same warmth she was emitting.

“Hi, you must be Y/N. I heard a lot about you from Sehun.” She said holding out a hand to you.

“And you must be the famous Son Eunbi. I can say the reverse is true, too.” You grinned and shook her hand.

You three chatted for the whole ride. You were already liking Eunbi and it was evident that she was also growing comfortable with you, too.

When you arrived at the house party, everyone was already under the influence of alcohol and blasting music. Everywhere you look, there would be people grinding up against each other, grabbing asses and are just practically fucking in front of your very eyes.

It looked wilder than any party you have been to.

Sehun appeared next to you and put his arms around your shoulder. He took in a deep breath and spoke, “Ahhhhhhh nothing but the smell of drunken regrets……so, what’ya think boobear?” 

“This is going to be so fucking lit.”

You move your way to the kitchen to refill your cup. You have been dancing and making out with almost every boy at the party. Everyone seemed to want to get their hands on you, probably because you’re fresh meat in their eyes.

As you reached the kitchen, Sehun was mixing bright color liquids in his cup. He turned his head towards you and he had a sheepish smile on his face. It was evident that he’s drunk since he was a little red and you knew he wouldn’t drink that if he was in his right state of mind. That drink in his hand screamed “Death”

“Where’s Eunbi?” You asked when you reached him.

“Just chatting with some of her friends.” He shrugged and you nod in understanding.

“Having fun?” 

“Never been better! This is a really good way of loosening up. I feel so great!” You beamed at him which caused him to laugh. You were more bouncy and animated than usual, all the alcohol you drank making its way through your system.

As you were filling your cup with who-knows-what, your eyes scanned the living room to look for a new victim.

Your eyes landed on the boy on the couch with a girl sitting on his lap, and was casually conversing with another boy beside him.

The girl was rubbing circles on his chest sensually and sometimes would even kiss the base of his neck but he didn’t seem to be fazed by it because the conversation they were having didn’t stop.

“Who’s the guy?” You asked Sehun. He followed your line of vision and slyly smirked when he saw who you were looking at.

“Ahhhh that my dear, is the Byun Baekhyun. He’s an art major as well. He’s in some of my classes but I never really talked to the guy, he doesn’t look like someone who’d want casual talk. He’s really famous in school for his art works and his cocky personality. I must warn you first though before you plan on doing anything stupid, Baek’s a huge playboy. Rumor’s had it he even had an orgy with the most popular girls in our school and he was the only boy there.” Sehun chuckled at that and raised his cup. “Salute.”

You digested everything Sehun was saying while you took in Baekhyun’s appearance. His raven black hair was messed perfectly, bed hair but it looked like all the strands stuck out to the right places the moment he got out of bed. He was wearing a silk navy blue button up that was unbuttoned just enough to reveal his smooth chest. He looked like a fucking man whore, but he made it look fashion. 

“Typical artistic playboy.” You murmured, taking a swig from your cup.

“I wouldn’t say typical….there’s really more than meets the eye with that guy.” And just as Sehun said the word eye, Baekhyun shifted his gaze in your direction, making eye contact. Your heart skipped a beat not in the way it would when you see the person you like but more like when you’re watching a horror film and a jumpscare happens.

He was from across the room and the way he was looking left your mouth slightly agape. He then smirked and raised his cup to your direction. Coming back to your senses, you did the same. He then returned his attention to the guy he was talking to.

Byun Baekhyun has definitely piqued your interest.

He looked fine as hell and all you wanted in that moment was to be that girl on his lap. You’ve made up your mind. Byun Baekhyun was your next target.

“Hey Sehun! Aren’t you going to introduce me to your cute friend over here?” A guy called out to the tall guy who sat beside you. You recognize him as the guy Baekhyun was talking to. You were currently on the couch where they were sitting a while ago. When they left, you and Sehun headed there and Eunbi joined soon after.

“Oh hey! This is Y/N, Y/N this is Jongdae, the one who’s having the party.” Sehun said. Jongdae smiled at you cheekily and held out a hand. You took it and he kissed the back of it. You giggled at that which made Sehun gag. Eunbi and Jongdae chuckled.

“Well I wanna dance with my girlfriend now so if you may excuse us.” Sehun said while he stood up, pulling an obviously wasted Eunbi to the dance floor.

“How about you? Wanna dance?” Jongdae offered with a glint of mischief in his eyes. This boy seriously looks like he is always up to no good. You agreed nonetheless, the alcohol in your system deciding for you.

You ended up on the center of the dance floor, your chest pressed up against Jongdae’s considering how a lot of people were dancing as well. You were swaying your body when someone from behind you snaked an arm to your waist which made you turn your head to the side. You would’ve regretted it if you were sober since now your face was so close to Baekhyun’s neck but you were pissed drunk so you were unfazed. You could smell his musky scent that was just luring you to bite his neck. Looking up you saw that he was staring intently at you. You noticed he had eyeliner on which accentuated his fierce gaze. You ended up resting your head on his shoulder shamelessly. He smirked.

