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Types renamed - The kinda insulting, stereotypical version
  • INTJ: The grumpy Voldemort-like mysterium
  • INTP: The chaotic procrastinating alien
  • ENTJ: The supreme leader of the universe
  • ENTP: The nonsense-addict devil worshipper
  • INFP: The obsessive stalker that wants to know every single thing to the bottom of your soul
  • INFJ: The emotional, overthinking crybaby
  • ENFJ: The moody, sarcastic hero
  • ENFP: The hyperactive, naive cuddle-baby with absolutely no clue, how to make final decisions
  • ISTJ: The 08/15 standard everyday-person, that does every job, that you possibly wouldn't want to do on purpose
  • ISFJ: The overprotective, sentimental mum for everyone
  • ESTJ: The traditional, reliable leader, who's angry at you, because you put the glas of marmalade in another place than it used to be
  • ESFJ: The gossip girl on every party
  • ISTP: The 08/15 standard everyday-person, that spends the day in front of the PC
  • ISFP: The quirly artist
  • ESTP: The orange bully with blond toupee that thinks is able to take an ExTJ job. Like president or something.
  • ESFP: The unloyal scandalous fuckboy/-girl that can't take anything seriously
Witches Being Misunderstood is an Understatement

As I research this brilliant topic of Wiccan practices, origins, and history- lm learning of how stereotyped Im raised to believe witches and witchcraft alike are. Here’s some examples and rebuddles of what I mean…


Who has ever claimed that was the point… Because I do not follow Christian beliefs to a T doesn’t make me a worshipper of satan. These claims were made by Christians who believed the worship of ANYTHING besides “God” (the big guy in the white robe) is their devil.

“Dont do black magick on me!”

 Anyone who has ever been remotely freaked out thinking we would curse their soul or ruin their lives with magic, has obviously never read the Wiccan Rede… what was it again? “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”? Huh…

“Eye of *animal*, Wing of *bird*” 

These ingredients aren’t literal, at all… Although my young, shameless self believed it to be, these are just names made up for herbs, plants, and flowers that are ingredients to remedies witches didn’t want abused.

“Why don’t you carry your broom to fly on?” 

This one makes me laugh. Woman used to literally ride broomsticks… maybe it’s a long story but people wanted to use an LSD like ointment and it was most affective on arm pits and … genitals. So they would lather up the broom handle and well… ride the broom into the night causing hallucinations. Weird shit right?

“You’re too colourful to be a witch” 

How? Did I miss the dress code assembly? Because I can wear whatever the fuck I want. Being Wiccan is positive and peaceful and colours have magick their own. If a witch does decide to wear only black, good for them- black means protection, safety, and grounding (amongst other things).

“Where’s your black cat?” 

Cats were once worshipped as symbols of multiple goddesses. In the beginning of the agricultural age, people brought cats with them where they went to ward off mice. Kittens were even wedding presents. Men went to war and women were stuck with the cat and were often widowed… since the woman lived alone- she was also likely to be accused of witchcraft. The Pope also claimed cats were satanic (?) so cats were burned alive - just like witches… but then the mice and rat population went sideways and here comes the Black Plague! Jokes on you - “Whatever you do shall be returns to you three times over”.

So here’s my explanation on stereotypes through research and the ability to look things up and not assume. These are based off of personal experience, first reactions… I also stuck to Wiccan beliefs along with my own personal thrown in the first one (sorry). There are witches out side of Wiccan who do worship Satan and that don’t follow the Rede but this is all biased. Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere here- I apologize already!

Blessed Be! )O(

Types of Satanism
  • LaVeyan Satanism: I am Satan. I am my own god and believe in myself. I believe in my own abilities and power and don't need any spiritual being helping me.
  • Theistic Satanism: Satan is a real entity. I belive in him as Christains do in their Jesus. I am loyal to Satan and will take every challange he gives me. *Some of us believe only in Satan while others believe in both our Satan and the Christain God.
  • Devil Worshippers: I worship everything I find to be evil. I will sacrifice anything or indulge in crimes for Satan, who I belive is the Devil and symbol of evil himself.
  • Luciferianism: I believe in Lucifer. Lucifer is an enlightened and spiritual being, more peacful than Satan. I believe that the world is devided into light and darkness.
  • Demonolators: I believe in and honor actual demons rather than Satan. Thanks to rituals or meditation I can contact demons and ask for their assistance when I need it.
  • Duotheism: I believe that Satan isn't a god, but rather the bible based being who has rebelled against the Creator and forcefully tried to take his throne.
  • Ecletic Satanism: I am none of the above. I have different beliefs from two or more religions and combine them. I have my own non-specific religion.
  • There might be a few other, more specific, types of Satanism I haven't covered. I also might have made mistakes on these so feel free to correct or add on! I did not include Satin Satanism since I couldn't find much information about it, and from what I'm hearing it isn't really a form of Satanism.
Satanists are not evil

