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Requested:Hi! Can you write an imagine with theo where he is really needy like always wants to hold you and kiss you , cuddle with you , sleep on your chest , make you sit on his lap even there are empty seats? I mean i think its so cute. I don’t know. I hope you write it. Love u 💓


Note:I really,really hope that this is what you wanted and that you’re going to like it..So if you do pleasee let me know..Oh and sorry for waiting this long..Enjoy!:))

I was lying awake in my bed for half an hour..I tried to get up a few times but Theo just wouldn’t let me.He was sound asleep on my chest and I couldn’t get up from bed without waking him up,and no matter how uncomfortable I started to feel I just couldn’t wake him up.After what I felt like it’s been forever he finally woke up and looked at me with his sleepy eyes and I couldn’t help but smile running my hand through his messy hair..‘Morning baby.'He smiled and kissed me on the lips 'Morning beautiful.Since when you’re awake?’
'I think it was somewhere around 8 when I woke up.'I shrugged with my shoulders and he looked confused 'You let me sleep on your chest for half an hour.’
'Yeah I didn’t want to wake you up.’
He kissed me again and brushed his nose against mine 'I love you so much ,l hope you know that?!'I smiled at him 'Yeah I know baby and l love you to very much.’

We were called by Scott to meet him at his house for the pack meeting,and for this whole time Theo didn’t stop hugging me,touching me but not in a dirty way he just was gentle,he would kiss me very often and that was really strange for me but I pushed it aside..I was called by Lydia to help her with something in the kitchen 'Y/N is everything okay with Theo?'I looked at her confused 'Yes why wouldn’t it be?'She smiled at me 'Well he was acting all cute and also needy..Are you two active on the other fields in your relationship?'I looked her realization hitting me 'Oh my God Lydia!'And we both started laughing 'And yes we are.'She put her hands up 'I’m just checking.’
We walked out of the kitchen I wanted to sit on couch next to Theo,but instead he pulled me in his lap,hugging me and snuggling his face in my neck leaving the kiss on it.

We walked in to our shared apartment and I instantly let my body fall on couch and in the second Theo was next to me lying his head on my stomach and l started running my hand through his hair and I could feel him relax 'So are you finally going to tell me what’s wrong or do l have to guess?'He looked at me 'What do you mean?’
'Well you are acting little more needy lately..You sleep on my chest,you make me sit in your lap even when there is free spots,you kiss me non-stop.I mean don’t get me wrong I like that very much but l just want to know if everything is okay with you?!'He sat up and pulled me towards him so my back was pressed on his chest while he hugged me 'Nothing’s wrong I just realized that I love you very much..I mean I knew it before but lately all I want is for you to be happy so making l’m sure that you are by doing these little things..Because I don’t deserve your love,not after everything I have done..But also I’m very lucky to call you mine and I’m praying everyday to stay like that.'I turned to look at him putting my hands on his cheeks 'Theo baby,of course I’m yours and I always will be because no matter what happens..I will never stop loving you,never so don’t you dare saying that you don’t deserve me because you do and you need to stop living in past okay?'He nodded his head 'Okay!'I also smiled and then I kissed him..'Oh and thank God you almost made me think that I wasn’t good in that other thing..'He looked at me confused 'You know thaaat thing?!'And then he realized 'Oh God no,no you’re perfect.'And we both started laughing 'Good to know.'And then he suddenly stood up and in instant he lifted me over his shoulder and I screamed in surpriese but I was also laughing while he was started walking upstairs to out bedroom 'Theo what are you doing?'I heard him laughing 'Well a little bit of practice won’t do any demage..'And I couldn’t help but smile and shaking my head..Something’s telling me that this is going to be a looong night.

Training Wheels

Paring: Theo Raeken x Reader

Warnings: No plot??? fluffy smut ? Poorly written smut (((: AWKWARDNESS

♫♪ Training Wheels - Melanie Martinez ♫♪

❀ Love everything you do, When you call me fucking, dumb for the stupid shit I do, Wanna ride my bike with you, Fully undressed, No training wheels left for you, I’ll pull them off for you ❀

Author’s Note: This will be the first smut i have ever written and sorry if it sucks / poorly written. Also leave feedback because if this actually successful and i like it . I may start writing smut and actually improving my writing skills ((’:

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You looked over at your boyfriend of 1 year, you really did love him. Even if he was a psychopath. You knew Theo wasn’t a virgin (just imagine), he was really attractive how is he not one, but you were. And you wanted Theo, the guy you loved, to take your virginity. Theo sat on your bed, reading the chemistry textbook that was in his lap. You crawled over to him, taking the book out of his lap and you taking it’s place, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Hey there.” He smirks, giving you a peck on the lips. You blush, taking Theo’s hands in yours, “Theo can i ask you something?” He nods. “Can we do it?” You ask, Theo’s eyes widening. “Are you sure?” He asks, kissing and nipping at your neck, you moan in response. “I’ll go slow, tell me if I hurt you.” Theo says into your neck, before continuing to suck and nip on your neck. Theo grabbed the end of your shirt and pulled it over your head, before you unclasped your bra, throwing it somewhere in the room. “You’re so beautiful.” Theo says, grasping your boobs and playing with them. You start grabbing the hem of Theo’s shirt, starting to pulling over his head. Theo knew and took off his shirt before taking off yours and his pants, leaving his boxers and your panties.

