not editing it but finding the pictures

Since I see so many icon blogs make icons of our lovely members, I’d just like to say this: please DO NOT use fantaken pictures. I’ve had people who run those blogs ask me, “but where else do I find them?” and all that but god, it’s not that difficult, really. Just go on their twitters (here and here), or their instagram (here). Google. But when you see a logo and you just KNOW it’s a fansite. DO NOT edit them. DO NOT crop the logo. Just don’t do it. The ONLY Cross Gene fansite that allows editing, is SCHOOL BUS YELLOW (link to their twitter here, website here). 

Guys, just please follow the rules and don’t ruin it for other CandY. Thank you.
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Just editing this week’s YouTube video! It’s all about Pokemon Go. Subscribe to my channel to watch it and last week’s video - and find out why I’ve been absent from tumblr for so long! Conventional social network wisdom says you should never post links on tumblr and try and get people to reach out because engagement it laughably low but let’s prove those guys wrong :)

P.s the picture is of my in Tallinn Estonia and it’s such a beautiful place everyone should go.


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