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She gave only what was easy for her; what came naturally and instinctively. What she had always given of herself to past lovers, but nothing more. That was usually enough for them, at least in the short run, because she was very special in her way. As a result, she never made any genuine effort to go beyond her old safe boundaries, the first layer, below the thin topsoil of her limitations. She probably believed she worked hard to make these relationships succeed. Look at what I’m doing for you and all that I’m giving of myself. But it was no different from what she had given others in the past. Had she really made any new effort, gesture or concession? No.

It is not hard for a person who knows how to waltz to waltz again. But if they have never tap danced and are asked to learn, then dancing becomes both difficult and challenging. She never attempted to dig deep within to find any latent qualities that might have helped her grow and become more whole. It takes real courage and effort to search out undiscovered parts of ourselves and then improve them. Because in truth most of the time we do not want things to change. We rarely choose to do it voluntarily. Change makes waves in our lives and the higher they are, the more they frighten and challenge us. Attempting to become better (stronger, wiser, more understanding…) than we were yesterday means swimming straight into those waves. If she had looked and found such things, such potential in herself, and then had the guts to put them to use, it might have changed everything.

—  Jonathan Carroll

I have a thing for the rings. If there is a YOI fanart, headcanon, fic, anything and the rings are a part of it, there is a 500% chance that I am going to reblog that shit. 

yall are so weak “ohh i know ultra is free and legal on crunchyroll but it’s so difficult to watch i just cant get into it” back in my day like 3.5 shows had subs and we had to watch hk rips in 4 parts on youtube or dig up poor quality raws on incomprehensible places on the net or find the malay dubs if you were being specially unlucky and i did it 

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Is it truly impossible to see the PB movie? I want to see Dio's outfits. Especially in motion.

This is most of the raw footage that’s available, although they don’t get to vampire Dio:

I’ve heard Araki didn’t like the movie enough to approve it.  fwiw I don’t really like how they’ve got young Dio directed here, Araki’s Dio just works differently.

Also I hear they left Speedwagon out.

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“me: man, I’ve gotten pretty tired of harry potter fanfics. it seems…”

If you want, recommend some of your favorites sometime! I’m terrible at finding good ones!

so far I’ve found three that I liked:

  • this one is real!percival graves/newt scamander, soulmate AU
  • this one is credence barebone/newt scamander. before anyone kills me, credence is canonically anywhere from 17 to 21. In this fic the author chose for him to be in his twenties.
  • and this one is another real!percival graves/newt scamander soulmate AU

I have a weakness for soulmate AUs okay. I see the words soulmate-identifying marks and I’ve already clicked the link.

protip for finding good fics: sort by kudos or bookmarks on AO3, and sort by favorites or follows on FFN. or sort by word length on either site, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality so you’ll still have to dig.

times that sips and sjin have been in very close quarters together

why does this list exist
- the hovel
- the shame chamber in trials of derpulies
- minecraft season 2 when they slept in that village and woke up inside each other
- the jacuzzi in camelot
- minecraft season 2 “something snapped” where they’re digging a well and just stop digging and spend some quality time with each other at the bottom of a well instead