You lay down, Theo hovering above you, leaving a loving kiss on your forehead. “Theo please.” You moan, as Theo started kissing down your stomach, till he got to your panties, pulling them down your ankles. He was in eye level with your core, him groaning at the sight of you in front of him. “You’re beautiful Y/N.” He says, kissing the inside of your thighs. You didn’t notice Theo had taken off his boxers, until you felt his member against your stomach. You eyes widen feeling how he was. Theo connects his lips to yours, cupping your face in his hands.

“Are you sure?” Theo asks, resting his forehead against yours, you nod, “I trust you with my life.” Theo smiles before positioning himself at your entrance, him hovering above you. He slowly puts the tip in, you hissing at the pain. You bite Theo’s shoulder as he continued until he was fully in. He stopped, letting you adjust, the pain slowly turning into pleasure. “Move.” You breathe, Theo nodding and starting to thrust slowing into you. You let out quiet moans, your nails against Theo’s back. Theo’s thrusts started speeding up, your nails digging into his skin as you moan in absolute pleasure.

Theo groaned into your neck, “I love you.” He breathes, you pulling him closer and kissing him. You soon felt a feeling in your stomach, you feeling closer to your edge. As you became closer, your moans started getting louder, Theo noticed your orgasm coming closer, him smirking softly. He looked at you and he nearly came at the sight. Soon Theo knew you were about to come, when your walls started tightening around him, his lips started kissing along jawline. “Come for me baby girl.” He whispered into your ear. Your back arches, you moaning against Theo’s neck.

Theo watched as your orgasm washed over you. His cock soften and he pulled out of you, before pulling you closer to him and pulling the covers above the both of you. “But you didn’t get to-” You started before Theo cut you off, “tonight was all about you.” He smiles, before kissing your forehead. “I’m exhausted.” You say into his chest. “I love you.” You mumble, before falling asleep.

Drabble #6 Theo [Requested]

Christmas/ Holiday Scenario 17.) ‘Love Note’ Tree

Theo Raeken was a monster; he manipulated faith with whispers, twisted morals with a devious smirk, and demanded allegiance with lies. Theo was the enemy. The painful truth reverberates in each nook and crevice of your mind; a desperate attempt to subdue the ravenous ache that’d wrapped its poisonous fingers around your heart. The holidays were meant to be joyous; yet, here you were wrapped in a duvet binge watching romance films on Netflix and wallowing in heartache.

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Pairing: Liam x Reader

Request: No, this idea just popped into my head earlier. But feel free to request! But the summary is…. You and Liam are going to have a child together and your life seems to be perfect, until you are kidnapped and have to go through loss. 

Warnings: Some swear words here and there and the reader being tortured. (Also a death or two.) Oh and it low key broke my heart. 

Author’s Note: I really hope you guys like this plot and enjoy the context! I’m a pretty crappy writer but hey, at least I tried. Feel free to give me feedback. Love you guys! xx

“Liam, I will be fine! I’m just going to run to the grocery store and pick up a few items. I’ll be back in no-time!” I stammer trying to grab my keys before Liam can confiscate them. “Y/N, just let me go with you! I need to be with you at all times. Do you know how dangerous it is now with the Dread Doctors and Theo lurking around?” Liam states running to move in-between myself and the door. “Yes, Liam. I am well aware of the dangers the world has forsaken us with.” I chuckle a little, trying to move past my ever so worrisome boyfriend. “Listen Y/N. I know you think I’m being overprotective, and I am. But we have a baby growing inside of you to worry about. She will be a natural born werewolf. Just like you. Do you know how many people would love to get their hands on either of you? Everyone is out to get our pack. They won’t let a baby stop them.” Liam cooes putting his hand on my very large stomach and looking me in the eyes. “I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you and the baby.” He whimpers placing both of his hands on my cheeks. “Li, I know you will protect us, but sometimes you have to let me fend for myself. I’ve been a werewolf since i was in our little-ones state. I should be able to handle myself, okay? Please trust me.” I say leaning in giving him a passionate kiss. “Fine, but if you aren’t back within an hour I’m coming to find you.” Liam strains looking down at the floor. “Thank you Li, now I love you okay babe?” I say moving past him and actually opening the door. “I love you too, baby girl.” He says as I slowly walk out the door heading towards my car. Little did I know that, that would be the last time Liam would look at me this way.


