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@choiminoh / @sataeminism gif challenge:
 ↳retro vs. fantasy

I’m finally caving and I’m going to try the not so berry challenge!! I won’t be posting it here though. I want to keep it for just me!! idk if I’ll love it or not but I hope I do!! Plus I kinda want a break from the Thornhills because I just want them to have pets tbh.


get to know my clubs moodboards  →  Olympique Lyonnais

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Historically, Lyon has a healthy rivalry with fellow Ligue 1 club Saint-Étienne, whom they contest the Derby Rhône-Alpes with. Since the club’s dominance at the start of the new millennium, however, they have established rivalries with Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris Saint-Germain and Lille. Lyon also share minor rivalries with fellow Rhône-Alpes clubs Grenoble and AS Lyon Duchère.