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Types renamed - The kinda insulting, stereotypical version
  • INTJ: The grumpy Voldemort-like mysterium
  • INTP: The chaotic procrastinating alien
  • ENTJ: The supreme leader of the universe
  • ENTP: The nonsense-addict devil worshipper
  • INFP: The obsessive stalker that wants to know every single thing to the bottom of your soul
  • INFJ: The emotional, overthinking crybaby
  • ENFJ: The moody, sarcastic hero
  • ENFP: The hyperactive, naive cuddle-baby with absolutely no clue, how to make final decisions
  • ISTJ: The 08/15 standard everyday-person, that does every job, that you possibly wouldn't want to do on purpose
  • ISFJ: The overprotective, sentimental mum for everyone
  • ESTJ: The traditional, reliable leader, who's angry at you, because you put the glas of marmalade in another place than it used to be
  • ESFJ: The gossip girl on every party
  • ISTP: The 08/15 standard everyday-person, that spends the day in front of the PC
  • ISFP: The quirly artist
  • ESTP: The orange bully with blond toupee that thinks is able to take an ExTJ job. Like president or something.
  • ESFP: The unloyal scandalous fuckboy/-girl that can't take anything seriously
Witches Being Misunderstood is an Understatement

As I research this brilliant topic of Wiccan practices, origins, and history- lm learning of how stereotyped Im raised to believe witches and witchcraft alike are. Here’s some examples and rebuddles of what I mean…


Who has ever claimed that was the point… Because I do not follow Christian beliefs to a T doesn’t make me a worshipper of satan. These claims were made by Christians who believed the worship of ANYTHING besides “God” (the big guy in the white robe) is their devil.

“Dont do black magick on me!”

 Anyone who has ever been remotely freaked out thinking we would curse their soul or ruin their lives with magic, has obviously never read the Wiccan Rede… what was it again? “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”? Huh…

“Eye of *animal*, Wing of *bird*” 

These ingredients aren’t literal, at all… Although my young, shameless self believed it to be, these are just names made up for herbs, plants, and flowers that are ingredients to remedies witches didn’t want abused.

“Why don’t you carry your broom to fly on?” 

This one makes me laugh. Woman used to literally ride broomsticks… maybe it’s a long story but people wanted to use an LSD like ointment and it was most affective on arm pits and … genitals. So they would lather up the broom handle and well… ride the broom into the night causing hallucinations. Weird shit right?

“You’re too colourful to be a witch” 

How? Did I miss the dress code assembly? Because I can wear whatever the fuck I want. Being Wiccan is positive and peaceful and colours have magick their own. If a witch does decide to wear only black, good for them- black means protection, safety, and grounding (amongst other things).

“Where’s your black cat?” 

Cats were once worshipped as symbols of multiple goddesses. In the beginning of the agricultural age, people brought cats with them where they went to ward off mice. Kittens were even wedding presents. Men went to war and women were stuck with the cat and were often widowed… since the woman lived alone- she was also likely to be accused of witchcraft. The Pope also claimed cats were satanic (?) so cats were burned alive - just like witches… but then the mice and rat population went sideways and here comes the Black Plague! Jokes on you - “Whatever you do shall be returns to you three times over”.

So here’s my explanation on stereotypes through research and the ability to look things up and not assume. These are based off of personal experience, first reactions… I also stuck to Wiccan beliefs along with my own personal thrown in the first one (sorry). There are witches out side of Wiccan who do worship Satan and that don’t follow the Rede but this is all biased. Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere here- I apologize already!

Blessed Be! )O(

fake news online: *exists*

people: “wow can’t believe Hillary Clinton is a devil worshipper and every celebrity is dead”

The New York Times, BBC, etc: *report accurately on Donald Trump*

same people: “fake news!!!! lying liberal media!”