*Back to the present*

“Guys, we have to go find Y/N! She has been gone for the past 5 hours. I’ve called her cellphone about 100 times! I can’t even catch her scent, and I’ve searched every square inch of this fucking town!” Liam yells, startling everyone in the group. “Liam, we are trying our best.” Scott McCall, also known as our alpha exclaims trying to calm his young beta down. “Well your best isn’t good enough!” Liam barks punching the nearby wall. “Woah, bro chill out.” Stiles says placing a hand on the angry beta’s back. “Don’t tell me to fucking calm down when my girlfriend and child are nowhere to be found!” Liam yells once more shaking Stiles hand off him. “Wait, where did you say Y/N went to the grocery store at?” Kira chimes in. “Um, I think it was the one right down the road. I mean that’s where she normally goes.” Liam replies trying to read the Kitsune’s expression. “Why don’t we just go look there and see if anyone saw anything? Or maybe there’s some evidence there.” Kira perks up obviously impressed with her idea. “That’s a great idea!” Liam exclaims already out the door. “I’m coming Y/N, I promise I’ll find you.” He murmurs to no one in particular.

“I’m going to ask you one last time. Where is Scott McCall?” My unknown abductor asks with a vicious gleam in his eye. “I don’t know who that is.” I lie. “Fine, have it your way.” He smirks, making me wonder what he’s about to do. “Mr. T? Why don’t you come here and teach our little friend what happens when we don’t get what we want.” He chuckles looking at the dark staircase. Soon a massive amount of man comes bombarding down the steps with a bat in his hand. “It’s a shame we have to ruin such a pretty face, oh and your precious little baby might have to suffer too.” My kidnapper bellows with the most terrifying smile laced on his face. As soon as I hear his words my face grows pale. “No, please don’t hurt my child. I’ll tell you everything, I promise.” I plead not wanting to risk my baby’s life. “Such a doll. Should’ve thought about that before now.” He barks walking up the steps. “Kill her.” He utters before reaching the top of the stairs and closing the door leading out of the basement. “My pleasure.” The evil man known as Mr. T laughs hitting the bat against the palm of his hand, inching towards me. “P-please, n-no.” I stutter, tears forming in the brim of my eyes. The next thing I know he swings the bat hitting my arm, breaking it instantly. I growl loudly letting my canines be visible and eyes to glow. He pulls the bat back ready to swing again but I kick my foot out and knock him backwards. “Oh you’re gonna regret doing that.” He smirks moving towards me at a fast pace. I feel a blow hit me on the side of my stomach. I yelp in pain, wanting to break free from the chains holding me back. “Stop! Please!” I beg, but it doesn’t work as I receive another blow but this time to the head. My vision goes black as I receive more blows to my stomach and head. All I can think about is one thing. Or should I say one person. “Liam.” I gulp, as I receive one final blow to my head and I fall unconscious.

“C’mon, someone had to see her while she was here!” Liam yells throwing his hands up in the air with frustration. “How can people just not realize a girl goes missing?” He slumps in a nearby chair and begins to weep. As he begins to cry he hears someone call out his name. “Liam.” The wind blows with no one around to have said it. Liam pauses because that voice sounds familiar. “That’s Y/N’s voice!” Liam jumps up ecstatic that he finally heard from you. “Guys! Guys! I think Y/N just spoke to me in my head!” Liam yells running into the store to find the pack. “Um, Liam? Are you feeling okay? Maybe you should go home and just try to sleep.” Malia asks actually concerned about the beta’s mental health. “No, I’m fine! I need to go find Y/N! She said my name and I know she’s okay. But she sounded weak. We have to go find her now!!” Liam exclaims locking eyes with his alpha pleading for him to believe him. “Liam can’t actually hear her in his head, can he?” Lydia questioned. “Wait, Liam? Didn’t you say a few weeks ago that it was like you could feel Y/N’s presence around you, even when she isn’t with you?” Scott asks his beta, seemingly going somewhere with this idea. “Yeah, I just thought it was because I was deeply in love with her. But I mean, I don’t know.” Liam raises his eyebrows obviously confused. “And you gave her a necklace that meant a lot to you, correct?” The alpha asks. “Yeah, why?” Liam questions. “And she gave you the necklace with the ring her mother gave her on it, right?” Scott goes on. Confusing not just Liam, but the whole pack. “Yes! Now will you please tell me where you are going with this?” Liam remarks with anger in his voice. “Liam is right. He did hear Y/N in his head.” Scott states, taking everyone aback. “He can hear her because she’s his mate. They’re soulbonded.” He continued making everyone gasp. “What? I don’t even know what that is man.” Liam speaks, very confused of what just happened. “It’s true, some wolves soulbond so that they don’t have to be fully apart from their mates. And by doing that it can make them hear each other’s thoughts.” The true alpha mumbles looking Liam in the eyes. “And that’s how we are going to find her.” Scott remarks, already walking out of the store.

