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Title: The New Candidate (Part 5.) 

Character(s): Patrick Sullivan and Ashley Wright (original female character)
Summary: Ashley plays soccer with Patrick and the rest of the crew.
Word Count: 1,996
Author’s Note: Okay, JDM playing sports does things to me for some damn reason. I don’t know much about soccer, but I loved writing this chapter regardless. Man, I can’t wait for you all to see how this story plays out hehe. Enjoy! :-)

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After last night, Ashley couldn’t wait to spend more time with the guys of the firehouse. Most importantly, she was excited to see Patrick again that didn’t involve being at work. She felt the tension last night throughout the pool game, while he was dancing, and their brief talk. He had told her that the next time they played, Patrick wanted her to dance for him.

It was enough proof for Ashley to realize that the feeling was mutual. Though, she didn’t know if she could act on it and she wasn’t sure if she wanted Patrick to either. Her career was more important to her than some man that wasn’t a guarantee in her future. It sounded very naive, but Ashley wanted to establish herself as a firefighter first before jumping into a relationship with the Lieutenant.

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Can I be honest with you, Father? I’m not sure I’m up to this. It’s too hard. I’m not prepared. I just want to go home, lock the doors, draw the curtains and drink wine all day. Is that terrible?