I’ve never done a post like this and it is doubtful that I will do another post like this, however this one is necessary. I am indeed a Satanist and a member of The Satanic Temple (do NOT confuse us with Church Of Satan, those guys are entirely different). Recently, we’ve been subject to an even larger influx of abuse from religious fundamentalists and I am here to set the record straight.

We are NOT evil at all. Some people believe that we believe in Satan as a deity like the Abrahamic God. This is untrue, hardly anyone believes in Satan as a deity. For me as a Satanist, Satan is the internal rebel, the discriminated person, the one who strives for justice in an absurd world. Satan represents our values, we do not believe that he is real but if he was real, we would turn to him over any other God.

We do not condone discrimination against other religions as many believe. We blaspheme sometimes, yes, but we do not discriminate religious people. Read our fourth tenet: “The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To wilfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo your own.” We believe that everyone has the right to free speech, so this includes us. 

We also dislike how many fundamentalists are pro-life and protest abortion, even in the most horrific circumstances. Our third tenet supports women who face situations in which they wish for an abortion: “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.” It is nobody’s business to say what happens to another person’s body. 

We dislike the notion of closed beliefs that are self-sustaining and lead to uneducated apologist arguments. Our beliefs are not superior at all, regardless of how we’re portrayed to think. Our fifth tenet shows how we feel about beliefs: “Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.”

Most importantly, we’re portrayed as a group of patriarchy-supporting devil worshippers who kidnap and sacrifice innocent people for our blood cults or ceremonies. This is false. We do not have any blood cults. We do not perform sacrifices or ceremonies. You’ll find many of us (not myself) are vegetarians or vegans and so killing anything is not tolerated. Gender does not matter to us. We do not care if you are male, female, gender neutral, etc. If you are good to us, we shall be good to you and if you are not, we will ask you why and educate you on our first tenet: “One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.” We believe in an equal society and a society in which nobody discriminates or is discriminated against. We work together as a community to fight for justice, socially and legally, which is where our second tenet comes into play: “The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.”

Our other tenets: 

Sixth: “People are fallible. If we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it and resolve any harm that may have been caused.”

Seventh:“Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.”

I am a Satanist and I am proud to be so. I am proud to be a member of a community that strives for justice, equality and harmony. Do not hate us because you have a misconception of us. We are normal people like you. We are a community. A welcoming community for all. Satan is not evil, nor are we.

Ave Satana

I am in a good mood bc I went to a nice pagan festival and had a long talk with a guy I met once before who just showed up bc he was curious and I explained why gender abolitionism isn’t the most helpful philosophy for trans people right here and now and educated him about trans stuff without getting flustered and he told me about the historical correlation between economic booms and social permissiveness and I described myself as an agnostic polytheist and mentioned my background and I came home when I wanted because I wanted to not bc anyone was gonna be mad and this is an unreadably long paragraph bc I don’t expect anyone to be interested really I just wanted to mark that I felt confident and good all by myself a little bit for the first time in a while

fake news online: *exists*

people: “wow can’t believe Hillary Clinton is a devil worshipper and every celebrity is dead”

The New York Times, BBC, etc: *report accurately on Donald Trump*

same people: “fake news!!!! lying liberal media!”

Donald Trump & co.: blatantly lie, call the lies “alternative facts”

same people: “Donald Trump is telling the truth and all journalists are lying.”

scientists: *present evidence-based data, cite their sources*

same people: “fake!!! lies!!! climate change is a conspiracy theory!”

  • Sting: Don't worry, we'll find Frosch.
  • Rogue: But I've been looking for hours. What if Frosch is hurt? It's dark outside.
  • Sting: Frosch is a cat. They're nocturnal creatures, which means they prefer the night.
  • Sting: ... Then again, so do coyotes and feral dogs.
  • Sting: ... and Devil worshippers.
  • Rogue: . . .
  • Sting: (awkwardly coughs) My point is that Frosch is fine!
Forced Out Witches