*A times-skip*

“Our little friend’s have arrived.” I hear someone say as I start to regain consciousness. “They’re here. They found the bait.” The main continued shuffling around the floor. “Too bad they won’t be able to find you.” The man whose name I still don’t know, says noticing that I’m finally awake. “Don’t hurt them.” I mumble, spitting blood from my mouth. “Please.” I beg, earning a massive headache. “No can do, sweetie.” The man says grabbing my jaw making a sharp pain jolt all throughout my body. “We’re going to kill them, just like we killed your baby.” They all laugh, making me start to cry even more than before. Memories flood back of  what they did to me to make my child not be able to live and be able to meet her mom and dad. “Liam will kill you.” I bark, suddenly getting a jolt of anger and hatred throughout my veins. “I’d like to see him try.” He bellows, spitting in my face. He pauses and I hear a door being kicked down from somewhere up stairs. “Oh look. They’re here. You get to witness all your friends die. But don’t worry you’ll soon join them.” He chuckles gathering all his “friends” and marching upstairs. I can’t stop the tears that roll down my cheeks as I picture all my friend’s dying. Liam dying. No, Liam can’t die. I won’t let him, even if I die in the process. Using all the strength in my body, I push myself up off the floor. I stumble bit and almost fall numerous times from being lightheaded and being beaten so much, but I don’t let that stop me from getting out of the basement to help my friends. “I’m coming Liam.” I stammer trying to catch my breath. “Y/n?” I hear Liam’s voice but don’t see him anywhere. “Y/N, is that you? Can you hear me?” The voice says again, kinda creeping me out. “Y-yes.” I stutter, confused by the whole situation. “L-liam?” I ask to whoever is talking to me. “It’s me y/n, it’s Liam. Where are you?” He replies somehow in my head. “I’m in the basement.” I state, wanting to help. “Okay, I’ll be right there. Just move away from the door.” Liam says making my heart flutter that he cares so much. I’m dragged away from my thoughts when I hear the door at the top of the stairs break open. 

“Y/N?” Liam says rushing down the stairs towards my broken and bruised body. “Y/N, oh my God. What did they do to you?” He says, his heart getting faster and faster and realization hits him. “D-did they?” Liam questions looking down at my stomach. I don’t answer as I take my hand and hear him cry. “I’m going to kill all of them!” Liam suddenly yells, startling me. Someone comes running down the stairs towards Liam and I and Liam stands in-between myself and the figure. It’s none other than Mr. T. “Well, looks like the whole family is here. Minus one of course.” He says taking out his gun, pointing it at Liam. Liam lunges forward claws out, but the big man just shoves him aside. “He wants to kill me, Liam.” I say, standing up. “Y/N, no.” Liam says trying to stand up but the large man just pushes him back down. “I love you.” I say right before Mr. T pulls the trigger, the bullet penetrating my flesh and entering my heart. “NOOOOOOOO!” Liam cries, as I fall to the ground. Scott rushes down and breaks the large man’s neck, while Liam runs over to my lifeless body. “Y/n, no. Please wake up. Please. C’mon. Wake up! You can’t be dead. C’mon Kayla. Wake up!” Liam cries, cradling my limp body rocking me back and forth. Everyone runs down the stairs and stands by Scott not yet noticing Liam and his sobbing body. “Hey, we finished them of-.” Malia remarks, finally noticing Liam. “S-she. W-what. No.” Stiles trembles placing a shaking hand on Scott’s shoulder. “Y/n, please don’t leave me. I love you. We were supposed to have a family together. Remember our plans? We were gonna name her Peyton. Peyton Dunbar. She was going to grow up and be a big Daddy’s Girl. We were going to go off and get married, and invite all the pack to come watch. We were going to honeymoon in Paris, because you wanted to go see what the world was like away from Beacon Hills. *Laughs a little* You said you always wanted to see the world, but I got to see mine everyday. You were my world Y/n. You were everything to me.” Liam cries even more not taking his eyes off of my lifeless body. He strokes my cheek, planting a soft kiss onto it. He lets a teardrop fall onto my cheek and then watches it slowly roll off and drop to the cold hard floor. “I love you.”