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top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)

Ester Fanous (1895-1990) was a prominent Egyptian feminist, and a founding member of the New Woman Society and Women’s Wafd Central Committee in the country. She frequently expressed strong opinions in support of women’s rights and against British colonialism.

In 1923, she established the Egyptian Feminist Union, with the aim of improving the rights of women to education and literacy, and of promoting equal opportunities. She was involved with many other charitable organizations, such as the Young Women’s Christian Association.

I’ve always been emamoured with Egyptian texts, artwork, & spiritual practices, but I hadn’t really extensively explored them until recently. Having studied Hinduism in formal & informal settings, it’s hierarchical structure has similarities to Ancient Egyptian spirituality, which I find really fascinating… They both have an all encompassing supreme power (“Neter” or “Brahman”), gods & goddesses who can have character flaws & experience sickness or decay (Eg: “Ra” or “Ganesh”), & divine humans who mingle in the world of the gods or sometimes become god-like (Eg: “Isis” or “Arjuna”). I’m becoming very obsessed. I missed studying philosophical practices. Also, Egyptian gods remind me of Stephen Universe. New gods are formed when gods combine, haha.

Egyptian Food - Ful & Lentil Soup

Ful Medames (فول مدمس‎‎) is a dish of fava beans with vegetable oil, cumin, and sometimes parsley, garlic, onion, lemon juice, chili pepper and other vegetables, herbs & spices. It’s a staple food in Egypt, especially in the North. It’s also served in countries such as Djibouti, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Jordan, Eritrea, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia.


The New Women’s Nike Middle East Campaign is Impressive

إيش حيقولوا عنك؟

The global label cherry-picked five pro and sporting aficionados from a range of disciplines, including Parkour Trainer Amal Mourad, boxer Arifa Bseiso, fencer Inès Boubakri, singer Balqees Fathi, and figure skater Zahra Lari to star in a short film that explores the question “What will they say about you?” narrated by Saudi artist Fatima Al-Banawi.

Favourite Historical Periods; Old Kingdom Egypt 8/?

Old Kingdom Egypt, specifically the ‘Pyramid Age’ (2650-2125) consisted of Dynasties 3-8 and is responsible for one of the most recognisable structures and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; the Pyramids.  Khufu’s Great Pyramid in Cairo is a testament to Ancient Egyptian culture and society and an everlasting symbol of the Old Kingdom