I want to take a minute to support witches that were forced out of the broom closet. Witches whose families have burned their books- whether it was Scott Cunningham or JK Rowling. To the witches who get the evil eye at the grocery store or the kid who’s either getting bullied or ostracized. To the witches who were abandoned by their SOs for their beliefs. I want to personally reach out to the ‘family pagan’, the 'town devil worshipper’, the person whose practice and belief is belittled. And I pray especially for the witches still in the broom closet and those forced out so that they may be safe and free from prejudice.

so what is she supposed to be? he asks, his gaze stalling on mine as he lights a cigarette in the bathroom stall of the city’s cheapest bar, his eyes like satellite discs, roaming the epicenter of a stretch of tidal wave girls, & me just happening to be a thorn in the midst of their saltwater hemmed limbs, their sugarplum lips, their laughs like molten gold.

she looks out of place, he adds. because it’s true. because i’m out of place wherever i go. i shrink into my coat. i pretend that i don’t see him, i gaze out at the crowd. a congregation of delirious devil-worshippers, boys & girls trading their merry-go-round brains for baits of ice, crystal, leaves. whatever’s taking souls on a sunday night. whatever kills the quickest. behind the chiseled bar, rows of wine glasses gleam like a selection of murder weapons. 

from somewhere, summoned like ghosts, an aggregate of disembodied voices reply: a woman, a god, an anthem of spokes. fine grains of desert sand. an endless alleyway. rain, rain, bloodshot sky. burnt roses littering funeral grounds.

the voices continue, even as his green eyes wander. lightning within the root. someone falling from the bannisters. poison ivy, seeping into a rotting mouth. trigger-happy hands, always going for the sharpest object within reach. bombs trickling off like- he loses interest.

i smile like, no worries, this isn’t embarrassing at all. i’ll create a story where you care. i’m a magician, didn’t you know? i can make things appear from out of my head! a story where you buy me flowers and we mouth off at the sunset. where you cook me eggs runnier than my thoughts, i wear something pink and we devour this town together.  

my mother used to say, loneliness is a bug, once you catch it, you can’t quite get rid of it. not without the hospital visits. not without the vaccinations. not without the nurses with sinister bobcat eyes stealing the blood from your body and storing it in little glass vials. not without losing bits of yourself. bits you never get to have back. bits you have to fight for to keep. 

as your sanity, that ever-slippery ice cap, floats farther & farther away from your burned, bludgeoned, berserk island of a body. 

ii. -

i miss gripping for power lines in my rain boots. finding solace in the neck of a stranger. three-hour long showers and gardening myself (here, chrysanthemums tucked into the ribs, and there, a daffodil beneath the knee) i miss what it’s all supposed to mean, back when everything still had a point & the world was somehow a kinder place, being human on a steady diet of dreams, creating a breach in a star-system, losing faith & pilfering it back from chapels. tumbling, always backwards, into the closest abyss. 


astorathe  asked:

I'm curious if the University ever gets visitors, you know the kind, all fire and brimstone in their words, going on about pagans, witches and devil-worshippers. They might show up, make a scene, and then leave when they get horse from shouting, their words ignored by most. Maybe sometime later the University get a few new students, all Law Majors. They are obsessed with writing every deal down. Their shadows dont seem to match their bodies, and their ever-burning cigarettes smell like sulfur

As far as ‘probably literally demons’ goes, you may be looking for Mooncreek U, which Elsewhere students hate on principal in that very specific way where they refuse to even acknowledge them as worthy rivals. This is largely to do with how many years in a row Mooncreek’s lacrosse, football, and track/field teams have absolutely crushed EU’s. The grudge is longstanding, silent, and held with utter conviction and loathing. Eu does still have the upper hand in rowing and and fencing, but debates, rugby, and Model UN events that involve both schools can get… interesting.

(To be honest, despite affecting to be entirely above the whole thing, and despite claiming that their true rival is the entirely mundane college in the next county, EU absolutely has a special trophy awarded solely to EU teams that triumph over Mooncreek, and it’s probably something awfully smug like stylised wolfsbane blossoms)


“You know she’s not a devil worshipper just because she’s into witchy stuff, right?”
“She called me a pity fuck!”
“You are a pity fuck. Seriously. Stop doing this to yourself. Watching you go through this every other week is giving me whiplash.”
“You know me, I always gotta keep heads turning.”
“Yeah, well, this isn’t The Exorcist. My head doesn’t turn 360 degrees. Stop being an idiot.”
“Aw, where’s the fun in that?”
“Y'know, there are people who are concerned for you. I’m concerned for you. If you keep doing this, you’re gonna alienate yourself.”
“That’s the point.”
“We care about you. Lou especially…if that even means anything to you.”
“She shouldn’t.”
“You’re fucking impossible, you know that?”