Donald Trump & co.: blatantly lie, call the lies “alternative facts”

same people: “Donald Trump is telling the truth and all journalists are lying.”

scientists: *present evidence-based data, cite their sources*

same people: “fake!!! lies!!! climate change is a conspiracy theory!”

  • Sting: Don't worry, we'll find Frosch.
  • Rogue: But I've been looking for hours. What if Frosch is hurt? It's dark outside.
  • Sting: Frosch is a cat. They're nocturnal creatures, which means they prefer the night.
  • Sting: ... Then again, so do coyotes and feral dogs.
  • Sting: ... and Devil worshippers.
  • Rogue: . . .
  • Sting: (awkwardly coughs) My point is that Frosch is fine!
Types of Satanism
  • LaVeyan Satanism: I am Satan. I am my own god and believe in myself. I believe in my own abilities and power and don't need any spiritual being helping me.
  • Theistic Satanism: Satan is a real entity. I belive in him as Christains do in their Jesus. I am loyal to Satan and will take every challange he gives me. *Some of us believe only in Satan while others believe in both our Satan and the Christain God.
  • Devil Worshippers: I worship everything I find to be evil. I will sacrifice anything or indulge in crimes for Satan, who I belive is the Devil and symbol of evil himself.
  • Luciferianism: I believe in Lucifer. Lucifer is an enlightened and spiritual being, more peacful than Satan. I believe that the world is devided into light and darkness.
  • Demonolators: I believe in and honor actual demons rather than Satan. Thanks to rituals or meditation I can contact demons and ask for their assistance when I need it.
  • Duotheism: I believe that Satan isn't a god, but rather the bible based being who has rebelled against the Creator and forcefully tried to take his throne.
  • Ecletic Satanism: I am none of the above. I have different beliefs from two or more religions and combine them. I have my own non-specific religion.
  • There might be a few other, more specific, types of Satanism I haven't covered. I also might have made mistakes on these so feel free to correct or add on! I did not include Satin Satanism since I couldn't find much information about it, and from what I'm hearing it isn't really a form of Satanism.

I really wish that schools would actually teach Romani history since basically the majority of this planet seems to only refer to us as “Gypsies” and either believe we are no real people and just magical creatures, like fairies, while fetishizing us or hating us and wishing to eradicate us from the face of the world.

We are basically the most hated people in Europe and I wish that was just an exaggeration & the U.S hasn’t been any better to us either.

It was not enough that we have been slaves for 500 years in Romania and most of us have never received reparations, while those who did received only about 200 USD for all 500 years.

No, there were also legit “Gypsy Hunts” where the Government paid people to hunt and kill us for sport while others prefered to catch us alive and then publicly hang us for their amusement.

There was the “Black Wednesday” in Spain where about 10.000 of us were forcibly removed, expelled, sentenced to labor and killed.

Romanis were once again enslaved, this time by the British, and were sent over to colonies in the U.S.

We had our children taken from us, our women were forced to marry Gadje (non-Romanis), our culture became “illegal”, speaking our native tongue punishable by whipping and our boys were taken from us and thrown into the military.

In Germany, we were thrown into “work houses” and were slaves AGAIN.

And asides from all those things, let’s not forget the so called “Gypsy Taxes” that were big in the U.S and Russia where they taxed us for simply existing.

Then came WW2 and while everybody learns about the Jewish victims, I just want to remind everybody that 90% OF EUROPE’S ROMANI POPULATION WAS KILLED because of Hitler in the Romani Holocaust. (This was also not the first Romani Holocaust as well because in WW1 the Turkish tried to do the same!)

It took Europe until 1979 to RECOGNISE and ADMIT that a Holocaust against our people happened but did we receive any reparations? No. They are still claiming that we were never racially profiled or anything like that and want to claim we have been put through a fucking Genocide because “we ALL had criminal records”. And till this very day the Romani victims of the Holocaust who survived this horror are called liars and nobody wants to believe them.

Even right now we are basically treated like scum and nobody seems to see a problem with that.

