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“Canon” confessions

Moderator: “There was a lovely sequence in last week’s episode…uh the Mummy episode…where you’re on the phone talking to Danny and…I don’t know if this is deliberate or if I’m looking into it too much… but you say to Danny “I love you” but you’re looking at the Doctor… “

Jenna: “Yea…I did that on purpose. Yea, I’m glad you noticed that!”

Moderator: “It was brilliant. Wasn’t it?”

[crowd applauds]

Jenna: “Oh… I’m really glad you noticed that!”

              — Jenna at the Armageddon Expo on 10/18/2014

Three years ago today, Jenna set a lot of hearts aflutter when she “confessed” that her “I love you” was actually directed toward our favorite Time Lord known as the Twelfth Doctor. Fandoms have not been the same since!