“I think I’ll take it from here, Jongdae.” Baekhyun said while he rubbed the side of your waist sensually. You didn’t see the exchange of knowing glances and the silent agreement between the two boys but before Jongdae left, he kissed you on the cheek. “Stay safe, kids!” He shouted over the music and he was gone.

“Baekhyun.” The man who had a hand on your side introduced.

“I know who you are.” You said and started swaying your hips. He raised a questioning brow but went behind you and started moving in sync with you.

“How so?” He asked half curious and half teasing.

“I might have asked about you a while ago.” You shrugged. You felt his hot breath brush on your ear as he leaned forward.

“Well at least now I’m sure I’m not the only one interested.” He chuckled lowly and you pressed your ass a little bit more to his crotch. He held onto your hips firmly as you both grind against one another. “Fuck, Y/N….”  The way your name rolled off his tongue made you shiver. “How do you know my name?”

“I might have asked about you, too.”

It was you who smirked this time as you took your sweet time moving your body in tantalizing waves making Baekhyun more intoxicated than he already was. “How about we take this somewhere more private?”  

“Aren’t you being too forward, Mr. Byun?” You asked breathlessly because damn, Baekhyun sure knew how to work his charm. With the way his body moved with yours and the way his voice lowered an octave was doing magic to you.

“I’m doing us both a favor here, sweetheart. I think we can both agree we want the same thing from each other…” He growled and bit your earlobe. It was the only encouragement needed when you quickly took his hand and made your way across sweaty bodies to go outside. Everything was happening so fast but the alcohol was making you act without thinking. 

You both gripped onto each other as you stumbled inside your apartment, your sloppy kisses unceasing. He helped you remove your coat and you shrugged it off sighing in content that you felt the cool air hit your skin. 

He helped you with the rest of your clothes until you’re only left in your undergarments. “Black lace, huh? Looks like someone really planned on getting laid tonight…” He was eyeing you up and down drinking in your visuals. As an art major and a guy who had slept with tons of women, Baekhyun could say your body was truly a masterpiece. 

His gaze on you darkened immensely as he imagined ramming himself deep in your cunt. With that, you were both back on each other as you made your way to the bed. 

Of course, not wanting to be the only one vulnerable, you ripped his button up shirt hastily causing one or two buttons to fly somewhere in the room. He bit your bottom lip harshly which made you hiss. He pushed you a little, “What the- You better fucking pay for that, this is designer." 

You ignored him and continued your assault as you unbuckled his belt, surprisingly enough you skillfully removed it and had his pants off him in no time. He was left as bare as you and you licked your lips when you saw the undeniably big tent straining in his boxer shorts. He raises an eyebrow and looked smugly at you. "Like what you see?” You rolled your eyes. 

“I just hope you fuck fast as much as your smart mouth moves.” You retorted. He chuckled as he snaked his arms around your waist. His lips barely touching your’s, hot breath fanning your swollen awaiting lips as he whispered, “Oh wouldn’t you want to know.

The kisses you shared were nothing passionate and sweet and you weren’t complaining. It was full of tongue action and leaving purplish bruises to remind you the next day of the one night stand you had. You weren’t looking for someone who’d make love to you and care for you when you went to the party. You were looking for someone who’d fuck you senselessly until you cum so hard and forget all the thoughts that troubled you. And Baekhyun was more than willing to be that someone. 

He trailed wet kisses down to your cleavage and you arched your back for him to expertly unclasp your bra. He took one nipple in his mouth as he played with the other with his fingers. You moaned shamelessly loving the attention he’s giving your breasts. You bucked up so his hips meets yours and he groaned in response. 

Usually, you were into foreplay. But being sexually frustrated for weeks now, you just wanted Baekhyun to be inside you. Your wet pussy was rubbing so sensually with his hard meat and it just felt so good you almost came. "I think now’s a good time to fuck my brains out, Baek…” You moaned in his ear. “A girl who knows what she wants…” He trailed off as he immediately flipped you on all fours. “That’s fucking sexy." 

His other hand held your upper body down to the mattress while the other was on your side to keep your hips on sticking upwards. He pulled your panties down to your knees and positioned his cock at your entrance. "Ah shit….” You buried your face on the pillow as he entered you not too gently. 

“Fuck Y/N you feel so good…” He groaned as he started moving his hips, already finding a steady pace. Having Baekhyun inside you felt so good. His cock made you feel so full and you knew this would be one of the best sex you’d ever have with a stranger. The sexual tension you felt between you two were just shown with every hard thrust he did. He went faster and harder and you just knew you’d be sore tomorrow morning. 

The way he pounded you from behind was just so overwhelming and intense you were having a hard time keeping your hips up. Baekhyun noticed this so he put both of his hands on you hips now while he gripped tightly, sure to leave bruises on your pelvis. 

He hit a certain spot which made you moan wantonly as you clenched your pussy more making his thrusts grow erratic. 

“I’m coming…” You panted. 

He reached out a hand to your clit and rubbed furiously. You shouted his name as you came. Baekhyun followed with a load groan as soon as he felt your tight snatch convulsing around his dick. You felt his cum fill you up and you hummed in satisfaction. 