We are still being thrown out of our houses and just last year (2016) in France thousands of Romani have become homeless.
Back in the day we were banned to travel into countries like Sweden and we had our houses burned down. Not much of a difference between then and now.

We are segregated in schools. (Our children were first allowed to go to them in 1959.) And we are being put in “special needs schools” only even though we do not need to be in them.

There have been forced sterilizations during our entire historical time line until as late as 1989 though I would not be surprised if it was still secretly happening right now.

And on top of that nobody wants to give us work and most Romani make a living out of looking through the trash. Our employment rate is extremely low.

Romani children are even getting denied access to water simply because of their ethnicity in this day and age in Europe.

And lastly (for now) let’s not forget that the word “Gypsy” is a slur non-Romanis should NEVER use. But in Europe people have been trying / are trying to push a law that is forbidding us to call ourselves “Romani” (= brown people) because it sounds too similar to “Romanian” (= the white people from Romania).

Europeans have always treated us like trash, gotten THIS close to eradicating our entire population, enslaved us multiple times, (I can go on here.) but they don’t teach ANY of that in history.

Instead they teach that “Gypsies steal children in the night”, “They are dirty” “They are disease spreading”, “They are devil worshippers” etc. and now because people are confusing Romani with Romanian, talking this horribly about US has “consequences” for WHITE people they are now trying to change something. 

But obviously nothing to make our situation better because it is easier for them to pass a fucking law to make an already extremely marginalized group stop referring to themselves under their proper name than just stopping to spread hatred and actually teaching our history so that people will understand that it is wrong (and history won’t be able to repeat itself).

so what is she supposed to be? he asks, his gaze stalling on mine as he lights a cigarette in the bathroom stall of the city’s cheapest bar, his eyes like satellite discs, roaming the epicenter of a stretch of tidal wave girls, & me just happening to be a thorn in the midst of their saltwater hemmed limbs, their sugarplum lips, their laughs like molten gold.

she looks out of place, he adds. because it’s true. because i’m out of place wherever i go. i shrink into my coat. i pretend that i don’t see him, i gaze out at the crowd. a congregation of delirious devil-worshippers, boys & girls trading their merry-go-round brains for baits of ice, crystal, leaves. whatever’s taking souls on a sunday night. whatever kills the quickest. behind the chiseled bar, rows of wine glasses gleam like a selection of murder weapons. 

from somewhere, summoned like ghosts, an aggregate of disembodied voices reply: a woman, a god, an anthem of spokes. fine grains of desert sand. an endless alleyway. rain, rain, bloodshot sky. burnt roses littering funeral grounds.

the voices continue, even as his green eyes wander. lightning within the root. someone falling from the bannisters. poison ivy, seeping into a rotting mouth. trigger-happy hands, always going for the sharpest object within reach. bombs trickling off like- he loses interest.

i smile like, no worries, this isn’t embarrassing at all. i’ll create a story where you care. i’m a magician, didn’t you know? i can make things appear from out of my head! a story where you buy me flowers and we mouth off at the sunset. where you cook me eggs runnier than my thoughts, i wear something pink and we devour this town together.  

my mother used to say, loneliness is a bug, once you catch it, you can’t quite get rid of it. not without the hospital visits. not without the vaccinations. not without the nurses with sinister bobcat eyes stealing the blood from your body and storing it in little glass vials. not without losing bits of yourself. bits you never get to have back. bits you have to fight for to keep. 

as your sanity, that ever-slippery ice cap, floats farther & farther away from your burned, bludgeoned, berserk island of a body. 

ii. -

i miss gripping for power lines in my rain boots. finding solace in the neck of a stranger. three-hour long showers and gardening myself (here, chrysanthemums tucked into the ribs, and there, a daffodil beneath the knee) i miss what it’s all supposed to mean, back when everything still had a point & the world was somehow a kinder place, being human on a steady diet of dreams, creating a breach in a star-system, losing faith & pilfering it back from chapels. tumbling, always backwards, into the closest abyss. 



