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How to write your book step 200

Building your world. 

It’s excellent to do your research for your novel. If you are writing a book with true facts or places,  then you have to be sure of what you are talking about.  If you are creating a world and a universe of your own, then you have to be sure about the details. Do your research, but don’t forget to keep your story alive within it. World building is great,  you can have all the details of a perfect setting,  but it won’t be much of a book without the story. Don’t bury your story in too many facts and details, but don’t ignore them either. Find balance. 

Your setting without your story is a pretty picture. Your story without your setting is incomplete. 

Write your book, and don’t forget that you have plenty of time to edit later, which is where you can add forgotten details or descriptions. World building is important, but the bones of your story need to be independently strong. 

You’ve got this.


I made this little alikou edit! unfortunately magi dm doesn’t have an alibaba halloween form so I had to edit one myself :’D it’s not perfect but I tried. Anyway I didn’t draw it and if you like nnt you’d figure that I just used a form of one their characters (I don’t remember which one ugh) and played with the colors a bit and put alibaba’s face on it lol so

I do not claim any ownership of the pictures, background and fonts used on this edit. Just the edit in general

Thank you so much for following me, liking my post and etc. I hope you have a wonderful halloween night and as always be careful!


These things inside my head 

They never make much sense 

So I wouldn’t hold my breath… 

I hope I die before they save my soul

Joyriding // Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration 

for Alie

anonymous asked:

You're photo edits are always so lovely; the color coordination and the scenes are perfect. How do you go about making them? Like, do you have an idea in mind, and then go searching, or do you run across one picture that sort of sets the mood and then match up more pictures to it?

thanks so much! It depends lol both have happened. Usually I would say I find one pic that makes me wanna do a whole edit around it though. I use an app called pixlr on my iphone :) x

I love this picture of Bry, bc it’s not edited so you can see a little bit of chub on her tummy and it just shows she’s not perfectly skinny and that even some of the skinniest girls have fat on their stomachs. Its a beautiful photo and i think the fact that it’s unedited makes it even more beautiful. 

Quick sketch-ish work of Hamina with Nurmo’s lovely dog. Her socks are different pair because she always keeps losing the other sock, and now has compleately given up wearing same-pair-socks. (The t-shirt has a trash-can print, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Trash-Bro’s tho.)

[Edit by H-P]
HELP! This is perfect! I love Hamina! Also I love her personality! The story about her socks is so cute! I feel her so much. Socks… They are like that…
If other people have their own Immortal Nerd characters, please send me your ideas and pictures! I want to hear/see it all! I’m so happy to see this one too! This is so creative and I’m super honored to see a character made for my comic! Also… I might draw her on the background of the comic if I have a chance… SO BEWARE Hamina might return!!!

arrivingatthegatesofcamelot  asked:

Your edits are so beautiful!!!! I love them so much and I'm just curious about your process, how long does it take you to do a whole edit usually?

Thank you so much! It totally depends on how long it takes me to find images. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and have a bunch of pictures saved that work perfectly together and it will only take me an hour or two, and other times I’m searching the internet forever trying to find the perfect images and it takes me a few days of working on it on and off. It doesn’t help that I’m a huge perfectionist so if I don’t like the way it’s looking I’ll start completely over lol. 


The Prayer to Saint Joel: Be perfect, even as the heavenly Joel is perfect. ”

                                - Joel Rubin



(It’s transparent! Image credit to Markipliergram. Feel free to use this however you like, just like and reblog if you decide to use it for something (and if it’s really good, tag me in it so I can see your hilarious pictures :3). Has this been done yet..?)

My favorite personal edit: @markiplier disgusted by the Gum Gramps:

Happy Marking!