You fell face first on the bed as he pulled out and fell beside you. He spoke breathlessly after a few minutes, “You take pills?" 

"It’s a little too late to ask that but yeah I do.” You replied still having your eyes closed. You were still trying to catch your breath when he flipped you on your back and hovered over you. You opened your eyes and was met with his dilated pupils. You already felt a nudge in your opening. 

“Then that means we’re far from done, sweetheart.”

Mornings Like This

Summary: (Request) Where Bucky helps his daughter make Mother’s Day cards and breakfast for the reader.

Word count: 354

A/N: I’m not sure if this is what you wanted but it’s my first time writing domestic Bucky so hopefully, it won’t be so bad

Bucky feels a slight tug on his shirt, making him shift on his bed. The sun shines brightly across the room, her soft skin against his, legs tangled up with Y/N still wrapped in their blanket. A small smile appears on his lips because this is what his life turned in to. This is what God gave back in return for all the years he’s spent in a living nightmare. She is his own forever, his own happiness. She is someone to come home to with tender kisses and—


This little 3 year old peanut.

“I’m up, sweetheart.” He yawns, rubbing his eyes in hopes to keep him awake. Bucky rose out of the bed with his daughter following him to the bathroom, gently picking her up into his arms from the sink after watching him brush his teeth. “Your arm’s cold.” She squeals and rubs her father’s metal arm with the palm of her hand.

“Shh,” Bucky quickly rushes out of their bedroom. “We don’t want to wake mommy up just yet.” She giggles, placing a finger in front of her lips.

2 broken eggs and a stack of pancakes later, Bucky starts chasing after their child with a handful of flour, screams and laughter filling the house. Y/N leans against the kitchen counter, trying to hide the smile on her face. He immediately dusts off the flour on the ridiculous apron Tony got him on his birthday, finally aware of his wife’s presence. “What’s going on?”


“Mommy, look at what daddy made!” Right next to the bouquet of flowers was a card made of pink construction paper and pancakes soaked in maple syrup with a warm cup of coffee. 

“You did this?” Y/N asks and he shrugs, a chuckle escaping his mouth. Bucky scratches his head and walks towards her.  “I did get a little help from our peanut right here.” Placing a kiss on her forehead

“Thank you.” she mouths.

“Happy Mother’s Day, doll.” 

And he quietly thanks the universe and the stars and Y/N, because he was lucky enough to have mornings like this.



Feb. 9- Alternate Universe


Alexei is the first into the cafe at 5am. He unlocks the door, then re-locks it, and heads into the back room. Once he’s gotten himself sorted, he turns on the lights behind the barista counter and grabs a broom to start dusting under the tables and chairs.

He’s only just started when a wet snore from the other end of the cafe has him freezing in his tracks.

“H-hello?” Alexei calls. There’s no reply. At least, not immediately. Another snore filters through the air, echoing off the walls.

Alexei eyes the armchairs and the one sofa squished in the corner, but sees nothing. There’s only the barest hint of morning sun coming through the windows and the lights behind the counter don’t stretch very far. Alexei squats down and squints at the shadows under the tables and chairs.

He sees… something.

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gr33kg0ds  asked:

"my irritating ex just walked into this cafe and i know u only sit next to me in my college class but just kiss me real quick" fake dating percabeth

read on ao3

Don’t get him wrong, Percy despises coffee. He thinks that it’s highly overrated, tastes like actual dirt, and undrinkable no matter how much sugar or milk or vanilla people put in it. Honestly, he’s convinced there’s some sort of conspiracy where all of his classmates (and the entire world, basically) just pretend to be caffeine-addicted in order to confuse the actual hell out of him or maybe it’s just to sound relatable.

His hatred of the hot beverage doesn’t stop him from practically renting out a corner of Chimaera’s Coffee every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning before his eleven am class. Although he doesn’t particularly like the brand they sell, their tea is decent enough because any tea is decent when consumed at one hundred and seventy degrees, and their breakfast sandwiches have probably served as more than a few semesters worth of meals.

Percy found the place back in his freshman year, but never came back because, as stated previously, he hates coffee and never had a reason to surround himself in the aroma, until he realized it was close enough to his university that he could walk to it, but it was far away enough that no one else wanted to, especially when there’s a café on campus. So, he can park himself in this little corner of the store for a couple hours three days a week, get a piping cup of chamomile (it’s hard to mess up chamomile), and get any homework he needs to done or study for his upcoming classes or just watch an episode of Parks and Recreation in a relatively quiet setting (he’s on season six).

The shop is normally almost devoid of customers around the time he goes in—not many people need a caffeine fix at ten in the morning—and so it surprises him when he sees someone sitting in his booth. It’s a blonde girl he faintly recognizes, hunched over a laptop and cautiously sipping a cup of something that smells like coffee, but Percy supposes the entire store smells like that, so he shouldn’t judge, at least not so quickly.

He considers just grabbing a different table, but the outlet is right there and Percy really wants to finish this recall episode that he fell asleep watching last night. And his computer is nearly dead. So, he quietly slides in on the other side of the booth, and starts messing with own stuff until she speaks.

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