“You know she’s not a devil worshipper just because she’s into witchy stuff, right?”
“She called me a pity fuck!”
“You are a pity fuck. Seriously. Stop doing this to yourself. Watching you go through this every other week is giving me whiplash.”
“You know me, I always gotta keep heads turning.”
“Yeah, well, this isn’t The Exorcist. My head doesn’t turn 360 degrees. Stop being an idiot.”
“Aw, where’s the fun in that?”
“Y'know, there are people who are concerned for you. I’m concerned for you. If you keep doing this, you’re gonna alienate yourself.”
“That’s the point.”
“We care about you. Lou especially…if that even means anything to you.”
“She shouldn’t.”
“You’re fucking impossible, you know that?”

Telling People I'm Luciferian
  • Me: So basically my spirituality is about enlightenment and striking a balance between light and dark; yin and yang, so to speak. The arch angel Lucifer is how I see the Divine. That's why I call myself a Luciferian.
  • Person: So... you mean... you worship Satan? Do you like sacrifice animals? Are you like a devil worshipper???
  • Me: ... Yup, that's exactly what I am! Hail Satan! I'm gonna go sacrifice a baby bunny to the Dark Lord right now! All Hail the magic conch!

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solangelo 9?

oh ym god…… middle school

  • wills one of those soccer players that everyone loves, hes cool cuz he has an iphone 6 when its released
  • he wears those graphic ts with shitty jokes on them
  • hes trying to be a skater
  • constantly scraped up and probably still sleeps w a stuffed animal
  • NICO 
  • nico is in his scemo phase
  • constantly has MCR lyrics written on his arms in sharpie and written on black converse and so much FUCKING EYELINER and straightened hair
  • has at least 8 mcr shirts
  • but he has the Best Grades
  • graffitis shit with pentagrams bc hes THAT emo (tells ppl hes a devil worshipper)
  • also he writes really bad drarry smut (LIKE I DID IN 7TH GRADE LMAO……….. PROJECTION)
  • its in like 7th fuckening grade 
  • nico has his fringe dyed green with kool-aid and peroxide bleach
  • he knows hes the gayest bt doesnt Broadcast it (apart from wearing super super tiny rainbow earring studs)
  • will just knows hes bi and is really really oblivious to a lot of things??? probably gets asked to a dance by some chick that’s been crushing on him but he didnt realize so he just “Oh sorry! i don’t know you” 
  • heartbreaker
  • nico is crushing on him from afar
  • they actually talk to each other however over the harry potter series
  • nicos reading the fifth book and will just Lights Up and starts babbling abt it
  • nico screeches on his MCR blog about it when he gets home
  • will accidentally gets a huge throbbing 12-yr-old crush on nico
  • nicos the one who asks will to go to one of those shitty middle school dances
  • they end up just hiding behind the bleachers babbling and they probably really awkwardly kiss
  • theyre huge smiley blushy messes later
  • i love these dumb 12 yr olds
Reaction (Nu’est): When their girlfriend tells a really bad, cheesy joke

JR: You- “The midget fortune teller who kills his customers is a small medium at large. *laughs* Do you get it oppa? Do you?”

JR- *tries not to laugh, but fails* “That was so bad, why am I laughing?”

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Minhyun: You- “If you want to catch a squirrel just climb a tree and act like a nut.”

M- “Excuse me, but I think you’re the nut.”

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Ren: You- “The dyslexic devil worshipper sold his soul to Santa.”

R- “I’m sorry, but what?!?”

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Aron: You- “What is Bruce Lee’s favorite drink? Wataaaaah!”

A- “Was that supposed to be funny? I’m way funnier than that.” 

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Baekho: You- “ What does a nosey pepper do? Get jalapeño business.”

B- *thinks it’s a terrible joke, but laughs because of how damn cute you are*

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