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(Also, I have a little something special, for this one!!! :) You’ll know it when you see it) 

Original comic:

Credit to: @fuckingchatnoir

There’s not a separate blog post yet but the Saiyuki Reload Blast cast is now up on the Funi Simuldubs announcement post.

IM VERY RELIEVED TO SEE DAVID AND GREG BACK. And the rest of the cast is full of talented people so I’m excited to see how they do. I’m a lot more hopeful than I was tho.

It’ll be airing on Funimation today at 4 pm EST. If any of y'all wanna watch.

I Need To Feel You... (Mystic Messenger Comic Dub) - YouTube
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no words can honestly explain how much i was just blushing throughout the time i was editing this (///3///)

Hope you guys enjoy!

Link To The Comic!:


Zen - HangmanVA

MC - @maekankouya

Thoughts on Saiyuki Reload Blast Dub Ep1

*Ian Sinclair is perfect for Gojyo! I immediately was like “Yep! That’s Gojyo.”

*Micah Solusod as Hakkai was an interesting choice but I think he puts in a great effort. I think he just has to get more familiar with the role. But I will always have a soft spot for Braden Hunt’s Hakkai. 

*THANK GOD that David Matranga and Greg Ayres are back! They fell back into character flawlessly!! 

One thing to point out: In the Urasai extra Hakkai said Sanzo wrote down “Debauchery”. Now we all know it was Micah meant to say Gojyo but I laughed so hard it made the joke a little more funny. 

Looking forward to the next episode!


Caustic Window - Clayhill Dub (1993)

chernwei5784  asked:

It's 2am here, does it count as a new day? 15:09:19:98 :)

nice try, but you gotta wait in line like everyone else. though not for as long, now that i’ve upped the tempo. you get:

two pretty a+ faces from bogo and officer white fang over here
he’s having a good morning


Hey @k009 ! I did a comic dub of your Persona 5 Comic!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Akira Kurusu - SonataKyle
Ryuji Sakamoto - Sol X…
Ann Takamaki - Pikoyin…
Yusuke Kitagawa - Chromex20…
Makoto Niijima - SONICPHENG Voice…